In Her Embrace

“Oh come on, goddammit, work.”

Arthur cursed as thunder boomed and rattled windows. The rain pitter-pattered forcefully against the glass. He smacked the rim of the flashlight’s head again. It was bad enough that the power had been cut by the storm, but the flashlight was refusing to cooperate. It flickered and buzzed back to life, nearly blinding him in the process.

He grumbled, blinking the dots out of his eyes as he cast the beam down the darkened hallway. Dust particles floated idly by as he started to pad forward, steadying himself with a hand to the wall on his right. There was another flash of lightning, illuminating everything around him. The house gave him even more of the creeps in the dark than it had that afternoon. It had to be centuries old, built some time around the time the states were still the colonies.

“Lord I hope she’s still in her room.”

It was supposed to be an easy job. Drive to Rhode Island, have a nice relaxing day taking some body measurements and any requests for the commission of a new custom dress for the Madam of the house. That had been the easy part, but then she had invited him to dinner and tea to discuss some of the strangest things he’d ever heard about. By the time he was able to get free of the conversation about strange occult groups and their make-believe fantasy of a world somewhere at the corner of dreams and nightmares, the first rumblings of the fast approaching storm had begun.

“Please, make yourself at home, you can drive back tomorrow.” Lily had insisted.

Ah, Lily, how in the world did he manage to get so lucky to have a client like her?

She was voluptuous in the extreme, with a sort of macabre allure to her. A sort of Morticia Addams charm of sorts. It took all of his strength to not eye her copious chest as he had wrapped the tape around her slender waist. Her thighs likewise were not slouches, with an ass Arthur could’ve sworn you could bounce a quarter off of. But that wasn’t what the strangest part to him was. It was her wardrobe choices.

“You needn’t worry, it’s all fake. Something of an indulgent hobby of mine,” She had told him, holding up an arm clothed in what could only have been some skillfully put together hardened leather elbow gloves. There was also a matching corset that he could feel beneath the black form fitting dress she had worn that day. Her costume, as he had remarked about was complete with four of the most realistic looking faux spider legs he’d ever seen. Whoever had made it for her had not only time but skill.

He stopped, shaking his head, trying in vain to stop his thoughts before they got too sidetracked. The massive mahogany doors to her bedroom loomed in front of him. Wooden smiling cherubs were carved into the door by the multitudes, as well as intricate spider lace patterns. Goddamn was she committed to the whole macabre Gothic aesthetic. Right down to the overbearingly creepy carvings out of a horror movie.

“Lily, are you in there?”

There was no answer.

Rap-tap-tap went his knuckles on door as he repeated the question. Again, Arthur received no reply from the room’s occupant. All he could hear was the sound of the wind outside and the staccato of the rain on the windows still. The thunder boomed in the distance, as if the storm were moving on.

“I’m afraid the Miss is not in, young man.” A stern, formal voice said.

Arthur spun, his heart nearly jumping out of his chest. The beam of his flashlight following him and finding the speaker. A butler stood a little bit farther down the hall from him, shadows clinging to his uniform. He was as dour as his voice had sounded, with sunken beady eyes and a hawkish nose. His white gloved hands were in front of him, clasped one over the other by his waist.

“Jesus, Jeeves, are you trying to scare me?” Arthur half-chuckled. He hadn’t heard the old man’s approach, or even knew there were servants that were employed at the mansion. “If she’s not in, where would I be able to find her? I just wanted to make sure she’s alright.”

‘Jeeves’ gave him the smallest of smiles.

“Of course, Master Ryan, if you’d follow me.” He replied curtly with a tone about as warm as an icy bath. His footsteps were silent as he strode forward with purpose, moving past Arthur with an almost ethereal agility. “Miss is awaiting you below, and it would be in our best interest to not keep her waiting.”

“You know, Jeevesy, I don’t recall ever using my last name. Especially not in your company.”

“I’m sorry sir, but you must be mistaken. You clearly introduced yourself to the Miss as one ‘Arthur Ryan’ when you arrived, did you not?” The old man responded without even so much as looking back. “I should know, sir, as I hear everything. Even the more private affairs you were engaged in earlier this evening.”

Arthur could feel a flush of heat rise to his cheeks as they began down the main staircase towards the foyer, his footsteps resounding with loud thuds compared to the light footed butler several paces ahead of him. “So, do you set up cameras in all of your guest’s rooms or is this just some kind of one off affair?”

