Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 13)

Chloe didn’t say a lot when the two of you returned home, she wasn’t entirely moody, just thinking really hard about something. Enough so that she couldn’t quite focus on her game despite being so adamant in beating it just this morning. Calling it early Chloe decided to sleep an hour before curfew, and you decided to do the same, looking up whatever you can on preteen angst, ghosts, and anything involving both.

Morning came, a dreamless sleep giving you neither the feeling of accomplishment nor failure, however; you, and Chloe surprised each other by waking up almost at the same time, and earlier than usual.

“Good morning early bird” you smile at your daughter.

“*Giggle* good morning daddy! I’m feeling much better now I think!” Chloe beams at you.

Despite her assurance Chloe is still being very quiet as she sits or more precisely, hovers just inches from her chair in a siting position while she watches you eat breakfast. She usually spends this time chatting away at whatever new fad, or ghost powers she’s curious about, or trying to hold something in her hands. Today she seems rather shy, hunkering herself with her shoulders, her hands rubbing together, and head looking down staring at her twiddling thumbs.

“Something on your mind Chloe?” You ask her.

“O-oh!” Chloe suddenly jumps as if just realizing you were here this whole time.

“Whoa-hey! Relax, I won’t bite. So, is something the matter?” You ask again.

“Hm~ no- nothing’s wrong, I just been thinking a lot lately, about…stuff” Chloe reluctantly replied.

You understand, in a sense. Something heavy is on her mind, and she’s clearly still struggling to understand it herself. It’s strange seeing her like this, especially considering how open she usually is. You’re not sure if pressing her on the matter would do you, or her any good. You decide to be a little more patient with her and let her come out when she’s ready.

“Do you still want to go with me to the orphanage?” You ask her.

“Yeah, okay” Chloe answered sounding distant, as if the orphanage was the last thing on her mind at the moment.

“Do you want some more ice cream? We can check the cafeteria and see what they got” you try to excite her with her favorite treat.

“Hm~I guess” Chloe said.

Yup, something is definitely wrong with Chloe. Just yesterday she was ecstatic at the notion of ice cream, and now she sounds like she could care less.

“Okay, so aren’t you going?” I wait for her.

“Oh right!” Chloe just remember she could do that.

She hovers slowly over to you, she extends her arm and attempts to grip your hand. Something completely different than simply jumping head first into your body, but just like always, her hand simply goes through you. You saw for the briefest moment her face grow in a deep sadness before she sinks into your body.

“Chloe…” you mutter.

“I-I’m fine really, let’s just go” Chloe insists.

The drive towards work was rather quiet, but oddly enough you felt something odd the whole way through. Your soul was for the most part felt like it was in a constant hugging state…cuddled maybe?
Even stranger was Chloe who sounded like she was breathing heavily. Before you can deduce any foul play you recognize her heavy breathing as snores.

“Zzz~ah~zzz~daddy~zzz~” Chloe snores.

…Hopefully it’s just snores…

Tonight you’re gonna have a talk with her, you’re certain ghost or not, it’s not healthy for her to keep acting this way. This was the moment were being a true father to her was imperative.

You reach your destination and punch yourself in for a grand old time! What wonders await you today! What magical, terrifying, exotic, and even adorable sight will you be seeing today.

Turns out it’s your turn to mop the cafeteria floor, apparently everyone does that, even Katy at some points. Only difference is you don’t have any magic or super strength, or stamina so the job of cleaning your side of the orphanage was taking a tad longer. Luckily you had the awesome help of Mizari to help you out. Apparently it’s quite rare to see Mizari above ground, or any place with natural sunlight. She’s wearing a loose fitting black and dark purple sleeveless kimono with a black transparent veil over her long hair. Unfortunately she still hasn’t gotten use to talking to you, and conversation usually results in…

“Hey I’m all done on this side, how about you?” You call out to her.

“A~ah-b-hii~me~mi~” she sputters and slurs with a face of deep crimson and eyes wide and terrified.

“D-do you want me to come over there and see?” You ask her.

