Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 16)

Shower done, breakfast eaten, daughter…?

Sticking her tongue in deep concentration, escalating her gaming from two dimensions to three. You crash on the couch with time to spare as you watch her collect Jiggies as a talking bear with a bird partner.

Not losing her eyes on the TV she instinctively leans her head on your arm, and scoots herself to your hip. No conversation, not even so much as a mutter. The skin contact alone puts her at ease, the pleasant jingles, and soft tapping of buttons was all you two needed.

At least for this moment things were great with you two.

The mood quickly shifts as it was time to go to work, and you’d rather not rush through traffic, good luck, or otherwise. Not wanting to take any chances Chloe has decided to test her powers another time, and settled for sleeping, and conserving her energy inside you.

She opted to wake up, and visit any friends she has in the area until your business was done.

Like clockwork you show up to work on time, Chloe hugs you goodbye, only this time physically. A soft little squeeze of her tiny arms around your shoulders, and a squeal of delight feeling your hands on her back.

The two of you break the hug, she vanishes through the walls to do her thing, and you start looking through your list of thing to do besides the usual patrols.

It was one of those especially exhausting days for you. As the end of spring draws near, and the literal flower children begin to bloom at their peak. Suffice to say this caused a bit of civil unrest between them, and the other children greatly interested in their nectar.

Anon and several of the staff did their best to keep the Honey Bee’s, Hornets, and even a sleepy Grizzly from jumping them all at once. In turn, the Alraune, Liliraune, Barometz with support of Dryads, Mandragoras, Tentacles, and even some curious Matangos grouped together to keep each other safe in numbers, and various defenses. The goal wasn’t to side with either group, but to keep them from hurting each other, or overdoing it as that much insatiable hunger, and desire even as children can get a little too eager.

Wearing a specially made beekeeper suit that protects from bugs, and the alluring smell of the flower girls you did your best to keep them in line until they tired themselves out. Unfortunately your suit wasn’t strong enough to stop the sudden pollination of Kesaran Pasaran and that’s when everyone started tripping balls.

The near perfect weather this side of the world had continuously had made the Kesaran’s come out of their buds earlier than expected, and without a care in the world flew, and hugged any, and all creatures they’ve encounter, including introducing themselves for the first time to you…all at once…

In the end no one was seriously injured, and the orphanage’s version of ‘spring cleaning’ ended in another large cleanup of nectar, and snapping everyone back to their senses, including yourself who the staff found an hour later two miles deep in the woods proclaiming in latin that you were the mountain king…

It was your first time on Kesaran Pasaran.

“Ugh~ my head…at least everything is colored right…” you groan as you recover in the break room.

You felt sticky all over as the building at the moment had only one large shower room for the staff, but everyone was currently occupying it. So you decide to wait your turn despite Fubuki’s insistence that nothing was gonna happen.

“Yeah, right she’s been struggling with the heat since last month” you mutter as you’ve been warned that Fubuki’s lust grows as the heat of Spring and Summer grow.

Just then the door opens and in comes Betsy looking refreshed and clean after some time in the showers. Her hair only slighted matted, and she emanated with the pleasant smell of caramel body shampoo.

“Betsy, hey” you greet her.

“Oh! Afternoon Anon, I hope ya’ll are feeling better” Betsy said.

“I am thanks! I just hope I didn’t make a fool of myself” you reply.

“Oh~ you weren’t that silly, and we all sort of got out of control there so it’s not like anyone can blame ya” Betsy said.

“Yeah, the little puffballs got me by surprise” you reply.

“We were all surprised, we were certain they weren’t going to pollinate this early, I suppose our gardeners were a little too nice, and over feeding them rascals” Betsy said.

“What I don’t understand is why I don’t remember anything after that” you say.

“Don’t worry yourself about it Anon, you ran off before you, or any of us could do anything to ya. Honestly that was the smartest thing to do” Betsy sounded impressed.

“Glad you feel that way, because to me it just felt like I ran away” you reply.