“No sir, I simply make it my business to what goes on in my mistress’ estate. After all, that is part of my job.”

He could handle the strange choice of clothes that his client had chosen to wear. Hell, he could handle the seven odd hour drive to and from downtown Manhattan past Providence. What he absolutely would not stand was some voyeuristic old fuck with an attitude. He could feel his knuckles cracking as he clenched his right hand into a fist, speeding up his pace. Then, without a sound, ‘Jeevesy’ stopped in front of what had to be one of the most decrepit and old doors in the entire house. The door knob was ancient, made of old iron, an equally old lock bar near Arthur’s head.

“Here we are, sir. Your venue for the evening.”

This had to be an elaborate joke. Between the butler who had manners like old houses have cobwebs, the storm, and Lily’s disappearance, he was nearly at the end of his rope. Now they were expecting him to buy that Lily had gotten out of bed and wandered into what looked for all intents and purposes to be some kind of old wine cellar?

“Alright, you’ve had your fun.” He said exasperatedly. “Now where is she so I can get back to bed?”

“She’s waiting for you below, sir.”

The butler wrenched the heavy wooden door open nearly effortlessly, as if his frail body had been filled with some otherworldly vigor. Cold air billowed upwards, stinking of dry rot and decay. There was nothing but darkness and strangely sturdy stairs as Arthur pointed his flashlight downwards into the portal. He could hear music far below, an old brass band playing as a man sang about midnight and the stars.

“You’re sure about this? No tricks, right?”

“I would never waste the effort on a detective like you, sir.”

Arthur’s eyes rolled as he moved forward, putting one foot down onto the first stair. Goddamn, it was as cold as stone. The fact that he had been given a pair of comfortable, albeit very silken and light pajamas didn’t help anything at all. Goose flesh rose on his arms. It took all of ten steps for him to turn around when he heard a very wet, very murky sound from above. The kind of noise you’d expect a freshly cleared drain to make as you ran the water down it.

“What the fu–” He started, eyes widening. The butler was gone, disappeared as if he were caped hero in a serial comic. Whoever he was, that old bastard was good at his job. The music got louder as he turned back, continuing down the stairs. Down and down he stepped for what felt like an eternity. “Either there’s a gas leak or she dug herself all the way to China.”

The air had become thick and soupy, making it harder for Arthur to breathe. It brought up memories of his grandfather’s cabin in the heartland of Virginia. Of summers in his childhood when the humidity was absolutely killer and muggy. If anything, Lily was in dire need of investing in a dehumidifier down below. Hell, make it industrial strength.

Arthur’s legs were aching when he finally reached the final set of stairs, after what felt like dozens of flights. At the bottom was the butler from earlier, his expression unreadable. One hand was on the golden handle of a tall mahogany door. From the other side, he could hear the music that had lured him below the house.

“Is there… some kind of elevator that you didn’t tell me about?” He wheezed, trying to catch his breath. The loaner pajamas were dark with his cold sweat. “Or did you just do this shit to piss me off?”

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, sir.”

“Of course you don’t,” Arthur hissed. He moved forward, half-expecting the man to open the door, but instead, he put up his free hand.

“Your clothes, sir. You won’t be needing them.”

Arthur almost laughed, shaking his head.

“Let me guess, they’re too dirty for me to wear into that room. A room with my client, and you want me with my dick hanging out like some jagoff.” He replied. Jeevesy made no attempt correct him or respond, his expression as unreadable as before he even decided to descend what felt like several layers into the Earth’s crust just to be denied access. “Alright, you know what, fine. Fine. Fuck it.”

He grunted, pulling his sleep pants down to the floor with one hand and the silken jacket with the other. They made a soft noise as they fell to the floor in an unkempt pile. He even made it a point to drop the flashlight as well because there was no way in hell he was going to risk bloodying it on the old bastard’s head. So, Arthur stood there, one hand over his privates, shivering.

“Welcome sir, to the Spider’s Parlour.” Jeeves said as the door opened, blasting Arthur with a wave of sweet smelling musk and the sounds of the brass band playing in the background. Lily stood to the side, near a small personal bar in the round room. Just as naked as the day she was born as Arthur. That was– save for that spider-like costume of hers. “Enjoy your stay.”

He stepped in, sighed, and let the door shut behind him. Lily was humming a sing-song tune to herself as she continued to pour two glasses of a deep red wine. Arthur could smell them from where he was, distracting him from the fact that the four spider legs on the back of her corset were moving sluggishly and idly. Satisfied with the level of wine in each glass, Lily turned to face him.

