Hobgoblin Childhood Friend

Our army group has been sent to rescue another army group that was ambushed and mostly captured. I’m particularly worried about a friend in the army group, and hope that we can rescue her in time before they decide to kill and eat her. From the reports of those who managed to escape the ambush, the enemy force consists of many goblin archers, wolf riders and wolf chariots as well as Orcs who form the front line while the chariots and wolves flank us.

They saw us coming and sallied out from their camp to meet us, the orcs and goblins maneuvering their army into a proper formation for rushing us. We did the same, forming a mainly defensive formation for our enemy to hopefully break themselves upon. Me and the rest of the cannon crew get to work orienting the cannon to point towards the flank and load it for when a chariot moves into our firing arc, a few of the infantry moving to cover this flank for us and the knights and cuirassers moving out to ready themselves for skirmishes with the goblin cavalry and chariots.

After we position our cannon we start loading it, one man inserting the round into the barrel and then ramming it into place. Once he has finished, he signals it to me with a shout and I prick the powder with my priming iron and then insert the botefeux into the touchhole. “Ready to fire.” I yell. Now we have to wait, our priorities are chariots, then cavalry, and only then turn our attention to the front line to fire on enemy infantry.

As we waited for the chariots to get in our firing arc, I estimate their speed, make small adjustments to the angle and try to time my shot so that it will hit where the chariot is going to be. When I think it’s ready, I stepped out of the way of the recoil and give a yank on the lanyard.

The cannon jumped back as it’s round shot flew forth. As my training dictated, I didn’t wait to see if the shot hit. I immediatly started pushing the cannon back into place, clearing the vent and then covering it with my gloved hand. I have a short break now to check the result of my shot. The chariot I was aiming for was lying on it side with a wheel missing, the goblins aboard started unhitching the wolves so they could hop on their backs and rejoin the fight. The crossbowmen will deal with them, I needed to find a different chariot to shoot. As I start choosing a new target, the loaders get to work clearing, cleaning and then drying the barrel before loading the next round. When another shout tells me that they are finished, I prick the powder and load the botefuex again.

“Wolf Riders to the right approaching!” yelled one of the spare artillery operators. I drew my sword and turn towards the sound of running paws, we aren’t expected to be able to defeat any troops that reach us, our only hope is that a unit of knights or cuirassers will come to rescue us. They’ve got their spears lowered to skewer us and and what looks to be their leader has an enormous great mace and is clad in chainmail. Much to my misfortune, its the leader approaching me. In my panic, I raise my sword to block the head of the mace but there is too much mass behind it and I am knocked to the ground. The wolf she’s riding skids to a halt, jumping on my torso to pin me down while her mace makes another swing at my head. It easily hits me and I black out from the strike.

My head wakes up far before the rest of my body. While what took me out was a hard impact to the head, now something far softer is touching it. Below my head, I feel a firm pillow, above my head I feel a far softer one. I open my eyes but my vision is blurred, I keep blinking until my vision returns. When my eyes finally adjust, I realize that it’s not pillows pressing against my head but instead, my head is rested on someone’s lap, and her massive tits are above my head. The rest of my body is still waking up but the movement of my head prompts her to speak.

“You’re awake, its so good to speak to you again George.” she says in a familiar voice, where did I hear that voice before? Maybe one of the camp followers?

“D-d-did we win?” I ask groggily.

“No, but you’ll find that was preferable.” She turns my body over so I can see her and one look upon her horns makes me realize that she is one of the goblins. I struggle to escape her grip but her strength easily pins my arms to my side and she rests my chin on her cleavage. I recognize her as the goblin that beat me down before but something about her face also tugs at my memories for a reason I can’t figure out.

Her expression turns unhappy, “You don’t recognize me? Well things have changed a lot. I’ll just have to remind you.” She leans her head over to whisper in my ear of a first kiss in secret.

“Only Aliya knows that!” Then I realize where I recognize her voice and face from, it’s the face and voice of Aliya from years ago, when we were children. “I thought you were captured by the Goblins. What happened to you?”

