Hellhound (Part 4. Final.)

This is a continuation from part 3 and the thrillingly lukewarm conclusion to the thrillingly lukewarm Hellhound series.

    With a mind still spinning and a body still weak, Laius struggled to regain himself as he quietly luxuriated in the feeling of the hound-girl’s body surrounding him; breathing in her scent, he immediately found it to be multitudes more potent and evocative than it had previously been and was quickly overtaken by a pleasureful shudder.

Sensing the movement, the she-beast silently pulled her head from its resting place upon the man’s shoulder and focused her entrancingly lustrous gaze on him. Wordlessly, she curved her saporous lips into a jocund, if slightly devilish, smile.

“You took, my. . .” he began, but quickly fell silent as his heart began to weakly pound at the mere sight of the girl’s gorgeously chtonic eyes.

“And you, mine.” she countered softly. Audibly, the creature’s tail began to swipe through the air as her smile steadily widened, “Thus we are mated!”

Silently, Laius considered the girl’s words and all the ramifications he imagined they entailed. While in the midst of his contemplation, Laius watched as energy visibly accumulated in the girl’s frame – never once considering why it was being gathered. . .until it was too late.

Suddenly, the hound lunged for the man’s face and began to assail it with frantic kisses, immediately overwhelming him. Flushing at the beast’s adamant affection, he passively endured the assault – at first.

Eventually, he could brook the hound’s attacks no longer, and began to kiss back at her – an act which immediately derived a muffled, knowing, snicker from the girl. Lost in the sensation and flavor of the creature’s kiss, the man neither noticed nor cared about the aberrant’s stifled cachinnation.

In that moment, his lips were being tantalized and embraced not by his violator, but by the fond and welcomed embrace of his lover; it felt so good. . .so right, that he hoped it would never end.

When the girl began to pull away from their kiss, he mindlessly followed along in an attempt to prolong it, until a firm yet tender push of a paw on his chest saw that their lips finally parted.

For a time, the two merely stared into one-another’s eyes: each being wholly content to remain silent in the company of the other as time quietly crept past them. Eventually however, the man was compelled to speech.

“I. . .” he started, but paused to reconsider his words. Shaking his head, the man pursed his lips and went to scratch at his head, but halted. “Alright,” he sighed gruffly, “my first query would be. . .can I move my arms now?”

“I’ve already permitted you to do so for quite some time now, my love.” the she-beast retorted flatly, then curled her lips into a smug grin.

“You neglected to mention that. Nevertheless, moving on. . .” he scratched at his head and winced as he touched upon a surprisingly sensitive contusion.

“My second question is. . .” he hesitated. “Well. . .” he turned his head away from the girl, sighed heavily, then turned it back, “Why spare my life when you could’ve easily killed me? Why rape me?”

“‘Rape’?” she cocked a brow, “Don’t think of it like that, my dear. I didn’t ‘rape’ you, I chose you.” she nodded thoughtfully at the correction, regarding it as though it were little more than a mundane rephrasing of words.

Blinking incredulously, the man quickly retrieved his composure. “Well,” he cleared his throat and strained to look elsewhere, “Perhaps. . .I wasn’t the best choice.”

At that, the girl’s ears suddenly lowered and pinned themselves flat against her head; then, baring her fanged teeth, the girl began to deform her gorgeous face into a snarling mask of horrific fury.

What do you mean by that, dear?” she asked in a low, soul-rattling growl as her nightmarishly contorted countenance slowly grew closer to the tender vulnerabilities of her captive’s face and neck.

Unconsciously, the man began to press the back of his head into the unyielding stone of the ground: futilely attempting to distance himself from the ungodly menace the girl had become.

“I c-can’t stay h-here,” he quaveringly explained, his eyes wide and body trembling in terror.

Why?” the girl growled, slowly pressing her nose against the man’s.

“M-my company. . . my men n-need me,” he swallowed. “I must return t-to th–”

“No!” the girl barked, pressing her nose so roughly against the man’s own that he felt it would break. “No,” she repeated, “you don’t. Not anymore.”

