Hyperspace Disturbance (Chapter 1)

This is part one of the story I hope to write. Tbh  this was hard to write and I hope yall enjoy. If not hit me up with the comments if there’s anything yall don’t like. I was having second thoughts about putting the force in mge because the powers don’t mix right and its hard to describe.

Also how TF do you describe armor, its actually kind of hard. if anyone got tips on that help me out.




“You’re not worthy”
“Once a slave always a slave.”
“A Jedi? You are a fool to think you’re worth anything.”
“Boy, your dreams will fall apart in front of you and your worthlessness will show.”

“You are the best hope for our revival, Jaye.”

“GHUAHHHH!!!” Jaye awoke with gasp.

His hands flew to his head as he began to awake to an intense feeling of numbing pain that was wracking his whole body. After a few moments of frantic breathing he began to calm down. That was the most intense vision he had ever had, the faces of his slave owner, sith torturers and finally his master had unnerved him.

On the bright side the fact that he was even alive at all was currently giving him some comfort. Putting the significance of the vison to the side he began to take in his current predicament. It seemed that he had subconsciously put himself in a healing trance. Doing so had mostly likely saved his life after the crash, but someone still had to have pulled him from it since he wasn’t at the site. That plus it seemed someone had attempted to tend to his wounds judging from the bandages on his arms.

Jaye reached to his side for his lightsaber and other weapons and found them to all be missing.

“WELL AINT THIS SOME SHIT !!!!” he yelled.

None of his weapons or gear was with him, his hat and other clothes were gone as well, and he seemed to have been put in some primitive fleece clothing. He would have to find his clothing and gear fast he thought. He then began to take in the room as he slowly stood up from the makeshift cot, he found himself on. He had been laying on a cot on a stone floor in what appeared to be a primitive jail cell of some sort. He looked around the rather large dimly lit room and noticed that he was in a prison or perhaps a holding area if viewed in a certain light.

The room appeared to be a long walkway with a row of jail cells on either side. The only light in the room came from a small window on the other side of the room. The air was relatively damp showing a lack of caretaking of the room. He was in a cell at the end of the room.

At the other end there was a single door leading out of the dark damp room. He reached out with the force to see if there was anyone else in the room. He was able to detect that there were around five others in the prison with him with all very weird feel to their force presence.

A sudden movement to the right in the cell next to him drew his attention. In the dark of the room a shape moved towards the adjoining bars of the cells. Jaye immediately was in awe as the shape began to enter his view.

{“Are you alright…….”} the shadow asked.

The voice coming from the darkness startled Jaye and he stiffened slightly at the words as the rather alluring female voice spoke to him. Jaye couldn’t understand what was spoken, however. As Jaye’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, he was finally able to make out the person that was speaking to him.

The girl appeared to be rather young maybe even a year or two younger than him. She had short chestnut colored hair with her eyes a beautiful ruby color. She even had a pair of long black horns on top of her head along with pointed ears which meant she wasn’t completely human. Jaye had seen many beautiful women in his life from many different worlds, but the girl in front of him would put all of them to shame. Everything about her oozed just pure and absolute beauty. The only blemish on her skin was what Jaye could easily see as the signs of recent torture. Suddenly there was movement behind her, and she fully stepped into view for him.

Jaye’s already overloaded mind could barely comprehend what he saw next. She had a pair of black wings protruding from her lower back along with a long black tail that ended in a spade. She gave a small bashful smile as Jaye looked over her. She was dressed in torn rags and appeared to have been here for a little while longer than himself.

While she didn’t look emaciated, he could tell she hadn’t been getting the correct amount of food. He had never seen a species that looked anything like her, and that was saying a lot, since he had spent years as a bounty hunter.

Jaye reached out with the force to attempt to get a feel for her presence. What he sensed shocked him. Her presence was dark, very dark in fact. The force was present in her but so too was a murky dark energy that seemed to permeate her entire aura. The force was the energy of life so all living things would contain it Jaye knew, but what he was seeing from this girl was confusing him.

So, he reached out further and check the auras of the other occupants of the prison. He sensed four others two of which were corrupted in much the same way as the girl in front of him. While the other two’s auras seemed to be in a tug of war with this dark energy as one side and the force along with a third energy as the other. This third energy was light and pure like the force and in the two others, seemed to be slowly being corrupted by this dark energy. Jaye concluded that this dark energy would eventually corrupt the person once it overtook the other two.