“Don’t beat yourself up so hard, it was your first time, and you handled it the best you could. We’re all thankful for the help” Betsy said.

“How many times did you go through this?” Anon asked.

“Me? Well I’ve been here for a few years, it’s really my only job since I left the farm when I was a little too old to be with my Ma, and Pops” Betsy said.

“Do you miss the farm you grew up on?” You asked.

“Sometimes, but ain’t homesick. The girls here made me feel really welcomed and in no time this place became my second home” Betsy said.

“What do you miss about your hometown that this place doesn’t have?” You ask.

“Well, if I had to pick something I’d say the flowers. I know, silly for me to miss something so small” Betsy said.

“Really? Did the farm grow any special flowers by any chance?” You continue.

“Me? Well I gotta say Sunflowers are absolute favorite of the bunch! Love roses too, honestly anything with a bit of color would go great! I would pick what I was allowed to at the time, and make flower crowns, or bouquets for ma family!” Betsy recalled her childhood.

“I gotta say Betsy, your so humble and nice…a real life sweetheart” you respond.

“*Giggle* gee~ Anon, that’s real sweet of you, you’re something yourself too you know. It takes a lot of work and determination to keep working here, what with you being the only man around here. Katy told me about your resume. I didn’t even know you could do all those things in such a short time” Betsy complimented.

“It was, met a lot of people, learned a lot, and put my body through quite a bit of trouble but I feel like I’m just getting started” You respond.

“Just getting started? Sounds interesting, I wonder who’s going to be a part of your new chapter this time?” Betsy said.

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“Well, you know…you did all that work, but you haven’t talked about well, you know…romance, weren’t you ever attached to anything, or anyone?” Betsy asked.

“Well, now that you mention it, there were a few flings here and there, but nothing really stuck, I guess I’m not too experience with the whole dating thing” you answer.

“Really? That makes both of us, I-I didn’t even do those um…flings that you talked about either. I mean I never minded just working and being with my friends. I-I just thought maybe I don’t know, I should settle down with someone someday” Betsy confessed.

Her bashfulness was increasing by the second, her body language was clear as she shuffled nervously in her seat, eyes darting to other objects in the break-room, her fingers twiddling thus causing her upper arms to squeeze her large bosom more prominently.

“I think I know how you feel, like I sort of want to but I’m still waiting for that someone” you answer.

“Yes! That’s exactly what I mean!” Betsy squeaked out, and quickly covered her mouth.

You sort of stare at her sudden burst of emotion, the room grows silent as Betsy sort of hunkers down in embarrassment.

“…Change of topics?” You ask.

“…If’n you wouldn’t mind” Betsy murmured.

“Who did leave behind on the farm?” You ask.

Betsy recovers very quickly, her finger tapping at her lip as she glanced upward, thinking.

“My mom and pop, and a few of my sisters as well, but they were really supportive of me and I left on good terms” Betsy said.

“Ah, my family was a little more hesitant of me leaving for college. Even tried to talk me out of not paying for my own dorm, but I know they did it cause they cared” you reply.

“Of course! I’m sure it was hard on them to see their little boy grow up so fast” Betsy said.

“Guess so, wonder if I’ll feel the same way about Chloe…” you wonder.

“How is she anyways? I hope she’s doing well” Betsy asked.

“She’s doing great! We finally got her to touch things again, I even took pictures with my phone see!” You suddenly exclaim pressing yourself close to Betsy to show her your photos.

“U-um, that’s great Anon, you’re a little too close for comfort though” Betsy muttered.

“This is a picture of Chloe holding a glass of water, and this a picture of Chloe holding a shoe! And this is a picture of Chloe opening the door, and this is a picture of Chloe holding a toothbrush!” You went on and on.

You spent a little more time talking with Betsy, and she was nice enough to put up with your stories of Chloe touching stuff.

What a genuine sweetheart she is.

As you were finishing your shift you caught up to Chloe to which she surprised you by asking you for a small favor.

