Logan’s Curse – Ch. 3 Part 2

The Next Morning

It was a little after 9AM when I awoke the next morning, having had a dreamless nights’ sleep. I felt around and saw that in fact, there was no demon in the bed. The woman….Morgana I guess she called herself, she had kept to her word for now. I looked about the room to be sure. No sign of a break in, no broken windows. Not even a cold feeling down my back. It was like a perfectly normal morning aside from the almost assured fact that an otherworldly monster was sleeping on his couch just outside his door. I remember nearly having a panic attack right then and there, wondering at how stupid I was for letting her into my home. But all I could do was  sit awake looking around the room, but coming back to the locked door and wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. 

None of this makes sense.

If she was like any other monster girl, she would have probably done everything in her power to break into the room and have her way with me until I was well and truly her husband. Instead all I had was a relatively silent night and morning so far. I had tested luck so far by letting her in and depended solely on a locked door to keep me safe, and so far she had not betrayed that much trust.

I rolled out of bed and straightened out my sleepwear so I was a little more presentable and steeled my nerves. I needed answers from her that I couldn’t ask last night, and then I had to decide what to do with this unexpected house guest. The jury was still out on being able to trust her, and while she was respecting my space for now, I knew that could change on a dime.

I grabbed the handle of the door and unlocked it, pulling slowly and peering into the hallway. I saw only her back with one wing on the floor and the other pulled up over the comforter and hugging herself. She was breathing slow and steady, hopefully a sign she was still asleep. I took slow, cautious steps into the hall, any floor creaking muffled by my socks. She never stirred once. A gentle rising and falling of her wing was the only hint of being asleep as I got within arms reach.

I moved slow, noticing her tail was peeking out from under the comforter and coiled on the ground of the couch. Now fellas, I know what you’re thinking. Grabbing a tiger by the tail and all that. But wouldn’t you agree that it’s a once in a lifetime chance to get this close to a creature you never thought could exist? Mind you I know a few guys who grabbed a Jinko by the tail only to get grabbed back. But I’m sure, as they would say, you don’t really call it living if it isn’t a little dangerous.

Carefully as I could I moved to stand in between the couch and coffee table, not stepping on a wing or tail as I settled to sit on the edge of the table. She was still asleep, her back to me and lightly snoring to herself and mumbling every now and again. I took a moment to truly take her in.

I can’t believe something like this is a demon…

She didn’t appear much taller than me, maybe by an inch or two if she were standing. But in front of me she looked so much smaller than when she had made her entrance on the balcony all those months ago. Her hair was violet, a very dark purple from the roots that faded into a snowy white about halfway down, and the same pattern of purple fading to white was also on her spaded tail. I wondered if she was an albino demon, not actually having heard of such a thing before, since monsters appeared here on Earth it never ceases to amaze at the variations of monstergirl there were. Her hair was a mess, but in the way one gets when having slept on a couch, I supposed.

The hair fell in long strands all about her, covering her shoulders and coming down over her great wings. They were magnificent, leathery and a light hue against the light blue hue of her skin. She was flawless; had she been born human there would likely have been no end to the interested men biting at the chomps for her. Even asleep she was putting any real or imaginary crush I’d ever had to shame. I hadn’t even noticed when one of my hands moved towards her, looking to brush a rouge strand of hair away from the view of her face.

What’s wrong with me? She could have sprung a trap by now and I’m just being stupid in thinking she wouldn’t take that as an invitation. I stopped, moving instead towards her waist, giving it a gentle rub to wake her.

“Hey, get up.” he whispered to her.

A moment of brushing from atop the comforter and she mumbled some more, stretching out slightly and opening her eyes. She looked back over her shoulder at me. Her eyes found where my hand was sitting and granted my with a gentle smile and turning over, letting her wings fold back in and around her body. Sitting fully up and on her back, I withdrew my arm and had a sharp intake of breath.

She had hidden herself well with the comforter and her hair, never failing to expose herself until she turned over. Her eyes screaming mischief and a wicked smile continuing to form on her face. Her breasts were exposed for the world to see, or in this case just me. I had expected she took advantage of some of the clothes I brought out last night, but it’s not like it mattered now. I could only have imagined how perfect they looked before in the scant leather armor she wore, but now fully exposed, I felt my breath catch in my throat. I shuddered under her sight as she giggled.

“Good morning, Logan…”

Morgana couldn’t hide the giggles rising from her throat as Logan sat bewitched in front of her, his gaze glued to her exposed chest and his jaw hanging aloof. She could get so very addicted to the faces he made when taken off balance, especially when she first woke up as well. But as much as she wished to tease him further, she knew she had been woken for a reason, and decided to pull the comforter up to her chin, a small wink following as the hypnotic stare on Logan’s face disappeared.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t sleep with that shirt on, it was far too warm for me.” She said, making sure only her head as showing as she pulled her wings up and under so that they were curled up on her back behind her. Making sure not to crush her wings she lay back down, snuggled up under the comforter with one arm holding it up to her chin, the other resting across her stomach on top of the comforter. She watched as the color came back to Logan’s face and smiled expectantly.

