Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 10)

Another day, and this time Katy has given you a day off today, though you still plan on visiting the Orphanage to grab some supplies as she advised. After waking up and finally feeling something in your nether regions besides a numbing sensation, you had high hopes that this was going to be a good day.

You wake up, and wash yourself up, dressed in your usual casual attire and head downstairs.

“Morning daddy!” Chloe piped up, kneeling in front living room coffee table.

“(Daddy huh)” you muse at her developing feelings, and trust towards you.

“Hey sweetie, what are you up to?” You ask kneeling beside her.

“Look! Look! I can rest my tail on floors now! I can even sit on the sofa, and chairs!” Chloe proclaimed.

You glance down, and while she didn’t appear to be phasing through the floor you could almost make out the soft bristles of the carpet bending slightly from her tail.

“I think I see it, and what’s that you got there pumpkin? Moving on to coffee cups?” You ask.

“Yup! I can lift paper, and push buttons without too much trouble, but I can’t lift the remote! I’ve been staying up all night practicing, and this morning I was turning the water faucet, and I was able to feel the water on my hands for the first time! I couldn’t drink it, but it felt cold, and then I felt hot! It felt so good feeling something warm in a normal way like that! So I thought to myself if it’s like working out so I found this coffee cup lying around and I wanted to try lifting that next!” Chloe spouted quite a mouthful.

You were a little taken aback, sure she was easily excited, and she was still just a child, but hearing her go off on that tangent, and keeping herself busy with activities rather than just sleeping the day away was a whole new experience. Like you are witnessing a new side of Chloe that has been bottled up ever since she became a spirit, and it’s in full swing.

“That’s very good! I’m really happy you’re starting to accept, and explore your new life like this! I’ll be heading back to the Orphanage soon, but I want to stick around, and watch you lift that coffee cup up first” You assure her.

“Yeah watch me! I can totally do it now I think!” Chloe grew excited.

You sit next to your daughter’s right side, and as your body was starting to feel numb from the cold you get a call on your smartphone. Not wanting to miss out on Chloe performing her feat you settle to switching to her other side to let your left portion of your body freeze over while you answer the phone. Chloe’s hands hard at work holding the cup and on occasion you notice she has some grip on it before her hands go through it and she tries again.

“Hello?” You answer the phone.

“Sweetie! So good to hear from you after so long! How’s my favorite little man!” A woman’s voice spoke through the other end.

Crap, and double crap.

“H-hi mom!” You try to respond to her excitement though you don’t match it.

Your response was enough to get Chloe to tilt her head, and turn to you, her focus on the coffee cup gone for just a moment before she resumed.

“Oh~ it’s so good to hear your voice again! It’s been so long, and your sisters miss you so~ much, when are you coming back for a visit?” Your mother asks.

“Oh! I’m just you know-busy with work and all” you respond.

“Still working? Oh my hard working baby boy! I had surely thought after you finished school you would return home to spend time with the family, but I am proud of you for trying so hard…so! How are things on your end?” She asks.

“*Pfft*” A tiny, whimper of a snicker escaped Chloe’s lips. Do Ghosts have extra sensitive hearing?

“Uh…Well, I got my dream job sort of, I’m working at the Little Monster Miracle Orphanage, full time” you answer.

“What!? Really! That’s so amazing, I knew you could do anything if you tried, you must come over so we can celebrate. Also thanks for helping me figure something out” your mother said.

“P-pardon?” you ask.

“Yes, yes the evidence is all coming together now, it’s definitely you” you heard your mother mumble to herself.

“W-what did I do?” You ask.

“It’s not just a matter of what dear, but it’s a matter of who, and now we know. You’re our Anon that Josephine wrote so fondly about in her latest blog!” Your mother practically shouted with glee.

You nearly drop your phone as your expression turns to the dark side, as if you just saw what was at the end of the bottomless abyss…and it touched you inappropriately.

“You don’t have to say anything dear, your silence is enough to tell me I’m right. I suppose we never told you this, but me and your sister would often read about our favorite blogger Josephine, and often share some…family time together upon reading them, we just love her narrations, and her reviews on her sponsored products are so raw, and passionate! Imagine our surprise when she spoke of the only male working at the orphanage and everything the two of you did for hours on an empty locker room. Needless to say, we were quite surprised, we didn’t know you had it in you. Your sisters are practically demanding you come back to explain everything in more detail” your mother said.