“Well…um…you see~” Chloe was growing nervous, however; this wasn’t the typical awkwardness she goes through when confronting weird feelings…rather there was tinge of guilt in her tone, and once she brought enough courage to properly explained yourself, you understand why.

A little asking around, and a quick search later you found the room you were looking for, and knock on the door. Chloe floating stiff as a board as she tried to memorize whatever it was she wanted to say.

Slowly the door creeps open, and a tiny figure coated in black with vibrant red eyes appeared. The doppelganger looks up to see you, and her heart skips a beat, but upon seeing Chloe her heart quickly sank, and she retreated deeper in her small, and shared room and under one of the beds.

Chloe was quick to approach her.

“C-can you come out of there? I need to tell you something!” Chloe called out.

“G-g-go away! D-don’t hurt me!” The Doppelganger squeaked out.

You practically lay down, and peek under the bed seeing her shiny red eyes staring wide eyed at you.

“I swear sweetie, Chloe’s telling the truth…come on out, and I promise to make it all better between us, and maybe we can get together more often, and play. What do you say?” You tried to soften her up.

“I-I won’t get yelled at?” The Doppelganger whimpered.

“Chloe?” You turn to your daughter.

“…I-I promise I won’t yell…in fact I wanted to say, I’m…sorry for yelling at you that one time…I was really sad when it happened, and I wasn’t thinking right…” Chloe began, the more she explained the softer, and more guiltier she sounded. “And-and I really want us to be friends…if you still want to be my friend…” Chloe finished as her breathing got heavier as if she was holding her breath until she finished her apologies.

“…You mean it?” The Doppelganger poked her head out of her bed.

“I was thinking of a way to make it up to you…I don’t have money, or a lot of toys…but I got something you might like…and you can borrow whenever you want!” Chloe assured.

It was then that Chloe immediately shot her gaze at you with that deep, longing stare, and quivering lips, the tell tale signs that she wants you to do something really, really, badly.

“*Sigh~* if it means you two can be friends, and she doesn’t run away from us anymore…I’ll do whatever you want me to do…well almost anything” you reply, waiting for whatever she wishes for you to do.

It seemed like it worked, with your help you managed to pull the young Doppelganger out from under her bed as Chloe whispered her idea. A faint, smile creeping on the young shadow clad child.

Thankfully Chloe’s request wasn’t too extreme, in fact it was right up your alley as part of your job.

A little moment of peace, and quiet while coddling the young Doppelganger, sitting on your lap, and resting her head on your chest as you pet her head.

“See? This way we can both enjoy it!” Chloe’s voice spoke out from the Doppelganger’s lips.

“You’re right! This is way better~” the doppelganger cooed.

“Are you sure this is all you want? I guess for now, so long as you’re happy sweetie” you say.

“I am!” Chloe, and the Doppelganger both cried out at once.

While you couldn’t understand how much this may, or may not have meant to the young orphan, it did mean that for the time being you may have garnered your first little follower. The young Doppelganger refusing to leave your side despite the little time you had left in your shift as she followed you dutiful along your patrol route.

After work you decide to introduce Chloe to the library, apparently besides school books the only thing she ever read were religious texts given to her by her parents. Apparently even during her strongest moments of beliefs, they were still very poor reading choices.

“You’ll see Chloe, the library is a magical place of adventure, and knowledge that you can enjoy to your heart’s content, even with the internet being a thing” you assure

“Sounds neat!” Chloe said sitting next to you on the passenger seat.

You take her to the city library, and right away you smell the fresh smell of worn, and fresh paper, admire the comfy cool temperature of the place, praise the convenient little indoor coffee, and cake shop, not to mention staring at the large assortment of books fitting together in a large two story building. To which Chloe, who has never visited a city library before excited her to no end.

“Whoa~ I’ve never seen so many books before” Chloe gazed.

“Yup, this was my go to place when I was in school and had to study in peace, let me tell you. You can’t find a better place of comfort, relaxation, bliss” you begin until your eyes wander a little to the left. “-Absolutely pain, torture, and furious mocking” you add.

