Logan’s Curse – Chapter 1

My name is Logan Zwarey, and I always believed I was alone. It is important to understand that fact, otherwise all of this will seem untrue otherwise. I’d felt alone for a very long time, although not by choice, and not in the conventional sense. I grew up in the heart of America, a real Midwest boy from Missouri through and through. Family knew wealth but were not rich.  Home was warm and spacious but was not extravagant.

My one trouble, however, was making any friends. My folks had taken it was childhood awkwardness, but soon the truth was revealed to them, and so their fear was revealed as well.

By all rights I should be grateful, my parents had told me that when they were younger, the remember there being wars fought between other nations, but you couldn’t find any of that today. Leading up to the years just before they had me they remember the history of the world being very different, until suddenly one day they noticed them.

There was a species, or rather assortment of species called “monstergirls” that had begun creeping its way into society. Now don’t go getting your tails in a knot, I’m no bigot, and I know the preferred “Mamono” term, but for my parents, that was difficult for them to accept. The world seemingly normal one minute, the next another species of bodacious mythical creatures walking the streets clipping coupons in StarFucks, sitting on PTO boards.

But once my folks heard that humans who couldn’t or refused to accept the “truth” of this new reality being put into nuthouses or “reeducation centers”, they were quick to suppress their objections. Maybe had something to do with the people going into these centers coming out monsterized or incubated, completely rejecting the way the world used to be with their new Mamono partner hanging off their arm.

I remember when my personal issues with Mamono began in third grade, and by then the world had settled into the first years of this new reality. To be honest I never really understood monstergirls at that time. My folks knew of their existence, hiding the nightly news of disappearances, kidnappings, and rape victims finding themselves in a sort of shotgun marriage. Guess they wanted to shield me from it for as long as they could.

Though after a while, these reports stopped coming, either no one cared, or maybe the TV stations being bought out and replaced with monstergirl weather girls changed their reporting. I still remember the Ryu reporting two weeks worth of rain due to a “cold front” named Terry “refusing to moved into her area”. Smooth.

Have I told you how I met my first? Everyone remembers their first time right? …Okay I didn’t win any awards for my comedy but it’s my story. The first monstergirl I ever met was Alexia, and she was a Kikimora. Young as she was, the bird feathers and talon like feet were a dead giveaway. I kept my distance, always sitting as far as possible from the newest student in the class. In time, she was well accepted by the class. She even began to easily make friends.

She got along with most everyone in the class. Everyone, except me. For all my effort to be polite, she rarely spoke to me. Alexia even would avoid making eye contact with me at all costs. Now imagine being given “the talk” but at about 9 years old. Filled with dread at this revelation that any one of these women at any minute could just grab you and call ‘dibs’ without your say so. Then here I was, this scared little kid and this girl seemed nice? It may have been a little naive, but I was expecting a little more…violence?

Never understood why that was my first thought. I did honestly expect her to snatch up someone from class and introduce the poor bastard to mommy and daddy as her future one and only. But no, she kept well enough to herself, actually making friends with everyone, defying all my parents warnings. Except with me, who she utterly avoided.

It wasn’t just her either; I slowly noticed a growing distance from not only myself, by everyone in the class the last few weeks. Friends that would normally sit by me at lunch and play at recess slowly stopped noticing me altogether. Now I felt there was something really fucked up about all of it, and it only ever started once Alexia came around, so naturally my dumb 9 year old brain thought she had done something and turned everyone against me. Poor, delusional baby Logan, if only I could tell you.

One day near the end of the school year and summer break coming around the corner, I decided to get some answers from the only person I thought had them. Working up the nerve, I walked up to her at recess while she was playing tag with her friends.

“Why don’t you like me?”

Alexia had been running in the field and had seen me walk up, but hadn’t really been prepared for that bomb of a question. She slowed down in front of me, but was blindsided from another boy running full speed behind her.

“What are you-“, Alexia

Standing in front of me one minute, then the momentum of her crashing into me sent us both to the ground the next. 

I landed hard, feeling sore and pinned to the ground, I feel my cheeks burn as Alexia had landed snugly between my legs. Her face was buried in my chest, one hand steadying herself on the ground, the other gripping my upper thigh. As she too recovered from the fall, she immediately looked back up at me, and I became convinced this was somehow an elaborate plan to pin me, the outsider, and claim me. So it was surprising for me when instead, she scrambled away as if she just stuck her hand into her Easy Fuck Oven.

“I’M SORRY, IT WAS AN A-ACCIDENT!” Alexia screamed far too loudly than what would have been expected. For my part, I was as surprised as could be, feeling lost in the girl who had barely spoken a word to me now being deathly afraid. I was about to ask her what the hell she was talking about, but her hand went to hear mouth, urging silence. At this point some of the children she had been playing with had stopped, watching the scene in front of them as if I somehow had been the cause of all this.

“I’m sorry, i-it won’t happen again. P-please …”

Now I was starting to freak out, it started to feel like there was something wrong with me specifically. Worse yet I was scaring what the rest of my class considered the nicest girl in their grade. Turning from side to side to make sure she was still talking to me, I looked back to her, only to see her began to move slowly up.

It was when she was nearly on her feet that I sensed a chill in the air, which was odd considering how warm it was this close to summer. It started at the base of my neck, moving around my shoulders and soon my whole head felt like it was in an icebox, cool and breezy while the rest of my body was feeling the harsh gaze of the sun.

Alexia finally stood entirely, moving several paces back. She had a worried expression on her face, and unless I was just caught up in the moment, a look of pity on her face too.

“I’m sorry Logan,” she whispered low and quick, “but it looks like you’re already spoken f-GAHH!”

Suddenly she was lifted off the ground by an unseen force, head tilted to the sky and starting to gag on something. I was petrified as her legs kicked out from beneath her and her arms flailed about, trying to reach her nonexistent attacker. The look of fear in her eyes as she met mine, the tears welling up in them as she clawed at the air for release. Now the teachers were running over, trying to pull her back to the earth and screaming at me to stop whatever I was doing to her. But I couldn’t look away. Finally someone screamed and Alexia fell back to the ground, crumpling at the feet of the gathered adults. All I remember is staring off into space at that one spot, trying desperately reconcile what I had just witnessed.

I was told later that Alexia had to be carried away to the nurses office, and I was taken to the school councilor, apparently not speaking to anyone. Alexia changed schools after that, but not before her parents demanded an investigation into what happened to their daughter.

From that day forward I the icy feeling never let me. Not quite creepy, but like my Spidey Sense was constantly going off. Sometimes the feeling was mellowed out, became more tolerable, other times when I was alone it got really intense, almost overwhelming and I would get claustrophobic. Unfortunate too, seeing as how I was just begging at time to have Green Goblin, or hell even a Hobgoblin attack me just to end the suspense.

The incident utterly ruined my standing with the other kids, the isolation I experienced making more sense now, knowing what I know. After the incident at recess, every student was questioned by the school staff. I had the humiliation of trying explain what happened. How fucked up is that, by the way, to ask some little kid to explain what was otherwise a bizarre and horrifying event?