Her whole body practically does a double take, and you could have sworn for just an instant she bellowed out steam from the intense heat her embarrassment was giving her. Mizari’s hands shake feverishly as her panic grows, and before she knew it, she drops her mop on the floor. The loud clanking of wood hitting the floor echoes in the empty cafeteria.

The two of you both stare at it in a long undisturbed silence, you can cut the awkwardness with a knife. Cutting the tension you go over to her, Mizari flinches and immediately turns away from you to hide her frightened face. You pick up the mop and gently poke at her back to draw her attention back to you. She slowly peeks one tear filled eye at you.

“I think you dropped this, here” you give her back her mop.

She stares at it for the longest time anyone has ever stared at the handle of a mop before slowly, ever so carefully reaching out and grabbing it once more. You turn away not wanting to give her a heart attack by being so close to her, and after a moment you hear Mizari squeak out something at you.

“Ee~m-my~ah~uh~my~t-t-th-thanks” Mizari speaks out never losing her deep blush.

“You’re very welcomed, I mean we’re friends right?” You remind her.

Her eyes widen once more as a wave of fresh tears start falling, and her opened, shocked mouth awkwardly turns into a quivering, unsteady smile. The sight was both cute, and a tad creepy.

“Anon~! Are y’all done over here?” You hear Betsy calling for you.

You spot Betsy walking towards you, not even giving Mizari a second glance as she sobs what you can only hope are tears of joy.

“Oh~ Betsy, yeah I’m just about done, or at least halfway done” you call back as you notice Mizari’s side is still quite dirty.

“That’s okay, if’n you want I can finish up here, you’re shift is just about over anyway” Betsy assures.

“You’re so cool Betsy, you know that” You compliment her.

“Me, cool? Aw shucks, I’m just being helpful is all” Betsy humbly replied.

“That’s what makes you so cool, one day I’ll repay the favor someday, see you later Betsy, see ya Mizari” you reply as you take your leave.

“Ya’ll come back soon Anon!” Betsy waved back.

“Mm~hi~ngh~t-t-take~ c-ca-care” Mizari squeaked.

As soon as you leave the room Mizari quickly does a one eighty, and faces Betsy with tear soaked eyes, and a sobbing tone.

“I-I-I did it B-Betsy! I-I talked normally to a b-b-boy for the s-second time working here!” Mizari softly squealed.

“That’s amazing Mizari, good job!” Betsy congratulated.

“H-h-he even called me a f-f-friend! M-me a-and Anon are f-friends~” Mizari moaned in bliss

“I’m so happy for you, I knew you could do it gal” Betsy said.

“T-thank you-thank you for letting me take your place Betsy! I-I’m gonna write this in my diary!” Mizari squealed.

“Anything to help darling, I don’t mind playing cupid for the two of ya” Betsy assured.

“C-cupid!? A-as in love!? L-love!?” Mizari repeated as her body heat returned to near boiling conditions as she rushed out of the cafeteria.

“…Yeah, I don’t mind one bit…but then…” Betsy muttered out of earshot of anyone as she gripped at her chest where her heart is. “Where will that leave me and Anon…” Betsy whispered, and received no answer, the pain in her chest just from the thought aching at her conscious.

You decide to do a quick little trip around the building, mapping, and memorizing the layout, but so far finding no luck finding any new secret passages.

“(Would it be considered cheating if I ask someone where one might be?)” You ponder to yourself.

As you mull over your thoughts your ears pick up a loud commotion coming from one of the double doors to your left. Opening them you find a wide, spacious room with a round white, and red ring and several racks to the sides of the wall containing a myriad of weapons, all of them shaped with wood, and other hard, but non-fatal material.

You see a couple of girls enjoying themselves via chattering, comparing their personal favorite swords, and fighting styles, and a few joining in pairs, and fighting each other. Eventually one of the taller, and possibly older children spots you.

“Hey you! You’re the new guy right!? Get over here!” She calls out to you.

You shrug your shoulders, and enter the room.

The walls were made of polished wood, the light in this room very different than that of the main hallway which used fluorescent lighting, this room had a softer, golden glow to it.

The girls stopped what they were doing, and gave you a curious gaze for a moment before returning to their previous activities.

“Never see you around these parts, guess it took you a while to find it huh?” She asks you once you were close enough to her.

