Hyperspace Disturbance (Prequel)


This is  my first story so please let me know if its subpar in the comments. This is just the prequel the actual Part 1 will be coming soon, as well as a small side story concerning a recurring character who will need depth to them. I will learn from my mistakes to make this a worthy addition to this website.




The rain just never stopped, and the air had a permanent stench of industrial chemicals that disgusted Jaye. He didn’t even know why he had stopped on this damn industrial trash heap of a world. The people were rude, the food tasted like shit and it was always fucking raining he thought. He looked up into the sky at the passing speeders then proceeded to look down the opposite side of the alley at the main street and the open plaza and took in a few minutes to rest. Hopefully he lost her he thought as he took a few labored breaths to calm himself.

Jaye was tired of running he had been doing it for the past four months from Benning to Talos, Sith assassins had hounded him every step of the way. The past few he had dispatched had almost killed him in several of the duels that he had engaged in. The only thing that had saved him was his unorthodox fighting style he had from his time as a bounty hunter. He looked down at his Holo Gauntlet and pressed a few keys bringing up local news for this sector and sure enough he saw himself.

“If seen please report to the nearest imperial official, the reward for the Jedi stands at 200,000 Credits.” his Holo said.

“That’s not a bad price.” he said thinking aloud.

The picture wasn’t bad either he thought. It was a shot from his run in with imperials on the planet Ventos a week prior. He was wearing a black jacket with a light grey shirt with grey military style pants with an antiqued cowboy hat on top of his head. The jacket had jet black, Beskar light armor plates on the front of his chest and his back. While around his waist was a tactical belt with a wide range of tools from his from his former bounty hunting trade. On his hips were holsters for his two heavy blaster pistols, which both packed quite a punch.

On his hands were and legs were similarly colored Beskar armor gauntlets and boots, both of which could stop a lightsaber blow if needed. His dark brown skin stood out unfortunately he thought. His race of humans was rare, it would be unlikely that he would not stand out in a crowd. His goatee made him look a little older than his age of twenty, but worrying about his look on a bounty contract was the least of his problems.

It was just about time to move he thought. The little trick he had tried on the Sith would probably not work again and he was almost out of time.

He grabbed his gauntlet and shut it off.

“Time to move.” He said with confidence.

He had bought enough time to catch his breath with his hologram clone, however the Sith would not be fooled for long. The only reason It had worked was due to the massive crowd he had used it in which had benefited his escape greatly. The sith girl hadn’t been able to get a feel of his force presence and had to rely on her eyes thus the hologram had garnered her attention instead of him.

Suddenly he heard screams and the sounds of blaster bolts. He looked down the alleyway into the crowd in the plaza and saw it begin to disperse. Sounds like the Sith had decided to clear the plaza.

“Damn it.” He said with annoyance.

As soon as he stepped out into the open near the spaceport he would be sighted. He would be lucky to even see his ship now he thought. He looked down to his tactical belt on his hip. His two blasters were there along with his lightsaber, but it was the three grey spheres that attracted his attention.

“Damn it.” He sighed.

He would have to use them if he wanted to get to his ship. He grabbed one and began to walk down the trashy alley into the open plaza near the spaceport. Once he got to the end of the alley it was worse than he thought. Near the large arches by the entrance to the spaceport. There was an imperial garrison speeder with several imperial troopers nearby and standing in front of them giving orders was the girl that had hounded him for the past two weeks.

She was a human with white skin with dark shoulder length black hair with standard issue imperial assassin attire with her hood up and a small cape fluttering in the rain. Her two lightsabers sat on her hips looking menacing, she had a build that was slightly on the more petite side, but she still packed a punch physically.

Her height was only a few inches shorter than Jaye himself who was at an average height of 5’9. She was very skilled, in their last matchup on  the planet Ventos she had nearly decapitated him multiple times in their duel. She was around his age he assumed due to her youthful appearance. Other than that, he didn’t know much else about her which made her all the more dangerous.

He knew that the second he left the safety of the shops and the alley and entered the plaza the fight would be on. So, he mentally prepared himself with breathing techniques his former master Naxos had taught him. As he began, he could almost hear his masters mocking tone.

“Breathe boy your time as a bounty hunter has taught you many things, how you haven’t learned patience is probably the reason why you’ve not been so successful.” His master had chuckled.

Jaye had forgotten his retort to that but still a year later the thought calmed and almost made him laugh.

“Let’s get this done.” He said.

Jaye grabbed the rim of his hat and set out across the plaza, the rain pattering against the hat and around him. As he approached the massive building, he began hiding his force presence the best he could in order to not be noticed too early, but he knew that it was most likely a futile gesture. He had crossed half of the nearly empty plaza before he noticed her turn sharply and look in his direction. She had a wicked smile on her face that made her autumn colored sith eyes more attractive.