It didn’t help that my teacher just sat there and didn’t believe a word coming out of my mouth. Some kid yelled that I was using old Order magic and I was racist. And in front of the entire class they screamed it, when I could barely comprehend what had even happened.  Well the fear of old Order magic got the teacher really spooked. This led to having to explain the incident to student counselor, the principal, the school nurse, then dear old mom and dad. Just one pile of embarrassing shit on top of another. Dr. Phil would have a hay day with me.

I felt that tinge of cold behind my neck more frequently after that; after my parents spoke with the principal in private and I sat alone outside; even sitting in the car as  we drove home. The principal apparently recommended therapy, claiming that I must have gotten a hold of Order propaganda and I was a threat to the general populous. There was a silence that followed through that evening, and for many that followed. It’s like my parents didn’t know who I was anymore. Sometimes Mom would look around my head, trying to see something, but never finding it. Dad would glue his eyes to the computer screen, reading tirelessly articles about monster girls and their war with the Order from the other world, but never let me see what he was reading.

This continued for several years; the silence at home and the silence at school. Life seemed to give me the middle finger on social skills and I started to resent everyone as much as they resented me. Mom and Dad eventually started to talk more and it felt like at least home life returned to something close to normal. As those years went by, I continued to be plagued by a social disease that rotted away at any chance of a normal high school life. Friends from grade school were maturing just as I was, with the exception of being far more advanced in their social graces. Along with new students and a new school came more exotic monstergirls.

Slowly but surely the once human dominated classrooms were slowly equalized by various Arachnes, Lamas, wolf girls and even the occasional Ryu became the general norm. All of them had begun puberty years ago, and soon after beginning 9th grade I noticed many fellow male students (and even the occasional human girl) getting ‘picked up’ by one of the illustrious Mamono. Where as I would walk down the hall and see a Minotaur bully a football jock, or a straight up Succubus flying the school grounds and swoop down on an unsuspecting victim. 

All of them, in time, taken. Except yours truly.

This is by no means a popular thought, but the idea of an easy dating life never sat well with me. Laugh all you want, but hear me out. I still value the way my parents met. They always made it sound ideal, and they always see the other as being equal. My ‘condition’ gave me a unique perspective, where I could see tons of guys picked up without much say in the matter, and never getting a choice in the matter if they liked the girl or not. Though with enough time, and I’m sure plenty of nonstop rape, they all warmed up to their new respective boo.

Although I was never forced to make the choice; all the monstergirls I met were altogether nice at face value, but kept a healthy distance. Even the Bicorn from the senior class would keep outside a body length of me at any given time. It sure stings your pride when Jenny Train passed you up. Oh, and Train was not her last name, it was because after football games she’d invite the entire team, and anyone else for that matter to jump on the ‘Jenny Train’. Not my idea of popular nickname but I probably avoided a slew of STD’s from never being invited.

I had learned to not mind the isolation as much, trying to make the most of the freedom from surprise sex that the rest of my peers had to be concerned with. I took up an interest in computer coding, which worked out since it required intense focus and isolation, something I’d not often get the chance to exercise otherwise.

For fun I began to play in the chess club, not finding any major complaints from any of the members about joining. Plus it helped make it seem like I actually had a life to my parents, and I guess fool myself at the same time.

One guy in the club, Jacob, actually became the closest thing to a friend I’d had in a long time. We’d play for hours, just idly chatting as we battled a game of wits and chess.  At first Jacob was the skilled master, but some months of playing allowed me to get a general gist of play styles and piece mechanics. Before too much longer I could hold my own against not only Jacob, but all the competing members of the club, and for a few fun games, the math teacher sponsored the club. For the first time in my life I felt I could move forward from my grade school trauma, and felt happy for the first time in my life.

I had gotten confident enough to enter a tourney open to the whole school, so only about 50 people actually ended up playing. Lucky for me, my first round was against Jacob, playing a red robin elimination match. I actually remember having a pretty good time leading up to that tournament, spent the whole week preparing, researching. Plus playing against someone who would actually talk to me helped a ton. Feeling unusually comfortable that day too, I felt like maybe if Jacob could be really honest with me, maybe I actually had made a friend, but more importantly figure out how to get more.

“Am I off putting Jay?”

Jacob looked from the board for a moment, giving me an odd look, more than likely taking him out of the moment but he could tell from my eyes I was asking in all seriousness. He rested his chin against his folded hands and he contemplated his next move.

“Uh. Dude it’s illegal to try distracting your opponent during games. But no…no, I wouldn’t say off putting.”

I nodded, looking back at the board. He had taken my bishop with a rook, so I counted by putting a knight into striking distance of his queen. “Okay, good to know.”

“Is there a reason for you making me feel 51 Shades of Uncomfortable right now?”

Turning back up to him, I motioned for Jacob to lean in a bit. 

“I think I’m off putting. If there was something off about me, you’d say so, right?”

Jacob stayed leaning forward, his eyes twitched for the briefest moment.

“Well…”, began Jacob, “I can only tell you that when I’m looking at you, it’s like I’m being watched. It’s kinda creepy.”

I blinked, looking down at the board. Jacob had employed his favorite strategy, the Queen’s Gambit, that he often took before making a huge distracting play with his Queen.

I started to fiddle with the top of my queen piece. “What makes you say that?”

“I’ve heard there are all types of monstergirls who can go invisible and creep on their husbands or boyfriends to make sure they don’t cheat on them when their away. I always kind of thought that you had a girl like that. Rook takes Queen’s Bishop.”

I narrowed my eyes at that. I had never heard of a monstergirl that did that before. Even in class they never discussed Mamono that were essentially stalkers, aside from the Oomukades or Kunoichi. I’m sure ‘proactive dating’ was the preferred phrase anyway. But those moved in to claim their prize after a while, not stalk their prey for years. At least I hoped not.

“What kinds?”

Jacob looked up from the board, meeting my gaze.

“None that have been seen a whole lot. You know how they keep saying more species pop up all the time? Like Molly Peters from algebra class? Turned out to be an Alp before she moved-“

“No dude, not like Molly.” I interrupted, “I just need to know if any can be invisible.”

“Oh well.” he began, “I mean there are predators, some spider types can stalk but can’t be invisible…could be a Dopple? No…maybe a Succubus or De-“

Before Jacob could finish, the whole table split violently down the center into two pieces, knocking me back into my seat. Jacob who had still been leaning on it, ending up falling all over the broken pieces. He was on his ass, shock and confusion on his face. The whole chess club room went as silent as the grave. No one uttered a word but stared at the table, Jacob on the ground, but I felt every other eye on me.

Immediately all the memories of that day in the playground came rushing back, as that same look of terror I saw in Alexia’s eyes were mirrored in Jacob’s. I couldn’t stop myself as I ran, as fast as I could, out of the classroom and booking it for home. I never saw Jacob again in chess club, even after a few weeks of not attending and at the request of my club sponsor to return.

I remembered that day, and if I had only paid more attention at the time, I may have ended this torment then and there. Not that I could have stopped what was to come next, but a kid’s gotta dream right?

