Logan’s Curse – Chapter 3, Part 1

Three Months Later

I couldn’t shake the paranoia I had been feeling for the past few days. It was a relatively new feeling. There had been a certain peace in life that I’d enjoyed without truly acknowledging it, but now I felt its absence, and it was putting me on edge.

The few months that had passed since the home invasion and finding out the truth had left me feeling out of sorts. The Woman, as I would refer to her, had flown the coop after I had woken and confronted her, and had not shown up since. I even felt the feeling of the cold on the nape of my neck was gone too, a sign I accepted as being her presence and the odd sensation of being watch constantly were one in the same. Except now both were gone. At first it had been wholly pleasant; I had relished in the feeling of being well and truly alone.

The first week or so I had the liberty to be a little more flashy about my newfound predicament, as I’d gone out of my way to say hello to anyone who made eye contact with me for longer than a few seconds. All within reason, mind you, I knew I was still unclaimed and I had no idea how long this would last. I did figure about a lifetimes’ worth of demonic energy that surrounded me must be in effect still. Before it was like a dark cloud following wherever I went, whereas now it felt like I was in the sun for the first time.

Although now there was almost an absence of….something I could not exactly describe. It was an untouchable sensation, like being tired but not being able to fall asleep. It didn’t effect school much at all, since I felt I could focus more. If anything not having to worry about the feeling of being watched made classes much more engaging. Outside classes I would wander around campus, or even the streets of Monster Girl City, simply to walk. Just to enjoy the feeling of being outside and I couldn’t get over it.

It wasn’t until about the second month after the incident that I felt things start to slide. Glances from some of the more courageous girls lingered a little too long. I had managed to make it in with a few guys after classes, general chit chat and their monstrous better halves would ask where my girlfriend was, or if I was single or what my type of girl was. It was a little difficult to keep coming up with excuses, but I always went back to the Minotaur story while dodging stink eye looks I’d get. The guys just shrugged but I knew I wasn’t exactly fooling the ladies.

Demonic energy is a funny thing, isn’t? Acts like repellent so long as you have one of them hanging off your arm, but it doesn’t stick. It’s like putting on deodorant I noticed. My Mamono Relations 102 basically explained this one day; demonic energy outside the body wears off after a time, which is why it’s important for Mamono to…reapply themselves on their mates so they maintain their scent on them, frequently. Apparently over time the energy a male stores up inside themselves after banging a monster marks him inside and out, so it’s like a double layer of protection. Better than Old Spice am I right fellas?

Well shit really started running downhill three months later when a rather shy Satyr approached me with a free coffee at the campus bookstores’ Starfucks. I had been bundled up after classes and the November weather was playing with my sensibilities to cold, so I huddled in the corner with some books cracked open when she approached. She was sweet enough, about a half foot shorter than me, looking even shorter with a pixie cut of burgundy hair. She offering a friendly hello and fluttering those big pink-hued eyes. “Hello sir, hope you’re staying warm over here!” she said, a little too bubbly. I just looked up and mutter a polite, “Yes, I’m fine.” before turning back to my books. I had been trying to focus back on the pages but kept peeking out of the corner of my eyes at this Saytr. She hadn’t moved since I spoke and actually shuffled her hooves a bit before clearing her throat.

“Um…so we had a misorder, and have one fresh coffee with extra cream.  Since you don’t have a coffee yet feel free to have this one, compliments of Starfucks!” She plopped the cup down in front of me, right on the pages. I couldn’t do anything but look up at her. Her smile was almost a complete U-shape, a little unnerving to see someone smiling like that. I just picked up the cup and held it.

Yep, it was hot. I took an investigative sniff. Yeah, smelled like House blend. There was a whiff of something sweet, like sugar or honey, but I couldn’t peg it down. I smelled the cream but there was something else there. I just nodded and raised the cup to my mouth, but keeping my lips tight and not letting any of its contents into my mouth. I smiled politely and nodded, putting the cup back down and returning to the book. She huffed, apparently waiting for something but had waited long enough, turning instead to walk away. She only got a few steps before turning back to me.

“Let me know if you need anything else sir, and enjoy!” She then skipped off back to the counter.

Ha, nice try there Pan, but I’d seen this magic trick before. Monsters would often bring lunches or snacks and give them to their intended mate during high school. The old adage is true I guess, a mans’ heart is in his stomach. Either it was a heartfelt attempt to woo their intended target, or a trap to ingest some part of the girl. Some of the dudes who were out of the know had only discovered what they were eating after being whisked off as a “newly married man”.  The monsters that had given them a danish or crepe had laced them with their own special ingredient, sometimes something merciful like hair or a flake of skin. Other times it was their own special honey that they added to really seal the deal. Really made me second guess  some of those school bake sales.

In the attempt to not seem impolite, I cleaned up shop on my books, packing everything away and getting ready to brave the cold again. I did however make it a point to bring the coffee cup with me, even doing another fake sip after I left the store and passed it’s large window front. I did risk a look back inside. The Satyr was looking pretty downtrodden, shoulders hunched as she watched me walk out and out of sight. I held onto the cup, making my way out of the bookstore with coffee in hand. Once a safe distance away, I threw the coffee cup in the trash, making sure I wasn’t being tailed by a hopeful Satyr.