Slowly, as the hound’s temper gradually abated, her face began to relax back into its former beauty. “You,” she began, “you belong to me now. And only to me. To all others. . .you’re dead.”

Rearing back from his face, the girl’s anger and viciousness disappeared, being promptly supplanted by an eerie calm. “The storm outside,” she started, her expression blank, “in all of its foulness. . .it took you. For several days and nights, you froze and suffered. Until one night, you succumbed to the elements.”

“N-no,” he murmured, nearly whispering. “Someone will come looking for me,” he bluffed.

“No,” she denied flatly. Gripping the man’s chin and giving it a slight shake, the girl cracked her lips into a faint smile. “Darling,” she purred smoothly, “one need but only look to see that the storm will continue to linger in the area, presumably for another week.”

“All the tracks will be washed away. . .” he muttered, thinking to himself.

“That’s quite right,” she remarked warmly. “You’ll have simply disappeared. Never to be seen or heard from again.”

He shook his head, “This isn’t right, you ca–”

“I can,” she impeded. “I will,” she continued, gently taking the man’s jaw into her grasp. “And. . .” she fixed her grip, immobilizing him for a kiss, “I have.”

    Feeling as the heat of the girl’s lips pressed against his own, the man’s thoughts blankened into naught but a serene fixation on the stupefying comfort of their embrace.

Each tender kiss they shared stirred his affections, strengthened his ardor, and drew his heart ever deeper into infatuation; hearing the slow rhythm of the girl’s breaths, taking steady inhalations of her mollifying scent, and being inescapably wrapped in the comfort of her body – all introduced the man to the curious realization that. . . she actually completed something in him.

Though he was yet to fully understand what innermost need the girl satisfied in him, he readily recognized it as something crucial to his being. . . as though, without her, his life would suddenly become hollow and untenable.

In an uncontrollable upwelling of emotion, the man reached up and wreathed his fingers through the hound’s untamed locks, then, finding her skull, he roughly pulled her to him, deepening their kiss.

At first taken aback by the man’s sudden forwardness, the girl quickly recovered her initiative by suddenly thrusting her tongue into his unsuspecting mouth.

Halted by the initial peculiarity of having another’s glossa probing around in his mouth, Laius quickly found himself overwhelmed by the girl’s advances: first deepening her tongue’s exploration of his mouth, the hound then began to slowly bounce and gyrate her hips, stirring the slurry of bodily fluids leaking between their still-linked anatomies into a light, sticky froth.

Feeling as the creature’s every perverse dip and gyre slowly coaxed life back into his drained member, Laius delicately broke their kiss.

Looking his iniquitous inamorata in her eyes, he took an unsteady breath. “I. . .” he chuckled at the giddying rush of warmth that flowed through him at merely looking at the girl, “I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I don’t rightly care anymore. I’ve never felt a greater belonging than I do when I look into your eyes, or feel your touch, or hear your voice. . .and though it shames me to come to feel such powerful affections within such markedly little time, I feel each as truly as I feel the ground beneath me.”

Swallowing and taking in another tremulant breath, he continued, “It simply cannot be helped. . .I truly do lo–”

“No you don’t,” she interjected lightly. “But,” she gently held up a paw, halting his visibly imminent protest, “you will soon. After I’ve shown you what true love feels like. . .again, and again, and again, and again.”

“I don’t th–”

“Hush,” she purred, bringing her lips to his ear. “No more thinking, just feeling.”

Whilst gently biting at the man’s earlobe, the hound-girl gradually shifted the erogenic dips and gyrations of her hips into tentative thrusts, proportionally increasing her aggression in line with that of his arousal – before long, she was ravishing the man’s body once more.

    Though she initially enjoyed an unchallenged rule as she pulverized and battered her victim’s flesh, attacking his loins with an even greater ferocity than before, the hound was abruptly and considerably surprised when her suppinated subject began countering her movements with those of his own.