However, all of those he checked including the girl weren’t strong in the force at all, in fact they were almost blind to it most likely he surmised. The force seemed muted to an extent in them which was abnormal. This corruption and its relationship with the force and this other power disturbed him. However, a question rattled in his head, do these energies exist within him as well.

So, since he knew what to look for, he checked himself for any traces of them quickly. Even with his proximity to this corrupted girl the dark power had taken no hold of him. He then checked for the third light energy and what he sensed shocked him. He was exuding this energy; it was present in him in a way that none others in the room could even come close to. This knowledge brought him not peace though. He would need to find out the relationship of these three powers quickly.

Jaye then looked away from the girl and quickly looked at other cells and attempted to see what form the corruption would take on the others in the room.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t, and he then again looked back at her. During this time, she hadn’t taken her eyes off him, in fact she seemed to be slowly looking over his body.

“Where am I, and what planet am I on?” Jaye finally asked, even though he had a hunch that she didn’t speak basic.

She finally looked up from his chest and looked into his eyes. The look she gave him sent chills rolling up his spine. The hunger in her eyes made his stomach curl. As he looked at her a slight smile began to curl up from the corner of her mouth. She began panting rapidly while bringing her arms to her chest. Suddenly she spoke as she stared at him.

{“I can’t……understand you. I’ve never……. seen a person with dark skin before…. yall don’t normally come this far…. north.”} She said while panting.

She then seemed to zone out and the look in her eyes grew stronger. She attempted to reach for him through the cell bars. The second she did however Jaye felt a rush of energy as what appeared to be electricity began energizing the bars shocking the girl.

“AAAAAHHHHHHH!!” she screamed, as the energy coursed through her body. She fell back from the bars and writhed in pain as the electricity arced around her.

Jaye was in shock he tried to reach to help her but pulled his hands back form the bars not wanting the same experience. Jaye was about to say something when the doors to the prison flung open at the other end of the room and three men came rushing in.

The three men came rapidly towards the cell with the young girl. When they got closer Jaye was able to make them out. The first thing he notice that was that the three men were human with no variations to them like the girl in the cell. They wore medium armor that had ornate metal plates in some areas. Their skin was white, and they appeared to be in their early to mid-twenties like himself.

They were armed with primitive metal swords that had a sort of ancient elegance to them he had to admit. The main thing that ordained both the armor and swords was the symbol of a Golden woman holding a Green wreath above her head. The significance of it was not lost on Jaye. It was probably a religious symbol he thought to himself.

One last thing bugged Jaye, so he probed them to check on their force presence, they lacked the corruption that permeated the others in the room to his confusion. They approached the cell with girl, and one had drawn his sword and was speaking harshly at the girl in the cell.

It was at this moment that they noticed Jaye standing in the cell adjunct to the girl. All three gasped as they looked at him and began to hurriedly speak amongst themselves.

{“Alexios, hurry go tell lady Meredith the Traveler has awoken. We will deal with this attempted escapee in the meantime.”} One of the trio said.

Jaye still couldn’t understand the strange language but one of the men seemed to look at him then quickly ran back towards the entrance. The remaining two looked away from Jaye and back to the cell with the near-human in it.

Jaye watched as they entered the cell and proceed to move towards the whimpering near-human. The one nearest to the girl pulled out a glowing orb and held it front of the girl and continued to speak to her in harsh disgusted tones. The fear that then began to show on her face began to pull at Jaye’s heartstrings. The man holding the orb then began to say a series of words that caused the strange orb in his hand to light up a light blue. Suddenly the girl’s eyes lit up as crackling electricity jumped from the orb to her and her mouth hung open as her screams filled the prison.

Jaye watched with rapidly increasing anger as the torture proceeded in front of him. This wasn’t his problem he knew. He was stranger in a strange land that had no reason whatsoever to get involved in this event. Jaye had been a bounty hunter in the time before he became a Jedi. So, from his life experiences, self-preservation always factored into his mind, thus a war was raging in his mind on the next course of action. He may be a Jedi but needlessly sacrificing himself was stupid and his master had frowned upon such things.

Jaye had been tortured before at the hands of a sith in a way very similar to the girl in front of him. Thus, he knew the pain she was feeling very well. His master had always told him that a Jedi was meant to help the weak and defenseless and to be the shield or sword they required. But his master had also said that the same thing that made the Jedi what they were, was what led to their downfall.