The remainder of high school passed pretty quietly. Aside from the continued social isolation I couldn’t break out of. Graduated school with above average grades and was accepted to the Monster Girl City University in what had once been upper Charlottesville, Virginia. Now of course it was just called ‘Monster Girl City’, a fact that drove my parents crazy. Dad would sit down with old maps and run his fingers over various states and their capitals, baffled at how the names weren’t what he remembered them to be. He would swear up and down that was not the name he remembered. I could only shrug it off, try not to think about it too much.

I was at satisfied that a degree from a renown university would set me up for a good life, and eventually my folks agreed it was enough. Still never sat right with them, but they couldn’t argue with a chess scholarship that landed me a free ride through school.

The day I moved out for MGC, I noticed they both looking me over and trying to get me to stay, at one point Dad said his office could take me as a junior assistant without a degree if I stayed. I however was too set on getting away from my hometown, as far from the bad memories as I could. I hugged them both goodbye, jumped into the hand me down Ford Aerostar and pulled out of the neighborhood.

I felt an odd sense of victory from finally flying the coop and getting out of the State of Misery. Ask anyone from the Midwest, Missouri is a dump. Hell respective landfills would be insulted to be considered on the same level as Missouri. Not much I would miss about it except for Lich’s Soda Company. Can’t beat a cool refreshing Lich’s Root Beer on a hot day.

So part of the bargain of this university was free housing, which is every broke college kids’ wet dream. The drawback was it supposedly crowded with other Mamono, which I couldn’t imagine was a coinky-dink. Couldn’t hurt to dream that if my social stigmata kept people away in my hometown, it probably would the same in MGC. A flimsy theory, but hey it’s all I had keeping me from a panic attack.

As farms and suburbs passed by on the highway I suddenly remembered that odd day on the playground. Alexia and the day it felt like all this started.

‘I’m sorry Logan…but it looks like you’re already spoken for.’

My temples started to throb with her words echoing in my mind. When had I forgotten that day, and what she said to me? Here I thinking there was some Mamono at the school I hadn’t met yet but was waiting to strike, then I even dismissed that idea.

‘…you’re already spoken for.’

That was impossible. I would have known, there was no record of Mamono playing long ball like this. I knew none of the monstergirls I encountered ever sought me out, in fact they almost treated me like I had a wife already. But I never met a monstergirl, or any girl, who sought me out…

Then there was that chill, almost like a breeze, but I can’t forget how warm and humid it was on that day, and how the contrast bothered me then. Could that have been the moment something staked a claim? But there was nothing there! Nothing! Yet a nagging feeling pulled at the back of my mind; I had felt that feeling before. Since that day, coming and going, no matter who or where I was, that primal fear of not being alone remained. I checked my mirrors, making sure I wasn’t being followed by anyone too intensely. No cars behind, just a few in front. Great, now I’m getting paranoid and claustrophobic again.

More and more the farmlands of the country gave way to small building and suburban neighborhoods; a sure sign the city wasn’t far ahead. Yet the memories of the past pulled back to the recent high school years and that day in chess club. There was something to that conversation that stirred something in me. Since that day I wondered if I was haunted by some ghost or even a poltergeist girl, but never saw it manifest.

The idea that a Mamono would wait nearly my entire life to reveal itself, watching and shadowing every move since that day on the playground seemed so far fetched. But the truth was stranger than fiction, I knew this. But without tangible evidence it was hard to convince myself that I wasn’t just crazy. Being stalked by something with the power to watch him at all times was difficult to accept. The intentions of this creature were still indecipherable, but with the world I found myself in, there were few alternatives to assume other than monstrous behavior.

At last Monster Girl City peaked over the horizon, a bright Green Demon Realm, despite humans being more resistant to changing than I suppose they were back in the day. It was like a maw to me, threatening to swallow me up if I didn’t tread lightly. No, it’s just moving jitters, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I nodded in agreement with myself, trying to keep my head as traffic started to become more congested. I had willingly agreed to take a scholarship to a prestigious, albeit monster-dominated university in a city that was known for being the hub on monstergirls of every variety all on my own. Thinking back, I had to be a fool to believe my conscious that I would be.

The first few weeks at the university passed fairly quietly during the daylight hours. Which I preferred, and was the least of my troubles. I was possessed by fear and loathing of the night. The housing chosen by the university was not bad by any means; spacious two bedroom with full kitchen, spacious living room and full appliances. If not for food, work, school, and the occasional errand I hardly ever needed to leave the apartment.

High rise ceilings and extra wide doors had first puzzled me when I first entered the apartment.  Soon confusion turned to understanding as the building’s landlord explained this was designed for couples originally. The lack of students with significant others rooming together their first year brought a convenient solution. Opening the building up to single men and Mamono, in the spirit of ‘building school unity through shared living experiences’.

What shouldn’t have surprised me was living on my own without the pressures of home life,  and still not even approached by the fellow single ladies on his floor, or the entire building for that matter. Some of the guys who were claimed offered nods of acknowledgement, some even small chat about classes or city sights. A decent change of pace for me, and an opportunity to expand my nonexistent social circle down the line.

But what haunted my thoughts each passing night, and what made the current night terrifying was the presence of that cold spot on the back of my neck getting more frequent and more persistent as time passed. Each night I would come home from school, eat a cheap sandwich from 7-11, and go right into homework with a beer on the table. But as the nights drew on, the cold, sweeping chill on my back grew more and more. The spot has been small, but soon spread all over my body, spreading like tendrils of some dark unknown thing. I could practically see shadows move sometimes and my nerves felt fried.

Would the thing thing that attacked Alexia and Jacob attack me? How long would it take until whatever this thing was finally tried to harm or kill me? It kept me up some nights in that apartment. I used to be comforted by the presence of my parents just down the hall. Call it child naivete but I could always sleep better knowing that my parents were around. That there was someone I could call out for help should the worst occur. My own isolation from anyone who could help me only made my paranoia worse.

So when I had come home tonight from the typical day of school and study to a very darkened apartment, the fear gripped very tight. It had begun in the lobby; the usual sphinx that stood guard over the entrance that usually asked a perverted riddle before allowing me access just sat staring with a funny look on her face. The lobby of the building was devoid of night owls and the various creatures that crept from their respective rooms to engage in their prowling.

All was silent on the ride up to his floor, the hallway eerily silent.  Every footfall felt like glass shattering in the silence of the space, and the key turning the lock as though a hammer struck anvil in the deafening stillness.

Opening the door and crossing the threshold, I saw the clock in the kitchen was reset, just blinking 12:00 repeatedly, offering the only light in the very dark, soundless apartment.  Much more noticeable though, the frigid cold in the apartment as I took a breath out, seeing the vapor of my own breath. It was very similar to the cold feeling on I would feel on my back, spreading from the base of my neck and flowing out to the rest of the apartment, freezing me right to the heart.

I fumbled with my shoes for a moment, slipping them off and reaching for the light switch. Flipped the switch but no lights. Now this was getting downright Scooby Doo levels of spooky.

“God dammit this reeks of bullshit…”

Cursing under my breath, I made my way to the living room where a sliver of light gave the only illumination from outside. This actually made me feel worse, since the the balcony curtains were always open when I left, and there should have been some light pouring in from the city outside. I hadn’t shut them before I left, I swore up and down trying to remember if I had.

