Hyperspace Disturbance (Chapter 2)

Aight yall here’s chapter 2 of the main story. Unfortunately i have finals  and two research papers due so i will be hard pressed for time to write at all.  Ill get back to both stories as soon as  i have a chance.

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“Your master is a fake, you will never be a Jedi. Allow me to show you a new path.”



Jaye groggily opened his eyes as the sunlight in his eyes awoke him from his slumber. Yet again another vison hounded him. His master had never told him the visons would be this persistent and vivid. Whatever point he was supposed get continued to allude him, and they were quickly beginning to annoy him. He raised his hand to block out the sunlight beaming into his face from a nearby open window.

He quickly leaned up to survey his surroundings. He currently was in a very furnished room. He had been laid down on an expensive looking bed that matched the cream-colored walls of the room. Jaye sat up and moved to the edge of the bed with his legs leaning over. He noticed that he was still dressed in the rags from the prison.

He looked down to his chest and to his surprise he had no wounds on his body. Both of his major injuries were healed leaving shallow scars in their place. He ran his hands over the scars in awe, whatever had healed him was amazing. He then stood up from the bed and stretched his arms and his legs.

He hadn’t felt this good in years. His entire body felt rejuvenated, as if the fights that he just endured hadn’t meant a thing. With this newfound energy he walked around the room until a lavish looking dresser drew his attention. His eyes widened as he noticed most of his gear laying on the dresser. He quickly walked across the room.

“It’s about damn time.” He said with a chuckle.

He quickly began to rummage through his stuff. “Damn, none of my weapons are here.” He quietly said.

On the dresser was his clothes and his unique hat. Other than that, none of his weapons were there nor his holo gauntlet.
While he was engrossed in his gear a sudden shriek echoed from his right, near the door of the room. A loud CLANG echoed through the room as plates fell onto the floor shattering. Standing in doorway was a petrified looking girl. She had on what could easily be assumed as servant or maids’ clothes. Jaye looked at her with barely concealed amusement.

“Sorry I intru-.” She began to mutter.

She had barely got the words out before Jaye’s eyes widened and he gasped. “Why can I understand you?”

Her response to his words never came because suddenly appearing in the doorway was a very familiar face. Behind the girl was heavy set tall man, the very same who had gouged out Jaye’s shoulder. He wore light mail armor instead of the heavy armor Jaye had previously seen him in. The man gave Jaye a cold unfeeling stoic look. Jaye was instantly in a combat form with his hands raised ready to fight.

“Calm down kid I’m not here to spar with you, regardless of how I feel, the Head Priestess wants to speak with you so get ready.”His former enemy said. 

Jaye tensed as the words came out the man’s mouth and the fact that he could understand them still confused him.

“First of all, why should I trust you. You imprisoned and attacked me; second why can I understand your language?” Jaye said while still on guard.

The man sighed and looked down to the servant girl and nodded to the exit. “Yes sir.” She quickly said while leaving the room and the mess on the floor. The man stepped into the room. He fixed Jaye with a reproachful look and sighed.

“First of all, you attacked us first, on all accounts. You had been imprisoned because you were at the time, an unknown. We couldn’t risk you being affiliated with the demon lord. Lastly see that ring on your finger.” He said while pointing to Jaye’s left hand.

Jaye looked to his hand and sure enough a small golden ring lay on his index finger. The ring was engraved with various unrecognizable symbols to him and looked very expensive.

“It’s a Ring of Communication, it allows you to understand our language as long as the ring is on your finger.” He said.

Jaye let a look of surprise cross his face. “How does it work?” Jaye responded.

“Magic, and don’t lose it. It’s very expensive and the spell required is not easy to use. Which shows how much Lady Meredith hopes you may be able to help us.” The man said.

A look of incredulity crossed Jaye’s face as he asked, “What is magic, is it some form of translation device?”

Sudden shock dawned on the man’s face as Jaye’s words left his mouth. “What is magic?” Jaye asked. “Don’t you use magic, those abilities you used were clearly magic.” The man said with surprise.

Jaye looked at the man with a puzzled look still not comprehending what he was saying.
“No matter, we provided the clothes you came here with, all your questions will be answered when you meet with the Head Priestess.”

Jaye looked away from the man and sighed. They had been hospitable to him mostly, and the man was right he had attacked first he thought. He would just ask them why they were torturing those girls and what this magic was, along with the location of his ship and weapons. Jaye nodded to the man and the man returned the nod with a grunt as he closed the door.

Jaye looked back to his gear and began to put it on. He didn’t have to trust them in the end, he would only to buy time to get his weapons. The first thing he grabbed was his trusty hat which had been with him through countless struggles. With a sigh he put it on knowing that in some way he had regained a part of himself.