“The old order fell because of the folly of the masters and the notion that Jedi were meant to save all. I say to the hell with that. We can’t protect everyone as is, if we try, we will only end up killing ourselves and the masses will still die, because we are weak. Thus, we shall change that. The old Jedi are dead Jaye, I survived their foolishness and now we shall remake the order in a better image.

If we wish to protect all we must first be strong enough to destroy any possible enemy to our new order. We must eradicate those who would appose peace and freedom to all. We are first of the new Jedi Jaye, we shall destroy the sith and the empire and bring peace and happiness to the galaxy.

The old Jedi died because they didn’t evolve, any power can be used if it is for the greater good. When you are strong you can do whatever is necessary for those in need, always remember that boy.” His master had lectured.

Jaye knew he was stronger than the men torturing this girl, so he had the responsibility to help her. So as the girl screamed in front of him the path he would take was a forgone conclusion. Jaye reached out with the force towards the cell bars and pulled them apart hard. The bars resisted at first, but they broke apart. The two men in the cell looked away from the girl and towards him instantly.

They looked at Jaye with wide eyes as he jumped through the hole in the bars and landed in front of them. Jaye took the situation in quickly. To his left the first man was drawing a sword while the other that was holding the device was looking at him with an incredulous look on his face to his right.

Jaye reached out towards the torture and pulled the orb away from him and he used the force to send it hurtling into a nearby wall shattering it into hundreds of pieces.


He rushed at Jaye in the tiny cell and swung a heavy strike straight at Jaye’s head. Jaye smiled while he sidestepped the blow and using the force to augment his strength, he grabbed the man’s wrists and pulled his knee up brutally into the man’s chest.

As the first man fell Jaye’s danger sense went off and turned just in time to see the second man had drawn his sword and was swinging it towards Jaye as well.

Before his blow could connect Jaye easily dodged the blow and reached out and hit the man with a heavy force shove into the next cells bars. The man hit the bars headfirst and slumped to the ground unconscious. Curiously Jaye noted the electricity didn’t seem to go off when he contacted the bars, however.

Jaye took a second to look at his handiwork. With one man down unconscious and the other man groaning pain in a quick amount of time he felt accomplished. He walked to the man on the ground and crouched down over him with a sly smile on his face. Jaye looked at the man and said.

“Yall were actually kind of trash, I was hoping for a challenge at least.”

The man held his bruised ribs while he looked up at Jaye and vehemently said. {“You would protect one of these foul demons, your life is forfeit now.”}

Jaye quickly pulled his right arm back and drove quick hard hit into the man’s forehead knocking him unconscious.

“I still can’t understand you, dumbass.” He said harshly as he stood up.

Jaye turned to the girl who had begun to stand up. “Well that was rather easy to be honest.” he said while he turned to look at her. She was in obvious shock and she was twitching as the residual electricity continued to affect her. Jaye walked up to her to check on her when she suddenly seemed to perk up and she lunged at Jaye. Jaye tried to jump back but he slipped on a shard from the broken orb.

One second, he was standing in front of her, the next he was falling back onto the ground with her grabbing onto him. Jaye immediately tried to struggle but she was unnaturally strong her for her small size. She pinned him to the ground as she lay atop him. Her tail began to curl around his right leg while her arms restricted his own. Her wings began to fold out behind her as she began to stare into his eyes.

To Jaye’s shock the hungry look in her eyes had returned and it was stronger than ever. She was panting wildly, and she was drooling slightly over him. She brought her face close to his and whispered lovingly.

{“I’m sorry I’ve never felt like this before, please help me I’m sooooooooooooo hungry.”}

Jaye’s mind was being assaulted by this girl. He seemed to be about to lose himself in her eyes alone. Not to mention how she smelled like fresh flowers even here in the damp disgusting place. She brought her face inches from his own and her lips even closer.

Jaye tried to struggle but her grip tightened, and he almost lost all hope for freedom. Jaye didn’t want to hurt her, but the unknowns of the situation were getting to him and he again attempted to free himself.

With her arm on his own his options were limited severely. His right arm may have been restricted but his open hand wasn’t. The only thing in the cell in that direction was the unconscious body of one of her previous assailants.

He pulled at the man’s body hard with the force pulling it towards himself and the girl on top of him.

