Into Another World (part 1?)

Gentles waves lapped at the shore, as the cries of gulls sang across the sky. Along a lonely beach, a man laid on the beach in naught but his underwear. He was tall, tanned, and had a mop of dark hair on top of his head. He shifted and stirred on the coarse sands for a few moments before awaking with a start.

As he looked about him, confusion clear in his green eyes, he blinked and covered his eyes from the harsh glare of the sun.

“Where- where the hell am I?”

Blake had gone to sleep in a comfortable bed, some 1000 miles from the nearest coast. So he was quite startled and anxious when he stood up on an unknown beach. His first thought was that he must be dreaming. So he did the stereotypical thing people always seemed to do in the movies and pinched himself. When he found that, yes it did in fact hurt, he got to his feet and looked about him one more time to make sure that he was where he seemed.

“Oh fuck. Fuuuuuuck.” Blake swallowed hard as he rubbed his eyes and looked about him, panic swelling inside.

Blake ran a hand through his hair as he looked about, wondering if perhaps he was on a hidden camera show, being pranked.

“Hello?! Anybody out there?! If this is some kind of joke, or prank, let me know right now! I didn’t sign up for anything! I didn’t sign any release forms or anything!”

No one responded.

Blake’s terror was still at the front of his mind, but he decided he just couldn’t stand still one moment longer, and began walking all along the beach, trying to find anyone or anything that could tell him what was going on. He wiped the sand off his back side and searched hopelessly for a hidden camera, or perhaps some sort of clue that he really was dreaming.

After a few minutes, he came to the sober conclusion that if this were a dream, it was the most realistic and lucid dream he’d ever had.

“Okay. Alright. I’m-I’m on an island- No. No, I don’t know if this is an island. Could just… be a beach. I’m on a beach in my underwear in the middle of nowhere with no shoes, no phone, no… anything.”

He rubbed the back of his neck as he continued to try and make sense of his situation. After another failure, he calmed himself and began to think.

“Okay. So, whoever dumped me here, they had to drive right? So there’s probably a road somewhere close by. Unless they helicoptered me in…”

He groaned, he had nothing to go on, and he was increasingly freaking out less, and instead getting frustrated. He pinched the bridge of his nose and looked up at the sky, trying to see if there were any contrails or signs of an airplane. If there were, then maybe he was closer to civilization than he originally thought. Sadly, there was no sign of plane exhaust, but there were dark clouds on the horizon.

The sun still shone overhead, and from its position, Blake thought it was about 2 or 3 in the evening. He’d learned to tell the time from the position of the sun when he was in high-school varsity football. He also thought, in the back of his mind, that if those clouds were storm clouds, he needed to find shelter and soon. He didn’t fancy being out in a thunderstorm. He walked along the beach looking for any kind of clearing or trail. He did find one eventually, which gave him some small relief. He thought it seemed more like a game trail than anything, but it was better than just walking through the thick foliage.

He left the beach behind, straining his ears for any sound of a road. He heard nothing but the chirping of birds. More questions about his situation came to his mind, scenarios both realistic and fantastic came to him, and he wasn’t sure if any was more likely than the next. Blake had some pretty mischievous friends, could they have played some sort of prank that had gone wrong? He didn’t even know where he was, or could be. He had been in Arkansas when he went to sleep last night. How had he winded up on a beach? A TV show was his next thought, something like survivor and the Truman Show mixed together? But that seemed unlikely. There was no way it would be legal. Which, then brought him to the idea of a “Most Dangerous Game” scenario. Did someone kidnap him and leave him here for some eccentric unethical millionaire?

Nothing made any more sense than anything else.

As he continued searching for any sign of civilization, and the sounds of the surf faded in the background, he began to think of more fantastic explanations. Had he died in his sleep? Was this heaven… or limbo? It didn’t seem bad enough for hell. Had he been abducted by aliens, maybe? Was this an alien planet? The plants all looked earthly enough.

Or maybe he spoke too soon.

