Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 11)

It was your second straight day off.

They were quite wonderful moments where you truly felt relaxed. No business to take care of, the housework for the most part is fine, and all the sores and aches that couldn’t have been soothed during the previous day are now entirely gone. Yet even during these moments you thought it would be best to make use of your refreshed, energetic youth and hit the gym.

“Chloe~ wanna come with me?” You call out to Chloe.

“Oh~oh~ yes~ I do~” you heard Chloe’s distant moan from across the room.

You had to admit there was a definite wail to it this time. When she first started practicing her ghostly vocal chords you had assumed she was just having fun being a ghost. However; there was a distinct otherworldly echo to her tone that she had to have been working on over night.

“Working on your ghost moans?” You ask.

“*Giggle*! Just wanted to try it out once, okay let’s go!” Chloe’s voice returned to normal before fazing inside you. Another change for the better, Chloe’s body does not instantly give your body the chills. Rather it felt like something warm melting inside of you and nestling in your innards in a place no surgeon can dig in.

“How was that dad? Turns out there are sneaky ways ghosts can possess people by matching their host’s body heat! My friend told me so” Chloe asked.

“I didn’t think you were so studious, but I’m glad you’re putting your energy into something more productive, but you were warmer than my body, tone it down a bit and I won’t even notice you” you review her skills.

“Drat…I was way off, but I bet if you had the flu or something you wouldn’t have noticed me!” Chloe said.

“I didn’t think you were so studious, but I’m glad you’re putting your energy into something more productive” you praise.

“Well~ I am who I am…might as well be good at it, and besides my new friend told me that being a ghost can be very boring until you get a bunch of energy, and start learning all the fun tricks” Chloe said.

“I see, well we can get there sweetie, in the meantime, I was thinking of going back to the gym, and afterwards we can take a trip to the park or something, and have some fun ourselves since it’s my day off” you explain.

“In that case, I want ice cream!” Chloe blurted out.

“But you still can’t eat right?” You ask her.

“Well I can sort of feel what you feel, but it’s not all that good unless you do that…uh~*blush*~super…hugging with a girl. So if you can just stuff your face with ice cream while I’m inside you, that’ll be real cool” Chloe said.

“…Pun intended?” You grin.

“One way to find out!” Chloe answered

“I guess I can order the large, and we can split it” you assure her.

“Yay~” Chloe softly cheered nearly giving your heart a ‘Hnng’ attack.

You drive off towards the gym with Chloe in tow, upon reaching the gym, you make a quick turn to the locker rooms, and change into…

“(Chloe?)” You call out to her in your thoughts.

“Hm~?” Chloe hummed.

“(Mind waiting for me outside?)” You ask.

“Hm~” Chloe hummed, possibly pretending to be deep in thought.

“(Chloe~)” you call to her more sternly.

“Okay~okay~” Chloe grumbled before escaping from your body.

…Change into something more fitting…

Dressed in gray sweatpants with black stripes, and a tight black tee, Chloe zips inside you once more and you take a look around the building to figure out where to start. You get a sense that this is a typical day comprised of mamonos and humans all taking their physical health seriously.

You see a pair of friends chatting on a treadmill, a creamy white furred Were-cat casually power-walk, her long legs pacing back and forth and on full display thanks to her short-shorts. Her slender, and tall stance gave her a sense of superiority over the others, her ocean blue eyes sharp, and narrow, her shoulder length sandy blonde hair bouncing up and down. Beside her was the complete opposite; a Werewolf in full sprint, her long black hair messy, free, and flowing to and fro. She sported a caramel tan with wide, green eyes, and sporting a black sports-bra and similar short-shorts as her friend. Her black fur was a tad longer as well, and in need of a good brushing. Her body was aglow with sweat, and matted fur which complimented her curvaceous body as well displaying her abs only gifted to those truly athletic and devoted to fitness.

The two had a bit of an argument that drew more attention than their looks, and bodies ever could…something about buried cat toys in the yard.