A few minutes later he opened the door to the room and the man was still standing there waiting for him.

“I’m good to go, and what should I call you?” Jaye asked him. The man looked at him and let a disgruntled grunt leave his mouth when he said.

“Aldus, now hurry up I don’t want to keep them waiting.”

Jaye smiled and said. “Alright lead the way then.”

Jaye walked with the man through a series of ornate beautiful hallways. Jaye followed in step with the soldier as his eyes explored every surface and every person, they came past. If push came to shove Jaye knew he would need an escape plan. They soon came to very large double doors that were wooden with beautiful patterns on them.

Aldus reached for the golden handles on the door and swung them open. Jaye almost gasped when he saw what was inside. The doors led to a massive Rotunda, the celling of which was adorned with a beautiful mural.

The mural depicting what he assumed was a woman of religious significance as she was being worshiped by people on their knees in the painting. The entire way around the rotundas dome were windows which funneled sunlight into the center of the room. The floor was marble with beautiful tiles that shined beautifully. Jaye looked to the center of the room, there was a large round table sitting there.

“Come on.” Aldus said as he led Jaye into the room.

Jaye walked behind Aldus as they walked to the center of the massive room. Once they reached the center of the room a door opposite the one they came through opened and two figures came though. His hands clenched and he began to tense as two women began to approach the table he and Aldus were standing at. Jaye’s recent confrontation with them instantly put him on edge.

The winged woman was still as beautiful as ever, she now wore blue and gold armor that made her wings all the more attractive. The other woman that he had dueled with was wearing what he guessed were civilian clothes but still at her hip was her ornate white blade. She fixed him with a smile as he scowled at her. The duo approached the table all the while looking at Jaye.

The woman with wings looked to Aldus and said, “Thank you Aldus, your dismissed.”

Aldus looked to her and bowed then after a quick glance to Jaye he walked to the exit of the rotunda.

Once Aldus left the three were left in silence until Jaye said, “So first things first, where are my weapons and my ship?”

The winged woman sighed as the other woman looked to him with the same smile and said. “Your weapons if those devices can be said to be that, will be returned when we know that we can trust you. As for your ship, if you are referring to the object that you were found in, its out of our reach currently.”

“HUHHHHHHHH what do you mean!” Jaye said as actual anger entered his voice. His additional gear was in his ship, not to mention he didn’t know what happened to XR.

The Winged woman looked at him with anger and said while slamming a fist on the table.

“DON’T RAISE YOUR VOICE HERE BOY! You are overstepping your boundary. If it wasn’t for her you would be dead for the crimes you’ve committed.”

Jaye reeled back as if he was physically hit by the venom in her voice.

“WOAH, WHO THE FU-.” Before he could get the words out a calming voice rang through the room.

“Please please calm down, there’s no need for that.” Jaye looked to the sound of the voice and he saw a woman entering the room from the same door the other two had used.

This woman too was on the more attractive side he noticed. She wore clothes that gave her a dignified religious look like the Jedi knights of old he thought. The tunic she wore was black, and it had a hood that covered her golden blonde hair.

She walked slowly to the table and gave the winged woman a small frown. “Gabriela, we need to convince him, not alienate him and make him our enemy.”

The woman, Gabriela sighed and said. “As you wish.”

The woman then turned and gave Jaye a heartwarming smile while saying. “Sorry about that, and sorry for our harsh reception that you received, our men were overzealous, as well as those in charge of them.”

Jaye was lost for words at her sincerity, he quickly probed her force presence to make sure she wasn’t lying.

When he confirmed that her friendliness wasn’t a lie as he muttered out, “No problem I was just a little on edge.”

The woman smiled while she looked at him. “Well thank you for your understanding.”

She sighed in relief as she cheerily brought her hands together in a clap and smiled. “Ok well my name is Helen and I am the Head priestess of the Order nation of Adressa, and you are?”

“I’m Jaye, a Jedi and part time bounty hunter.” He responded.

The three looked at him puzzled looks while the woman named Meredith said, “Bounty hunter I understand, but what is a Jedi?”

 “It’s kind of hard to explain, just know it’s where my force powers come from, and it’s also why if I hadn’t been injured earlier, I wouldn’t have lost to you two.”

Meredith’s smile dropped slightly as she said. “I doubt that very much, you’re not strong enough to have that kind of confidence.”

The priestess responded to comment that with a sigh as she glared at the woman.

 “Before we go any further though may I know why my ship is out of your reach.”

Gabriela fixed him with an annoyed look and sternly said “Your ship as you call it currently lays in territory that has fallen to the demon lord and has become a realm of depravity.”

“Yeaaaah,I don’t know what that means, but how far is my ship from here? I can get it myself If I need to.” Jaye asked.

