Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day1)

Well you didn’t want to skip out on your first day right? You decide to head there early as excitement builds into your system. You reach the Orphanage through the front door as Katy explained that she’ll have your necessary equipment and uniform in her office right next to the entrance. Opening her office door immediately to your left you are greeted by the Echidna herself; Katy scribbling away at some paperwork, she let’s out a stifle yawn possibly from boredom, before she looks up and spots you standing there.

“Oh! It’s the newbie! Good morning!” Katy greeted you.

“Good morning to you too Katy, I was wondering if you had everything I needed to start my shift, and all that” you ask.

“Yes of course, we have all that you will need to gain access to the Orphanage whenever you’re scheduled, or not here. Isn’t it fascinating though? Electrical locks~ my if I didn’t know it was created with science I could have sworn it was some form of sorcery” Katy marveled.

“Yeah, I suppose so…” You agree.

“Well in any case they’re right here on my table, feel free to change into your clothes” Katy said.

You stare at her expecting her to finish her sentence, or at the very least some assurance of privacy.

“Oh! Right, I’ll turn away if you’re embarrassed, though it’s not like it’s something I haven’t seen before” Katy said before turning away.

You realize this may be the best you’ll get but you’re a little concerned that her head keeps shuffling left and right, Also the twin snakes still staring at you weren’t helping things either, but you simply shrug it off and marvel at your new stuff.

An ID card that acts as a lock and key for the rest of the orphanage. A map made of paper!? By the gods these things still exist? It’s surprisingly complex, and the many twists, turns, and hidden passages it reveals is already making your head spin. Then there’s your uniform. While you’re not too keen on the soft pink color you don’t mind it…until you actually put it on.

“Uh Katy?” You ask.

“What’s wrong? Is it the outfit?…It does look a little tight on you” Katy commented still turned away from you.

“How did you know-no that’s not it…entirely! It’s just…this sort of looks like it was made for uh women” you remark.

If you could describe your outfit, you would call it a skimpy nurse get-up a few women might wear for Halloween. While the fact that several of the staff might be wearing this excites you, you’re no cross-dresser. The thigh-high socks and nurse slippers you might work with, but the hem of your skirt meant you barely had to bend over for someone to get a panty-I mean briefs shot from you.

“Hm~ looks like I screwed up, when I told our tailor to make a new uniform, I never told her it would be for a male. Here I’ll write down the directions to our fashionista, your first job is to dress the part, for now I’ll allow you to wear your casual wear just for today. Tomorrow I should have your uniform finished” Katy said.

You thank her and get ready to pick up the clothes you came in with when you suddenly hear something fall to the floor.

“Whoops! I dropped my pen~, can you be a sweetheart and pick it up for me? Please~” Katy asked through fluttering eyes.

You instinctively nod your head and get ready to reach down and get it. It’s only half-way when you look up to see Katy leering at you with blushing cheeks did you realize her intentions and you quickly stand up and walk out of the room as it fills with Katy’s laughter.

You change outside of her office thankful that no one else saw you in this, and follow her written directions to the tailor’s room. The walls were a clear white, clean and polished to the point that the light almost reflected off the surface like glass. The floor was checkered black and white, each square roughly the length of your foot. You recall Katy’s comment on her own building describing it as a sort of labyrinth, and she wasn’t kidding. The size, and structure of the whole building caught you off-guard, cleverly built to be as winding, and full of turns as possible while still allowing the space needed for bedrooms, and playrooms for the children.

Speaking of Mamono children; you have yet to find a single one. Perhaps being this early in the morning the kids must still be sleeping, or just barely waking up. You had figured you could at least hear the children through the walls, but to no avail, the best you can do is hear the scurrying of feet, and the faintest of whispers through the crack under the doors. Their privacy is clearly secured, but you’re left wondering how the staff will know if any of them are in danger or not. You take a note to ask Katy further details about the specs of this building as you keep one eye on the map, and the other on the hallway.

After about a couple of left turns, right turns, and going up a floor you finally reach your destination and knock on the double doors. It opens by itself and you walk inside, though you don’t take three steps before you are suddenly called out by a woman’s voice.

“Watch your step! It’s a little messy in here!” A woman called out in the softly lit room.

You make out the source of the voice and spot a woman hard at work knitting an article of clothing. All around her the room was covered in webs and fabric. I suppose you should also mention the other half of the woman consisted of a large, black spider’s abdomen with eight legs and all though you’re more taken by her beauty if anything. Her shiny, light purple hair done in a neat ponytail with a black ribbon made from her own spider’s silk. Her eyes were sharp, narrow and colored a bright red, you also see six tiny spider eyes on her forehead. Her smile was shifty to say the least, as if she wants nothing more than to play around with something alive with her fingertips than just fabric. She wore a black and purple corset which pressed her large breasts upwards displaying them in all their glory and designed like an intricate web.

“U-um, Katy mentioned you make the uniforms, and I was just wondering-” you begin.

