Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 15)

It’s time to get back to work, you have to pay the bills someway after all.

You check your belongings, and the time before realizing you forgot one more thing.

“Chloe~!? You’re coming with me again, right?” You call out.

“Yeah, I’m coming…” Chloe calls out halfheartedly as she fazes through the ceiling.

“Aw~ what’s wrong pumpkin? Are you feeling well?” you ask.

“My power is already almost gone again…” Chloe moped.

You kneel down to her eye level, and try to cup her cheek, sure enough your hand easily goes through her, and a sharp coldness instantly gives you the goosebumps.

“Darn…they really were short lived…” you grunt realizing the extent of the cookies.

“B-but I can tough it out dad, I promise” Chloe assures you. A spark of determination in her eyes.

“Just hang tight a little longer Chloe, you’ll get help” you assure her.

“I know I will, ’cause I believe in you” Chloe replied, her brave little smile growing ever so wider.

“Chloe…here, I’ll let you munch on the last cookies, and we’ll see about getting you more later today” you respond.

She nods gleefully, and focuses what little power she had left to give you a tight hug.

She really trusts you with this, you gotta find a solution, and fast.

You drive off towards work, the energy from the remaining ‘enchanted’ cookies giving her strength enough to ride shotgun with you for the first time…it also brightened her mood enough to sing aloud once more…

You were told by caretakers, friends, and family that children often find trends that you won’t recognize, or be shocked by such a thing that you would not even begin to admire it let alone your own child…but Chloe had found such a thing.


“Sing it kiddo” you encourage.

“Well I’ve never had to knock on wood~! But I know someone who has! Which makes me wonder if I could~! It makes me wonder if I’ve-! Never had to knock on wood~ and I’m glad I haven’t yet!
Because I’m sure it isn’t good, that’s the impression that I get!” Chloe cried out the chorus with all the determination her tiny little heart can muster.

“That’ll do sweetie, that’ll do” you applaud as you reach your destination, leaving Chloe in a fit of giggles…

And your ear drums ringing.

However; almost right away Chloe leaves you to your work before you even punch yourself in. At the very least she gives you a little peck on the cheek.

“Thank you daddy!” Chloe beamed before vanishing to do her own thing.

“Anon! Glad I caught ya” you hear Fubuki from behind you, out of nowhere.

It would seem like today is just going to be one thing after another…


“C-crap! Fubuki don’t scare me like that!” You exclaimed.

“Scare you? but I’m a monster right, isn’t that kind of a thing we do?” Fubuki asks you with genuine innocence…which for some reason only made it more creepy…

“I-well it’s…different, right?” you can’t agree nor disagree with her.

“Right, well in any case I’m glad I saw you, see we were thinking of ways to reward some of our girls who have been behaving especially well, and we figured. ‘Eh~ let the new guy deal with it’” Fubuki once again poorly explained.

“Was that really the only reason why I’m doing this? Am I gonna have to do that, and my usual work duties as well?” You ask her.

“No, well sort of…obviously our children will feel…’comfortable’ around you, and many of whom have a thing for a strong father figure…just doing that for a shift would be enough to pay you handsomely, but we’re trying to think about your morals, and dignity at the same time too you know! We’re on a thin line here Anon, very thin…” Fubuki began.

“Joy~” you reply dryly

“Unless of course you want to do your usual duties on top of that as well., I think today is ‘take all the Werewolves out for a walk’, day…at the same time. You up for that?” Fubuki asks you.

“W-what’s the special reward thing?” You ask her as your physical strength at the moment may not be up to par with multiple Werewolves, children, or otherwise.

“Great! Just follow me, I can assure you this job is a little less tasking than what we had planned for you” Fubuki said.

She doesn’t take you too far from the entrance, but you do still have to take several turns to reach her destination.

“We’ve noticed that our Living Dolls have become humbled if only just a little bit, they even started sharing! We figured such good behavior calls for a little reward so we want you to give them a bit of skin-ship. Take this brush and just go one by one brushing their hair while you let them sit on your lap. They love that sort of attention” Fubuki said.

“B-but won’t they you know, get me all-” you start.

“Yes-yes we all know your deep fetish for loli’s, and big tits, but you have nothing to worry about” Fubuki answered nonchalantly.

“Fubuki…can you not say that so casually? And what do you mean, ‘not to worry?’” You ask.

