In dire need of stress relief

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Length: ~4.5k words

Heavy steps broke the anubis from her trance. Panic set in, knowing well who those belonged to: The CEO, and Lord knew she’d not take too kindly to her assistant spacing out. Her legs resting over one another on the table, she brought down in a flash to sit properly. Her computer screen, covered in irrelevant trivia and workspace unfriendly chats, she replaced with a strategically minimized work-looking window. Her earbuds, hidden under her clothes and stealthily plugged into the computer, she unplugged and tucked into her shirt; this, of course, only after stopping the music that’d have otherwise too unsubtly played out on speakers. Her drink…

That’d certainly be a problem. Nowhere to hide it, and no explanations for it that wouldn’t give away a recent escapade in work hours. Without recourse, she took the cup and held it under her desk, pretending a stiff posture to pass as discipline.

And then, the CEO passed by towards her office, a Pharaoh dressed in as elegant office attire as her. Tight dark jacket with a white shirt underneath, almost form-fitting trousers of the same dark color, stockings running down her legs, and a pair of shoes one would expect to match.

That was it. It had become routine enough that her surprise from the early days had now turned into anything but, just relief that she did not get caught. The pharaoh’s heavy steps betrayed an all too usual anger about her. The other workers about stole a glance at the passing CEO, then locking eyes with the anubis in mutual agreement of sentiment.

‘It’s another one of those days.’

Days later…

With a cup of coffee in hand and bag of snacks in the other, the anubis returned to her office after a not terribly work-compliant escapade. Past the cubicles and ceramic jungle that the office was, she saw two colleagues by a water dispenser, though silently gazing elsewhere. As she came closer, the anubis figured out why; from the pharaoh’s office, hints of a furious phonecall snuck out.

“Oi.” Greeted one of the two, spotting the anubis approach. A sphinx, next to a mummy.

“Again?” Asked the anubis, tired and disappointed.

“Yeah. That’s another deal this company isn’t getting, I guess.”

“At this pace we’re all gonna be laid off…” Lamented the mummy.

The call then seemed to end, what noise once snuck through the walls falling silent.

“Alright, I don’t feel like getting caught slacking off if she comes out.” Said the sphinx, downing her cup before stepping off with a playful bash on the anubis’ shoulder.

“She really needs to get dicked more.” Added the mummy, departing as well.

The anubis, on the other hand, remained where she was, staring at the pharaoh’s office.

In her mind, the mummy’s earlier words echoed true. It was no secret that the company was stagnating. Not long from now, profits would plummet into the negatives, and everyone’s job would be at risk. Her paycheck was under threat. Chances were any other job with similar paycheck would be far, far more demanding and unforgiving; they’d require her to actually work.

A tough situation.

‘She really needs to get dicked more.’

Sighing in stress and agony, she headed off to her desk and left her cup and snacks on top. What mess she was getting in, she thought, and what risk she’s taking, though the thoughts of securing her paycheck made it all seem a necessary undertaking. She took a deep breath, and headed to the pharaoh’s door.

No knocking. She turned the handle and crossed inside, finding the pharaoh with her elbows on her desk and hands on her head. Raising her head, she glanced at the anubis with those eyes which could not hide what anger she must’ve felt seconds prior.

“Tabitha.” Said the pharaoh, commanding and uncompromising. “I don’t recall calling you.”

“You didn’t.” She answered, closing the door behind her. What left the pharaoh to raise an eyebrow, however, was the sound of the keys turning, locking the door of the office.

“Then what do you want? I’m busy.”

“Look, I’ll get to the point.” She said, stepping up to the pharaoh’s desk. “The company’s dying. We’ve laid off more in the last month than we did the last two years. If this keeps up, we’re gonna be flipping burgers if a robot doesn’t beat us to the job.”

“Yes, yes, your concern is touching.” Answered the pharaoh with disinterest, standing up to depart.

