Logan’s Curse – Chapter 2

Morgana had learned that concepts of distance and space were very curious phenomena in the universe. She had gained an understanding of their complex relationship over the last century of her life. She had learned that two things can be very close together in the same space, and yet the distance between the two can also be very vast. Two married people in the same room can be worlds apart. Yet at the same time two people vastly far apart in space can feel as though they are right next to each other.

Those same concepts of distance and space were playing in Morgana’s brain as she knocked on the door where Logan was hiding. She thought about the distance between them that she desperately wanted to close. She wanted to be beside him now. But there was a fear that held Logan’s heart. She could not entirely blame him, but soon enough he would come to revel in her very presence, as she had already done with him.

Logan must also be familiar with the concepts of distance and space, as he acted like he wanted all the space and distance he could get at the moment. He flinched when the rap came from behind the door, but uttered not a sound. He must be expecting her to break down the door, to enter and take him for what she would promise to be the ride of his life, culminating in his eventual acceptance of her and all she had to offer.

Morgana, for all her patience, was beginning to become anxious. She heard no sound from the other side of the door. Through her magics she had seen that Logan was still in there, frozen like a baby rabbit and never budging an inch when she knocked. He was still holding that Louisville slugger bat as close to his chest as possible and staring at the door intently. She ever so gently leaned against the door, pressing her forehead to the barrier and running her hands up its wooden frame.

“May we speak?”, asked Morgana. She kept her voice calm, steady, and as sweet as she could while sounding sincere. “I cannot tell you how long I have waited to speak to you. I promise I will not harm you.”

Again he made no moves. His heart was pounding fanatically, she could hear it from the hallway. It was doing everything in its power to pump his panicked blood through his trembling body as fast as it could.

“I can understand your hesitancy. Believe me, please? I know that I may have startled you. But please, come speak to me. I simply want to-“

“GO AWAY!” shouted Logan in retort.

Morgana opened her eyes, training them on Logan through the door. It was unfortunate for both of them that he was choosing this obstinate path. It was not entirely without hope that they could reach an understanding. This was beginning to veer down the lines of a “worst case scenario” situation she had hoped he would not subject her to. Even with all her mental preparation for his initial refusal, it didn’t stop the pain of rejection from creeping into her heart. She focused back on the situation, not lingering on her feelings and waited until she trusted her voice to not crack.

“Please don’t ask that of me. Not now, after having waited so long for our meeting. Perhaps if we just-“

“NO! GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” screamed Logan.

Morgana let her arms slid down the door enough to push away from it, taking a step back and standing in the hall. Her tail lay limp to the floor, wings twitching in agitation at her sides. This was not going well. She had wanted to win him over, even if it took at night. It was difficult to not at least speak to him, but even in his confusion to be addressed by him was elating, even if it was also infuriating.

It was never supposed to be easy., she reminded herself. He doesn’t know who you are yet, he probably couldn’t understand and it will take time. Be calm.

“I would do anything you ask of me, but I cannot do that. We must speak.”

Even now it was taking some considerable effort to not end this childish game and simply force her way into the room, bypassing all tact and simply speak face to face For a Mamono such as herself she was showing an considerable amount of restraint, something she hoped he would recognize.

“It is not my intention to aggravate you further. I believe this situation would be improved if we came to an understanding. Please allow me that opportunity.”

“HEY! I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news, and thought you’d have an easy time getting handsy, but home invasion is still illegal. Monster or not, I want you to LEAVE. Can you UNDERSTAND that?” spat Logan.

If he had been any other human, Morgana reasoned, he would more than likely be kicking and screaming his way to the lowest depths of Hell for thinking he could command an Arch Demon. Then he would be shown his proper place, in eternal worship of another one of her sisters and kept as a loving pet for all eternity. But not for her Logan. He was being far more stubborn than she would have preferred. She could easily force the door and drag him out, but that show of force would only serve to push him further from her. That was something she would not allow.

“I will not leave until you come out and speak to me.”


He’s just scared, he doesn’t mean it… Keep calm. “I will not leave until you hear me out.”


“No. If you want to make me leave come out of there and say it to my face.”


“Not until you talk to me, and you cannot stay in there forever.”

She had him there. The window of his room did not have a fire escape, that was in the living room out on the balcony. His window led to a two-story drop into the alley, which he would not consider unless left no other choice. Regardless of the threat she posed to him in his mind, she also remained on her side of the door. That hopefully would be confusing him to no end. He must know of other Mamono that could be tricky, clever and overly convincing when it came to getting what they want. 

“Well you better leave before my girlfriend gets here, she’s a Minotaur and she gets really-“

She smiled, expecting such a ploy. “That is not true.”

“Oh yeah it is, and she loves to crush anyone who-“

“Logan, I know better.”

The Arch Demon had become slightly annoyed with the new tactic Logan was using. He was running out of excuses to not talk to her by fabricating a fake girlfriend. She knew the unspoken rules among Mamono; they never steal from one another. Sharing is allowed and even encouraged if all parties agree, but they never take a married man from another of their kind. The downside being that he was so desperate to avoid her that he would resort to such lengths.

