Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 17)

Putting in the hours at work felt great and all, but there’s nothing like a day off to catch up on some much needed family time. Chloe was very quick to notice, and was giddy at spending all day with you now that she has much more control of her ghostly body.

The day was already more or less planned; go to the store, and buy some toys, and picnic items to enjoy the park while the day was still sunny, and pleasant. Nothing too groundbreaking, or creative even in such a magical world, but the simple things with friends, and loves ones can be more extravagant than one might think.

Currently she seemed content with the video game consoles you left her with back home so this time around the toys are more focused on outdoor play. Just a few balls, and an enchanted Frisbee colored a soft violet made by a small local business.

The gimmick was that it acted like a boomerang when you double tap it, thus making it a great single player toy; double tap again to return it to normal.

You also purchased a small cooler, a bag of ice, and a classic straw picnic basket for style mostly. Food consisting of bread, cheese, and ham for sandwiches, and a two liter soda. You also get some snacks to finish your little banquet, bag of chips for you, and another box of Sabbath Girl Scout Cookies for Chloe.

Once everything was purchased the two of you were good to go, next stop; the park.

Ever since Chloe was able to touch stuff she insists on sitting passenger seat, now that she can actually keep herself in the car…and also…

“Poke~poke-poke*giggle*” Chloe giggled as she prodded your shoulder.

That, she also likes doing that.

“I wanna play a song!” Chloe suddenly declared.

“We’re almost there already sweetie, but sure, why not?” you reply handing her your phone for her to browse through to find her music. “You sing a lot, do you want to be a singer when you grow up?” You ask.

Surprisingly she shakes her head.

“I just really like music that’s all” she replies.

“Oh? Well that’s understandable at least” you say.

“W-well I couldn’t do much being sick, and all…music helped pass the time, and cheer me up a little when I was hurting…I couldn’t sing any of the songs though ‘cause it hurt my throat, b-but now I can!” Chloe declared.

“Yeah…yeah you can sweetie” you assure.

Moments later…

“And it’s Swee~t*poke*! Swee~t*poke*! Sweet victory~! YEAH*poke-poke! It’s ours~ for the taking~! It’s ours for the fight*poke*!” Chloe shouted, and prodded as you reached the park.

As always the grass was green with a pleasant breeze brushing the tree leaves. A sweet smell of soil, grass, and flowers in full bloom were a testament to the care, and maintenance of the local park in your area.

“Dad-dad! Come on, let’s play!” Chloe urged me tugging at my sleeve.

“Easy there Chloe, we haven’t even decided on where we wanted to eat” you chuckle at her enthusiasm.

You find a wooden table, and bench set, and go to work making it look nice. Not quite ready to dish out all the ingredients you decide to pop open the chips, and cookies as a quick snack instead. Tossing one cookie over to Chloe catching it mid-air with her mouth, giggling contently.

You recall playing a lot with your little sister, though this didn’t necessarily feel anything like that…rather it felt like you were mostly playing catch with a flying dog. Chloe enjoying the Frisbee a little too much, though given her life you should have seen this coming.

At least you don’t have to hold back. You send that Frisbee flying as far as you could, and Chloe rushes faster than she ever flew to try and catch it before it hits the ground. A sort of competition grew between the two of you, each successful catch was a win for Chloe, and each time the Frisbee touched the ground was a win for you.

One time you prank Chloe by turning on the Boomerang function, and watch go dumbfounded when she tried to predict it’s trajectory only to watch it do a one hairpin back to you mid-air.

“That one didn’t count!” Chloe pouted, but giggled soon afterward.

Didn’t take long after that for hunger to set in for the two of you, and a quick stack of sandwiches later you realize just how tired you were, Chloe mimicking your exhaustion couldn’t even keep herself hovering anymore.

The two of you relax on a blanket under the grass with Chloe laying down on top of you. Her body had next to no weight on it; In fact considering how warm it was today, her cool body was a welcomed blanket, putting you at ease even more so.

You rest with one arm on Chloe as she dozes off, you follow her shortly after, and take a nap.

In the middle of your sleep you feel your face being poked at. You simply brush it away but the poking persists, and now you feel a tiny palm resting on your face.

“Mhm~ knock it off Chloe” you murmured.

“Knock what off?” Chloe murmured back.

You open one eye and see a blonde haired toddler look down back at you. Tiny little fox ears twitch contently, and her tail wags with a lot of excitement. She giggles, and slaps your face again with her hand.