The darkness aside from the crack in the curtains was so dense I had to keep checking the floor to make sure I didn’t trip over anything. My footfalls were steady as I bumped into the sparse furniture of the living room, making my way to the curtains to draw them. Bumping my knees on the couch corner and coffee table, followed up but a few curses, I found the draw stick of the curtains and with a shaky breath drew them open.

The lights of the from the city below were not what I saw, not immediately. They were covered by a dark, looming shadow with lights of their own. Two very bright, wicked red silica lights of eyes that peered inexplicably into mine. The complete shock of seeing this shadow so close to my face, I was so taken by fear otherwise I would have screamed loud enough to wake a Zombie from her grave. Instead my immediate response was to jump and run at the same time, accomplishing a sort of leap backwards and into the coffee table. I yelped, finding my voice again, pain spread through my leg and torso. I fell backwards into the couch, a haphazard pile of terrified sprawled out in front of the creature on the balcony.

My heart screamed in desperation to escape the prison of my chest from the rapid beating. The cold, blank stare of those eyes followed my every move now, their gaze indecipherable as they moved with precision, never flinching, never faltering from their target.

With the distance I created by my piss poor attempt to run, I was able to fully take in the creature on the balcony. It was large, or had looked large at first, noticing the large bat-like wings protruding from its back, and the slow curling of a tail from behind the legs of the thing. Then the wings folded inwards, forming to the figure of the thing and allowing some of the city light to illuminate it from behind. What I saw stole what little courage I had left in my heart.

The thing was smiling at me, its teeth seemed to glow now they weren’t in the dark shadow of its wings. It was covered in some sort of armor, if one could call it that, with the the armor only covering the most vital areas; namely the groin and chest area, though even those spots left little to the imagination. The blue hue of its skin was flawless, tracing every curve and contour of its body. This was clearly a monstergirl from the assets it carried, but a species that I’d not seen before. The bust on this thing was impossibly huge, gravity defying and supple, only complemented by the crossed arms that raised and amplified the bust. The smooth toned stomach gave way to the wide, inviting hips and waist, followed by the soft thighs and long legs capped off by impossible high heeled boots.

She, if I was correct in it being a monstergirl, was the most imposing and appealing creature I had ever seen. I couldn’t stop my eyes traveling back to meet hers, the fiery iris separated by black slits. Pointed ears that jutted out slightly and twitch at my every move, black hair that framing its face and fell into small waves near the ends. A pair of horns jutted out over the crown of its head, set the look of a creature I’d never seen before, looking menacing but oddly smooth. The…woman outside the window simply content to watch every flinch and ragged breath.

I can’t expect you to relate at how utterly paralyzed under that gaze. Then suddenly, at a painfully slow pace, the woman uncrossed her hands and began to reach for the handle of the sliding door, the smile on her face growing wider as she drew nearer to it. Instincts took over and I ran, stumbling but getting traction I sped out of the living room to the bedroom door at the end of the hall. I kept a bat underneath the bed for safety and in case of burglars, or in this case, lust crazed monster women. It was my only defense.

One last glance at the door was it sliding open just a crack, so I hauled ass out of the living room and into the hallway, arriving at the door in three large steps and closing it with a deafening slam. Turned the lock closed the moment it was shut and didn’t breathe. I was in autopilot as I bounded over the bed, nearly colliding with the wall on the other side. I groped desperately for the handle of the bat underneath the bed, feeling the familiar Louisville Pinewood and pulling it tightly to my chest,  wheezing out stressed breathes.

I crouched behind the bed for what felt like an eternity and waited for the doomed footsteps of the woman who must now be in the apartment. All of the nightmares and unspoken fears were rushing through me. The stillness had returned to the apartment and I strained my ears to hear any sound in the invading night.

This thing, this woman was the one that had haunted me for years. It had to be, this was a stalkers’ wet dream. Wait until they’re isolated, somewhere unfamiliar and surrounded by creatures of a similar mind enough not to interfere. This creature, with its aura and imposing presence must have been what followed me all throughout the questionable moments in my life. If nothing else its eyes confirmed it. That look of being a piece of meat, no, like its name was stamped on my forehead and I didn’t even know it.

Had anyone else seen her, and never spoken out of fear, or threat? What Alexia had said all those years ago made sense now, and that was the look of someone lording over what they felt was theirs. All the riddles seemed to be answered in those red silica eyes.

I waited, fearful to hope and dreading the inevitable turn of the handle, the door being ripped off its hinges, or to see that woman manifest itself from a dark shadow that enveloped the entire room. So the surprise I felt nearly overloaded my system when the silence crept on for such an agonizing amount of time before hearing a soft, gentle rapping against the door sounded, like Death itself asking to be let in.

– Years Earlier –

An idle breeze passed under the wings of Morgana Trexin. She tilted in the air slightly, the draft making her wobble before righting herself. Her tail whipped lazily behind her as she glided slowly down to the earth below. She had been out on another flight as she always did around this time of day. Moments like these she felt true peace, or at the very least content. It had been many years since the change from her old demonic self to her new form, and ever since that change she relished the feeling of the sun on her skin, as opposed to the dark depths of the earth as she once did.

Morgana had walked this among the living for many years, yet still retained the looks of her youth, and to one who didn’t know she was voluptuous, bombshell twenty something, when the real number was many decades more than that. She was pleased too that her demonic powers were maintained after the merging of the worlds, fulfilling the plans of the Maou at long last.

She had lived long enough to see her wings begin to fade their normal dark black to a tinge of white on the tips as if dipped in a cloud. Even the tips of her hair had begun to fade from their luscious black silky color to the smooth, pasty white that she had grown to love. It would worry any other woman to see white in her hair, but not Morgana. She was becoming the most powerful of her race; an Arch Demon. Soon her power and demonic energy would rival that of any of them Lilim. But this power would only be used to aid her in her ultimate goal. Of a conquest greater than any land or nation that the current Demon Lord controlled.

Far below her, a young boy sat alone.

Perfect…she thought to herself. She banked left, and began a slow circling around the area he sat, waving a hand in a lazy fashion to engage a concealing spell. She glided down to earth, seen by none, her eyes locked onto the young man by himself like a vulture on a fresh corpse. She had seen this boy numerous times before, always alone, always downcast. She never understood why he was alone. He did not seem so out of place, so lost that others were repelled by him.

She noticed so the first day she say him a few weeks ago. She had landed then, as she just did now, touching down to see the many human children at play. She noticed one creature that stood out, the Kikimori that had joined the fun. She couldn’t help but smile at the fruition of the Maou’s vision of humanity come to pass. There was a sense of pride in her as Morgana watched the avian-dog-girl running with yellow ribbons in her hair. Here on this new world they had found a way to exist in love and harmony with humans, and the proof was right before her eyes.

Now too that Mamono had a chance at a future, she would have that corner of bliss she waited for so long. The object of her affections was no more a few meters away from her. Children ran all around her, happy at play but oblivious to her. Thanks to her many years of practice, her magics allowed her such freedom to never have her presence noticed, even if one of these precious children bumped into her invisible form. She was like the breeze, and they would move right through her.