Up ahead was a tangle of long vine-like plants he’d never seen before, and they covered a whole heck of a lot of space. The tangle of plants grew taller than the surrounding trees.  They were a deep green, with the edge of vines being tinted purple, and gave Blake the impression that he shouldn’t touch them. After all, they exuded danger. Maybe they were poisonous?

Blake decided to walk around them, though as he was doing so, he heard a cry for help. He stopped and listened, wondering if he had heard right. There it was again, a muffled cry for help. He stopped walking away and immediately began to search for the source of the voice, walking about the edge of the tangle of vines.

“Please! Someone! Hel- ULK”

He saw her, at the edge of the vine, a naked dark skinned woman with white hair… being violated by the vines.

To his horror, the vines were animated, and wriggling about the woman in violent frenzy, two of them were pumping in and out of her womanhood, and one had just forced itself into her mouth. She was restrained by the ankles and wrists by yet more tentacle-like vines, and her clothes had been ripped off of her and laid about the ground in tatters.

He sprung into action without even thinking. He grabbed at the tentacles and tore them from her limbs. They were much stronger than they looked, but after enough pressure, they almost seemed to just give up and let him take them off. A few stray strands attempted to grab him, but he was able to kick them away before they entangled him. Finally he grabbed at the tentacle forcibly face-fucking the poor woman and pulled it out. She gasped for breath as he did so, and grabbed on to him, using him for support.

He swept her up into a bridal carry and got her the hell out of there.

Blake let her go a few yards from the plants, careful not to look too much at her naked body. Though that was difficult. He reevaluated his previous guess of this being hell… or at least limbo. This most certainly wasn’t heaven.

“Thank you, whoever you are. Those tentacle plants were a lot hornier than I thought they’d be. Guess no one comes by here much. I’ll admit, I was pretty scared they’d rape me all day. I didn’t think anyone else was here.”

Blake stood dumbly.

“Wait, what’s going on? What the hell were those things? And who are you?!”

The woman looked up at him with a surprised expression, not bothering to cover herself up, which caused Blake a bit of anxiety as he looked away.

He missed the mischievous smirk the woman adopted as she wiped away a bit of drool.

“Well, foolish human, these are the Kala- Kala Islands. Deep in monster territory. Don’t tell me your ship wrecked leaving you aaaalll alone here?”

“Ship?” Blake said, confused. “I was in Arkansas. In my bed. What are you talking about?”

“Arkansas? That’s a funny name for a ship.”

“Because it wasn’t a ship! And could you cover yourself while I’m talking to you?!”

She smirked and stood up, pushing her breasts up at his face causing him to blush, though he didn’t have the willpower to look away.

“Oh? Do you think my perky boobies are pretty? Hmm? Want to touch them?”

“L-lady what is wrong with you? You were just being raped by a tentacle monster! How are you not concerned at all?!”

The mysterious woman kept her smirk, but stopped pushing her breasts in his face, instead she put her hands on her waist and simply stared up into his eyes.

“They did get greedy, I’ll give them that. I just wanted a sample so I could grow my own. I meant for them to just get in a little groping but next thing I knew I had a mouth full of tentacle cock.”

“None of this is making any sense to me. Is there a road near here, or a city or something? Anything? Help me out here, I have no idea where I am, what that was, or who you are! Okay? I’m freaking out!”

Blake grabbed the woman, who was quite a bit shorter than him, by the shoulders. He didn’t care that she was insane. He needed to get home, and if she could help him, he would tolerate the weird slutty girl.

She cocked her head, finally losing her smirk, as if something had just dawned on her.

“Wait… you don’t know how you got here? Have you even heard of Kala-Kala? Or tentacle plants?”

“No! That’s what I’m trying to say! I don’t-”

Suddenly, the wind picked up and blew the woman’s hair away from her face, revealing her very long and pointed ears. Blake stopped speaking and looked at them, forgetting what he was saying.

“I’m a Dark Elf. You didn’t know?”

“I-I uh. No. I didn’t.”