“Hold on!” She spoke up.

She finally turns to look at you and gasps as if she just found a new toy fresh from the shop.

“Y-yeah, I’m the new guy that-” You start.

“Oh my~ a boy-a grown man has come to visit my little corner of the world. I heard rumors that Katy hired a man, but I thought it was just make-believe” she said.

“Well it’s true-just yesterday in fact and I was wondering if you could change my uniform-I mean I don’t dislike what you gave me, I just want something not made for a…girl” you choose your words carefully.

The Arachne took in your words, tapping her finger to her soft red lips.

“Aw, I was kind of hoping I get to see you walk around in my get-up a for a bit. To see you squirm in embarrassment as the others watch snickering and toying with you. Getting passed around the staff like a used toy as you succumb to the shame, all the while the silk of my outfit rubs you in all the right places and you remember who gave it you, and you return to your mistress begging for more attention and I’ll…oh my! I seem to have went on a rant there, *giggle* how silly of me, don’t you think that was silly?” The Arachne asked.

You stare at her baffled.

“Well in any case I apologize, my name is Nirvana. I can tell we’ll get along just fine, now just stand on this stool here so I can take your measurements. You want your outfit to fit don’t you?” Nirvana asks you.

You nod your head and assume the position…

…The Upright, standing position as she takes careful measurements all over your body, her tongue replacing her finger tapping her lips as she holds some sort of hungry urge. Her large bosom have glided across your body everyone once in a while causing you to stiffen, and awkwardly lean your body the opposite way of her motions.

“Oh~ do you want me to measure ‘that’ too while we’re at it?” She whispers as she sees your erection becoming more and more noticeable.

“T-that’s fine, I’ve measured it myse-I mean are we done yet?” You ask unable to take her teasing.

“Yes, I think I have everything I need. By tomorrow I’ll have something for you, something professional of course though if it were up to me, I’d make something tight, and restraining with a matching cute little collar to wear. Well maybe one day. By the way, any particular color you’re interested in?” Nirvana asked.

“Something in a dark blue maybe?” You suggest.

“Very well, I’ll see what I can do. I hope we get to spend more time together…” Nirvana began and glanced at your ID reading your first name out-loud. “Anon, have a nice day” Nirvana bids you farewell.

As you leave her room the hallways finally begin to fill with children as their scheduled breakfast is ready to be served. At this moment you realize, and as do they what the situation has become.

Their wide, curious eyes stare at you almost baffling as you adjust the neck of your collar, and broadly speak out.

“…Hey! Hi! I’m Anon, uh~ I’ll be working here from now on so if you need anything, don’t be afraid to come talk to me for some help” you proclaimed.

You don’t know why you said all that, or why you would make yourself clear, but you felt you had to get introductions done, and over with, and since there were a lot of children here then perhaps the gossip grape-vine will do the rest.

The children immediately scramble towards you, cheering and shouting their wants and needs already.

“I wanna build my first nest with you!” A young teen Harpy proclaimed as she flailed her orange, and red tip wings.

“I wanna sleep on your lap mister~” a droopy little Were-sheep girl squeaked out through the cheers, still wearing a soft sky-blue pajama shirt and short-shorts with clouds peppered all over the place.

“Fight me! Fight!” A Lizardman brandishing a wooden sword she raised high above her shouted. Though you’d rather not get in a fight with an eight year old…

“Girls that’s enough, quit harassing our new employee” Nirvana hearing the commotion stepped in to stop it.

You breath a sigh of relief as her words hold power of the girls, and they start to back off.

“…Wait, I just realized something…are you wearing a plaid long-sleeve with cream colored khakis? I take it back, have at him kids” Nirvana literally shoved you into the the group of screaming, cheering children.

You saved yourself and your clothes when many of the children decided food was more important than play, and the thinning crowd gave you an opening to escape. You hope one day your words will hold power like Nirvana’s and you can summon a horde to annoy her one day…

With your shift over you have some free time to do something else; so you decide to take a quick trip to a rumored shrine neighboring the Orphanage. It’s actually quite a popular tourist spot though in these times it’s only crowded by the locals and those running it. You weren’t always this spiritual but finding yourself in a new and possibly risky job means you’ll need all the help you can get. The shrine sat upon a tall hill higher than most trees of the forest and looked as if it was copied and pasted from a similar shrine far into the east. Parking your car in the small parking space provided you stare at the tall stone stairs heading up the hill.

You climb the stairs higher and higher as you pass by numerous red torii arcs each tend steps, or so until you reach the base and see several Shirohebi; magically imbued passionate snake women with long wiry silver hair, and Inari; docile fox women some of which sporting more than one golden blonde tail and cute fox ears on their blonde hair. They appear to be acting as shrine maidens cleaning and tending to the grounds, and all dressed in traditional red and white yukatas. You also see several visitors going about their business.