“D-daddy?” Chloe replied as she saw what you saw.

An elf dressed in a modest green summer dress, one that you have the displeasure of knowing almost at the start of college.

“..If we move now she may not notice us…her sight is based on movement” you whisper to Chloe.

“You!” The Elf suddenly proclaimed looking at you directly.

“Why must I suffer?” You groan.

She practically storms her way towards you, then again she wasn’t the type to take being ditched so easily. You remember the last time you didn’t see her for a whole week. She didn’t stop yelling at you for two weeks, and you weren’t even friends.

“So! Look who decided to finally grow a pair-…who is that?” Evelyn asked.

“That’s Chloe, she’s my daughter” you explain.

“H-hello!” Chloe greeted.

“…I like your ears!” She piped up.

…She never met an Elf before.

“Oh! Oh goodness, um~ my condolences. I-I had no idea you went through something so tragic. I-If you need anything I can-” Evelyn sounded solemn, and genuinely concerned.

“I-I think you’re misinterpreting, I adopted her from the orphanage I worked” you corrected.

“T-thanks anyways” Chloe said

“You idiot!” Evelyn cried out blushing furiously.

“Me? What did I do!?” You exclaim.

“I-I can’t believe you made me say something so embarrassing, what are you trying to pull here?” Evelyn demanded.

“I’m not pulling anything, you said all that yourself” you corrected.

“I bet you wanted me to say all that, did it get you off? Did you get some sort of satisfaction hearing me feel pity for you?” Evelyn wanted to know.

“Again, not my intentions at all, did you think for just a moment that maybe you have some sense of kindness in that black coal of a heart!?” You argued.

“How dare you, like you know a thing about me!” Evelyn said.

“Well maybe I should get to know you better just so we can stop fighting!” You retort

At this moment a librarian Roper with hair of a silvery violet that matched her eyes, styled straight, long and brushed with great care. She wore a deep blush, her body twitching every so often, but never losing focus of her duties. Wearing a long flowing black strapless dress, and half rimmed glasses. It was unclear whether or not the tentacles entrapped her formed the dress or not, but they clung to her body like belts, and shoulder straps either way. Others carefully help a small stack of books, blindly putting them away in their appropriate place, or removing them from shelves to place elsewhere.

“Uh-um~ I-I know you’re having a bonding moment but-” the Roper timidly spoke out.

“We’re not bonding!” You and Evelyn cried out both of us sharing a blush on our cheeks.

“Sorry-sorry-but this is a library and you’re being a teensy bit too loud. I-if you can just tone it down so as not to disturb the other readers we would appreciate it” the Roper said.

At this moment the two of you realized that almost everyone in the library was now staring, several snickering while whispering among each other.

We settled for a table near the window, Chloe sitting beside you on your right enjoying a picture book for children her age, and Evelyn sat on your left sipping away at some iced green tea to calm her nerves.

“*Sigh* I’ll never live this humiliation down, you better take responsibility for this” Evelyn murmured.

“You keep wanting me to do things I have no idea what to do about” you tell her.

“Yeah, I just-whatever so I’m guessing you’re here to stop being dumb?” Evelyn asked.

“Yeah something like that, I wanted to bring Chloe here to show her where I did my studying” you explain.

“We did spend some time here, I tried to instill as much as I could whenever we studied together but I think you were too distracted by me to get anything to stick. I’m still surprised you did as well as you did” Evelyn smirked.

“Nice, good to see your narcissism hasn’t changed” you reply.

“It isn’t narcissism if it’s true, just keeps your eyes up here” Evelyn said motioning to her own dark, blue eyes.

“You’re eyes are quite lovely, but that’s not why I’m here” you reply messing with her.

“S-shut up! I didn’t ask you about my eyes weirdo” Evelyn hissed.

“Why do you react so strongly every time I do that?” You ask.

“C-cause!” Evelyn blurted out. “Cause you’re the only guy I ever hung out with…” Evelyn muttered.