There had been a string of these occurrences since the woman had broken into the apartment. The one that had shaken me to my core, however, had just happen a few nights ago.

I had been walking home from a late class, trying desperately to avoid being stuck in the rain that had been drowning the city as of late. It was cold, numbingly so, but I lost most of the feeling in my body not from the cold, but from suddenly being dragged into the alley. 

I frantically tried to get to my feet back on the ground, feeling true panic set in as I was alone in the dark with clawed, furry hand around my throat. As I had time to adjust to the dark of the alley,  I moved my hands frantically to break the hold the outstretched arm had on me. I focused enough to see two molten lava eyes staring back at me from the darkness. Then a smile shown out from the darkness that I sent a cold sweat down my spine. That look was one of hunger, and I wished at the time I could have screamed but the black fur around my throat tightened, paw pads pressing expertly against my jugular. Not quite a choke hold, but definitely hold me there intently.

The thing leaned in, and I saw only an obsidian face with those hungry eyes fully enclose my view. This thing pressed in close, her breath hot as the soft flesh of her chest pressed against me. She had wolf like ears, and her fang lined mouth told me enough. There was no denying it now. I had been cornered by a goddamn Hellhound. She was easily a foot taller than me, and her shoulder length hair matched the fur on her lower legs and arms. Clearly she had no issue in height alone to hold me up off the ground like she was. 

“So…you got a name there, snack?” She took a few experimental sniffs, leaning in more and giving my ear a few licks, my breath hitching in fear. I was about to open my mouth but she closed moved her paw up my throat to put pressure on my jaw, easily silencing me before I had a chance to speak. I tried to push her away from me, but she pressed a claw deeper into my throat, I cried into my closed mouth as I felt the first trickle of blood down my neck. I watched, frozen in panic, as she closed her eyes slightly, and sniffed the air around me. A little on my mouth, a little bit on my hands, then lowered herself a bit towards my chest and stomach, finally standing up straight with a smirk on her face.

“First off snack, when I want you to speak, I will give you permission, understood?” My eyes went wide as I froze in her grip, unable to respond except by shaking. “Your name means nothing now, got it? Everything you were before means nothing, snack. All that matters is this…” She used her other hand to painfully cup my groin, squeezing almost to the point of unbearable pain as she smirked.

“Good little snack, I think you have some potential…” Her tail began to wag slightly as she leaned in again, smelling around my neck and the frantically pumping vein underneath sweat shined skin. “I can smell another on you…but she must have gotten tired of you. What, have a lovers’ spat snack?” She was grinning now, the light from her eyes sparkling in excitement as she pushed herself a little closer to me, particularly where our crotches met, sending shivers down my front.

I-I-It was mm-mu girlf-friend. She’s a M-Minotaur and sh-she’s just-“

“I didn’t plan on taking you from another girl” she sighed, pushing against my jaw to silence me once again. “But by the way, you may want to come up with a better lie than that next time. Either way,” she sniffed long about my neck, “she beat me to it…so it’s seconds for me. I’m going to enjoy tearing into you…” She angled her other hand…paw now, moving down my front and tearing into the shirt more as her hand drifted lower. “…bit…” Her claws had reached my belt line, leaving my shirt in tatters as she grabbed at my belt buckle. “…by…bit.”

I felt my chest get tight as she began to slowly massage the front of my pants, tracing the outline of my member with her clawed fingers. The feel of sharp claws on me sent shivers of excitement and fear through me, and in such a place where I could be caught by anyone, but helped by no one. I felt scared, petrified under the touch of a wolf girl.

“Don’t be so shy, snack,” she whispered in my ear, nibbling on my neck and drawing circles on my skin with her warm, wet tongue, “I can be nice, so long as you don’t struggle…at least, not too much…” She emphasized this by sucking on my neck. I whimpered under her touch, feeling all the color rush to my face as I felt her breath on me. The touch forcing me to turn my head away to hide the feelings of uselessness welling up inside of me.

The temperature radiating from her seemed to skyrocket as she slipped past the barrier of my pants and stroked my now fully erect member, giggling all the while. Her other hand moved up my throat again to grab my chin and pull me closer to her face her knee rising to cradle me on my crotch. I saw an almost drunken blush on her face, her hazy view in her eyes and the loss of blood from my head to my crotch put me into a groggy, goggle-vision state.

“Don’t worry little snack…I’ll have you howling for me in no time.” She breathed the last words on my lips as she pushed her lips to mine. She massaged my own slowly, her hand on my crotch moved to pull mine down to her ass and planted it there hard, holding it there as I began to squirm under. I felt a tear run down my cheek as I realized I was crying, and the emotions hit me. I don’t want to be here…oh God please get me out of here I want out I WANT OUT!