Along the row of people watching their squabble you spot her, the Orc who asked you to be her partner in her quest to improve her physique. She wore a simple white tank-top ending just above her belly button and tight black bicycle pants

“(Hey it’s the girl with the badunkadunk. Let’s go say hi!)” Chloe spoke in your thoughts.

“I was thinking the same thing” you agree. “Hey badunkad-no I mean hey finally spotted you!” You call out to her.

The Orc glances your way and smiles dropping her interest in the duo to approach you, her lack of a sport bra evident as her lascivious thickness would bounce with every spring in her step.

“Hey, it’s been a while, I thought maybe you changed your mind or something” the Orc said.

“No, of course not, I was just busy with work is all, some things…happened and I’m back here to, let’s just say not let it happen again” you respond.

“Oh wow…that sounds rough, things weren’t turning too well for me here either, but we’re together now, so you wanna go fix that?” The Orc asked.

“…I’m sorry to hear that, do you want to tell me why?” You ask.

“I-it’s not a problem really, but thanks for worrying about me…you really are a good gym partner” the Orc replied.

“Well I don’t think I’m all that great of help for you yet…by the way I don’t think we properly introduced ourselves, my name is Anon” you introduce yourself.

“My name is Patty” the Orc introduced herself.

“Great, so what do you want to get working on first? Or were you already working out before I got here?” You ask.

“I got here myself, maybe even a little later than you…I don’t go to the gym a lot and I’m not all that good at exercising. But I’ll do anything you ask me to!” Patty was inexperienced, but serious.

“Okay, well we have a few options in mind, we can stick around and work with one these machines, or we can take a jog outside” you weigh your options.

“If I can make a suggestion, why don’t you try out our pool? We just had it renovated and it’s open for use” you heard the Blue Oni spoke up from behind you.

“What changed?” You ask.

“Hm~ nothing much, but it was a little cramped at first, and some of our guests weren’t getting the workout they were looking for. Long story short, it made far too many…uncomfortable moments, and unnecessary skin-ship. Needless to say I underestimated just how swift mermaids were, as well as the local population of mermaids, I had forgot to take note of the humid Summers, and the consistent rainy Autumn and Springs, even mermaids can flourish on land with proper environmental statuses” the Blue Oni mumbled herself into a rant.

“She’s always like that, she’s so smart and strong, she’s got so many admirers” Patty whispered to you.

“…Oh! S-sorry about that, I-uh~get carried away sometimes” the gym owner awkwardly apologized.

“No worries, and a new pool sounds like fun, wanna take a shot at it Patty?” You ask.

“B-but I didn’t bring anything to swim with” Patty said.

“We have plenty of spare swimsuits you can rent in all sizes and variety, help yourselves to the neighboring locker rooms to the left of the pool, and you’ll find the instructions to obtain them” the Blue Oni assured.

“Awesome, come on Patty we can swim a few laps together” you tell her.

“Okay, if that’s what you want” Patty agreed with a grin.

Seeing as how you weren’t planning on swimming either you decide to check out the second locker room that connects to the pool. Inside a dispenser was seen with several slots to insert cash or card to rent a swimsuit. Seeing the price was fair enough you make your purchase, and…

“(Chloe?)” You

“(zzz~do-dodedo~zzz~)” Chloe was fast asleep

“(Nice try Chloe, I know when you’re really sleepy”) you call out.

Chloe leaves your body, her cheeks puffed as she grumbled to herself about how unfair everything, and everyone is.

…and now you change into a pair of dark navy blue, white stripped elastic strap swimming trunks, and wait for Patty by the pool. The trunks you’ve acquired are just right though you can’t help but feel they might be a little too snug for your own taste, but beggars can’t be choosers so you roll with it.

You are amazed to see the size of the pool which can rival that of Katy’s pool back at the orphanage though if you had to guess you’d make the assumption that this pool was definitely bigger. You watch as several of it’s occupants are putting the pool to use, a few mermaids performing laps, and a group of succubi women with near identical straight long hair styles, and dark violet hair wearing their own personal risque two piece bikinis giggling to themselves as they make their way over to a large shed on the far corner. You look over the sign above the door and realize it reads ‘Steam Room’, and then you glance back at the two Succubi now noticing you and are enticing you to join them as well, if their glinting eyes and beckoning fingers are any indication.

