Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 18)

Today was especially exhausting…

The kind you get once, or twice every month.

That for whatever reason, is the absolute worst.

Today was definitely one of those days, a stark reminder of the cruel fate that is reality.

The job was easy enough apparently; get given a crook, and tend to the Were-sheep, and lead them back to the Orphanage after they finish sunbathing, and nibbling on the grass. You even garnered the assistance of a little helper for the first time.

That same Doppelganger you have been interacting with the past couple of days has grown very fond fo you. So much so that she decided, on her own to want to follow you around.

She even dressed herself up in a cute little maid outfit with a lot of tiny pockets to keep all her stuff in.

“U-Um-! C-can I help…in any way?” she asked not sounding too sure of herself.

You figured the work was easy enough, so why not?

“Sure you can, and I appreciate the help” you assure her.

She gave you this beaming look…this genuine smile that had an air of confidence you’ve never seen in her before. It really tugged at you heartstrings seeing her look so content with herself for once.

With your little partner by your side you started your shift for the day:

Were-sheep herder.

You got a crook after all…your little partner was given a small cane.

Apparently as docile, and lazy as Were-sheep can be, they are very reckless, and tend to do their own thing with extreme naivety when they are young. Luckily they are easily controlled just by holding the crook. Betsy giving you some tips before hand to teach you how it works.

Tap the floor twice to gain their attention for starters. Once their attention is on you…and technically more on the crook, you are free to point it at any direction, and that’s where they’ll go. If a Were-sheep is asleep, a soft tap of the crook will wake them up.

Betsy has warned you that it won’t stop them from getting cranky.

Was this crook magical? Did it resonate with Were-sheep in general…was it really just a crook, and these kids are more well behaved than most give them credit?

Who knows? You didn’t bring it up, so far as the thing worked you didn’t really question it.

Tending to the Were-sheep as it was their time to graze, and sunbathe was…actually very pleasant at first.

It was a quiet afternoon, warm summer day with a soft cool breeze under a sunny day. There were six Were-sheep in total, and you watch as they greet each other, struggle to finish their own actions as they wander about half-way through, and do some other random things here, or there.

They were the very definition of care-free.

If any one of them moves too far away from the group a quick tapping of the crook snaps them out of any daydream they were in, and rush over to you in the most lax way possible.

Thirty minutes in, not much to report…

You chat with them, toss a ball around with them from time to time, and chuckle as they tire themselves out playing with their toys, and just laze around on the grass. Speaking of which you spotted your little assistant under the shade of a tree, completely knocked out.

Betsy also mention something like this could happen; apparently Were-sheep wool wasn’t as potent at making people fall asleep when they are still young. It’s why it took a small flock to knock you out the last time, but it was potent enough to affect kids roughly their own age.

The poor little Doppelganger never stood a chance.

Being careful with her, you gently position her in a more comfortable spot, using her backpack as a sort of pillow for the time being. She snoozes with soft little high pitch snores while you pet her head eliciting a faint smile on her tiny lips.

You were looking away with the crook out of your hands for exactly one minute, and twenty four seconds.

You turn around, and all the Were-Sheep were gone.

They ran away for whatever reason…

You tap the crook twice as hard as you could to make as much noise, but under the soft ground it did little to alert anyone…not even waking the sleeping Doppelganger beside you.

This is bad…

And thus the second half of your shift consisted of you exploring the Orphanage searching for all the wandering Were-sheep before Betsy could notice them missing. One thing you were assured of is that the Were-sheep won’t wander into the woods as the thick foliage, and unstable ground make for uncomfortable sleeping…

Oh, and also the Orphanage itself has a subtle security system in case a child strays too far, or someone comes in uninvited; thus alerting the building…

Though for the Were-sheep it really was just the lack of sleeping spots.

This meant your search was mostly inside the building, and the open field around it where the children go out to play. Carrying your helper still passed out on your back you set off to find the Were-sheep.