Slowly she moved towards the boy she had taken notice of a few weeks ago. She could hardly believe she had gotten this close to him. She knew humans were skittish, and needed either a firm hand or gentle caress to lead them to carnal bliss. But so long as the boy was under her gaze, and hers alone, she could wait. She had learned patience a thousand times over in her life.

Less than a few feet away now. The boy she had seen while flying one day was sitting on a slide by himself, watching other children. A heartbreaking display to Morgana, and she took a moment moment to observe him. He had not moved up from the slide to join the others, and his slump in the shoulders and head slightly downcast made him appear rather pitiful. The brown, slightly wavy hair cropping the young lads head obscured her view of his face, but the aura coming off him was strong, one of sadness.

Her heart went out to him, and she felt the impulse to move her hand to rest on his shoulder, but she held back. He had been playing a few weeks ago, happy and jubilant with his peers. Morgana felt a strong urge to comfort, to hold him to her breast and whisper her love to him as her mother had done. How she craved to reach out to him. Doing so went against her promise she made to wait, to watch him grow and see if he was a worthy man for her liking.

Suddenly his arm moved from its side, raised to his face and swiping at something. Morgana’s heart cried out to act as she saw what had to be the moisture of tears on the back of his arm. She had taken the last few steps to close the distance and arm outstretched, her hand just about to land on his shoulder. She froze in place as he suddenly stood up, and began walking in the direction of the children playing in the large field next to the playground.

Morgana fell back a few feet but matched his speed, walking invisibly behind him. There was worry in her heart. Boys who walked like that were looking for something, either a fight or to tell someone off. His hands were balled into fists and his head was forward and set on the group of children in the field. In the back of her mind, Morgana couldn’t help by chuckle at the sight of this boy acting so determined and being bigger than he was, but human males always put on a bluff when they were hurt.

But as he approached the group of children she felt the need to pull him away and calm him; there was no way he was thinking rationally. He had made his way to the group of children and one in particular spotted him. It was the Kikimori with ribbons in her hair that Morgana saw when she flew down. She also noticed that the boy she pined for was walking in the direction of the Kikimori…

“Why don’t you like me?”, he called out in a firm tone.

Morgana had stopped a few feet behind him, watching silently as the confrontation began. The Kikimori had been running in the boy’s direction and stopped just in front of him. For a fleeting moment the girl looked past the boy, straight at where Morgana was standing. Her demonic energy must have been like a blazing fire to her, as it would be to most Mamono, almost impossible to miss, even at that young age.

She looked as though she were about to call out, but suddenly another boy that was chasing her rammed into her back, sending her stumbling towards the object of her affection. She stood motionless as the girl collided with the boy, hearing him yelp slightly in pain as his body and head connected with the ground.

It was not so much the act of crashing into the boy that enraged her. It wasn’t even the look the Kikimora gave her when she was spotted. It was the linger hand on his thigh and the position she as in between his legs. Tendrils of hatred had seized her heart. It screamed of the type of situation where one meets a future lover. Her lower half between his legs, that hand squeezing slightly at his thigh, her face buried in his chest.

The demoness couldn’t contain the demonic energy writhing all around her, twisting in a rage she had not felt before as the Kikimori girl rose from his chest. Again she looked away from the boy, not looking near him but instead where Morgana stood. The fear upon her face grew by the moment as Morganas’ gaze promised death if she remained on top of him. She sprang back suddenly and looked directly up at Morgana, but to anyone else she might as well have been looking at the sky. Her face began to redden as tears began to form in corners of her face, her floppy feathered ears flat against her skull.

“I’M SORRY, IT WAS AN A-ACCIDENT!”, screamed the Kikimori girl. The apology did little to sway Morgana, but at least the lowly dog had remembered her manners. She couldn’t help but notice the other children in the yard had focused their attention on the scene. She felt no concern, no one could see her, but the spectacle had certainly drawn unneeded attention.

Morgana looked down to see the wincing face of the boy. He looked undamaged, more or less shocked and in passing pain. Humans are as frail as flowers, her mother had taught her, and must always be cared for. Had this girl not realized that she may have hurt…

Eyes seething with fire returned to the eyes of the Kikimori. A new wave of mortal fear washed over her face, and her quivering eyes could hardly meet the demon’s.

“I’m sorry, i-it won’t happen again. P-please…”

She began to move slowly up and back, never breaking eye contact with the demoness. After a few steps back the boy began to rise as well, sitting cross legged and looking around him, his eyes never once focusing on Morgana. She saw his face searching for her, and immediately felt the motherly urge to check him for injury, to hold him close to her. She silently knelt down, pressing herself lightly into his back, and in the back of her mind relished in the heat his body gave off. Her bosom pressed against his head, her stomach flush with his neck and upper back. Her eyes returned to the Kikimori as she wrapped her arms lightly around the front of the boy, making sure she was never truly seen or felt by him, but her presence felt to some degree.

She felt him shiver for a moment, and even while keeping a stoney facade in front of the Kikimori, inside she was jumping through hoops at how close she had come to the boy without meaning to, and how easily his body responded to his presence. Her thoughts were brought back to the Kikimori, however, as she looked back at Logan, temporarily ignoring Morgana.

“I’m sorry Logan”, she whispered,” but it looks like you’re already spoken f-GAWW!”

She never got the change to finish, as Morgana reached a hand towards the avain-dog and used her demonic energy to constrict the young girls throat. How dare this lowly creature nearly ruin everything she had been planning, and sharing with her prize what was only Morganas’ privilege to share! She lifted the welp off the ground, having her hover by her neck as her throat was cutting off any chance of a breathe getting to her lungs.

As she held the young girl there, gasping for life as her neck was squeezed tighter, several of the adult caretakers had rushed forward and tried to pull her back to the ground, their attempts failing to have any effect against Morgana. She then saw the eyes of the Kikimora roll back into her skull and her flailing arms start to go slack when a teacher screamed and Morgana snapped back to reality. Out of her raged state she unleashed her spell and allowed the girl to breathe and fall to the earth.

Morgana froze for a moment, her mouth gone slightly slack as she turned to look down at the boy. He was watching the Kikimori be carried off by the caretakers while he had a look of confusion on his face, but Morgana didn’t care. That dog said he was already spoken for…and Morgana was the only one destined to boast that claim. She reflexively squeezed tighter around him, her arms not really settling on his skin but the warmth of his body felt stronger to her now. Claiming him…had done so instinctively and with such devastating consequence but all the same the choice of her heart was made.

Perhaps watching him more would prevent any other would be wives from interfering where they were not welcome. Yes…she would watch him carefully now, and more often than she had before. In case any other monsters attempted to take him before he was ripe…

Morgana felt her cheeks heat up and her heart race at the plans rapidly forming in her mind. There was so much time to plan the perfect moment. Certainly, there was plenty of time for her…and him.

-Years Later-

Nearly a decade had past since Morgana had begun to routinely keep an eye on the young man she had found in that playground so long ago. She had watched him steadily at first, mostly during the day, but as years past she watched him after he returned home from school, then just before he went to sleep, until she watched the boy nearly around the clock. Even as he slept Morgana kept a watchful eye, studying him, feeling the ebb and flow of his spirit energy grow as he neared adolescence.

