Light in the Darkness

“C’mon you silly girl, We’ll be late!”
Kaci  followed her mother a few step behind. She was nervous, but when was she
not? But still, something had to be said for today. Today she’d be surrounded by everyone. The entire village, every old man, prissy woman, and mischievous little boy. Even he would be there.
“Mama I don’t want to go, can’t I stay home?”
Her mother hardened her grip around Kaci’s wrist, and shook her head. Her black hair escaped its tight bun for a moment before she could adjust it.
“Yer jus’ being ridiculous. Everyone loves Merchant’s Day! Now quit yer belly-achin’ and c’mon you silly girl!”
Merchant’s Day, the day the merchants’ caravans stopped on the hill by Berryton. It was a mile from Kaci’s village, but no one seemed to mind. Everyone would close up shop and go off to Berryton. It was a holiday that had sprung up out of nowhere. It wasn’t on any Church Calendar,  and Kaci had said as much. But her parents wouldn’t have any of it. “It was tradition” they said. “It was fun” they said.
Kaci just wanted to stay home.
She didn’t like all the loud noises and felt really uncomfortable around so many people. It just felt like they were closing in on her all the time. It was even worse when the entertainers were traveling with the merchants. No one ever left her alone. The bards were the worst! They were always singing songs for her, bringing the entire crowd over, staring. The staring was the worst. When the bards touched her was a close runner-up. They always touched her.
She stumbled along the dirt road wishing her mother would just let her stay home. Just this once. The grass grew long and lush out here, away from the goats and cows she loved to play with back home. She wished she could just dash out into it and hide until dark. But her mother would have none of it.
As they came up over the knoll, Kaci spotted the colored banners of the Merchants’ caravans swaying in the wind. As usual they were off on the side of the road messing up the grass in a sort of semi-circle just a few yards from Berryton. The people were already gathering around the wagons and displays, eager to spend what little they had on the goods and throw away the rest on paltry jugglers, singers, poets, and other such rubbish. Kaci thought it all a terrible waste.
Her opinion didn’t matter however, as her mother continued to drag her into the fray. Her mother only let go of her wrist at the edge of the camp. Kaci thought about leaving but before she could her mother turned around and began wagging her finger.
“Now I want ya to enjoy yerself! Yer jus’ too gloomy fer how pretty ye are. Go find some a tha other girls, or buy somethin’ nice. I ain’t one to waste money, but Merchant’s Day s’only one day a year.  Here ya are-“
She placed two coins in Kaci’s hands, despite her protests.
“I want ya to spend it on somethin’ nice! Now shoo! have some fun once in yer life!”
And then she was gone, off to find Papa and gossip with her friends. Kaci shrunk back into herself, wishing she weren’t left alone in the crowd of people. They were all so loud, and some of them began to stare. She covered her head in her shawl and sped away, keeping her hands close to herself.
She felt hot, and uncomfortable. A few people greeted her but she ignored them. She headed in between two wagons and put a hand over her chest, breathing softly. It was just one day. Just one. She steeled herself, and went out into the crowd and removed her shawl. She had dark hair, tanned skin, and dark eyes. Ugly colors she knew, everyone always stared at her for it. Skinny body, knobby knees, dark plain features. All made worse by the fact her mother would not simply tell her the truth. She always lied, as a good mother would, about how beautiful she was.
As she passed by another wagon, a few boys from her village stopped and stared. She forced herself to keep her hands off her shawl. She flushed with embarrassment, and quickened her pace. If she was quick she might be able to avoid-
She bumped into someone, and stumbled a bit. Her face became even redder. Not only was she plain and unwomanly, now she was a klutz.
“Sorry, sir. I-I didn’t see-” she forgot the rest of her words as she looked up at the man who she had ran into.
It was him! Damn it all to hell. The one boy she wanted to avoid most.
A tall, red-haired boy with freckles and green eyes. Evan. He always seemed to find her whenever she was out. Getting the eggs, milking the cow, gathering vegetables or flowers, he was there. Always staring. What did he want? He never said. All she knew was that it gave her the chills, as if he was hunting her.