“I was waiting for you.” She crooned. “Though I did wonder if you had troubles finding your way.”

Arthur blinked several times, trying to un-glue his eyes from her very bountiful and heavy breasts, topped with perky white nipples. They rested gently on cups built into the corset that gave them a youthful bounce as she walked forward, clawed shoes meeting the carpeted floor. The mood was wrong, but he found he couldn’t move as she closed the distance between them, offering one wine glass to him.

“I, ugh. No. I wasn’t lost. I checked your bedroom to make sure you were okay. We had quite a storm earlier.” He swallowed hard, taking the glass in one hand. Even up close, completely naked, he was floored with how much to die for her body was. “Your butler has quite a sense of humor.”

“He always did have his own way of doing things,” She said, smiling. Slowly, she raised the glass to her lips and sipped the wine. A small droplet slid down to her chin from the corner of her mouth. “But he is quite good at his job.”

“I suppose he is.” Arthur replied back, sipping at his own glass. In the back of his mind he hadn’t noticed that his hand had left his genitals, a draft breeze blowing past him without him uttering a complaint. “So, what sort of fun is on the agenda?”

“Fun?” Lily asked. She swirled the wine in her glass idly, one arm across her midriff, holding up her large breasts. Even in the dim red light of the parlor they stood in, her skin was alabaster white. “Whatever do you mean?”

“What do I mean? For Christs’ sake, I’m naked. You’re nearly naked.” Arthur said, flabbergasted. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you wanted a fuck to pass the time. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.”

Lily smiled softly.

Yeah, it was fucked up to be so forward with a woman he had just met. But he reasoned that if he was going to stand here with his dick to the wind he might as well lay all of the cards on the table. After all, she invited him into the velvety red room. Looking around, Arthur noticed the lack of a bed to even do it on. From the corner of his eyes he could see her spider leg accessories twitch.

“Do you remember what we spoke about at dinner?” Lily asked.

“I remember something about the occult and studies into a place between worlds. Or at least that much, yeah,” he replied. That had to have been some powerful wine, a drunken fog beginning to form in the back of Arthur’s head. “Why do you ask?”

“Are you really that slow? Look around you,” Lily replied. “We’re here.”

“I’m not stupid, a bit on the gullible side, sure,” Arthur started, taking another sip of wine. “This is just a really deep cellar that you built underneath an old house.” He continued, his face turning into a smirk. “Obviously you had some kind of treadmill installed to simulate the sensation of descending into these ‘Dreamlands’ of yours.”

Lily gave a short laugh, covering her face briefly with one hand. Her wine glass tipped over, spilling the blood red liquor onto the carpet.

“What?” He asked.

“I’m just thinking perhaps I should educate you on the situation,” She said, coolly. “Rather than waste the oxygen explaining it to you.”

She stepped forward closing the distance between them in an instant. Though he was a few inches taller than her, Arthur suddenly felt very small. Then he noticed it. Her cheeks began to part as if they were part of the seams of her mouth, two pincer-like appendages covered in saliva and some other ichor unfolding from within.

“What the fu–!?” He yelled as she forced his vision upwards and tilted his head, exposing his jugular. Giving a hiss, Lily sank those two fangs into Arthur’s flesh. Searing white-hot fire surged through his body, numbing him. His eyes began to quake and his body began to shake uncontrollably. Arthur’s entire body burned in dull throbbing agony, even as his mind went blank and his vision faded to black.


Arthur’s eyes fluttered open, his head threatening to split open from the inside. He could remember disrobing, walking into a room that vaguely reminded him of a set from an old Ron Jeremy flick, and then he remembered a vast web with a massive coquettish spider.

He gasped, scrabbling to a sitting position. She’d bit him and pumped God knows what into his body. There was no blood, just a pair of very red and very sore dots on either side of his neck. Goddammit, he thought. If now was the time to be reminded of his mother’s old nursery rhyme about the fly and spider this would be it.

“You bit me, you fucking bit me you bitch,” He croaked hoarsely. Lily was sitting down as if in a high backed chair. Except instead of a chair, it was the set of four arachnid legs. They were bent to support her weight, with one leg crossed over the other. “What in the hell are you?”

“Nothing that a hairless ape like you could ever hope to understand,” She reminded him. “Though I suppose you may say I’m the lucid dream. Or the harbinger. Whichever you prefer.”