I was screaming inside my own head as the she beast kept ravishing me, I could hardly notice the shadow that overtook the faint light of the street. She, in turn, was too focused on rubbing every part of herself on me and guiding my hands around her ass, to feel coming what was coming her way. There was something like a loud *pop*, and a moment later the Hellhound was screaming, her leg was dislocated at the joint, and she was wildly thrashing all around her on the ground in an attempt to claw at whatever struck her.

A moment later another slick plopping sound, and her nose was broken. Her face immediately filled with blood as a cool chill ran down my spine. I couldn’t move, dumbstruck as the beast tore around her for the attacker, only this time with one arm and trying desperately to hobble back to her feet. It looked like she was standing in a pool of water, because the ground underneath her looked like a solid puddle of some blackish looking liquid. Suddenly she screamed, tentacles writhing under her from the liquid came up and wrapped themselves around her, pulling her down into the liquid as if it were quick sand.

I watched in horror as she slowly sank down, still thrashing about, then looked me dead in the eye. I had never seen fear in one of them. But I knew what it looked like on anyone and it had to be fear across her dark ashen face. She brought her other paw away from her face, holding it out to me while more blood poured from her nose, she reached out to me and in her own way asked me to pull her out. The look in those eyes met mine but I could not move. The last I saw was her face, twisted in terror and letting out one last gurgled cry as she sank down, the pool dissipating almost immediately as she had submerged. It was like the puddle was never there, melting back into the darkness.

I was found about a hour later by some cops. More precisely an Orc and her Jinko partner. Aside from the Orc getting a little too handsy, they both got me home after taking my story down. They cropped it up to my imagination, and that I had been mugged and left unconscious. There was no hint of the Hellhound that assaulted me that night, and no trace of the ooze that took her.

It was rough after that night. I’d been having nightmares about the look on her face as she passed through the ground seemingly, pulled down by that black tentacled goop that sucked her down. Things never progressed that far again but there were some takers with more courage than others in the weeks after the event. But I always got invitations from a duo of Red Oni’s from one of my classes to join them for drinks after Thursday classes. I was always able to politely decline, but they were making a habit of sitting a little closer now, which did not sit well with me. The Succubus that taught the Mamono History class had been a little too eager to offer extra time on my midterm paper, and even offered after class tutoring to help guarantee a passing grade. It was becoming a mounting issue that I loathed to admit, but for three months after the incident I was finding the task of surviving life in M.G.C. to be more stressful than I’d initially bargained for.

At last it was the end of the day, getting home after now taking an extended route to throw off the Saytr (hey you can’t be too careful, right guys?). Luck would have it that a storm had kicked up and a downpour of late autumn rain had begun. Brushing off the cold and the rain, I made my way through the lobby, up the elevator and at least walked through the door to the apartment. I wasted no time stripping down to the bare necessities for sleep, and decided to take a quick nap before I thought about making anything for dinner.

As I lay on my back in bed, my dread of the dark of the room made sleeping an issue. The occasional flash of lightning and the patter of rain on the window made a pleasant miasma of sound and light that did calm me somewhat, but the gnawing concern of the daily grind was outpacing the need for sleep. Was this truly what life was to be? I thought of the many young men I had known from high school and the monstrous women who had eventually claimed them. How odd that now, finding myself in the position of losing all safeguards against the hordes of bodacious monsters, I found some kinship with the victims of those women. I likened the situation to a rat in a wheel, constantly running and going nowhere until a creature with some power greater than mine came and ripped me from this mundane, caged life.

That woman….I never got her name. A curious thing that I had finally understood the very reason why most of my fellows felt distant, and her arrival only opened more mysteries than they closed, yet I could not help but wonder at her name. Moreover I wondered at just what kind of person she was to decide upon me at such a tender age. Why had she decided to let me live a long life absent of her presence? Was she the last of her kind, and if not where were the rest? I had begun to look into creatures that matched her features about a week ago, in an attempt to answer some of these questions.

There was not shortage of books and Internet sites that provided a ton of…questionable information. More or less it was safer to assume that one would catch a virus from some of these sites, and before you knew it, a Mamono who you searched for would conveniently show up at your doorstep. Luckily nearly every human alive had a copy of the old Monster Girl Encyclopedia by an scholar from long ago, and while original copies were long lost to time, revised editions were still in circulation.

What I found was minimal, only that Demons were a type of Mamaou and had a mastery of illusions. It was rather vague and lacking on information. Nothing on preferences, habits, nothing about how to deter them. For being a scholar the author of that Encyclopedia didn’t really seem to do much digging into the mindset of these women. What I found did credit what I had seen in the apartment; Demons being alluring creatures, similar to Succubus but more tenacious, and certainly closer in power to the Great Maou. Not as rare as I had imagined them being, but rather uncommon by most monster standards.