{“Guahhhhhhhhh!!”} She shrieked as the body hit her and she was knocked off and to the side of Jaye.

Jaye quickly rolled away from the girl and stood up in a defensive stance facing her. She lay under the man’s body and she started to push him off while pouting.

{“That wasn’t necessary you know.”} She said quietly.

She sat up on her legs and seemed to compose herself.

{“Sorry I’ve only been like this for a short time and something about you seems absolutely delicious.”} She chuckled softly with a lustful smile.

Jaye looked at her with apparent caution, the look in her eyes had lessened but he wasn’t about to let his guard down. The affect she had on him was extreme and he didn’t like it at all, not to mention how unnaturally strong she was for a girl her size.

Jaye then felt the approaching presences of multiple people, none of which were particularly strong. So, with time of the essence he went against his better judgment, he turned away from the girl and walked to one of the unconscious men. The man was still out cold from Jaye’s punch. Jaye turned back to look at the girl, she was still sitting there looking at him albeit a little calmer.

So, he reached back toward the man and began to rummage in his pockets for the keys to the various cells. Jaye pulled the keys out of the man’s pockets and stood up and looked at the girl and nodded towards the entrance of the room.

She looked at him with shock and said silently. {“You intend to free us. We won’t even make it out of the fort, let alone the city.”}

Even without understanding her words Jaye could read the sad frown that crossed her face as uncertainty. He laughed out loud and said.

“Don’t worry I highly doubt anyone here could take me judging from these two.” Jaye then grabbed her hand and helped her stand up.

She folded her wings around herself protectively and looked at him with awe. Jaye grabbed the keys and moved out of the cell and walked down the walkway. The girl followed every step of the way.

Jaye quickly realized that the guards were much closer, he probably had about a minute before they would be on him. Judging from what he sensed there were about four of them. Jaye needed to find his weapons; with them he could probably fight off anyone in this primitive world. He turned around and looked to the girl who was almost step in step with him. He gently grabbed her hands and dropped the keys in them. Comprehension dawned on her face and she began to move to the nearest cell to free those confined.

Jaye immediately sprinted to the door of the room moving past several of the other occupants. By the time Jaye got to the door he had only seconds to react. The four guards were right outside the door so only one option was open to him. By the time he got to the door it was just beginning to open, so he hit the door with a massive force blast. With a resounding BOOM and a CRACK, the wooden door broke off its hinges and with wooden splinters spraying everywhere, it exploded forward into the hallway and into the midst of the guards gathered there. Their shouts of surprise filled the hallway as Jaye force leaped through the open doorway.

He rolled and landed on his feet and landed into their midst. He was in a long hallway that to the left ended in a flight of stairs while to the right ended in a dead-end. The startled men were in various positions around him. One of them was on the ground underneath the splintered remains of the door, while the other three were staring at him with looks of surprise on their faces in a half circle around him All wore similar armor to the previous guards, save for one who was taller than Jaye and had on a set of heavy metal armor with a large helmet with the faceplate open.



Jaye with the element of surprise quickly moved to engage the startled men. With one man under the wreckage of the door and temporarily out of the fight, Jaye turned to his left towards the closest guard to him. The man had just cleared his blade from its sheath and was trying to enter an attack stance. With the speed a grace worthy of a Jedi, Jaye dive rolled to him and ended up in front of the man. The man reacted with a haphazard one-handed swing towards Jaye’s head.

Jaye reacted using the force to push the mans sword arm back throwing him off balance, as his arm moved in the opposite direction than anticipated. Jaye then hit him with a brutal open-handed palm jab to the man’s throat. The mans eyes bulged out of their sockets in pain as his hands flew to his throat dropping his sword, and he dropped to his knees wheezing. Jaye grabbed his sword before it even hit the ground and rapidly turned to catch a brutal blow coming from the heavily armored man. Jaye barely managed to catch the attack from the man who was stronger than him.

Their blades wavered back and forth as they stayed locked and Jaye peered up into the taller man’s furious eyes.

{“YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS BOY!”} The guard spat at Jaye.

Even though Jaye’s guard was being pressured he stoically gave no response to the unknown words. Suddenly from his side Jaye saw the third man appeared swinging his blade around to Jaye’s unprotected side. Jaye grimaced but quickly used the only avenue viable to him. Dropping his right hand off the blade he faced it to the the rushing attacker. Before the blade could make contact, Jaye hit the onrushing man with a force push that sent him into the opposite wall.

