Hellhound (part 3)

As the title suggests, this is a continuation on from Part 2.
Again, I’m new to this kind of stuff, so if you like it (or don’t) feel free to let me know what you think I could do to improve.

    As the beast went about resuming the iniquitous work she had been distracted from, the slow, firm, reviving paw-strokes she made along the man’s member began to increasingly bedevil his brooding thought processes.

Each pump of the girl’s silken paw saw another intellection, another deduction, and another supposition within the man’s mind be dissolved, dematerialized, and pulled out from his skull – until only one solitary thought remained available for scrutiny: Could she be right?
Endlessly, the question rebounded in his head; haunting him, tormenting him, and causing him to despair as he halfheartedly and ineffectually struggled against his molester.

Working her paw up along the man’s hardening length, the diabolic-demoiselle then gently rubbed the velvet-soft flesh of a thumb-pad along the man’s glans, promptly forcing a convulsion and an involuntary gasp from him.

“Ooh! I see you’re already quite sensitive,” the aberration snickered. “That’s good,” she said with a purr as she released her hold on the man’s member, “because I think it’s come time for the real fun to begin.”

Immediately upon hearing the creature’s words, the man’s heart leapt and began to rapidly pulsate in his chest, much to the evident delight and amusement of the beast.

“Scared?” the creature goaded in a breathy, lascivious, growl. “Don’t worry,” she cooed, lowering a paw to her loincloth before she quickly ripped it away, “provided you lay there like a good boy, relax, and let me take you. . .I’ll try to be gentle.”

“Please. . .” Laius pleaded in a near whisper, his voice falling away, failing him, as he began to squirm pitifully beneath his captor once more.

“Please?” the hound repeated in a derisive snort. “Please. . .what?” she questioned, slowly curling her lips into an all too familiar feral grin.

With lips trembling, the man attempted to clear the catch from his throat before he spoke, but found it intractably stuck. “P-please d–”

“Please,” the maenad repeated over him, “please rape you to pieces? Please ravish your body until you submit completely and you’re hopelessly in love with me?” the hound-girl inquired in a heavy and rabidly lascivious tone, widening her vicious smile with each proposition.
“Wha– ”
“Well, considering you’ve asked so nicely. . .” she thoughtfully tapped at her chin with a claw, paused, then winked at him, “I think I’ll do just that!”

In a flash of breathtakingly swift movement, the hound grabbed hold of her captive’s rigid manhood, aligned it to that of her own anatomy, and viciously slammed herself down onto him.

    Man and beast howled in unison as their two fleshes were joined together as one in that single violent moment.

Breath hitched and wildly clamored in the man’s throat as furnace-esque heat blazed around his wick, threatening to melt it if the protective coating of the beast’s juices were to ever stop spilling down around his member like a warm, lubricious rain.

Incredulous at what was happening to him, Laius looked down to the epicenter of their perverse unification and quickly felt a quiet shock rush through him: faintly illuminated by the amber glow of the beast’s dancing firelight, he witnessed as a trickle of red spilled down the limited portion of his shaft that was yet to be sheathed within the girl’s flesh.

Looking from the sight of their violent coupling to that of the beast’s face, Laius saw it was tightened into a pained wince. Taking hissing breaths through her bared teeth, the girl steeled herself and released a pained, protracted growl as she steadily sheathed the remainder of the man’s throbbing organ inside her – joining their loins together in a delicate kiss.

Though he wasn’t entirely certain of what or why, Laius felt something inside him stir at the sight of the creature’s pain, oddly. . .something about it disturbed him. Before he could more accurately examine his newfound feeling of perturbation, Laius watched as the girl’s pained expression steadily relaxed and smoothed into one of scintillating pride and satisfaction.

“Hush,” the hound silenced the man, heaving her chest in a deep and shaky breath.

Planting a possessive paw down onto his chest, the beast atop Laius began to stir and grind their hips together in a terribly lecherous display: one that was in every bit as much an attempt to ascertain that their nubile bodies were adequately molded to one-another, as it was a flagrant cementation of her successful conquest of him.

    Never in his life had the man ever felt quite as small as he did laying there on the cold ground, being lorded over by the girl, being used like a toy – she was so much stronger than him, so much faster, so much fiercer. . . gods, it felt horrid being so inferior. Yet, for as mortifying as the whole experience was, it was also somehow perversely. . . pleasant.