She was definitely a Lizardman, with scaly webbed ears, sharp, reptilian yellow eyes, and arms made of smooth leathery hide ending in sharp claws. The same can also be said for her knees, and lower to that. Her hair was a golden blonde, and tied in a voluminous pig-tail that shine with the light in the room, her body a soft tan reflecting how often she enjoys sunbathing, or just going outside in general. Her frame put her around pre-teen going to teen, perhaps thirteen at most, though she composed herself rather maturely for her age. On her hand was a bladed weapon, perhaps the only one that could pose a threat, but knowing the enchanted blades mamono carry it’s intimidation is directed towards other controversial issues. She wore a dark green leotard with a thick, leather brown belt and iron buckle dangling on her waist.

“Yeah, the place is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, guess you’re in charge here?” You ask.

“Sort of, but nah, our caretaker is off on an adventure to save people in trouble! I heard she’ll be back soon so maybe you can drop by later and-” she began.

“VAMPIRE!” A girl suddenly cried out of nowhere!

Acting on instinct you swipe the Lizardgirl’s weapon, holding it sideways just in time to block an arcing hammer strike via a kendo stick.

“What the- hey you! What’d I tell you about sneak attacks!” The Lizardgirl scolded.

Upon realizing it wasn’t a Vampire she almost bonked on the head, she quickly prop herself up in a stiff standing position, wide red eyes, and flowing golden blonde hair tied in a long, thin ponytail.

She was dressed in a black, and red vest with matching black short-shorts with red stitching, and black knee length boots.

“U-uh…to…not do that, but I-I swear I though he was a Vampire! My nose almost never lies!” The little blondie whined.

“(Well…I mean technically she’s still not wrong…but I moved out months ago…can that actually cling to me…)” you thought to yourself, giving a whiff of your shirt for good measure.

“”It’s alright, no harm, no foul…but that strike had a lot of oomph to it, you’re pretty tough already” you praise her developing combat skills.

“E-eh? Oh! Thanks…but I’m still not good enough…” she shrinks a little from your praise.

“Maybe, but I’ve been there before, you’ll get the hang of things soon enough. Sometimes I still think I have some of my old bruises when I was practicing swordplay back in the day” you remark.

“Eh!? You’re good with swords!?” The Lizard-teen immediately perked up, rushing towards you, and seeing you eye to eye by standing on the tips of her clawed toes. Even to the point that you can feel her breath on her face, but on the bright side, this girl at least has good dental hygiene.

“Hobby! Just a hobby!” You quickly explain.

“Still that means you’re good right!?” She persisted.

“…I’m rusty” you confess.

“Well we can fix that! Drop by more often, and show us what you can do! Maybe we can see you, and our teacher spar! O-or maybe we can spar together-uh! You know…if you want to that is” She pulls herself back at the last second.

“Alright, alright, you talked me into it. I’ll drop by more often now that I know this spot exists” you assure them.

“Deal!” The Lizardman agreed.

“I hope I can see you soon then! *Sniff-sniff* maybe…get a new deodorant or something” the blonde girl suggested.

“I’ll consider it” you agree, and take your leave.

Leaving the room, and getting ready to punch out, you can’t help, but think back to the red-eyed blonde child who almost gave you a concussion…she reminded you of someone…but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

As you through the main hallway you notice a black figure on her knees having obviously just fallen, you also notice the floor here is still a tad slippery from the recent cleaning of the building.

“H-hey are you alright?” You reach out to her holding her waist and shoulder, and attempt to keep her steady.

You recognized this girl, it’s the Doppelganger. Her dress still a swirling mass of darkness clothing her body, her short black hair still a plain bowl cut, her wide red oval eyes now wet with tears threatening to fall as she still squirms in pain from her recent fall. She stares back at you wide eye with those ruby red eyes of hers before she gets spooked by your touch alone and darts off. She doesn’t make it five feet before slipping again and injuring herself once more.

“Don’t run like that, the floor is still slippery. Here let me take care of you” you assure her.

The little Doppelganger whimpers and sobs as fresh pain hits her body, you take a look at her and notice she’s scrapped her knee, and her arms, plus her forehead looks a little red as well.

