Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 8)

Your alarm rings once more meaning it’s time for another morning shift at the Orphanage. You take this time to wake yourself up with a shower, a minty tooth-brush, and prepare a cup of coffee. As the brew of your pick-me-up poured onto the cup you wondered how your daughter was doing.

You call for Chloe, but she doesn’t respond. Not worried yet you go over to her room and find her still sleeping, hovering just inches above her own bed.

Granted it wasn’t ‘her’ bed, but it was a spare bedroom in your ‘too large for your own good’ home. Chloe snoozes contently in mid-air resting her head on her hands. Her snores were soft, quiet little squeaks. Apparently ghosts can indeed sleep, but Chloe being just barely a spirit couldn’t do so until you offered her the first real dose of spirit energy. Mizari’s home-made lollipop did the trick, and awakened new traits for your little ghost girl. The first thing she realized was how tired, and sleepy she felt on her own, and before you knew it she was hovering to her room, and dozed off.

You were kind of hoping of unlocking a hidden power more cooler than just being able to sleep, but it’s better than nothing you suppose.

“Hey-hey wake up, I’m leaving. Don’t you want to come with me?” You whisper loudly to her as you can’t exactly touch her.

“Zzz~oh~daddy~ I want to play grown up games too~zzz~” Chloe talked in her sleep. Her smile evident of whatever dream she was having continued.

“What the? Come on…Chloe wake up, I have to go to work” you try again, louder this time.

Chloe’s eyes slowly open before she elicits a loud yawn and stretches her muscles…perhaps a habit she can’t shake as she has no muscles to stretch.

“Oh man~ I was having the most wonderful dream…I think you were in it” Chloe yawned.

“I’m heading off, I thought you might want to come with me again” you say.

“It’s too early~ I want to sleep some more~” Chloe couldn’t shake the sleepiness out of her voice.

“Well why don’t you try sleeping inside me? I promise I’ll be quiet” You ask.

Chloe nodded still refusing to stand upright.

“I can still just fly over there, and meet you there too” Chloe assured.

“Yeah I know…but I worry about you sweetie, I just don’t want to leave you all alone” you answer.

“I know daddy…I love you” Chloe smiled at you.

“Love you too, get some rest there sleepy head” you reply.

She nods her head, and melds inside you once more. Walking out of her room you can hear her faint snoring inside your mind.

You reach the orphanage once more, and punch yourself in for a new day. You take note of your assignment for the day, and realize besides the usual patrolling you have something else in your to-do list first.

“…Tour guide?” You repeat.

“Yes, you’re filling in for me. You’re such a good little boy” a voice spoke up suddenly behind you.

You turn around and see Nirvana smirking at you, on her spider legs she’s a head taller than you and very imposing if not drop dead gorgeous.

“W-what do you mean?” You ask as you try to collect yourself from her sudden appearance.

“We have new children fresh from the shores of the ocean who are in dire need of a place to stay and be adopted. It was going to be my turn, but I have some…’unfinished business’ with a few little bugs in my life, do you want to know about it?” Nirvana asks

You nod your head.

“You don’t want to know about it” Nirvana smiled licking her lips and leering at you as if you were that bug.

You shake your head

“Good, I hope everything goes well for you, show them around as best as you can and give them a good time as well, we’re counting on you…that is unless you want to be my next bug?” Nirvana half threatened, half invited.

“I’ll just stick to being a tour guide” you assure her.

“Fiddlesticks, well I suppose I’ll be seeing you then, the children can be found at the cafeteria. They had to sleep there since they’ve arrived late at night. A night staff are almost done preparing their rooms so just show them around the rest of the building while they finish up would you?” Nirvana explains before taking her leave

Your trip to the cafeteria was rather short, as you have pretty much memorized the layout of the first floor. There was still the second to fourth floor, most of the backyard, the entirety of the woods, the lake behind the woods, a greenhouse, two more levels of the underground, and much more.

Not to mention numerous secret passages, and hidden rooms this building supposedly holds.