“Thought I was some hapless human being raped by a big mean monster?”

He looked at her, curious if she was being serious. She was smirking slightly, but it hadn’t sounded sarcastic.

“Well, yeah.”

That caused her to smile.

“And you came to rescue me! That’s so sweet. Sorry I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Arna, I’m afraid there aren’t any roads or any other kind of civilization here. This island is mostly meant as a kind of proving ground for monsters.”

“Monsters? Like- like that tentacle thing?”

“No no no, that’s just a plant. Monsters like me, Dark elves, mermaids, unicorns, harpies, things like that.”

Blake blinked a couple times before rubbing his eyes and shaking his head. Was this really happening? He turned around and looked about his surroundings one more time, soaking it in. The clouds off in the distance were getting closer, and the wind was picking up. He shivered and turned back to Arna, the… Dark Elf.

“Do you have any kind of shelter?”

The girl stroked her chin, as if she was thinking about it.

“No, I don’t think so. My parents left me here just yesterday.”

“You’ve been here a whole day and you didn’t make any kind of shelter? Wait, you said your parents left you here?”

The girl nodded and began bouncing on her heel, not bothered by her nudity In the least.

“Yep! Its so I can learn to survive in the wilderness before they send me off to find a man.”

Blake wasn’t sure what to make of the Dark Elf. He wasn’t sure what to make of there being actual elves in the first place let alone of the dark variety. He had no idea if they had a lot of time or not, but a storm was coming and she had confirmed that they were on an island. They needed shelter. Survival 101, shelter first, then water, then food. He had learned a lot from watching YouTube videos.

“Okay, Arna, right?”

“Yes, handsome?”

Blake blushed but shook his head to clear his thoughts.

“Listen, those are storm clouds over on the horizon, and I’m pretty sure they’re coming this way by the direction of the wind so we need shelter. And we need it fast. I need you to help me okay?”

The curious Dark Elf cocked her head to the side before smiling and nodding.

“Sure, what do you need me to do, human?”

“My name’s Blake. I need you to go gather some sticks. Make sure they’re thick and about as long as you. This place seems okay, surrounded by trees, but kind of clear. We’ll make our shelter here before the storm hits.”

For whatever reason, this caused the girl to beam.

“Our shelter, huh? Just you and me? My, my, you move fast, Blake.”

Blake blushed, both aroused at the beautiful girl, and embarrassed by her forwardness.

“W-well we need to be prepared. And its easier to survive if we work together.”

Arna smiled at him and went off into the jungle to find sticks for their shelter. Blake shifted his underwear and told himself now was not the time to get an erection before he did the same. He found plenty of wood, and in no time had gathered enough for what he was planning. He also found a stream with fresh clear water, to his amazement, and plenty of large smooth rocks. He took one, intending to use it as a hammer.

He went back to the clearing and began removing dead leaves and other debris on the floor, before taking a smaller stick with the same diameter as the others and drove it into the ground with the rock to make an outline of the shelter that he wanted. He would make a hole before plucking it out and making another, creating an outline for the structure. After he was done he got the larger sticks and plopped them in the hole, driving them deeper with his rock hammer. Some of them he had to break so he could reach the tops, but pretty soon he had a large rectangular grouping of sticks.

It was at this time that Arna came back with a bundle of sticks herself. Or rather, bamboo sticks. Blake was once again, put off by the fact that she had no clothes, but he had nothing to give her to cover her up, himself only in a pair of boxer-briefs.

“Wow! I didn’t know you actually knew what you were doing. It looks nice.”

Blake smiled at her praise.

“Thanks. I watched a lot of videos about this kind of thing on YouTube late at night when I couldn’t get to sleep. Sometimes the warehouse work just left me too pumped you know? I needed something to wind down.”

Arna gave him a blank stare

“Ah yes, Yuu tubes, I know all about those.”

Blake sighed and grabbed her bamboo.

“Sorry, I keep forgetting where I am. Mostly because I don’t know where that is. Hey, wait, these are longer than I asked for.”