“Well…we’re kinda of going with the honor system here, worst case scenario you’ll be passed around in a loli orgy that not even most black mass sermons can match…but I’m sure everything will be fine~” Fubuki said.

“C-can I still walk the Werewolves?” You ask.

“Too late, they’re your issue now!” Fubuki said pushing you to an open door, and tossing you a hair brush.

“(Damn you Fubuki!)” you thought to yourself.

…For some reason you feel like you’re going to be saying that a lot.

You quickly stand up and see several various Living Dolls, all staring at you.

Various Victorian age dolls of small stature, but minus the creepy, all staring silently at you. Their dresses, complex, elegant, and ethereal as they refused to stop moving on their own accord regardless of wind, or no wind. Hairstyles were numerous from straight, wavy, to looking like drills, ponytails, pigtails, short cut, to touching the ankles! Their hair color was just as various from soft brown to bright violet, or even mauve, or silver!

Then they immediately scramble towards you. Sure one child jumping up towards you is no big deal, but a whole classroom of children even if they are smaller than the regular child is something else. They cling to your arms and legs, with two strapped to your back, and several more clinging to your waist, and desperately climbing upwards.

“You’re gonna play with us mister!?” One of the girls squeaks with glee.

“Yeah-of course! I heard you girls have been especially good today and I happen to have a brush here so~ if we can just form a neat line-and-” Once again you are cut off by the loud cheers of the Living Dolls as they all clamber over you trying to get dibs.

“Girls, single file-come-hey! No touching there!” You try to settle them down.

It took a few minutes but the girls were either too tired, or impatient to do anything else. So they resolved to follow your instructions if it meant they would be rewarded sooner.

One by one they hop on your lap, some wishing to be carried up to your lap while others preferring to climb onto your leg and doing it themselves, however; they all react mostly the same way.

They coo and sigh as you gently brush away any loose ends, and knots. Their hair was soft to the touch, unnaturally so to put it bluntly. As if it was lighter than air, and softer than wool, smoother silk, and better than any human or mamono hair. Perhaps indistinguishable in it’s own right. Due to their size you can easily place two or even three on your lap, the girls that you finish brushing would often linger on you, resting themselves on your chest and in one instance you allowed a girl to climb over your shoulder and allowed her to rest her chin on your head.

These girls also love to talk, perhaps more so now that you are here, but any conversation involving their past is usually negative.

“I was thrown away when my owner got too old, they didn’t even donate me to someone else…” a red-headed Living Doll with pig-tails murmured.

“Me too, but my owners took me to a recycling center! I-If I didn’t wake up before I made it to the end line…*shudder*” a second violet-haired Doll with short cut hair told her story.

“My owners took me on a trip…they packed everything, but me, and left…I was stuck there in the cold and mud for days before I could move on my own” a third Living Doll with long straight blonde hair spoke out her story.

“Aw, kids…it’s gonna be okay. We’re working very hard finding you a home, and besides you still got us here, if you keep going the way you girls are behaving now, you can have anything you want” you assure them.

“Really!?” One of the girls piped up.

“Well, yeah of course” you reply, regretting it almost immediately.

“I want a pony!” Someone shouted.

“I want my pony to have a mini-pony of it’s own!” A second request came.

“I want a dress made of diamond!” Another request came up.

“I want a big castle made of ice-cream!” The impossible requests keep going.

“W-we’ll figure something out, but for now let’s get your hairs all neat and brushed so you can look good for anyone that’s interested in you girls” you told them.

A loud cheer erupted from the room as they once again filed into a line in front of you, you also notice that some of the girls were ruffling up their hair and getting back in line…

This could take up your entire shift.

Meanwhile back with Fubuki…

The staff had just finished walking a large pack of Werewolf children, just in time for a surprise festival to appear out of nowhere at the fair grounds, and they couldn’t be having any more fun.

“What a strange coin-ka-dink right!? This is amazing!” Betsy exclaimed as she won yet another stuffed animal plush as she made mince-meat of the strong-men games.

“Yes~ it’s very quaint, a little too crowded for my taste though but mmh~ seeing the distraught faces of all the festival game hosts as I beat them in their own game and take all their worthwhile prizes~ it’s quite a thrill” Nirvana spoke out having cheated her way through most rigged games and taking the expensive prizes off their hands with the help of some clever invisible webbing.