You figured you can kill two birds with one stone, and take the newly arrived children to destinations even you’re not familiar with, and maybe even impress them.

You open the double doors, and you spot Betsy watching over a small crowd of six identical girls of various sizes, and ages all gathered around a long table, and finishing what’s left of their meal. You take note that despite the small number you see triple the amount of empty, and dirty plates across the table.

“Oh! Anon, they told me all about it, I’m handing it over to your care! My the little sweet-hearts have a big appetite I almost couldn’t keep up! but I know you’ll do a good job, I have to return and continue prepping for the breakfast rush, but let’s talk later okay?” Betsy said.

“Thanks Betsy, I’ll take it from here” you assure her.

She nods and leaves for the kitchen leaving you with the new additions to the orphanage.

The girls all turn around and look at you, and in some sense they remind you a lot like crustaceans, of course it could be because their lower half appears to be a giant crab. You take notice that each of their crustacean bodies are all a different shade of red, or orange. All of them however have matching bright blue eyeballs in the shape of teardrops.

Each lower half, and girl range in both size and age though it seems like none of the children were above fifteen as of yet. The upper bodies composed of adorable little girls and pre-teens staring blankly at you with orange eyes and small black pupils. Despite probably just waking up their hair were already fashioned in a variety of styles such as pig tails, short ponytails, wavy, and straight pattern, and more. The only matching item they wore were their clothing. Long flowing pink sleeves held together by a soft collar on their neck. Adding to it were complimentary pink silk gowns draped on their bodies courtesy of the Orphanage tailors.

“Oh, right um~ Cancers I believe you girls are called” you take note.

They just stare at you.

“So it looks like I’m going to be showing you around, my name is Anon. This place is really nice, and I think you’ll like it for the time being” you assure them.

Still just staring at you, they probably would have reacted the same if you told them this place sucked balls.

“…So~ if you can just follow me, I can take you to all the best parts about this place” you clap your hands trying to sound excited.

The way they just stare blankly at you, it’s possible that watching paint dry would get them to react more. Regardless they follow you anyways as you leave the cafeteria. At least they are obedient to an extent.

Walking in tow with the group of Cancers your footsteps were often drown by the clicking of their hard legs tapping the floor. You also hear the occasionally pinching of their pincers which could be a form of communication the girls were sharing with one another.

Though that was just your theory.

Your first stop was the library, seeing as how it’s the most distinct location one person could find on the first floor.

“This is the library! It’s takes up two floors, and one of the larger editions to the orphanage, you can find a book for just about anything here. We’re even on the verge of installing computers here so you can browse the web. Apparently we just had enough funds to replace our old models with something more practical, and modern” you start promoting your first trip.

Their eyes blink at you, never once had their expressions changed.

“Uh~ here, we have some time, why don’t I read you a story real quick” you try to entertain them while you browse through the building’s selection.

You read to them a story of undersea adventures with a group of interesting characters on their submarine to find the lost city of Atlantis. Of course the book was a tad big so you read only a part of it before you decide to leave it, and continue with your trip.

The whole time the most you got out of them were a few taps of the legs, and pinches of their claws. However; there was the runt of the group who scooted herself through the crowd to get a closer look. Up to the point of staring almost straight up at you…just as blankly as everybody else.

Besides that it didn’t seem like they were getting excited about it as they held little to no reaction.

You continue onward.

You walk them outside through one of the back-doors leading to the field behind the Orphanage. A near acre size field of grass cleared out to make it a spacious, fun environment for the kids to play outside. Though you don’t take them to the playground right away; instead you guide the children to a wide man-made river connected to a large pool covered by a tall fence wrapped in a thick plastic tarp.

“You know, I should probably ask if this river has a name, obviously it’s not a natural river, but our founder went to great lengths to connect the pool to the lake nestle near the center of the woods for girls just like you” you promote.

A rapid clap of pincers, and nothing else to comment on your explanation.

You guide the group to the large lake at the back of the orphanage by following said river.