The first of the six was an easy find…she was spotted just a few yards away sleeping on the sandbox…two Pixie children were already there poking her with a stick, giggling at the lack of a reaction the Were-sheep gave them. You shooed the girls away, tap the snoozing child with your crook, and right away she woke up, yawned, and steadily picked herself up to stand beside you. Her head was leaning, and resting on your waist for support, clearly intending to sleep some more.

You find Were-Sheep number two being cuddled by a pile of Were-cats who were also napping in a sun room several yards further from where you started. It was unclear whether, or not the litter of cat girls were asleep before, or after the Were-sheep came in.

By this point you were carrying three children, one under each arm, and your little Doppelganger assistant feebly gripping the shoulders on your back.

A third Were-sheep was found in a book fort created by a small pack of Goblins.

“Halt! Who goes-ith there!” One of the Goblins spoke out, poking her head from an opening acting as a window.

“It’s Sir Anon of the house of Caretakers-wait what am I doing? Give me that Were-sheep you’re using as a body pillow, and I’ll be on my way” you almost got suckered into their game of pretend.

“If thou-st wishith the return of our ru-rumimi-ruminant! Pillow, Ovie~Ov-Ovivi-vus…” she tried really hard to sound fancy, and smart. “If you want your sheepy back you have to trade something of equal…stuff!” The goblin proclaimed, the few remaining still awake nodding their heads in solidarity.

“I carry with me only the essentials…and three children…” you reply.

“Not enough! Y-you must…” the Goblin began, but a soft blush was growing evident, despite having the upper hand on this trade, and considering how ill tempered they can be…she was still a young maiden with a pure heart. “Y-you must…tend to us in…uh-um…coddling, and s-s-skin-ship!” she managed to declare her demands.

…You might be able to haggle with them…

“Your terms will be met so long as I hold law over what is acceptable, and what is not” regardless of your intentions to avoid their game of pretend, you found yourself playing along.

Whatever it takes to get that Were-sheep out of there, and in your care. The goblins mutter to each other before their mediator responds.

“W-we refuse! It’s not fair that you get to play with everyone else, but not us! We want to play however we want with you!” She whined.

True…but then again you’re only one guy with so many hours to spend…you suppose Goblins in general get neglected by society…adding you in the mix would be like adding insult to injury. Yet you are unsure of how much ‘skin-ship’ they will inevitably demand.

“Hey there Mr. A, looks like you’re in a bit of a jam huh?” A girl piped up behind you.

You turn around, and spot the Ghoul that hung around Mizari a lot, sucking away at one of her special lollipops to keep her relatively sane. Wearing a T-shirt she tied a knot on to expose her tummy for style, and some denim shorts with sneakers, she was as casually dressed as any common teen.

“Oh hey, what’s up? Yeah…things aren’t working out right now…” you reply.

“Let me, these girls like me…we can work something out…you just chill for a bit…hey did you work out?” The Ghoul asked taking a closer look at you.

The lollipops can only do so much, or perhaps that was just her usual behavior, but her mannerism while continually suckling, and stroking her candy with her tongue were sending you mixed signals.

“Thankfully yes, or my arms would be dying right about now” you half-joke.

“Haha! I can feel that! But man…you’re looking really good there Mr. A! Alright let me do my thing here” the Ghoul assured as she approached the Goblins.

The girls seemed excited to see the ghoul and quickly got to whispering with one another. You note that on several occasions your name was mentioned, but after a while they ceased talking, and the Ghoul was allowed entrance in their book fort. She came back holding the smallest of the Were-sheep in her arms.

“Girls said they’d give up the sheep pillow so long as you take her place sometime this week…also they’re gonna put away their book fort, and put the books back where they belong” the Ghoul said.

“That’s amazing…how did you do that…wait, how do I know if they’ll respect their end of the deal?” You ask.

“Mizari talks to me all the time…she’s got a way of understanding people’s troubles…probably cause she’s gone through a lot of it herself, guess she rubbed off on me in a way. And no worries on that, I have some free time so I’ll be there to keep an eye on things when we go back and play with them” the Ghoul assured.

“Great! Just two more then! Uh…hey do you mind sticking around, and helping me out…if you’re not busy?” You ask.