“Mom, please” you mutter.

“Oh? Something tells me you didn’t read her blog, well I’ll just spoil the ending and tell you she really liked you, although you were a bit inexperienced, I hope you work on that soon, don’t besmirch our family name by being a poor lover dear” your mother lectures you.

“I’ll-I’ll try” you mutter.

“Daddy! Daddy! Look I’m doing it!” Chloe shouts as she holds her cup in her hands.

Your eyes try to glance at your daughter, but a loud shouting right in your ear distracted you significantly.

“Daddy!? D-did a little girl just call you daddy!? You have daughter!?” Your mother shouts through the phone.

“Aw~ Daddy, you missed it!” Chloe whined as her cup fell through her hands, spun around for a bit on the table, and toppled on the side.

“Who!? Who’s the skank that shackled you into marriage and bore my little boy with a child…which I really want to see now!” Your mother roared as her protective nature came into play.

“M-mother it’s not like-” you try to reassure you.

“That’s it! So much going on so fast! I’m going to let your sisters know, and don’t worry dear you don’t have to come to us, we’ll come to you! Talk to your later, kisses-*chu*!” Your mother exclaimed before hanging up.

“Daddy? What’s wrong?” Chloe asked.

“Family visits are always fun! Family visits are always fun! Family visits are always fun” you go into a mental breakdown as you smack your head repeatedly against the table.

“D-Daddy!?” Chloe cried out surprised at your sudden reaction.

After a brief recovering, and your soul hugged you felt like yourself again. You plop yourself on the sofa, and contemplate what to do next. However; there didn’t seem to be no way around it, and besides it’s not like you wanted to keep Chloe a secret forever, but you wanted to introduce her to your folks on your terms.

“I didn’t know I had a Grandma…she seemed nice” Chloe said.

“She’s a bit theatrical, but yeah, she’s always has the best interest when it comes to us” you assure her.

“…Is she gonna like me?” Chloe asked.

“She’s gonna love you! She has a huge weakness to cute things, but she hides it very well” you reply.

“Hey Dad? Can I watch TV now?” Chloe asked.

“Oh? Yeah sure, here’s the remote, I got some time before we go visit the Orphanage again, and maybe some TV right now could be good” you reply.

You place the remote on the table as Chloe began pressing the buttons until she was able to pick out a show she wanted to see.


After watching the season one finale of the Gazer show you drive over to the orphanage and head on inside. Farther into the main hallway you think you can make out Katy leading a family deeper inside the building, and you figure she’s doing her job at the moment. Luckily you don’t need her to find your way over to the shop, which you just realized you never visited before. Walking just a few yards forward you find the small store entrance.

The double doors were clear glass, automatic doors allowing you to see the inside of the small shop.

“…Why does it look like a gift shop?” You wonder loudly to yourself.

“(Oh~ I want something from here too)” Chloe proclaimed inside your thoughts.

You enter the shop and right away you notice all the small knickknacks for sale, including t-shirts, hats, visors, just about anything you can grab at any theme-park gift shop and all related to to the orphanage in some way. You see coffee mugs with words printed on them reading ‘I adopted’ and bumper stickers promoting the orphanage. On the pricier side of things were a few plushes of the mamono children with a caption tag attached to them only reading: ‘for cuddles only’.

However; what stuck out the most in your opinion were a set of calendars displaying a high resolution photo of the inhabitants of the orphanage. One of them displayed only the children with April’s cover being several young Harpies with various colored feathers ranging from a soft auburn red with creamy white skin, and freckles on her cheeks, to a tropical, bright yellow feathered child with a dark tan, and even a Black Harpy sticking her tongue out at the camera while the rest were smiling at the camera while sitting on a large fake egg.

Taking a peak at November you see various extra fluffy mamono kids dressed in extra fluffy attire ranging from wool sweaters, to ear muffs, and fur boots. There was a Weresheep wearing some adorable fluffy creamy white ear muffs that matched her wool. A Bunyip, stiff as a board, looking rather spooked at the camera was wearing a dark navy blue poncho, a Were-rabbit wearing a bright orange wool sweater, and a Ignis dressed in her usual bikini flames, crouched cross legged, and staring grumpily at the camera seeing as her only use was to act as a campfire for the trio…the Were-rabbit roasting a marshmallow on her back.