“Hahahahaha to think that you would actually be leaving this planet alive is so funny Jedi.” She laughed hysterically.

She began reaching to grab one of her lightsabers while the imperial troopers around her all aimed their blasters as Jaye approached.

“I was kind of hoping you would just let me walk by knowing how I gave you the slip on Ventos .” He retorted with a smirk.

She pointed the end of her blade at him and laughed mockingly “You Jedi truly are moronic no wonder why your kind is all but extinct.”

In that instant her red blade was ignited, and she began moving rapidly towards him, her killing intent palpable. He grabbed his lightsaber in his right hand and moved the sphere to his left hand the and activated his own lightsaber. The white blade sprung to life just as the sith girl reached him. In his one-handed grip he barely was able to stop the ferocious blows that came from the shorter girl. Her brutal sophisticated attacks were threatening to tear his guard apart, if he had two hands on the blade maybe but with one it was a gamble.

High and low with increasing ferocity her blows came faster and faster as she attacked him. Then with an abrupt change in style he let her attack through his guard while dodging to the right she overextended since his defense had been so piecemeal before. As he rolled, he deactivated his blade and while she was unbalanced, he channeled a strong force push towards her to push her opposite of him into the plaza interior. She was hit completely unprepared and was thrown dozens of yards away.

He then looked straight toward the nearby troopers guarding the entrance and sprinted towards them. As he neared, they opened fire and he reactivated his lightsaber and skillfully threw the orb at the feet of the troopers.

The grenade instead of having a massive explosion killing all around it began sending out a wave of electricity shocking the pools of water due to the rain, and the troopers dropping all of them in short fashion. By the time the grenade had stopped he was past heading toward the entrance.

“NOOOOOO!!!!” she screamed behind him as he passed the arches into the spaceport.

As he ran past the hovering speeder above began to fire. He blocked what he could and dodged what he couldn’t, as he force enhanced his speed and ran into the building. Behind him he saw her hot on his heels her eyes radiating pure hatred. The inside of the spaceport was on lockdown and he was the only person running through it. He looked down at his gauntlet and yelled into it while running.

“XR start the fucking engines now!”

He heard an immediate series of beeps acknowledging. He sprinted down the massive corridor looking into multiple hangers trying to get to his ship.

Behind him he heard a loud droning buzz of a lightsaber and his danger sense spiked and he rolled forward holding his hat. As he rolled the red blade slashed the air where he once was. He looked to see the sith girl snarling at him and preparing another blow. On the ground he reached forward, and force pushed the girl away from him with one hand while reaching for one of his blasters in the other.

She reached her hand forward blocking the force push with one of her own while preparing her lightsaber to spear him in the gut. The surprise on her face when the first blaster bolt hit her in the side was intense. She quickly reacted avoiding death by backing away blocking all other shots allowing none through her guard.

Jaye immediately reached to his side and grabbed a flashbang while continuing to fire and tossed it at the girl. While it was in the air, his shots hit the grenade creating a blinding flash.

Jaye had known to avert his eyes while the sith had not. She instantly rolled away putting up a blocking stance not pressing the attack due to not being able to see. Jaye took that as his chance to escape as he stood up and ran down the hallway towards his dock. Behind him he heard the patter of footsteps as he was pursued.

He fired a few shots back at the now moving sith girl and continued running. He then turned back around, and his blood almost froze, because at the other end of the hallway was an imperial Subjugator droid with at least 20 imperial troopers. He was only one door from his hanger, and he sprinted to it. Jaye sprinted down the hallway with enhanced speed, knowing death was only a few seconds away as the troopers prepared to fire.

As soon as he dove around the corner blistering laser fire lit up where he had been standing only seconds before.  With sweat sliding down his face he exhaled in relief and he quickly stood up. He then ran towards his Gauntlet class starfighter which was already powered up and hovering and used the force to leap up to the open cockpit.

As soon as he did blaster shots began to hit the closing cockpit as he began to prepare for ascent. Pushing in a few keys on his dashboard he was able to quickly begin a rapid climb. Soon enough he was out of the spaceport and into the open traffic lanes of Kaz.

A few minutes later he was dodging through the traffic lanes with his fighter. As soon as he was capable, he began to ascend into the clouds heading for the safety of space. A loud whistling immediately attracted his attention.

“What is it XR, were almost out of here so prepare for the jump.” Jaye said quickly.

The responding beeps startled Jaye.


XRs response was muted since the booming of laser cannon fire began flying past his canopy. How the fuck had she gotten into her ship so fast, he knew he had hit her with that blaster shot he thought. He put his ship into a quick series of turns and tried to lose her. She stayed glued to him firing continuously. His shields took a dangerous dive as he pulled up hard and tried to head for open space.