Logan was flabbergasted. “WHA-HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!”

Morgana smiled a devious grin. This had gotten under his skin, she had anticipated a strong response but that would only help her convert him to her side. She just needed to keep the heat on…

“If you want to know, I shall tell you. Simply join me in the living room and I will reveal everything.”

“Ooooh you think you’re so clever, don’t you? Think that I care? I don’t! Okay? I DON’T CARE!”

“Do not worry, Logan, I believe you.” She emphasized his name to continue to rile him up. “But what benefit would I have in sharing that information? It does me no good to reveal that I know you, some might say intimately, so why then? Ask yourself; why would one such as I bother to waste my time trivially revealing my knowledge of you when I could have entered the room by any number of means and taken you by force? Or perhaps utilized any of my magics and illusions to brainwash you, take control and make you walk over and invite me in?”

Even for Logan, who by no means was lacking in wits, had to admit there was a kernel of truth to what she was saying. She was keeping at bay, not entering his room as of yet, and from the sounds of his contemplative silence she had him conflicted.

“It would have been soo easy for me, so easy to simply demand you open the door, bow at my feet, and worship at my altar until your spirit broke. Any number of charms could have done the job. Yet I have left you quite sane, quite in control of your faculties. Remember that. The choice will still be yours alone, Logan, whatever you decide to do.”

Morgana then turned, beginning a slow pace back towards the living room. She had left her bait out in the open, and now all she need do was wait for Logan to take a bite and run with it. Then soon….so soon…

She was taking quite a gamble though. He could easily call the police, who were more of a bother for her than a threat. He could be violent, but he could do little to her physically. Well, Morgana smirked, not exactly true. There was MUCH I’d wish he’d do physically. But we will get there…sooner or later…

She…Jesus I just realized she was a she, I couldn’t understand what was happening here. From the stories I overheard from classmates, monstergirls were renown for sharing their first times with their victims, how they conquered and forced their captives to bend to their wills. She did not behave in the aggressive way I’d seen from the creatures in high school. Was it all a ploy to lure me into a trap? She clearly had me cornered, but gave me the width of room to have a choice. It was more like being…well not trapped so much as  forced into confrontation.

She was being flexible too, not threatening or demanding, just insistent. Some sphinx and Egyptian monstergirls got to their prey by talking and tricking their prey. But this one seemed merely interesting in talking; she wasn’t using any spells or spells, and I didn’t feel like manipulated into doing what she wanted. I blinked a minute, taking a look around the room, then to my hands, giving them an experimental flex. Didn’t feel like I was being controlled. Didn’t have any urges to take of my pants and throw myself at some crazy woman who I’d never met.

If this was truly a monstergirl, she was the most tame I’d ever met. Then there was my name. How did she know my name? It wasn’t unheard of for monsters to stalk their prey, get to know them a little, but she said she knew me intimately? Well at least long enough to know I didn’t have the Minotaur girlfriend. Then there was her entrance, clearly waiting for me to arrive, setting up her reveal in the apartment. Did she plan this? Couldn’t say for certain, but I knew how to find out.

I moved after what felt like eons of stillness behind the bed. Taking slow, tactical steps towards the door, all the while ready to leap back and retreat back to the bed. Reaching the door and quietly leaning the bat against the and put an ear to it, I strained my senses to detect any sound that may betray the her intent. Hearing none, I grabbed my old slugger from its resting place, gripping it tightly to keep my hands from shaking. I was tense, but ready. Now I’m no fool, and I knew if I opened the door I was taking fate into my own hands and more than likely, dropping it into the lap of whatever this woman was outside the door. One thing held me back from opening the door and finding out the answers she seemed to have.

“Why should I trust you? How can I know once I step outside you won’t pull something?”

“Because, dear Logan, I’m inviting you back to a space with more access to escape routes, more open room to swing your weapon, and with the promise I will not touch you if you do not wish it. And do not forget the guarantee that if those don’t work, you can retreat back and close the door. Either way you look at it, you can always end up right back where you are now if you don’t feel comfortable.”

While that did little to quell my nerves, it was a good a guarantee as I could get. Steadily my hand grasped the door handle. Closing my eyes, took some deep breaths to calm the ole’ heart before turning the handle and pulling open the door. As the door revealed the hallway, nothing but the blank wall of the hallway in front of me. Cautiously keeping one foot in the room, the other inching slowly out into the hall. My bat was raised up in both hands, ready to bring it down on anything that tried to get inside my personal bubble, or any strike zone my bat could reach at least.

I peaked my head around the door frame and peered down to the living room. There she sat, perfectly still upon the couch. She was sitting rather comfortably, one leg crossed over the other and arms laid out on either side. A pair of wings sprung from her back, spreading wide and full from her and giving her an intimidating look. There was a tail as well, coiling from her back to lay on her lap. A white tip that mixed color into a dark purple coiled lazily on the ground, before slowly rising into the air to wave at me. My blush rose at the appendages’ odd motion, and she stifled another giggle.

“Please join me, there is much I wish to discuss, as I’m sure there is much you wish to know.”