Lacking comfort on the bed that was usually very pleasant, I swung a leg over the side and sat there, elbows on knees and head hanging over. Her eyes…those eyes seemed burned into my brain and seared into memory. Black sclera instead of white, outer red to golden yellow on the iris, split down the middle by a cat-like pupil. Yet there was something there, staring back at me through those eyes that called out, some intangible pull into those depths that I felt I could not escape. Sure, it would be lying to say that there wasn’t an allure to the rest of her features. She was dripping in femininity, and the role model of female seduction. So much to be tempted by, and yet…

“She held back…” I whispered to himself. No matter the rage I had felt on the night of the break in and the subsequent days that followed, I could not make heads or tails of that. She had not technically acted like any monster I had witnessed before. Withholding any physical interaction had been an odd expression of affection, but it had led a relatively boring, albeit normal life. I had remained unaffected but the world changing around me because of her. I even got to go to school and stay with my parents for all my young life while being childless and single. They never had to worry about my well being from being raped at school or taken from them in the night by a out of control horny monster. In turn I never suffered the indignity of being coerced into a relationship with a girl by mad and violent rape. She was, in the ways I could hardly comprehend, just a girl with a crush that had tried her best to give what she thought I would want.

Maybe crush wasn’t the correct term, as I reasoned the lengths the demon had gone to just to be near me. More like a soul crushing obsession, maybe even an insatiable love. That could explain why she was absent from my childhood life for so long, but what about now?

The ooze, the only odd thing that I had seen but no one else could have. How there was no trace of her after the Hellhound sank into it? No trace…no one in the alley but me. Why did that frighten me more than reassure me. Those claws felt real. Her breath felt real. I couldn’t quite believe I imagined the whole thing but, then again the question scared me more than the answer. It hardly mattered now, anyway. She was gone, hopefully for good. I didn’t have much interest in risking the old ‘bait and tackle’ at the possibility of seeing the Demon again. That cold feeling was just the wet brickwork behind me on the wall. It couldn’t have been anything else, and maybe I just had a bad fall. I wanted to believe it so badly.

Even then I didn’t take any chances at night. I had changed the locks of the apartment and been sure to keep all windows and doors locked tight since the incident a few months back, but even so, would that truly change anything? If she wanted to, she could easily break a balcony door, or force a window while I slept. Where was she now?

I stood, my eyes adjusted to the dark and the bleeding light from the city outside enough to navigate in the darkness. I opened the door of the bedroom and walked out into the hall. Silence in the darkened space of the home was all there was to meet me. I felt nothing out of the ordinary, not even that cold tingling sensation that I had grown so accustomed to.

I dared not admit what I was subconsciously looking for, though my heart knew. I wanted to know why, after so many years and with so many options available, this demoness had settled on me. I wondered, daring to not hope, that perhaps she was simply still hidden from me as she had done before. I walked to the living room, lingering eyes at any dark corner I could find for some distortion, anything that would suggest a presence in the apartment. Not a shadow or trace of anything awry in the home. 

I couldn’t fight back the ludicrous thought that I would ever want to see this thing again. After all that I had been put through, I remembered that she had nothing to offer me that wouldn’t cost me my soul. Though I could not forget those eyes that had looked so longingly into mine from the living room couch I now stood across.

She spent all that time watching me, I find it hard to believe that her obsession would end simply because I slapped her. 

I froze for a moment, bringing my hand up to inspect it. I had struck her, in a moment of rage and I did not regret the emotions I felt at that time. A part of me also enjoyed it, in a twisted way, being able to take out that pain on someone else and that scared me.  To see all that hope and love snuffed out in her eyes too, being the object of her obsession, rattled me somewhat. I couldn’t find it in myself to feel too rotten about it, but to say it didn’t make me feel somewhat sorry for the demon…

Of course it could be that she was still manipulating me, but I felt very much in control of my faculties. More importantly, and it struck me odd to have this thought about a person I knew almost nothing about, more importantly though I had begun to doubt my own judgment that she harbored any intent to actually harm me.

The rain continued to fall outside in torrential waves and it was doing nothing to calm the nerves. A sleeping pill, I thought, perhaps if I just knock himself out I could get these thoughts out of my head for a while and come back to them fresh. I turned left, moving towards the kitchen area. I shuffled around the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water and some sleeping pills from the cabinet.

I was coming back around the corner to go back down the hallway when a flash of lightning illuminated the room for a second. The bolt had to have come fairly close by because it gave off so much light. I could see the light outside and the lightning throw the room into momentary brightness. I saw the couch fully, a few scant boxes in the corner next to the TV, and the balcony outside. More importantly was the balcony, because for a brief second I felt my heart drop to my feet.

It looked for the split second of light that shown through the room, that something was on the balcony. It wasn’t the largest of spaces, and it hardly did anything for a view if you didn’t count the street and city outside. At best I could use it for some light reading in a porch chair if I ever got around to buying one. But the glass doors were a plus, and just like the night the demon had appeared standing there on the other side, so too did she appear there tonight.

She looked so much smaller than when she first appeared. Whereas before she had portrayed herself as an imposing force from Hell, it seemed this time her spirit was nowhere in it. She was huddled in a small ball in the corner of the small balcony stone railing, huddled close to it with one wing pulled up over her right side as a sort of blanket. I stood shaking all over again, the room becoming inexplicably drier and almost unbearably still. Just as quickly as the lightning flashed, it was gone. Soon the shadows returned and the porch was again in darkness. I could not help but baffle at the sight, wondering if it was an illusion or the lack of sleep playing tricks on my mind. After a moment of internal panic I made the braver choice and decided very cautiously to flip the balcony light and see if I wasn’t imagining things.