“Don’t worry I have just the thing for all of this” you tell her.

Luckily you’re still in your uniform which had an assortment of nifty pockets in which you keep spare medical supplies, not quite enough to perform brain surgery, but enough to fix any booboos, and ouchies the kids might get.

By sheer coincidence Chloe wakes up from her nap, and the first thing she see is her dad ogling over another girl. She thought nothing of it at first, after all, it’s his job to take care of the kids here, that is until she saw that she was gripping Anon’s hand with her own, the same hand she tried to hold this morning but couldn’t, and suddenly something inside her started to simmer.

All the attention and physical contact he’s giving her, everything she wanted him to do to her from rubbing a sore spot on the Doppelganger’s arm, placing band-aids on her injuries, even petting her head, and the Doppelganger sighs and smiles at the affection causing something inside Chloe to boil.

“There see? All better” you assure her as you fix her injuries the best you could.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore…” the Doppelganger realizes.

“I’m glad to hear you say that, now try to be careful out there” Anon warns.

The Doppelganger suddenly glomps onto Anon hugging him tight, one of the things Chloe has yearned for the most, but is unable to remotely come close to that kind of skinship.

“Thank you~” the Doppelganger coos.

“You’re welcome, remember I’m always here whenever you need me” Anon promises.

Chloe gasps, that was exactly what Anon promised her in the past, has she been replaced? Is she trying to steal her dad away from her? Now her soul felt like it was on fire as she glared at the little Doppelganger still hugging him.

“GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Chloe’s shout erupts from your mouth.

The Doppelganger reels back, collapsing on her butt, and dragging herself several feet by kicking the floor as she is shocked to see Chloe’s ghostly form jumping out of Anon’s body.

“Stay away! Don’t take daddy away from me! He’s my daddy! Mine and not yours! So back off!” Chloe sobs loudly.

The little Doppelganger not knowing what to do simply runs away scared out of her wits.

“Chloe!?” You cry out.

Only at this moment does she finally snap out of her temper tantrum and realizes what she’s done. She shuts her eyes, fists clenched, and shaking before suddenly jumping back inside your body.

“Chloe come back outside and explain yourself!” you call out to her.

“No! Y-you can’t make me! I wanna stay here!” Chloe cries out.

“Chloe!” You repeat yourself more sternly.

You felt your soul being squeezed by her arms as her sobbing returns anew. You’re not sure what else to do, it looks like she’s gonna keep herself inside your little soul pocket until she feels ready to come out.

You hold back a much needed sigh, and decide to wait it out, just be patient with her you repeat over and over.

You lounge in your favorite metal bench in the inner city, yet even the loud busy streets of cars and people can’t mask the sound of Chloe softly whimpering in your head. Her near death grip on your soul has been reduced back to a soft cuddle.

“(Chloe…sweetie, please talk to me, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong)” you explain in your thoughts.

No response, but you do feel a little squeeze as her grip on your soul tightens for just a moment.

“Hey, you look a little down” you hear a voice from somewhere.

You turn around and see the Alp once more, wearing a short skirted office secretary uniform colored navy blue, her blonde hair done in a bun that almost resembled a budding flower, and she wore black pantyhose with darker black high heel shoes.

“Oh, hey it’s you, what’s up?” You greet her almost reluctantly.

“Whoa, you look like you died a little inside, want me to fix that?” The Alp asks you.

“Huh? Oh, no that’s okay I’m good” you reply.

“Nonsense! Here let’s go back for some proper relaxing!” The Alp said.

“W-wait hold up-Ellen!” You call out to her as you are once again dragged back to the place of stripping.

“*Shush-shush*! Ellen was my name when I was a boy! I’m Elly now-oh but don’t tell the others that…I mean the first part anyway! Some people are still a little wary about the whole thing you know” Elly explains.

Once more you are dragged back up the stairs and into the poorly lit and scented candle filled house of pleasure.

“Look Ell…y, I know you mean well, and I’m sure you gotta a lot to…uh, show off, but can we schedule this another time or-” you begin.