“J-just forget it.” Logan sputtered.

Morgana considered that maybe her little stunt had done more than she intended, as he coughed to himself and tried to take some deep breaths. She had to reign herself back in, it was far too early to pull off too many of these stunts. Even as good as she felt sleeping inside last night, and getting this close to Logan again, she couldn’t risk setting him off.

“I expect you to tell me what you were doing on my balcony last night.. Last I remember I told you to leave me alone.”

Morgana shuffled, taking her eyes off of him. She knew she owed him an explanation, even so she couldn’t shake the embarrassment of having to tell him exactly why she was there.

“…Promise you won’t be mad or say anything until I finish?” Logan narrowed his eyes slightly. It was clear to her he couldn’t trust in her right now. Paranoia was clouding his mind and there was little she could do but chip away at it as best she could. Still,  seeing as he was able to sleep a full night with a mamono in the next room and not lying awake with his weapon at the ready must mean he was growing used to the idea of her.

“I promise nothing, but I won’t interrupt until you’re finished. Or I’ll try not to, anyway.” He scooted forward a little, making sure to put her in the entirety of his vision.

“Alright, fair enough. You may know how my kind are…mamono need….” This was not as easy to explain as Morgana had hoped. She was concerned that any overtly intense information may scare her Logan off, and ruin the budding trust she was starting with him. This had to be delivered with some amount of truth in it or Logan would smell it out.

“So when a mamono find an intended mate…” she paused, considering her words with the utmost care. Logan was hanging on to her words, she couldn’t scare him off now. “…I’m sure you know that they exchange energies with each other… I won’t say how!” She quickly blurted out, her nervousness getting the better of her. For the most part Logan wasn’t looking like he was about to dash back to his room or throw her out.

“Just…you know…they fall in love…and when a mamono finds a man she loves and can call her husband, she can’t live without him. I know…I know that sounds like an exaggeration, and for most mamono it’s more complicated than that, but for demons….” She felt so self conscious with him staring so intently at him, it was turning gears inside she wasn’t anticipating.

“…For me…it’s different. If someone like me, finds someone…” She held her breath a moment. “…someone like…you…then it really is a matter of life or death. I’ve been with you for so long…I know and it was wrong of me to do that, I get it. Please don’t be mad, please…”

She felt so stupid as she felt her eyes get hot, her vision misty. Logan didn’t seem too off put, but his eyes were beginning to get as round as dinner plates and as though all the brain matter had been scooped from his head. Go for broke, Morgana. What do you have to lose now?

“But I-I…it hurts…it hurts me to be away from you now.” she brought her free hand to rest over her right breast, just where her heart was beating frantically and driving her anxiety through the roof. “I’ve had you near me for so long that I can survive just by being close to the energy you put off. I was be fine just on my own before I found you, but now…after so long….that’s why I couldn’t leave. I know…you may not have wanted to see me again…but I couldn’t do it.” She squeezed her eyes shut, she couldn’t look at him, she couldn’t risk seeing that anger coming from him as she poured out her heart to him.

“All of this isn’t how I wanted it to be. I never meant to make you mad…I thought maybe…~sniff~…I don’t know what I thought…~hic~…But it had been nearly twenty years of silence, wanting to hold you, spoil you with affection and just be with you. It’s like…”

She choked back, holding the tears at bay as best she could. She cracked her eyes again, staring up and off to the wall away from him. “It’s like not being able to breathe. You just…~hic~… just take little gasps for air, barely keeping alive.”

She waited in silence, again greeted with no objection, not a twitch from the man she loved before she continued.

“I don’t want to live without you…It would be too much for me…” She turned back to him, her free hand coming down on his knee. She didn’t squeeze, didn’t push her luck more than she had. Just touched him, even under the pressure of rejection just risking the warmth and feel of him did wonders for her. Tears now freely running down her face as she searched his face for a sign of anything other than rejection.

Is she serious? I pondered her for a moment. I hadn’t been prepared for the touch but now that it was happening I just froze up. I waited for her to continue but she too was unflinching, just content to keep her hand where it landed.

