Mistress of the Crypt: Halloween Special

We step into a cold foggy night, making our way to the rusted gates that have been grown over with vines. Lightning illuminates the sky followed immediately the roar of thunder. The gate creakily swings open, granting us passage to down the long-forgotten path.

Making our way onto the property, the dead trees stand tall, an old tire still swinging from the from the branch as the night sky is lit up by another crack of lightning. In the distance we spot the abandoned estate, the blue light of the moon reflecting off the rotted wooden frame and cracked windows as we approach. The wind howls and thunder drums in the distance while we take the stone stairs up to the decrepit doorway. It groans as it opens on its own, revealing the entrance to the estate. The room lights up in a pale blue as another bolt of lightning makes its way to the ground.

The room is covered in cobwebs and dust, we circle the center table, spotting the several chairs, paintings, and other forms of furniture from the previous century still covered in their protective cloth that has become discolored with time. Going towards the left of the staircase and under the archway, we arrive into the study, the windows light up from the storm brewing outside. Turning to the right, a bookcase slides open, revealing a secret passage and inviting us in.

Stepping down the stone stairwell, pillars with faces carved onto them light our way until we make it to the bottom. Opening the wooden door, we enter the hidden crypt of the property. The dimly lit candles along the walls and dusty sarcophagi were scattered across the room. The sound of mice and other creatures could be heard scurrying across as we continue to venture into the tomb. We begin to near a singular coffin at the center of the room. The header springs open as a ghoul in a transparent nightgown sits up from her hiding spot and begins to cackle maniacally. Her head and breasts bounce as she does so before the screen becomes engulfed in a green slime and the title appears. With it, a sultry voice begins to read it aloud.

“Mistress of the Crypt~”

The screen pans out, revealing the shapely ghoul now in a full length black dress revealing her bountiful cleavage and her impeccably smooth legs as she laid atop the flat sarcophagi she used as a table.

“Hello darlings. It’s me, Cassandra, Mistress of the Crypt. I hope you’re ready for tonight’s tale. I know I am~” she winks.

“With it being Halloween, all the kids are running about and celebrating, I’m more than thrilled that you decided to spend the night with little ol’ me.” She announced, blowing a kiss to the viewers. “But to all those of you still out trick or treating, keep an eye out on your kids. With everything going on, someone could just snatch up the little kiddies… or maybe even just eat them right up~” She smiled, licking her lips before letting out her signature cackle.

Pulling up an old dusty book, Cassandra opens it up before she continued.

“For tonight’s story, we’ll start off with a story I like to call ‘Trick… or Teat’.”

Trick… Or Teat

The title appears on screen in front of a view of the moon, fading away as we look away.

In the small town of Auburn, it was Halloween night. The streets were filled with parents and children, all dressed up in their annual garb. Humans and monsters alike took part of the holiday cheer, knocking at every door to be greeted by the neighbors and gifted a sweet delectable treat.

Although every year there was always at least a few interesting designs… both in costume choices and in house décor, the tanuki neighbor might have won this year.

Across the street on the sidewalk leading up to her home, the tanuki daughter of the house had repurposed her summer lemonade stand. Replacing the poster that used to say ‘Lemonade’, she had put up one that said ‘Candy Exchange’. She had even dressed up as a banker to play the role. To her side was yet another poster, listing the several types of candy and what they were worth in candy corn, since that was the most worthless of candies and thus could get the most accurate value of every other one. Her parents were seated at the porch, and her mother was wiping a tear from her cheek to see the business prowess of her daughter in action. Walking away from the candy exchange was a dragon girl dressed as a knight, hauling a comically large bag of what seemed to be chocolate coins.

Quite the sight to see in all honesty. Truly adorable in every sense.

Our attention goes to a single home with a now empty bowl of candy on the bench by the front door.

Within the home we spot a single young man watching the series of horror-esque movies in his parent’s home. He had just started college this year and was planning to go to a Halloween party his friends invited him to, only for his parents to ask him to come over and babysit his younger brother Jake while they go out on a weekend getaway they won in a raffle. He didn’t mind it so much, but when they were about to go out the neighbor offered to take Jake along with their kids around the neighborhood. He didn’t even need to be here tonight. He could’ve been partying with his friends and his bro wouldn’t have missed a thing.