However, the anubis intercepted her, pinning her against the desk for escape to be impossible. Once nonchalant and distant, the pharaoh’s eyes widened in indignation.

“You the reason we’re stagnating, if you didn’t catch the hint.” Added Tabitha, voice growing deeper and slower. Though indignant and unrelenting on the surface, she knew well it was simply an unintended consequence of trying to hard to keep her composure, terrified to the core of her actions most likely ending with her immediate termination. “You keep fucking up every damn call we hear you do, and yes, you’re loud enough to be heard from out there.”

“You have five seconds to let me go and open that fucking door before I fire you.”


Moment of truth. If she lets go, chances are the pharaoh would see her as weak forever more and never again take her seriously. If she didn’t…

Well, it’s not like she wasn’t gonna eventually get fired when the company flops anyway. Terror and dread petrified Tabitha, though outwardly even if by accident, she had been giving the pharaoh a deathly glare all around. All, until the five seconds passed. Indecision and petrified hesitation passed for courage and steel resolve, for once. At that, the pharaoh momentarily closed her eyes while giving a tired sigh.

“I’ll entertain whatever idea.” Said the pharaoh. “What’s in your mind?”

“You’re angry all the time. Aggressive. Stressed out. Hell, some have been saying that you need dick.”

Expressionless and cold, the pharaoh only blinked in silence as she stared at hte anubis. Unamused, most certainly.

“Hey, they said it.” Added Tabitha. “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Though still death-glaring at the anubis, eventually a light exhalation escaped the pharaoh’s nose as she turned her head aside. Aimless in gaze, Tabitha knew she had some things running in her mind; given the relief of no longer being stared down, however, Tabitha’s eyes began to wander. This was probably the first time she was so close to the pharaoh. So close that her cologne snuck into her nose, though so too a natural smell. The visuals weren’t any less surprising; her shirt and jacket gave way to an ample sight of her cleavage, not to mention the situation making Tabitha look down into it from so close. Hypnotizing, almost; that skin like porcelain of a dark color without hint of flaw to ruin it.

Breasts almost made for grabbing. For playing. Begging to be freed from that clothing which squished them together. It didn’t take long before the anubis felt herself getting hotter and hotter.

But she then found the pharaoh glaring at her from the corner of her eyes. Panic and petrification set in, just for the pharaoh’s gaze to lower. Morbid curiosity got the best of her, almost starting to sweat as the anubis followed her eyes down just to confirm her fears. Signs of an erection began to show, with a bulge at the front of her skirt.

“When you mentioned the idea of me needing dick,” she said, piercing into the anubis’ soul with pure terror and dread caused by her icy calm voice, “were you imagining yourself to be a candidate?”

Tabitha couldn’t answer. She couldn’t move a muscle. Her heart beat faster and faster, but she couldn’t even open her mouth to talk.

Without warning, the pharaoh pushed her and forced her onto the chair. No moment was given for her to react, left in shock as the pharaoh swiftly pulled up her skirt and lowered her panties, leaving a sizable red cock to plop out half-erect. Kneeling in front of the anubis, the pharaoh then wrapped her fingers around it and lightly stroked. The touch and sensations were enough for it to harden to full mast within a few seconds.


“Hush.” Interrupted the pharaoh.

Tabitha could not move. Left disoriented by the sudden change in situation, all she could do was stare at her who in turned gazed cold and curious at what was in front of her.

The pharaoh then raised her eyes to meet hers; without breaking eye contact, she drew closer and licked the tip. Tabitha lightly gasped, sensitivity and the ridiculousness of the situation still keeping her in a state of disbelief. Then, the pharaoh opened her mouth and swallowed it whole in one go, forcing out a true gasp from the anubis which she had just managed to suppress.

Dampness and pressure assaulted her from all directions, her boss’ tongue slathering her shaft. Her tongue, divine, somehow pressing and sliding down the right spots Tabitha had not even known she liked. The bliss did not last for long; the pharaoh let go, a trail of saliva following her before breaking, with the cold air once more coming into contact with her cock.