I had heard of monsters from old times being separated from their husbands and meeting sad ends, since they grow dependent on their men for energy. They also appear to be monogamous once they find a partner, maybe fooling around before hand but once they settle down, they settle down hard. It had been rarer nowadays to hear about monstergirls dying from heartbreak, but it happened. I don’t want to be responsible for someone dying….and I’d be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t at least flattered by her…

I had a hard time denying that she was truly beautiful. Even like this, compared to the first meeting, she looked frail, as if she were about to break. The desperation and hurt behind those eyes, which had been intimidating at first with their predatory gaze, now looked innocent, unwavering. Her words did not carry any malice in them.

She’s definitely crazy …definitely borderline possessive. And that’s not exactly an excuse for fucking me over my entire life.

Morgana’s heart was whirling out of control as she waited for Logan to do something. She could almost see the debate in his mind tug and pull. She couldn’t stand it anymore; she needed him, craved for him like nothing she had ever felt she needed before. She was not sure she could stay alive another moment without having felt his touch upon her skin, every fiber of her being cried out for him.  Seconds passed like millenia before he stood up from the table, her arm slipping from his leg and he talked passed the coffee table to look through the balcony.

“You can’t possibly understand how everything you said and did was still wrong, can you?” 

Morgana felt weightless. For all her effort she terrified that nothing had gotten through to him. Logan had to believe her of her own free will for this to work, it was the only way…

“…I do. I take full responsibility. Logan please believe me, I promise if you give me a chance to do things your way I will atone for what I’ve done.”

My way? What makes you think for a moment I even want to do things any sort of way?”

That one hit it’s mark, because the corners of Morgana’s eyes burned with fresh tears. It felt like a hot knife twisting into her gut.

“I only wish to try and convince you of my sincerity. I will do nothing without your consent. Please allow me to try-“

Sincerity?? You’ve got some nerve asking for chances that you don’t even deserve. I don’t know where you get the idea that you could even ask that of me.

“Then why did you let me in last night?!”

He paused there. If Morgana didn’t know any better she would have believed he lost his ability to speak. She continued hesitantly.

“You had every reason to leave me outside, in the cold, to whatever fate was deemed for me. But you chose compassion, for someone you believe meant you harm. Do not think of me as ungrateful, but to think that you let me into your home when you could have just ignored me…”

Morgana sat up a little, eyes never wavering from Logan’s form.

“I know that you have no reason to believe that I am sincere, but surely my being here must mean you’re curious. Can you at least indulge that curiosity for the sake of knowing for yourself?”

Logan paused again, face contorting in anger but remained silent. He turned back to the window, head resting on the glass.

“…Even if I wanted to believe you, how could I trust you?”

“All I can do is show you my heartfelt sincerity. If you felt as though I were false in my devotion to you, would you not simply return things to how they were before last night, and cast me out again? In the meantime, I could at least be a safeguard against those less worthy attempting to steal you away.”

It would be hard to argue against that. Morgana knew he would value his relative freedom from pursuit by other girls, and perhaps, with just the right prodding, come to open up to her. She held out hope against hope as he stood there, the cogs again turning in his head and he stay silent.

“….There would be rules….”

Morgana felt her heart leaping into her chest. The dam had cracked at last!

“Of course, and I follow them to the let-“

“Hey hold on! That was not a yes.” Logan said turning, quick to throw a finger in her direction. Morgana huddled under the blankets, pulled up to her eyes to hide the ever growing grin.

“So there would be rules. You break them, you’re out again. I mean it, a zero-percent tolerance policy on all of them. I want that known upfront. Understood?” 

Morgana nodded, waiting eagerly as her tail writhed in anticipation.

“…I am not your personal food bank. I am not your husband or your lover. I am your roommate. And regardless of how you may feel, it stays that way.”

She scrunched her brow at that. “May I add a stipulation, then? In order to perhaps allow from some…maneuverability?”

Logan huffed at her, eyes rolling and annoyance growing fast upon his face. “I said zero-percent tolerance. What part of that do you not understand?”

“Please don’t think of me as a dullard, Logan.” Morgana clutched at her forehead, trying not to lose her temper too much. “I merely want to request a consideration in my regard. Surely, given what you know about my feelings, you may be inclined to show some leniency. Perhaps if, in exchange for one request, you entrust me to handle the housework? The cooking, upkeep, and cleanliness of your home would be my duty. Your sole priority would then become your studies and your part time job. Is that appealing to you?”

It was Logan’s turn to show some resistance to anger, and Morgana relished that for the moment, Logan had been caught on the backstep.

“And what…”, Logan began, after a moment of silence, “…would you want in return?”

“I would ask for one request, each day. I will concede to never request anything that you are not willing to tell or provide, so you may be satisfied to know you’re safe from the more intimate requests. But past that, one request, each day. What do you say?”