Gabriela patiently said. “You crashed two weeks ago on the edge of this nation. You were in a coma when you were found, so you were brought to the capital for healing. The city you crashed near, Pondhaven, fell to our enemy thus your ships retrieval is no longer possible.”

The words she said began to sink in and Jaye’s normally cheery attitude began to darken. If It had been two weeks XRs power would have died, he thought. “What is this enemy you face and why are you scared to allow me to go into their territory, they can’t be that strong.”

This time the Priestess was the one to respond. “Our enemy is the Maou, or demon lord, and her forces of corruption.”

“What do you mean corruption?” Jaye asked cautiously though he felt he knew the answer.

The priestess suddenly glared at him though the anger wasn’t pointed at him. “On this world we have waged a war for generations against the forces of the Maou and her corrupting demonic energy. We are facing genocide as our people are corrupted and turned against us. The chief god demands that we defeat and destroy this enemy and we shall, no matter the cost.

Jaye then began to contemplate. If this demonic energy was this dark power he had felt in the other prisoners, he could understand the anger she felt towards it. Its corruption had unnerved him as well. “So those people I was imprisoned with were corrupted by this demonic energy I presume?” he asked.

With a nod Meredith spoke up. “Those kids were affected by this energy and they were being tested to see if there is a way to reverse said process.”

Jaye didn’t say anything, but he knew she was lying or at lest not giving the complete picture. They were being tortured for the hell of it.

“Demonic energy is insidious it corrupts women into abominations and men into mindless thralls of said abominations.” The Priestess said.

Jaye looked at her. “So I assume that your population is dwindling as its people are corrupted, which would lead to the supposed genocide.”

“Yes, and that is why we fight, humanity is on the brink of death. The remaining countries are allied in a coalition known as the Order. We defend against the encroaching armies of the demon lord who attack us relentlessly.” She continued.

Jaye laughed and said. “Those people I was imprisoned with were hardly the monsters you describe, in fact I would say they were quite the opposite.”

The priestess looked at Jaye with a disgusted look and said. “The average abomination is stronger than almost all men and they come in many different shapes and forms, many of which are quite deadly. They are strong and their temptation their bodies provide is their true weapon, corrupting the minds of the faithful and poisoning them against the Order, I’m certain you experienced that since you were so close to them.”

Jaye couldn’t argue with that. The corrupted girls influence on him had disturbed him greatly. If he had been an average man who knew what would have happened. One thing he could confirm though was her strength. Even in that weakened state in the prison she had been stronger than him.

Jaye let a hand go to the back of his head as he knew his next question was awkward.

“So, what is the method that the corruption spreads from one person to another.”

A sigh echoed from all three. “The common folk don’t know this, but I feel you must. There are many ways corruption can spread, its different for women but for men its intercourse with a corrupted woman that is the most common. Once your Spiritual energy is overtaken by her Demonic energy it’s over and you’ll join the ranks of the enemy. Also, areas controlled by the Maou are high in ambient Demonic energy passively corrupting those who stay in them for long, which Is why we can’t get you to your ship.” Said the Priestess.

“We learned that lesson the hard way at Lescatie.” muttered Meredith.

Jaye looked at them with less surprise than expected. He knew that had to be the case, but he hadn’t been sure. With his question about his ship now truly answered only a few remained.

“What is spiritual energy?” he asked.

“It’s the energy of life and all people have varying levels in them. It’s also the primary source of energy for those corrupted .” Helen responded.

That must be the third energy that seemed like the Force he thought. Jaye understood now, if his spiritual energy was corrupted, he would no longer be human. The force was weak in this reality, his strength in it was abnormal here. With this new knowledge he quickly concluded, the Force most likely would be able to prevent his corruption to some degree he thought.

He would just avoid sleeping with a corrupted which honestly wouldn’t be hard he reasoned. He wasn’t fond of the corruption and even though their practices may be barbaric he wasn’t about to let a species be eradicated.

“Last question before I make my decision. Why don’t you just reason with this Maou and make her understand that your people will die?”

“She wants to corrupt all humans which is unacceptable, and the chief god will not have peace with someone who wishes for that.” Gabriela responded.

Jaye looked to her and asked. “What is this Chief God you keep talking about, is it a person or what?” Gabriela looked at him with an offended look, “She is a goddess of immense power who grants her strength to those who are worthy, the hero’s, to fight our enemy. Worship of her is the basic tenet of the Order’s religion.”

“Oh, I thought you were her, they got statues of you with your wings everywhere.” He joked. Gabriela started blushing and shaking her head, “No no no, I’m not the Chief God I’m just a Valkyrie, a trainer of hero’s, I’m nowhere near her holiness.