Stephen was irked to say the least by the turn of events.

It was too late to get a ride back to the campus, it was at least 2 hours away and he didn’t have a car.

Oh well… sucks but what can you do.

He raided his parent’s fridge for some free junk food, sat himself down on his father’s recliner, and turned on his parent’s 50+ inch tv. He couldn’t do this at his dorm, that’s for sure.

Time went on, movies passed, and the soda bottle became empty…

Finishing the last slice of frozen pizza, Stephen looked out through the window and wondered when his brother would be back. It was starting to get late, and the number of people outside was starting to dwindle.

The Thompsons could just be taking their time going to every house to get every bit of candy they could… or maybe his bro was at their place with some of the their kids and trading out what they wanted before bothering to visit that candy exchange… maybe he should call to be sure.

Walking over to the kitchen telephone on the wall, which he was surprised his parents still kept, he dialed the neighbor’s number and waited as it began to ring.

“Hello, Thompson residence.”

“Hi, Jerry? This is Stephen.”

“Oh Stephen! Did Jake forget something? Wouldn’t be surprised if he gave something to Taylor or Trish before we dropped him off.”



“No… no. Just… uh, wanted to say thanks for bringing him trick or treating with you all, hehe… Yeah, just calling to say thanks.”

“Of course! It was no trouble at all.”

“Yeah, thanks. Allrightthatwasitbye!”




Stephen grabbed his coat and put on his shoes in a haste.

He had to go out there and find his bro, surely he just went on with some other friends and just didn’t tell him…yeah that was it.


He couldn’t call the cops, his parents would kill him if they found out he lost his brother. He had to find him and make sure he got home. It wasn’t that bad… yeah, probably just out with another group getting more candy. That’s what it is. How far could a thirteen-year-old go anyways?

Hopefully not far…

Stephen walked speedily out the door and into the streets, searching for his little brother.

What was he wearing? Was he an astronaut? No that was last year. A cowboy? No, that wasn’t it. Ugh, what was that little shit wearing this year?!

He must’ve looked like a madman eying every kid to see if it was Jake, but he had to be sure whether or not it was him.

Every second felt like an eternity, and he could feel the sweat roll off his forehead in the cool autumn air. Where was he? Nothing ever happens in this boring town anyways!

Before he knew it, he had made it to the edge of town. They were already pretty close to begin with, but going this far without any hint of his sibling wasn’t doing him any favors. It would take him all night to go down every street and hope he’d run into him. Oh, when he got his hands on Jake…

In his worried panic, Stephen noticed something odd.

Off in the distance, just at the edge of town was the old witch’s house. At least, that’s what everyone called it. It was an old run-down building, probably a century old, still standing all by its lonesome. Everyone always said it was abandoned, that no one ever went in or out of it. There was always talks about tearing it down and putting up a gas station in its place, but it never happened.

Even so… for an old abandoned house… awfully bright inside.

The windows glowed a faint orange, as if though being filtered through a curtain… but it was indeed a light-source that was shining through inside that ancient abode.

So that’s where he went. That little shit!

Stephen had always wanted to know what was in this damn place, everyone always did. And it was practically tradition for kids to call each other chicken and taunt them to go stay the night at the old witch’s house. No one ever did… or at least no one ever admitted to it.

That little bastard was stupid enough to actually do it. If he weren’t so pissed off, he’d almost be excited to finally find out what was in there, but first he had to be sure he was okay.

He made his way to the unkempt estate, stomping up onto the porch where someone had carved ‘Orit ft jvucgd um ygxcgtl’ onto the steps and to the front door. Standing there for a moment, he took a breath to calm himself… he was becoming more his parents because of this.

Raising a hand, he knocked on the door.

He could hear scrambling from the nearby room. Ha, serves them right. They probably think he’s the police. Good.

Standing at the door, Stephen waited, his arms crossed as he sternly stared at the doorway, making sure his eyes were looking right where his brother’s head would be as soon as that little shithead opened this door.

The door unlocked with a click and swung itself open.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT! I’M BUSY!” A voice bellowed.

Stephen froze.

He wasn’t prepared for this.