The dusky she-elf shrugged her slender shoulders.

“Sorry about that. I couldn’t break them, so I just carried them here.”

“Its fine, it works out, we’ll use these for the roof.”

Blake took her bamboo and attempted to place it on the roof, but he found that it would often come uneven, or fall through the gaps of the walls. He got frustrated for a bit before he looked about the ground, remembering that sometimes there were long, vine-like weeds sometimes in the videos that they used for rope. He was lucky, and found some, and spent the next few minutes tying the bamboo together into sheets. He was able to get it onto the roof then, though he wondered if it would work as a shelter… it seemed rather frail.

“Oh wait, that’s right.”

Arna, who had sat on her knees, covering nothing while watching him work, tilted her head in curiosity.

“What’s right?”

“I need to cover this in mud, there isn’t any here, but there’s some down by a stream. You mind helping me? The wind’s picking up, and judging by the sun, we only have a few hours of sunlight left. I don’t have a pot or anything… I think I can make one tomorrow, but I don’t have time right now.”

She smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up.

“Yeah! Let’s go, sounds fun!”

“You’re awful chipper for your situation.” Remarked Blake, still amazed she even existed.

“Why wouldn’t I be? This morning I was all alone, and now I have a big strong man making me a house.”

Blake smiled, taking the compliment in stride, though his cheeks still turned red.

“I appreciate it. Though, its not a house. More like a shack. I’ll make it better later, but right now we just need something.”

“I like it, whatever it is.”

Blake smiled as he led her to where he had found the stream. As she and he filled their hand with mud, Blake got an idea when he got some mud on his chest.

“Hey… that could work. Arna!”

She turned to him, her hands full of mud, and her chest bare to him.

“Why don’t you cover yourself with mud until we can get you some clothes?”

She made a face that said he was an idiot, but her words were kinder.

“I’m fine just being naked.”

However, after a second, her eyes shot open wide and she had a mischievous smile on her face.

“Actually,” she cooed “I’ll do it, but my hands are all full of mud. So I guess you’ll have to cover me up, human. Just dip your hand in mud and slather it on.”

Blake made a face and looked at her to tell if she was joking. However she had a deadly serious look on her face as she motioned for him to touch her with the mud in her hands flying out as she did so.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I? You saved me from the tentacle plants, right? So your intentions are pure. Just go ahead and do it. I trust you.”

He hesitated for a moment, before he tentatively placed a muddy hand on her stomach.

“You don’t have to cover that up, dummy, place it on my boob.”

He took a breath before slowly placing his hand on her breast. She moaned when he did it, which caused him to blush and attempt to remove it. But as he did, she cleared her throat and motioned with her head to the other breast.

“You still have to cover my other one, Blake. Unless this was all just an excuse to cop a feel.”

“The way you act, you’d probably like it.”

 She smiled, but didn’t deny his words.

He grunted and put some more mud on the other breast. All at once it hit him how absolutely stupid this was, and how dumber he was for going along with it.

“All right, you’re covered. Lets get going, it’ll take a while to cover the walls if we don’t start carrying this off.”

“Oh? But what about my pussy?”

“You can cover that yourself, if you even want to. It was dumb of me to be suckered in like that.”

She winked at him.

“It was your idea, handsome. Don’t blame me.”

Blake ignored her as he continued to heft mud back to the hut. He covered the wall facing the approaching clouds first, wanting to keep the wind from seeping inside. It took time, as he could only carry so much without a pot or basket. Arna helped speed up the process, but it still took them the next several hours to cover the walls. It was dark when they got to the roof, and Blake could feel some raindrops.

“Dang it, we need to get the roof done.”

It was very dark without any kind of light. They had the moon, but Blake wasn’t much of a country person, so he was unaccustomed to how dark the wilderness could really get. As he looked about the clearing, he got an idea when he saw the large leaves of the trees scattered on the ground. He took some excess mud from the walls and patted it on top of the roof, then took one of the larger leaves, about as large as his torso, and stuck it on. Satisfied, he continued until the roof was covered.