Jaye turned his fighter up into the space lanes quickly leaving the planet’s atmosphere and tried to lose her in the congestion of Talos’s commercial space lanes. BOOM BOOM BOOM came the sound of continued hits which were starting to take a toll on the fighter’s shields. Jaye put the ship through multiple maneuvers to try to get behind the Sith, but none worked.

“XR how much time left for the hyperdrive?” Jaye asked.

He quickly looked to his message board to see the numbers 98% charged.

“Aight we got this buddy don’t worry.” he said quickly, more to reassure himself than the droid.

The dogfight between the two was beginning to draw more imperial ships to the area including a light cruiser. So, Jaye only had a limited window before he was space dust seeing how his shields were so low. He couldn’t go up against that much firepower.

After a tense minute buying as much time as possible, Jaye heard a loud whistling as XR let him know the hyperdrive was ready to go.

“Thanks, XR lets get the fuck outta here.” He said quickly.

Then he proceeded to enter in random coordinates and hit the lever for hyperspace. As soon as Jaye hit the switch and the ship began to enter hyperspace the Sith fighter scored a direct hit on the hyperdrive. Jaye was thrown forward in his seat as hyperspace seemed to open and collapse at the same time.

Then came the most painful experience he had in his young life as the force seemed to scream in his head. Then pain was out of this world, it was if someone lit a firework in his head. He felt something tugging at him pulling him into a realm of blackness and he felt an mysterious energy grab him. As he blacked out the hyperdrive on his ship exploded. The resulting explosion was out of this world.

Nearby ships witnessed a cacophony of colors some so otherworldly It would scar their minds for life as the concussion wave from the explosion destroyed anything within a large radius around the two embattled starfighters. At the center a massive rift seemed to open in space that swallowed Jaye’s and the young Sith’s ships at the same time.

The two ships plunged through a white hyperspace tunnel that seemed to go forever. Both ships were jostled and thrown around to such a degree that is seemed unlikely for either occupant to survive. Minutes later the tunnel collapsed and both ships were still intact.

When Jaye finally awoke, he wasn’t in hyperspace nor was he in orbit over Talos. His ship was plummeting towards the nightside of an unknown planet and almost certain death. As his ship spiraled into the atmosphere, he tried to stop the rapid descent before he would become a stain on the ground. He quickly tried to regain control.


Soon his canopy began to light up as he began entry into the planet’s atmosphere. XR gave no response and Jaye realized he was flying solo on this. His worry began to mount as he realized that his life could very well soon be over.

His master’s words once again began to resonate with him, and he began to calm as he started to try again to stop the death spiral that was his ship. Quickly he began to try to right the ship but due to the insane amount of damage to the engines he could only do so much.

Soon Jaye’s canopy began to clear, and he was able to slow the ship but not perhaps enough to save his life. As his ship plummeted through the sky, he noticed off to his left what appeared to be a large settlement due to the amount of lights.

“Cool at least someone will find my mile-wide death smear.” He laughed.

Soon the ground rushed up to meet him and he stared as it came closer and closer.

Before he hit, he said. “Damn master looks like I’ll be joining you sooner than expected.”

Seconds later his ship hit the ground and the blackness once again enveloped him.

Order scout Esmour was on patrol near the city of Pondhaven. The last few months had been rather boring even with the Fall of Lyde to the east things had not picked up in his local area, the abominations were being unusually quiet. He sat down on a nearby rock and began to grow increasingly pissed.

“Why am I out here in the middle of the FUCKING night when I can barely see!” He yelled angrily.

That’s when he heard the loudest sound he had ever heard. He quickly looked to the sky and saw the two bright fireballs that seemed to light the night sky around the Order city of Pondhaven.

“What foul magic has the Demon Lord conjured this time.” He said aloud.

The first fireball spiraled off to the east towards the recently corrupted nation of Lyde he noticed as for the other it seemed to be coming right towards him. His astonished gasp could barely be heard as the ball of fire passed directly over his head and hit the ground with a loud BOOM that would probably be heard for miles around.

He quickly grabbed his bow and began to rush towards the object that fell from the sky. The young scout soon had a smile on his face as he raced to whatever had fallen.

“Looks like tonight won’t be too boring after all.” He laughed.

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  1. Well, the Jedi fight was interesting, but it’s not really the sort of thing I’d read here. I’ll stick around though, I’ll admit I’m a little curious.

  2. Gonna agree with Peasantry, this kind of story seems more appropriate for another site, like Fanfiction.net.

    Now with that said I love this and while I’m not a Star Wars fanboy I like the premise and think it’s very interesting. Not much to say about the prologue except you gave a good presentation and I am honestly curious to read what will happen next.

    I give this a 4/5

  3. Still a better story idea then The Last Jedi. So i guess the her ship ended up in the demon held area’s? Now that will be interesting if so.

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