Neither for someone that wasn’t his brother to answer the door, let alone one that was more annoyed and pissed off than he was, nor for the E-sized rack that was in his direct line of sight that could barely be contained in her dress. Like, jeez. He had seen his fair share of slutty costumes, but she wasn’t even trying to hide it.

His vision was lost in the sea of never-ending cleavage that was her bust, which was too much for a nineteen-year-old boy to handle… at least effectively.

She cleared her throat, obviously annoyed that he hadn’t answered her yet.

“I…uhm… I didn’t… know anyone, um, lived here…” he managed to stammer out, trying his best to look up to her face.

He only managed to look at her full frowning lips before having his gaze drift back down to her chest. Truly, a master of subtlety.

“I’ve been here for years! I just never go out cause annoying little shits like you exist! Now what the fuck are you selling so I can slam the door in your face!”

And with that, for the briefest of moments, Stephen was able to compose himself and look her straight into her soft magenta eyes.

“I can’t find my little brother. I thought he was hiding here. I… I gotta find him before anything happens.”

Her eyebrows softened, and her shoulders slumped down.

Not that he noticed, his eyes had sunk back down to the peaks. The cold air causing them to make peaks of their own on her dress.

“Oh… this is an actual problem…” she murmured, no longer paying attention to his stares.

The two stood there for a moment as she grumbled until an idea formed within her.

“Hey, pervert.”


“You help me, and I’ll help you find your brother. I need your help getting… an ingredient… out for me. It’s stuck and I can’t get to it. You help me with this minor issue, and I can guarantee you that I can find out where your brother is.”


“Good! Get in here!”

Grabbing the still ogling Stephen by the collar of his shirt, she pulled him into her abode.

The inside was surprisingly much more well-kept than the exterior. It actually looked like someone lived here, even if it were a bit cluttered with old junk. The beakers and phials were scattered across the several shelves that lined the hallway. There was a cauldron in the next room off in the corner, all that was missing was a black cat and a broom to truly earn her the title of witch in here. With all the concoctions and odd artifacts, Stephen almost managed to take in his surroundings were it not for the now bare rack hanging from the woman’s chest in front of him.

The perky nipples seemed to stare at him after having been freed from their cramped prison.

It took his mind a second to realize that this was in fact not a normal occurrence, to which his body finally managed to react with a delayed response.



“Wha- huh?!”

She let out an annoyed sigh, massaging her temple with one hand. You’d think a guy would jump at a chance to suck on a pair of tits right in front of him.

“I need you,” she slowly began to explain, “You. To suck, on these tits. These massive honkers of mine.” She raised one in her hand and gave it a squeeze, “They’re filled with milk. Breast milk. Understand? I need them out of my tits. That is the ingredient I need for a brew I’m making.”

Trying to piece together the plot of the porno he was suddenly dropped in, Stephen was struggling to make sense of it. Much to the ire of his host.

“Look. I needed breast milk for something. Not just any breast milk. I needed one with a high concentration of mana. Regular milk wasn’t going to cut it. A holst wouldn’t have enough either, unless I wanted to simmer like 5 gallons for a week, and hope it’s strong enough. A succubus would’ve been fine, but getting a nursing succ at this hour? They charge too much as is let alone for a last-minute call. So, I had to get it from myself. Manage to get my hands on a lactation lozenge to get myself primed and ready. When the girls finally swelled, I started milking… but nothing came out! I tried everything. Massaged them, got a breast pump, I even tried nursing on them myself!”

She lifted one of her breasts up to her face, latching onto her nipple and squirmed as she suckled away. When she released a few moments later, not a single drop of milk was visible.

“Nothing! They’re so damn full I can barely do anything. But I think this is like tickling yourself. You can’t really do it to yourself, you need someone else to do it to work. That’s where you come in. I need you to suck these babies dry. Understand?”

“No… not really.”

“Fucking… ugghh! You don’t need to understand!”

She pulled him towards her, grabbing the back of his head and latching him onto her breast.

“Just suck and I’ll help you find your brother. That’s all you need to know.”

Stephen murmured a few things in response.

“Less talking, more nursing.”

Finally, he listened.

