Hyperspace Disturbance (Side Story)

This is the side story focusing on the sith apprentice and her time in the new world. This is gonna be a shorter series that I will continue one the main is finished.  So hit me up in the comments on whether its good or bad.




Hera fought with the controls as her Krait class fighter began to leave the upper atmosphere of the planet and descend fast. Off to the left of her fighter she could easily make out another fireball that was flying off in the opposite direction to her own. “I swear I will sever your head from your body for this Jedi.” She cursed. Even still she silently chided at herself for being so close to the explosion that the ill-fated shots had caused on the vile Jedi’s starfighter. She had been knocked out by the explosion and had awoken to find her ship rapidly closing with an unknown planet. She was able to gain control of her descent to some degree, and she began to check the ships systems.

First thing she checked was to see if the planet she was heading to even had breathable atmosphere. Fortunately, that was one of the few things she would have to worry about, as the planet checked all green save for some abnormal pollutants in the air near the vicinity of where she would likely land.

The glaring red critical damage light worried her but there was not much she could do due to not having an astromech droid. It appeared that her ship had almost suffered catastrophic damage when the Jedi’s fighters engines had exploded. As she descended, she noticed that in the direct path of her vessel were the lights of a very large town twinkling in the darkness.

As her fighter dove through the strange purple black clouds that dominated the sky, the view of the ground beneath was soon open to her. She was soon able to make out features of a rather large city and the surrounding terrain as she hurtled toward a rapid rendezvous with both. The city was on the larger side with primitive buildings ranging from stone to what she guessed was some sort of black marble.

At the center of the city was a massive castle that would probably dominate the view of the other areas. The surrounding terrain seemed to be a large forested area that was made up of black trees and other hellish looking dark features. While areas of the forest seemed to be broken up in plots for farm land.

A large river ran to through the center of the city with several small bridges crossing to either side. Off to the east feeding into the river was a massive lake that dominated the surrounding area for miles around.

Her taking in of the scenery was cut short as her fighter flew over the outer edges of the city. Even from this height she could make out people in the streets of the city pointing up at her ship as the fighter roared over their heads. She soon saw what she thought would probably be the only chance for her survival.

A large open field, what she assumed to be a park was located in what appeared to be midtown around an upper-class district. By this point her engines had given out and she was gliding. There was a large amount of people gathered in the park, but she didn’t care she needed to land and that’s where she was going. She didn’t care about the people there, they would either move or be flattened by her when she crashed.

She closed with the ground rapidly and saw the people in the park began to scatter in random directions. As she brought the ship in, she created to create a force bubble around herself to prevent serious damage to her body. With a loud BOOOOOOOM her ship slammed into the ground at the center of the park.

Debris flew everywhere slashing across the black grass, gouging out a large rift in the park. Fire radiated out from the crashed fighter with fires being started from the debris from the fighter.

The fighters starboard wing broke free and spiraled off and sliced a nearby tree in half. The sound from the crashing fighter could be heard clear across the city with the smoke from the entry path and the crash making a streak across the sky of the city. Hera’s head flew forward and even with the force protecting her, the force of the impact slammed into her head into the console and the darkness swept in.

Cassandra was bored. Even after she had corrupted the capital of the Kingdom of Lyde, L,sanor, she still was in a state of constant boredom. Her sister Druella had told her that once she had managed to capture a city and create a demon realm for herself, she would eventually find happiness.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!!” she yawned, as she flexed her wings and lay her head on her desk.

She had corrupted the city and its heroes with the help of her older sister due to it bordering Lescatie. It hadn’t taken long truthfully just one night of debauchery and the city had fallen into her grasp. The ease with which it had fallen had made the whole endeavor rather boring in her opinion. She had planned it out for months slowly corrupting the nation before finally pouncing.

She hadn’t even had a single hard fight from any of the few heroes that had resided in the city. She had probably not even needed help from her sisters Dark Knights. Perhaps she just needed to expand her territory more aggressively to elevate this boredom she thought. Her mom wouldn’t like it, but she had let her sisters do the same on multiple occasions, so who was she to stop her. She hadn’t been able to expand in the past six months due to establishing a better government and helping people acclimate to life in Mamono controlled territory.