“What was that last part?” You ask genuinely unable to hear her.

“N-nothing!” Evelyn blurted out.

Chloe giggled to herself, though whether it was because of the book, or because she actually heard Evelyn is beyond you.

“So~ wanna study together again?” You ask.

“You’d still want to study with me? Why are you forcing yourself?” Evelyn grumbled.

“I’m not forcing myself, and despite your attitude you’re one of the smartest people I know who can actually teach me, and Chloe a thing, or two” you reply.

“Oh~ I’m learning so much right now!” Chloe exclaimed before bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Hm!? W-well guess I am pretty darn smart huh? Guess I can give you a lecture” Evelyn stated feeling awfully smug.

“Maybe we can do this without the arrogance?” You ask.

“S-shut up, you’re just jealous. So what are we going to go over?” Evelyn asked.

You spent an hour or so reading and studying with Evelyn whose attitude towards you felt a tad softer than usual, perhaps it was the fact that Chloe was sitting next to you that she decided not to swear to your face.

Plus you had to admit, you actually sort of like this side of her, when she wasn’t mocking you she actually was rather helpful. She even got along rather well with Chloe acting as a sort of mentor right away.

“Thanks again for the help Evelyn, despite our rocky start, I didn’t dislike hanging out with you” you reply.

“W-well you-!” Evelyn began to snap, before quickly reeling her feelings back. “I…thanks…Anon, and it was really nice to meet you too Chloe” Evelyn collected herself.

“I hope I get to grow to be as pretty as you!” Chloe piped up causing a very awkward, and twitching red faced smile on the Elf that even Mizari can barely compete with.

You bid farewell and left the library with Chloe having checked out a few books for her to distract herself with.

On your return home you crash on the couch with Chloe quickly taking her books to her room, and zooming back downstairs.

“So Chloe wanna try going back to your old school again?” You ask her as you stretch, and get comfy on the couch.

“I-I guess so. It was a private school though” Chloe said.

“Well at least your parents did something right” you mutter.

“I’m still a little nervous though, I mean…does my school even remember me?” Chloe asked.

“I’m sure they’ll be happy to see you’re still with the living in some sense” you assure her.

“Really? I hope so” Chloe brightened up.

“I know so, we’ll get to it in a few days too, but first we got to get your school supplies first” you explain.

“Awesome! What are we going to eat today then?” Chloe said.

Once she got the hang of touching things, her taste buds returned as well, while not as effective as they were when she was alive, it was still enough for her to taste the things she use to enjoy without having to rely on you.

After dinner you lounged about in the couch watching television while Chloe was upstairs brushing her teeth…

Again not something she needed to do, but something she wanted to do and that was enough reason for you to buy her a toothbrush and her own personal bubble gum flavored toothpaste. You scroll through the channels until you came across one of your favorite shows.

[“We now return to…Rednecks in Trouble”] the show started.

“Sweet…” you can’t wait

A host walks across a small suburban home at night under the streetlamps.

[“Another day, another drunken rampage thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon”] the man declares with sadness.

“Oh yeah, this is gonna be good” you realize.

Who would have thought a skit from a popular adult cartoon can make great TV?

[“As we see on this episode, the strength of this alcoholic beverage is so strong that not even those of faith are safe from it’s dangers”] the host declared as the screen fades to another suburban neighborhood

This one was showing off a large church in the middle of an urban neighborhood.

“…Wait a second, that church looks familiar…” you realize.

“[Here we see what looks like a normal home in a quaint little neighborhood, but this home hides a dark secret as we zoom in on the recycling bin we find several boxes of Pabst Blue Ribbon]” the host reveals

“Why does it feel like I’ve been there before” you find yourself feeling uneasy.

The camera man moves across the home taking a peak at the backyard, and to your astonishment you find the tell-tale signs of over indulgence

[“And as we can see here, in their backyard is clearly a meth-lab”] the host declares as the image on screen depicts an open shed in the home’s backyard full of propane tanks, glass tubes, and an assortment of chemicals.