The Arch Demon would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy teasing him lightly. Her natural teasing nature was being suppressed to such an extent for his sake that if even a small blush from her tail trick was enough to encourage Morgana to press the attack. But she kept it at bay, instead wearing an endearing smile as he took cautious steps out of the door and towards the living room. He kept the bat raised above him, looking ready to strike at any time.

“I will not object to bringing your weapon with you, mighty knight, but I must assure you that it is very much unneeded. My intentions are honorable, and you have me utterly defenseless.”

Logan gave a nervous chuckle as he finally reached the living room. He was shaking like a leaf, and if not for the bat in his hands giving a shred of confidence the young man would probably collapse into a puddle from fright.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure you’re as harmless as they come…”

“Truly I am. I daresay you could not be safer with any other living being in this realm, Logan dearest.”

“That remains to be seen.” He checked all the corners of the room, then satisfied that she was the only one there, pulled a chair over to the couch from the kitchen table, all the while keeping his eyes glued to her. He was getting lost in her form, sending a shiver down her spine. Every inch of her was sensual and perfect. Even sitting it was impossible to ignore her body; pillow thighs that connected to flawlessly wide hips, the smallest waist and tummy he’d ever see leading up to those gravity insulting breasts that heaved and strained against an off armored bikini top. Everything she was counting on to work in her favor was chipping away at his fears, she could see it in his eyes.

 He studied her face for while as he sat down. She knew he was having trouble looking away, making concentrated efforts to come back to her eyes. Black iris that melded into red silica, very much like a cats eyes. Pointed ears akin to elven ears, a heart shaped face framed by long purplish hair, ending about halfway down in white. And how could he resist, when she knew firsthand that any man would be salivating at the very sight of her.

He shook his head a moment as he sat down in the chair on the opposite side of the coffee table. He was slow, methodical, but every now and again he would linger in his gaze as he settled in, snapping back and forth from fear and wonderment.

“It’s okay you know.” she spoke at last.

He blinked, confused. “What is?”

She smiled at him, hands coming from either side to cross underneath her chest, causing her mounds to rise and defy gravity even more than before. “To stare of course. It’s perfectly natural. I would be hurt if you did not.”

Logan did his best to hide his frustration. She was enjoying toying with him, which was putting him on the back foot and leaving him unable to take control of the situation. Plus, as she continued to hope, it would start to make it easier for him to grasp the nature of his circumstance

“What are you?”, asked Logan.

Morgana’s smile faltered slightly, but did not entirely fade.

“A Demon. I should think that much was obvious.”

“You make it sound as if I should have guessed it all along.”

Morgana cocked an eyebrow, taking him in. “Ahh…I forgot, my kind have not been as persistent to make their presence known in the world. It is understandable then.”

“What do you mean? Why are your kind hiding? What do you have to hide?”

Morgana giggled in response, her wicked smile back on her face. She moved one hand to cover her mouth, her mirth bubbling up into laughter.

Ara ara~…you are quick to the point. But not now, not yet.”

She waved a hand lazily in the air, as if physically pushing the point away. “I have questions for you as well…Tell me, why did you come to this city? It is easily the most populated human-mamaou city on this continent, where all species are openly accepted. You, a single man, with no doting wife to claim you. You risked your bachelorhood to come here. Why is that?”

Logan frowned at that, keeping a stern face. “I don’t recall that being any of your business.”

“Oh, but it is!” She leaned forward, arms back to either side to support her on the edge of the couch, her breasts pushed forward and gave a new angle for Logan to relish. “It very much is my business. I want to understand why, I want to comprehend everything about you. It would have been so easy for you to get claimed by some unworthy girl in mere moments; a new single man is irresistible in this city. You should have drawn a horde of Mamono to you like a fly to honey, yet here you are, single and free…well, for the time being, that is…”

He shuddered at that last thought. “Well I’ve been pretty lucky, there’s just something about me that monsters don’t like.”

“Hpmh…perhaps,” Morgana dead paned, “but not all monsters, am I right?” She licked her lips to emphasize her obvious come-on, even using his own slanderous term. “I would wager I’m the first who has spoken to you longer than a few minutes without losing interest?”

The cogs behind his eyes were definitely turning. The intense look in her eyes was clearly drawing him in as he contemplated.

“Did it become so commonplace for you, to be passed over by so many and never pursued? It must have been odd to see your peers begin their romantic entanglements, only for you to be ignored. That being said, given the state of the world, it was probably the closest thing to a normal life as you could have had, would you not agree?”

A fire had been lit in those eyes, a raging fire that overrode his entire body as memories of his lonely childhood surfaced in his brain. He stood abruptly from his chair, Morgana ears twitched but she tried to remain still.


The Arch Demon smiled up at him, her tail writhing and coiling in the air. “By the end of tonight, it is my hope you will understand how I am the only woman who could know you better than you know yourself. But patience, dear Logan, I am not attempting to deceive you.”

“Sure does seem like it from where I’m standing. You’ve been doing nothing but talking in circles and toying with me-“

“And nothing else.”, interrupted Morgana, raising a finger and closing her eyes.