“Oh~ look at that! She’s saying hello” a familiar voice snaps you out of your sleeping daze.

You sit up with and spot the Youko mother, and realize her baby girl had now grown up to the point of crawling to wherever she wants to. The young woman was dressed in a light, creamy white summer dress with spaghetti straps, and white open toe slippers. A simple garment that looked rather expensive, and elegant thanks to the Youko’s natural beauty, and physique.

“Hey Anon, I see you’re enjoying the sunshine just like us?” The Youko mother greeted.

“Oh hey, how’s it going” you ask as you remain seated and grab a soda can from your cooler.

“We’ve been just fine actually, Sorry about my baby girl, she’s in her terrible twos at the moment so she’s very energetic, and curious” the Youko apologized.

“No worries, I underst-” you reply until the toddler slapped your face again.

“Hm? Is this the man you were introducing me to?” You heard a second woman ask as you sit up from your blanket, Chloe still hugging at your neck.

“Yes he is, Anon this is my sister I’ve mentioned to you before” the Youko said.

“Charmed I’m sure” the second Youko proclaimed.

You were definitely seeing double, though this second Youko was dressed more scantily than her counterpart. She wore a thin leopard printed V-neck blouse that showcased her large breasts that cut just above her belly button. She also had on a denim mini-skirt that hug her waist and butt rather tightly, and dark violet high heel open toe shoes. Her hair was long, wavy and looked a tad messy as she just casually brushed it with no real effort. And sprouting behind her were five tails, one more than her sister.

“U-um hi” you stammer as you are taken aback by her striking looks.

“Aw~ so this is the boy my little sister played with during college” the second Youko cooed.

“Don’t call me little sister, we’re twins remember?” The first Youko reminded her.

“Yes, but I came out first, that makes me the older sister” the second argued.

“Only by about five minutes” the first Youko pouted

“Five minutes sooner than you my adorable baby sister” the second Youko teased.

“Well in any case, this is Anon; he’s a nice young gentleman working at the orphanage sitting on the forest, and his adopted daughter Chloe” the first Youko introduced.

“H-hello” Chloe greeted with a wave.

“Aw~ now aren’t you adorable? You remind me of one my little girls a few years back. So Anon, I’m guessing you want to know a little about me?” The second Youko asked.

“I-uh sure we can sit down and talk, I have extra snacks and stuff packed” you assure her.

“Great, I could use a snack, but not too much. I have a figure to keep after all, like what you see by the way? No reason going to all the effort if it’s not giving me my desired results” The second Youko asked striking a pose.

“You’re very…c-curvy” you compliment.

Chloe now releasing you as the toddler had a sudden fascination with her ghostly tail.

“Mmm I like that answer, okay for starters my name is Star, or you can call me Foxy, or Vixen” the second Youko introduced herself.

“No, not your ‘actress’ names. Tell him your real name sis” the first Youko said.

“Oh, well alright. Call me Trish, born and raised here in the west, not everyday someone like me can tell you that” the older sister introduced herself.

“Our mother loved to travel and when he set her eyes on father, well she just had to stay here” the first Youko said.

“Exactly, we had quite a ride here didn’t we Tiff? Want to hear about our ‘bonding’ moments?” Trish asked.

“D-don’t call me that either, it’s Tiffany, and he doesn’t need to know about our little get togethers. Especially in front of children” Tiffany said.

You glance back at the kids and see Chloe playing with the baby Youko, holding her hands as she tries to get her to stand upright, the Youko tyke giggles and enjoys herself regardless of what was going on.

“I’m curious Anon, why would a stud still in his prime suddenly want to become a father? Wouldn’t someone like you still has a few years left to enjoy his youth? Perhaps maybe with a pair of foxy women?” Trish asked, though you’re not sure if she was flirting with you, or messing with you.

“Always the tease aren’t you Trish? This is why you’ve never had a chance to settle down with someone on a permanent basis” Tiffany said.

“Oh, and you’re always the love struck one, I’m glad to see that out of all the assholes you’ve slept with you finally find the one nice one that you don’t mind having sex with on a daily basis” Trish petted her sister.

“Geez sis, don’t remind me, but you know you’re missing out, there’s nothing more pleasurable than making love with the person you cherish the most” Tiffany said.

“You’re so cute when you get all romancy like that, that’s why I like ya so much! So Anon, you looking to become a better daddy?” Trish asked.

“Well I could use some improvement, and I’ll take all the help I can get” you figure.