“Dude, I’m an orphan, what else am I going to be doing?” The Ghoul answered.

“Oh-well sorry I thought-” you begin to apologize.

“C’mon man I was just joking, I’m cool to chill with you, plus I kind want to see if those rumors Fubuki spread about you were true or not” the Ghoul grinned as the two of you continue to walk, and search the building.

“I assume it’s the lolicon accusations as per usual?” You ask dryly.

The Ghoul snickers, and nods her head.

“I can assure you they are not.” you reply.

“Bummer…’cause you ain’t that half bad looking…I was kind of hopping they were true” the Ghoul winked at you.

“Whatever, let’s find the other two rascals…you’re okay to carry her? Not feeling sleepy or nothing?” you ask her.

“Yeah, I’m all good, comes with being dead, and stuff” the Ghoul replies.

By this point you started asking around, seeing if any of the children have spotted a sleepwalking Were-sheep recently, but no luck thus far. At some point in the search you were resting your arms, and back by settling them down along the walls of the hall while the Ghoul kept an eye on the children who were now sleeping, and cuddling one another…your little assistant getting more than her scheduled nap.

“Hey, do me a solid I’m gonna go door to door for a bit, and ask anyone who answers…when she wakes up when I’m not around, update her on our mission” you ask.

“Yes sir” the Ghoul replied.

Unfortunately this tactic harbored no results, and things were looking bad until you came across an unexpected witness.

“Yo! Mr. A! This little kiddo says she’s spotted someone like that!” The Ghoul proclaimed from across the hall.

Happy to find a lead to follow you stop checking on doors, and retreat back to the Ghoul to find her talking to a familiar Cancer child.

The crab girl in question spots you, and her legs immediately click away at the floor while her crab pincers snip away. Her expression however couldn’t be more emotionless, and plain. Height wise she reached just above your knees, her crab shell a soft pink with a red hue, her hair wet, matted, wavy and colored a soft pink that streaked down to the tips of her tummy. She had on her a thick fluffy pink bathrobe.

“Whoa, someone is happy to see you? Is she an old fling?” The Ghoul teased.

“I gave her, and a few others a tour of the place when they got here…how are you liking this place so far?” You ask the tiniest of the Cancer children.

She just stares at you.

Well, not entirely accurate, she does pinch her claws a few times.

“Hey~ so far so good!” The Ghoul said.

“…You’re not gonna tell me she told you where the Were-sheep was…did she?” You ask.

“She sure did, we’re gonna follow her to where she last spotted her too” the Ghoul proclaimed.

The Cancer child nodded her tiny head, and she lead the team.

Straight into the girl’s shower room.

“Naturally I’m gonna have to wait outside” you reply.

“Wha~t? C’mon it’s fine~” the Ghoul assured.

The Cancer merely stared at the two waiting for something to happen.

“I’m not going in there, staff, or not Fubuki will never let me hear the end of it if she ever found out” you remind her.

“Oh yeah, guess she would do something like that…alright fine, you big baby, kiddo!? Show me where the sheep is” the Ghoul said.

The Cancer pinch her claws, and the two went inside while you waited, tapping the crook every now and then when the Were-sheep wake up, and begin wandering around on your more careful watch.

Moments later the doors opened once again, the two girls returning holding a recently bathed Were-sheep in a white bathrobe…

Only problem was…

“Why are you just wearing a towel…why is she just wearing a towel!?” You call out as the Ghoul, and the Cancer were both very under dressed walking out compared to how they were walking in.

“Well~ we got to talking-” the Ghoul began.

“I highly doubt that” you cut her off.

“We did~! Anyways she convinced me to take a bath…don’t want to be stinky, and stuff right?” The Ghoul answered.

“Well…if we’re parting ways-” you begin.

“You could join us” the Ghoul said.

“If we’re parting ways” you repeat. “Then I guess I’ll take it from here…I just need one more after all, but hey! Thanks for the help you two…you really saved me this time” you thank them.

“Anytime Mr. A…no really, anytime you want to share a bath with me, or hang out, you just holler!” The Ghoul snickered.