“Harbinger of what?” He asked, blinking the fog out of his eyes, trying to focus his vision.

“A new age,” She replied back, standing up. Her organic chair creaked and folded back to flank her mostly human body like two pairs of deadly scythes. “Though I suppose if you’re truly that angry, I could make it up to you,” Lily purred.

“You’re goddamned right I’m angry,” Arthur said. “I’m stuck in God knows where with a creepy butler and some half-woman half-spider who decided to take a chunk out of my neck. Thanks for the headache, by the way.”

“Oh come now,” she said. “Don’t you want to have some fun with what little time you have left?”

She sidled up to him, the soft flesh of her breasts pressing into his bare chest. There was a self-assured confidence to her approach. Even with the threat of death looming Arthur couldn’t focus with the heat of her breath in his ears, or the smooth sensation of what he realized what Lily’s exoskeleton on his sensitive skin.

Arthur rolled his eyes irritably. Of course it was the same thing as before. The honey before the trap was sprung. Only this time, he had an erection that reminded him of the painful days of his puberty years. There were no shortages of older women with copious bosoms in his fantasies back in those days, and from what he could tell this woman– monster was right and down to fuck.

“Oh, to hell with it,” Arthur muttered.

“Good boy,” Lily said. “Now just sit back and relax. Enjoy it while you can.”

Lily smiled as she went down to her knees, softly blowing onto the glans of his cock. His third leg twitched involuntarily, veins starting to bulge. Her mouth parted again, showing off those pincers from before. Except this time, she was gentle. Where her tongue danced across his shift, her saliva made sure to amplify the pleasure of her ministrations. Unfortunately, even when she took him into her mouth and began to bob her head back and forth, Arthur could feel his mind wander.

Shame I’m going to be her dinner after this, he thought. One last fuck and ride before I punch the ticket.

“You’re not going to die,” Lily stated matter-of-factly, one hand massaging him after popping his cock out of her mouth wetly. “Unless you want to.”

He looked down at her. Her response was far too coincidental for her to not have been reading his mind. That or she was having fun at his expense. After all, she was pretty full of herself to call him a ‘hairless ape’. Arthur’s train of thought was cut off when she resumed sucking, bobbing her head with more forceful intent than before. She even bit down, not forcefully enough to cause pain, but hard enough to give him a new pleasure of her teeth dragging across his erect member.

Fuck, she was good. Too good. Arthur’s balls boiled with the want for release.

Lily’s tongue flicked the underside of his glans in her mouth and the flood gates opened. Arthur moaned as he held her head in place without thinking, pumping a full load of his cum right down her throat. She, of course, swallowed all of it, not missing a single drop of his seed.

Arthur winced, feeling her clawed fingers pinching his hand as she freed her head from his grasp.

“Asshole, I didn’t give you permission to cum,” She grumbled, wiping the mixture of her saliva and his pre from her mouth.

“I got caught up in the moment, I’m sorry Lil–,” Arthur started, only to be cut short by her index finger on his mouth. Her expression was stern, as if his mother had caught him taking cookies out of the jar without permission. Then, it softened and she almost beamed at him with a smile that sent ice directly into his heart.

“My name is Lilith. But you may call me ‘Mistress’,” She crooned, laying back into a lounging position with her arachnid legs. Slowly and with seductive intent she opened her legs, revealing the soft folds of her labia. Even with her armor, the flesh was soft and wet. Her pussy squelching lewdly as she spread herself with two fingers, the inside inviting and pink. “I’m sure you know what to do next.”

Arthur quirked an eyebrow, a mischievous grin forming on his face. His cock was still throbbing and erect.

“Does my lady desire a fuck?” He asked, fingers touching his throbbing forehead. His vision flickered ever so slightly. “Oh, to be a foolish ape-man with no concept of what my mistress desires!”

“Oh my, yes,” Lilith purred. “Ravish me with your filthy cock, make me into your woman. Make me scream until my voice is hoarse.” A pair of her fingers flickering in and out of her vagina. There was a heady musk to the air now, a thick feminine smell that spoke to him on a carnal level. “Unless of course, you’re far too much of a coward to do it.”

Not one to have his pride insulted multiple times in a row in the span of a few minutes, Arthur surged forward. Holding his cock in one hand, he pressed his hips into hers. For as inhuman as Lilith was, her pussy was absolutely top shelf- The wet and soft flesh wrapped invitingly around his extremely erect member. She squealed in pleasure, pulling her back to look at the wall. Her pussy clenched in a miniature orgasm, dousing their pelvises in warm sticky fluid.