“Wha-…What does that have to do with anything?”

“It is important to establish that I am holding true to my word, so that maybe you could believe I am not attempting to speak falsely or betray my intentions.”

“And what,” sneered Logan, “might those intentions be?”

“Well…” Morgana said slowly, leaning back to the couch. Her arms raised to clasp behind her head, scooting her butt forward on the couch so she was totally revealed to him from head to tail. She was blushing rather heavily and gazing affectionately up at him. Her body was screaming out for him, and she could tell from his legs shuffling that he must be feeling the lust building inside him as well.

“…at long last, I want to become your wife.”

So…I thought to myself,…worst case scenario. Okay…no pressure… I had seen people claimed by monsters before. Sometimes it was sweet, almost human; Weresheep and Houlstars tenderly claiming their crushes with gentle touches and demure smiles. Then there were Aracanees and Manticores that would violently take their prey, whisking them off for all sorts of debauchery that could only be assessed by the telltale screams of the young men that were formally their friends, afterwards newly married men. And yeah…occasionaly, yeah I felt slightly jealous at what my peers called “the best sex of their lives”. But I was not jealous of the clingy, overly possessive and barbaric behavior of the creatures that all but controlled the every waking moment of their prey afterwards.

“Um…no thanks?”

The Demon blinked. Her left wing twitched a little. Clearly that didn’t completely register.

“Come again?”, she asked.

“I said no thanks. I’m good.”

That time it definitely clicked. Her look of confusion spelled it out, the conversation had taken a complete nosedive for her. I mean sure, she was the essence of femininity, the perfection of the fairer sex, and after her confession it seemed like any other guys’ dream. Not for me though, I wasn’t some two bit Jack getting his rocks off in exchange eternal servitude.

“Are you gay?” asked Morgana flatly.

Now it was my turn to blink in disbelief. “BITCH WHAT THE FUCK?”, I yelled. My rage had reached a new apex, the absurdity of extremes of this woman was baffling.


Almost immediately as she spoke out she cringed internally, as if wishing the words out of existence. I stood motionless for a moment, the gears beginning to turn.

“What do you mean before? Before what?”

For the first time she revealed herself, she decided not to speak. But no, she wasn’t just going to decide to shut down, not after dropping that fucking news on my lap.

“Hey. HEY, BEFORE WHAT?”, I yelled. She stonewalled again with silence, but this time closing her eyes tight. This was getting crazy. This woman was clearly keeping secrets, and I hadn’t any more patience for games.

“L-Logan..it’s…I wanted a chance to properly explain first…”

I leveled the bat at the woman, shaking like a leaf once again and a level of terror in my heart that could not be hidden.

“You’ve been watching me right? RIGHT? So for how long? A week? A few? Or once I moved into this building? BEFORE WHAT GODDAMMIT?”

The demon stayed silent and looked off to the side, eyes down. She looked…upset? Scared? It didn’t matter to me.

“Longer than that?” I barked.

“Why does it matter how long? I did what I did so you could have a normal life.”, replied Morgana, arms folding under her chest and turning completely to the side in a poutful expression.

My hand flew to my mouth. Why now of all times did my stomach want to rebel against me? Suddenly I felt the room lose it’s gravity, and I was spinning in place as the realization hit me like a freight train.

“You…was it you? All those years…you were watching me? Since when?”

She turned her face back to look at me, and I saw a hurt look taking shape on her face. Guilt had also began to form in those black silica eyes.


“…That day on the playground in your first years of school. That stupid dog knocked you down. Since that day.”

Now I had learned at a young age the word ‘effectuation.’ It was a word that more or less meant, ‘to come into a great realization of truth’. It was the perfect word to describe the horrible truth this woman had dropped on me. All the riddles of my life were answered by her, while also raising new ones all the same. The loneliness, the isolation from peers, even my parents….was because of her.

I guessed later on that the gravity that had left me floating a few moments ago had return with a surreal power. My brain tried to grasp the truth, and I remember my knees buckling in a curious way. I felt myself sinking into the floor like quicksand. At one moment I saw the look of concern turning to fright on the woman’s face, the next a dark whooshing engulfed my senses as I faded out of consciousness.

Morgana was not able to react fast enough when she saw Logan’s knees buckle under him, taking him to the ground. She saw the light leave his eyes as they fluttered and closed. Luckily there had been nothing but the chair behind him, and Logan had fallen almost straight down and the crumpled mess he now lay in was actually a blessing; he had not come to any serious harm. A fact Morgana was very grateful for as she knelt at his side and checked him for injury. He was passed out cold, his features calm now, replacing the strained and fearful expression he had towards her moments before.

Her hand moved, slowly at first, but eventually coming to rest on his forehead. He was warm, but luckily not feverish. This was good; Morgana had come to understand a wide range of treatments for human illnesses. One of the things she had come to love about humans; frailty to elements. A simple fluctuation of body temperature and they could be immobile for days. She gently removed her hand from her forehead and rolled him flat on his back. Wiggling her hands underneath him, she hoisted him up, cradling him gently against her.