I could smell a trap lying somewhere in there, it sounded entirely like a deal too good to be true. Even if now, I could go back and talk myself out of it, I don’t know if I could, knowing what I know. But in that moment, I could only think of the chance to go back to that ordinary life, where I blended into the background while the rest of the world went to hell in a handbasket. Except that I wouldn’t be alone. Yeah, it came at the cost of being around my lifelong stalker, but it was a stalker that I had under lock and key to stay away. I knew one thing about Demons, and that was deals made with them are nigh unbreakable. Sure, they may ask for your heart, mind, soul, and dick to be at their beck and call, but in return, you could live the rest of your life without lifting a finger. But the better part was, while I never heard of any Demon breaking an oath struck as part of a bargain, it was impossible for them to not adhere to their arrangements. So if I could catch her in an oath, something she couldn’t just break, I get my life back somewhat. Either that, or I kick her out and someone else noneto…understanding fills her spot.

Fuck it, I thought, in for a penny…

“…You can take the couch. My room is absolutely off limits, understood?”

Morgana gushed like a schoolgirl, rising and bouncing over to him. “You have a deal, Logan.” 

She stuck a hand, waiting for me to take it. Maybe it was nervous jitters, or instinct, but I stupidly reached out and shook it. I figured back then, if I had final say in her staying here, and she actually listened to me, then what’s the worst that could happen. 

Even I had to admit, things weren’t so bad.

It had been a few weeks since I made the deal with Morgana, and so far, it seemed like she was living up to her end of the deal. The daily routine evened out, though it would take some getting used to seeing her half naked in the morning. I would get up, change into something suitable for class or work or just lounging about, after making sure no one had broken into my room in the middle of the night, then poking a head out the door and making sure no one was on the other side ready to jump me. 

True to her word, she was on the couch most mornings, or just getting up, but always when the door open there was an enthusiastic “Good morning Logan!” to greet me after I poked my head out. I would nod, so wave, or mutter good morning back, before ducking into the bathroom. I try to keep things brief in the morning, short times in the shower, or getting up when I’m supposed to. Not that I’m against wasting time, but to avoid the illusion that I need help getting out of bed or I want my back washed. Some things that had been offered by my new roommate on the first few days. Morgana never did take offense to my outburst of even offering those things. She would simply smile, giggle and promise to not offer it again. True to her word she would never harass me about the same thing twice if it bothered me.

She started cooking after the second day. At first she had to learn about moderation when it came to cooking, because when I walked out of my room on the Saturday after she had started living here I found her vacant from the couch but instead heard some noises coming from my small kitchen. Coming into the living room I saw my table covered in what had to be the entire contents of my fridge laid out. Everything from deviled eggs to breakfast casseroles to waffles, pancakes, cooked chicken, eggs benedict, and even a few strip steaks. She gleamed over the meal she made, and only changed demeanor when she saw the look on my face at all the food supposed to last one person a week or more being cooked all at once.

We had a long talk about moderation and cooking only one recipe. I felt a tad sorry for her when her tail drooped, worried she made a mistake and was going to be kicked out. I only sighed, shrugged it off and told her it was alright, but I lived on a shoestring budget for college, and only had enough income to be conservative in grocery shopping. She then sprang back to a more zealous attitude and stuck a hand out, except instead of sticking all the way out her hand disappeared into a portal she had just created, and in the blink of an eye, pulled her hand back out of the portal along with a small sack which she tossed at me.

The weight and clink of the metal inside the bag gave me a good idea of what I now held, and wasn’t as surprised when I opened it and found a good handful of gold coins. I almost threw them back at her, and she must have seen that on my face, because she immediately raised her hands.

“They’re to offset my food expenses, surely you cannot be perturbed by the aid?”

“The problem…,” I began, now somewhat less annoyed, ” is that I don’t know what to do with a bunch of gold.”

It took a moment to explain that I couldn’t just drop it off at the bank, until I found out that yes, you could in fact drop it off at the bank. Just had to be the right bank. Surprised again that Morgana knew of a bank I could use. My parents had me on a linked account from back home, but Morgana insisted that, to help with the rent, she get me set up with a bank that was location in the city. One short trip to Danuki Holdings and some uncomfortable questions from the Danuki accounts manager later and I had an account linked with an account Morgana held with them. It made me a little uncomfortable when we walked in, and the manager knew Morgana before we made it to the front counter. Insisting that we were there strictly on business, and that I was strictly a ‘business matter’ though, everyone was able to keep their hands to themselves.

I was baffled too at my now abundant funds, which I protested adamantly to my new roommate but to no avail. She simply shrugged, saying that what was done is done, and that I should quit my job to spend more time on my school work. Again I protested, instead leaving for my shift only to find that I had no job anymore. I had been holding down a job at the local Home Improver Store as a cashier, but was told that I no longer had a position there. My boss, a rather buxom Adophis named Cleo told me that I was no longer needed due since I lived with a board member. Turns out Morgana held a seat at the table, which required another explanation and I learned one of the conditions of being a board member is that your spouse (roommate in this case) would also be considered a board member, and I ended up bringing home a hefty sum each month for living expenses. My sole job was to be, and I quote, “a good care giver to your wife”.