He began to run his tongue over her erect nipple, lightly sucking on it as he attempted to reach it’s hidden nectar. He could hear his host whimper as he did so, loosening her grip on his head now that he was doing what he was told. He wrapped his arm around her back to hold her closely to him while he began to playfully nip at her.

“H-hey! No teeth!”

He mumbled an apology as best as one could with their head to one’s chest.

“Just hurry up, I can almost feel it coming out.” She commanded, blushing furiously throughout.

Stephen continued his task, sucking even harder now at the jugs. With his free hand, he raised it to her other breast, squeezing it in his hand and causing her to let out a yelp.

“Careful! They’re sensi-aaaahhhh~”

He managed to find the other teat, and was rolling it between his finger, much to her apparent delight.


She couldn’t help but let out a moan, followed by some panting.

Although he could not see it, he had felt her arm slide down her body and towards her groin. He himself had a stiffy of his own beneath the denim of his jeans, but was busy with the task at hand… or mouth in this case.

Before long, he felt a sudden jolt from the woman’s body as she quickly pressed him against her. A new taste entered his mouth at that moment, a warm sweet flavor took ahold of his taste buds, ensuring that its presence was known.

“I’m leaking!”

Although she had just gone through a minor orgasm, she was quick to pull Stephen off and grab a nearby beaker to collect her milk in.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Start on the other one.”

Upon attaching himself to the other tit, she wrapped her arm around his head so as to position the milk beaker as close and as comfortably as she could to her now flowing source. With her other hand, she massaged her breast, gently squeezing out her desired ingredient.

She was nearly halfway through the beaker when she felt her other teat begin to flow as well. Pulling him off, she switched positions to milk herself.

That was when she noticed the bulge in his pants.

“You pervert~” she teased.

He almost instinctually tried to cover his crotch.

“Ohh… I should’ve known this would’ve happened. And look, I finally managed to start milking, thanks to you that is. And so much too… so, I guess you do deserve a little extra reward. Here, follow me.”

She led him into the next room with the cauldron, pouring the milk into it and stirring it slightly as it continued to simmer.

On the opposite side of the room was a luxury one arm bench that appeared to be as old as the house. It probably came with the house. Next to it seemed to be the stand with the breast pump she had mentioned earlier. Seating herself to the far end, she patted her lap as though to invite him to lay his head on her.

To say the least, Stephen quickly complied.

With his head pointed up to the ceiling, a familiar sensation returned to his lips.

“Drink up.” She told him.

He did as he was told, nursing on her breast like a newborn.

The milk was much too sweet, but comforting. It seemed to calm his nerves, making him lose track of himself and melt away onto the couch.

Stephen didn’t even notice the whir of the breast pump nearby as she connected it to her other teat, obviously taking advantage of all the milk she was making. It wasn’t until soon afterwards that he realized that the milk wasn’t his reward.

The soft touch of her fingers slithered their way to his pants, masterfully undoing his belt without his knowledge and unzipping his fly to reveal his throbbing cock peeking out from his boxers. He squirmed at the sudden touch to the head of his member, but quickly relaxed as she began to stroke his hair with her free hand. Wrapping each finger save for her pinky, she began to gently stoke him rhythmically whilst he continued to drink her milk. Her hands were so soft, it was as if though she had never so much as lifted a pencil, but her motions were skilled like a ballet dancer. It all seemed to flow, the small motions in her wrist causing him to thrust upwards every now and then.

He could feel himself being edged onto the brink of climax, being teased with the sweet sensations of release that she masterfully denied with the touch of her fingers. How did she manage this? As if knowing that if she went half a beat faster that he’d shoot out his load and make a mess of two. He unlatched himself from her nipple, spilling some of her milk in the process before looking up at her.

“How? A-are you a witch?”

When he felt her hand suddenly clench, stopping midmotion, he realized that he may have fucked up.


He could barely react when she stood up, the breast pump letting out a pop as it released her nipple. As he sat up on the couch, she glared down at him, hands on her hips and fury in her eyes.



Stephen didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what was going on.


Kneeling down in front of him, she enveloped his cock into her bosom, squeezing her still leaking breasts together before she began to pump.

Any semblance of the former seductress was gone, instead replaced with anger and the reckless abandon of an animal in heat. Stephen was already at the edge a few mere seconds ago and was in no way prepared to handle such an outburst. So, before she could truly entrance him with her motions, he came.