Unfortunately, the armored man took that as an opportunity, he pushed down hard, and Jaye couldn’t hold the guard.

“FUUUCCCKK!” Jaye cried as his own blade bite into his shoulder.

Blood pouring from the wound, but Jaye was unfazed. He kept the grip on the handle even as it dug deeper into his flesh. Jaye knew that it was now or never. Simultaneously pushing forward and stepping back he attempted to create space between himself and his assailant. He succeeded in this and the guard was momentarily confused. That was all the time Jaye needed, quickly switching to a one-handed grip he raised his palm toward the now rushing man. With a smirk Jaye hit the man directly in the chest with a powerful force shove.

The man flew down the hallway towards the dead end and impacted the wall with a massive BANG. Dust and debris flew out form the wall and the mans body slumped to the ground, dead or out cold Jaye didn’t care. Jaye quickly went to one knew with his right hand over his injured left shoulder. He grinded his teeth and endured the pain. How could he be so stupid as to allow himself to be surprised like that.

Suddenly Jaye’s danger sense tingled greatly, and he realized he forgot about the fourth man. In front of Jaye a shadow appeared looming above it was the specter of his death a sword about to swing towards his neck.
It felt like an eternity to Jaye as the blade fell faster towards his inevitable death.

Suddenly a second shadow appeared behind Jaye.

{“AHHHHHHH!”} cried the guard.

Jaye quickly turned around to see a kid with brown hair and white skin punching the guard directly in the jaw. A second was tackling the guard to the ground.

{“THIS IS FOR CAMILLE YOU FUCKING BASTARD!”} The first boy screamed as the two boys knocked the guard out with a series of rapid punches.

Jaye’s view of the melee was blocked by the appearance of the near-human girl pulling him into a deep hug.

{“You fought these men for us, thank you.”} She whispered to him as she slowly looked up into his eyes longingly.

She slowly pulled away as several other people came walking out of the open doorway to the prison. Jaye looked up from her alluring eyes to see three more near-human females of varying shapes. Jaye gave them a cursory glance. One appeared to be a mix of some form of canine and human. She had varying levels of brown fur on her skin and she was on the shorter side.

While the other Looked like a slighter older version of the first girl he had seen save her wings were dark red, but she too was of unnatural beauty. They both moved to the two boys who Jaye assumed to be at least around the same age as the first winged girl. The four began hugging and having some form of special reunion the meaning of which was lost on him.

Jaye was about to pull away from the girl when his movement was suddenly locked in place by her hands.

{“Your hurt, are you ok?”} She said as she looked at his injured shoulder which was still bleeding.

Jaye shrugged off her off and gave her a shrug with a smile. “This isn’t nothing I’ve been through a lot worse.”

She looked at him with a resigned look as she let out a long sigh. Jaye then turned away from her and began to move away. She reluctantly let go of him and moved to talk to the rest of the group. Jaye gave himself first aid with a quick tourniquet to stem the bleeding then picked his sword back up from the ground and quickly moved to the stairs to make sure they had no visitors.

As Jaye sat there listening, he turned back to give a quick glance at the group amassed behind him. They were all chatting in their strange language, with a few glances being thrown his way. He summed them up quickly and came to an unfortunate conclusion.

The three females seemed to be only marginally injured given their previous torture. Most of their wounds were semi healed which led him to believe that they had serious regenerative capabilities. However, the two males were in worse shape. They had cuts and bruises all over and one had a slight limp. With that knowledge he knew he would most likely be the only person in the group capable of serious combat. Protecting them and securing his weapons would be a challenge he might not be able to handle.

Given his current injured state and the fact that the previous few enemies had required some skill to beat, didn’t give him much hope. He knew he would have to choose between saving them, getting his weapons, or saving himself, and the answer was a forgone conclusion,

Jaye turned back to the stairs and mumbled. “Why the fuck am I always in some sort of crazy ass situation.”

Jaye then began to move up the stairs when he felt something long and abnormally soft curl up around his leg. He turned around to see the first girl who standing behind him. She put her soft hands on his back and looked up at him with a look of worry. Jaye gave the best con man grin he could manage to hide the mounting desperation growing within him. The rest of the group moved up behind her and all shared the same look on their faces. It was a look of hope and seeing it almost made him bust out laughing. In that moment he knew what he had to do if push came to shove, the only question he had was why he even had to think about it.