It was a tense few days afterwards but I gradually got used to the idea of not having to work. My parents were harder to convince, so I told them that I had gotten a late scholarship that paid for any additional costs. They bought it, but barely I think.

She never pushed the line too much. There were moments, here and there, where a joke or comment broached the line. It was usually met with a stern glance or ignoring it completely, and that was that. Even her mode of dress had become more conservative, for a demon. It usually involved one of my shirts, a pair of leggings, and some type of wardrobe malfunction that she always corrected. I didn’t know how to feel about my clothing being pilfered but seeing as she had already worn some of my clothes on her first night in, I was grateful she was content to only take my clothes, instead of taking me out of my clothes.

My days became a pretty routine schedule. I get up, there was some type of breakfast there for me and Morgana more than eager to sit as close as I would allow and stare at me dreamily. It was always good, something warm and home cooked, and then I was out the door for classes. She only occasionally followed me, but I genuinely felt like I was on my own until I got back. Then it would be a, “Welcome back, Logan!”, and some attempt to get as close to a hug as she could. Something like an overeager mom welcoming her kid back after school. It was odd at first, but it became endearing after a time. It was nice to be welcomed back by someone other than a parent. Dinner was always ready right about when I got in but first, as always, came a request. My end of the deal.

She didn’t ask for much. 

Sometimes it was just an honest opinion on clothes I liked to wear, or food I liked to eat. Music was another big one for her. She seemed to be fascinated with classic rock, like she’d never heard it before. Now logic would dictate that if she had really been hanging around me for so long, maybe she had some idea of what music was, or at least, the music I was into. She would ask endlessly about artists from Bob Dylan to Pink Floyd to George Thorogood.

She asked for too much last Thursday. 

I came home, as usual. I was greeted, as usual. Morgana was pretty pleasant. I admit I was confused when the dinner Morgana had prepared was all over the coffee table. Then she held up a DVD binder and I made the first of many stupid decisions involving this woman.

“So tonight,” she began, “I was hoping to watch a movie with you!” I stared dumbfounded at the DVD binder, then at the coffee table full of assorted snacks. Little wieners, oven pretzels, tons of popcorn, oodles of other snacks and treats. Morgana herself looked like a kid on Christmas, eager to open her first present. I narrowed my eyes at her.

“I’m not really into your typical monster flick, to be honest…”

“Oh there’s no need to worry!” she replied quickly. “This is your collection, I just figured that you’d want to pick it out.”

I peer back down at the binder. It was in fact my DVD binder, held out in her bluish arms. I eye her again, and that expectant look had yet to leave her face. I reached for the binder hesitantly, and still she was eager as can be. Even then, I took it from her, sitting down at the couch she only followed, keeping a respectful distance, but still managed to be peering over my shoulder as I began flipping through the pages.

It hit me almost the moment I sat down, the scent from her being this close was unusual, only in that I felt much more affected by it now. She smelled of lilacs, of lavender, and there was a spiciness to the scent that drew me in. I felt myself getting tense as she leaned over my shoulder, hanging close over me. The heat radiating from her breath, her skin, it all tickled me like the flames of a roaring fire kissing my human flesh.

Fear took hold not of Morgana exactly, but of what she intended. She made no move closer, but hovered just over me, watching for me to choose. I picked an older classic, Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot. “T-this is good for tonight.”

She reached over me, grabbing the disc from it’s binder, and drew her hands back over my shoulders, but not before letting her free hand graze over my shoulder. The blood froze in my veins after the feel of her touch from my collarbone up to my cheek before it was gone, and I couldn’t shake the feeling of disappointment when her touch left. 

What brought that on?

Morgana must not have noticed the blush on my face, which I was thankful for. She was distracted with getting the disc in the player and switching off the lights, and settling onto the couch at a surprisingly comfortable distance.

As the opening scene of the speakeasy and band playing opens up, I still felt trapped by the silence and distance of the woman sitting beside me. Even now it wouldn’t take much, I imagine, for her to overpower me. Time and time again she defied expectation by not pressing any advantage she could have over me. Is it a stretch to say Morgana’s presence had become familiar in the time she’s been here? No, and what else could I do? At least this way we’re both comfortable. It helped a lot that she didn’t try to take advantage of the situation. She never broke into my room or do anything that could be crossing a line.