It was certainty a picture perfect background with crystal clear water that stretched well over a mile long radius. The edges of the lake consisted of yards of sand that must have been moved, and placed across the entirety of the lake. Such a long, and arduous task just for the kids to have some place near the water to relax.

In the distance you can see a small island near the center of the lake that came with it’s own handful of trees. You can barely make out a few children you suspect might be the first mermaids you’ve come across. From where you’re at the most you can make out of them is that one is a lot taller, and pinker than the others…and she might be wearing a hat?

“Maybe you’ll like this, it’s not an ocean but this lake from what I’ve been told has been here long before the orphanage was built, even older than Katy if you can imagine it.” you chuckle at your own joke, though you get no response from the girls.

Meanwhile Katy was suddenly sparked with a new idea.

“…For some reason I feel like giving Anon more work than usual…hm~” Katy spoke out-loud to herself.

Returning to the lake Anon suggested that the girls can test the waters before continuing on their trip.

The little Cancers move closer to the shore, they walk along the edge of the water, feeling the cool liquid against their hard shelled legs. Once more their pincers snip at the air all together, more frequently than usual too, perhaps some sign of excitement for once? You spot the runt once more, bravely moving deeper into the water than the rest of the children. You suppose there was no need to worry, they were in their element after all. Yet as one of her legs suddenly hits a submerged hole and she tilts on her side on the verge of falling, you couldn’t help, but act on instinct.

“Hang on, I gotcha!” You quickly grab her before she falls.

You soak your shoes, and pants legs, and lift her up before her upper body hits the water. You hold her by her shoulder and fore-arm as her pincers snip at the air at a faster rate before they ceased, and she was upright and stable.

She looks back up at you as you hold her, no blush, no smile, not even a hint of being thankful for helping her and getting your shoes wet.

She’s just staring at you…

“I~ think we had enough of the water for now…once we’re done with the field trip you girls are free to come back here, just follow the river if the paths through the forest confuses you” you assure them.

Leaving the forest your next trip is the backyard, more specifically the large playground where many of the children can be seen playing. Many of the girls wave to you, while others wish for your attention on whatever little play time project they are working on.

“I buried my friend in the sand!” A Goblin cheered in victory. She was sporting a soft brown tank-top, denim short-shorts with white socks, and dark blue sneakers.

You turn to the sandbox surprised both by how deep it is, and that sure enough another Goblin was buried neck deep in the sand, her smile was ear to ear.

“I’m buried in the sand!” The Goblin declared.

“…Okay~?” You reply.

“…I’m stuck!” The Goblin stuck in the sand suddenly realized her predicament.

Suddenly she wasn’t so happy being buried in the sand.

“It’s almost breakfast time too! We’re gonna miss Betsy’s hash-browns!” The second Goblin realized the gravity of her situation before turning to you with wide eyes, and quivering lips.

“…Don’t worry, I’ll help you out” you assure holding back the deepest of sighs for their sake.

Not carrying a shovel you had to crouch down, and start digging with your hands, the Goblin helping you as neither wished to be last in line for breakfast.

The Cancers stare at you intently, their legs tapping at the floor, and more pinching of their pincers. Did they find this amusing? Charming? Maybe they thought it was nice of you, or perhaps they were impatient that their time was being wasted?

Perhaps they simply realized action spoke louder than claws as the pack of Cancers came to help you uncover the buried Goblin. Only five minutes later, and you were able to hold the Goblin’s armpits, and lift her up like a plant.

“Thank you so much-come on we gotta get in line before it’s too late!” The Goblin quickly thanked.

“I hope she’s making her home made country gravy today!” The formerly buried Goblin still sandy was already drooling at the thought.

“So~ that’s the backyard…it’s fun, you’ve got to believe me” you start sounding desperate.

The girls just look around the area, not even the least bit thrilled.