Jaye gave a small laugh at her sudden bashfulness which was out of character. This world was strange indeed he thought, this Chief God must be very powerful to have so many worshippers, it gave him chills, their reverence reminded him of how the Sith Emperor was viewed. He was originally going to ask about the status of the escaped prisoner’s but thought better of it.

He then looked to Helen and said. “I’ve decided, I will help your people. I don’t approve of your methods, but I can understand them. Genocide is just not something that I will allow to happen. I am a Jedi a bringer of peace and justice, so I will help protect your people to the best of my ability.”

Helen smiled and said. “We thank you for your kindness, you would make an amazing hero. Your weapons and gear are at Fort Draco on the other side of the city unfortunately. I will have someone take you to them immediately.”

“Are you sure that is wise we still don’t know that he is telling the truth.” The Valkyrie said after regaining her poise.

“Gabriela, trust can’t be built immediately; we must prove we are trustworthy ourselves by taking the first step.” Helen said quietly while looking at Jaye.

Gabriela still scowled at Jaye, but she gave an affirmed nod. “I must go now to meet with the King of Adressa, I look forward to learning more about your Force magic Jaye.” Helen said as she began to walk away.

“Its not magic.” He muttered as Meredith too left with Helen.

While the Valkyrie walked around the table to him and said. “Come, I will direct you to someone who can take you to Draco.” With a quick turn she began to walk away from him at a fast pace to the entrance he used earlier.

Jaye turned and grabbed the rim of his hat and followed. The two of them quickly walked through the rotunda. Gabriela opened the large doors at the end and Jaye followed thorough quickly. Standing in the hallway outside the rotunda was a kid with brown messy hair who was maybe a few years younger than Jaye himself. He was a little shorter than Jaye and wore light training armor. He had a short sword on his back and a wide-eyed look as Jaye and Gabriela walked through the door.

The kid smiled as he said. “Hero trainee Esmour ready to serve, Lady Gabriela.”

Jaye could barely hold in a laugh as the kid said the words with utmost confidence. Gabriela picked up on Jaye’s reaction and shot him a glare before turning to face Esmour. “Thank you Esmour how has your training been since you moved here?”

“Rather well Lady Gabriela, Sir Thomas is the best trainer I’ve ever had.” He responded to her.

“That’s good, I have a job for you, can you take this young man to Fort Draco, you can take the scenic route and show him around.” Gabriela said quickly.

“Of course, Ma’am happy to serve the Chief God in whatever way.” Esmour said happily.

Gabriela smiled and gave him an appreciating nod before she walked over to Jaye face to face. “I don’t care what the Head Priestess says, I don’t trust you, if you attempt to do anything that would go against the Order, I will not hesitate to end you.” She said with palpable menace in her voice.

“Of course, ill behave.” He responded with a smirk.

The anger in her voice not phasing him in the slightest, she then turned away from him and after giving Esmour a smile she walked down the hallway in the opposite direction.
“This way Sir.” Esmour said. Jaye looked at the kid and frowned.

“Don’t call me sir I’m not that much older than you, call me Jaye.”

Esmour looked flustered but nodded as he led Jaye through the building. Jaye followed in step behind him asking various questions about the building they were in.

“This is the main church in Adressa for worship of the Chief God, its visible through much of the city.” The kid said.

After passing through a few more large worship rooms Jaye and Esmour left the confines of the church.

They soon exited the building and Jaye was given his second look at the massive city. The beautiful color of evening bathed the city and streets. He looked at the entrance to the church, he was standing on marble steps that led into a large open park that on the opposite side were rows upon rows of brick houses. The kid hadn’t been lying he thought as he looked back at the church, it was massive.

Esmour began to walk at a brisk pace as Jaye followed behind him. The cool evening air feeling welcome on his skin and the sound of bustling city being pleasant as well. They began to pass various people in the open park all of which wore clothes Jaye would reserve for upperclass.

“What with all the fancy clothes at this time of day?” he asked Esmour.

“It’s the Autumn festival, a time to celebrate the new year and the Chief God. There’s a lot of events that last all day for the rest of the week, people from all over the country are here.” 

Jay nodded to him as the duo began to walk through the city streets. Jaye was honestly surprised at what he saw all over the streets people danced and folk music could be heard everywhere. He wasn’t attracting as much attention as he thought he would as the two moved through masses of people partying.

They soon came to a massive open market that had people of many different backgrounds buying and selling goods. The smells and sights of the market reminded him of the crowded planets he had known for most of his life. Jaye looked at a few stalls at the exotic looking food that made his stomach growl in anticipation. It dawned on him that he hadn’t eaten yet today.

“Would you like me to buy you some of these fruits.” Esmour said as he walked up to the stall.

“Yea I’m starving.”

The older woman behind the stall flashed Jaye and Esmour a smile and said in a cheery voice.“For a hero of the Chief God these are free young man.”