Before she could even begin wondering what brought the sudden halt, Tabitha spotted her undoing her belt as she turned around. With her back to the anubis, the pharaoh brought her hands to the sides and pulled down with her panties included, bending over the desk. Left wide-eyed in disbelief, the anubis had been left with the sight of the pharaoh’s exposed rear presented at her.

“Put that thing in me and I’ll pretend you never barged into my office.”

She couldn’t hide it. Though a surprise to be sure, there was no way she could say no to it. Even if her colleages had not shared the sentiment, the pharaoh’s attitude left Tabitha to wonder in times past how it’d feel to just let out her stress on her. Now she was asking for it.

But the fact that she asked for something Tabitha had imagined would only come with great struggling and death threats only heightened her paranoia. At least, just a little bit.

“Are you sure you really want this?” Asked the anubis.

“Do you want to keep your job?”

Now she had enough to fall back on. ‘You asked for it’, she could say if the pharaoh’s mind about the ordeal suddenly flipped in the future. Confident and eager, Tabitha stood up and stepped closer, guiding the tip of her member till it pressed against her labia. As imagined, already the fluids of both along with the warmth granted Tabitha a tickling sensation. The pharaoh’s silence along with her head turning forward signalled what lust she attempted to hide.

Her other hand fell over the paraoh’s butt. The skin, the flesh, the perfect combination of soft yet firm, passing it over the curature with hardly an imperfection to be found. Tabitha’s palm gradually moved over till it reached the pharaoh’s hips, her other hand following suit with the opposite side. And, with a firm grasp, she pulled the pharaoh towards her while thrusting her own hips forward.

A yelp escaped the pharaoh, deep and sensual as she twitched; Tabitha supressed a gasp, senser almost overloading her over feeling such warmth and pressure over her organ so quickly engulfed. It struck all at once, hardly deciding to take it slow. Tabitha’s hips had connected with the pharao’s butt, the warmth of her body turning almost addictive after so long of only ever imagining it. Still, a second later they parted again, for Tabitha to the thrust forward once more with a great slap.

Then, second. Third. Fourth. Merciless as it was, sparing no effort in each strike, driving in to then withdraw just to push with equal force. Slap, slap, slap, the noise of their fluids subtly heard past the otherwise silent room. Somehow, it felt ecstatic to grasp her so tightly, to grab her hips with such firm grip and pull while throwing her own forward. Catharsis, almost. She didn’t even mind it. Hell, the pharaoh’s silence, Tabitha could already imagine she enjoyed it.

But then, someone knocked on the door, freezing the two in place.

“Boss? I got the papers you asked for.”

Unfortunate. Couldn’t get caught like this. The door handle turned, but it refused to open; pure luck that the anubis had decided to lock it earlier.

“Boss?” She asked, but neither pharoh nor anubis answered.

But, past the anxiety in the air, Tabitha quietly grew a smirk. Then, she thrust, just hard enough to make the pharaoh suppress a surprised gasp, yet not enough to make the slapping sound too obvious. The pharaoh turned her head, shooting a death glare at the anubis, but Tabitha’s smile did not subside. Rather, she rearranged her footing and hold, to then drive her cock into the pharaoh again.

The pharaoh quickly covered her mouth, any sound out of her risking them getting caught.

“Boss, are you there?” Asked the worker behind the door.

The pharaoh did not answer. Now, chances are she couldn’t either. Grinning too widely, the anubis brought her hands forward and pulled the pharaoh to her. Breasts pressed again her back, arm around her chest and hand to cover her mouth, the anubis kept on her relentless pounding. In return, the pharaoh held on for dear life to the anubis’ arms.

A few moments later, the footsteps by the door grew distant and silent. With no risk of getting found, the pharaoh pulled Tabitha’s hand off her mouth.