“*Sigh~* I’m sorry if this place isn’t up to par to whatever you’re looking, but I promise I’ll do anything I can to make it work. I suppose I should show you where the washroom, more specifically the place you’ll be taking your baths are” you’re set on finishing this trip.

You take the girls back inside the building, and guide them along the hall to the baths.

“The doors are always unlocked and the water is mostly kept warm for anyone to use anytime, it’s just ahead over here. You’ll also be given a map you can use to explore on your own after all this” you explain.

You reach the double doors where visible steam can be seen seeping under the door. Yet you didn’t hear any distinct sounds coming from inside, no splashing, no muffled conversations. It would appear as if the children were all stoked on eating breakfast, sleeping, or just doing their own thing.

Unfortunately for some girls, ‘doing their own thing’ means jumping you from behind with a mid-air dash. Tackled and tossed onto the ground you are pinned by a winged girl planting her tush on your back.

“Gotcha! See-see! I told you we have boy here! My nose is never wrong!” A Beelzebub cheered on top of you. She was sporting what use to be a tank-top now a ragged mess that was certainly colored white at some point. Her skirt was black, and torn, and barely kept together by just a few strings of fabric. Oddly enough it was only her clothes that looked filthy, though the shine on her aqua-marine hair couldn’t be natural. Her skin having a distinct tan, and her eyes were sharp, and greedy. Her lips wet with saliva as her tongue couldn’t help but lick at the air, and coat them with what she may consider a natural lip-balm.

You can’t even pull yourself up before a second flying child tackles you back to the ground.

“You weren’t kidding, let’s take him to our room! They won’t mind if we borrow him for the day!” A devil child smirked.

She was dressed more neatly, but also rather perversely as well. Taking whatever black two piece bikini they offered her she must have felt the need to make some…adjustments. The bra clearly cut revealing more of her lithe body, and petite chest, her dark blue skin in full display with barely a thing to hide her unmentionables. The only part of her body covered the most were her legs, long black stockings and short heeled boots. Her navy-blue hair done in cute pigtails held together by black ribbons. Obviously choosing the single color to match the wings on her head, wings on her back, and her tail.

Being pinned by both girls they are already quick to give you a test run. The Devil murmuring a chant that paralyzed your body while the Beelzebub took to sniffing at your hair, and licking your exposed neck, her small body pressed on your back.

“Better get moving before everyone finishes breakfast. Oh gosh~ he’s delicious!” the Beelzebub assured eliciting moans of squeaky pleasure.

This is bad, you need back-up fast!

“(Chloe wake up! Get some help!)” You call to her in your thoughts.

“(Zzz~*giggle*~ no daddy~ I’m ticklish there~zzz~)” Chloe was still deeply asleep.

Well maybe next time then…

“We’ll play with you lots and lots, and then you’ll never want to stop” the Devil promised.

They lowered their bodies, their butts rubbing all over your back as their dirty minds began to race.

“S-stop get off me!” you gasp but their surprising strength kept you on the ground.

“Stop? Silly, don’t you know that means yes to us!” The Beelzebub revealed.

“And yes also means yes! We’re gonna-AAH~! MY TAIL!?” The Devil cried out when she felt something pinch at her tail.

The Beelzebub turned around only to suffer the same fate when another claw pinches her abdomen, both girls being swung around before tossed by two of the Cancers.

“H-hey what’s the big-hey watch it!” the Beelzebub was about say until she saw all the Cancers pinching their crab claws threateningly at them.

The girls look to each other before glaring back at the Cancers.

“We ain’t gonna lose to some crabs!” The Devil exclaimed as her hands began to glow with magenta aura.

“Yeah! I get angry when I’m hungry you know!” The Beelzebub warned them as her wings began to vibrate violently

You tilt your head, the effects of whatever paralysis spell cast upon you slowly receding, and you look at the scene. Six Cancers and a team of a Devil, and Beelzebub staring each other down.

But before a fight could ensue a string of webbed rope shot out from behind them, ensnaring the two troublemakers onto each other. More web followed, and the girls were tied up with their hands behind their back, their legs together, and pressed tightly against each other.