“H-hey Kaci. Nice to see you. Do you-“
She didn’t wait for him to finish. She sidestepped him and went on. She heard him say something in the background, along with all the other boys laughing. Laughing at her she knew. She felt her eyes water but didn’t let them fall.
She ducked between a red and pink wagon, empty save for a few old women browsing the clothes and candles being sold outside a far wagon painted with yellow flowers. She calmed herself, forcing herself to ignore the laughter. She heard a small cough behind her. She turned to find a small woman smiling at her from inside a wagon. The side opened upwards, and was covered with a pink canvas, keeping the sun’s heat away. It had the effect of turning the large wooden box into a shop. A small half door swung open, letting the small woman out as she beckoned to Kaci.
The woman was very pretty, even if she as small. She had big doe eyes and chestnut colored hair that shimmered in the sun. A heart-shaped face and coy lips pressed into a friendly smile. She wore a curios robe, unlike anything Kaci had seen before. At once Kaci thought the woman must be a foreigner, from one of the far away kingdoms her father liked to talk about traveling to, though she knew he never would.
“Hello there, dear. How are you? Looking for anything special? I have a wide variety of items, anything and everything you could possibly need!”
Kaci thought for a moment, then remembered the coins she had been given. Her mother would be cross if she didn’t spend them. She decided it couldn’t hurt to look. She followed the small woman into her wagon with a mild curiously.
“Do you have anything to help me avoid boys? I’d like that very much.”
“Avoid boys!? Why would you want to do that?”
Kaci avoided the small woman’s gaze and looked to the shelves. They were filled with bottles upon bottles of powders, liquids, and strange fruits she didn’t recognize. The bottles were very pretty though. All glass bottles in shades of green, yellow, blue, red, and quite a lot of pink. She answered quietly, as she held up a bottle that seemed to hold leaves of some sort.
“They’re always laughing at me, stalking me, staring at me. I just want to be left alone. It’s like they just enjoy making me miserable.”
“Oh, that’s terrible. They just look at you? Never touch?”
Kaci’s face became red at the implication.
“N-No! nothing like that! They don’t mean it that way. They just like the way I panic, and flee! They’ve always been doing that, ever since I was little! Always laughing at how homely I am.”
The small woman took her hand gently then, and Kaci felt drawn to her eyes for reasons she couldn’t explain. She looked up at her with a sad smile.
“Oh child, you’re so mistaken. You’re very lovely, and I have no doubt your boys know it too. I bet more than one just wants to tell you how lovely you are.”
Kaci blushed and pulled her hand away.
“No. N-no. I don’t think so.” But, she admitted to herself, that was a nice thought if it were true.
“I just want something that can let me avoid them for the rest of the day. Do you have anything like that?”
The woman shrugged, seemingly frustrated. But she went off to a shelf in the back, and got a small bottle from the very back of the shelf. It was in a clear bottle, and inside was a sparkling white and pink powder. Kaci had never seen anything like it. It almost seemed to glow. The little woman came up to her and placed the bottle in her hand.
“That’ll be able to let you know where every boy is. Just sprinkle a bit over your head, and you’ll be able to sense wherever they are. If it starts to wear off, just sprinkle some more.”
Kaci looked at the small bottle. Curious if what the little woman said could possibly be true.
“Can I try it first? See if it really works?”
“Of course, dear.”
With that, Kaci uncorked the bottle and sprinkled a bit of the powder into her hand. She lifted it overhead and sprinkled. Most of it seemed to fall onto her shoulders, looking like sparkling dandruff. She felt self-conscious about that, and began to wipe it off, But even as she did, it seemed to vanish.
Suddenly, she felt a little surge of heat spread through her body. It was… rather pleasant, and she shivered a bit as she held in a moan. For a brief second she thought that was all, but then as she was about to say something to the small woman, she noticed three blue flames in the corner of her vision. Startled, she swung her head to see what of the unfortunate woman’s bottles had caught aflame.