He shot streams of jizz onto her collarbone, some making its way into her cleavage, and a lucky few somehow reaching all the way up to the base of her head. Although she hadn’t expected him to cum so soon, a smile nonetheless crept onto her face from her accomplishment.

Standing up, she dragged her finger up the valley between her breasts and licked it to sample his load.

“Oooh~” She smacked her lips, “I could use this.”

She made her way to the other room, out of Stephen’s view, only to return a few moments later after having cleaned up the mess he had made on her chest.

“Hmm, it looks like you could go another round… I wonder if that’s a side effect of the lozenge with my milk…” she muttered, biting her lip as she eyed Stephen’s still erect cock.

She walked over to him, raising her leg onto the couch to reveal it clad in a black lace stocking through one of the slits of her dress. The dark mage couldn’t resist licking her lips as she watched Stephen stare at her leg, his eyes gradually wandering upwards until finally reaching her crotch.

“So big boy,” she said, her fingers sliding up her leg and towards her dress, “how would you like to go after the main course?”

Lifting the curtain that was her dress, she revealed to him that she had been without panties this entire time, her pussy was glistening in its own juices from all the excitement going on. All Stephen could do was nod in response.

“Hehe, I thought so.” She responded, until letting her dress drop, “But too bad. That’s for familiars only.”

Stephen blinked in confusion at her statement.

Was… was he getting blue balled? What kind of incestual shit was this lady into?

The dark mage giggled at his reaction, reaching up to a shelf located above the couch to retrieve a small vial of pink oil.

“A familiar is… like a personal assistant that I form a contract with. They help me with what I need, and I reward them… along with a few other perks.” She winked towards the end as she popped the cork and began to pour the oil onto her hand.

“But, since you’ve been such a big help, maybe a little desert won’t hurt.” She said, placing the oil back onto the shelf.

Reaching down, she latched her fingers around his penis, rubbing every inch of it until it was coated in the slippery substance. He could feel his rod getting warmer, throbbing for her attention, in fact it felt as if it were getting bigger. It wasn’t, but it sure felt like it was.

Grabbing onto the backrest of the couch, she raised her other leg and kneeled atop of Stephen, rubbing her cheeks against his cock.


Stephen couldn’t help but let out a moan. He was so sensitive all of a sudden, what did she put on him?

“Oh, just wait~”

Reaching down below her, she grabbed the base of his penis, raising herself up until his head was at the entrance of her backdoor.


He slid into her like a heated knife through butter. In a singular smooth motion, she had her ass pressed against him. Stephen’s face was frozen. Overwhelmed with pleasure, he couldn’t utter a word, his mouth wide open in a moan but no sound made its way out.

She smirked, rising up and reaching back with both hands to spread he cheeks all so that she could drop back down to the base of his cock.

Stephen finally let out that moan he was stuck in.

Finding joy in his expression, the dark mage wrapped her arms around him, holding his head against on of her breast, pushing her still leaky nipple into his open mouth.

“Be useful and finish up what’s in there.”

She took her time with him, much like her fingers she would go about it slowly but precisely. Rising and falling on his rod, the aphrodisiac oil heightened every sensation, causing him to squeeze her closer to him as he too held on to her as she held on to him.

It wouldn’t take long for him to be put right at the brink of release once again, but this time he could do something. As she tried to tease him once more, his arms slid down to her hips as his waist thrusted upwards into her. It only took a few thrusts until he shot his load into her, surprising her by his sudden actions as she now let out a moan of her own.

The two panted, Stephen’s penis slipping out of her ass and finally becoming flaccid. The dark mage brushed her fingers through his hair as she continued to hold him to her.

“By the way. My name is Melody.”

He looked up at the dark mage in surprise.

The two had just fucked without even knowing each other’s names.

“I’m, uh, Stephen.”

She smirked.

“Hm, it’s nice to meet you Stephen. Now, to find your brother.”

Standing up from the couch, she brushed her dress and adjusted the top back onto her breasts. They were still a bit tight, but not to the point where it seemed as if though it were ready to tear through the fabric at any moment like earlier. She returned soon after with a crystal ball and its base in her hands.