Esmour quickly thanked the woman while Jaye grabbed one of the exotic looking pink fruits. Jaye looked at the strange fruit which was a strange shape with two leaves at the top. The fruits shape reminded Jaye of something, but his hunger and the alluring smell won out as he took a bite of the fruit. Instantly the taste hit his mouth as an explosion of sweet flavor spread through it. Jaye had never had something so sweet. The inside of the fruit was white, and the sweet juices flowed down the sides from where he bit in. Before Jaye even knew it, he had finished the fruit and the taste still lingered in his mouth.

Esmour too had finished his with a ravenous look in his face that Jaye knew mirrored his own.

“May we have another ma’am please.” Esmour asked before Jaye even said a word.

“Of course, boys here’s two more, savor them this time.” She said with a wide smile.

Jaye and Esmour quickly grabbed another. Jaye was in mid bite when he sensed it. It was faint, very faint but it was there. The corrupting influence of demonic energy barely clung to the fruit and the woman peddling them he thought. He hadn’t noticed it before but as he ate the second fruit, he sensed it.

Jaye’s eyes widened in surprise as he dropped the fruit to the ground and reached out with the force to knock the fruit out of Esmour’s hand. Jaye quickly turned to look at the woman in the stall ignoring the kid’s protests, but she was gone. The speed at which she had disappeared startled him.

That’s when Jaye sensed it someone powerful was looking at him. It felt like two eyes were digging into the back of his head. Suddenly he felt a massive surge of Demonic energy behind him. He quickly turned around and looked at the crowd of people walking in the marketplace. Thats when he saw her. A woman was staring at him through the crowd, she wore a white dress and had beautiful white hair. Her beauty was astounding, and she looked at him with a smile that would melt the hearts of lesser men. She was radiating Demonic energy on a level Jaye had never encountered. Suddenly she seemed to disappear as the crowd thickened and Jaye lost sight of her.

Esmour looked at Jaye with surprise and said. “What was that for, you don’t need to be so hostile.”

 “Shut up, get Meredith there’s a powerful corrupted nearby I’m going to go after her, I might need help though, and give me your sword I might need it.”

Jaye turned as soon as he received the short blade and after tucking it away, he sprinted away and into the crowd after the woman. He ran quickly pushing people aside as he ran. He could sense her Demonic energy even through all these people. She was however getting further away as he was jostled through the crowds.

“FUCK IT!” he said as he realized he would lose her soon.

His outburst drew attention as travelers began to look his direction. Using the force Jaye leaped off the ground and onto one of the market stalls. He instantly was the main source of attention for everyone in that area of the market, with fingers and gasps being pointed to him. He could feel her presence leaving the market rapidly, so he gave pursuit.

Jaye jumped from stall to stall using the force to keep his balance as he leapt over the heads of the crowds of celebrating people. He homed in on the now faint demonic energy. He soon reached the edge of the market where it wasn’t as crowded and jumped onto the ground. Jaye rolled and landed on his feet and sprinted down a major street between rows of houses and other buildings. After a few minutes of hectic tracking he soon caught sight of the woman.

She was at the edge of a large crossroad that was bustling with people some walking while others were riding a strange four-legged animal. She walked out of the crossroad and towards an alley between two buildings where it was dark. Jaye wasn’t too far behind her and he noticed her turn around and give him a smile as she disappeared into an alleyway. Jaye’s danger sense was screaming, telling him not to follow but he wasn’t about to let this chance go to waste.

He readied the short blade and entered the alleyway quickly. Once he entered, he was on guard as the alleyway’s darkness limited his sight.

“Where are you at?” he said while twirling the blade.

A sudden movement near the top of the alley drew his attention as a wave of demonic energy passed over him.

“Alright, the roof then.” He whispered as he tucked the blade away.

With the force he leapt towards the wall on the opposite side of the alley and used it to push himself up and across to the opposite wall again. After repeating the process two times his hands grabbed the edge of the roof and he pulled himself up and over.
Jaye then lay in the roof for a few seconds to catch his breath. He then looked up to the opposite side of the roof to see the woman he had been chasing staring at him while biting her lips and giving him a look that gave him a shiver.

“Give me a second……… please……. that wasn’t entirely easy.” He said to her while he attempted to catch his breath after the exertion.

“Take your time, we won’t be going anywhere for a while anyway.” She responded seductively.

Jaye grimaced at her voice; it was too alluring, no normal person could sound that attractive.

She looked at him with a smile and said, “My name is Serina, what’s your name handsome boy?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think we are on a first name basis, you know so, I’m going to have to ask you to surrender.” He responded with complete seriousness while standing up and drawing his blade.