The Cancer said nothing, and stared blankly at you.

“I’ll hang out, let’s go with that…anyways c’mon girls let’s go find your sister” you reply.

You got a tip from wandering Giant Ant child that a Were-sheep was spotted wandering about the halls, and took to one of the rooms she had just passed, but mentioned most girls weren’t allowed in that room. Figuring you were staff you exercised your authority, and realized that the restricted access wasn’t official, but rather enforced by one of the orphans.

A lone Dragon girl with a small hoard of change, toys, furniture, and one Were-sheep.

Almost immediately upon trying to retrieve the child you were shooed away by the keeper of the pile.

“No one is allowed to touch my stuff!” She roared in a cute squeak.

“I’m not here for the half eaten bag of cookies, or the choo-choo train, I’m here for the napping Sheep girl” you reply.

“She waltz into my room, and slept in my pile…so she’s my pillow now” the Dragon spoke rather matter of fact.

You sigh, and tap the crook twice on the floor, the recently declared pillow woke up from her nap, and proceeded to lazily walk over to you, only for the Dragon to stop her mid-way, pick her up, and plop her back onto the pile.

“No! You stay pillow!” The Dragon proclaimed.

What is it with these kids, and trying to use these girls as pillows? It’s bad enough the Werewolves, and even some of the Caith Sith pick on them from time to time, no wonder they need a herder.

At this point the Were-sheep was acting like a damsel in distress, quietly sobbing, and yearning for a hero of some kind.

Granted you could…technically ‘slay’ the dragon. You say technically both in the sense that she can still probably over power you, and also you would be fighting a little girl, and neither would be a good look on your reputation.

Quite the dilemma indeed. You weren’t proud of it as you were certain you could have handled this yourself, but given the situation you were in, you had no choice, but to call for back-up.

Giving Betsy a quick text you confess your troubles, and request her assistance to which she agrees to right away. It was moments later, and she appeared looking just as happy, and bouncy as ever.

“Sorry Besty…I feel like I let you down on this one” you reply reluctant about admitting you screwed up.

“Aw~ don’t feel glum about it sugar! A lot of ya’ll always underestimate these fluffy sugarcubes, and it ain’t the first time this happen. I bet you had quite the handful wrangling them all across the place” Betsy said.

“How did you know?” You ask.

“Happens all the time! Like I told you sugar, lots of us tried to watch over these darlings, and had them wandering about the place, and searching like a needle in a haystack!” Besty laughed. “I’ll give you this though, ya’ll caught most of them before the others called on me to help, so you got that going fer ya!” Betsy assured you.

“Thanks, means a lot coming from you” you reply.

“Aw shucks don’t tell me that, I’m just being honest is all!” Betsy humble nature shines yet again.

“Well, I guess, I can hand this over to you” you reply giving her the crook.

“Yup…uh, what do ya’ll want to do with this one though? She ain’t a sheep” Betsy said to the snoozing Doppelganger.

“I’ll tuck her in, I know where her room is, you reply carrying the snoozing child with her chin resting on your shoulder.

Knowing Betsy can handle it you decide to take the young Doppelganger back to her room, perhaps it was being away from the Were-sheep that the young child finally opened her eyes, and let out a high note yawn.

“W-where…*ya~wn* where are the sheepies…” she murmured.

“Taken care of, how did the sleep treat you?” You jokingly asked.

“I-I was asleep?…b-but I was suppose to help…” the Doppelganger murmured.

“I know sweetie, I bet you would have been great…but let’s save it for next time” you assure her.

“…I’m really sorry…maybe this is why no one wants me…” the Doppelganger was not feeling too good.

“Hey-hey it’s too soon to say that, and besides I still want you with me for next time, I bet you’ll do a better job then” you reply.

“You really think so Mr. Anon?” She whimpers.

Oh be still your heart, this little cutie-pie really wants to prove herself.

“Yeah, I’m sure of it, can you walk? Your legs aren’t asleep are they?” You ask.


You felt her cheek, and nose rub against you for a moment as she squeezed you just a little tighter while you were carrying her.