“Goddamn,” He grunted. “I could get used to this.”

She was responsive and tight. Most of the women in Arthur’s life had deigned to just get on their hands and knees and take it from the back. After all, he did all the work for them. No fuss or effort. But Lilith? She was the embodiment of feminine passion. With every thrust of his hips she gyrated her own to meet his rhythm, ensuring maximum penetration. His heart sped up, eyes transfixed on hers. In the spur of the moment, she was the most beautiful thing in the world to him.

“Don’t just think it,” Lilith said, biting her lip as the head of his member kissed the entrance to her womb. “Tell me.”

“Ha ha ha! Fine!” Arthur laughed, grabbing and kneading her breasts forcefully in hands that were far too spindly and long-fingered to have ever belonged to him. He didn’t notice, lost in the throes of passion with the woman joined to him at the hips. “You’re a real catch, one of the best.”

“What else do you want to tell me?” Lilith purred.

“You’re beautiful, your eyes are the very stars themselves.” Arthur said, the throbbing in his head intensifying as he could feel his balls beginning to contract. “That your tapestry will span eons. That your milk is the nectar of life.” His heart was a thunderous drum beat in his ears now. “That you are the one who’ll change the world.”

Satisfied, Lilith smiled, her shoulder length hair falling messily around her face, showing off four more eyes on her brow. She pressed a hand into Arthur’s chest, causing him to fall backwards towards the ground. As he lay there, she smiled, bouncing herself on top of him. Her extra limbs stabbed into the carpet as it quivered in response. The heat of her vagina was palpable, the wet and lewd noises of their coupling growing louder and louder.

“Give me everything that you have Arthur,” Lilith said, folding herself on top of him. Her limbs embraced him as she pressed her body weight down on his member, squeezing him far tighter than before. Arthur groaned, feeling his balls contract as he jettisoned more and more of his seed into the depths of her womanhood.

“Sleep now, and suffer no more,” Lilith crooned, stroking his face as it began to split open. There was no blood as dozens of tentacles began to form, the bones of his jaws lengthening. His arms grow longer and longer until they no longer resembled human limbs. His spine bent inwards like a hunchback. Arthur’s skin began to darken and keratinize into a black exoskeleton matching her own. Even through the horrific transfiguration that his body was undergoing, she could hear his voice inside of her head, moaning in pleasure.

Then, as quickly as it had began, it was over. The great spider in the parlor held her form in its red unblinking eyes. Then, in a moment of recognition, it lowered its head for her. Daintily, Lilith climbed into the mass of tentacles, each one stroking and wrapping around her with lascivious abandon. One thicker than the rest snaked between her legs, pressing itself into her wet depths.

Lilith shuddered in pleasure at the sudden penetration. Gently, she stroked the colossal fangs of her arachnid mount. They clacked excitedly in response, pressing to the meat of her waist. Lilith could feel a bit of his own venom leaking into her body, dirtying her.

“Welcome home, Arthur.”


‘Jeevesy’ opened the door some time later after the sounds of passion had died down, stifling the smell with a handkerchief that seemed to come from his own flesh and blood. Lilith was humming a melody to herself, the great spider that made up her second half below her spinning webs for her. She skillfully changed them from silken strands into the beginnings of an endless bridge that would span the void between worlds itself.

“I see that your acquisition of a suitable partner was… successful, Mistress,” He said. Looking away as the thickest of the tendrils about her thighs thrashed upwards into her. She paused, as if pulled out of a dream, and both Lilith and the spider turned in unison to face the butler. “Should I send word?”

“But of course, dear,” Lilith said. “But first, take off that ridiculous face. It’s grown tiresome.”

The old man bowed, his features becoming more abstract and fluid. They ran together like watercolors on a canvas before the shape resettled into a more feminine form. Rather than a butler, it was a maid dressed in an old fashioned scullery uniform. Her skin was translucent like gelatin as dim yellow lights floated about her limbs. The shoggoth smiled as she melted into the floor, leaving no trace of her presence.

“Now, my dear husband,” Lilith said as they turned back to the web they were weaving. “Let’s change the world.”

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  1. I expected something much worse than some femdom based on the tags, but it was actually a pretty good story. I like the idea of a Shoggoth butler.

  2. So he thinks he’s being led downstairs by a strange, creeper old man and he just undresses on request for the man? What? At least try, writefag.

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