Maybe that’s why I started to notice the parts of her I hadn’t before. Moving past the horns and wings she was really fairly down to earth. She had a surprising lack of knowledge about today’s technology, for instance. She says she never really had much interest in the “new ways”. Has a lot to do with her time in the Mamono homeworld. She never said her age but she was with the Maou when she first appeared with the rest of her world’s monsters, nearly a hundred years ago. She kept pretty much away from most humans since she arrived, and she had only interacted with humans after she found me. She kept her past a close secret, reminding me that, “It doesn’t matter now that we have each other, right?” Never quite sat right with me, but I had little reason to argue.

It was a lot of little things she had been doing that stood out for me. General upkeep of the house sure, but always giving me space, actually listening to me when I spoke to her, and in moments where it mattered, and didn’t just eye me as a piece of meat.

She still was relentless in trying to progress further down the path towards a real relationship. Pushing to sit closer, asking if I wanted company when I go to bed, and the other day she tried to hold my hand walking back from buying groceries. I shuddered a bit at the last one. Can’t imagine being that lewd in public.

I saw a hand in front of my face waving. I blinked and turned to look at Morgana, a look of annoyance on her face.

“Are you there, Logan? I’ve been talking to you this whole time but you’ve been staring off for a while now.”

“Oh,” was the only word I could say in that moment. It caught me off guard for a moment, being distracted next to a sex crazed Demon didn’t seem to be the wisest decision. She seemed to take it well though, a smile once again came across her lips.

“S-sorry, don’t know where my head went. What’s up?”

This little minx brought her face a little closer, getting dangerously close and her hand started to inch its way a little toward my right shoulder. I could feel her hot breath on my face, the heat coming from her mixed with the lavender scent she had on. But her eyes paralyzed me. The black silica with the deep red was something even now, so far removed from that couch and that apartment and that city, I could never forget how those eyes could penetrate me.

Logan, dear…,” she whispered, her voice was husky and harsh like whiskey. She was creeping closer still, she almost took up my entire field of view. I knew in my heart I wasn’t ready for this moment. The hand landing on my shoulder, creeping its way up and around my back as she held me with those eyes. “W-what is this…?” 

Her head tilted, a playful smile still adorning her face. I couldn’t breathe, I almost wanted to raise my hands and push her back but I couldn’t move. She moved like a serpent, circling around me and beginning to tighten her hold on me.

“Why Logan, darling…don’t you trust me?”

I screamed in my mind of how loaded a question that was and how unbearable it was to be this close and be so helpless to what I could no longer deny was a very attractive, very alluring woman creeping ever closer to my lips. Her gaze was bouncing between my eyes and my lips, and I knew that look in her eyes. She was a predator and she knew she had her prey right where she wanted.

“Lean forward for me, please.”

I couldn’t fight it, her lips were so close and I would be a lying man if I wasn’t tempted to submit and take whatever she was about to give me. I knew I wasn’t brave enough to reach out and take it, I couldn’t do it. All I could do is close my eyes, lean forward a little and wait. I remember I couldn’t breathe, all I could feel was how tight my eyelids felt. Her hand moved farther past my shoulder, over and back to the couch behind me. Her face moved against mine, she managed to get a lungful against my ear, sending tremors down my spine before moving back again, the hand over my shoulder pulling something along with it. My eyes opened. She had pulled her hand back, only to hold the afghan blanket that I had been leaning against. 

I felt like I was caught out in the rain naked. Morgana had the widest shit-eating grin at pulling the blanket from around my shoulder but didn’t retreat back to her side of the couch. She was just as close before I closed her eyes and now I felt somewhat irritated at myself for being fooled by her.

“Oh what is that look now, did I make you a little nervous?” Her smile transformed to one of genuine amusement. All the look of a predator was gone, that hungry creature from all those months ago was gone and back in its place was the woman I had been in this limbo state with for months. It was jarring for a moment, like trying to get my feet underneath me once again.

“No.” I finally got out. I didn’t feel the confidence in my voice when I spoke. I could smell the shit wafting from my mouth as I spoke, but it hardly mattered. She giggled at me, her eyes held mine for a moment before quickly diving and getting half of my cheek and the corner of my lips in a quick kiss. Just as quickly she pulled back again, settling onto her side with the couch. My eyes followed her back but my body was rigid. I should have been furious with her I know it. A part of me was still feeling that I should have thrown her out that night for that little stunt. But an overwhelming part of me was in the clouds from the burning rouch Morgana left on my cheeks.

She had a look of utter satisfaction on her face as she got snuggled in under the blanket, and even got a little closer to my end of the couch as she settled back in while Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe broke ice in a train car restroom. At some point I remembered to breathe again, exhaling and deciding to relax again, letting the moment be forgotten for all he cared.