However now that everything had settled down, she was free to explore new horizons. The order nation of Adressa lay to the west and it was next in line to be conquered she knew. Her sister Druella apparently had plans for its fall. Suddenly having an idea, she jumped up from her seat and said.

“Maybe I should ask if I can join in its fall.”

She knew her sister would say yes, and with a smile she began to prepare a teleportation spell to Lescatie, when she heard an extremely loud sound passing by the castle. Her office began to shake as an eerie red light began to bathe the room.
Suddenly the door to her quarters flew open and a red-haired Baphomet came running in. Clarissa was her name, she was a hero she had corrupted during the fall of the city whom now oversaw Cassandras forces.

“DID YOU SEE THAT FIREBALL!!!!!” She screamed.

Cassandra acknowledged her and rushed to the balcony overlooking the city and peered out into the night. She didn’t have to look hard to see what Clarissa was talking about. Neatly bisecting the sky was a trail of smoke and the end of which was an object that was on fire. With a loud BOOOOOOOM that was mostly likely heard through the whole city the object landed in a large recreational park in midtown. Clarissa rushed to her side, the shorter Baphomet began to peer up at her.

“Shall we go investigate my lady?” She asked.

A small smile began to form on Cassandra’s face “I think we shall.” She responded.


Sitting in the cockpit Hera’s force bubble collapsed as the fighter came to a halt. Her vision was blurry as blood from her forehead began to slowly crawl down her face. The force bubble seemed to have done enough to protect her from dying in the crash. The force of the crash had still entered her body exacerbating her earlier blaster wound which began causing an extreme amount of pain on her right side. Favoring her injured side, she began to attempt to leave the fighter. Time was of the essence to her, who knew if or when the fires raging around the crash could ignite the munitions.

“SHIT THAT FUCKING HURT!!!!!” She yelled.

She began to move to quickly, ignoring and drawing strength from the pain like any good Sith. She wiped the blood from her face and forehead, then used the force to blow the canopy off the cockpit. She then unlocked her harness and pulled herself out of her seat and over the side onto the debris strewn field. As she hit the field she landed on her injured side and let out a quick grunt of intense pain but still slowly came to her feet.

She began to walk through the black smoke that was billowing up from the wreckage out to the open parks. She cleared the smoke and the wreckage to see a massive crowd of people beginning to form around the wreckage.

“Shit here come the primitives.” She said aloud.

She activated one of her lightsabers in her left hand while still holding her side.

As she walked away from the wreckage to a safe distance, she began taking in the crowd in front of her. Large groups of them had formed at a good distance from the wreckage. They came in many shapes and forms some wielding primitive armor and swords. She looked at them and noticed that they seemed to be some forms of animals mixed with human at least with the females.

The males she noticed looked increasingly like normal humans the closer she got. Still holding her right side with her hand she grabbed her left-handed lightsaber and pulled it off her hip. She then activated it and brandished it towards the locals.


A look of confusion could be see traveling over the faces of the crowd as she spoke. “Of course, they don’t speak basic.” she muttered. Several of the crowd attempted to approach her so Hera again dissuaded them.


She began to tense as she noticed one the crowd continue to approach her despite her warnings. The woman looked like a normal human even if she was a little on the pale side. She had a regal appearance with an elegant black dress embroiled with red accent that look very appealing. Her shoulder length blond hair was stunning beautiful. Her beauty was a shock to Hera, it was almost abnormal how beautiful this woman was.

{“Are you alright?”} The being asked.

Hera took in the women’s words and quickly realized that no, they indeed did not speak basic as she could not understand a word she had just said. The woman continued to approach, the closer she got the more agitated Hera became. Hera soon raised her hand once the woman had closed to a few yards away.

She then hit the woman with a powerful force shove throwing her back several yards into the ground. A loud gasp could be heard from the amassed people once the woman hit the ground with a thud. The woman sat up on her elbows with a look of intense anger crossing her face. She quickly stood up and raised her right arm to the side and said loudly.

{“YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT TRANSGRESSION FOOL!”}. To Heras surprise a dense purple mist formed around her hands.