“(That looks like a lot of fun too, let’s join them!)” Chloe exclaimed.

“Chloe, one thing you have to learn is loyalty and the importance of promises. We gave our word that we would help Patty and that’s what we’re going to do” you gently scold.

“(Well fine, but how long is she gonna take?)” Chloe asked.

“She won’t take long-look there she…whoa” you turn the corner and spot Patty.

“(Double whoa~)” Chloe gasped.

“S-sorry for the wait, I-I didn’t know if this suit would look good on me” Patty explained.

She wore a cyan blue one piece suit that hug her body so tightly it mostly just acted like a second skin. Her nipples can be seen poking through the swimsuit. While the same couldn’t be said about her lower half you did notice that Patty was tugging away at the backside of her suit.

“Sorry! This thing keeps giving me a wedgie-oh~ this is so embarrassing, it doesn’t help that everyone else looks so much better than me! Maybe we should just go back to lifting weights or something” Patty groaned.

“Hey-come on now, don’t say that, besides it’s not like you look bad in it or anything. In fact I think you look…breathtaking” you try to control yourself, though the urge to declare ‘sexy piggy’ was strong, you managed to resist.

“Y-you’re too nice” Patty didn’t seem to believe you

“I’m totally being serious, I mean I don’t exactly know how to prove it but…” you mutter.

Then you notice Patty’s eye wander lower to your manhood, and her cheeks redden as she sees you are quite erect and ready for her. It would appear while affordable, these swimsuits for both genders, and all species could use some work if the gym owner was trying to keep everyone well behaved, and modest.

“D-did I do that?” Patty asked.

“Y-yeah you uh, certainly did” you couldn’t lie to her.

At this she smiled, possibly the most genuine smile that you’ve seen so far.

“Wow, I-I’m actually kind of happy about that. C-can I touch it?” Patty asked as her already pink skinned cheeks grew another shade.

“(Yes, in exchange we must give your backside a proper smack)” Chloe explained her intentions.

“Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. How about we just start exercising?” You quickly change topics.

“Oh right! Right! Sorry, I-I couldn’t help myself, okay I’m ready!” Patty quickly replied.

“(Although~super hugging can be considered to be quite a work-out you know)” Chloe kept giving you new ideas.

“(Any more lip from you and I’ll eat nothing but gross vegetables while you’re inside me, no ice cream)” you warn her.

“(*Hmph! Fine! I’ll be good!)” Chloe pouted.

You and Patty continued swimming and chatting up the day, finding her quite interesting for an Orc. She was so docile, and timid, and her low self esteem was rather uncommon. She even appeared to be suppressing her own lust instead of acting upon them. Could the modernization of the world affected her in any way causing this sudden shift of a once lustful, and potentially threatening species?

A few more good laps, and Patty begins to wear out, as she lifts herself up off the pool giving you a great view of her body as she bends over, and turns herself around. You join her soon after sitting together and letting your feet sink into the water.

“I-I think I’m tuckered out! B-but I think I can already feel myself getting lighter! I can’t thank you enough for helping me Anon” Patty smiled.

“Anytime Patty, plus I had a lot of fun today, definitely could use more time at the gym” you reply.

“I wish you would visit as often as possible…I could use more people like you in my life…” Patty murmured.

Something about the way she said it…it almost felt like she didn’t want anyone to hear her, but she also had to let it out someway.

“…Well I can stick around a little longer…want to just relax in the hot-tub for a bit before we do some more laps?” You ask.

“Yes, anything you want! I’ll be happy to do it” Patty was eager.

…She’s also very submissive, and you haven’t even laid a finger on her…perhaps her nature is not so one dimensional as you thought…but then…is there a deeper meaning behind it?

Still, after this day you’re sure she’ll see some results, and her newly inspired motivation will surely mean she’ll make this a regular thing so long as you hold your end of the bargain. Hopefully this might have given her confidence the little boost it desperately needed.

After a good workout and a hot shower you feet like a new man with so much new energy and vigor.

