Lust 451

Think about it, if you will, the idea of social repression. By that I mean, the act or the idea of something that has been deemed a threat to society and disposed, repressed, and forgotten about. Something you might see from Orwell or Huxley, no doubt. However, entertain this: how would the world act differently if sex and its public education, were erased from the eyes of the public world. How would life be different? How would things change over time? All these questions and more can be answered….In the Twilight Zone….


On this day, the world discovered the existence of another race of beings living on this Earth. Ones not too far off from us, human man and woman, but still distinguishable. The race became universally called, Mamono. From the beginning of their discovery, mamono were very much a mystery. They had no male counter parts, only comprising of a female population. Later came the discovery that each Mamono type were sexually compatible with that of the human male, able to propagate more and more of their female race. Due to their striking animalistic differences, they have greater strength than that of the average human. It is also do to those differences why they have a greater sex drive then humans, usually resorting to outright rape.


The first incident involving Mamono species to be publicly broadcast on U.S. National television, after the alleged attempted rape of the Alabama Governor’s Attorney General. No charges were filed, but this was what ignited the fire of what would soon become, the Anti-Mamono Front. Along with that of other race groups, Mamono species everywhere became targets of aggression and slander. Some went as far as to publicly protest outside the churches and city halls where Mamono weddings took place, hurling remarks and objects in their wake. But it would soon come to pass. With hope.


With the passing of Civil Rights Act, Mamono as well as all others of color and race, were now recognized as free members of society, under the law of the United States. Mamono were now allowed to vote, able to buy housing, earn credit, so many things that the law had unintentionally bound them before. Now all were equal under the law. But that did not protect them from the prying eyes and hands of the public.


Headlines riddled the country within this time, spanning from California to New York shores, of Mamono and sympathizers attacked and provoked. A modern day Salem trials hit the world screnes, people claiming to have been raped and abused by Mamono, proof mostly becoming circumstantial. Some had their homes and property broken and ignited in flames, the true showing of the Anti-Mamono feelings of malice. The response? Mamono lashed out. Attacks became more frequent and more real. People would simply vanish and not be mere random choice. These were men and women were in some way connected to the Anti-Mamono Front. In trying to prevent matters from becoming worse, the United States government came together at what became called, the Convention of 1972, which later sprung about the Mamono Accords, which essentially backtracked the Civil Rights movement on everyone, whites included.


All businesses now offered special seating, services, and activities for whites, people of color, and Mamono separately; all remaining of the same quality. All schools were separated in the same fashion, with added adjustments. Schools taught that the other races were indeed equal to that of themselves, and were in each others way, respectable, same in Mamono teaching. However, one major thing was impacted: sexual education. Growing children in school soon were not taught about sexual education, nor were any Mamono in other schools. As a matter of fact, sexual themes were removed from the public all together. Property containing sexual content was banned and confiscated. Then burned. What the U.S. government did was essentially block off the growing conflict between humans and mamono, by ridding what they had most in common: sex.


Ten years later, the United States now stood as what George Orwell had once feared, but in not quite the same way. By this time, humans had now become reintegrated with Mamono and now, there has been no physical problems. Mamono’s heightened sex drives had now become easier to manage through the use of pharmaceutical pills and regular abstinence exercises. Men and women both have become more open and respectable towards one another, regardless of color and the same are then said for Mamono. Marriages were now essentially partnerships without intimacy. Young were made by artificial insemination, and sexuality to this very day, is repressed throughout the land.


TV turns off, and in the screen’s reflection sat a fidgeting Youko and her lazed boyfriend.

“Nuuuuuuuuuu! I can’t watch that anymore!”

“Susie, its just a show. Written, scripted, and everything!”

She wrapped up her four tails and clutched them together like a pillow, “B-but how!? How could we exist without sex? We need it don’t we?”

The boyfriend sets his beer on the floor, “Yes we need it, especially for procreation but…”

“But what?”

“Good lord.” He swings his arms over her and draws Susan into his chest, “Sweetie, no matter how stupid this sounds, I’ll say it.”

Sighs, “Sweetie, I’ll always be there to stuff and fuck you, until the day you tell me not too. Okay?”

“Really, Dan?”

“Really really.”

“Well…can we do that…now?”


“We can use the beer.”

“God I love you.”

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