“…Yeah, I can” she finally replied.

The two of you split off there, though she was very reluctant, occasionally turning around to look at you. Then she’ll continue walking…look at you…rinse, and repeat until she turned the corner.

After a long day, and with most of the shift done, you decided to kick back into the break room for a moment.

And what joy! You weren’t the only who thought so too.

You spot Mizari quietly scribbling away on a black and violet notebook. Once again you see her wearing her usual gothic garb, and veil.

At least her black mascara wasn’t as runny as you’ve seen it in the past. She murmurs to herself completely unaware of your presence in the room, her smile tiny and frail as she amuses herself in her own writings. Much like Katy, and Kosame she is using her own lower half as a seat.

“Kufifi~hi-hihi~” Mizari giggles her strange laugh.

“A-am I missing something?” You pipe up.

Big mistake, she lifts herself up, stares at you and returns to her stuttering blubbering mess of social anxiety, and awkwardness.

“H-hey can we not do this every-time I want to talk to you?” You ask.

This didn’t help much, Mizari squeaked and turned away attempting to mutter an apology but the best she could do was…

“S-s-sow-I’m-I-I-mm~apo-I” Mizari squeaked as she began sweating profusely the more nervous she was getting. You notice a faint tinge of violet on her sweat, and secreted on the lines, and curves that paint her skin.

“…*Sigh*-no-no, I’m sorry, I completely forgot how difficult this all still is for you. It’s fine you don’t have to push yourself so hard” you assure her.

Mizari sighs herself and slumps down, but doesn’t say anything, rather she has a deep gloomy frown of sheer self disappointment.

“Maybe we can work something out” you speak out.

Mizari looks up, looking a tad nervous as if you were giving her a pop quiz she’s not ready for.

“I’ve been thinking, maybe we should start with yes or no questions. Just nod or shake your head for yes and no. Does that work?” You ask.

At this Mizari pauses, struggling to meet your gaze before she meekly nods her head.

“Great! Finally, let’s get to know each other better then” you happily reply.

It looks like the nervousness she had is slowly fading away, replaced with wide eye shock and perhaps even a twinge of hope?

“So~ have you been here for a few years?” You ask.

Mizari nods her head.

“Did you know Katy before the Orphanage was founded?” You ask.

Mizari shakes her head.

“Interesting, so that means you actually applied on your own then? Well did you come to work here soon afterward?” You ask.

Mizari nods her head.

“Since it’s conception?” You start putting the pieces together.

She shakes her head.

“…After…Betsy?” You ask for one more clue.

At this she nods her head.

“So you’ve been here a while. That’s amazing” you compliment.

Mizari’s smile finally returns, weak, and small but it’s there.

“I saw that you were writing about in that notebook, is it important?” You ask.

Mizari squeaks and quickly snatches her notebook and hugs it tightly and nods her head.

“Is it a-taking a shot in the dark here, but a diary of some kind?” You ask.

Mizari nods her head.

“Private diary?” You ask.

Mizari nods her head.

I bet that thing has a lot of info about Mizari you could use to get to know her much better than the method you’re using now.

I mean…you’d have to be some kind of new level of dick if you tried it…but the option is there…

“…Do you want to try asking me something next?” You ask.

Mizari nods her head.

“Well, go ahead I’m all ears for you” you assure her.

Mizari sputters and squeaks but sure enough something finally comes out.

“H-ho~how is-y-you’re d-day~?” Mizari gasps in an embarrassed stutter.

“T-that’s all? Well my day has been doing great. My kid is doing much better as well, and I got a chance to talk to you. How rare is that?” You tell her…things that won’t make her needlessly worry.

“M-me!?” Mizari gasps.

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you I found you interesting, you’re the only one of your kind I ever met, and you’re the only kind of person I ever met. I just wanted to get to know you better that’s all” you confess.

She is once again reduced to a sputtering mess of awkwardness, but at the very least she looked rather happy, and you can only hope she’s producing tears of joy, and sweat.

Lot’s of sweat.