He looked around the roof trying to acclimate himself with the area. The roof had debris strewn around possibly from its construction. He quickly looked back at the woman who hadn’t taken her eyes off him. Her smile widened as she turned her back to him and raised a hand towards a box near her.

The box began to lazily move through the air until it came to rest in front of her and she gracefully sat down on it.

“We don’t need to fight, only talk. After that I’m sure we can find something to occupy ourselves.” She said as she smiled and ran her hands over her body seductively.

Jaye gulped and tried to keep his poise. This woman’s power and mannerisms were unnerving him. If he had to guess, she as probably on par with Meredith or even stronger he concluded. Jay held his sword at the ready unsure of his next move. He wasn’t a match for this woman without his lightsaber or blasters, and her overbearing attitude made him think she was toying with him.

“If you want to talk show me your true form, I know your not human, stop hiding.” Jaye said cautiously trying to buy time.

“Ummmmmmm……you can’t just ask a girl something like that. Its not proper etiquette. Buuuuuut if you insist.” She said with mock shyness.

Jaye tensed as she stood up and with a snap of her fingers her facade began to disappear.

Jaye’s eyes widened in shock as her true form began to show. When his eyes finally lay on her curvaceous form, he almost lost his calm.

“Like what you see?” she said as he looked over her.

Her skin had become a beautiful shade of blue and was covered in various tattooed symbols he couldn’t understand. Her previously white shoulder length hair had become a deep shade of purple. On top of her head were two beautiful wicked looking horns. While her eyes had become black with a ruby color as the irises. From her lower back appeared two beautiful jet-black wings than had a short red talon on them, and a long black spade tail. Her armor was almost nonexistent. Around her neck was a small choker that had a symbol he had never seen before. She wore a skimpy black armor that seemed to reveal more than it did protect.

Her armor was beautiful by itself, ordained with various symbols that were appealing to the eyes. Her breasts threatened to escape the confines of her armor as if the armor was meant just to make them look better. It was more akin to lingerie he thought. Everything about her seemed made to make Jaye lose control. But he tightened the grip on his blade and asked through clenched teeth.

“What exactly are you?”

Her smiled widened as she stared into his eyes making him uncomfortable. “I’m a Demon, don’t worry I won’t bite……. much.” She said with a chuckle.

“Stop with the sexual puns, I’m not in the mood.” He said abruptly.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, your nervous, don’t be I can tell that you’re a virgin your mana is exquisite. I’ll make your first time magical, and every time after that will be even better.” She said while she began to slowly walk towards him.

“STAY BACK!” Jaye yelled as she got closer.

She ignored his protests and continued to close the distance. When she was within a few feet of him he had had enough. He raised his empty hand forward and hit her in the chest with a force push that sent her across the rooftop. Surprise lit up her face as she was hit unprepared and flew away from him and landed on the ground.
She gracefully stood up and looked at him with a wide smile and said.

“That wasn’t magic.” Jaye gave her a mock smile and said. “Surrender now, I don’t want to hurt you, but I can’t let you corrupt the townsfolk here.”

“I like it when boys like you resist, it makes everything more fun later.” She said while licking her lips slowly.

Suddenly in her right hand appeared a long pink colored blade that dripped a strange black liquid. She looked a Jaye with a playful smile while she readied her blade and said.

“When we are done with this foreplay ill take you back to with me, where its more comfortable.”

Suddenly she disappeared and reappeared in front of him, blade mere inches away. “OH FUCK!” he yelled as he barely had the time to bring his blade up to counter the blow.

The power behind the blow was immense. Jaye barely had time to comprehend what had just happened as she came at him. She continued to give him a playful smile while slashing at his guard like this was just a game to her. Her speed was insane he thought, every blow he made was turned away from her never getting close to touching her. While her own got closer with every strike. Jaye then used the force in desperation to attempt to bolster his strength and speed to at least give himself a chance. His blows then came faster and stronger and he saw her eyes widen in surprise and her perpetual smile grow wider.

Sweat dripped down his brow as the tense battle continued. He wouldn’t last long against this woman with this trash sword, she was definitely as powerful as Meredith he thought.

Jaye needed to escape; he had bit off more than he could chew with this woman. Jay attempted to dodge as her blows came trying to make space between them. When she missed a slash past his head, he used the ground in front of her like a spring board and pushed off it with the force and rolled back. She didn’t follow his roll; she just gave him an amused look. Her treating of him like he was a kid, was beginning to become annoying.

“Why did you…….. stop…… I’m still good to go…?” He panted out sarcastically.

“Unfortunately, were done here, it seems we have guests. So, I’m going to have to end this game.” She said sadly.