He had yet to appreciate the female form in its entirety, but the call of his nature as a male was blossoming. She watched his eyes lingering on the various females of his school, probably discovering an interest in the more intimate features. She couldn’t help but giggle as he was occasionally caught staring a little too long, but also felt somewhat jealous that he had eyes for other girls. But she remained steadfast in her pledge to stay hidden until the time was right. These lesser creatures posed little threat, but Morgana would not risk his heart being stolen by an unworthy vixen.

She floated on behind him now, as unseen as the wind, as he walked down the halls of his school. The arch demon had done this numerous times, the activities of her Logan interested her greatly. His love of chess delighted her, and watching him play was most enjoyable. Sometimes when he was working through an opponent’s strategy, he would suck on the inside of one of his cheeks and each time her tail would twist and curl in delight at how cute he could be.

Today was no different than any other day, and soon Logan and Morgana had entered the chess club room. It was one of the smaller rooms in the building, long and rectangular. To the far end sat another boy, a friend to her Logan named Jacob. He was a nice enough child, well mannered and while a stranger at first, Morgana had allowed him the opportunity to become friends with Logan without interference. It was important that he have some social graces, but that was hardly necessary considering he would soon only need her. Still, the boy was nice, ordinary compared to her Logan.

Jacob rose from the table, shook Logan’s hand and they idly chatted while an instructor walked in and drew up a roster for matches. Apparently today was a competition, and Morgana relished watching Logan compete. Silently would she get a chance to cheer him and practice being the supportive woman of his life, even if only from the shadows, for now.

So caught up in her excitement Morgana nearly missed the teacher who had designed the roster had called for games to commence, and Jacob and Logan had begun to play. She hovered just over Logan’s shoulder now, her hands resting invisibly on his shoulders. That same familiar warmth that soothed her soul was seeping through her hands, and while she would indulge in more if the opportunity was presented, she instead contented herself to watch as the game began.

Logan was moving cautiously today, all of his pieces taking a defensive posture to Jacob’s pieces. The board was soon a mixture of hands moving from the board to the timed clock next to them. Pieces were moving off the board in a flurry of moment until the pace slowed. Both Jacob and Logan were taking their times now, and Logan had begun to make the same adorable face that pulled at Morgana’s heartstrings.

Logan then shuffled back from the board a bit. Just enough though for her heart to pound uncontrollably in her chest. It was far from truth, but Morgana let herself believe he had moved closer into her to be in her embrace.

Logan relaxed his focus, shifting from the game before him to his opponent and friend. He held an expression that she could not read.

“Am I off putting Jay?” asked Logan.

Jacob had lifted his eyes to find Logan’s’. Morgana had tilted her head in mild curiosity. Why should he seem off putting? To her, Logan was the most interesting, engaging young man she had found among humans. She was taught humans were very conscious of how they were perceived by their peers. The slightest upset in the delicate balance of popularity and obscurity could mean life and death to some of their kind. Such trivial things were a waste of energy. To her, the simple presence and love he could provide (and eventually would, she thought,) would be enough for her, fulfilling every desire of her heart. As well as her body, there was so much to give and share between the two, oh yes…

The heat of her cheeks could have melted an Ice Queens heart, resting her chin ever so lightly on Logan’s head.

“No,” replied Jacob, “no I wouldn’t say that, why do you ask?”

Logan motioned for Jacob to lean forward, and so did Logan. Morgana hummed a sound of slight disappointment as he leaned away from her, wings drooping slightly at the lost of his warmth, so she met him and leaned in as well to hear more.

“I think I’m off putting. If there was something off about me, would you tell me?”

Morgana felt a deep pang of pity for her Logan. Why would he think he was off putting? What could he possibly find so wrong about himself? He clearly did not see his own worth, his value and the gift his presence provided others, especially her. Morgana steeled herself to never allow him to second guess his worth, so long as she was there to remind him every day of how precious he was to her.

“Well…I can only tell you that when I’m looking at you, it’s like someone else is watching me. It’s kinda creepy at first but it comes and goes.”

Morgana could not have been more still, as if her heart had ceased it’s beating. For so long she had believed her presence had gone entirely unnoticed. It was like seeing an apparition or shadow, she could not be seen unless she willed it. Most curious, these humans and their surprises.

“What makes you say that?” Logan asked, shuffling one of his chess pieces, his tone even and calm.

Jacob returned to the board in front of him, eyeing some of the pieces.

“I’ve heard there are all types of monstergirls who can go invisible and creep on their husbands or boyfriends to make sure they don’t cheat on them when they’re away. I always kind of thought that you had a girl like that.” He moved a smaller piece to take one of Logan’s larger pieces, moving it off the board. “Rook takes Queen’s Bishop.”

“Like what?”

Jacob looked back up to Logan. “None that been seen a whole lot. You know how they keep saying more species pop up all the time? Like how Molly Peters from Algebra class turned out to be an Alp before she moved-“

“No dude, not like Molly.” interrupted Logan. This conversation was not pleasant at all to Morgana. Speaking of other Mamono so casually, so dangerously as well, did not bode well in her mind. Still, she listened on to Logan. “I just need to know if any can be invisible.”

Never before had Morgana been so grateful that no one could see her if she willed it, because all the color drained from her once full face. Her blue hued skin was a pale shade now, and fear, such a foreign emotion to Morgana. Her heart cut short and every cell in her voluptuous body to come to a screeching halt.

“Oh well,” Jacob began, “I mean there are predators, some spider types can stalk but can’t be invisible…could be a dopple? No…maybe a succubus or de-“

Morgana moved without thinking. Her mind barely registered what Jacob had nearly said before her body acted on its’ own. Her tail had been still one moment, then nearly smashing the table in half the next. So great was the impact of her tail against the table that the other boy fell into the space where the table once occupied, while she pulled Logan back into his seat.

It was all Morgana could do to not spirit Logan away from this place, breaking from her plan and at last claim what was hers. But the fear that she saw in the other boy’s eyes reminded her of the small Kikimora girl, and the look of terror as she choked while suspended in the air. Once again Morgana was brought out of her stupor and glanced around the room, all eyes were upon Jacob. She could not help but feel blame for doing what she did, the weight of her actions now hitting hard.

She could have hurt this friend of her love, another male. In fact if he wasn’t hurt he was most certainly disturbed. Once again she was the cause. She pulled away from Logan. downcast as he sensed Logan get up from his seat, grab his bag and nearly sprint out of the room, not having the heart to follow.

She kept a mildly healthy distance from Logan for three weeks straight, petrified he may turn around and see her before she was ready. Every twitch he made convinced her he was catching on, only for him to otherwise remain ignorant of her actions. While she was ultimately thankful that he seemed to move past the incident, she knew that she could not risk him going without knowledge of her presence for long. Her need for him was growing too great, and she had denied herself for so long. Nevertheless she trusted her plan and waited…

– Near The Present –

Morgana, the Arch Demon was happy today. The time had come for her man to leave his home and begin life on his own. Man…still Morgana could hardly grasp the concept; that her boy had finally blossomed before her very eyes into such a man. He had remained pure and unscathed for so long, thanks in part to her relentless watch on him.

