Hyperspace Disturbance (Chapter 3)

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Two weeks earlier PondHaven

“Aaaaahhhaaaaa!” Esmour yawned as he slowly woke up from his long-deserved nap. The past few days had been rather tiring in his opinion. Ever since he had pulled that man from the strange wreckage, this quiet town had become anything but. The wreckage had been so amazing yet so strange. The man who he had dragged from the debris had been badly injured so Esmour had carried him into town to the local healers. Within a few days of the incident Order Paladins had come from Adressa to take the injured man and various items from the wreckage.

They then declared the site where Esmour had found him off-limits and then they promptly left. Inquisitors had shown up a day later and they were making his life a living hell. He had wished he had gotten a better look at the debris but pulling the man from the metal wreckage had not been easy and he hadn’t had time for that.

Esmour looked up from his resting place into the night sky with a frown. The inquisitors had been a pain in his ass from the second they had arrived. He had never met one before, but his father had told him stories of their oppressiveness and how they would treat those they were supposed to protect and inspire.

The area around Pondhaven had always been devoid of monsters, even after Lyde he hadn’t seen a single monster yet, so them being here was stupid he thought. Once they arrived, they had clamped down on all dissent, real or fabricated and began making his job all the more annoying. His usual patrols in this area were always easy and laid back, but now he barely ever had time to just relax.

Esmour sighed as he realized his short respite was over. He needed to get back to town before he stayed out on patrol too long. Normally he could take his time and fish in a local creek before returning, but not with inquisitors on the prowl for signs of disobedience. He slowly stood up and stretched with another yawn before picking up his trusty bow, pack and made sure his father’s dagger was on his hip and began to walk slowly back to town through his usual path.

The light of the full moon bathed the forest in eerie light as Esmour walked back to town. He had walked this path so many times that even if it was pitch black, he would’ve made it back no problem. Esmour had been a scout for only a few months but he already knew the area like the back of his hand. He and his father had hunted this area for years before he passed, so that had given him an advantage when he had become a scout. Esmour hopped over a log and continued walking on his path while contemplating.

Ever since his dad had died the burden of taking care of his mother and younger twin sisters had come to rest on his shoulders. The money he got for scouting for the Order wasn’t going to keep them afloat for long, he would need to find extra work he surmised.

“AAAAAAHHHH MAN THIS WEEK HAS BEEN ANNOYING!” he yelled out into the night shrouded forest.

He continued to pout internally as he walked home with a brisk pace. He began to near the town when a strange smell began to waft through the woods. He stopped in his tracks and began to sniff the air.

The smell of burning wood was very apparent, but wood burning shouldn’t smell as pleasant as this he thought. A sudden sound overhead quickly drew his attention up to the night sky. His blood froze instantly when he noticed multiple large black shapes flying over the forest in the direction of Pondhaven.

The meaning of the shapes momentarily confused him, but the sound of an explosion in the distance instantly brought him to his senses.

“No no no no NOOO, NOT HERE!” he yelled as he began to sprint to Pondhaven.

Monsters hadn’t been seen in these woods for decades, there’s no way they would suddenly attack the city he thought frantically. Esmour raced through the forest faster than he had ran in a long time. He soon came to the forest edge where the meager farmland in front of Pondhaven began. He gasped in surprise at what he saw.

The main road that used to lead to Lyde was teeming with groups of monsters of various sizes; who were hooting and hollering in joy as they ran through the main gates. Black shapes flew in the night sky above the city, many carrying men off into the night screaming. Strange purple fire engulfed people and it seemed to not burn those it touched but cause them to collapse and spasm with moans coming from their mouths. Esmour panted as he tried to catch his breath as the despair and worry began to take hold of him. The screams and moans echoing from the city had him petrified.

He grabbed at his chest as he tried to calm himself. He had to get his mother and sisters out of the town at all costs. With that thought in his mind he looked back to the town. The small garrison in the town even bolstered by the presence of inquisitors was close to being overwhelmed, if the lack of the sounds of actual battle was anything to go by. With the main entrance taken there was only one way he could get into the city undetected. He unsheathed his short sword and quickly moved across the open farm field towards the side of the city. The monsters near the entrance were to busy to noticed someone sprinting across the dark field. But that did not go for those in the air above.