Jaye quickly led the small group up and out of the prison. The stairs led to a smaller corridor that branched off into multiple rooms. Jaye led the group quickly through the hall while glancing in each empty room to see if he would locate anything that looked like an armory. They soon came to what appeared to be some sort of mess hall and as he peered into the large room, he began to get suspicious. They had come across no one in what could easily be identified as a sort of military installation he thought. The rooms had been empty, same with the hallways.

“There’s just no way that they missed the sounds of my brawl in the lower levels, and if this is a base someone should most likely be in the mess hall due to different shifts.” He muttered.

Jaye turned to look back at the group, specifically the two guys. Both seemed to be panting and the one with the limp was leaning against a nearby wall. Jaye turned back forward and scowled. This is going to go downhill fast if this happens to be a trap he thought.

After leaving the mess hall the group continued to move stealthily through the empty base. It was by this point Jaye had a distinct feeling he was being watched. It felt like someone was looking over his shoulder at his every move. He knew this feeling wasn’t coming from anyone behind him. This was different, it was unnerving, and he had the distinct feeling that he was leading the group to a predetermined destination. Jaye soon came to a door and underneath he felt the fresh smell of outside air. He cautiously opened the door which led to a sight he wouldn’t soon forget.

He stepped through the door and the first thing he saw was the night sky. It sat right above the base bathing it in bewitching moonlight. The door he had opened led to some sort of large crescent shaped courtyard. At the center of the space was a marble statue of a woman holding the same wreath he had seen before. The main difference being in this statue the woman had large wings spread out from her back giving her a divine appearance.

Around the statue was a small fountain of water that had a ledge that a person could sit on. But that’s not what drew his attention the most. To the left on the opposite side of the crescent were the lights of a bustling city.

Jaye quickly moved across the courtyard with the other prisoners following him. His mind was absolutely blown. This was no small base he thought, it was a castle situated on the walls of a major city. The courtyard he was in overlooked the the walls of the city, and a jump off the edge would land you on the buildings of said city.

The night sky was lit up with the lights of a city with thriving nightlife and at the center of it was a large white castle that dominated the view of from the courtyard. Suddenly Jaye realized that this wasn’t the city he had seen from his starship. A city of this size would most definitely have been picked up on his sensors as he entered the planets atmosphere. He quickly realized that wherever he was now was nowhere near his ship.

This knowledge brought him dread, he was not near any of his additional supplies nor weapons. He was in the process on thinking about what to do when his danger sense spiked. Around that same moment he felt a soft hand on his arm. He immediately turned to see a look of horror on the face of the brown-haired girl. The rest of the group was facing away from the city with the same look of terror on their faces. Jay turned around completely and froze instantly.

The ramparts that overlooked the courtyard were filled with unmoving men, dozens of them. They all had various sized bows aimed at Jaye and his group menacingly. Several of them even had strange balls of light glowing in their hands aimed at him and the others. How they had not shown up to him in the force confused him greatly. He slowly moved to the front of the prisoners with his stolen sword drawn.

A sudden movement from the top of the rampart drew his attention. It was as the heavens had opened and let a waterfall of power drift over him. Two women stood there looking down at him.

The power that radiated from the them made shivers cross his whole body. One of the two was a woman in her early thirties. She had beautiful short blonde hair and had cream colored skin. She gave off a regal and very defined feel. Her gear consisted of a light red battledress under very ornate and beautiful armor that covered her arms and legs. In her hand was a longsword that was ordained in intricate symbols and it gave off a white glow in the moonlight.

The other woman was a beauty that was out of this world, on par with the prisoners next to him. This woman exuded power same as the one next to her, but of a different sort. She had all white heavy battle armor that left barely any skin visible. With a mighty white sword tip down on the ground with her hands on the pommel. She gave Jaye a look of pure disgust.

The thing about her that shocked Jaye the most were the two heavenly wings that lay on her back, in the moonlight the white feathers gleamed gloriously. She wasn’t the same woman as the one in the stature he noticed but she was of the same species. The first of the two suddenly climbed up on the ramparts wall then jumped down and landed in the courtyard gracefully. While the woman with wings simply glided down with ease. As soon as they hit the ground, he heard a whimper from behind him.