He was downstairs packing his vehicle for departure. His parents had gotten it for him once he had successfully convinced them of furthering his education in Monster Girl City. The idea that he was going to the symbol of human-Mamono relations was better than even she could have planned for. Now he was thoroughly hers, even if he didn’t know it yet.

She had elected to give him a rare distance, watching him from his bedroom window as he loaded luggage into the rear compartment of the vehicle. His family stood by, emotional but determined not to break down at their son’s departure. This time with his mother and father were precious, she knew this. She remembered a similar gathering from her mother and father when reached adulthood and sought to join the Maous’ armies. To venture out into the world in search of a mate. The idea that her kind need not hide in the shadows titillated her to no end. Soon she would be seen by him, touch him without sinking away. She would be touched by him. Oh Maou had she craved his touch as of late.

Her monstrous nature could be held at bay no longer. She knew with each passing day her resistance was waning; she would not be held back in her desire of him. Her Logan…he had begun a few years ago to discover his own sexuality, his own lust and it was then that Morgana knew she would not have to wait long. Many a night he had spend indulging in his carnal desires, much to her chagrin. How vigorous he was to please himself, it was such a desperate need to feel release. From the shadows she watched with a drooling mouth and wandering hands. She had countless fantasies of those hands which stroked and plied with his own impressive length to wander across her body, explore and exploit her weaknesses, and come to his true awakening as a man by claiming her as a mate.

A shudder ran down her back to the tip of her tail. She yearned to be wanted, to be sought out by him. Soon too would he find pleasure in pursuing her for pleasure, to trace every curve and valley of her body. Not to mention violate and fill her with his girth. Her womanhood quivered at the thought of finally losing her maidenhood, and fully realize her place by his side as a true Arch Demon.

She could not stand the thought any longer. She retreated to the closet, momentarily dispelling her long used invisibility to focus on the task at hand. His bedroom was sparse now, only a few boxes in the center of the room. She closed the door behind her and let her own hands roam her body. Right hand grasping a generous breast, the other trailing down to her drenched cunt and began to vigorously massage and flick and let our her pent up desire. Her tail’s spade flicked and teased underneath her hands, causing her to let out a small “eep!” as she leaned against the wall.

Her pleasure soared with thoughts of Logan swirled in her brain, pinning her against the wall and exploring her body, nipping and sucking and tasting the flesh of her neck. Her wings twitched in anticipation of her building orgasm as she imagined his hands massaging down her sides and child-bearing hips, until at last they found their way to her moist lips below…

“L-Logan..” she panted, keeping her breathing and her voice muffled in the closet. “Oh M-Maou…ooh~! Logan..p-please yes!”

The door of the room opened. Morgana could barely contain her moaning as her motions ceased. The outlines of the door showed two shadows in the room, both walking in the light that shone on the closet. Dammit! She had been so close to release there. A few more minutes alone and she could have dampened the flames of her lust for a bit.

“Are you sure you got everything? Just these two?”, an older voice spoke.

“Yeah, this is all of it. Should fit in the back.”

She felt her knees give slightly, but she was able to catch herself and not fall. Logan’s voice right now was not what Morgana needed to hear. Her hands had ceased their motions, but her wings would still twitch every now and again in her aroused suspense. She dared not move if she could help it; discovery at this moment would foil her plans, not least to say be very problematic.

“Well if it doesn’t, we can always ship things to you once you’re settled.”

“Sure but I’d rather not make you have to go through the trouble.”

“No trouble at all boy, no trouble.”

Some boxes were shuffled, some huffs from the two men outside the closet.

“Logan.”, said the older voice. The shadows stopped moving, there was a silence that held fast in the air. Her worst fear of been discovered was bubbling up from the pits of her stomach, adding a nauseating feeling to the sexual tension she was experiencing. Morgana strained her inhuman senses to hear.

“I wanted to…” There was a long pause and Morgana tensed every muscle to stay silent.


“…It’s nothing. Take that box down, I’ll be right with you.”

“…Okay?” Feet shuffled, and someone walked out of the room. His father had remained in the room. Morgana dared not move an inch. It was obvious Logan’s father was still there. She never really knew what to make of the man. Ever since that day in Logan’s youth, his father had poured himself into study on mamano and their various species. Searching in that machine…a “computer” Morgana heard it called, for what exactly was following his son. He had never come close, but she could only assume that he suspected her presence without knowing what exactly she was.

Now it seemed, at long last, a confrontation was about to occur. So long as he was alone in the room and she was as tense and physically stimulated, she would have trouble simply vanishing into nothingness and invisibility as she normally did. It was so stupid, she thought, that she indulge her own pleasures without guarantee that she would not be caught. Now she was at the mercy of a man she was fairly confident would never let near her son under normal circumstances.

He moved around the room, slowly pacing in a lazy circle. He never came too close to the closet door, to which she felt immeasurably thankful. He did stop after a moment, some shuffling and movement, like he was lifting objects out of the way. A moment later silence, except for his deep breathing and her short, quick gasps for air.

“You.” he spoke. So that was it, she thought. He knew enough to know she was in the room. She could only listen on, helpless in her state.

“I may be talking to no one here but…no. No I know you’re here. Even if I can’t see you. I know you won’t leave him alone. I see in the news your…kind never leave their prey alone.”

Prey…stewed Morgana internally. Hardly the term I would use. Mate, partner. Dutiful wife if we’re being generous.

“If I had the choice, you would have never met my son, you would be back in…back in that other place you all came from.”

Morgana was in a mild shock, how could this human know of the Maou’s plan? Should not believe Mamono had been here for centuries, as most humans were taught to believe in their schools? She remained silent, trembling with nervousness and disbelief.

“Even so…you’ve always been there for him, looking out for him, in your own twisted way. I suppose I should thank you for that…”

Morgana was taken by that. This is not close the the confrontation she had been expecting, but hell, she may as well roll with it.

Logan’s father shuffled again, letting out a small grunt and picking up what sounded like the last box in the room. A few footfalls leading away from the room, then stopping just short of the door’s threshold.

“Take care of him for me.” He left the room, footfalls fading into nothing as he went back down the stairs and outside.

Morgana was breathless. The very space around her stood impossibly still, then her heart nearly escaped from her chest at the endorsement of her connection to Logan. All her tension melted away and she felt as weightless as she if she were in flight.

It may not have been the most pleasant way to affirm their relationship, but it was close enough. A great weight was lifted from her shoulders, while at the same time a great exhaustion had set in to take its place. If she was careful, she could risk some light sleep while she hid in the space left in Logan’s car before he got to Monster Girl City. She could tell she desperately needed it.

– Minutes Before Present –

At last, thought Morgana, it’s been far too long.

Fifteen years of waiting were about to yield a most succulent fruit. Finally she would reveal herself to him…Logan. The very thought of his eyes finally drinking her in set off fireworks in her well toned tummy, her toes were curling in their heeled boots. Every part of her was twitching in anticipation at their first official meeting. She had preset the apartment to perfection; in every room she cast her illusions to darken the rooms. The sound in the apartment was muffled by the blackness as well.

After double checking his work and school schedule she determined tonight would be the most likely night in his routine to catch him the most exhausted. He had been away at his night work, and she chose to trust his safety for a few hours before their meeting to fate.