“Let’s keep winning those prizes ladies, I want those stuffed animals for the children! Fubuki, you take the shooting galleries, Betsy will handle all the strong man stuff, Nirvana takes the ring toss, and Anon you-wait where is Anon? Wasn’t he suppose to be walking the Werewolves with us?” Katy asked.

“Oh! That, well when he discovered that I was to attend to the Living Dolls today, he insisted on taking over my shift, which is why I came to you girls so early. He couldn’t resists letting little girls sit on his lap all day” Fubuki stated.

“Well I suppose if that’s how he feels, I’m sure he’s fine. Mizari is there with him” Katy said.

“You mean the girl that can’t even stand five feet from him without freezing in fear? Yeah, he’ll be a-okay” Nirvana smirked.

Outside the room Anon was tending to the Living Dolls, Mizari the soft-spoken nervous wreck of a Oomukade was trembling as her hand struggled to open the door where she was suppose to be to assist Anon…

She’s been standing there for the past hour…

“(C-c’mon girl! Y-you can do it! Just don’t imagine Anon in his underwear~…)” Mizari thought desperately to himself.

“(Oh no, he’s hot!)” Mizari screamed in her mind, the hand on door handle shaking even more profusely.

Needless to say the Orphanage nurse has found Mizari passed out, and had taken her to the nearest gurney to recover from a sever lack of blood in her system all exiting through her nose for some reason…

You never thought your arm would actually get tired from just brushing hair, but it did, however after you finish pampering the children you are once again thinking a lot about Chloe. After some time of pampering girl after girl, all you could think of was doing the same for Chloe, which she so desperately sought out for.

“I-I guess maybe I should take one for the team…” you start feeling you’ll have no choice.

But how to go at it, I mean you could just stand around the basement levels in nothing but your underwear and shout ‘boy howdy I sure am horny!’ But you know better than to take advantage of the children here, plus you feel once they start they won’t stop; they don’t seem to be the type to know what a safe work place is or the meaning of ‘stop’.

“Uh~ well I guess there’s…” your mind starts to wander to a place you had never thought would be somewhere you would willingly go yourself.

The strip club run by your old college friend now Alp, Elly.

“(Guess it’s worth a shot-I mean it’s not like I’m going there to get purposely molested-and I’m sure they never intend to do anything of that sort…I mean I’m asking everyone for help, and it would be rude to not include an old friend after all-)” You start muttering in your thoughts.

“Dad? Daddy!?” Chloe shouts for your attention.

You snap out of your thoughts and see Chloe floating above you looking rather concerned.

“You had this weird look on your face daddy, are you sick?” Chloe asked sounded rather concerned.

“Me? N-no no I’m fine, just thinking a lot is all-oh yeah I’m off the clock huh? Are you ready to go?” You ask.

“Y-you sure you aren’t sick? You have to take good care of yourself dad! I don’t want to lose you!” Chloe suddenly became increasingly worried.

Looks like this is a very sensitive topic for her, you suppose it’s only natural for someone to be a bit traumatized by something, especially if they died from it.

“Chloe! Easy sweetie, I’m okay. Really I am, in fact I’m so okay that I decided to go on a little trip to the city, and I was wondering if you would like to come along” you invite her.

“R-really!? Sure!” She immediately answers. “Just don’t get sick along the way okay dad” Chloe made you promise.

“I’ll take good care of myself, I swear” you assure her.

Chloe breathed a sigh of relief and sank herself back inside you as you left the orphanage.

You made a detour towards the city, and after a few wrong directions you finally reached your destination.

“Hey~ wait a sec- isn’t this” Chloe said.

“I’m just here to talk, catch up on old times that’s all. I keep in contact with a lot of friends back in my school days” you assure her.

“Uh-huh~ sure you are-*giggle~*” Chloe giggled.

Even though you couldn’t see her, you could still feel her eyes rolling at your excuse.

“So that elf girl you told me about a while ago? You’re gonna see her too?” Chloe asked.

“We don’t speak of her” you corrected.

You climb up the stairs, the same bodyguard you’ve seen twice already now only nodding to you as you enter then building.

“(At least he wasn’t glaring)” you thought to yourself.

“(Such a charmer daddy-*giggle~*)” Chloe giggled at her own joke.