Hesitating only momentarily, the amorous-aberrant quickly worked to incorporate the man’s impassioned efforts into conjunction with her own; steadily working in tandem with one-another, they gradually ameliorated the discordant rhythm of their carnal collaboration until the disparity between their individual movements and paces disappeared completely.

With the chaos of their energies unified and refined into a singular lascivious dance, both man and beast speedily found themselves in the throes of a shared orgasm; joining their voices together into a shared howl, man and beast clung tightly to each-other as their consciousnesses were powerfully rocked with euphoria.

Continuing their lecherous skirmish on through a multitude of additional climaxes, the two ineluctably began to lose themselves in one-another; the pretenses of the flesh dissipated and eventually disappeared from the lover’s minds as their eyes opened to the true spectacle that was at hand: their yearning souls, foreordained to be yoked to one-another, had at last found each-other and were now dancing and luxuriating in the touch of their fated companion, intertwining in ways their mortal minds couldn’t hope to fathom.

    After their tenth contiguous concupiscent bout, every attempt to persist with their mindless love-making invariably resulted in the partners recurringly flinching away from one-another, so, at the cruel behest of their overwrought nerves, the two brought the union of their flesh to an end.

With the beast’s larger frame at the man’s back, the two nestled tightly into one-another.

“You know,” he stirred within the sea of fur and flesh engulfing him, “this would be more comfortable if we used my bedroll.”

“Later,” the girl mumbled dreamily. Wrapping a heavy arm around the man’s torso, she pulled her sedated prize closer to her and let out a prolonged yawn.

Then, a short time later, began to lightly chuckle to herself – eliciting the man’s curiousity.

“What are you laughing about?” he yawned.

“I got you,” she giggled and sluggishly drew him even closer to her, squeezing the man tightly to her chest like a young girl would her favorite doll.

“So you did. . .” he retorted thoughtfully, noticing as the little amber light that slipped forward from behind him began to dim and disappear as the girl closed the luminous gates of her eyes.

“H-hey,” he mewled, stirring from the hypnagogic state that had eagerly begun to claim him. “Do you. . .have a name?”

“L–ucina. . .” the beast-girl sleepily purred. “And. . .yours?”

“Laius. . .I’m Laius Calixtus, of the sanc–” he hesitated, hearing as a light snore began to rattle in the girl’s mouth behind him.

With a slow roll of his eyes, he hooked an arm beneath his head and began to close to his eyes.

“My. . . love. . .” the girl sluggishly slurred a short time later. “You. . .won’t try. . . to leave. . .will you?”

“No,” he answered firmly yet slumbrously.

Contented with his reply, the girl released a reassured sigh, then began to quietly snore once more.

“No,” he continued in a whisper, “I believe that’s a choice that is far beyond me now. . .my love.”

Passing his fingers gently through the sable fur of the girl’s arm, Laius creased his lips into a faint and exhausted smile, closed his eyes, and began to dream of what it would be like to grow old – with his newfound love.

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12 thoughts on “Hellhound (Part 4. Final.)

  1. Pretty good. A bit stereotypical, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    My one complaint about the series is that I think you’re trying a bit too hard to use new words. While your vocabulary is certainly impressive, sometimes it felt like I was reading Thesaurus.com and not touchfluffytail.

    1. Yeah I know I got a bit carried away with the “purple prose” portion of things. Anyways, thanks for taking time outta your day to check it out man, I’m glad you liked it.

  2. I really liked it, to me it kinda seemed funny with all the describing long words to basically say guy stumbles into hellhound cave haha. Kinda like an over exaggerating narrator or something monty python would do. Awesome job 5/5!

  3. Not even my preferred cup of tea but I kept reading for your writing chops. The time taken to describe feelings, environment, and action were great. The pacing was very good.

    Maybe ever so slightly wordy, but I thought it fit the story. You’ve helped improve my vocabulary tenfold!

    1. Well I’m certainly glad you liked it amigo, moreover, I’d say it’s pretty rad that you managed to get some benefit out of it besides an itty bitty amount of entertainment. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

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