To her surprise, it was nothing of the sort. As she fixed her gaze at the back of the wagon, she saw three blue flames move about. But she saw the wagon as well, but it was if the wagon became glass whenever a flame got close to it. It was if she could see past the wagon onto the other side.
“W-what is that?” Kaci asked, a bit of worry in her voice.
The small woman just smiled.
“Those are boys. As long as the effect lasts, you’ll be able to sense their presence. And when it wears off, just sprinkle more on. There’s enough powder to last for near a week, if your careful.
Kaci broke out into a smiling giggling mess, and thanked the small woman repeatedly. She handed over her two coins and left the shop just as she heard the woman beckon to another girl from the village. She spared a glance to see Rebecca, the prettiest girl Kaci knew of. And also the most obscene.
But she didn’t bother thinking about her, and instead used her new-found power to dodge and weave through the carnival without ever running into another boy. She could see them through crowds, past wagons, in groups, or even when they went wondering about alone. Those were the scariest to her, as each one could have been the tall boy. What was his name again?
Kaci stumbled a bit as she ran into someone, she apologized profusely before realizing it was her mother.
“Kaci! There ya are! Papa’s been lookin’ all over fer ya. We need to leave ‘fore the sun sets. Did ya find anythin’ you like?”
Kaci gave her mother a small smile.
“Yes, actually I did.”
She held up her bottle of pink and white powder, a broad smile forming despite her attempt to rein it in.
Her mother looked perplexed, but decided not to question it.  She went off back toward home, and Kaci followed. She looked back on the festivities, a dozen dancing lights in her vision. This was going to be very useful.
Over the next few days, she accomplished her chores without seeing anyone she didn’t want to. She’d milk the cows, churn butter, and gather the eggs in peace. When she went to work in the garden, she noticed she could see her father’s flame too, deep inside him, and burning in a constant fashion. It wasn’t like the younger boys. But she did notice, whenever her mother came near, the flame jumped. It seemed to grow whenever her mother touched her father. A gentle pat on the shoulder, or a kiss on the cheek seemed to make it soar, and become so bright she’d be transfixed. She caught herself staring more than once.
As she continued to pour the powder over her head, the overwhelming warmth seemed to grow, as well as her ability to find and locate the flames of each boy. She could even tell which boy was which, just by how their flame flickered. Evan, the boy who always seemed to trail her, had the largest flame of all. And he was the easiest to avoid, much to her glee!
At least, at first.
As she continued to use the powder, she noticed small changes in her body. Changes she was rather confused about. The odd warm sensation she felt when she sprinkled it over her head would begin reappearing whenever a boy was near. At first she thought it was just helping her to realize when a boy was too close, but as the days went on, she found herself… stalking them.
It was one particular day, when she was sent to fetch water from the well, that she noticed the largest change.
As Kaci was walking along the dirt road from her house to the well in the middle of the village, a walk she usually disliked due to putting her so close to so many people, she found herself delighted. She could walk around other’s cottages and shacks, and behind barns and cows, and generally avoid anyone she didn’t want to speak to. And she did. But she had forgotten one aspect of her newfound power, it only worked on boys. Girls? Not so much.
As such, as she rounded a barn to avoid a gaggle of boys racing down the main road, she began to hear hushed whispers. Startles, she stood where she was, and hid beneath some tall grass by the side of the barn, holding her bucket close. She strained her ears to hear what was being said past the corner, where she could hear at least three voices talking in hushed tones.
“So, has anyone seen Rebecca lately? Or Kaci? I haven’t seen either of them since Merchant’s Day.”
“No, but Kaci was always weird like that. Anyway, Rebecca, always loved to be the center of attention. Its weird that she hasn’t showed up. I talked to her parents but they said she’s been in and out, so she’s still in the village.”
“Well I’m glad! She was always trying to steal my George! Maybe we’re lucky and she’s found some boy from Berryton. It’d keep her from ruining all of the boys here.”
“She’s not the kind to keep that a secret though… She’d brag about it to everyone.”
“Maybe little Peter finally won her heart.”