Esmour heard the sound with barely enough time to react. He fell forward clumsily as jet black claws narrowly missed him. Esmour rolled up and frantically looked in the air for his assailant while gripping his blade.

“I didn’t think I would get here in time to catch a cute little soldier like you. Guess todays my lucky day.” a voice spoke from the above. Esmour eyes finally found their target, a woman was hovering in the air above him smiling.

Esmour’s father had told him of the true nature of monsters and some of the various species due to his time spent in an Order Raiding force. But to see a monster in person was something different entirely. Her beauty was astonishing as he had never seen a woman quite like her. With pale skin and jet-black bat like wings, and a petite body and large protruding ears there was no mistaking it, she was a Werebat. She wore little, if the bits of cloth she wore could even be said to be clothing. She also couldn’t have been much older than him he quickly noticed.

Esmour tensed as she fixed him with a maniacal look. With no preamble she dove at him again claws forward as she tried to grab him. Esmour was shaking as he lifted his blade in attempt to stop her attack. She barreled into him knocking him back and causing his blade to fly out of his hands. Her right foot grabbed hold of his left arm and she looked at him with a wicked smile as suddenly he felt himself rising into the air. Esmour struggled as he rose above the field as her grip on him tightened.

“LET ME GOOOOOOOOO!” he yelled as he tried to pry her off him with his still free right arm.

“The more you struggle the better, I like little snacks like you the most.” She responded with a sadistic laugh.

Esmour continued to struggle as they began to fly over the burning city. His attempts to free himself became feebler as her laughter at his weakness continued. They were still over the city when she tried to grab his still free arm with her other claws. Esmour flailed his arm out causing her to miss her target.

“STOP RESISTING OR I WILL DROP YOU!” she screamed at him in frustration as his resistance became serious.

Esmour continued to attempt to dislodge himself as she hovered in the air above the city. Suddenly a thought reached him as his resolve hardened.

“I WON’T LET YOU TAKE ME!” He yelled as he reached with his still free arm to his side and pulled forth his father’s dagger. The Werebat’s eyes widened in horror as he pulled the dagger free.

“NOOOOO STOP I WON’T HU-!” she tried to scream out before the blade plunged forward into the thigh of her leg that was holding him.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh!” she screamed in pain as the dagger drove home and blood poured from the wound.

Suddenly he felt himself falling as she was forced to drop him. It felt like he was falling for an eternity, but it didn’t last. With a loud BOOOOOOM he slammed into a wooden roof and fell through into the house beneath. Debris flew everywhere in the home as he came to rest on the ground and he lost consciousness.

He didn’t know how much time had passed when he awoke. He didn’t know how he had gotten into the street outside the house. All Esmour knew as he laid in the street was that he was dying a slow painful death. Still there was one thing he would never forget.

The woman in white armor, with beautiful white wings who appeared before him. She had spoken only a few words to him, but he would remember them for a lifetime.

“Finally, I have found you my Hero.”


Present day Adressa

Even though it happened a month prior it felt like a lifetime to him. His life had changed completely when Lady Gabriela had saved him, he owed her a debt he could never repay. The thought of what happened to his mother and sisters haunted him sometimes, but now was not the time for that.
Esmour sat at the edge of the roof of a small house as he stared across the city at the imposing walls of Fort Conviction. It was the second largest fort in the city, situated on its eastern wall. It was the headquarters of all inquisitorial forces in the Kingdom of Adressa, and the location of his objective.

He sighed as he took in the sights of the city at night and the fort. Something was happening in this nation, something awful he thought. Ever since that guy had been taken to Conviction four days prior things had spiraled out of control. The Head Priestess and Lady Meredith had been accused of blasphemy and been imprisoned. Hero’s were disappearing left and right without a trace, and Lady Gabriela had disappeared as well. But no one was saying anything, not the nobles, military nor the royal family. Everything was being focused on the Autumn festival, and people still partied and praised as if there was no care in the world.