She had seen his mother hold him like this several times when he was young. One arm slung to support him under the knees, the other wrapped around his back and securing him under the armpit. Her heart was thumping excitedly as his head fell against her chest, face snuggled into her breast. She had to close her eyes and stand there for a minute, to revel in the feel of him and to get herself under control.

“Breathe…not now…oh god….he’s so warm~…”

His breath tickled her chest as she carried him close to her. She carefully moved to his room, using her tail to push the door and folding in her wings to allow them to both cross the threshold. His weight against her set off fireworks in her stomach, and she felt the impulse to close the distance again when she set him on the bed. She shuffled his limbs to be securely on the bed and comfortable. Satisfied he would at least be comfortable until he woke up, she tugged the shoes off his feet, adjusting him for comfort.

This had clearly not been Morgana’s plan for how they got into the bedroom together, but Morgana wasn’t complaining. She felt lucky to be this close to him, to feel him against her and not have her ethereal form sink through him like it had his whole life. The demon had countless times witnessed his mother carrying him to bed and watching over him while he slept. How desperately she wanted that; to care for young of her own, to be a mother. She could only hope now Logan would be amenable to that idea, in time, once he grew accustomed to her.

She procured the chair from the living room that Logan had used, bringing it into the bedroom and placing it next to the bed closest to him. He looked peaceful now that he was asleep. She sat next to him, reaching a hand out to lightly touch his.

“Oh, Logan….how can I make you understand…”

Her hand wrapped gently around his, right hand clasped in his left. He was so very warm, and she was engrossed by the feel of his pulse running through his arm. She smiled as the same pulse through her own arm matched his, and soon they were beating at the same pace.

Her mother had spoken of it often; when a demon found a man she craved more than any other, and the man in turn craved a demon in body and soul, their hearts would beat in unison and they would be bound by the fates to share in the most secure of bonds. The very blood of the two lovers would eventually call out to one another, drawing the two together for all time. A demon would wait forever for the kind of chance such a union would present. Such an unholy and depraved union of man and Mamono would bring that luckiest of demons to the zenith of their power; as close as she could come to the power of either Lilim or the Maou herself.

The color change of her hair and tail were the signs of her transformation, her changing into the most elegant and powerful of her kind. It had begun the day she first saw Logan. From that first moment flying above the playground, noticing him for the first time, her body had begun to react in such a peculiar way. Hey demonic energy spiked and grew, and all her associates reveled in her eventual nuptials and her blossoming into power.

Many of her kin had grown envious and jealous of her chance, as such a bond to a demon was far from common. It had led to the belief that such bonds were no longer possible in the new world the Maou had opened to Mamono. Eventually her kin could not wait any longer for a husband. The rarity of finding such a bond with a man was ironically more difficult as humanity had grown tremendously and spread with their technological boom on this world. Not for her, however. Morgana had waited for too many decades for this chance, dreaming of reaching that untold glorious height of love that would come with such a mate.

He was still fast asleep as the Arch Demon lay her head down onto the bed. It was difficult to deny the events of the evening had drained her too. The pulse of his heart through his hand was rocking her like a gentle ocean wave. Her eyes grew heavy and she laid her head down on the mattress, being mindful to scoot closer to Logan in the process while being as silent as possible. She would rest for a moment, give her body a chance to catch up. Logan would be here when she woke up, she knew that. Hopefully in a better mood too, she thought.

Her eyes drifted close as she wiggled her fingers into his, lulled by the collective beating of their hearts through their hands.

I was either dead or having one helluva dream. The last thing I remember was standing in the living room and the next thing I remember was a flash of light. It was so blinding that I had to close my eyes, and even then I could hardly see darkness as the light penetrated everything, every atom of my being. But when I opened them again to scream I was flying in a pitch black void. Pinpricks of light flashed and were pulled away from me as I careened forward into the vast expanse. One star grew brighter in front of me, and I felt my head pulled forward with the rest of my body towards it.

As I passed I thought I saw someone else there, in the dark, a shape of someone as a sailed past staring at me as I flew, but they blurred too quickly to notice more as I saw a huge planet beneath me. I floated over it, weightless as I looked below. It was like being dangled over a waterfall, and all I could see below me was assured death. Then I plunged again, the unknown force pulling me down towards the blue oceans below, the continents unfamiliar as I sailed through the upper atmosphere. I found the need to breathe again and got a lung full, then screamed at last, pulled farther down to the planets’ ocean and it rushed up to greet me. I spied a small dot in the waves, the dot becoming a blob, becoming a ship…

The push and pull of the waves battered the hull of the ship, rocking me to and fro as the sea took the ship where it wished. The sky above was dark, shadowed by a dark cloud, and the winds around were blowing fiercely. I felt the spray of the sea on my brow. I looked around, men were struggling to keep their feet, the waves were tossing us like a toy boat. I don’t remember being here. Why I had gotten aboard the ship? I knew I had to get to land. I finally felt the ground beneath my feel, like I had just gotten control of my senses again, and paced towards the stairs, towards the wheel of the ship.