“Alright Chloe, I feel like saving the world! Where’s my sword!?” You start joking around.

“(*Giggle* daddy~ we were going to get ice cream remember?)” Chloe laughed.

“Right-right ice cream…yeah, let’s do that” you agree.

While not as exciting as saving the world, it did make you feel accomplished making your little girl happy. You take her to a trip to a nearby shop and let her pick out what she likes. Coincidentally there happens to be a nearby outlet mall next to the park where a local ice-cream shop runs it’s business.

“(Strawberry!)” Chloe cheered.

“Strawberry it is” you reply.

You pick out the largest cup of ice-cream they had, take your sweet treat, and walk towards the nearby park, and find a bench for a little scenery and peace.

“Well there goes all my exercise for the day” you reply as you take your first spoonful.

“Ah~ so sweet~ it’s been forever~” Chloe moans as she shares your taste-buds.

“It’s pretty good, didn’t think you like strawberry so much” you reply as you take another bite.

You take another bite, and Chloe gasps at the stimulation.

“Ah~ah~ more! So good~” Chloe gasps in your mind.

“Hey-hey this is starting to sound weird…” you reply as you take another lunge deep in the pink.

“Oh~ that’s so big~ how can it all fit inside!?” Chloe cried out.

“Come on~ I can’t tell if you just joking around anymore” you reply as you start going at the ice-cream faster to get it done and over with.

“Wait-wait if you go at it so fast-I’m gonna-*gasp*-I’m gonna~!” Chloe cries out.

And then you both reached your climax as you suddenly felt something coming too. You clutch at your head as Chloe zips out of you clutching her head as well.

“Brain freeze~!” You and Chloe cry out simultaneously.

“My goodness with all this commotion how will I ever give this little fluffy tyke her afternoon nap?” you hear a voice walking towards you.

“Oh~ hey it’s you!” You realize as you start to recover.

The famous party girl Youko now mother you’ve met a while back saunters over, carrying her baby girl who looked to have grown slightly since your last encounter. The Youko wears a black variant of her usual kimono dress attire, and her status as a milf exceeds all expectations. Her little girl wears a soft pink feety pajamas with her blonde hair done in tiny pigtails, the little tyke coos and sucks on the end of her own tail as she enjoys the ride her mother is giving her.

“How have you been, I saw you from afar and I just had to see what all the fuss was about” the Youko said.

“I’ve been, you know still working on the whole father thing” you respond.

“M-m-my head feels l-l-l-like a freezer~!” Chloe exclaimed as she rolled around clutching her head.

“Oh! She’s your daughter!? B-but what happened to her that made her into a ghost?” The Youko asked worried.

“Oh-oh! No I uh~ adopted her from the orphanage I’m working at. This is Chloe. And Chloe this is Miss Vixen” you introduce.

“*Giggle* no dear, that was my nickname back in college. But it’s a pleasure to meet you Chloe” the Youko greeted her.

“I-I-I feel n-n-nothing b-but c-c-c-cold~” Chloe was still reeling from the brain freeze.

“So, how have the two of you been?” You ask.

“Oh me and this little bundle of joy are feeling fantastic. Look, she’s already getting a head-start on her technique, I feel so proud!” The Youko responded looking at her baby girl suckling at her own tail.

“That’s…good I think” you don’t know what to say.

“Yup! She’ll grow into a beautiful girl very soon, we tend to breeze through our toddler years a lot faster than you think. Kind of like regular foxes now that I think about it…hm~ wonder if there’s some connection to that” the Youko started to ponder while rubbing her chin with her own fox tail.

“Maybe, but hey I really want to thank you for those pointers you gave me the first time. I can use all the help I can get” you tell her.

“Nonsense, I get the sense that you’re a natural at this, here why don’t you try holding on to little Jessie here” the Youko presented her little girl to you.

“Well yeah, I can do that much. I’ve done it before…years ago” you recall the time your youngest sister was born.

You take little Jessie in your arms, the baby Youko looks confused at first but at least she doesn’t start crying right away. Her tiny arms now moving up to try and reach your face though she’s out of reach.