Esmour wasn’t about to sit back and let whatever was happening happen, however. He grabbed the black pack from the ground next to him. In the bag where a variety of strange items he had stolen from Fort Draco before it had been locked down.
He stood up and pulled the bag over his shoulder. The guy he had saved was the key to this he thought. He needed to get him out of Conviction before whatever was happening ran its course. He didn’t care about the odds, if something had happened to Lady Gabriela, he would cross the continent to save her.

Esmour looked to the castle and smiled. All he had to do was infiltrate a castle with high level mages, all trained in the finest detection magic. Avoid a garrison of Inquisitorial forces that too were highly trained and potentially fight the High Inquisitor himself, all to save one guy.

“It’s almost to easy.” He chuckled while he slid off the roof and disappeared into the night streets.

Jaye felt and knew nothing but pain. He had been tortured before many times but nothing on this level. The pain went on forever just when he thought it was over the sadistic laugh would return and so would the questions for which he had no answer. He had been tortured by Sith before with all manners of needles, poison’s even fire and lighting. He had seen and felt it all.

But not like this, whatever manner of torture this worlds magic provided it was beyond anything he had endured before. It was always the same, first came the opening of a door then a coarse laugh, followed by multiple sharp explosions of pain on his body as if he was being stabbed. Then the voice would chant, then it would feel as if someone had poured lava into his veins. Since he was blindfolded, he never saw a face not the magic used, and that made it all the more terrifying.

He had tried to maintain his sanity with the force, but even that was slowly slipping away. Jaye gasped for air, the room he was in was always humid and the air hard to breath. He tried in vain to attempt to dislodge the chains holding him but to no avail. Despair flooded into him for the first time since he was bound to the table. Death was better than the continuation of this.

BAM, the sound of the door slamming open sent shivers racing across his body. It had been longer than usual since his last session and he hadn’t had time to center and prepare himself. He tried to control his breathing as anxiety set in with the footsteps rapidly approaching him. The person quickly began to mess with the chains holding his arms. Jaye groggily turned to the shifting sounds as a sudden hand grabbed at the blindfold over his eyes and lifted it off.

Jaye’s jaw nearly dropped at the sight of the person in front of him. It was the hero trainee he had met before he had been imprisoned. The kid had a frantic look on his eyes and was visibly shaken. He fiddled with the chains and appearing to grow increasingly distraught as he couldn’t dislodge them due to not having a key. “We don’t have time for this.” He whispered quietly into the dimly lit room.

With the shock of begin saved passing Jaye slowly turned to look at the bag on the kids back. Jaye’s eyes widened as he sensed the energy of the crystal used to power his lightsaber.

Jaye turned to look at the struggling trainee and quietly said “Bag……. get…….my…lightsaber.”

The kid looked at him with confusion but still he reached for the bag and began pulling various objects out. Jaye nodded when the wooden hilt of his lightsaber came out of the bag.

“Aim……that end away and slide……. the switch……be careful.” Jaye said. Esmour quickly looked at Jaye and cautiously activated the lightsaber.

Esmour quickly nodded and slid the activation switch up on the lightsaber. With a VRUUMMMM the brilliant white blade exploded into existence and the light lit up the dark room. Just at the sight of the lightsaber Jaye’s eyes nearly began to tear up and even in this state a smile crossed his face.

Jaye watched as Esmour slowly used the blade to slice apart the chains holding him. With a CLANG the last chain fell free and Esmour deactivated the blade and returned it to the bag, and darkness once again flooded the torture room. Jaye attempted to lean up and with Esmour’s help was able to come to a sitting position on the table.

Esmour suddenly reached to the side of his waist and pulled free a bottle filled with a sloshing red liquid. “Drink this hurry, we don’t have much time ill explain everything I know when we have time.” He said quickly. Jaye slowly turned to him and gave him a suspicious look. He had trusted these people and he had not come out better for it yet.

“It’s a healing potion, and we need to move so drink it fast.” Esmour continued trying to assuage his fears.