“I found you~ did you really think you can hide from your…punishment?” Nirvana purred as she approached the scene. The Cancers ceasing their pinching motions.

“Nirvana? Wow, I’m glad to see you here” you breathe a sigh of relief.

“Who isn’t glad to see me…frankly though I don’t care, I finally found my naughty little bugs~” Nirvana said licking her lips.

“Uh! Um! W-w-we weren’t doing anything naughty right!?” The Devil was quick to lie with her partner.

“Y-yeah! W-we were just saying hello! That’s all!” The Beelzebub nervously added.

“Likely story…come on girls let’s go. Such a shame too, for all the good you can do for others…well Anon, I suppose this is farewell for now, I see you’re about to finish your task too?” Nirvana said.

“Yeah…yeah I am, thanks again for the help” you thank her.

“Don’t get the wrong idea Anon, these little bugs were already in trouble long before this. I mean look at what they did to my ensembles! I work tirelessly to make you girls dress so nicely, and you two had to ruin all my work…well maybe after tonight you’ll learn to appreciate my craft, and your place” Nirvana said lifting the squirming children over her shoulder and walking away without another word.

…Well at least it’s nice to know where you stand in her world.

“Well…that was something…oh, and I should be thanking you girls as well, it was nice of you to defend me like that” you thank the Cancers.

One of the Cancers sniffs at you, and you hear the loud clicking of her pincers, and the rest of the Cancers clicked in response before they all carried you to the bathhouse. You felt like you traded one problem for another.

“Wait, can we-uh~ why can’t I move still!?” You realize as your body was still stiff as a board, though at least your fingers and arms, and legs can move just a bit. Once inside the large bathhouse you are stripped to your boxers by their pincers and practically thrown onto the warm water.

Perhaps leaving you in your undies was their manner of mercy?

“W-wait! We aren’t allowed to be doing this” you explain.

The girls simply look to each other before you notice the bubbles on their bodies are growing in volume and increasing with each second. They stroke their bodies filling their hands with soapy suds and start massaging your body.

“O-oh~ um, you don’t really have to” you awkwardly reply.

The girls simply look at you, and continue rubbing you clean. You notice the runt brings a book from under her sleeve.

“Hey, is that the same book I read to you?” You ask.

The little Cancer nods her head.

Finally! A genuine response you can understand!

You take the hint and start reading from where you left of, you weren’t even molested or touch too inappropriately. The girls were far more active than usual as well. Perhaps finally in an element they can grasp, their body motion especially on their upper body were more fluid, and care-free.

Finally they helped carry you onto the large pool of water to wash off the suds.

“I think you girls are gonna settle in here very nicely, let’s all get along together shall we?” You ask as you bask in the warm water of the large bath pool.

You hear their legs clatter about loudly under the water and splashing about, you’re almost certainly think one of them was so excited they briefly smiled. Maybe you did get to them after all.

After the time spent with the Cancers, even teaching them the joys of rubber bath-toys you realize that your studies could use some brushing up.

Sure you were practically an A student but there’s always something new to learn, something new to be ready for. Experience is equally as important, but it also helps to at least have some idea of what you’re getting yourself into right?

So as you clock out, you plan your next task, and prepare to take another trip to the city.

“(Mmm~fuu~*yaw~n* good morning~)” Chloe’s sleepy voice grumbled in your thoughts.

“(Hey there Chloe, did you get enough rest?)” You ask.

“(I think so…where are we going~?)” Chloe sounded as if she was fighting off another yawn.

“(I’m going to the library to hopefully look up something that may not be on the internet already…our city has a pretty big library after all)” you explain.

“(Good night daddy~zzz~)” Chloe went back to sleep.

Guess that was her polite way of saying she’s not interested. Oh well, more books for you!

You head towards the city to one of it’s main libraries, more specifically the one with the indoor cafe shop for something to drink to go with a good book. You made sure to request extra sugar for Chloe, and taking that first sip you can hear her muffled satisfied giggling at sharing the same sweet taste of a good drink.