You immediately spot Elly wearing a red and white plaid shirt cut in half to reach just to the bottom of her bosom, and complimenting the outfit with daisy dukes shorts. Her hair knotted into two long braided pig-tails with red high heel, open toe slippers. She glances your way and her eyes widen in surprise seeing you here, and not having to drag you to here for once.

“Howdy y’all-I mean hey Anon! What’s brings you here all of a sudden!?” Elly asked dropping a poor southern accent for her more flamboyant, feminine tone.

“I-uh well…” you mumble. “(Crap, I was in such a rush to get here that I didn’t come up with a good reason for even being here!)” Your mind was full of stupid.

“(Quick! Tell her you wanted to see her!)” Chloe advises you.

“I wanted to see you!” You quickly blurt out.

The worst part about all this was that you couldn’t even swear to yourself because you didn’t want to expose your daughter to naughty words.

*Chloe gives you a ghost thumbs up*

“E-eh!? Me, well gosh Anon I sort of wanted to see you too to be honest” Elly stated. For someone who wears skimpy outfits all the time, this is actually the first time you actually see her blush, and turn bashful.

“(Just roll with it dad!)” Chloe advises.

“Y-yeah, I mean I ran out a little early last time without getting a chance to catch up on old times, and what not. I mean I know it’s been a while but we’re still friends right?” You ask her.

“Friends? Yeah, yeah! We’re friends! We’re tight bro like-fo’-sure we can hang!” Elly tried to hang loose.

“(Uh~ daddy?)”

“(He’s-she’s…always been like that)” you quickly explain to her.

“Yup, you may be an Alp, but you still talk like a dork sometimes, still love ya though” you laugh.

“Hey~ well yeah I guess so-*giggle*” Elly joined you with a feminine giggle that should not have made you flinch, and increase in body heat for a moment.

“So~ wasn’t there something that you wanted to show me?” You ask.

“Oh! Oh yeah! I can’t believe you’ve visited this place like twice, and you still didn’t get to see me dance! Okay, just give me a minute to get ready and wait for me on that stage. Just take the couch in front!” Elly got excited.

“(You did good kid, you did good)” Chloe congratulated you.

“(I couldn’t have done it without you sensei!)” You thank her in your own silly way. “(No wait! I didn’t want to come here to see an old college friend dance half-naked! Got to sleep or something sweetie, I’ll handle the rest)” You quickly take back your thanks.

“(Aw~ I really wanted to see too!)” Chloe whined.

“(Chloe~ I’m trying to help you sweetie, and I’m not a big fan of this myself)” you assure her.

“(Fine~ give me like 3 minutes)” Chloe whined

You lounge about on the easy black leather love couch for two and wait for her to perform, Chloe dozing off in what you hope is her genuine snores of conserving energy.

At the same time you curse yourself for getting yourself in this situation…using safe for work words of course, just in case.

After several minutes you notice the lights dying out, and being replaced by a soft pink glow in the area around you, and the dance floor. A sweet aroma of roses arose from the white mist spewing out of the corners underneath the stage, and out she came in all her glory. She redid her hair making it look like a golden wet, wavy mess that sprawled all the way down to her hips, she must have learned to grow and cut her hair at will at some point in her succubus life.

She also chose a night-wear theme for her show, wearing a transparent white nightgown revealing everything but her breasts. Through the gown you can see she was wearing a white lacy thong, with white high heels that have most certainly put her to your height level, and silky smooth lacy, leggings. She walked with confidence, her high heels clicking against the hard floor. Lusty violet eyes stare down at you.

Normally a stripper would do her best to pretend she’s interested.

But Elly’s eyes were so professional, so honest, that it felt that she genuinely wanted to do this with you. You can only imagine how popular she must be here, despite being the manager doing all the paper work in an office room.

The music started to kick in, a soft melody of jazz as she makes her way to the pole.

“I dedicate this dance to you lover boy” Elly purred before she started.

She spun herself around the pole, stretching her arms high above it as she attempted to climb it, only to slide slowly back down as her groin and breasts pressed themselves against the cold metal. With her back turned to you she lowered her body and bent over displaying her ass through her gown. She glanced back at you licking her lips and slapping her right ass cheek while giving off a loud moan of pleasure as she did so.

You stared aroused, and impressed at her dancing, and flexibility; at one moment as she slid down the pole a second time, facing you with her legs apart, slowly, very slowly splitting her legs perfectly with the pole hiding her crotch and nestled snugly between her breasts as she rubbed herself up and down against the thing before standing back up.