Kaci heard them all laugh at that. They didn’t seem to like Rebecca very much. Peter was the scrawniest boy in the village, short too, and generally unimpressive. He also had a huge crush on Rebecca. Kaci remembered him being humiliated often, bringing flowers and other presents over to Rebecca’s cottage only to be chased off by her father, a giant of a man twice as wide as anyone else in the village.
After a few moments more, Kaci left. The girls continued their gossip, and it rarely strayed from Rebecca. As Kaci was doing her best to get to the well without  running into anyone, she noticed something at the edge of the forest. A very bright flame, surging like a wildfire. She gawked in awe. Wondering what on earth could make a man’s flame so bright. She didn’t even hesitate. She wandered off into the forest, bucket forgotten.
As she got closer, she began to hear the rustling of leaves, and muffled panting. Moans were heard as well, from two sources. Kaci began to sweat a bit, actually able to feel the heat of the flame. But it was the most beautiful kind of warmth, like a fire in the dead of winter. And the light was like it, a beacon in the darkness, unlike any flame she had seen before. Finally, as she neared and pushed back a branch, she found the source. Her face turned red and her jaw dropped. The girls gossiping behind the barn had been more right than they knew.
Rebecca was on top of Peter, both of them naked as the day they were born. Kaci kept still out of fear of being discovered, but try as she might, she could not retreat. Her eyes were glued on the vigorous motion of Rebecca, bouncing her womanhood along Peter’s girth. Rebecca’s curly black hair flowed about her back like silk, in a wild dance, porcelain skin radiant and flawless. She held Peter’s face fiercely, her tongue down his throat and her lips locked with his in a lover’s embrace. Kaci covered her mouth, shocked at what she was seeing.
It took her a moment to even notice the most striking thing about the situation. Rebecca had two curled horns growing out of her head, like that of a ram. A tail wagged furiously behind her rear, a heart-shaped spade at the end of it. As the two continued rutting and kissing, a yellow light began growing from Rebecca’s back, and Peter’s flame seemed to grow even larger. The light burst into tiny embers, floating in the air, and what was left finally made it all click in Kaci’s mind. Two large, bat-like wings had appeared, revealing what Rebecca had become.
Rebecca was a succubus!
Kaci finally found herself as she ducked back beneath the foliage. Rebecca finally let go of Peter’s lips as she arched her back and gave another groan. From her folds, Kaci could make out Peter’s seed dribbling down his shaft, and dripping off his balls. Rather than being disgusted, as she thought she should have been… she became very excited. Her hands began exploring her own body as she watched.
Rebecca held Peter close to her and locked eyes. She said something that Kaci didn’t catch, and then dismounted Peter. She moved downward, her eyes locked on Peter’s maleness. Kaci’s hands began massaging her breasts in anticipation of what was about to happen. Rebecca licked her lips and then began to slowly kiss Peter’s shaft. He shivered a bit, and grabbed her by the horns. He had a pained expression on his face, and Kaci could see tears on his face.
“I love you Rebecca! I love you so much!”
Kaci became even more excited, and moved her second hand to her womanhood. Rebecca stopped her tender kisses for a moment, smiled, and began rubbing his cock with her cheek.
“I love you too Peter. I’m sorry I took so long. Now let me make it up to you~”
At that, Rebecca took Peter’s entire length into her mouth. Peter let out a small gasp and bucked his groin in motion with Rebecca’s ministrations. Kaci couldn’t help herself, and began to groan. Her fingers began to rub more vigorously, as her two other hands began to play with her nipples.
Kaci stopped, as sudden realization hit her. She looked down at herself, eyes wide. From underneath her tunic, two more arms had formed. Too shocked to yell out, she just stared, the show in front of her briefly forgotten. She held them up, in awe.
They were covered in white carapace, only three digits on each hand. Her own arms followed suit. White fur had sprouted on her shoulders, and about her wrists up to her elbows. She just barely held in a scream as Peter let out one of his own. She spared one last glance at the couple, Rebecca’s face covered in white semen.