“It’ll just take a second I swear! I haven’t seen you in years, and I feel like I really ought to make it up to you after everything you’ve done for me!” Elly assured.

“…So long as it takes just a second…” you were hesitant to answer.

“Today we have a super special guest! She wanted to test her skills for a party she’s hosting later tonight. A lot of VIPs are coming to her soiree and she wants to make sure her technique is at it’s best for her party, plus it’ll help our reputation if she hires some our girls here too. If things go well she might even invest in my little business here! Wouldn’t that be something!?” Elly cheerfully declared.

“I-I really don’t want to be a test dummy for all of this, I’m just not in the mood-” you explain.

“It’ll be fine, she promises to be gentle, and that she won’t suck out your soul, or anything” Elly said.

“Wait-what!? Now I really don’t want to-” you call out but Elly already made up her mind for you, and pushed you into the black leather couch. Before you can stand up, Elly whistles loudly, and you see your dancer for the evening. A girl with pale glowing white skin, and silvery blonde wavy waist length hair. Her eyes were sharp and alluring though her stature was decadent. She wore a beautiful dark purple silk dress which reached to her ankles, yet the left side of the hem was cut all the way to her hip. Her breasts were plump and heavy possibly even reaching the E-cup category, though still no match for Betsy. She wore purple thigh-high stockings and black high heel shoes.

Her smile was captivating, her body moved with a balance of elegance, and allure, but one quick look at you, and her expression shifted, if only by a little before her smile returned, and she briefly introduced herself.

“Greeting esteemed guest, I am your hostess for the evening, please do enjoy this Wight’s body as for the next several minutes will be nothing but raw pleasure” the Wight introduced herself.

Her voice was as sensual, mature, and feminine tone that rubbed at your ears like a gentle massage, her aura alone exhumed passion, and lust, but her composure was always on point.

I-I really appreciate it but I-uh~I-I~” you gasp and lose your ability to speak as the Wight lifts her exposed leg and brings it up close to your side.

“Do you like my legs? It’s okay, touching is absolutely permitted, just stroke it, like this” The Wight allowed.

As a demonstration she began rubbing her thigh across your cheek, her dress teasing you by hiding her lingerie, that is if she was actually wearing something underneath, you still weren’t certain. Almost as if it had a mind of it’s own, your hand starts to stroke the Wight’s leg starting from her calves and trailing and rubbing all across her thigh. Her skin felt powdery soft even through her pantyhose, and with a sweet vanilla smell.

“Mmm~ yes~ feel how soft I am? Oh~ you’re hands feel so warm~” the Wight purred.

“I~ better get changed for tonight, I’ll just leave you two to it” Elly said leaving you alone with the Wight.

She removes her leg from the seat and leans close, allowing you to see the valley of her large mounds and before you knew it, your chin was nestled quite comfortable between her giant mammaries.

“*Giggle*-that tickles a little, you really ought to get a better razor” the Wight giggles.

She quickly pulls away, and turns around and bending over, displaying her ass through her silk dress, half of which was exposed thanks to the hem being cut so far, but still you wanted more.

“I think I found my seat right here” the Wight replies setting her large tush right into your lap.

She leans back resting herself on you like you were a simple chair and starts gyrating her butt back and forth. Her left arm grip at your head, while her other hand was busy grabbing your hand and taking control of it.

“Here, let me show you where to touch a woman~” the Wight purred.

Your hand went on a journey all across her body, traveling to her waist, and tummy, cupping her breasts at one moment while she took control of two of your fingers.

“Now, you can pinch, but mind your strength, any rough play, and I’ll be rough with you” the Wight warned.

For an instant, to your horror, you saw for a brief moment, thick large transparent claws appear on her hands and arms before disappearing.

You take her words to heart and start twiddling and teasing her nipples now exposed even through her silk dress.

“Mmm~ yeah~ right there, my nipples are so hard now” the Wight moaned, letting her body arc, and her butt slide up, and down your groin. Her bosom felt like a squishy mass of soft, and cool flesh, her nipples hardening as you continue to play with her body.

“(Touch me too daddy)” you heard a sad whisper in your thoughts.

“…I-I can’t…” you mutter, and your hands cease to move another inch.