There I saw a man, hair matted to his face and beard hanging low from the water it retained. He had a funny Captain Hook mustache but only one side was still curved upwards. I remember calling to him but I can’t hear my own voice. He turns to look at me and says something, but the waves and the storm above drowned it all out. I feel something burning in my pocket, I reach down and feel around in pants I didn’t recognize but I knew were mine. I felt a small ball, and pulled out what looked like a little marble that felt white hot in my hands. I could somehow hold without burning myself. I knew this was also mine, and I had to keep this with me.

But the next minute I was jostled to the side by a wave, head hitting hard into the wooden handrail. We must have hit something, because I couldn’t feel the ship moving anymore. I felt so heavy then, too heavy to move. I felt blood trickle down my cheek as old Captain Hook was also knocked to his side, sitting up and pointing behind me, and I turned.

A mass of some black birds were flying through the storm, flying directly at us. It was impossible, I thought, given all the wind and rain there shouldn’t be a bird in sight. But then they got closer. I recognized the wings, black and leathery, like bat wings, and they all carried a person…no not a person, these were demons. A whole host of demons were flying at the ship, a darker cloud than any I had seen before and all at once they started to dive. One by one they swooped down and claimed a sailor from the ship, carrying them into the air. Some were kept, others left to fail mercilessly into the violent waters below.

I felt utter despair as I crawled as fast as I could up the stairs, my head pounding ceaselessly as I finally pulled my head past the final stair. I looked towards the captain, but he was thrashing violently against something in front of him. I then noticed a pink tentacle wrapped around his leg and was pulling him off the side of the ship.

I urged my arms to carry my weight, pulling me into arms reach and grabbing his jacket as the appendage pulled him closer. He flailed more, turning and grasping his sword from it’s sheath and swinging down against the tentacle, but another tentacle shot up from the side and wrapped itself around his arm. He dropped his sword, screaming as he was pulled closer and closer until a figure popped up over the side.

A young woman appeared, pinkish skin and smiling gently at the screaming Captain. She was a Kraken, and she reached her arms and tentacles out to the man and pulled him into her, and only regarding me with a smile, she pulled him over, his screams following him into the churning waters below.

I could only scream and shut my eyes, anger taking me but I could hear no sound except the ocean. The deck of the ship was calm, devoid of any over soul, except for me. I could only crawl to the wheel of the ship, sitting against it and staring down at the deck. Rain began to fall heavily up my head, and the ship rocked again hard to one side but did not stead itself. I looked back over towards the bow, and we must have hit a shallow reef because water had begun to spill over the deck.

I turned back, accepting my inevitable end, but there were feet in my view instead of the stern of the ship. Someone had appeared in front of me when my head was turned, and I could only turn up to see wings, a tail and horns with white hair framing a face I couldn’t remember but knew I had seen before. A clawed hand reached down, wrapping around my skull and squeezing hard, and all I could do was scream and my skull was nearly crushed… 

I woke with a start. My face covered in sweat and my breathing was ragged. I felt the crashing of my heart against my chest and thought perhaps I was having a heart attack. My eyes closed tightly and I tried to calm myself. I had never experienced such an intense dream before, the randomness of it surpassing even the worst nightmares as a little kid. Certainly never had one that woken me from sleep so abruptly.

I breathed, my heart begin to calm itself, each deep breath bringing a calming sensation. Wave after wave of anxiety rolled off as the rapid beating of my heart returned to it’s normal pace as I laid back down onto the bed sheets and closed my eyes.

Bed sheets? I had not gone to bed. I opened my eyes, blinking to adjust to the dark. Couldn’t remember bringing myself to bed. In fact I didn’t remember even being in the room last. I remembered walking into the apartment…the darkness of the living room…the balcony…

In an instant it was all back. That thing…that thing from the balcony.

She was lying on the bed, partially. Her head was on the bed, the rest of her slumped over on a chair. She had draped one arm across the bed, her hand intertwined with mine. Her hair fell down from the top her her head in a cascade of purple black, following angle of her slumped, fully extended wings. Suddenly a tail slowly peaked up from behind her, the spade once again lulling in an unseen breeze before waving gently at me. She had one eye open, staring straight into mine as she lay beside me. Her eyes…I hadn’t just dreamed those up. A small smile grew on her lips and a low chuckle escaped her throat.

“Sleep well, Logan?

He stayed still for a moment, and for Morgana the faintest tinge of hope welled up inside of her. She had been lightly dozing when he sprung from sleep. She did her best to feign sleep and unperturbed by his outburst, preferring instead to allow him to calm down before drawing his attention.

His hand moved from under hers at blinding speeds as he flopped like a fish off the bed and onto the floor opposite of her. Morgana felt a loss of warmth his hand provided, coupled with the clear rejection to her presence his actions conveyed left her feeling just as dejected as when he had passed out. Logan covered his mouth, biting back a scream as she continued laying in his bed, blocking any hopes of escape. Fear made him freeze in his spot, huddled into the corner with eyes glued to her.