“I’m both sorry, and happy I did that to you…” you mutter.

She finally snaps out of it, and turns to face you, her make up now completely ruined though she seems completely unaware at this point.

“H-hi~u-um~t-thank-y~y-you” Mizari gasps.

“Sure, so~ what do you do for a hobby?” You ask.

“H-hobby?” Mizari asks.

“Yeah, what do you do in your spare time?” You repeat.

“U-uh~I~um~r-r-read…?” Mizari confessed.

“So you read books, me too” you respond.

“Ah~” Mizari gasped in delight. “Um~ah~l-listen too?” Mizari said.

“Listen? Oh! You mean like music and stuff? Yeah okay, sounds like something I tend to do as well” you reply.

Mizari gave a little squeal as she suddenly turned away from you, and began mumbling to herself, you can only assume she’s trying to collect herself to keep the ball rolling.

“I-I p-play vi-video games too!?” She squeaked out.

“That’s…unexpected, I think I have more questions about that, but we can save it for next time” you reply.

“Next…time…yeah” Mizari was relieved to hear that.

“Hey, how are the kids you take care of underground doing?” You try to test the waters between the two of you, and ask her something above just a yes, or no.

“K-kids? T-they’re…h-hi~d-doing…w-well? V-very excited f-for some~ r-reason, maybe t-t-they heard of y-you?” Mizari responded as if answering a question made by a teacher.

“Hey look! That’s the most I heard you speak, that wasn’t too hard was it?” you praise.

Mizari’s smile grows more evident, and her body doesn’t look as sweaty though it is glistening from earlier giving her this glow that you had to admit looked rather innocent.

“Are you excited for summer?” You ask.

This question made her flinch, she looked up staring blankly at you and utter something both impressive, and also a tad creepy.

“What’s there to get excited? Staring at a bunch of normal happy people enjoying their lives while the rest of us wallow in the dark forever wishing we could live like them? And then there’s the assholes that talk all cool but never keep their promises and use us for cheap thrills to boast to their other asshole friends, and never bother to come back? Not that I would know, but just knowing people like that exist make me wish they would all just die” Mizari spoke in a sort of trance and empty glassy eyes.

“M-Mizari?” You try to snap her out of it.

She flinches once more and she stares at you red in the face to down to her neck as she turns away once more.

“N-not that…u-um~I think…y-you’re one of t-them! Y-you’re actually~ nice, you-you try to get to~h-hi~k-know me!” Mizari squeaked out returning to her extremely shy and awkward self.

“*Phew* I thought I lost you…” you sigh feeling relieved that you may go through this just fine.

You glance at the clock and realize your break is nearly over, but you’re not quite done with Mizari just yet. You take a piece a paper and a pen you had on you and start writing something down.

“Hey Mizari, come here for a sec. I want to give you something” you call her back.

She turns to face you again, wide eyed and curious.

“Here, this is my cellphone number. Y-you have one yourself right?” You ask.

Mizari nods her head.

“Great, just give me a text whenever you want to talk more, and I promise I won’t respond like those uh~ ‘assholes’ you dislike so much. I~ have to go back to work, but text you later?” you explain.

“Hii~y-yes! T-t-thank you~” Mizari squeals in delight quickly taking your number.

You stand up and get ready to leave the room. You turn to Mizari once more and immediately she starts scribbling madly at her notebook with a big grin on her face. The sight would be rather adorable if it wasn’t met with loud panting, drool, wide teary eyes.

And the return of her sweat.

Just how patient do you have to be with this girl? The thought alone worried you a little, but you couldn’t deny a larger potion of yourself wanted to give her a chance…that little off character rant though rang at your head like…


“HEY DADDY!” Chloe immediately shouted.

“AAAAHHHHHH!” Your high pitch, pants wetting screams of feminine terror echoed the hall at your daughter’s…jump-scare of a greeting, her head poking out from your chest, and staring right at you.