Jaye barely had time to contemplate what that meant before she again disappeared. He felt the surge of demonic energy behind him as she reappeared behind him slashing diagonally in a cut that would take off his head. His reactions still bolstered by the force he leaned his head forward to avoid the blow while simultaneously pivoting to avoid the follow-up blow. To his awe once he turned around, she was again gone.

“Your mine now.” A voice whispered in his ear sensuously.

A sudden feeling of dizziness hit him as his entire body froze up. He tried to move but he found his entire body unable too, he could only look forward unmoving. In his mind he began to panic as he realized he was under some form of spell. He felt her breasts press into his back as he felt her hands rubbing up his back and wrap around his waist. Her tail wrapped around his right leg from behind the texture quite soft and pleasant.

“I would love to take you with me, but that would be no fun. Well just continue this game later…………. okay.” She whispered into his ear.

Seconds later she again vanished, and he fell forward on his knees.

“This city has some serious ass problems.” He said aloud.

“JAYE, I BROUGHT HELP WHERE ARE YOU!” he heard a loud yell echo onto the rooftop. Jaye stood up on wobblily legs and looked over the edge of the roof into a crowd of people that had amassed on the ground.

From the roof Jaye could see Esmour along with several other people who exuded large amounts of Spiritual energy, more hero’s he concluded.

A few minutes later he was on the ground explaining what had happed to a group of people that included Meredith and several younger heroes. “Teleportation magic is high level stuff, and you said she was a demon?” Meredith asked him.

“Yeah that was kind of her selling point with the blue skin and all.” He responded to her sarcastically.

Meredith looked at him with alarm and sighed, “That’s not good her presence means that Pondhavens capture wasn’t a local incident.

We need to report to the High Priestess and the King about this and prepare the country for open battle.”

She beckoned to Jaye and he quickly followed her along with the few other gathered heroes.

After a long walk through the streets of a high-class district Meredith led Jaye to a large wall that separated the castle from the city at large. The other hero’s accompanying them stayed outside of the castle in the commons outside the wall while Jaye and Meredith entered its grounds. The architecture of the castle was beautiful with its walls a pristine white marble as well as the various steps and statues that littered the courtyard, they walked in.

Jaye whistled softly as the marble looked gorgeous in the moonlight. Meredith led them through the interior of the castle past various guards and maids who all bowed as she passed, many of whom didn’t even give Jaye a second look.

The duo soon came to a large double door like those in the church’s rotunda. Meredith swung the doors open as the guards inside voiced their disproval of the sudden entrance. Meredith ignored them and led Jaye into a massive hall. The celling was like the rotunda’s save for the lack of a mural. Massive marble pillars lined the sides of the room. Jaye’s mouth almost gaped as he looked at the Extremely beautiful rug that ran from the double doors to a large stage where a man was sitting beautiful ornate chair that just exuded royalty while talking to several people.

Jaye and Meredith approached the stage and those grouped around it. The man on the throne appeared to in in his forties with bright red hair that matched the color of the rug and the throne. There were four others standing around him along it the head priestess. An attractive girl with short red hair who appeared to be around Jaye’s age and was most likely a member of the royalty.

A tall woman with red hair standing next to the throne. As well as two other older looking men who with the distinguished looking armor had to be generals or high-ranking soldiers he guessed.

As the two approached, he could see the Head Priestess talking rapidly with the man who he assumed was the king and several other people.

Jaye and Meredith had just approached when he heard the Head Priestess yell. “ITS SPREADING I CAN SENSE IT FAINLTY, THE CITY IS DEFINITELY IN DANGER!” Jaye was taken aback at the abrupt outburst which seemed so abnormal for the typically calm woman.

Meredith looked calm as if this was a normal occurrence as well as the other people gathered.

“We can’t cancel the festival Helen it would bankrupt the crown.” Said the tall woman whom Jaye assumed had to be the queen due to her beauty and how close she stood to the king.

“We have to mobilize or at least prepare for the worst; these occurrences aren’t normal.” Said the priestess as she calmed herself.

“No, we will not cancel the festival, I won’t panic the people over a rumor. The countries military is stretched thin as is, I won’t allow a nationwide panic over the loss of a border town and supposed appearances of monsters in the city. There’s not enough to go on, for all we know the witnesses could have been drunk from the festivities.”

Said the king in a tone that declared finality to the conversation. He then looked to Meredith and Jaye who had been standing there unannounced. “Ah Meredith what brings you here today with a guest?” said the king.

“A Demon was spotted in the lower city, she attacked the Traveler and then escaped, I recommend action my lord.” Meredith said plainly. The Head Priestesses eyes widened at the news but the king and those around had skeptical looks on their faces.

“To stoop so low Meredith is unneeded. You don’t need to make up false sightings in order to advance your agenda here.” Said the queen amusingly.

Jaye immediately was about to respond to her retort but a hand from Meredith squeezing his arm silenced him.