“It would be my wish…”, she began slowly, “…that you would not recoil from me so. I mean you no harm.”

She moved slowly, resting her head on her hands and elbows sunk into the bed, propping her up as her wings slowly flexed and closed in around her.

“Leave…” His stuttering was saddening to her. He looked like he would shatter into a thousand pieces he was shaking so hard. Is this really my doing?, she thought to herself, Am I such a terrifying beast to repulse him so?…

“Logan…perhaps….”she was taking her time with each word, hoping she could still appeal to his logic, “…it would make sense to point out that as of yet, I have not made a move against you in any harmful way, am I correct?”

“What does that have to do with anything…?” he muttered in reply.

“Ask yourself this; have I attempted, in any way, to corrupt you? Am I forcing you to do anything aside from listen to me while I keep this distance? Obviously you should ignore this last moment seeing as I was tending to your wellbeing.” she added  in a matter-of-fact tone.

“If my goal was to force you to bend to my will, why then take the time to speak to you, when it would be so simple for me to take what I want?”

As much as he may wish to deny the facts, she had kept a relative safe distance from him since entering his home. Her logic was sound, she knew he could see that. Even when he passed out and was at her mercy, she had withheld taking any action that would be against his will. As much as he professed to wanting her gone, she was being very considerate. For a Mamono, anyway.

“This…this is a trick….you’re trying to trick me…”

Morgana sighed, disappointed in Logan’s continued distrust in her. “On the contrary, I have not kept any truth from you since my arrival, and I would never lie to you…it is unbecoming for one such as I to debase myself with falsehoods.”

Logan glared at her. No one could deny her beauty, Logan being no exception, and he was trying to reinforce his own paranoia to quell such feelings of lust slowly growing while in her demonic presence.

“So what are you…an ‘honorable’ monster? What makes you so ‘special’ anyway?”

Morgana tilted her head in her hands, a coy smile gracing her face.

“I prefer Demon..but no less honorable. We are all wicked creatures, Logan, even you. But that does not mean we are evil. I for one would never harm one that I cared for, especially one who is very dear to me…”

“As to what makes me special…” she continued, her smile treacherous and beautiful to Logan at the same time, “…surely you have noticed?” She took a lock of her hair in her hand, holding up a length that had started changing from the deep purple to while near the tips. “I have waited many centuries for one that could help me ascend from a lowly demon to the creature you see before you, and now…” She released the lock of hair, her gaze hungry and lustful as she turned looked back to Logan. “…With you, I have started becoming…something else. It is all in part to finding you, watching and waiting all these years to find you suitable to my tastes…”

“So…was that you?” He interrupted. “The day in chess club? You flipped that table on Jay? He almost called you out didn’t he?”

She frowned at the mention of that incident. The reminder of her past deeds striking a cord with her that she couldn’t ignore.

“That boy had no business revealing the intricate details of my nature to you. That is my business…my pleasure, to reveal myself to you as I wished to, as I have clearly done now.”

This answer didn’t appear satisfactory to him. He leaned in a little to appear looming over the demon.

“Your business?…Your…pleasure?!… Tell me, was there any consideration towards ME when you decided to start following me around? I was a CHILD, what business did you have to stalk a little kid throughout his entire life from the shadows?! Did you drive off anyone who would have even looked at me?! All to satisfy this…obsession?”

“It was a different time, Logan, the society we lived in was not ready for one such as I to openly walk the streets. Would you prefer I whisked you away with me as a young lad, away from your family and your normal life? My choice to stay hidden from you was for your consideration. I did so, despite my nature, despite my longing for you.

And did you not have a normal childhood?,” she proposed, “Considering the growing number of Mamaou in the world, did you not have as normal a childhood as you could, free from the pressures of being pursued?”

Logan rose to his feet, leaning against the wall. The fire of his anger gone from his eyes yet he rose to his feet to his feet, now looming over her at full height.

Normal…” he spoke with an odd calm. “You think being isolated from everyone my age is normal? To have my own parents look at me like I was diseased…that’s normal to you…”

Morgana blinked, uneasy at Logan’s change in demeanor.

“I won’t pretend it was perfect…Do not believe I was ignorant to your isolation; it was the only way to ensure no unworthy being was around you. My demonic energy surrounding you, but not corrupting you was no small feat, and it certainly could have drawn unneeded attention, but it was the right thing to do to keep-“

“OH!” shouted Logan. His raise in volume making Morgana flinch as if struck. The concerns she held at his earlier anger now returning as the diplomatic approach was slipping away from her quickly. “It was the right thing to do. Of course, how could I not see how morally correct it is to isolate a CHILD from EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE who might matter to him, SO ONE DAY I COULD GET HIM ALONE AND FUCK HIM TO DEATH!”

The Arch Demon recoiled at the anger in his voice. She sat up from her leaning position on the bed to now sitting upright in the chair. Her tail and wings lay limp to the ground at Logan’s verbal onslaught.