If it weren’t for the hectic sheep herding you’ve been through, you would have remembered that Chloe had decided to take the day off being a ghost kid, and sleep in your pocket until you clocked off…

With work gone and dealt with you decide to visit the park once more with Chloe, mostly because you really didn’t have much in terms of plans. Plus, you just like seeing Chloe happy, and playing, and when she wants to share that joy with you…it really makes you feel like the discipline, and bonding is finally paying off. Chloe wanted to try a little trick that uses her newly gained powers of invisibility, and you were all for it.

The game was simple; you tossed a bright red ball around with Chloe for a moment until you saw people coming by.

That’s when Chloe turned invisible with the ball still in her hands. The ball itself remained visible and all you had to do was guide the ball with your hands using your ‘psychic’ powers!

You wag your fingers at a general direction, and your invisible daughters flies there still carrying the ball.

Simple, yet effective.

Needless to say you’ve fool quite a bit of people until a certain Youko passes by you and intrudes in the little charade.

“Aw~ daddy~ playing with your little girl? So cute” Trish spoke out.

With a flick, and a snap of her fingers she used her actual magical powers to bring the ball towards her. Chloe reappears, still holding the ball.

“That was so cool!” Chloe was excited to see magic up close.

“Thanks sweetie~ I haven’t done magic in forever, but it’s like riding a bike…well to me anyways” Trish smirked.

“O-oh hey! Trish what’s up?” You greet.

“I was just in the neighborhood daddy~ and thought I smelled something…familiar, needless to say I was right, but then again. My nose never lies” Trish smirks cutely twitching her nose while doing so.

“So~ what’s with the daddy nickname?” You ask her.

“Oh~ it’s just a pet name, nothing more. Why? You don’t like it…daddy~?” Trish cooed.

“Just thinking that a grown up like yourself was done using cute pet names like that” you half joked.

“The same can be said with you and your little prank here. But I guess we both have a fondness for feeling young” Trish responded.

“You got me there, especially after coming back from studying for a few years” you reply.

“Mmm~ so how was my sister back in college? I tried to teach her the best I could” Trish asked reminding you about that one quick fling.

“S-she was, u-um is it alright to tell you all this?” You ask.

“Sure, not like she’s around to get flustered about it, but I’ll admit it’s a lot less fun not seeing her reactions” Trish replied.

“W-we had fun, she was very attentive…but it was a long time ago, and there wasn’t any meaning behind it. Just two adults looking to have fun with one another” you explain.

“I see~ well that’s a shame. If it were me you’d still have the memory fresh in your head, and you’d erect a shrine to my sexual glory” Trish said.

“Speaking from experience?” You ask.

“Several, can’t believe some men found it flattering to show me their dirty little secret of me they keep in the cupboard” Trish commented.

“Come on, don’t you find it at least somewhat flattering?” You joke.

“The only flattery I respond to is with gifts. Nothing turns me on faster than an expensive present. You should take note of that” Trish smiled.

“I suppose if your claiming unforgettable nights then you’d expect nothing less in return” you say.

“Yes~ wanna put it to the test though? A quick freebie daddy?” Trish purred

And that’s when you notice that she’s been getting steadily closer to you this whole time you’ve been talking to her. Several of her tails were already stroking your legs, and stomach as one of the straps in her leopard top had slipped off, and you can clearly see the sides of her hot pink thong pulled to her waist, her black mini skirt sneakily pulled a little lower on her body than it should be. And her black fishnet leggings and high heel open toe shoes took several steps closer to you.

“Wait!” Chloe cried out.

Yes! You’re not entirely defenseless, you have Chloe to help you out.

She zips into your body and nestles herself snugly in your little soul pocket.

“Okay! Do whatever you want!” Chloe spoke out through your mouth.

“Thanks for the support Chloe!” You scold her.

“Oh~ don’t worry, I’m only teasing. I’m not the type of woman that gives freebies. But I can give you a little lecture if you’re interested. Seeing you play with Chloe reminded me of all the fun I use to have with my own daughters.

“T-that will be very beneficial, thanks” you are both relieved and disappointed.

“Mmm~ that’s a good boy, maybe if you don’t like being called daddy we can do the teacher student act? Wanna be teacher’s pet instead?” Trish asked.