Now the stage was set, and she had spotted him walking home from the apartment balcony only moments ago. There was no turning back now. All the secrets, the hiding in the shadows was about to come to an end.

The last few weeks of Logan’s adjustment to his new life were the pins and needles for Morgana. She had waited a little longer than she intended for him to settle into a schedule. But at last the moment had come. She would finally feel his warm skin upon her hand, the feel of his body next to hers, the heat of his breath upon her as he whispered his love for her as he ravaged her endlessly for says on end.

The excitement their eventual consummation sent her tail wagging so furiously she felt a great coolness against her ass at the gust she was creating. Her wings flapped nervously as she cast her magic to give her the sight to see past walls and barriers. She had set the curtains to shield the light from the balcony and the city behind her save for a small sliver to spill into the living room. She could see the heat of his spirit energy fumbling with the lock.

What would his reaction be, she wondered. Fear, most likely. Panic, most assuredly. She doubted very much so but wished there was a tinge of realization and epiphany as well. Morgana had anticipated the idea of meeting resistance to him submitting to her. While she would have preferred he surrender to his lust at first sight, she knew humans feared what they initially did not understand. She would keep calm in the face of what most likely terror and loathing, and weather his distrust until he came to understand. Surely he would too; her Logan was the sweetest man she had ever met. Never the one to judge, always ready to accept. He would accept her. He would love every supple inch of her.

Logan had entered the apartment. He was hesitant to proceed; she applauded herself on the use of shadows as they had done their intended task. He was fumbling a bit, causing Morgana to stifle a giggle as he rain into the couch corner. He was so close now. She did a final quick adjustment of herself.

Her hair, once just the tips dipped in the snowy white color had become more half white at the ends and traveled up past her shoulders to about her chin, where the purplish black came back in. Wings fully extended and tail gently swaying behind her, also beginning to be more white than black. Her outfit showed the best of herself. Thin shoulders and her plunging neckline, diving deep into her very generous breasts. The slimness of her waist and tone stomach met her wide hips and pillow thighs. She put her legs slightly apart and folded her arms under her breasts, pressing them further and higher than gravity normally decided to ignore.

She was ready. Her black silica eyes twinkled and she smiled as he approached the balcony doors. His hand was slow, and the moments ticked slowly as his hand found the edge of the curtain. Morgana’s heart was about to explode in excitement as the curtain pulled back.

The glass that separates two had been rather thin. But nothing could hide one from the other now. The illusion she had cast on the apartment dissipated as light filtered in. For the first time Morgana’s eyes met Logan’s, and stared back. Her smile grew as he studied her for a moment. She endeavored to cement this moment in her mind; their first meeting. How he had truly grown before her very eyes.

Black hair that had small wisps of silver here and there. He would pepper out nicely and still retain his rigorous youth and looks. Brown eyes…she could lose herself in those if she stared too long. He was build nicely; lean, some muscle in just the right places. He had some stubble on his face that came in on a strong jaw. He had little traces of baby fat on him that would soon be done away with. He was very much the man Morgana had hoped he would become. She was drenched for him already.

He gave a sort of yelp and flew backwards into the couch, falling sprawled out with a foot in the air and his hips above his head. Seeing him tumble over himself was the most adorable and comical thing she had seen him do in her life. To think she held such fear over him was a slight disappointment, yet her demonic nature called it bliss. He was already under her spell, the fear and unease that he felt now would only heighten the love and lust he would soon feel.

Her tail began to curl behind her and she closed her wings in slowly. Morgana wanted to take as much time as she could before coming into the apartment. She would now prefer he stay perfectly still, like a deer in headlights, while she approached like the skilled and deadly hunter she was, prepared to feast upon his succulent flesh.

Slowly she began to move. She unfolded her arms as calmly as possible and move towards the door handle, all the while keeping her gaze on him. Morgana’s smile grew again when she watched Logan’s eyes follow the hand reaching towards the door. Now, she thought, time we got truly acquainted, my sweet Logan…

Suddenly Logan bolted up off the couch and flew over the coffee table towards his bedroom, disappearing into the hallway. She only froze halted for a moment. Morgana pondered the human phrase she had heard a few times from the humans of this dimension that fit this situation. She smiled as it came to her, her hand resumed its journey to the door handle.

“Hate to see them leave…”

She pulled the door open fully.

“Love to watch the walk away…”

Run in terror had been the more apt term, but these were semantics that merely distracted her. For Morgana, the Great Hunt began.

She allowed herself to walk silently on the carpeted floor, casting magics to dispel her boots as she entered. Footfalls impossible to be heard, Morgana tread lightly down the hallway and in front of the door that belonged to Logan’s room. She blinked, and saw past the walls to where Logan now sat. She felt such victory, at seeing him crouched behind the bed with his protective bat in his hands. He was shaking and his heartbeat was a madly fluttering bird in his chest.

Poor thing must be scared to death right now, she thought. He was so cute to her with that face of fear. How much more handsome she would find him once those eyes trembled not in fear, but lust and passion and longing all for her. She would be surgical in disarming him of every resistance his body, mind and heart. She never felt truly alive except for right now and it was all thanks to him.

She raised her hand, and with a gentle smile, rapped her hand upon the door.

To Be Continued

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11 thoughts on “Logan’s Curse – Chapter 1”

  1. Well written, and the suspense behind it all is masterfully done.
    It’s a little too uncommon for both man and mamono to be interesting and fleshed out as characters, so this is a nice change.

    That being said, I’m following this story on another site and it hasn’t been updated in over a year, so I’m going to keep my enthusiasm in check for now.

    Hope you stick with it.

    1. Hey thanks, I hoped my revisions would turn out well, thanks for being a returning reader. I am in the process of writing a new chapter but I am also converting these old chapters and fixing errors/building a new universe for it. So those chapters are getting the priority, but I promise we will get a new unread chapter before the year is out.

  2. Nooooo!!!! Fucking cliffhangers!!!!! My one true nemesis!!!!
    Fuck you. I hope you choke on the five star review I’m leaving. (Just kidding about the choking thing. Don’t take too long with another chapter, plz.)

    1. Luckily you won’t have to wait too long! This is a revamped story from another site I write on and I am moving over to here permanently. So all I have to do is make changes for plot and new direction and you’ll get them out quick. In a previous version I had it all entirely in 3rd person but I hated it after reading it a year later. This version makes it much more interesting. Thanks for the review!

  3. I really like the idea of a patient Demon along with the whole suspense element. Plus, a world with Mamono/MGs/Monster Girls/etc. in it would be profoundly different and some people wouldn’t appreciate that difference (or remember, if not actively long for, a time that was less different). I wonder where this story will go.

    1. Somewhere dark, somewhere sp00ky. (I hope.) I definitely want to explore this line of thought, that “breaking into” the version of Earth as we know it was not clean and precise. Dimensional merging has to be messy. The Maou couldn’t have gotten it right. I want to explore that. Hopefully you stick around for it! Thanks for the review!

  4. Noice! I did want to let you know there are a few oopsies when in Logan’s POV. You switch from 1st person to 3rd person a couple of times.

    Also, I’m hoping that Logan gives the Arch-Demon what-fer when she tries to make nice.

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