He gave a quick glance behind him and still saw the look of fear on all his fellows faces.

The canine girl was whimpering, and he vaguely heard her say, {“That’s Lady Meredith……. the Strongest…… hero in Adressa. We can’t escape now.”}

Jaye didn’t understand the words but the look of fear she gave the woman in the battledress said it all. Both of them were just as strong as him in the third energy, if not even greater. If this came to a fight, he did not believe he could last for long against them in this state. When Jaye turned back, he noticed the same woman staring at him with a thoughtful look.

{“I guess you were right Gabriela, it appears he is indeed in league with the demon lord.”} She said to the woman next to her.

The other woman gave no response just narrowed her eyes even further at Jaye.

{“Well that is a shame. His devices were rather interesting, it would have been nice to have him tell us what they do. No matter now he will die with these harlots and their slaves.”}

The first woman said while raising her right arm above her head. Jaye’s body exploded in danger sense as the woman’s arm cam down and he heard her yell


Everything in the courtyard seemed to move in slow-motion. Jaye tensed as every archer fired their arrows at him and those behind him. He then heard the cries behind him as the people under his protection flinched away from their impending death. In that split second both his hand were up in the air, palms outward as if to ward off the arrows. He channeled his energy as the wall of death closed in on him. Then using the force, he slowed the arrows down to a halt.

A surreal picture soon painted the courtyard. Dozens of arrows suspended in midair. A collective gasp could be heard as he let his hands drop. A look of absolute shock could be seen on everyone’s faces save for Jaye. Jaye fell to one knee panting as sweat dripped down his brow. That had taken to much from him. Normally he could do that easily, which meant that he must still not be fully healed from the crash. Jaye slowly stood back up as he felt a hand grab his arm.

The girl was again next to him, unlike the others however she didn’t have the same look as the rest. She looked resigned and defeated, it was almost as if she knew it was over. Jaye still flashed her a grin as he slowly pulled her hand off his arm. Suddenly he heard bows being redrawn.

In that moment Jaye knew that he was the key to these people living and dying. His master had told him self-sacrifice was dumb but seeing the defeated look on those beautiful features changed his mind.

He could easily jump off the wall into the city streets and survive himself but no he wouldn’t and couldn’t do that. So, Jaye quickly calculated what to do. Moving rapidly, he pushed her away from him back towards her friends. The look of shock as she flew towards them made gave him a small smile in what could very well be his last moments. He then used the force to create a wave of energy to throw the entire group over the wall and over the city streets. He watched as the group flew off the edge.

The girl’s eyes never left his as she fell with her right hand reaching for him and tears raining from her eyes. He reasoned that given the females unnatural strength and the fact that two of them had wings they would make it. Sure, enough seconds later he could see them gliding over the city streets holding those that couldn’t fly. He didn’t know if they had the strength to make it to the outer wall, but he had given them the chance.

Jaye quickly turned back to face the two women, neither of which had moved.

{“So, you sacrifice yourself for them, a pity, they will not be denied the justice they deserve for consorting with demons.”} The winged woman said to him harshly.

“Well whatever you said was mostly likely bullshit, but I just got them out of here so they wouldn’t have to see me put all yall in the dirt.” Jaye retorted to the unknown words.

Jaye knew he needed to buy time. With a restraint thrown out the window he readied his blade and began to step forwards slowly towards the duo.

{“Let me handle him, I want to see what he can do Garbriela. He is very intriguing.”} The blonde woman said.

Jaye watched as the winged woman bowed to the blonde and stepped back. The other woman readied her blade, the metal glinting in the moonlight as she twirled it in an elegant style. Jaye moved, using the force to numb the pain in his shoulder, he burst forward blade held behind him as he charged her. She remained unmoving as he rushed at her, her face stoic as she stared his charge down. His blade hit hers in a shower of sparks that rained down on the moonlit grass.

Jaye tried to break her guard with a series of rapid strikes to no vail. To his astonishment she was holding her blade with one hand with bored expression on her face as she easily countered his attacks.

{“Boring, boring, BORING!”} she yelled with disgust.

Suddenly she pulled her sword back and bringing up a brutal kick to his stomach sending him flying and impacting the marble fountain yards away. Jaye rolled on the ground groaning in pain as suddenly his danger sense lit up, as he saw a white blade begin to slide toward his exposed neck. Jaye had never let go of his sword even through all the pain and even still in a sitting position brought the blade up in time to avoid being decapitated.