“Do I get a gold star for doing a good job?” You jokingly ask.

“I love a man with a quick wit, I think you deserve a little extra private studying. Won’t you like that?” Trish purred.

“I would love to join you” you reply.

Suffice to say it wasn’t a porno she was inviting you to, but an actual lecture. Her words were as captivating as they were helpful, though you could have done without the constant groping her tails were giving you. But by the end of the day you’ve felt like you learned a lot from her.

“Aw~ Daddy she was all over you~ it could have been fun” Chloe whined.

“It’s not a good idea to jump on a stranger like that…I want you to understand that uh…those kinds of acts are meant for someone you really care about, not because you’re bored, or lonely”

“I can handle it! I’m a big girl!” Chloe assures you.

“You’re not even in high school sweetie, finish middle school, and then maybe we can talk more about this” you remind her.

“I would have been in High School if I didn’t die!” Chloe pouted.

“That just means you’ll have to wait less, don’t be so quick to jump into something like that” you explain.

Chloe kept her cheeks puffed out, but did go into temper tantrum mode just yet.

“Okay~ at least I don’t feel hot and itchy any more…but it’s weird” Chloe said.

“What’s weird?” You ask.

“I do feel hot and itchy whenever I use my powers…even after I ate, a-and sometimes I eat the cookies, but when I try to use my powers, I get all hungry again” Chloe explains.

“Ah~ in that case, let’s just skip the power usage until we can find you a source of food” you reply.

“Aw~ but it took me forever to learn all those things!” Chloe whined.

One disappointing thing after another with this girl…

“I’m sure we’ll find someway to feed you that doesn’t involve me” you reply. “If it gets too bad though tell me right away, and maybe I’ll make an exception…I don’t want you to tire yourself out, or worse you know” you explain.

“Kay~ I’m gonna go take a shower. I’ll leave the door unlocked in you want to jump in too daddy” Chloe said.

“I’m quite alright thanks-” you reply before you hear ringing from your phone.

You answer it and you’re surprised to hear Katy on the other end.

“(Hey! Anon, glad it’s you! I just wanted to know how your first month is coming along, it’s almost over isn’t it? A little over two weeks, my how time flies)” Katy said.

“Well, I think I’m almost through my new guy jitters, and I already got a few play-dates the kids want me to do, I think next month will be even better.” You reply.

“(Excellent, really Anon that’s such a relief to hear! That means we can go over something else that our staff does from time to time)” Katy hinted.

“What kind of stuff?” You ask.

“(Nothing much, we have monthly staff meetings and we tried to make it more fun by doing it in our staff’s home, a sort of surprise visit. Since we haven’t been to your house yet we thought we could all come over for a visit and have our meeting at your place”) Katy offered.

“Everyone? Like everyone-everyone?” You ask.

“(Well that’s not entirely accurate, my apologies, what I mean is a few of the head staff come over, the ones that relay the message of what we discussed to others, in return my head of staff relay the information me, and Fubuki need to know to keep our staff happy, and working hard”) Katy explained.

“Huh…that’s not a bad idea at all, but really my place? Aren’t I still the new guy?” You ask.

“(Well yes, but you are a curious pick, I think it would help your reputation around us if you were apart of our important meetings, you know to show that hiring you wasn’t just a stunt for attention, or anything negative. Nip any bad thoughts in the bud after all”) Katy answered.

Her explanation was sound, if there were any doubts to you working there, this meeting could help you state your claim, and intentions better than just going one by one with each staff member.

“(If you’re interested we’ll let you know when, plus you get to skip out on work for the day, cause it’s kind of long. But if you’re not interested it’s fine too, just do whatever it was you were going to do anyways. Choice is yours Anon, what’s it gonna be?” Katy explains.

Your mind is still trying to grasp all this, but you feel like you’re ready to answer her.

“Yeah…okay let’s do it” you agree.

“(Excellent choice Anon! I hope we have a fabulous meeting then! *click”) And with that she hung up, and you were left with a text reading the meeting is happening tomorrow…

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