Jaye slowly grabbed the bottle and hesitantly brought it to his lips. He quickly gave it a sniff and then quickly brought the bottle to his lips and downed the strange drink. The potions sour taste nearly made him vomit. But the second it touched his lips and he drank he felt a strange warmth begin to spread through his body. The thin red recently healed scars that crisscrossed his arms and legs began to slowly disappear and the skin began looking better than ever. Jaye was in disbelief as he finished drinking the potion, even the best Bacta treatments would’ve taken days to heal these injuries he thought. All the injures and scars on his body where slowly beginning to disappear.

“What is this potion?” he said quickly.

Esmour who was picking up all the gear he had taken out of the bag, stopped to look at him with a frown.

“Lady Gabriela gave it to me when I was told I was hero worthy, it’s a high-class potion worth almost all of my possessions.” Esmour responded.

Esmour then stood up with the bag and handed it to Jaye.

“We need to move, the fort is under attack I’ll be right back, got to make sure we still have an exit, get ready to go.” Esmour said. Jaye watched as he walked to the open door and crept out slowly. Jaye stood up from the table with rejuvenated strength quickly and began to rummage through the bag with his remaining gear. A smile crossed his face as he took stock of the items. In the bag was his both of his blasters, his Holo gauntlet, lightsaber and utility belt which unfortunately only had a few grenades and other devices left.

Jaye quickly put the belt on and slid his lightsabers and blasters into their respective places. He then quickly looked around the room for his now missing hat, to no avail. The fact that the hat was missing disheartened him, it had been lucky for him for several years. He then took a quick look at his clothes, he was going to have to get them stitched up, they looked worn from all the abuse he had suffered. He then put on his gauntlet and quickly began to check the status of his ship and XR.

“XR, do you read me; this is Jaye, please respond buddy.” He asked into the gauntlets comm.

When only static responded he sighed and quickly pressed several keys to check the status of the ship and his distance from it. A sudden blinking red symbol on the Holo stopped him immediately. “Of fucking course, no data on the planet.” He cursed, without data on the planets size any attempt to gauge his distance to his ship would be futile.

He would have to rely on the Orders intel unfortunately he thought. Movement near the doorway drew his attention as Esmour returned.

“We need to move; I don’t hear fighting anymore.” Esmour said frantically.

Jaye looked up at him and began to move around the table and towards the door. “What are you talking about, where’s Meredith and Gabriela, how long have I been here and why did this Inquisitor man TORTURE ME!” Jaye said his voice rising as he actually grew pissed.

“I don’t know why you were tortured, but I do know that monsters, rather strong ones are in this fort and we need to move now.” Esmour hissed. Jaye looked at the kid with anger and nodded while saying, “I still want answers to my questions as soon as we are good.”

Esmour nodded and Jaye moved to the door and the two peered out into the hallway. The hallway was very much the same as in Fort Draco he noted. Stone floors and walls with a few torches dotting random points.

“The Fort is surrounded by a powerful barrier; I didn’t know until I entered and saw the signs of battle as well as monsters, so we can’t leave through the front now.” Esmour said as the two moved slowly out of the room and into the hallway.

As Esmour talked Jaye quickly tapped on his gauntlet and activated his built-in heartbeat sensor. Which quickly began to ping as it picked up only his and Esmour’s rhythms in the vicinity. The two then resumed walking to the end of the hallway where they came to a junction that led in two separate directions.

“We can’t go back up, the inquisitors up top were losing when I snuck in, we have to go down probably as far as the sewers.” Esmour said quietly as he pointed to the right and the stairs at the end of the hallway.

The two ran to the end of the of the hallway and where just about to enter the stairway when a loud BOOOOOOOOM sounded behind them.
Dust and dirt rained down onto the two from the ceiling above and the torches on the walls were extinguished by the dust and debris.

At the junction in the hall they had just passed massive cracks began to form on the ceiling and spread rapidly in every direction. A loud CRACK echoed through the hallway, as a portion of the ceiling caved in showering the hallway with chunks of rocks and debris.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Jaye yelled as the debris settled.

The two quickly entered the stairway and then peered around the corner to investigate the now dark hallway. Light shone through the hole in the ceiling illuminating the rubble. Jaye tensed as he noticed movement beneath the rubble. A sudden ping drew his attention down as his heartbeat sensor picked up another person.