“You robbed me of having a normal life. Saying you stalked me from childhood…that’s not normal. I didn’t ask for this, and I didn’t ask for you to come into my life and change it out of the desire to maybe try and get in my pants. You know…I had believed I was cursed to be a social pariah, the ultimate slap in the face considering there were soul sucking monsters in the world that gave you unlimited sex even if you looked like you were scrapped off the bottom of a shoe. But you…

He pointed a accusatory finger in her direction, teeth bared like fangs and his words venomous. Morgana sank into herself, like sludge on the sidewalk of a hot day.

“…You were my curse all along. Your pathetic tagging along WHEN ALL I WANTED WAS A FRIEND, YOU COULDN’T EVEN LET ME HAVE THAT SMALL COMFORT COULD YOU?!”

Morgana’s head was bowed low, unable to look the man she loved in the face anymore. She was finding it extremely unpleasant to be scolded by him.

“I didn’t…I couldn’t let anyone else…if some other girl had gotten to you….” She fought to keep the emotion out of her voice, but it was a losing battle.

“Then it would be been my choice, wouldn’t it?” Logan snapped back. Morgana, hurt at his indignation, finally looked up to meet his eye. There was hurt there too, but there was also anger, disgust. Many emotions Morgana never thought would be directed at her from her beloved.

“They couldn’t have known you like I do. How could any of them appreciate you like I do? They would have seen you as a piece of meat, and yes while they may have lusted for you, their love could not be built on the same kind of foundation as ours.” Morgana rose as well, her own feelings of betrayal and hurt driving her need to be heard.

“I was there for you when no other could be. Every one of your human holidays, your birthday, each graduation. Every lost loved one and hardship you’ve experienced I have shared in. What other woman could make that claim, and still have allowed you some chance to live a normal life while the rest of the world was thrown into a whirlwind of lust?”

“All I have done I have done for you, Logan. I kept out of interfering with your life as much as I could stomach, while stopping would-be pretenders attempting to steal you from me. You never had to be chased down and taken by some inferior creature and discarded like so many before because of MY presence.” At this point her eyes had become misty, the emotions inside her threatening to well up and explode at any minute. Even so, she felt her body move, taking a few steps towards Logan despite the fiery tempers they were both enduring from the other. She ended just before him, her own heart pounding in her chest at getting so close to him, but that he was also not retreating either.

“I have been there for every intimate moment of your life and I have fallen very deeply in love with you. I have come to you now, as a man, not a boy…I have waited to meet one whom I could share my life with, and the many years since meeting you to begin that life together. Can you not see towards giving me the chance to prove myself to you, that my feelings are valid?”

She was so close to him now. He was in arms reach of her as she searched his face for answers to her questions. It was curious sometimes how humans grew old. Demons like Morgana do not age as quickly as humans would, and Morgana had lived enough years to know the ravages of time on humanity. But age had treated her Logan well. He was just a few inches taller than her, and even with his height and manly face, the same childish boy she had met so long ago was still there in the little details. She had begun to reach a hand out to him, to touch him somehow, feel his warmth once again.

“Just let me show you Logan…what you’ve been missing all these yea-“


The blow had taken Morgana’s head and turned it nearly ninety degrees. She stopped moving any part of her body as mind comprehended what had just happened to her. Turning her head back and bringing her previously outstretched hand to her cheek, she saw Logan lowering his hand back to his side.

It was not painful for Morgana; it had been many years since she had felt physical pain of any kind. What did hurt the the cold fury in Logan’s eyes, and all the emotions that followed through with that hand striking her cheek. Tears slowly leaked from the corners of her eyes as Logan stood remorseless.

“Hic-…Logan…..” was all the Arch Demon could say in response. The aching, biting cold that filled Logan’s eyes had pierced through her soul and was shattering her heart into a thousand pieces. She felt the hot tears trailing down her face as his cold gaze gave no sign of the warm she had come to know from him for so many years.

“Leave.” It was such a simple command for him, but to Morgana it felt like he had ordered her to death. She could do nothing, she simply stood there, all the color leaving her face as she felt her soul crying out for him. He raised his hand again, causing her to flinch slightly at the raised hand.

“I SAID LEAVE, NOW.” His tone bared all the promise of ruin upon her if she did not comply. Her feet seemed to act on their own, taking a few steps back until finally she saw the blur of the hallway and the open space of the living room. It was like walking on glass shards as she stepped to the balcony door, flinging it open and jumping off the ledge.

Somewhere above the streets she broke. The white hot tears spilled over, the pain in her heart welling up through her throat. Her wails piercing into the night as she flew, halfheartedly, until she landed on one of the opposite building from his apartment. She stumbled at first, her footing being rough as she touched down, then finally collapsing on the roof of the apartment building, all the torrential emotions inside her finally slipping out unabashed fury of tears and wails.

To Be Continued –

I want to thank everyone for your continued support of this story. The first chapter got great reviews, and I appreciate all the help in making them better. The more I edit these chapters the more drawn to ideas I become, so there is an eventual direction I want to move toward.

I’ll be working towards the next chapter soon, it’s all a matter of going back through and editing the perspectives and making it congruant to the new story direction. AKA Next chapter coming soon, but maybe not a week after the previous one. Thanks for the patience and support.


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