“Could you drag that table over closer to you?” she asked, nodding over to a small side table near the breast pump she had used earlier.

Stephen complied, moving it in front of the couch before sliding over to allow her to sit by him.

“Back in my younger years, I used to moonlight as a scryer. Private investigators paid good money to find out where others were… as did peeping toms.” She told him as she set the table,


“Much less likely to be caught than with binoculars through a window.” She responded as she sat down.

Melody cleared her throat, raising both hands towards the dusty crystal ball, she began to murmur a few incantations. Soon, the lights dimmed as the clear sphere began to fill itself with a glowing fog.

“Show me… show me Stephen’s brother…” she quickly turned to him, “what’s his name?”


“Jake. Show me Stephen’s brother, Jake. Where is he? Where?”

The fog within swirled, as if though searching the vast sea of stars for Jake.

The center began to open, and an image began to form.

“There… and… I have no idea where this is.”

In the crystal ball, it was Jake. He was still in his police officer outfit, fast asleep on the floor whilst surrounded by old shoes and coats. Very familiar coats…

“That… that’s the spare closet at home!”

“Oh good, you know where he is.”

“Yeah, but how’d he get there?! He never came into the house.”

“Hmm… let’s find out.”

Turning back to face the ball, Melody raised her hands to it once again.

“Go back. Back to when Jake returned home. Show us how he made it to where he is now.”

Swirling her arms around, Melody seemed to be stirring the fog within the crystal medium, rewinding time itself until the image of Jake was made clear.

He was arriving home, at the door with his finger to the doorbell when he stopped. Peeking through the window, he could see the TV was on some Halloween special when he decided to have a change of plans. Stepping back and off the porch, he snuck around back. Standing on a lawn chair, he managed to reach the laundry window which had been left open. It was too small for a regular person to fit through there, but Jake was still pretty scrawny and managed to squeeze in. Stepping down onto the dryer, he quietly made his way into the living room, opening the closet door at just the right time for a jump scare on the tv to cover the noise. And there he waited… and waited… ate some candy… and waited. Eventually, he passed out from waiting so long and has been there since.

That little cheeky bastard.

He was going to try to scare Stephen. He knew he’d get worried and go out to look for him. He was probably waiting for Stephen to go to the closet and get one of his old jackets to put on before going out to search. Jake was clever… sometimes. Stephen would have gone to the closet if he hadn’t already done so a few hours earlier when he was going to originally take him out trick or treating. When the Thompsons took him instead, Stephen just tossed his jacket onto the couch.

That one little change could’ve saved him from this little panic… but it would’ve probably ended with a bloody nose on Jake’s face.

Stephen was a puncher when properly scared.

Melody couldn’t help but giggle.

The room returned to normal and the crystal ball became clear once more.

“Hehehe. I’m glad to see that everything turned out alright.” She smiled, turning to face Stephen.

“Anyways, since you now know that he’s safe and sound… maybe we can finish draining these babies. There’s still just a bit left in them.” Melody began, pulling down on the top of her dress to release one of her breasts.

“And, as far as familiars are concerned…”

She pushed the dress open to show her pussy to him once again, but this time she began to finger her clitoris in front of him.

“The position is open~”

Returning to the crypt, we are greeted with the sight of Cassandra drinking a large glass of milk.

“Ahh, nothing better than a fresh glass, wouldn’t you agree? And that Melody, she sure was a mouthful, wasn’t she?” she cackled.

“As for Stephen, seemed like he found a reason to visit home more often. Decided to become a bit more familiar with a few things, I’d say.”

“Oh well, until next time my lovelies. Now then.”

Lifting up a recently used bucket milker onto the table, complete with hoses and teat cups.

“Who’s up for seconds?” she exclaims before cackling once more.

As she cackles, she leans back to make her chest seem even more pronounced as well as reveal the stains on her dress where her nipples would be.

The camera pans away and fades to black.

The credits begin to roll as we begin to leave the manor in reverse, going through the manor backwards in the same fashion we entered until finally reaching the gates.

As the credits near the end, the faded image of Cassandra appears in the background, her signature cackle heard as the title ‘Mistress of the Crypt’ appears on screen one last time along with a never before seen logo stating ‘CryptProductions’.

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