“There’s an inquisitor under there.” Whispered Esmour as Jaye looked back up. Sure, enough attempting to crawl out from under the debris was a young Inquisitor about Jaye’s age. Jaye and Esmour watched as the man pushed the last of the debris off and try to up on wobbly feet taking a few steps before he collapsed again unconscious.

Suddenly Jaye felt a very powerful Demonic presence and he instantly tensed as a shadow began to slowly float down from the upper level above the inquisitor. The shadow finally came into view and Jaye’s eyes widened in surprise. It was a childlike version of the demon that had attacked him earlier. She wore the similar skimpy clothes that was ordained with the same symbols as the demon.

“WOOOOOOOOW you did better than I hoped, and you know some pretty neat spells. Too bad you didn’t last too long; we’ll definitely fix that.” She said with a giggle. She floated down to the unconscious man and sat next to him. She then slowly leaned down towards his face and ran a hand slowly through his hair giggling the whole time.

Suddenly her head turned to the side and looked directly down the hallway towards Jaye and Esmour and her smiled widened. Jaye froze as she seemed to stare into his eyes from across, the hall. She lay a hand on the inquisitor’s chest, then with a wave to the two she and the unconscious body vanished.

“We got to go now, that was close.” Esmour said as he turned and began walking down the stairs.

Jaye nodded and after a quick look back down the hallway he to went down the stairs deeper into the fort.
After a minute of running through corridors the two came to a large metal door into the undercity.

“Why is there a back entrance into the fort like this, it seems pretty impractical?” Jaye asked as he eased opened the massive door that separated the fort from the sewers.

“I asked the same question when I saw a similar entrance into Fort Draco; apparently the sewers where originally intended as ways to move troops through the city if it happened to come under aerial monster attack in the days of old.” Esmour responded as he stepped into the darkness of the sewer past the door.
Jaye could barely make out Esmour as he raised his right hand and began to chant quickly.

Suddenly a small ball of light formed in the air slightly above his hands illuminating the area around them. Jaye walked out of the corridor to the fort and closed the door behind them and followed Esmour into the partly illuminated passageway.

“You know magic?” Jaye asked as they walked down a wet dark passageway.

“Only a few basic spells and I can’t maintain them for long.” Esmour responded.

“Aren’t you a hero, your supposed to be like the best of the best right.” Jaye then asked.

Esmour frowned as the two continued to walk in the dark sewer. “I may be a trainee, but I haven’t undergone my blessings yet, I wouldn’t be able to for at least a year.” He said quietly.

The two continued walking for some time before they came to a massive corridor with a large canal in the center that was partly filled with water. The lack of any foul odor in the dank sewer was puzzling him and he contemplated how that could be as he walked. Esmour turned to Jaye and pointed off into the darkness and said, “We need to find an exit, preferably one in the central district.” Jaye nodded and quickly followed as Esmour began walking.

Jaye turned to Esmour and asked, “So why was I allowed to be imprisoned and what’s going on?”

Esmour continued walking few steps before he responded, “Lady Meredith and the High Priestess were furious that the king allowed the High Inquisitor to imprison you. The two of them were then accused of high blasphemy and they too were imprisoned.” Jaye’s eyes widened at the news, but he continued walking. He had thought that this was a plan by all those involved to torture him for some sick thrill.

“Their imprisonment has been kept secret; the only reason I know is because of Lady Gabriela. Then two days ago Lady Gabriela disappeared and since then Heroes have been as well. Something is happening, this country is under attack I just know it. That’s why I came to rescue you, Lady Gabriela said you were important so I’m hoping you can help.” Esmour said.

“Well all I can tell you is that, when the Inquisitor dragged me out of the Kings courtroom, I sensed demonic energy on the entirety of the royal family and the generals standing near them. The Queen and the Princess were exuding it, not so much the King though it was only barely was present on him, the generals were steeped in the stuff too though.” Jaye said nonchalantly.

Esmour stopped the instant Jaye said those words and gave him an incredulous look. “That explains a lot, if the royal family and those generals you saw are in league with the Demon Lord then everything that is happening is explainable.” Esmour said quietly.