She shifts my body so that my head is resting back in her lap and her breasts are resting above my head, “I made some friends after we were captured, they’re such cuties. They helped me grow a bigger chest, and they even made me their leader.”

“It was less than a day ago where you complained about a flat chest. Now you’ve developed in one way and regressed in another.”

Aliya gives a pout and flicks my nose. “Don’t remind me about all that teasing.” She looks down into her cleavage. “Though I would like to show those bullies what I look like now and have them give me jealous looks instead of giving them jealous looks.”

She leans forward, pressing her breasts harder against my head. “You always believed I could become a General, and I’ve gotten to Captain so far. I’m sure I can get Dwarves to teach you so you can become a Master Engineer like I always said you could be. I just need you to help me with one thing.”

She shifts me again so that I’m sitting down and straddles my lap, nuzzling her head into my chest. Her hand grabs my pants and starts to lower them. “I’ve held back my lust for so long and becoming a monster made it so much stronger. It took all my discipline not to fuck you right after I caught you and now I can indulge.”

She easily pins my head down and sticks out her lips, shoving her tongue inside my mouth for an aggressive kiss. I struggle a bit to escape but she holds my in place, her tongue pushing and pressing against mine until we finally have to separate for air.

“Are you sure about this? You still aren’t a General yet.”

“Monster militaries encourage romances between fighters. Monsters believe everyone will fight all the harder knowing their spouse is on the field. So now we don’t have to wait.” Hearing those words, I start kissing her instead, sticking my tongue in her mouth to caress and press against hers.

Having such an impressive chest pressed against my head for so long means that I am already aroused for lovemaking, I clumsily put my hands on her pants, pulling them down to reveal her wet pussy, eager to be filled with my cock. We gasp as she maneuvers my cock at the entrance to her pussy and lets gravity impale her on it.

She hugs me close, I can tell by how tight she is that she is waiting to get used to being so utterly filled. Even with no movement from either of us, it still feels so good as her pussy clenches and ripples around my cock. I’m already feeling the desire to fill her with my cum.

As Aliya calms down she starts to slowly ride my shaft, sending waves of pleasure through our bodies. I can’t help but shudder as every blissful stroke intensifies the sensation running through us. After I release a moan, Aliya looks up at me with a grin, shifting from riding my shaft to grinding against me. “My new friends -ah- said that no human pussy can compare to monster pussy. I hope you have a thick load ready for me.”

She takes my cock down to the base and I can feel her tighten herself and start gyrating her hips, the textured walls of her pussy cling and caress my shaft as she moves. Another gasp is forced out of me as her orifice rubs and teases the head with her bumpy nubs.

Aliya arms wrap around me and hold me tight, “My whole body wants your cum, give it to me! It’ll taste so good!” I cry out in pleasure as I spurt load after load of cum into her, shuddering from overstimulation as she draws more and more semen out of my aching groin with each shake of her hips. Even though I’ve cummed more than I ever have before, I don’t feel drained or light-headed as when I’ve masturbated. As my orgasm starts to end, her pussy gives my length a few more tight squeezes, milking out a little more before she stands up with a content sigh.

Aliya gives me a blissful look as she pulls herself to her feet and then helps me stand on my own feet, pulling me up by my pants to get me decent again. “I love you.” she says as she clings to my side.

With a pat on her head, I tell her “I love you too.” She then starts to pull me towards a group of other goblins. I see that they were staring at us with lustful looks that I don’t entirely like. “Are these your new friends?”

“Yep.” The goblins start to crowd around me, tugging at me and congratulating Aliya. “I hope you’ve decided on your order now. No bickering.”

“What order?”

Aliya gives me a slightly embarrased look, a blush on her face. “I’m not your only wife, when they let me lead them, they also demanded that I find a husband for us all.”

The crowd of goblins start pulling me to the ground despite my futile struggles to push them off, Aliya pushes her hand into her chest, the bounty of titflesh restarting my arousal. “You’ll get used to having so many wives.” she says with a husky tone to her voice. “A wonderful man like you deserves to be shared.”

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  1. “We gasp as she maneuvers HER cock at the entrance to her pussy and lets gravity impale her on it.” From the harem ending, it isn’t just hers’…

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