After some time you expect the climax is about to happen as she slowly undoes the nightgown she has been wearing, exposing her small, perky breasts to you. Red nipples on velvet soft, pale creamy skin, reminding you of vanilla ice creams scoops with cherries on top.

This is where you were truly tested. She starts kneading her breasts with her hands, all the while giving you dirty look after dirty look. She gyrates her body back and forth, and has drawn her attention to her thong as her fingers start to travel lower and lower until they are nestled close to where her womb is.

“Just for you, I’m gonna show you all of me~ all of what I’ve become” Elly purred.

She slowly undoes her thong bringing it slowly down her long legs, and you can see her and all her womanly beauty. Her crotch shaven clean, her womanly traits glistening with girl juice as you realize she has been getting off on the whole dance this entire time. She brings her fingers down to her sensitive area and starts playing with herself in front of you. Once she pinches at her clit her body shudders, and she falls to her knees only to start crawling towards you.

Before you can object she’s already on you, naked with only her high heels straddling you.

“Feel how soft I am, how warm my body is. It’s burning hot now, burning for you~ Anon~oh~Anon~” she moans into your ear.

She gyrates her hips, and presses your head in her soft chest as her moans grow louder, then something felt off as you felt a warm breeze down there.

“M-my pants, how did you-” you stammer.

“Shh~ it’s an old trick I learned, I can pretty much get rid of your pants by just shaking my hips in the right way, neat huh? Now let’s give you some attention, I promise to clean up any…mess we make” Elly whispered.

“…Inside me~” she purred as she tickled your ear with her tongue.

She shuffles her body more and your manhood slips through the opening in your briefs and is now being squeezed by Elly’s soft thighs.

You’re certain if you were to bet a thousand dollars if Elly’s thighs were naturally creamy soft rather than having recently covered in lotion, you would be one rich man.

“Hope you like this, I’ve never had a chance to practice my thigh-job before. Everyone is quick to just skip the formalities and just have sex, people forget to have a little fun before hand” Elly said as she turned the lap-dance into a lap-job.

Her soft legs rise and lower themselves gently against your cock as she squeezes it between her legs. The heat and sweat she produce during her dance doing wonders for your member as your mind gets hazy from the pleasure and whatever was in that weird smelling mist.

“You’re throbbing, almost there, give it to me, release it all at once!” Elly cried out.

Before you knew it, you had reached your climax, as you felt an indescribable orgasmic pleasure only similar to that time with Josephine. You grunt, and moan without any restraint as you feel Elly squirm and shudder as well before feeling a warm, wet sensation on your bare lap.

It would seem like you weren’t the only one who enjoyed the dance to that extent…

“T-that was incredible…I didn’t think it would feel that good~” Elly moaned before sinking on top of you, her chin resting on your shoulder, her bare naked body squeezing your chest, her thighs wrapped around yours as you hear her breath slowly turn to heavy heaves to soft breathing once more.

“S-something…doesn’t feel right” Elly pants.

“W-what’s wrong?” You ask.

“Your cum…I-I don’t feel it on my legs, where did it go?” Elly asked.

“(Chloe!)” You shout in your thoughts.

Once again just like the first time you were so caught up in the lust that you had forgotten about Chloe who was still inside you during the whole ordeal.

“I-I think I gotta go, like right now, I need to check on something real quick” you quickly said moving her gently aside.

“Oh~ so soon? W-well I had fun so I can’t complain. Anon…?” Elly called out.

“Yeah?” You reply.

“Y-you’ll come back right? I don’t have to drag you back here do I?” Elly asked.

“…Of course I’ll come back, and I wouldn’t mind you visiting me sometimes too! I’ll pass my number to your bouncer! Thanks for everything!” You quickly exclaim as you put your pants back on and rush out of the building.

“…Oh poo~ I wanted his stuff all to myself…these puppies aren’t gonna grow themselves…” Elly pouted as she squeezes her breasts, hoping one day they’ll grow at least two cup sizes one day.

Your drive home was swift as you finally took notice of Chloe’s heavy breathing, whatever she was going through, it wasn’t the norm, but the planned worked right? You reach your home, thankful that the traffic, and traffic lights were still in your favor.

“Chloe? You okay Chloe?” You call out.

As you reach your home, and enter inside, closing the door you wait only moments before Chloe zoomed out of your body looking like a mess. Her hair was messy, her body quivering, it looks as if you weren’t the only one going through some form of intense pleasure.