“You almost got us found out.” She said, voice wavering already, almost a sign of what lust had the situation sparked. There was no use in hiding it, she was getting close to orgasming. Fortunate for Tabitha, as she was getting close as well.

“I know.” Answered Tabitha in equal tone.

Closer, closer, and closer, till biting her lip Tabitha’s tempo skyrocketed. She had passed the point of no return, pleasure intensifying as her cock slid in and out of the pharaoh, flesh and fluids constructing her to no end. A wavering slow moan from the pharaoh served as enough hint of her similar situation, holding onto the anubis harder and harder.

Slap. Slap. From strong and merciless to as fast as her hips allowed, their moaning growing wilder until at that last moment, Tabithat’s hips glued themselves against the pharaoh’s butt. Almost knocked out by the dopamine rush, closing her eyes to feel herself as if falling asleep, her legs quivered and body twitched. With each convulsion, thick fluid rushed in waves, finishing inside the pharaoh with no mind paid to any consequences. In reality, she felt more surprise than worry, and never had she even heard the pharaoh order to finish outside.

Last spasm subsiding, the two fell onto the desk one over the other, panting on and on.

“I didn’t know your dick could do that.” Said the pharaoh inbetween breaths.

“Do what?” Asked the anubis.

Moving forward a slight bit, the pharaoh tugged on something on the anubis’ cock with her butt. It seemed as if lodged inside, not wanting to let go; something sensity, as much as Tabitha’s gasp hinted. No wonder; she was an anubis, after all, with her swollen cock having formed a knot that would not get out of the pharaoh for a good while.

“Guess we’re gonna be here a bit.”

“M-hm.” Affirmed the pharaoh in an all too sensual manner, before stealing a kiss off the anubis who reacted in pure surprise.

Changed turned apparent, the next day. Apparnt enough to gain the attention of the anubis, the sphinx, and the mummy by the water cooler, watching the pharaoh pass by. Cold, calm, passing by with slow steps at her leisure with her eyes on her phone, all the way to her office. There she closed the door, slowly creaking shut. Such sight turned rare these days. Last time they saw her like that, the company was still young; the golden days as if, booming in size just to stagnate in recent memory.

“…Hey Tabi, did something happen?”

“Huh?” Nearly flinched Tabitha in response. “Uhh… Don’t know, was about to ask you the same thing.”

The sphinx gave a sip of her cup. “Can’t complain, so whatever happened, fine by me.”

Worry or smug, Tabitha knew not how to react. ‘Fine by me’; who knows how she’d react to what really happened yesterday.

Paperwork. More, and more, and more paperwork. Tasks which her from one way to the other, walking down the same hallways to the point of memorizing the cracks like the palm of her hand. One would imagine half the company’s budget was spent on that damned material. Now, she needed to get more, as ever.

But as she walked down the hallway, a door suddenly opened for an arm to take her and pull her in, closing again in as quick a manner. Before she could even shout from fright, a palm pressed itself over her mouth, pinning her against the wall of the dark, small room.

“Keep quiet and I’ll give your paycheck a bonus.” She said, a familiar voice. The pharaoh’s, granting her relief and anxiety at the same time. She didn’t need to even imagine asking what she wanted; her other hand quickly moved down and pulled her skirt up followed by her pantied down, grasping her flacid cock to then begin stroking in haste to harden it.

Though a surprise, more it felt like rudeness to the anubis. ‘You could’ve just asked’, she had said. She wasn’t gonna say no, but still it had been as if she would have.

Pity. Though, she was getting hard already.

Pulling the pharaoh’s hand down, Tabitha whispered; “A little direct, don’t you think?”

“It’s all getting on my nerves.” She answered, to then undo her belt and pull her trousers down to her thighs. “I need a god damn break.”

Hard enough already, the pharaoh aimed Tabitha’s cock and took it between her thighs. The anubis could feel it, the softness and warmth of her thighs along with the dampness of her labia, slowly moving back and forth.

“A break, this?” Asked Tabitha, still against the ground letting the pharaoh do as she pleased.