I set the drink and pills down on the coffee table and moved slowly to the light switch by the sliding door. The rain pattered on the glass with some force, and the storm outside was really ramping up. I let my hand slide along the wall until it found purchase, then flipping the light switch up and the light returned to the balcony.

She was indeed on the balcony. She was curled up in the corner and somewhat shielded from the rain, but obviously it helped little as he could tell she was shivering. He eyes opened at the persistent light, looking around until finally looking directly at him. The playful light that had danced across her eyes was long gone, and the hurt and pain she was feeling was evident. She pulled into herself tighter and it looked like she was sniffling. If not for the rain I could have sworn tears were streaming down her face. She closed her eyes, her face twisting in pain and she brought the wing covering her higher up to cover her face.

There was storm raging inside of me at seeing her like that. She was getting what she deserved, there wasn’t a doubt in his mind about that. There was depth of guilt and pity he felt too, except this creature on his porch hadn’t earned it. I hesitated for a moment, torn on what exactly to do. My hand came to grab the door and pull open. The noise from the storm were loud, but not deafening. I could not hear her sobs, but I was at least certain she had heard when I spoke.

Moments Before

She hadn’t anywhere else to go. Ever since that first night Morgana had nowhere to go to stay. She was admittedly alone in this city without him, and she could not feel good about herself knowing she’d leave him on his own. Even now, knowing he hated her, knowing there was likely no chance of reconciliation between the man she loved and herself, the idea of leaving him was physically painful for her now. She couldn’t be bad at her circumstances, but a part of her didn’t regret a minute of it. She had finally revealed herself to her intended, and attempted to help him see the reason for her actions. But in the few months that had followed and her utter abandonment of her duty to look after and safeguard him from potential threats, she could still not separate from him. He was her warm light in the dark, a dark she did not wish to return to without him.

She had cried until her throat was hoarse and her body weak from the convulsing. In the rarest of circumstances, when a mamono was separated from her mate for too long, it would cause her to lapse into a state of catharsis and eventually a mindless existence. Forever craving the presence of the man who they had imprinted their demonic energy on, and likewise the spirit energy that the man gave off. That energy was like food to mamono; the absence of it from the man they commit to is like starving for them. Even now, when Morgana could risk it, she would find herself here on his balcony. At first she was able to conceal her presence from him with a simple illusionary spell, but dared not risk being too close and revealing herself to him again. She could not bare to be scolded by him again.

Yet for the past week, she begun having trouble summoning the strength to perform her routine magic. It had even become difficult for her to fly anymore; in fact reaching the balcony as she had this last morning had caused her extreme strain and left her feeling woozy and out of sorts. She did the best she could to hold off on using any spells unless she needed to, resting as she needed to keep up her strength. Even the residual energy Logan had given off when she would regularly be hidden from him but so close at the same time was enough to sustain her and keep her magics active. Now though, the pressure of being denied his presence and maintaining her illusions were wearing on her body. In any other capacity it was the equivalent to not having eaten for several weeks, and she was losing her ability to maintain her invisibility to Logan.

Morgana knew she was reaching the end of a short rope. She could not risk exposing herself again, she knew that, lest he become more aggressive in driving her away. She considered breaking her vow to have him accept her, but she considered his reaction to her being present at almost all of his young life. Taking that final step from him that was meant to be a shared experience was the last thing Morgana wanted for either of them, as she wanted their love to blossom together as equals, not as a triumphant lord over a weakling. She knew the calling of her kind was to lord themselves over their captured men, but Morgana wanted different. She desperately wanted to keep Logan as her equal, her only match in this world.

The cold rain and wind buffeted her form as she shivered on the balcony porch. She had no other options. She closed her eyes and felt the residual warmth of tears trickle down her face and meld with the pouring rain.

“Logan….*ffffff*…please…..” Her teeth were chattering uncontrollably as her body tried to retain any warmth it could.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a shadow moving from inside the apartment. Luckily the darkness of the balcony and the apartment had kept her hidden for a moment. It was him; she still had enough magic in her to tell his spirit energy apart in a crowd of thousands. It was that bright, warm light he gave off that gave her the chance of seeing tomorrow. He moved slowly, though he was stopped in front of the couch at the moment simply staring. He had a look on his face as though he was searching for something, his eyes squinting in the dark to find whatever it was on his mind.

Morgana held her breath as best she could, and tried to get her shaking limbs under control. She had no desire to be found and told to leave; this was as close to comfortable she had been in a few days. Luckily he turned away from the couch and walking into the kitchen. Morgana watched as he reached into a cabinet and grabbed himself a glass and a bottle of pills.

Sleeping pills? Odd that he had trouble sleeping, he had been having some trouble sleeping the last few weeks. No doubt the fear of her potential return had jolted him somewhat. As much as she needed to be close to him, she hated the thought that she was making his life any harder than it had to be. Her soul broke a little more at the thought of hurting him further.