“Mhm~! No you need a lot more than some, especially if you’re dealing with our kind, but don’t worry, I can give a lending hand, for a price of course” Trish said.

“A price?” You ask.

“Trish, don’t be mean” Tiffany said.

“I’m not being mean! Fair is fair after all, I help you, teach you everything I learned, and when I need you to do something…you do it, simple as that. I promise it won’t be anything illegal” Trish said.

“Isn’t five tails enough?” Tiffany asked with a glint in her eye.

“Jealous sweetie?” Trish asked.

“N-not in the least, if I asked my husband he’ll be more than happy to give me all the tails I need” Tiffany blushed.

“I’ll do it” you agree.

“Hm? That quickly? You really do want to be my toy” Trish said.

“Not for that…I-I just want to do my best for the kids, and for Chloe, I’ll agree to your terms so help me be the best parent I can be” you declare.

Trish just stares at you before ever so slightly her mouth curves into a smile and she attempts to suppress her sudden fits of giggles.

“That was so corny I swear, but I like your spunk. Okay you got yourself a deal” Trish said extending a tail over to your hand and gripping.

You grip her tail back and you shake it, soon afterward the three of you got to talking, and despite her attitude, and flirtatious nature. Trish was hiding a true, and blue mother in all of that sexiness. Apparently she’s mothered quite a few in her life, living her life care-free while still assuring the happiness of her young ones.

“Most important thing you should know for starters is to not feel so stressed out all the time. Kids look up to you a lot so when they see you frustrated, and anxious they feel that way too, and that doesn’t help things. Remember that stress is just a reaction to something, not that something in itself. You’re a single father Anon, you should be able to cope with whatever else life throws at you by now” Trish explained.

“I~ kind of understand, but wouldn’t this be the case of ‘easier said, than done’?” You ask.

“Obviously, but who told you to stop growing up, and getting stronger? Life comes at you hard, and you should always be ready to come back swinging, never let your guard down stud. That is of course unless you’re playing with your kids” Trish went on.

“Uh~ guys~! The baby is chewing on my tail~!” Chloe pointed out.

“Well…there are some exceptions obviously” Trish added as Tiffany, and yourself did damage control.

After a nice lunch outside you bid farewell to the Youko sisters, and pack everything back in your car. Granted the day was still young, and you had nothing else to do so you decided to try to make some muscles grow by hitting the gym.

“Time to get jacked” you muse as you drive over to the gym.

“Ew~ I don’t like it when they’re super big and bulky” Chloe displayed her distaste.

“…Well time to get semi-jacked” you change your mind.

You reach the gym, though not quite your proper clothing you figure it was enough to work with for the time being. Luckily the gym didn’t have a strict guideline to what you had to wear. So long as you were decently covered you were okay.

Granted there were some occupants who really stretch the guidelines, and more or less get away with it.

Once inside you spot the shy Orc Patty looking nervously left and right, as if she was undecided about what to do. She wore a simple white t-shirt, and black spandex tights that reached just above her knees with white sneakers, and ankle length pink socks.

You sneak up behind her and pat her shoulder and her response was instant. Immediately jumping and turning around like a scared animal until relief swells as she sees it’s just you.

“Oh~ Anon it’s just you, thank goodness” Patty said practically heaving.

“S-sorry about that Patty, didn’t think you’d react so strongly” you reply.

“It’s alright…knowing that it’s you is just as relieving” Patty’s breathing returned to normal.

So easily spooked too, she’s really making you struggle to comprehend the supposed disposition they are often described.

“Have you been coming here regularly?” You ask.

“Y-yes! W-well it’s not like do much anyways, most of the time I just stand still too nervous to work in front of others…especially when they all look so fit, so pretty…” Patty muttered.

“I keep telling you there’s nothing wrong with your looks, or body, but I’m here now so let’s start training together” you assure.

“T-thanks, I’ll be honest; you’re the only really nice guy I met in a while, it feels nice being with you” Patty confessed.

“(Geez dad, you need to be on a leash or something with all the girls you’re hitting on…not that I have a problem with it)” Chloe spoke through your thoughts.

“I-in any case, how about we go train, we went swimming last time, so how about we try a bit of jogging next? It’s pretty warm weather so we’ll be working out quite a sweat out there, and burning a lot of calories in the process” you explain.

“J-jogging? Well I-I sort of forgot…but if you think it’s a good idea I suppose we could…” Patty said.