“Its not a lie this young man engaged her in combat and his account can be trusted.”

“Is he the only one who saw her?” asked the queen.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Came Meredith’s response.

“Wasn’t he just locked up for being a potential threat. Why should we trust anything that comes from his mouth?” The queen said accusingly.

“Woah, what reason do I have to lie lady, that bitch almost whooped my ass and your saying I’m lying what the fuck.” Jaye said angrily before Meredith could stop him.

Suddenly the sound of a sword being drawn drew his attention to the men with armor standing near the king.


“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK; I AM NOT A DAMN LIAR!” Jaye yelled back at the man while raising his fists in a combat stance.

The man who drew his sword stepped closer to Jaye after the response until the king spoke.

“YOU INSULT MY QUEEN IN MY PRESENCE, YOU HAVE MADE A DIRE MISTAKE, SIR CLEON TAKE HIM TO THE DUNGEONS.” The king yelled as he stood up form his chair pointing at Jaye.

“That’s not necessary he didn’t mean to be rude.” The head priestess cried out but the man with the sword still approached Jaye.

Jaye in his anger raised his hand and used the force to slam the advancing man in the chest with a wave of energy. The man flew across the hall and slammed into one of the large marble pillars and fell to the ground moaning in pain.

Jaye instantly regretted the move as his body was overcome with danger sense. He saw the light before it hit him. From behind him near the entrance to the hall a blinding light few across the room and impacted him in his back. His vison broke out in stars the magic brought him too his knees as the most intense pain he had felt since his arrival in this world struck him. It was if he was being burned from the inside out. He cried out in pain as he fell onto his hands and knees panting.

“I knew you would show your true colors sympathizer.” Came a coarse voice from behind him.

Suddenly white chains materialized from thin air wrapping around Jaye’s body restricting his movement and pulling him further down to the ground. One chain wrapped around his throat and began to constrict preventing him from talking.

“High inquisitor, thank you for your help.” Said the king.

Jaye couldn’t see who was behind him as the chains prevented his head from moving.

“No problem my king, I’ve suspected this boy was in league with the demons for quite some time.” Came the voice.

“This isn’t necessary please don’t do this, the boy is innocent this is all a misunderstanding.” Said the Head Priestess quietly.

“This is outrageous my lord he only defended himself this foul man is lying.” Said Meredith as she too came to Jaye’s defense.


Jaye began to try to struggle to no avail. “My lord I will wring any information out of this boy quickly and bring it to you first.” said the voice.

“Take him away Leonard.” Came the King’s response.

Suddenly Jaye felt himself rising off the ground still bound by the chains and then he began to slowly float down the great hall away from the amassed people. He glanced at Meredith who had a look of anger easily recognizable on her face. While the Head Priestess had tears in her eyes as she looked at him. The queen and her daughter looked surprisingly to him, sad. While the king had pure anger on his face.

He tried to say something more but every time he did the chain tightened threatening to make him lose consciousness. Once he was halfway down the hall, he sensed it for the first time, the corrupting nature of demonic energy. It took him a second to realized that it was indeed Demonic energy, but once he did, he instantly knew who it was. Jaye’s eyes widened in shock as he heard the door to the hall open and he floated out of the room and his view of those within was lost to him. He began to panic as the identities of those corrupted by the foul power were.

Jaye  wasn’t silently screaming in his head, as the nation was in serious trouble because, The King, The Queen, and The Princess, the three most powerful people in the kingdom were all corrupted.




A loud CRACK echoed through the teleportation chamber  in Lescaties castle. Serina stepped through the portal and into the small room. With a loud sigh she exited the room and began to walk quickly to her destination, the war room where Lady Druella would be at this time of day. “I wish I would’ve had more time to play with you.”  She muttered under her breath as she walked the empty halls. That boy had more spiritual energy than most people and hero’s she had ever met and it had an exotic smell to it that drove her crazy. He was perfect In nearly every way she could imagine. She would have him no doubt, she wouldn’t allow anyone else get in her way.

She soon came to a flight of stairs which led to an open door where inside she could hear rapid talking. She stepped into the room. Situated at a large wooden war table were four people who were having an animated conversation. She knew each of them, The Baphomet Lydia, The strongest hero of Lescatie Wilmarina Noscrim, The Vampire Queen Clarel, and of course the Fourth Princess of the Great Maou, Druella. The first to notice her arrival was Druella herself who looked up and smiled at her while asking.

“Serina are the preparations for Adressa complete?”

With a smile Serina said proudly. “I’ve set the translocation spells, we can insert forces covertly in the capitol whenever you are ready, and demonic items have already begun corrupting the populace, while the leadership won’t be able to react in time I’ve made sure of that.”


Druella’s response came quick with a smile.“Good.”

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