“Oh~ go ahead! It’s so cute how she likes to sniff, and pat people, she’s does it to her daddy all the time” the Youko said.

You bring your face closer, her hands clasping and patting all over your face as you see her nose twitch, sniffing at you curiously. You bring your finger over to her tummy and she immediately begins giggling at your little tickle motion.

“I see you found her weak-spot. I think she got that from her dad, my weak-spot is a little…lower than that” the Youko confessed.

“My little sister was the same way actually” you tell her.

“See? I told you, you were a natural, I don’t think there’s much I can teach you. Well…I do know of someone else who can do better” the Youko said.

“Really? Who?” You ask.

“My older sister, she’s already been a mother longer than I have, a lot of her girls are already grown up, but she’s still birthing little Youkos. I can give her a call, and she can give you some pointers if she’s interested” the Youko suggested.

“I’d appreciate the help if you did” you take the offer.

“Great! Poor dear has been a single mother so often, and even without a kid she’s still single! I wish she would just settle down with someone one of these days, I mean you can’t stay young forever…well I suppose that doesn’t really apply to us, but still. I’ll give her a call, in the meantime why don’t I tell you a little of what I discovered?” the Youko suggests.

“Okay, I mean it’ll help pass the time while we wait for Chloe to recover” you figured as you glance down at your own daughter.

“I want to haunt an oven~!” Chloe cried out

You spent the next hour or so taking notes on her practices and experience on raising Jessie before it was time to go. Little Jessie being happy and calm now began whimpering in your arms to which the Youko explained she was feeling hungry.

“I guess it’s time to feed her again…well I suppose we covered a lot today so I’ll just text my sister, and see if she can teach you anything new” the Youko said.

You return her baby to her and take your leave. As you walk away and turn around you see the mother was pulling at her kimono, exposing her busty breasts and you realize what she meant by feeding time, and you walk a little faster to give them some privacy.

You return home with Chloe inside you, her body feeling much colder than usual, but not from her spiritual form.

“You feeling better yet Chloe?” You ask her.

“Yeah~ s-still s-shivery though” Chloe said.

“Was it worth it?” You ask.

“Totally, I had a lot of fun today dad” Chloe confessed.

“I did too, I think I’m gonna make myself a small dinner and get ready for bed. You should too” you tell her.

She fazes out of your body, and looks at you, blocking the way to the kitchen while she was at it.

“Hm? Something wrong Chloe?” You ask her.

“D-daddy, I think, if I do get to touch things again…I don’t think I want to go to school” Chloe confessed.

“Why not? It’s really important that we get you studying again” you tell her.

“B-but I have so much fun with you! A-and if I go to school, we won’t have a lot of time to have fun together” Chloe confessed.

“Chloe…I will always find a way to have fun with you. Besides it’ll make me really happy if you got your normal life back, even after all of this. That’s why going to school is so important” you tell her.

“B-but I’m scared…what if-what if the other kids don’t like me anymore…like my-my mom and dad…” Chloe starts whimpering as she recalls her real parents, if they can be called that anymore.

“Chloe, not everyone is like that, they’re just a special kind of stupid. I promise there’s a lot of kids out there that would love to be friends with you. And if anything happens, I promise I’ll be right there to protect you” you promise her.

“Daddy…t-thanks, okay I feel a little better now” Chloe smiled.

“Everything is gonna work out, and if it doesn’t I’ll make it work somehow. Everyone deserves to be happy” you tell her.

“B-but I’m already happy! Now that I’m with you daddy” Chloe cheered.

“Awesome-wait a second! if you could taste what I taste, how come you don’t just go inside me when I eat my dinners” you ask her.

“’Cause! Daddy eats gross vegetables!” Chloe stuck her tongue out in disgust.

“Well I know what I’m gonna feed you as soon as you can feed yourself” you realize.

“Aw~ come on~” Chloe whined.

“If you clean out your plate you can have ice cream for dessert” you tell her.

“Tch! My one weakness…fine I’ll try the yucky green stuff, just for ice-cream…and you too” Chloe said.

“That’s my girl” you respond proud of her.

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