He had filled his glass and was about walk back towards the hallway to his bedroom. Just a few more seconds and Logan would be out of sight, and perhaps Morgana could try fruitlessly to fall asleep.

At that moment a blinding bolt of lightning and thunder ripped through the sky above the apartment. It had been so bright that for an instant the entire living room of Logan’s apartment had been illuminated, casting light on the balcony as well. Terror took Morgana as the light touched Logan’s face, and she could have sworn his eyes found her in the brief moment of light. Just as suddenly as the lightning flashed, so again was it out.

Morgana was frozen like stone as Logan stood motionless as well. With her enhanced vision the demoness could see the curiosity and realization click into her beloved’s mind. He had a look of disbelief on his face and Morgana feared it would soon turn to rage. She was too weak to fly, and she felt that any confrontation with Logan right now would end in further separation and heartbreak. She pulled herself in tighter under her twitching wing, dreading what was bound to happen next.

The young man in the apartment set his glass of water and pill down on the table, making slow, hesitant steps towards the balcony.

Oh Maou, she thought to herself, please Logan, don’t do this to me, oh gods please get me out of this, don’t make him cast me aside…

His hand travelled up the wall until he found the light switch. Morgana tensed and prepared for the worst. The light came on, and at last she could see him clearly, just as he could her. His face was pure shock, it seemed as though he was looking at a ghost. Morgana could only shut her eyes, trying desperately to hide from his sight in any way. Fresh tears spilled down her face, mixing with the falling rain as she pulled her wing up as much as she could to cover her face. She loathed Logan seeing her like this. She heard the door pull open and the warm are of Logan’s apartment spilling out onto the balcony. The demoness prepared herself for the terrible, soul crushing torrent she would likely receive for failing to leave him alone.

“You need to get the FUCK OUT OF HERE!”

Morgana flinched. It wasn’t entirely unexpected but just because she saw the blow coming didn’t make it hurt any less. Her eyes shut in pain a fissure ran through her heart. His face was a contorted mass of anger she expected, firm, and with a touch of malice in his eyes. She was not sure what personal Hell she had stumbled into, but she dared not move even under his command. He waited a moment, before shutting the door. She covered herself in her wing again, trying to hold in the scream her soul was demanding she release. She heard the door slide again, and flinched at the crash of something shattering on the stone wall above her head. 


The demoness sat frozen in fear for the first time in her life. She poked her head out from behind her wing, and shards of glass were littered on the webbed skin of her wing. He had thrown his glass of water at him.

She gave a pained cry, shaking from the lack of warmth in her limbs. Her heart had been beating a mile a minute, pounding harder than ever and it sent pain through her entire body. She knew this would break her. His final rejection would surely cause her heart to wither and her with it. She her head low, her wings and tail wound as tightly around herself as she could make them.

She almost waited for another blow to come. When the seconds dragged on she risked a glance up to where he stood. The fiery look in his eyes gave her no comfort. . Nevertheless she remained there, her energy drained. She would rather die here, as close as she could be to him if she had to die now.

“I…”, she muttered. “I have nowhere…no place to go…”

Logan had not moved from throwing the glass.  He seemed locked there on the spot, gears turning before he finally shut the door and locked it behind him, then hitting the switch and throwing her into darkness again.

She felt so weak there in the dark. How had she gotten things so wrong? Why did he have such a hold over her heart that he could make it hurt so bad? She knew the reason, she loved him. She would rip her own heart out and present it to him if it meant earning his affections. Yet she would never get the chance to prove herself to him now. He was far beyond her reach now, his heart must be walled off completely from her. 

She fell into a lull then, her brain felt like it was shutting down. So after time seemed to slip from her grasp, she felt like she was asleep, but not completely unconscious,. So when she felt the rain pelting her cease for a moment, it didn’t really phase her. She did come back around when there prodding against her outstretched leg. She blinked again, pulling the wing covering her face down to see Logan standing there. His umbrella had covered them both, and he was staring down at her, flinching backwards from her when she made eye contact.

“You have 5 minutes. Get inside, and don’t make me wait.” He turned, back into the apartment and he pulled the sliding door until it was just barely open. He put his umbrella back down by the door, before walking back into the hallway and disappearing into it. Morgana was dumbfounded, but nonetheless she used the balcony walls for support and got to her feet. She didn’t know where she found the strength to stand, much less move. Maybe because he told her to, and her body, even as drained as it was, could not ignore a command he gave her.

She closed the door behind her, looking around at the dark apartment. Already she felt the soothing presence of his energy throughout the living room, and she closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of him all through the air. She was lost in the smell when she felt something soft bumping into her chest. 

“Here.” he nudged the towels at her. “Dry off.” She took them slowly from him, careful to move slow and deliberate. Her heart was racing a million miles a minute and she dared not give him reason to regret allowing her in. Her hands grasped the towels, reveling in the strong scent of her beloved coming from them. He watched her for a moment, and she stared shyly up at him. He was just a little taller than her now, or maybe the cold and the rain made her feel smaller. Logan simply walked back into his bedroom and closed the door behind him.