After your drink you go over to a section specifically for aquatic creatures as you haven’t delve too deeply into that topic in your time in college and you could use the material. You also decide to browse through books covering the supernatural, and make a note to request a lesson with Katy on children of that category.

You glance at the other readers, you smile at the peaceful sight of humans and mamono yearning for knowledge in books, even in these times. Granted it wasn’t a hustling, bustling crowd of hundreds…but maybe a small group of active readers like this could be something better. You plop down at the center of the hall and began to read the first few pages. Just as you were getting an idea of why Chloe was so sleepy after consuming spirit energy, a blast from your past calls out to you.

“You! So this is where your pathetic self has been hiding from me” another voice you recognize calls out to you.

Well it was fun while it lasted…

“(Oh god, this bitch)” you think to yourself.

You wish you could say anything but that, but seriously, this bitch! She’s been your rival in just about everything back in University, and she wouldn’t leave you alone for some reason.

You glance up from your reading and see her eye to eye.

“Oh look, it’s been a while” you try to stay polite.

The woman stands before you, an Elf with long, flowing, bright green hair with several blooming flowers decorating it as accessories. Her long sharp ears poking out from her velvet locks. She wore a flowing grass colored dress with a vine also coated in flowers wrapped around her slim waist like a belt. The hem of her skirt cut above her knee. Her sharp blue eyes stare at you like daggers as her glare hasn’t changed since way back then. You also notice that while all the girls you met so far put on some form of make-up, this Elf decided to go all natural, but it did little to decrease her natural beauty. She wore wooden sandals held together by thick brown vines that formed a diamond pattern that reached to her thighs. If you didn’t have such a bad history with her, you would compliment her on her stunning looks.

“Admit it, admit you ran away from me cause you were scared of losing to me again” the Elf wanted a confession.

“If you haven’t noticed, this is a library, so could you be a little quieter?” you hiss at her in a quiet whisper.

“D-don’t tell me to be quiet human” she argued, though she did lower her voice.

“You know my name, why don’t you just say it? You don’t hear me calling you Elf all the time” you reply turning your attention back on the book.

“W-whatever, it’s not like you remember my name anyways, don’t act so high and mighty human” the Elf replied.

“Evelyn, your name is, and always has been Evelyn, I remember you having an argument with one of our professors about the correct spelling” you mutter still trying to read a sentence of your book.

“Y-you remember?” The Elf Evelyn whispered.

“Now you’re speaking too softly” you respond.

“Shut up, I didn’t say anything! B-but why did you remember my name after all this time?” Evelyn asked.

“(Because your name kept popping back in our school ranks above me, and it annoyed the hell out of me when you wouldn’t stop boasting about it the entire day cause you’re such a pain in the ass)” You shout in your head.

“(Daddy~ I’m sleeping here~ indoor voices please~zzz~)” Chloe complained before returning to her sleep.

“(Sorry sweetie)” you apologize to your daughter.

“…You were just a big part of my life is all” you answer instead.

“G-geez, don’t think I’m gonna take it easy on you cause you think of me that way, bet you wish I felt the same about you?” Evelyn mocked.

“Actually I don’t really care what you think of me” you respond back.

Evelyn flinches at this, her glare on you only grows before grabbing the book you were reading.

“Fine, I’ll humor you, what are you doing here?” She asks briefly looking over the book.

“I’m just trying to get some research done, I got a new job at the Orphanage outside of the city and I need to freshen up on my studies” you explain.

“Wait, the one that keeps all the mamono children for adoption?” The Elf now actually sounded curious.

“The very same” you answer with a bit of pride in your voice.

“B-big deal, I could have gotten that job easily with my repertoire after all. They must have been pretty desperate to hire someone like you” Evelyn said.

“It’s a lot more complicated than that, they recognize my talent and hired me because of it, and I aim to do a good job” you explain.