She panicked as realization of what she witnessed, and what had just happened to her, meant. She fled quickly, frightened at what was going on. How had this happened? What had happened to Rebecca? What had happened to her?!
As she made her way back to the village, hiding her arms under her shirt and within her sleeves. She found her power to spot men had increased. More than she thought possible. All of the men looked like twinkling stars, beautiful and enchanting. She tried to avoid them, but something inside her stirred every time she got close and she found… she did not want to hide from them anymore. The boys seemed confused at seeing her, It had been a while. When one greeted her, rather than duck away, Kaci responded back. It felt good! Every time she walked past one, she felt that familiar warmth. The warmth that used to come with the powder.
Kaci ran to her home, clothes held tight so as not to reveal her transformation. Her parents weren’t home yet, thank God. She reached behind her bed for the powder, and found it quickly. She held the bottle in her strange new hands with an odd mix of feelings. She was angry. Angry that the merchant had sold her this strange substance. Angry that she had used it. Angry that it had changed her so oddly.
At the same time, she was excited, flushed. She had a very powerful urge to dump the rest of the powder over her head that very instant. She remembered what she had seen Rebecca and Peter do in the forest. She remembered how good it had felt to play with herself. And she felt jealous. She wanted a man too.
And that frightened her most of all. She didn’t want to avoid the lights dancing about in her vision anymore. She wanted to find the biggest one and hold it close. Hold it tight. Hold him tight. She trembled a bit, frightened at her thoughts. They were a jumbled mess, and she couldn’t think straight. But, without thinking, she began to lift the bottle up and over her head. Before she could question it, she dumped the remaining powder over herself. She sparkled and shone in white and pink glitter, and she felt a surge of pleasure unlike anything she’d ever felt before. She bucked her hips wildly in the air, her arms tearing free of her garments wildly flailing. It felt like heaven had descended into her nethers, and she came for the first time in her life.
She felt worn, tired. But she couldn’t fall asleep like she was. Her parents would find her, and what would they think? What would they think of their daughter turning into a-a… monster.
This time Kaci began to cry, realizing what had truly happened. But it was too late for that. Too late for tears. She gathered her garments and loosely put them back on, just enough to hide her form. But the events of the day took their toll, and before she could do much else, she fell asleep, tired of the tumultuous emotions stirring inside.
The next few days saw her wear longer garments, hiding her body’s transformation. But, despite her desire to hide what was happening, she was drawn to each and every light in the village. She would stare at the boys now, whenever they took off their shirts for more manual labor, she sought them out and stared. She began to do everything she had thought the boys were doing to her. She couldn’t help herself. She began avoiding the adults, she found, the lights of married men all seemed dim in comparison to the boys her own age.
Her behavior did not go unnoticed, and she caught more than one group of girls gossiping about her. But for reasons she couldn’t explain, she could not bring herself to care. After that one night, her mind seemed to be muffled, quiet, serene. She felt happier, and unburdened with any sort of doubt or fear. her parents complimented her on her smile, something they hadn’t seen in a long time, but did berate her for her newfound absentmindedness.
Meanwhile, under her clothes, new white fur had begun to grow. Her legs had also grown and changed shape, same as her arms. White carapace and fur, from her thigh to the sole of her foot. Unlike before she looked forward to every new change, because each time it started, it felt like a warm bath, and each time it finished it felt like she would near climax.
There was only one thing that gave her pause. Deep within, she felt an emptiness, as if she were missing something dear and precious. She had yet to give in to her desire to be with a man, but she could feel it grow within her. Some days she ached with loneliness, and it took all her willpower not to reveal her form and grab the nearest boy.
It was on such a day that she bumped into Rebecca for the first time since spying her in the forest. They had never really been friends, but they weren’t enemies either. Rebecca gave her a small smile.
“Hey there Kaci, you’re looking cute today! How are things going for you lately? Good I hope!”
Kaci nodded, staring where Rebecca’s horns should be. How was she hiding them?
“I’ve been… better. I mean, I am better. I don’t um, hmmm. I used to- think a lot about things that, well they didn’t matter or- uh. they didn’t make much sense.”