“(Oh gosh! Is that why they took those photos of us! Don’t tell me I’m in this thing too! So embarrassing!)” Chloe squealed.

The other more expensive one was that of the staff members in questionable clothing, you can see Betsy on the cover of April stained in milk and holding a half empty jug of milk between her large breasts covered only by her arms and wearing a tight fitting denim short-shorts. You can assume this photo wasn’t planned…

At least Betsy didn’t plan for it considering the clearly surprised face she gave to the camera.

Taking a peak at November you see it was of a member of the Orphanage you haven’t met yet. A woman of golden blonde hair, and four splendid, angelic, gold colored wings spread wide, and open. Her eyes were glaring not in rage, but embarrassment as she appeared to have been forced into one of those popular ‘Virgin Killer’ white wool sweaters, and nothing else. Posed in a kneeling position on a red carpet overlooking what appeared to be an extravagant chapel, her feminine curves were on full display, her side boobs exposed, and perky without the use of a bra, and her rear end was round, and thick with long, slender legs and bare feet.

However despite the November cover your second voice had a stronger opinion of Betsy rather than this new girl you haven’t met yet.

“(Oh~ Betsy~, Betsy~ the things I’ll do to get a drink of her milk)” Chloe moaned.

“U-um, please don’t stare at it so intently, it’s embarrassing enough as it is” you hear Betsy call out.

You snap out of your shared thoughts of Betsy, and spot the real Betsy with a flushed face, and staring awkwardly to her side. This time not wearing her kitchen attire, but rather a casual looking black, and white spotted shirt, and denim short-shorts with a cyan blue apron with Nirvana’s signature marking on the corner.

“B-Betsy! I um, sorry I didn’t mean to!” You quickly reply

“Honestly, that was an accident! I tripped again, and stained my really nice shirt, I took it off for a second and someone just happened to have been there with a camera” Betsy sighed.

“Well~ accident or not, I-um, I think it looks nice, they captured your good side really well” you compliment.

“R-really? Well thank you very much sug~, but what are you doing here Anon? I had thought you were on break after that, um…incident” Betsy said murmuring that last part while still refusing to face you.

She knows too!? Quick change the topic!

“W-well I was told about this place by Katy, and wanted to check it out, but what are you doing here Betsy? I thought you managed the kitchen?” You asked.

“Well, I do, but the poor gal that usually runs the shop isn’t feeling so peachy-keen, so I volunteered to cover her shift. Is there anything I can help you with Anon?” Betsy asked.

“I-I um~ just wanted something from this shop that will help me, it was Katy’s idea, but I don’t see anything of use here” you notice.

“I-um, I think I might have what you’re looking for behind me actually, after Katy explained everything to me, I figured you might need this” Betsy said grabbing a small bottle from under the counter.

“W-what’s this?” You ask.

“It’s scientific name is a bit of a mouthful, but most locals call it the ‘cold shower pill’ what it does is…uh~” Betsy began before turning the bottle around, and reading the label. “Makes you a hundred percent unaffected against all manner of charm and flirtation” Betsy read. “Meaning you uh~ won’t get…e-erect at anything for about four hours” Betsy explained through a tint of red in her cheeks.

“Why do we have that?” You ask.

“Well we had a talk about it with our doctor, and nurses here, and we all agreed that some of our girls can’t help themselves when it comes to charming their uh…adopted parents. This was a sort of…answer to that issue so we can assure a real family bonding relationship with our mamono, and their potential family…at least that’s how it was explained to me. Sorry sugar, I was kind of…sleepy during the meeting so I only got the gist of it…” Betsy explained.

“Seems good enough to me though. That’s sound like exactly what I need to make it through the work day. How much does it cost?” You ask.

“Well you’re an employee here so there’s a very good discount if you purchase this with something else” Betsy said.

“What is that something else?” You ask.

“That” Betsy points at a shelf on the wall decorated with only a single type of toy.

It was a small six or eight inch figurine of Fubuki in a tall standing position wearing her traditional white and blue kimono and smiling her naughty knowing smile.

“If you buy that with the pills, then the it’s next to nothing” Betsy said.

You are left speechless at the strange item.