The woman stood above him, her sword pressing down to him. Jaye was in awe, never before had he fought someone with such superior strength to him. the woman then pulled her sword back and swung a heavy right handed blow towards Jaye’s sitting form. He attempted to block the blow only to have the power of it wrench his blade out of his hand. His blade flew across the courtyard and landed softly in the grass. For the first time in years Jaye felt genuine fear as he looked up at the now amused woman.

Her next blow came fast, a thrust that would impale his now unprotected body. With only his hand held out in front of him to ward off the blow Jaye hit her with a force push attempting to create space between the two. The woman flew back several yards and landed with a thud on the ground. Jaye didn’t stop to look at her, however. He quickly reached behind him and used the force to grab hold of the water in the fountain.

Using the force, he pulled the water up and out of the fountain and threw it all at the woman. The woman stood there as the wall of water of water flowed over her and large puddles formed at her feet. The woman stood there with a puzzled look on her face.

Jaye laughed while saying. “Checkmate.”

Jaye flashed to woman a grin while began to channel energy in his right hand. “

“This power is seen as an extension of the dark side, but now more than ever we can’t limit ourselves. Don’t be afraid to use it when necessary.” His master had warned hm.

Jaye felt the energy of the force wrap around his hand and the bright blue electricity leapt from his finger tips to impact the water at the woman’s feet. The water lit up matching the luminosity of the moon as the current electrified the fountain water.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed as the energy coursed through her.

She fell to her knees trembling with a look of pure anger on her face as she was electrocuted. Jaye sprinted to her he needed to end this now. As raced across the courtyard he held his right hand out in the direction of his stolen sword. He then pulled it to his hands from across the courtyard. Jaye crossed the courtyard and slid to a halt in front of the woman with his bade to her neck.

”It’s over……..I’ve won” he panted out.

When he saw the woman’s face his blood ran cold. She was smiling as if it was all a joke. As if he entire fight had been a game. As he looked at her, he noticed various symbols on her armor lightning up as if in response to the lighting.

Jaye was still staring at her in shock when he felt a sudden impact through his chest. He looked down and saw a white blade protruding from his chest. His blade dropped to the ground as the pain gripped him in waves from the wound. His vison became blurry as he slid off the blade and fell to his knees wheezing in pain as he tried breath in air  that would not come. The pain was out of this world, he could barely stay focused. He looked behind him to see the winged woman with a sad look on her face staring down at him. He brought his hands to his chest and they came away with blood as he began to tremble.

“Damn I messed up.” He whispered as he fell to the ground and the comer of his eyes began to turn black. His face landed in a puddle and he could vaguely hear the two women talking.

{“Why did you intervene I had it under control.”} one said. {“It’s not becoming of a hero of the chief god to be on her knees, no matter the situation.”} Came a response. {“No matter, I like his heart and his strange powers could be of some use if we can convince him of the errors of his ways.”} The words began to fade as he fell deeper and deeper into the black.

{“The high inquisitor won’t like this; he helped his test subjects escape.”}

{“Who cares about that sick man.”}

{“Fine ill heal him, you must convince him though, if you can’t, he will most likely die.”}

{“Of course.”}

The last thing he thought before he again lost his battle to the blackness of unconsciousness was his masters chiding words.

“Foolish Boy.”

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  1. Well I must say that with your prologue and side chapter you had my curiosity, now you have my attention. I think it was commented that a story like this would fit or benefit more on fanfiction.net if you chose so to post on there and here at the same time to get more comments and reviews about your story.

    Anyway the mechanics between both the MGE and SW universe are pretty hard to combine. Sure there is the whole dark side and light side thing in comparison to DE corruption and Holy energy, but SW is more reliant on emotions while the MG side is literally just energy that can corrupt or purify a person. So they are similar yet different at the same time, making it somewhat hard to mesh together. However from the looks of it the Jedi Jaye is going to have to balance out both light and dark side in unison again both demonic and holy energy.

    Hmmm, embracing the dark side might make one more susceptible to demonic energy, unless they have mastery of the dark side to fight against foreign corruption. Makes me wonder if that Sith assassin girl it going to get monsterized.

    Hope Jaye gets a rematch with that Hero from the Order in the future when he isn’t tired, injured, confused and doesn’t have his equipment.

    Overall I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.

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