“Hm? Is something wrong dear, you were doing great just now, if you weren’t feeling confident” the Wight asked.

“No, that’s not it, you’re beautiful and everything, but I’m just not…into it as much” you respond.

“…I see, I felt her too, when I touched you you know. I understand” the Wight said.

“Wait-how did you-” you stammer.

“I can touch the deepest part of you, and right now, there’s someone deep inside you who needs you more than I do. Thank you for your cooperation nonetheless, I’ll be sure to repay you sometime” the Wight was done a tad early. “I’ll be staying in this city, and in this facility with Elly…whenever you wish to talk more…privately, my room is always open for you” the Wight invited.

“Thank you, for understanding” you thank her.

“Think nothing of it, I hope I didn’t come across as forward or lewd. While I’ll admit I am a bit…urging, I still prefer to keep myself in control, part of being an important noble and all that” the Wight said.

“Must be tough” you tell her.

“Being a parent must be tough as well, yet I still hope to experience that in my un-life like I…well that’s a story for another time” the Wight explains.

You thank her again and leave the strip club, though it was a short session you felt like you’ve gain some endurance, and resistance from the charms of others, and maybe even some experience on how to act like a true nobleman.

Just moments later Elly returns wearing a black latex bra and thong with black fishnet stockings and open toe high heels.

“W-where’s Anon!? I was gonna show him my dance too!” Elly cried out.

“He had an urgent issue he had to take care of, and can you please dress more appropriately, nothing wrong with being erotic, but my goodness show some class for crying out loud” the Wight was most displeased.

“I! U-uh! Y-yes ma’am!” Elly stood stiff, and tall, and saluted.

The moment you returned home, Chloe immediately rushes to her room before you have chance to talk to her. You sigh as you feel this is just one of many tough moments of being a parent.

No one said it would be easy after all.

Seeing as how you might not get her to come out anytime soon you decide to leave your phone to charge for a bit and take a quick shower to wash away the sweat, and dirt of the day. And seeing as how that time in the strip club made you feel, you decide a cold shower would be best.

Meanwhile Chloe feels fumed at all the attention her dad has been giving all the other girls but her, while true she can’t touch him yet, that doesn’t mean he should be fooling around with everybody else…

Even if she did sort of wanted that to happen.

“Hmph! I’ll show daddy!” Chloe suddenly declared.

She zoomed out of her room and searched around the house until he spotted what she was looking for, Anon’s cellphone. With a mischievous smirk she goes back to the times she spotted a Yuki-Onna she knew at the Orphanage, and decided to play some antics. Spotting her father’s phone still open, and not password protected, her little prank was under way, granted it was a little difficult to send a text message as she can barely touch the thing at some points, but she got her quick and simple text written and ready to send to Anon’s friend, and busty co-worker Betsy.

[Anon: Hey Betsy, you’re so hot I just want to fuck you senseless while sucking on those deliciously big breasts of yours!]

“*Giggle* Let’s see how she’ll like that!” Chloe giggle to herself as she sent the text, and flew away back to her room to wait.

Minutes later you return to your smartphone and notice you got a text message from Betsy of all people. You look through it and gawk as you notice the message you supposedly texted just minutes ago, and her response to it.

[Betsy: Anon I don’t know! Oh gosh this so sudden! Why do you have to say all that now! I’m so embarrassed! You’ll be gentle right!? I bruise easily! Especially my nipples! XO]

You quickly text out your response.

[Anon: OMG Sorry! Chloe somehow managed to use my phone and sent that text before I could stop her!]

You wait several heart pounding minutes until you finally get a response back.

[Betsy: Oh is that all, I’m even more embarrassed now though! Especially since I told everyone cause I wanted advice on…lovemaking and stuff! It was my first time after all! So sorry! :(]

“Great, just what I needed, more dirt to my name…Chloe!” You call out.

“I’m not here!” Chloe answers from her room.

Chloe has been acting very difficult all day, mood swings, temper tantrums, coddling, and now this? She’s really acting out, and unfortunately, you may already know why, and you know why you can’t reciprocate her feelings like this.

You need some advice, fast!

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