Arna watched him, until she held up a finger, as if she had just come to a conclusion. She went out into the jungle and came back a short while with a large bundle of freshly plucked leaves and went inside the hut. Blake, now done with the roof, and curious, followed inside.

As he did so, he was lucky. The rain picked up almost immediately after he got inside.

The roof worked surprisingly well for being made of mud, bamboo, and leaves. In the darkness, it was hard for him to see Arna, but he did see her moving about on the dirt floor doing something. As his eyes adjusted, he saw she was laying the fresh leaves she had gathered along the floor.

“Hey, that’s a good idea.”

“Thanks. I figured we didn’t want to get all dirty as we fell asleep.”

She looked down to her breasts, now caked with dry mud.

“Well, dirtier. I guess.”

Even if he couldn’t see her nipples, Arna’s breasts were rather tantalizing, large round and firm. Blake averted his eyes, not wanting to be rude. He leaned against a wall and listened to the rain as it fell outside. Arna smiled as she crawled over next to him and sat down.

“So, now what are we going to do?”

“Well, we’ll sleep, and in the morning try and get some food. Maybe tie some of these leaves together for you so you don’t have to be naked anymore.”

She leaned into him, and pressed her body close to him. He froze, curious as to what she was doing.

“Oh but I’m not naked, you covered me up right? With mud. Like a gentleman.”

“You don’t have to be sarcastic, I was just trying to help. I’m still confused about this whole situation.”

She rolled over on top of him, and sat on his legs, her legs straddling his lap, and her breasts dangling over his body. He wanted to ask what she was doing, but she clasped a hand over his mouth before he said anything. Lightning flashed outside and the light peaked through the cracks of the hut, revealing a very excited Arna.

Her eyes bore into his own, and her tongue wet her lips as she removed her hand and gently kissed him. While Blake had a sense of propriety, he was also a red-blooded man who had dreamt about similar situations. He decided not to ruin this moment and grabbed her rear, pressing his other hand into the crook of her back and pressing her against him.

She was soft and warm, and very eager to make love to him. He could hear her gentle breathing faintly over the sound of the rain pattering outside. She grabbed at him and pawed at him, running her hands over his chest and through his hair. He also grabbed at her soft supple flesh, running his hands down her back, grabbing her cute little cheeks, and massaging her breasts.

He realized how dumb he’d been as the dried mud flaked off in his hands and he rubbed her nipples, which were already hardening. Arna moaned loudly as thunder roared in the distance. Blake grabbed the back of her head and brought her back into the kiss she had broken.

This was utterly insane, he knew, having sex with some mythical creature. But it felt too good, too amazing to be any kind of dream, no matter how much he doubted its veracity. She broke her kiss one more time and pressed her forehead to his, that same wicked smile gracing her features. With a tug, Blake’s underwear was off, and his very erect cock flopped free in the air, hitting his waist with a smack.

She took hold of it with dainty hands and held it up as she slid it right into her pussy.

His breath caught in his throat at the warm moist feeling. She hadn’t teased him or hesitated, she had just drove it in, and let out her loudest moan yet. She moved in frantic rhythm, her breasts bouncing in front of his face in tantalizing display. The mud was flying off of them in rapid pace, and soon enough her breasts were completely free of it. Blake couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her by the arms, hugging her close. He relished in the feel of her bare skin on his, and thrust back into her with fervor.

She seemed to be turned on even more so, while being embraced, and returned the hug, locking lips with him once again. The rain picked up, and battered against their make-shift shelter, but in the darkness neither one paid it any heed. They were enraptured with each other, and the thunder and lightning beyond their hut did not concern them.

Blake thrust one more time before he attempted to pull out, as he could feel an upcoming powerful orgasm. But as he did so, Arna would have none of it. She wrapped her legs around him and embraced him tightly, refusing to let him pull out.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum!”

“Then cum!”

“You won’t let me pull out!”