“Shut up.” Said the pharaoh, silencing the anubis by not only wrapping her arms around her but also by stealing a kiss, uniting her lips with hers in an act that shot Tabitha’s eyes wide open. Tongues met in an instant, the pharaoh’s moving Tabitha’s around in force, all while her hips rocked back and forth.

Tabitha wasn’t about to stand and do nothing, though. Her hands moved up to the pharaoh’s exposed butt, sliding along that porcelain-like skin to then give them a firm squeeze. Not long after her hands slid downward, grabbing the pharaoh’s lowered trousers and pulling down. The pharaoh responded in kind, shaking her hips enough for her pants to drop down on their own, then taking one leg out and wrap it around the anubis.

Exposed enough and even inviting, Tabitha grasped her cock and guided it to the pharaoh’s labia. Once in place, she pressed on till the head had dug itself in, having the pharaoh let out a low moan in the act. She stopped there, however; in the pause, she moved her hand around and placed it on the pharaoh’s lower back, just to then pull her in while thrusting. A gasp almost escaped the pharaoh, suppressed and choked, lest whoever could be walking down the hallway heard.

No slow and easy start, but rather a repeated unrestrained pounding. It was no secret that this was during work hours, and a break at that. In, out, in, out, hips hitting each other in rhythm, Tabitha grabbing onto the pharaoh’s butt and back while the pharaoh dug her fingers into Tabitha’s back.

“How long?” Asked Tabitha inbetween panting.

“How long what?” Asked the pharaoh in return, sneaking the words out through her own suppressed moaning.

“How long have you been like this? Needing a ‘break’?”

“Oh God, since the beginning.”

The pieces fell together. So that’s the reason the company’s profits tanked, her worsening aggressiveness, and why she still kept her job despite fucking her a couple days ago. She had been demanded to do so, in fact.

“I’d have thought you’d have a boyfriend or something.”

“Nobody goes for someone like me without money in their minds.”

So much for a quickie, that the two had already gotten close to finishing. Tabitha crossed the point, hastening her thrusting enough that it sent the pharaoh over the point as well if her sudden erratic shift in moaning had been anything to go by. The embrace between the two grew tighter and stronger, and then, with the final thrust, Tabitha drove deep into the pharaoh to the hilt. Twitching took over from both, spasming in sync as Tabitha flooded the pharaoh’s insides. Then, inevitably, her cock’s base grew enough to knot. Now, both were stuck.

“You got anything to do in the next few minutes?” Asked the anubis.


“That’s… gonna be a bit of an issue.”

“Oh, it won’t.”


Her concerned expression contorted, her sensitive organ pummeled by pressure as the pharaoh pulled away. It did not budge, but the pharaoh seemed to care not, choking her moaning as the knot pressed against her walls in an attempt to come out. Then, with a gasp from both they could not silence, the knot popped out, allowed not a second to lessen in size.

“Haaaah~” Sighed the pharaoh in relief, letting go of the anubis. “I really needed that one.”

Tabitha, in response, said nothing. She remained leaning against the wall catching her breath. Still, she caught the pharaoh just nonchalantly dressing up again, as if nothing at all had happened.

“So,” she chuckled, “about that bonus…”

In all honesty, in her mind it most likely wasn’t gonna happen. A simple throwaway promise to get her to do what the pharaoh wanted, as if it had even been needed in the first place. Pausing her redressing, the pharaoh glanced cold and aloof towards the anubis from the corner of her eyes. Past a few seconds, her gaze fell aimless ahead in thought.

“I’ll think about it.” She answered, before leaving the room.

“Damn, Tabi.” Greeted the sphinx with an almost taunting smile on her face. “Pharaoh caught up to your laziness?”

There she arrived to Tabitha’s desk, though the anubis momentarily looked on aimlessly, brows furrowed.


“You look like you haven’t slept at all. Nodding out already?”