“…U-um, also, I reckon I ought to tell ya there’s actually two versions of that. The regular one you see there, and the premium one that comes in a box containing not only the figurine, but also a small letter coated in her favorite perfume thanking the customer with her personal message. There’s even a print of her kiss with her favorite colored lipstick, Fubuki herself personally guarantees they are all handwritten and she kisses them all herself…we’re currently sold out though” Betsy said.

“T-that sounds interesting…” you don’t know what to make of it.

“*Sigh~ because it got so popular ever since we started selling them through our online shop, Katy is making us do the same thing too. Right now it’s just Fubuki but I think Nirvana’s figure will be the next one coming out” Betsy didn’t sound like she was so keen on the idea.

“(Aw~ what a shame…can I keep the figure?)” Chloe asked as if knowing you’re already going to buy it.

“I’ll take both, thanks” you seal the deal.

“Thank you very much, if there’s anything else you want, please let me know” Betsy assures you.

You glance back at the calendars, Betsy see’s you eyeing them and her face turns redder than before, and only moments later…

“T-t-thankyouverymuchhaveagoodday!” Betsy rapidly squeaks out as you pay for both calendars, and pills in record time.

With that out of the way you take your things and leave the building, only instead of leaving the forest you drive deeper through it until you come upon the staircase leading to the shrine of Ryu.

“I think you’ll like this place a lot, I’m gonna be seeing a friend here, and this place is all about purifying your soul, and uh…things that you can learn about.” you say.

“(I can’t wait! So is there like a bath or something for ghosts then?)” Chloe exclaimed.

“…Maybe?” You’re actually not quite sure of that.

Climbing the stairs higher and higher you ascend to the top of the large hill, and see the shrine of Ryu in all it’s glory. Chloe practically squeals in delight seeing the many eastern mamono draped in beautiful flowing kimonos.

“Welcome honorable Anon, it’s been some time but if I recall you wish to see our lady Ryu again?” A passing Inari spoke rather knowingly.

“(Kya~ this is so cool! Can I explore!? Can I-can I!?)” Chloe begged you.

“(Yeah, sure, just be sure not to wander too far)” you allow her.

She shoots out of your mouth faster than your body can react and zooms into a nearby smaller shrine to the right.

“I-um, can you-” you start.

“We’ll take good care of her, come, let’s not keep lady Ryu waiting” the Inari spoke.

She lead you towards the main shrine once more, and takes you deep inside passing several sliding doors on both your left and right until you see a long door in front of you. The Inari opens it for you, and motions for you to enter. You nod and thank her before going inside, and realize you are back outside on a wide porch overlooking the forest from the high vantage point you are in.

“You have returned” you hear the Ryu’s voice to your left.

You see her gazing out at the beautiful sight before her either relaxing or deep in thought about something.

“Yes I have, I was hoping to receive more of your blessing today as well, but I also wanted to see how you were doing” you tell her.

“How I’m doing? I haven’t been asked that in some time, but don’t worry my health is always fair, and we take great care of each other living in our temple” the Ryu said.

“I see…it’s some view isn’t it” you respond looking back at the scenery.

“Yes, the trees are now growing their green leaves and the temperature is steadily rising, so much so that I can enjoy it to it’s fullest. I’m not one for the cold mind you” the Ryu explained.

“It must have taken some time to build this whole place” you remark.

“Many years and hard work, and we will continue to build and rebuild if we have to. Come sit, I have fresh green tea ready if you are interested” the Ryu said

She points to a wide and long looking creamy white cushion resting against the wall, and beside it a small table with a tea set ready. The teapot you see is steaming slightly with hot tea, the smell a pleasant aroma of nature, and sweetness that put your mind at ease. Not wanting to be rude you take your seat and look back at the scenery. The Ryu crawls herself close beside you, her upper body upright and close to your left while her serpent tail slides along the rest of the cushion.

“Yes~*sigh~* doesn’t this feel more comfortable than just standing up as we have been doing so?” The Ryu asked.

“Yes it does, I don’t see why you don’t just do your blessings here instead” you ask.

“Visitors have one need only, my blessing and nothing more, granted I don’t mean to be rude to them as it is my job after all. Yet…I see no point in entertaining my guest like this if they feel their time is more important than spending time with me, I can respect their wishes. With you I it doesn’t feel like that, remember? You asked me how my day has been, I may be wrong, or perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I get the distinct impression you’re more interested in me personally than my blessings” the Ryu explain with a grin.