“Chloe, I’m so sorry I exposed you to that! Chloe talk to me sweetie, are you alright?” You ask wondering why she was so quiet all this time.

“My body feels…heavy…?” Chloe murmured.

“Chloe?” You try to grab her attention.

“She told me it would be this way when…*gasp!* Daddy!” Chloe cried out turning around.

She hovers inches from your face, and looks to your hand and grabs it.

To your surprise you actually felt something!

“Your hand-Chloe! I-I can actually feel your hand” you realize.

“DADDY!” Chloe screams threatening to leave you deaf.

She glomps on you like never before nuzzling your neck and squeezing you as tightly as she could. The soft texture of her solid phantasmal body now intensified two fold.

“Daddy! *Sob* Daddy~!” Chloe sobbed, crying out to you as she squeezed you tighter in her hug. Her impact felt much stronger, more physical…the cookies you realize were only a glimpse of her true limitations.

She clung to you the rest of the night, even as she started holding other objects in her hands with no focus or force of power. However, she always had at least one hand clasp to either your hand or your shirt. The only time she did release you was when you had her get ready for bed.

“Hey! C-can I get some pajamas to wear now?” Chloe asked.

“Sure, anything you want Chloe, you’ve earned it, and soon we’ll have you going to school again” you tell her.

“Does that mean I have to do homework again~?” Chloe whined.

“That’s exactly what it means” you assure her.

“*Giggle* I can’t wait!” Chloe squealed.

You put her to bed, and give her forehead a quick kiss goodnight, she giggled with delight before wishing you a goodnight as well before you left the room.

After a few hours you were ready to hit the bed too, but before you can go into that state of rem sleep you hear your door open, and Chloe poking her head out.

“Dad? Daddy?” She whispers as she prods at your blanket thinking you were still sleeping.

“Chloe? W-what is it?” You ask her feeling rather groggy, and fighting off the frustration.

“C-can I sleep with you this time? Please, pretty please?” Chloe pleaded.

“…Sure, I don’t mind” you let her.

She smiles brightly and jumps on the bed, shuffling the blanket a bit before nestling herself as close as she could to you.

“Thanks dad, this is all I ever wanted” Chloe said.

“I know, it took us a while to get it to work” you tell her.

“That’s not it daddy, I wanted this for a really-really long time” Chloe said.

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“W-when I was really sick with my…other mom and dad, they didn’t come near me cause they said I could get them sick. S-so I was in my room by myself a lot…praying and praying” Chloe started.

“So, you stayed all by yourself praying day and night to get better…” you realize.

“Nu-uh, I-I was praying and praying for my mom and dad to hold me again, like they use to…but they never did…and I died” Chloe said.

“Aw~ sweetie…” you mutter stroking her hair as your heart was being rendered to pieces.

“B-but now I have you daddy, and you’re holding me now! So that’s why I want you to be my real daddy!” Chloe declared.

Your heart can’t take much more…your tough masculine exterior is being crumbled away in mass!

“Come on, Chloe. I was already your real dad, and you were always my real daughter, nothing’s gonna change that” you assure her.

“Daddy! I love you Daddy so~ much!” Chloe cried out.

Happy to hear that, you place your arm around her and hold her close as the two of you drift off to sleep.

Morning came, your daughter snoozing snugly on your chest, and you couldn’t be happier. So much progress done in just one day, and not even a moment of awkwardness. You poke your little girl on her little cheek and she squirms and squeezes your ribs a little before slowly opening her eyes.

“I’m still sleepy daddy~” Chloe whined.

“You can sleep inside me, but right now I got to get ready for work” you assure her.

She nods, and slowly fazes inside you, her snoring following shortly.

As you cook your breakfast, and sip some coffee you get a message from Fubuki, with a pic of several of the staff including Josephine in the middle of cleaning themselves in the shower, and a text underneath written.

[Fubuki: Bet you wish you were Josephine’s Loofah right now huh?]

[Anon: Can you stop sending me nude pics of everyone? It’s starting to get awkward…]

[Fubuki: Ah~ but I have so many to show you! We’ve only just gotten through thirty megabytes. We’ve still got three gigs of pics for us to go through, one gig just for me of course!]

Even on your days off work she still finds ways to annoy you…

Damn you Fubuki.

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