“That’s so like you, always trying your best at everything. Bet your glad I’m not there otherwise I would outshine you like I did everything else we were in” Evelyn reminds you.

For a second she almost complimented you…


“Yeah, I remember. Fun times too, but I recall I won a few of our squabbles before so it should be you who shouldn’t be so high and mighty” you remind her.

“O-oh yeah!? Okay, then you’re on, I bet I can still beat you at any topic you throw at me” the Elf challenged.

“You’re on, I guess in a way it would be good practice, it’ll be just like old days, like how we would spend the day together just testing each other” you reply.

“S-shut up, those weren’t special or anything, I-I was just showing you how much better I am than you” Evelyn stammered.

You spent the rest of the afternoon being quizzed on by Evelyn, sure her teasing and mocking got to you, but you did feel smarter after all this. As annoying as she can be, she’s been one of your best partners in terms of studying. You really couldn’t ask for a better tutor. Who else would both help and berate you on everything?

From what you’ve gather it would appear that spirits, and even summoned beings would often sleep to conserve energy to better serve their master when they needed them most. This could actually be a decent power that Chloe has unlocked to better sustain herself without exerting herself too often as she learns new ghost tricks that could drain her of her energy.

You return home after a long day where almost upon opening the door, Chloe wakes up from her nap feeling more excited than ever, and zooms out of your body.

“Welcome home dad!” Chloe welcomed.

“I’m home, so how was your day? I didn’t see you in the orphanage” you ask in a knowingly mocking tone..

“I was sleeping, and getting all sorts of fun games, and ideas we can do as a family” Chloe smiled.

“Well I’m glad you had fun, but I was a bit too busy with work, and studying to think of any idea for us to do” you explain.

“Oh drats! Well how as your day?” Chloe asked.

“Well I was tackled by two half naked girls in the orphanage” you start.

“Yes~” Chloe was zooming close to your face.

“And they started rubbing themselves against me” you went on.

“Yes~ all of my yes~” Chloe squealed.

“And~ nothing happened cause I was saved by some new girls” you quickly finish your sentence.

“Baa~! How! How do you not do ‘this’ and ‘that’ after all this time!?” Chloe cries out.

“I guess that’s just how my life is?” You’re not sure how to answer that.

“Oh well~ there’s always tomorrow” Chloe said before retreating back to her room.

“Wait! Does that mean you want something to happen to me!?” You’re unsure of what she meant.

Well in any case, you had a long day, and some good rest was well deserved. Realizing the Gazer show was nearing the season finale you spent the remainder of the day with Chloe watching the latest episode.

As you drift off to sleep with your daughter you wonder of what the next day will bring.

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7 thoughts on “Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 8)

  1. The idea of an expressionless little cancer girl clacking up a panic while being held by him is adorable.

    At this rate that orphanage is going to be full of little girls with childhood crushes on him. But judging by the alp and this elf, he’s been unknowingly doing that all his life.

    1. Well it’s a harem-like story, so of course every womens love him, that’s the point. (even the mens judging by the alp)

      Good story though, but for this previous reason I think I will end up stop reading this serie, probably not my kind of story in the first place :/ .

      1. I understand 100 percent, and thank you for giving this a shot, and supporting me up to this point. I’m actually gonna cut my series into 3 segments.

        The Harem dating sim you see.

        The Handbook which is a tutorial profile for raising Mamono as children. (Which I’ll take requests if there is a specific mamono you wish to see)

        And a New segment I’ll introduce soon called ‘Let’s Adopt A…’ where the focus is purely on families, and Orphans before and after adoption.

        If I haven’t entirely lost you, I think you’ll appreciate that last one. Granted they are short stories, and may feel unfinished…

        1. Now I just want to see a yeti get adopted into a new family with a little sister who she just ‘protectively’ hugs all the time. To the point where the little sister can’t do anything.

    1. So adorable! Gonna find a willing artist to commission one of those little cuties. I always liked the design of the Cancer, and a little bummed that the fan-art is a little on the light side.

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