Kaci was never very good with words.
“Wondering where my horns went?”
Kaci looked at Rebecca with startled eyes.
“Oh I know you were there. But, I’ll admit, it only excited me more! I thought you’d join me, but I guess you’re saving yourself for Evan, huh?”
“So what did the merchant woman help you with? I was silly, I asked for a love potion. I got it, in a way. Still though, she put the wool over my eyes, huh?”
Rebecca laughed a bit, and Kaci laughed with her. Kaci fidgeted a bit, not knowing what to say. But then, a thought occurred to her. Evan. He always did the same thing to her that she was doing with the other boys right now. Staring, stalking, stealing glances, admiring their beauty and light. Did he feel the same way about her that she was feeling right now? Empty? Lonely? Aching for touch and… other things? She coughed a bit into her hand, covered in a soft glove now to prevent others from noticing her change.
“Rebecca, when did you… when did you feel the same way about Peter that he felt about you? And when you did, how-how did you feel afterward?”
“It didn’t happen all at once. I took the potion to find my ‘one true love’ but if I was honest, I thought it would be some dashing stranger. I, I wasn’t very kind to Peter, and I overlooked just how much he sacrificed for me. All those gifts, kind deeds, small gestures. The potion just sort of helped me realize how much that really meant. When my transformation came, I felt I had found my true love. He had been hiding behind my own ego.”
“So, it was your own fault that you didn’t find love?”
Rebecca seemed uncomfortable at the words, but nodded.
Kaci felt as if she had had an epiphany. She knew what was missing. She thanked Rebecca and began to search for a specific light, a good one she knew by heart. It was like a brilliant blue star, steady, and unwavering. She found it outside the village, alone. She headed off, intent on filling up her emptiness.
She found Evan along the bank of the brook, fishing with a forlorn look in his eye. He hadn’t brought anything to keep captured fish, so Kaci could only guess what the redheaded boy was really doing out here. She stepped quietly towards him, her new feet making treading in the forest silently a breeze. She came up close beside him, though he was still unaware of her presence. Kaci stood a few feet behind him, just taking in the sight of him.
He was tall, lanky,  and freckled. He wore brown breeches and a tan tunic that was too long even for him. His shoes were off to the side, his toes covered in mud as he sat with his chin resting atop his knees. She couldn’t see his eyes, but she knew they were green, greener than even the grass and the leaves. Even back when her mind was muddled with nonsense she had always thought he had pretty eyes.
He jumped at her words, dropping his pole into the brook.
“Great God above Kaci! Don’t startle me like that! I thought you were a monster or something.”
Kaci swallowed nervously, clutching her garments close.
“If I was… would you still feel the same about me?”
Evan looked confused at the question, and rubbed the back of his head as he looked down at her.
“What kind of question is that? Did you come all the way out here to ask me that?”
Kaci stayed silent, and simply kept eye contact with the tall boy. Eventually he started talking again, red with embarrassment.
“I don’t know what you want me to say. I mean, I don’t really- I mean I don’t…”
He sighed heavily as he pinched his nose.
“What does it matter? I know you don’t feel the same, okay? I’m over it.”
Evan spoke the words as if he was being choked, and Kaci could see that he was holding back tears. Kaci’s heart broke a little but she thought she understood the meaning behind the words. And her realization that she was the one to cause Evan this pain weighed heavy on her heart. She couldn’t wait any longer. With a final shrug, her top came off, and she bore her form to Evan in its full glory.
His eyes widened as large as saucers, transfixed on the now quite ample bosom Kaci possessed. She held them together with her two extra arms, her flowing white fur as inviting as her carapace was exotic. soft inviting shapes with exotic points and flourishes shaped her shoulders and torso, and unfurling from her back were two large moth-like wings, covered in a sparkling white and pink powder.
Evan didn’t have time to escape, even if he wanted to. Kaci jumped on him, with a strength greater than anyone her size should have been able to possess. Her eyes bore into him with both longing and sorrow. He felt hot at the intimate contact, even with the odd turn of events. But he was still aware enough to put up a mild resistance. That resistance fell when Kaci beat her wings, and the powder fell from her and onto Evan. It quickly absorbed into him and wiped away his cluttered thoughts.