It was a quiet night for the most part past that incident. Morgana eventually made her way closer, until it was not feasible to be that close and not touch in some way. Whether it was sleepiness or a desire to test her luck further she laid her head on my shoulder. By the time the final chase scene had begun she was well and truly cuddling up next to me, all the while still underneath that blanket and keeping her hands to herself. I had even moved my arm up and over the couch. I told myself it was to stretch out a bit more since I couldn’t lie down. But I also told myself that the feel of her next to me, or when she got in closer under my arm to snuggle didn’t feel good.

It was a good night afterwards. I didn’t really eat much at the spread she made, and she was more than happy to clean up afterwards. I had brushed myself off once the credits started to roll, gave a prompt and polite thank you for cleaning up and for everything, and that I was going to turn in early for the night and get some sleep. She had no complaints, although she did follow me down the hall this time to my bedroom. 

“So Logan, I was hoping to ask my favor for the day, if you’re interested still?”

I had opened the door to my room, something like half a foot had crossed the threshold. I stood dumbfounded, a little perterbed that she would ask for two in a single day.

“You know you got your request with the movie right? Asking for two would break the deal.”

She smiled back, wagging a finger at me. “But Logan, I never asked for that, if you’d recall. I just stated I wanted to watch a movie with you, but I never made it my favor for the day.”

I leaned on my door frame now, intrigued at the line she was trying to sell me. Admittedly I wanted to at least hear out what she could possibly want from me right now.

“You don’t think that little trick you pulled with the afghan wasn’t toeing that line enough? I let that slide when I shouldn’t have and now I think you’re asking too much.”

She stood, contemplative and silent. It was hard to read those eyes, they told so much and guarded even more. 

“Yes, perhaps that was too much and I shouldn’t have. I acknowledge that.” The contradiction of her actions and her words were heightened more when she took a closer step towards me. Her breasts barely grazed against my chest as she stood to close, being the only thing to fill my vision. “But if I could be so bold, I left you hanging with that, wasn’t I?”

That fear from earlier gripped at me once more. I knew she saw through me but I couldn’t be upset. She was smarter than I gave her credit for.

“My favor for today; let me do it properly this time? I promise, nothing extreme. Please, Logan?”

It was more than I had bargained for but less than what I expected. It wasn’t as if I was against the idea, and yeah the fire from her earlier touch hadn’t left me completely. It was a masterful plan on her behalf. Luring me in with the quick and painless touch so that I’d be more pliant for more later. Was it cunning, underhanded and overall manipulative? Of course it was.

Did it work though?

“5 seconds maximum. And no tongues. Break those rules and you’re out on your ass, understand?”

She looked taken aback for a moment before recomposing herself. Almost as if she hadn’t planned on that stunt working. She wasted no time though, fully stepping into my personal space and pressing herself against me. Her hands trailed up from her sides, up my arms and up to my neck, cradling my head at the base and holding me firm. I never blinked once, I couldn’t pull my eyes from her for an instant. Her bedroom eyes were on and her face was flushed, he only other sign of her joy was her tail twirling through the air behind her.

“Oh Logan, I can follow the rules, don’t you know?” She raised herself a little, not quite on her tiptoes. “I can be a very good girl…” She capped off the sentence with settling her full, firm and yielding lips on mind. My eyes closed the moment they touched.

I couldn’t feel up or down in that moment, and I felt like I was spinning wildly in that space and her hands on my neck and the lips on mine were what held me down to the earth at that moment. Her warmth, her heat, everything about her was pulling me in deeper to the kiss. Her thumbs moved in little circles on my cheeks and I felt like my heart was going to burst from my chest. I was incredibly hot, very aware that if not for the wall next to me, I would have given out in the knees and fell on my ass.

I had felt my arms move, my hands had almost found their way to her inviting hips and my mouth had just started to come apart as she pressed against me, a daring tongue bravely caressed my lips…

Suddenly it was over. She had pulled back and stepped out of my embrace. I stood there still with my eyes closed, feeling only cold air in front of me now and opening my eyes to find her standing in front of me, at arm’s length again. She looked smaller somehow, smaller than she had looked when I first met her. For a moment that even took me by surprise, I really felt like I was looking at the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Morgana smiled, and it was a genuine, heartfelt smile of what could only be described as pure love in her eyes.

“Thank you Logan. Sweet dreams now, I know mine will be.” She blew me a kiss, giggling at my awkward gaping mouth, before I lowered my hands and set myself right again.


I didn’t wait to say anything else, or see what she had to say. I just closed the door, stripped out of what wasn’t needed and got into bed. I didn’t have a thought until my head hit the pillow of what just happened. Even that was lost somewhat in the feeling of my hand tracing my lips once again, unable to shake that sweet fire than clung to them from the kiss I shared with the Demon.