“Don’t worry, we’re just gonna jog as much as we can and settle for a nice brisk walk when we’re at our limit okay? I didn’t bring my usual gear either” you try to assure her.

“W-well okay! I can do that much I think” Patty said.

The back of the gym was a long winding path through the woods that circle back to the gym. According to a large map at the beginning of the path, the dirt road can stretch for as long as ten miles though there were several branching paths that cut between depending on how far you plan on jogging. There were five levels, with level five being the whole ten miles and level one being just a single mile.

“So we’ll test our stamina by taking the one mile is that alright with you?” You ask.

“I-I never jogged a whole mile before” Patty confessed.

“Don’t sweat it, we’re going on your pace, and every-time we come back we’ll push ourselves a little better. I promise you you’ll be jogging the whole ten miles in no time looking your best” you try to boost her confidence.

“Anon…O-okay! I-if you believe in me that much! I-I have to try. Okay whenever you’re ready” Patty was determined.

“That’s what I wanted to hear, okay the one mile jog it is” you tell her.

You jog alongside Patty keeping your breath steady, and teaching her along the way everything you were taught by your football coach as well. As a former athlete you’re no stranger to running for long periods of time.

It was then that you notice something…distracting.

“P-patty-*huff*-you’re not wearing-*puff*-a bra?” You ask between your jog.

“I-I’m sorry! I forgot it and I didn’t want to go all the way back!” Patty apologized.

Her large bosom now bouncy up and down almost mesmerizing as her blush grows a deep red. Even more tantalizing was the fact that Patty was sweating up a storm, even though you were jogging just a single mile, her white shirt clung to her skin, and quickly turning transparent, her luscious, glistening pink skin revealing itself through the shirt. Perhaps you were not a master of being subtle as Patty felt your eyes staring at her body, causing her to heat up from the attention, and make her chest more noticeable.

“(Daddy! Rock!)” Chloe called out in your head.

“Wha-” you mutter but it was too late.

Your shoe hit a rock causing you to lose your balance, and you crash.

“Anon! Anon!? Are you okay!?” Patty was in a panic.

“Y-yeah, just fine, really” you groan.

Feeling a little sore, you feel a trickle of blood slide across your cheek, but other than that you felt fine, at least no twisted ankle, or broken bones.

Patty helps you up, but it only just makes you more hard for her as her large bosom press themselves on your arm, the warm, wet touch of her womanly body doing wonders for numbing the pain.

“C-can you still run?” Patty asked.

“Y-yeah-yeah! I’m fine really” You assure her as you brush off some dirt on your clothes.

“I-I’m sorry, next time I’ll put something less…embarrassing” Patty apologized as she covered her chest.

“Y-yeah, but see what I mean? There’s nothing um…ugly about your body” you tell her.

“Anon…you really are too nice to me. Thank you so much for helping me out like this” Patty thanks you again.

“Hey, I can only really be helpful if you actually lose some weight right? Come on, let’s keep going” you assure her.

The two of you turn on a fork in the path and head back to the gym finishing the lap, however Patty insisted on doing it again. To which you agreed wholeheartedly, and you spend more time talking and jogging with her, getting a lot of exercise in the process. You can only hope that all this will help Patty as much as it’s helping you.

“I like Patty, she never gives up” Chloe commented as you return home.

“Right? She’s nice too, next time we’ll introduce you to her. So did you have fun today?” You ask.

“I had a blast daddy! I loved playing outside with you, and I really liked playing with the baby” Chloe said.

“Yeah, you two were having lots of fun there” You realize.

“Yup! I mean it was nice having someone like her to play with…kind of like a sister you know?” Chloe said.

“Yeah, I kind of know what you mean, I have sisters of my own you know” you tell her.

“I wish I had something like that…I never had any brothers or sisters” Chloe said.

“…Don’t worry too much about it Chloe, at least we’re making you lots of new friends. Anyways we better get you set for school soon” you tell her.

“Yeah, I can’t wait, or maybe I can…maybe just a few more weeks of no school?” Chloe said.

“Nope, not gonna happen, you’re going to be a famous doctor-scientist-lawyer no matter what” you tell her.

“Geez daddy” Chloe laughed.

It was another good day.

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  1. Wow my friend, I’ve been away for a short while so coming back to multiple stories was wonderful, thrilled to see you’re still going and I’m interested to see what part the little doppelgänger may play in the future, as well as Chloe’s continued growth.

    Can’t wait for more, keep up the amazing work.

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