“Duh! Why would I? Just cum!”

Blake wanted to argue more, but he couldn’t as his orgasm overcame him.

He came inside of her in what felt like an explosion of bliss. All other sounds became muffled as he came in three ropey spurts, and a few more as she showered him in butterfly kisses in the afterglow. He held on tightly to her small soft frame in the darkness of their hut, small panting as he came to senses.

He had just had sex with a total stranger. He’d never done that before. Blake had had a few girlfriends, made out with a girl or two at a party in high-school, but he’d never been much for casual hookups or one-night stands. Arna was a very pretty girl, but the whole Dark Elf thing, and waking up on a beach without any recollection of how he got there was throwing him off.

Arna held him close with a large smile on her face.

“You’re my favorite.”

That caught Blake’s attention.

“You’re favorite, what?”

She nuzzled up against him and looked up at him and into his eyes.

“You’re just my favorite. Favorite everything.”

The words made no sense to him, but he smiled anyway. He kept hugging her naked body to his own as he listened to the pitter patter of rain outside. The worry and stress that had accumulated throughout the day melted off his body as he held his new strange companion close and fell into the sweet embrace of slumber.

Hey there, long time since my last story. I’m currently working on another Monster Girl 2020 story and an MGE  novel that I’m having a lot of fun with. Though both stories are rather long. Hence why I sought to take requests on /monster/. The fellow who requested this only asked for a competent protagonist in an isekai setting.  So it was up to me to think of the girl and the particulars about how said protagonist got there.

I might come back to this due to the fun you can have in a deserted island scenario. It’d be fun to turn Blake into a regular Robinson Crusoe

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  1. Dark Elves are usually kinda in the “meh”-tier for me, but I’m really enjoying your story so far! I’d love to see more parts if you got the spare time with your other projects.

    Maybe a bit more about Arna’s background? What does she have to do to prove to her parents she can survive or how long does she have to stay out there?

  2. OMG. I love Isekai/Survival settings and I’ve recently realized that I’ve never read stories involving Dark Elves in which they aren’t villains by default that promptly disappear from the story.

    This may be the THAT story I’ve been looking for. Well, except for the random tentacle rape… maybe…

    Please continue! I’m willing to make human sacrifices if it’s necessary… hahaha… ha ha.. ha… [No, seriously, please continue it :(]

  3. To be honset…. I was expecting much much worse, from both the tag Isekai and the absolutely unoriginal title pairing with it (wich is basically the translation of ‘Isekai’…).

    Dark Elf are supposed to be quite the dominatrix…. Thats not really the case here… at all…

    As mentionned GioM, I do appreciate the fact that the Drak Elf is not some kind of vilain, but the whole part ‘you’r my favorite everything’…. Yea you know him for like…. 3 hours, had sex in a way which didn’t suit your specie taste, and you think he is your favorite… As far as we know he is not even into BDSM, so …

    But I’m afraid the rest of the serie will only be the MC fucking all the mamono he see, and they would all fall in love with him for no apparent reasons, while knowing nothing of him.
    I hope it will not, maybe it will…

    1. >Dark Elf are supposed to be quite the dominatrix…. Thats not really the case here… at all…
      >but the whole part ‘you’r my favorite everything’…. Yea you know him for like…. 3 hours, had sex in a way which didn’t suit your specie taste, and you think he is your favorite… As far as we know he is not even into BDSM, so …

      I believe you’re bringing alot of preformed beliefs of how a ‘Dark Elf’ should behave here. If the author wishs for her/them to be seen in a different light… so be it. Personally its refreshing to see a change, rather then the same cookie-cutter characters.

      >I’m afraid the rest of the series will only be the MC fucking all the mamono he see, and they would all fall in love with him for no apparent reasons, while knowing nothing of him.

      Yeah, I understand where your come from here. Most harems are 95-98% are shit-tier.
      “Oh the MC was nice to me… I want to kiss him!”
      What the fuck would they do for a garbage man? Have his triplets?

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