Morgana was right, I did have sweet dreams that night. It was only a shame that those nights of sweet dreams and forbidden kisses were shortly running out. A shame too, that I couldn’t stop what was coming a few days later, when the whole world was taken by storm over a few leaked videos from somewhere out west. When my life, for whatever it was worth, was about to end.


I sloughed through this chapter for so long, it was so frustrating to see it to an end. I want to thank the people who’ve been waiting for me to punch this out, to give some kind of sign of life that this story was going to go in a different direction and I think I’m set to do that now. I hope those of you following along are still here. Thanks for being so patient with me.

I’ll be posting again. I won’t say soon and lead you on. But I have been working with other writers on this site to create something of a universe within this fandom, and it has an ending set for the moment. I just need to journey to that ending and I’m excited for all of you to share that with me. I hope it’s something you’ll enjoy.

In the meantime, you all know reviews and rates help keep me going, and those of you who do take the time to drop a few lines thank you. You make me a better writer.


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10 thoughts on “Logan’s Curse – Ch. 3 Part 2”

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    Mind giving us a hint who these authors you are working with? I have a guess that cliffhanger on the last part, about ‘leaked videos from the west’ is part of your collaboration?

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  4. first, I would like to say, welcome back! this chapter from beginning to end was very good. So, that almost rape that Logan suffered was enough to make him choose to go into a trap of his own free will … He realized it was a trap and chose to fall right into it because of the memory of what he suffered without her presence. Morgana deserves a round of applause, she really is worthy of a devil of the Bible, making deals that seem to benefit the other party when in fact she will win. I find it hilarious that Logan didn’t even stop to think about everything he was going through or earning was to make him stay at home longer, that she is gradually making him have more free time to be around her. And this chapter reminded me that demons devote their husbands as children because they see human beings as something fragile that should be pampered as much as possible … He is lucky that Morgana simply has a maternal personality because it is part of the culture of the demons from MGE than what she really sees as his second mother, since I’m sure there are demons that reach this extreme. It would get weird fast even for him, but Morgana is different and wants him as an “equal” (in quotes because the process of turning a human male into Incubus will basically make him a permanent slave to Morgana even against her will , since her type contracts are automatically sealed during sex, well, that’s what I understood from reading about her type on the wiki, since they only have sex after the human says he accepts the pact they are going to make and he it is only concluded with sex). Continuing, I realized that Logan became rich, because Morgana is rich. he literally doesn’t need to do anything else in life if he wants to, but of course if he chooses not to do anything else Morgana will win exactly what she wants. And the famous pheromone of the girl monsters strikes again, Logan doesn’t know how lucky he is to be a patient demon instead of forcing him to smell her until he is subdued. Of course, she doesn’t do that because as the end of the chapter proves for itself that Logan has already accepted his destiny in everything but openly, that kiss is proof and Morgana knows that she has Logan in the palm of her hand. In fact, it was only a matter of time since he decided to fall into the trap than to risk dealing with another possible near-rape event. truly, Logan has been cursed for the rest of his life, with all the advantages and disadvantages that come with the package. continuing, I want to say that the end of the chapter made me curious, what kind of leaked videos can lead to such a sudden change in the life of a person that he considers that he ended up from then on? reminds me of events that lead to public scandal strong enough to lead to extreme acts. I feel sorry for Logan. And on second thought, Logan’s personality in this chapter reminds me of a Tsundere to tell the truth … then I remember that he is like that because of Morgana’s actions throughout his life and that this is a sign of the problems he has in mind because of her. I hope that one day his situation will get better somehow. And I just remembered that Morgana refuses to tell him about her past and I realized the problem it would be if he found out or if today’s society found out that girl monsters in ancient times subjugated the human settlements force base to catch husbands. In fact, I just imagined Logan’s reaction if he knew this information based on his personality … he would be cataclysmic on every possible level, I realize Morgana’s wisdom in keeping her mouth shut about her past, Logan doesn’t need to know that his persecutor participated in armies that at the end of the day ended in public rape orgies of human soldiers, the only defense she could use is that she never had sex with anyone, but it wouldn’t be a good defense since it helps to create the said situation is the same as participating in the action, no matter if you practiced the act personally or not. And Logan is already totally traumatized by Hellhound, he would break if he discovered that Morgana participated in exercises that practiced the same types of acts as Hellhound. May God have mercy on his soul. this is a good chapter, a great chapter and I look forward to the next chapters!

    Warning: I use google translator to comment and read!

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    So even when in situations when there’s no one for her to fool but the narrator, it kinda dims in hindsight.

    Though, I don’t think she’s as in control as she thinks she is (I think she’s stealing the credit from time to time).

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    Morgana is quite the seductress. Inching her way along, making herself indispensable every step of the way. ‘Boiling the Frog’ so to speak.

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