She watched him leave, otherwise remaining rooted to the spot and dried herself off slowly, enjoying the feeling of being back inside and safe from the elements. A moment after he was gone she uncoiled her tail from around her leg and used it like a towel hanger to hold one dry towel, the other she put to work on her face and hair. The towel was warm on her skin, and the residual warmth of him was in the fibers, giving her a wonderful sensation of warmth and satisfaction. Soon her hair was no longer dripping wet, and she moved onto her chest and back.

She was grateful to him for offering the spare change of clothes to her; her current demon’s outfit was soaked all the way through. She shivered as the cold dampness remained even after she patted them as dry as she could. That first towel now sufficiently damp, she took the second towel and dried her legs and wings. She could not help but feel a blissful disbelief that she was back inside his apartment again, and that he had willingly let her inside. She could not let herself hope that he had a change of heart so quickly, but perhaps…

The door opening down the hall signaled Logan’s return. She turned back towards the hall opening, her feet planted where she stepped into the apartment. He leaned against the wall of the hallway, staring not at her but at the couch in front of him. Arms crossed and looking contemplative, he remained there until he spoke.

“This doesn’t change anything.” he said. “What….” His brow furrowed, eyes tightening shut. “…what you did…I haven’t forgotten and if not for some questions I need answering I would have grabbed my Louisville and you’d be black and blue. As it is…” He moved a little, now standing against the wall of the living room and propped himself up against it, still refusing to look at her. “…I have questions. I gave you five minutes. I suppose with drying off you’ve got about one minute. You don’t speak unless I ask a question. You break that rule and you’re out again. Try anything, try moving even a toe towards me and you’re back out again.”

She remained silent, not exactly sure what she should do. Every fiber of her being was screaming to forego the warning and jump him already. Though she was not confident she could overpower him and bring him under her sway. Being separated from him for so long had proven to be overly taxing on her, and if she was being honest with herself, she’d much rather make him feel in control and potentially be kinder to her for it. Until she gained back some of her strength she resigned herself to follow his rules.

Logan must have taken her silence as an answer, because he didn’t move for a moment. He just continued to stare at the couch, even while lightning flashed less and less she could still see the gears turning behind his eyes while she waited.

“First off…was that you in the alley?”

Morgana knew what he meant. He must have guessed, but to the extent Morgana actually had a hand in that he must never know. Still, there was just enough she could say to appease him.

“Y-yes. But I kept my distance from you! I only interfered because I did not believe you wanted what that hell beast was trying to offer-“

“That’s enough then.” he barked. He didn’t seem up for explanations. “Did you kill her then?”

Morgana nearly reeled back. “NO! I would never kill someone over that. She just…I did what I had to so that she’d not bother you again but she wasn’t killed.”

Logan only nodded at that, seemingly satisfied. “Fine. I don’t care what happened to her so long as she isn’t dead.” He looked at her now, just one eye from the side but even then there was uncertainty in those depths. “I want to know…what gave you the right to do what you did. Not there in the alley,” he corrected, “I mean before that. The play ground, the chess club. All of it, what right did you have to control my life?”

Morgana bowed her head. There was no right answer to this that probably wouldn’t make him furious. She knew him well enough that when he was upset he took it to heart. She didn’t have the strength to charm him. Even being this close to him, feeding off the residual energy he emitted, she was so tired that trying to woo him seemed all for naught. Okay Morgana, all or nothing

“I had no right. I had no claim. I was foolish to think that marking you without revealing myself would somehow sway you. I meddled where I shouldn’t, although at the time, I only did what my kind were taught to do.” Her knees felt weak, and she couldn’t quite see in the dark anymore, but she kept her head bowed. “I only ever wanted…to be near…..” She felt a little free floating there on the floor, and she realized she had locked her knees together standing there. That explained why she nearly collapsed over, instead just falling to her knees with a pained grunt. Logan shuffled a bit, at first on the defensive at her movement, but when she made no move to get up, he seemed to relax, breathing out a sigh as she used her arms to keep her sitting up on the floor.

“When’s the last time you slept?”

Morgana couldn’t hardly keep her eyes open, it was all hitting her like an avalanche. “Since the last time I was here…maybe a few days. I…I couldn’t find anywhere else to go.”

Logan grunted, turning back down the hall and walking away from her. She started to get scared, worried he had heard enough from her and was going now to get his weapon and end her right here. She couldn’t fight back, even if she wanted to, she didn’t have the heart anymore…

She jumped slightly as a large comforter and a pillow was unceremoniously dropped in front of her. There was also some baggy clothes on top as well, a t-shirt far too large for her and some shorts.  She blinked, staving off sleep and she took in the comforter, then looked up to him. His expression was neutral, but he wasn’t giving off the hateful aura as he had the last night she saw him. 