Police quickly arrive on scene. A man accompanied by his partner; a Lizardman, hug the wall on either side of the door. Two Arachnes with silk nets ready to snare any would be runners from a distance, and a two more male officers with guns drawn acting as back up, and taking cover behind their patrol car. The Lizardman kicks the door down, and soon screaming, and orders roared across the neighborhood, and moments later you finally confirm your suspicions.

“…No way” you gasp as you realize the people being arrested are none other than Chloe’s biological parents.

[“**** you! Ya dumb bitch!” The drunk former father spouts as two officers drag him away.]

The editors on this show working overtime to censor as many swears as they can.

[“Shut yer f***ing mouth ya piece of ****” the former mother drunk on Pabst Blue Ribbon slurred as she was dragged away by a Lizardman who looked as if she wanted to do anything but drag a drunk-meth dealer to her police car.]

[“Shut yer mouth bitch!” The man shouted.]

[“Yer a dumb f****ing retard!” The woman went on.]

[“PHEYUK YOU BITCH!” The father slurred like he took a punch to the face.]

That last one from the ex dad was so slurred it past censorship.

[“That’s enough out of you two!…now look into the camera, and say ‘I’m Redneck, and I’m in trouble’” the Officer said.]

[“I’m white trash and I’m in trouble!” The woman shouted proudly.]

[“T-that’s not what we wanted you to-” the male cop began]


[“Wait a second! I’m Redneck, and I’m in trouble!?” The man shouted as if he couldn’t believe it.]


[“Two more arrests today, how many more must we go through until we learn to not abuse the power of Pabst Blue Ribbon”] the host concluded.

“Whatcha watching dad?” Chloe suddenly called out as she flew down the stairs.

As quickly as you could, you change the channel before Chloe could see what was on it.


It was a re-run sure, but Chloe wouldn’t question it.

“Nothing-nothing! Just surfing the channels” you quickly lied. (“She doesn’t need to know about all that yet”) you agreed to yourself.

“Can I stay up with you daddy?” Chloe asked zooming in front of your face.

“Now, Chloe I know you’ve been staying up these past few nights studying already, you really need some sleep” you tell her.

“No! Don’t wanna!” Chloe pouted jumping into your lap and nestling herself to your chest.

Those sad puppy eyes she gives you, and her affectionate cuddling, you swear it’ll make you do anything.

“*Sigh~* okay, fine…but just one show then it’s bedtime” you relent.

“O~kay~” Chloe sang as she made herself comfy on your lap and chest.

“Good girl” you thanked as you gently stroked her hair.

True to her word she was already on the verge of sleeping during the middle of the show. She didn’t even try to struggle when you carried her up to her room as she was already asleep half way up the stairs. You tuck her in as best as you could…for whatever reason she stopped focusing, and was fazing through her own bed.

Perhaps enjoying the comfort of your arms over her bed.

To prove this theory, you had no trouble kissing her forehead as you whispered ‘good night’ to your daughter, a faint knowing smile slowly forming as she finally adjusted herself appropriately on her mattress.

You retreat back to your room, and fiddle about with your phone before you decide to rest as well.

Seeing how much Betsy liked the pictures of Chloe holding stuff, you decide to text and send several more photos to everyone else you know.

[Anon: Can we send pictures? If so every staff member needs to be sent a picture of Chloe touching things! We need to shout this stuff from the rooftops!]

You quickly start spamming photos like there’s no tomorrow, perhaps this whole pride thing over your daughter has gotten a little out of control…

[Katy: Good for you Anon, but did you really have to send your entire photo album? So late at night!?]

[Nirvana: You interrupted a perfectly good session with a bug of mine for this? Don’t you have any actual friends?]

[Betsy: They are just as cute as the same ones you showed me this morning Anon, no need to do it again please]

[Fubuki: Are you showing off? Because if that’s the case if I show you mine, you have to show me yours]

“…Well I thought they were great pics” you mutter.

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