Mindflayer Greentext

>don’t think lewd thoughts. Don’t think lewd thoughts.

>”hey anon, do you want the honey mustard pretzels or the buffalo wing?”

>Oh god, she’s shaking her ass.

>In those tight, tight jeans

>gonna grab a handful of denim and squeeze

>”oh hoho! Baby, you know you can any time.”


>gf’s been super horny

>she has to know

>she’s so weird lately

>she’s teasing me, bouncing her butt against my errection.

>the clerk’s not paying attention,  but there’s tons of people here.

>step back.

>say you only agreed to this trip so you could help gf.

>gf pouts.

>”There’s nothing wrong with me,” she offers with a smile, but the mad glint in her sapphire eyes  speaks far more.

>Check out. Bought the honey mustard flavored. 

>Pump gas. Fill tank. Get in 2009 Oldsmobile. 

>Gf’s driving.

>”C’mon, we’re almost there.”

>where she is taking you is unknown.

>she said it was the same place she goes when she disappears.

>”We can sneak in one quickie before-“

>No. No sex. Your concern far outweighs your libido. 

>You need to know where she’s been going. Why she’s changed so much.

>”I’m not that different,” she grumbles, “You’re the one who’s holding out.”

>Follow the state roads through a looping, winding North Carolina back way.

>it’s ungodly hot. The tired air conditioner struggles to keep you comfortable. 

>it’s been almost a full day of driving from the PA-NY state line.

>you have no idea where in North Carolina you are.

>Gf said she’d finally take you to where she goes after you said you would abstain from sex until she did.

>it’s been a long day of grab ass and temptation. 

>If you didnt have a rolled up newspaper ready to go, you bet she would try and give you a handy right now.

>She’s not subtle about her male gaze, so to speak.

>”The final turns up here.”

>the hidden beach and the small parking lot were blocked from the highway by rows and rows of trees. Only when Gf takes the final turn does the idyllic beachfront and adjacent cove come into view.

>the parking lot is empty

>a sign with purple letters reads *welcome to Violet Cove!”

>Your gf’s been running away to a secret beach?

>”it’s in the cove. Come on. We still have a bit of light. I’m getting kind of nervous myself.”

>She guides you through the stone path. 

>through the cave

>down some natural stairs

>past a glowing grotto

>to a curtain of seaweed decorated with shells and shining stones.

>it’s difficult to see, but your gf pushes past the wet seaweed and calls out into the pitch black room.

>”Madame Hoary!”

>An alien presence crosses into your thoughts.

>ah, what a fresh new mind does my favorite daughter bring.

>Daughter? No, your Gf’s mom was in Binghamton knitting crochet blankets for her other kids’ kids.

>no, I am your darling’s other mother. Step forward, and you will see

>nervous, you inch forward into the cave. 

>every second is agonized

>a come of light cuts through the dark.

>your gf’s phone light illuminates another person.

>She is barely clothed, with skin the color of blackberry juice, and tendrils of soft darker colored flesh instead of hair.

>you freeze. 

>You feel a cold hand gripping your heart.

>the two women greet each other with a hug

>then you watch as the monster slips a tendril into your gf’s ear.

>oh, poor thing. Your beloved denies you, but his concern is so romantic.

>you want to scream.

>there’s nothing

>she loves you, but you cannot accept your beloved’s most honest self? Selfish man. I give my found daughters love unconditional. See how much pleasure I have to give?

>the monster meets your gf’s lips with a kiss.

>your gf’s eyes go wild. Other tendrils caress and squeeze, bind and release, until your gf is leaning into the monster’s embrace.

>She was worried too. That you would leave her. I permitted this meeting so my daughter’s fears could be put to rest. That your fears, could be laid to rest.

>she sets your orgasming gf on a bundle of cloth garments one could call a bed, then takes the phone light.

>She’s close to you now.

>She smells of suffocating sex.

>She is at the final step of her journey now. Soon, when she awakens, she will be like her new mother, and you, her darling, shall greet her.

>What did she just do? Every inch of you demands release.

>A primal scream dies in your throat.

>She wanted this. Even before we met.

>images float through your mind

>the monster is preying on you now, but the images keep you grounded in some past.

>you see others, your gf among them

>more foreign thoughts pass through your mind

>I want to be healed.

>I want to be confidant.

>I want

>I want

>I wish my darling could understand me.

>You know this voice.

>Your gf stands before an altar with a plate of offerings.

>Her thoughts are jumbled and discordant. 

>The monster chose your gf alone.

>You seek me out for the love of another?

>the monster was showing you your gf’s innermost thoughts. 

>she possessed a boundless love, like a sea reaching every shore.

>and she was drowning in it

>your gf longed to stand a top the water

>You know of her condition? How she yearns to connect with the world, but flails in the sea of thoughts and feelings and fears. It tore at my old heart. I played with her mind. I tinkered with her brain. I pulled her above the ocean of emotions.

>streaks of hot tears poured down your cheeks.

>Was she drowning this whole time?

>Oh, pure love! The sweetest of treats! I truly envy my daughter. She was fortunate to find a man as kind as you.

>you aren’t sure how to take a compliment from a sea cove monster with a tentacle in your skull.

>and good humored too. Listen, darling, she’s going to be up any second and she’s going to be starved. The only thing that will sate her is you screwing her brains out.

>your gf stirs.

>her skin is much like the monster’s, and where her hair began and the tendrils blindly lashing at the air ended surprised more than inspired fear. 

>she turns to you, her eyes truly wild now. She still wears the same smile though, and itches at her exposed breasts.

>darling, I’m so happy.

>ecstasy. Her little voice reverberates through you. 

>Every part of you is standing on end.

>She comes close. 

>You recognize her.

>The bookworm from P.E.

>The friend who took you to Perkins when you had your first bad breakup.

>The girl who struggled to gloat even when she beat you badly at every game you challenged her in.

>She wrapped herself around you.

>You feel her proding around your brain.

>You meet her lips.

>The sparks of your close connection ignite.

>Everything blurs together.

>Your at your folks sneaking your first kiss in your little bedroom.

>At high school passing knowing looks between each other.

>At Christmas, the first Christmas you shared together drinking shitty wine and serenading her with the Muppets Holiday album.

>you’re in the cove, on the ground, watching as your gf falls on you again and again, her new body secreting love juices and moaning this otherworldly sound. 

>she’s showing you new things.

>driving home, revealing her new self to her loved ones.

>a baby shower for your second daughter Hannah

>loving each other time and time again

>you manage a laugh as she projects fucking in the rest stop in front of the rest stop clerk.

>time loses meaning under her sway.

>you gentle caress her cheek.

>”I will always love you.”

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