“I uhh…” Much as she tried to think of something, she couldn’t really hide her state. Blinking blankly, eyes getting heavy, signs that one would no doubt consider sleepiness. “I guess… so…”

Could hardly formulate a proper answer. Past a few seconds in silence, the sphinx’s smile lessened.

“She’s gonna work you dry. You’ve been doing a lot of overtime lately.”

“She… is, yeah…”

A pause.

“Well…” Sighed the sphinx. “Wish I could cover a shift for you, but we’re too different in work. Good luck.” She said, to then depart.

Tabitha followed with her eyes till the sphinx left sight. Now, she was alone. Completely alone, work shift over time ago already, and yet she was still here. Taking a deep breath, she held onto the table and slid herself back on her chair.

The pharaoh had been under her desk, slathering her cock on and on without interruption, at least till the slide left Tabitha’s cock to slide out.

“You nearly got us caught.” Ranted Tabitha.

“But did we get caught?” She asked in return, starting to undo her jacket.

Despite irritation and anger, Tabitha couldn’t answer. She knew whatever she said would have a counter, assuming the pharaoh didn’t ignore it in the first place. Then, the pharaoh undid her shirt, letting her breasts free just to envelop Tabitha’s cock with them, squeezing them together with her hands.

“How’s this, then?” Asked the pharaoh, beginning to move her breasts up and down in rhythm.

Already the saliva had acted as good lubricant, squishing and squeezing while sliding on her cock. Tabitha, inevitably, didn’t answer, an act the Pharaoh smiled smugly at over not hearing any negative response. Those sudden shifts of cold breeze and warm flesh, on top of what arduous punishment to her nerves she took, she couldn’t hold much longer. Grinning smugger still, the pharaoh noticed it, hastening her pace. Faster, faster, faster, the squishing noises turning audible as their breathing quickened, all till a gasp from the anubis signalled the obvious. The pharaoh halted and squished her breasts together, trapping Tabitha’s cock out of sight as spasms followed. The first one passed, then the second, and at the third, the white fluids snuck out from the top of the pharaoh’s cleavage.

“That’s nice.” Sighed the pharaoh in satisfaction. Then, squishing harder still, she slowly lifted her breasts, dragging all of Tabitha’s cum with her as she stood back up. Letting go partly of her breasts to let them part, the two say her cleavage now smeared in white.

Tabitha, on the other hand, had been left panting on her chair. Sinking down, she caught her breath, just to see the pharaoh run a finger through that distinct goo and look at it.

“Overtime, huh?” She asked to herself, to then calmly depart. So confident she was that nobody else was here, that she did not bother to even button up her shirt. All, while Tabitha followed her with her eyes until she left sight.

With a deep exhalation, she let her head hang back.

How long had it been? Not too long, apparently, or perhaps it had been. The same path, the same routine, and yet it felt so different somehow. Tabitha walked over to her desk and sat down, sinking into her chair.

And she did nothing. Just ponder.

Her desk was clean. Not only of filth, but it looked clean aesthetically as well. Papers arranged, nothing scattered about, all in place, contrary to the weeks earlier where a cold soda can without even a coaster would’ve been common. She couldn’t remember the last time she had done something like that. In fact, was she working harder? As surprised as she was, she couldn’t deny it.

Her phone vibrated. Taking it out, she saw a message from the pharaoh. An invitation for dinner after their shift.

If she was a more suspicious anubis, she’d consider that an arrangement for a date. Still, after all she and the pharaoh had done, it had to be one. A date.

Maybe that’s what brought her own changes. Working harder. Was it for a higher pay? Was it for the company’s sake? Or was it because the company, what she worked for, was the Pharaoh’s?

Maybe. She typed a reply to accept it, then tucked her phone back in her jacket’s pocket. Strange how things had turned out to be, a boss she could hardly care for in the early days and now she was pretty much her partner.

But how would it be tomorrow? In a week? In a month? In a year, or many down the line?

She could only wonder.

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