“This room,” he motioned around the living room. “and the bathroom down the hall.” He pointed down the hall to a door on the right. “That’s where you can go. That’s it. You even scratch against my door, you’re out. Test your luck any other way, you’re out. My door will be locked and it will stay locked until I decide to come out.”

He waited for any rebuttal. but the demoness was silent, only nodding in agreement to his demands. Even with the rule he established, she was grateful to him. It was more than she had bargained for, and more than she needed. She could work with this. It was a crack, the smallest opening she was going to get, so she had to make it work. She would make this work

“Thank you Logan.” she spoke, not ashamed of the smile creeping up her face, but wary of taking the chance of speaking to him without his say so. As much as she wished to capitalize on the situation in some way, she lacked any strength in her to do anything other than take it slow from here, attempting to make him as comfortable around her as possible.

“Don’t thank me, this is a one time deal. Tomorrow you will answer the rest of my questions.”

She was tempted so awfully to forget the subtlety and beg that he take here then and there, but she held back, painfully. His spirit was a pure white, like a flame blowing in the dark. she wanted to stay near that light while she could, for as long as she could. Tempting fate with angering him had to be the farthest thought on her mind.

“Yes…of course. But still, thank you Logan…”

He went to the table where he left the pills, before going to back to the kitchen to fill another glass. With both pill and glass in hand, he sidestepped her quickly, heading back for the hall and his room.

“You can take the couch, if you’re dry enough. If you wake up before me don’t wake me up.” He stepped down the hall, and she, with some effort, grabbed the pillow and comforter, then risking her legs a few steps to plop down on the couch. It took a few minutes and some negotiating with the comforter, but soon she was nestled inside a cocoon of the comforter and infinitely more comfortable than she had been in months. She closed her eyes, curled up and quickly found sleep overcoming her.

“I never caught your name the other night…what do I call you….”

The demoness blinked a few times, adjusting to see Logan’s head popping out of his room door. The light of the now open bathroom illuminated his face, a look of mild curiosity on his features.

“It’s Morgana…please call me Morgana.” She replied. He stayed there, looking her over as she pulled the comforter to her chin, smiling slightly at him as he gazed at her. He was dangling himself before her and she was having the extreme difficulty of denying herself of him, if not for the need to sleep she would have probably considered breaking his rule once his back was turned.

“Goodnight, Logan…” she was careful to taste his name leaving her lips and revelled in the heat his spirit was giving off even from this far away. He stared a little longer, before a huffed out “you do the same.” she managed to hear over his door closing. She heard the tumbler click as he locked the door behind him, but stayed silent once again as he shuffled around his room and his breathing was coming in short bursts. She could tell from the sounds of it that his courage finally failed him, and worried perhaps he regretted his decision to let her into his home. But after several minutes of silence from the room, the lights switched off. Her face was aglow with a ravenous smile as she adjusted the comforter on the couch.

It was a wondrous moment for Morgana and she felt herself at ease for the first time in months. Every second of doubt and worry had been worth it now, in her mind, because of this simple act of kindness. Morgana didn’t need to guess as to why he had done what he’d done. she knew he was just that kind of person, the kind to always help someone in need, someone he felt couldn’t help themselves.

It had been a risk to her certainly, to allow her body to become as weak as it had. Surely there were other ways of progressing to this point, and beyond, that would have been simpler. But she learned from her last encounter that he needed to feel in command of the situation. At least he needed to believe that he held all the cards. She smiled at her own cleverness, the feeling of finally cracking that armor around him energizing her in turn. She shivered in delight, then shivered again, only to realize she was still somewhat damp from her clothing. She glanced at the pile of clothes he left for her, grinning at the kindness he again showed her.

She stood, pulling her wings in tight she began to undress, letting her armored bikini bra and panties slide to the ground. Her boots came of with a bit of a squelch from the water tapped inside. She patted them dry before she stood back, wings stretching from her sides and her tail coiling and whipping as she made use of the open space around her. She then moved to the shirt and shorts she had been left, taking some effort with the shirt to make it fit over her wings before simply folding it up and placing it on the coffee table. Better to let the girls hang free, she thought. The shorts were a better fit for her, sliding up and sitting snuggly on her wide hips and stretchy enough to allow her tail to still move freely and in full range.

Comfortable with her arrangement and admittedly excited at the thought Logan may wake first and discover her half-naked form in the morning, she pulled back the comforter and crawled onto the couch. The comforter was perfectly warm, more importantly it smelled of Logan. Her tail coiled and writhed as she took in his scent like she had with the towels. It would do for now, but Morgana felt lighter than air settling in to sleep in his apartment. She still felt weak, but a warm sleep and the presence of Logan nearby would surely help her.

She yawned, the cold and the damp dissipating, with warmth settling in on her. She pulled the comforter up to her chin and let her tail slide out from underneath to wrap itself around the shirt Logan had left for her. She would not waste the chance to absorb as much of her lover as she could, and closed her eyes with her tail pulling the shirt underneath the comforter and up to her hands. She held it close to her chest and breathed in his scent as she felt herself drifting off to sleep, her body thrumming with warmth and her desire for Logan growing by the minute.

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