Hera sensing an impending attack tensed, and her right hand left her injured side. Within seconds the mist formed in the woman’s hand as a long slender rose-colored sword. The sword dripped with a black ooze that turned Hera’s stomach. Things began to happen rapidly from that moment on.

Hera harnessed her rage and blue-purple lightning began to crackle between her finger tips. She twirled her lightsaber in her left hand and gave the woman in front of her a look filled with pure hatred. She could easily kill this primitive in front of her even in this degraded state she thought. The woman looked at Hera with disgust and raised her sword in an elegant twirl and began to approach her.

Hera smiled and she leapt forward and started sprinting towards the woman. Suddenly Hera felt a chill roll down her entire body. In the short distant that still lay between the two combatants, a strange circle appeared on the ground. Hera stopped in her tracks and stared at the circle in awe as it pulsated and glowed with strange glyphs.

Suddenly a crack split the air and a massive tear seemed to open in the air. The amount of power that was radiating from the tear was insane she noted. Hera continued staring at the tear as two people stepped through the rift. Her danger sense was screaming at her as the rift disappeared and two women came into her view.

Hera nearly dropped her lightsaber as the taller of the two women turned to look at her. She had never seen a woman who was so beautiful in her life. The woman too was not a complete human like the other xenos. She had white shoulder length hair, with two serene black horns on her head. Her eyes were mesmerizing, her sclera’s were black, and her irises were deep ruby red. Hey body was so perfect as to be unfathomable. She had large white wings coming from the small of her back, with a long beautiful white tail that ended in a spade. Her skin was porcelain white with no blemishes anywhere. Stepping out from behind her was a small child that too seemed to be an offshoot of natural humans. The child had red hair with two small brown backwards facing horns on her head. Her arms ended in red furred paws instead of hands while she had a small furry tail as well. While her legs were similarly furred and instead of feet, she had hoofs.

Both were dressed in extremely revealing clothes that even made Hera blush. The child immediately walked to the pale woman and began to talk with her and seemed to be calming her down.
Hera was shaking as she looked at the women. She hadn’t yet checked the nature of the force on this planet, but these women gave her such a feeling of dread. The white winged woman looked at her with a smile that made her heart drop.

{“Hello there cutie, from where might you come from, I wonder?”} The woman said quizzingly.

Hera was starting to wheeze in pain by this point as she looked at the woman. The force was strange in the people on this world, it seemed to be muted. The two women in front of her as well as everyone around her was exuding some sort of dark power that permeated everything including the air. It wasn’t like the dark side that she was so used to. It was abnormal and it make Hera nervous. Even still Hera wasn’t about to let these primitives touch her.

Hera winced and looked down as the pain in her side grew stronger. Her breathing became labored as the pain spread from her side to her chest. She was beginning to have problems breathing she realized. She must have serious injuries from the blaster wound as well as from the crash she thought. The white winged woman began to approach her steadily with a worried look. Hera looked up from her wounds to the women and gave her a scathing look.

“Don’t……. COME any closer.” She panted out through clenched teeth.

The woman ignored her and continued to approach slowly. Hera sneered and looked at her and again raising her hand, let loose a torrent of Force based lightning. Hera’s sneer melted way when in front of the woman appeared a transparent wall of energy that first blocked then dissipated the attack.

{“What a peculiar form a magic hmmmmm, I wonder what else you can teach me…..”} She said to Hera with a lecherous smile.

Hera’s jaw dropped and her gripped tightened on her lightsaber, this woman was very dangerous indeed she thought.
Suddenly Hera began to cough as an extreme pain radiated from her side and she fell to her knees. She brought her right hand up to her mouth and coughed into it and saw blood. An intense wave of vertigo hit her, and she fell from her knees onto her back looking up into the air.

{“CLARISSA GET MIRANDA DOWN HERE QUICK WE NEED HER!’} She heard a heavenly voice scream.

Soon the beautiful white winged women was kneeling above her with a scared look on her perfect face. Hera’s last thought before the black claimed her was the hope that the Jedi boy too died on this hellhole of a planet.

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