“Evan, I’m so sorry. I was so, I was so stupid! I had all these thoughts in my head! Horrible thoughts! I couldn’t understand why everyone stared! I couldn’t understand why you always seemed to follow me! I thought there was something wrong with me. Something I couldn’t see that everyone else could. That everyone was laughing about it behind my back. I couldn’t understand.”
She cupped his cheeks with her hands, and brought her face even closer. Evan’s face became beet red, and he felt paralyzed, unable… and unwilling to do more than wait.
“But I get it now. My head is clear, and all I feel is this ache. I feel this emptiness. And I know it was worse for you, for a very long time.”
She kissed him, a soft tender kiss, full of sweetness that Evan had never known. Nor had Kaci, for that matter.
“I love you, Evan. Please let me love you.”
Evan responded by kissing her back, fiercely, with a desperate need.
Kaci beat her wings more furiously as the powder of her wings scattering about in a flurry. The air sparkled in white and pink as Kaci held Evan close with three of her arms. Her fourth arm worked desperately at removing her skirt. In a flash, she was bare, naked in all her glory. Already, she was dripping in eagerness. Evan wasted no time in matching her state of dress, so hard as to be painful. They held each other in a tight embrace, as if they had always been lovers. Evan’s hands wandered over her fur and carapace, eager to feel every inch of her. Her breasts too, receive ample attention.
Kaci hooked her legs around Evan and felt at his shoulders, arms, and thighs. She couldn’t get enough of him. Her mind seemed to be melting away, and she was happy to have it go. Only bliss and ecstasy filled her head now. A flurry of kisses along Evan’s collarbone set him aflame, and he finally opened her legs wide, baring her womanhood to the air.
Kaci howled with delight as Evan thrust deep into her. He was in a trance, thrusting with a fury that caused Kaci to climax early. But it didn’t seem to stop. Evan kissed her as he thrust, holding her body tightly to his own. This kiss was not so tender, but rather animalistic and powerful. Kaci wrapped two arms around his head and returned the passion and fury.
Kaci felt him tense up for a moment, and in her mind’s eye his flame became so bright that she became transfixed. She felt Evan come inside her, his semen shooting deep into her womb. She came again, even more powerfully than before.
Evan broke the kiss briefly, and smiled at Kaci with a face as red as his hair.
“I, I don’t know how this happened Kaci, but I think I like it.”
Kaci smiled back and gave him a little peck on the nose.

“I think I like it too.”

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8 thoughts on “Light in the Darkness”

  1. An enchanting variation of corruption. A certain specific powder with one desired side effect, and the minimized main effect (corruption) unmentioned.
    All contained within a first person view. Thank you.

    1. You’re welcome! More of a third person limited, i think, but thank you very much for the comment! The ratings don’t really help me understand what people like or don’t like about the story so I like seeing people be more specific in the comments.

    2. Ah, this is late in an explanation, but the powder was actually Mothman scale powder from a mothman’s wings. The flame ability is mentioned in their profile, and that’s what inspired this story

  2. I second Moongrim’s comment. Love the powder idea. Would have been nice to stretch the intimacy out a little, though. The two have been avoiding each other for years, and all of the sudden, boom. I would have liked to learn more about Evan. Why was he there, fishing? What was it about Kaci that he liked most? What did she like about him most? That kind of thing.

    1. Sorry it wasn’t clear from the text, Evan had a crush on her, but she didn’t realize it, and avoided him. because she had a mild case of androphobia

  3. Now I’m curious about the traveling merchant woman. I’d say odds are good she’s a Lilim in disguise. I wonder if it’s better or worse that she’s tricking people instead of…alternatives. I find monsterization to be a pretty interesting idea.

  4. I love this one. Perfectly charming and satisfying. I’d love to see moreof the merchant woman in more of your stories. (Just hope Kaci can hide her changes like rebecca can)

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