The ground was made of smooth stone, with the cracks so narrow and thin you suspect not even paper can penetrate through it. The center was open space, with a small rock garden being taken care of by a Large Mouse. She’s stiffens a yawn, and grumbles under her breath as she adjust the white, and red robes. Clearly not a fan, but working hard with it nonetheless. The buildings surrounding the square were nothing short of traditional Zipangu architecture. Build tall and strong you see people and mamono going in and out of them. You notice the shrine maidens were all rather welcoming of visitors, and as you wondered when you’ll be next to be assisted; someone calls out to you just out of your field of vision.

“Excuse me but I couldn’t help but notice that ID tag you’re wearing” A passing three tailed Inari noticed you.

It looks like you forgot to un-clip your ID card. You quickly turn to face her, her smile modest, but genuine, her tails swishing gently, and contently.

“Yes, I recognize that, it’s from the nearby orphanage correct? I’m only asking because I have never heard of a male worker there” the magical fox-woman said.

“I just got hired, and so far I’m the first one” you explain.

“I see! In that case would you follow me, this shrine has a ‘sacred’ place where employees of the orphanage can have special treatment. It’s our shrine’s way of supporting all your doing” the Inari said.

You thank her and let her lead you inside the main building. You take in the far east décor of the lanterns lighting the walls, and the paper sliding doors leading to several rooms. The smell of incense was obvious, but didn’t feel overpowering, and lastly you hear the soft noise of water traveling through bamboo fountains outside the shrine, complimented by the gentle twinkling of bells. Already you were feeling very relaxed as she leads you in a room where your eyes spot a beautiful sight. The head priest with the lower half of a emerald dragon serpent’s tail. with long flowing violet hair and wearing an extravagant Kimono opened slightly to give her perfectly shaped breasts some air to breathe. To match her unreal beauty with unreal power her hands were thick, dragon claws made of the same emerald scales of her tail, but despite how threatening she appeared those eyes were gentle, her stature at ease, her zen clearly at one with herself.

“Welcome, are you here to pay tribute or receive my blessing?” The Ryu asked.

“This man has just recently been employed by the Little Monster Miracle Orphanage our shrine supports. Such is the case I was hoping you would gift him with your blessing to help him through his days” the Inari explained.

“I see, Katy and I go far back and anyone she trusts to work with her is worthy of my trust and personal blessing. Come here so I may grace you” She beckons.

The Inari gives you an assuring smile and gently pushes you forward, you stand in the center of the room before the Ryu uncurls herself glides your way before pressing her body close to you. Soon afterward you feel her lips kissing and sucking at your neck, her tongue teasingly tapping at your skin as her stifled moans and soft body sends you aflutter but you feel something else as well. A warm feeling deep inside simmers into your body traveling to your lungs and spreading throughout the rest of your innards before vanishing completely. Almost as soon as you start to enjoy it it’s over, she pulls away after some time with a smile to match your own. You realize as soon as her lips parted from your neck the warm feeling was gone, but your neck still felt tingly.

“There, it is done, you may not feel it now but I’ve gifted you with increased luck, of course it’s very little. Unless you had the body of a god you won’t be able to physically take in so much energy at once so I have to do it in tiny bursts. Come back to me any time and I’ll gift you with more luck energy, of course we can only do this once a day. Lastly after some time, I may need you to bless me with your energy, this can be rather draining sometimes you know” the Ryu whispers her instructions.

With that the Ryu gently nudged you towards the awaiting Inari who grasped your arm and guided you back outside.

You leave the shrine still reeling from the feeling of what you can only describe as magic, it was the first time you felt it, and the first time it settled into your body. At least it’s not black or evil magic.

At least you hope it’s not.

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5 thoughts on “Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day1)”

  1. Good story, couple of errors, you might wanna snipe

    > “Yeah, I suppose so…” you agree.

    – You agree.

    > The buildings surrounding the square were nothing short of tradition Zipangu architecture.

    – maybe make it : traditional Zipanguese architecture.

    I kinda feel sorry for the guy, he seems a little clueless that he’s being blatantly molested / taken advantage of by these chicks and he will probably be raped to all hell.

  2. It’s a pretty good story but I’m a bit worried :

    I was expecting more interaction with mamono children, but it seem to be only a story about a harem.

    It’s a modern setting, so I guess there is plenty of human man everywhere? Then why the arachne and Katy act like they want to seduce Anon? I can understand they tease him a bit, but they seem pretty active, Katy in the previous chapter in some of her gesture, and the arachne in this chapter.

    It’s very soft, so it’s not that much of a problem, I can understand unmarried mamono tease man here and there, but there is plenty of man everywhere, so it’s not like they are badly horny or want to snatch a man at first sight.

    The reaction of the kids confuse me a bit too, I don’t know if it’s just innocent curiosity, or if it’s there instinct which told them to get a male as quick as possible, in the later case, it didn’t really make sense since they see human man everyday.

    Also, do the Ryu kiss every man/women she bless? O_o

    I’m looking forward the next chapter.

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