“Yeah, the Demon Lord has control of the highest level of this country’s government, at the time of a major festival with important people visiting from around the whole nation gathered in a single place. While imprisoning all those who can pose a problem. Sounds like a basic takeover plan to me.” Jaye said casually as he walked past Esmour.

“Well then what do we do, we need a plan right?” Esmour said disheartened.

“I don’t know, seems like this country might be done for. Every move we make will most likely bring a swift response down on our heads, and I don’t think I’m strong enough to handle a strong monster yet, even with my gear now. That demon from a few days ago was toying with me like I was a piece of meat.” Jaye said as he kept walking.

“Also, it sounds like their main plan is already in motion. Them taking control of the four Forts on the city walls which lead to the only entrances into the city makes perfect sense. This whole town is going to become just one big fuckfest of demonic energy; and if there is some mystical barrier surrounding the forts no one will know what’s happening until the barriers fall and the entrances are sealed.” Jaye said as he contemplated.

“No assistance from other Order nations will get here in time to help.” Esmour said softly.

“Exactly, a quick and unnoticed takeover. Fortunately for us it seems like they haven’t taken complete control of the military; or else the Inquisitors wouldn’t be under attack.” Jaye said thoughtfully.

Jaye continued walking for several feet before looking back to Esmour who was looking at the ground frowning. Suddenly Esmour’s ball of light went out and the duo were plunged into darkness. “You goo-?” Jaye attempted to ask before a wave of demonic energy passed over him. He nearly heaved as the pressure of the energy pressed onto him. Never had he encountered a presence as powerful as this. Then it was gone the wave of energy passed over him just as fast as it had appeared. That’s when he heard it, a faint giggle coming from the dark corridor in front off them, as if it was taunting the two to continue the path they were on. Suddenly light filled the dark sewer as Esmour’s light ball returned to its previous luminosity.
“My bad I don’t know what happened, I still have mana for this spell.” Esmour said.

“Shhhhhhhhh be quiet.” Jaye responded as he investigated the darkness of the passageway. The faint giggling slowly faded away as Jaye drew one of his blaster pistols. Esmour walked up to Jaye and too looked down the sewer’s dark passageway.

“Something powerful is down that way, I can feel its energy from here and its definitely waiting for us.” Jaye said cautiously. Esmour’s hand slowly moved to his short sword while he turned to Jaye and said, “That path leads to the only way I know of how to leave this sewer, we have to go that way.”
Jaye sighed and quietly said, “Of fucking course.”
Jaye nodded to Esmour while drawing his other blaster, with a quick glance down to his heartbeat sensor he began walking down the passageway. Several minutes passed as the two walked down the passageway in complete silence. The only sound Jaye heard was the rushing water of the canal next to them and the soft dripping of water above them. Jaye began to sweat as the demonic energy in front of them seemed to beckon at him drawing him closer and closer.

A minute later a bright light appeared at the end of the dark abyss. Jaye looked to Esmour and gave him a quick nod then the two walked out of the darkness and into the light of a massive room. Jaye looked around as the two walked into a massive sewer junction chamber. Multiple passageways converged into the room along with the water in their canals. Floating in the air at the top of the chamber was a massive ball of light illuminating the room, a massive metal grate floor sat above the flowing waters of the canals. Massive support beams ran around the circular room many showing signs of corrosion due to the proximity of all the moisture in the air.

“It’s that passageway.” Esmour said pointing across the room as he began to walk off the walkway onto the metal floor. Suddenly Jaye’s heartbeat sensor lit up with two more pings.

The second Esmour’s feet hit the grate a massive surge of demonic energy filled the room. Suddenly a blue portal appeared out of thin air as two figures stepped through into the chamber.

The portal dispersed as soon as the two stepped through and Jaye instantly had his blasters up pointing at the two newcomers. He quickly gave the two obvious enemies a cursory glance. He tensed as he looked at the two veritable wells of demonic energy in front of him. One was a woman who dragged behind a massive red sword dripping with demonic energy. The sword had a large red eye on its hilt that seemed to be focused on Jaye himself. The sword itself appeared to be an infectious growth from the way it curled up her arm and covering most of her naked body like a fungus Jaye noted in disgust. Her long black hair barely concealed the lust filled smile she was showing to the two of them.