“Perhaps at first I was just trying to be polite, you’ve been a big help so far and I’ve done nothing for you in return. But I’m not saying you’re entirely wrong in your assumptions either…” you explain.

“Well I can honestly say, I feel blessed everyday, and not by my own hand, but with the people all around me. My followers at my temple, the Orphanage with Kaitlyn, and yes I still contact Kaitlyn when she has time available, and now you” the Ryu said.

“So, does that mean we’re friends now?” You jokingly asked.

The Ryu giggles at this and smiles more warmly towards you.

“Yes, I suppose that does make us friends, here. Let me help you as a friend” the Ryu said

And once again you find her arms gently hugging you, you turn to her direction her face flushed with rosy cheeks, her eyes lidded. Her grin evident before she puckers up with a kiss with her soft pink lips. As her lips kiss and suckle at your neck you return her hug with your own, pressing yourself tighter in her embrace, as she coos in approval. The process felt even longer than usual, but you still get that same feeling inside you as lucky energy nestles into your very being. The Ryu rubs and massages your back as she continues to hold you, her kisses soft and ticklish and at some point you feel her tongue giving you a quick taste, her body and large bosom cushions your chest like soft silky pillows. After some time it ends though all she does is merely pull her head off your neck, and head.

“I hope I don’t come off as rude, but I have no other reservations today. Can you stay just a bit longer, I’ve been enjoying our conversation thus far” the Ryu asks.

“Yes, I can stay for some tea and company” you agree.

You watch the sky turn from blue to a bright orange as you pass the time with the Ryu, while no hint of flirtation or anything lewd came, you did feel a sort of closeness with her akin to friendship, but you knew you couldn’t stay.

“Thank you for the company, it was a very welcomed change of pace and I hope you come visit soon” the Ryu sounded almost reluctant to see you go.

“Thank you for everything Lady Ryu” you thank her.

“Kosame, please call me Kosame, and I’ll be waiting for you the next time you come” the Ryu Kosame bid farewell.

You leave the shrine and call out for Chloe who zooms in accompanied by another spirit, this one shaded a very light blue, and adorned with dark blue long spiky hair with pointed fox ears, and her tail consisting of several thin tails that looked to be on fire matching the color of her ears, and hair.

“Dad! I made a friend today!” Chloe exclaimed.

“He’s your dad!? Hi!” The Kitsune Bi greeted.

“Oh, hello, thanks for spending time with Chloe” you thank her.

“Dad! Dad! We were wondering if my friend can spend the night with me sometimes, please!? Just one day please!?” Once again Chloe was pleading for a favor.

You see the Kitsune Bi almost mimic Chloe’s wide eye pleading, and hand clasping pose and you realize it won’t take long for both of them to wear you down with their puppy dog eyes.

“F-fine, fine you can spend the night one day, but right now we have to get going Chloe, we’ll come visit again soon though” you assure her.

“Yay! You’re the best daddy ever!” Chloe cheered.

“Thanks daddy!” The Kitsune-Bi cheered before flying away.

With that settled you drive home with daughter in tow feeling your luck can change any minute now, which you really, really hope so.

You return home after a long day, though you did feel more relaxed. Chloe on the other hand looked to be very excited, perhaps feeling her life is finally turning around.

“I’m glad to see you making new friends with everyone” you tell her.

“Yeah! I don’t know what I was thinking when I was scared of them! They’re not scary at all, and they’re really fun” Chloe said.

“I’m happy for you, I really am, and we’re going to have more fun in the future” you promise her.

“I wanna know more about your mom, and your family daddy! Do I get to call her grandma!?” Chloe asked.

“Yeah, and aunts too, both way older than me, plus my younger sister is just a few years older than you so you can play with her. They’ll be showing up…uh~ they never told me when they’ll show up” you just realize.

“So what are they like? I bet they’re nice” Chloe said.

“They’re…clingy I suppose is the best way to put it, but yeah, they’re really great people, and they’ll love you too I bet” you assure her.

“Really!? I have to get ready, I never had a grandma before, what do I call her. Granny, Gram-gram? I can’t decide” Chloe said.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, don’t worry” you assure her.

You chat away with Chloe talking about your family as she seems very keen on knowing about her new family. Needless to say things are only going to get more hectic around here in the future.

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