The other was the one that worried him the most, however. With the body of a child but the demonic energy of an unfathomable level she was definitely the bigger threat he thought. She was small maybe half his height. She had black fur coving her arms and legs as well as a small black tail and hoofs and paws. Her two back backwards facing horns eerily like those on the demon he had seen; her armor nonexistent due to it being little wrapping of ribbon that circled her body in crisscrossing patterns. She was staring at Jaye with a half-smile as if to taunt him. She just oozed carnal desire and it made Jaye uneasy.

“Weeeeelllllllllllllll it took you two long enough, we thought ya’ll where never going to make it, right Samantha?” The child said as she looked up at the woman next to her. The other woman’s eyes never drew away from Esmour or Jaye and her response was just increasingly heavy breathing.

The child sighed in resignation at her colleague’s lack of a response and turned her attention back to Jaye and Esmour and said cheerfully, “I’m Lydia and this charming girl is Samantha. I was told that someone was snooping around in the sewers, but to think it would be two cuties like you two is surprising.”

“Don’t worry were not snooping, just local tourists. We’re just taking in the scenery of this luxurious sewer.” Jaye responded sarcastically.
“Jaye, we have to go now.” Esmour said next to him literally shaking.
“Now I know you aren’t scared of some kid.” Jaye said with mock confidence.
“That’s……not…..a kid…….she’s a……Bbbb…Baphomet…we stand no chance.” Esmour said his fear palpable as he stuttered.

“What’s a Baphomet?” Jaye asked unfazed.

“Their monsters of enormous power that can easily defeat Hero’s. They are the generals in the demon army, if she’s here that’s not good at all. We have to get out of here now.” Esmour whispered.

“Well shit.” Jaye said with a forced smile.

“How about the four of us play a game, I’ve been sooooooo bored just sitting here, maybe we can have some fun until the real party begins.” The Baphomet said with a laugh as she raised her short arm in the air. Suddenly appearing as if from nowhere was a huge wicked looking black scythe. The small girl grabbed its hilt out of the air and to Jaye’s surprise twirled it as if it was a toy.

“Well it depends on the rules.” Jaye replied raising his blasters towards the two.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh well that’s easy there’s only one rule, losers got to obey winners, pretty simple. It’s a fun game and plus I’ve never lost.” She said cheerfully as she began to jump up and down like a kid in a candy store.

“Yeeeeaahhhhhh, I think we’ll pass.” Jaye said quickly.

The air seemed to cool a few degrees as the cheerful demeanor of the Baphomet disappeared instantly as she responded, “You don’t have a choice.”
Jaye tensed as the smile on her cute face vanished. He glanced to Esmour who had stopped shaking and had drawn his blade with grim determination. Jaye looked back to the monster and gave her the best smile he could muster.

“Well when you put it like that how could we refuse.” Jaye said sarcastically.

The Baphomet’s cheerful smile came back, and she said, “Awesome, Penny please do a countdown it’s only fair, start from ten.”
Suddenly floating in the air above everyone a small girl about the same size as the Baphomet appeared as if out of nowhere.
The small floating girl cheerfully said, “Of course Mistress Lydia.”
The girl quickly began counting aloud into the chamber.
“You ready.” Jaye turned and asked Esmour.
“No.” Came Esmour’s quick response.
“Don’t worry we got this…………I hope.” Jaye said quietly, more to reassure himself than Esmour.
Jaye tightened his grip on his blasters and sighed deeply.

Jaye didn’t even have time to react, the second the floating girl had said go the Sword girl was literally sprinting across the chamber squealing in delight towards them holding the massive sword as if it was a toy. Jaye swung his blasters towards the charging monster but the second she was in his sight he felt himself moving as if in the grasp of an invisible hand. He soared through the air and his back slammed into a wall and the fell onto the ground groaning in pain. A massive shadow suddenly appeared above him. He slowly looked up to see the huge red blade of the Sword Girl descending towards him.

Time seemed to slow as he looked out of the corner of his eyes and he saw Esmour being grabbed by a mass of black demonic energy tendrils and dragged to the ground.
As the blade descended towards him one thought dominated his mind.

It’s about to be a long ass night.

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