As much as it confounded and disgusted the scout to admit it. . .there was something primevally enjoyable and perversely comforting about being subjugated by such awe-inspiring power. . .strangely, it felt. . .natural.

Gods above, what’s happening to me? the man worried internally as his hands compulsively reached out for the paw upon his chest, not to push it away, but to hold and caress it as the beast straddling him slid up, lifted off, and winked scandalously at him before she roughly impaled herself on him once again with pelvis-breaking force.

The heat of the beast’s inner body, the warmth of her sable fur, the comfort of her delicate skin running along his own – it all made Laius feel as though his mind was melting, as though he was melting.

He could feel that something was happening to him, that something was being done to his psyche. . .but he was powerless to stop it.

All he could do was merely lay upon his back and watch as the beast atop him rose up along his length and prepared to drop down again like the sinister blade of a carnal guillotine; breath halted in his lungs and throat as he anticipated the piercing thrust, but was then cruelly kept in suspense as he observed the beast completely pull herself off of him.

Hanging there, the monstrous-maiden began to tenderly rub the glistening head of his manhood around her slavering entrance, quickly teasing him before she then eased him back inside her and dropped down with a perversely-wet smack.

Ostensibly satisfied with the way their bodies were fitting to one-another, the she-beast adjusted herself to a comfortable position and smiled so slyly at him that it made the man’s cheeks burn.

My oh my,” she began with a purr, “and here I’d expected you to struggle against me at least one final time before you gave in. . .but look at you, you’re laying there as meek as a lamb, like a good boy.”

Abashed, Laius turned his sight away and retreated from the demeaning yet queerly gratifying words.

As the astonishing beast began to slowly ride his glistening shaft, a pang of nebulous desperation began to build in the man’s chest – with steadily rising insistence, it began to burn and urge him to return his gaze to the erotic spectacle of his defilement. . .to look upon his despoiler’s sublime body and watch as it stole his purity.

Despite the painful desperation growing in his chest, Laius couldn’t stomach the notion of meeting the creature’s glare. . .not while she was violating him.

He simply couldn’t bear the thought of looking into those eerily-gleaming, baleful, abominable pits of. . .gorgeous, soulful beauty.

What?! Gods. . .what’s happening to me? the man anxiously soliloquized, wincing as his heart pained and ached with a guilty desire to once again catch glimpse of the creature’s angelic face and her divine form; just as he could no longer bear to resist the strength of the urges within him, Laius felt the weight of the beast suddenly shift.

Chest was layed upon chest as the beast draped herself across the man, took hold of his chin, twisted his gaze back to her, and roughly pressed their lips together. Tasting the girl’s sweet flavor and feeling the impossibly-delicate sensation of her soft lips crushed against his own. . .broke something in him. Strangely however, he was not merely unperturbed by the destruction. . .but was actually glad for it.

    Simultaneously, every hair on the man’s body came to stand on end as the beast softly brought him closer and deepened their kiss; somewhere within the fraudulent depths of his inner self, Laius felt a lowly spark of truth and reconciliation come into life – then subsequently erupt into a scouring firestorm of revelation.

Roaring through the innermost recesses of his being, the firestorm’s depurating flames blackened and burned away every antipathetically improvident thing they touched: delusions, apprehensions, misgivings, resentments. . .everything undesirable within the man’s essentia was continually scorched, withered, and made to fade away until the holocaust of his former-self was complete and only what was right and true remained.

   Seizing the sides of the hound-girl’s head on impulse, Laius scarcely noticed her flames harmlessly curling around his hands as he tenderly pulled her face away from him; gazing into her eyes. . .he saw only the deepest love burning within them, burning for him and him alone.

“I. . .” he began to pule, but found his words abruptly quelled as his arms were gently swept away from the girl’s face, and their lips were ensuingly rejoined in a spine-tingling frisson of bliss.
In that moment, Laius couldn’t rightly discern whether the things he was thinking and feeling were truly his own: he was unsure if they had always been hidden away within him. . .or if they were somehow forced into him by the beast-girl – ultimately, he didn’t care. Every newfound sentiment felt so incontrovertibly genuine and sentimental to him that he felt their truth ring earnestly in the core of his being – for him, that was enough.

Buckling under the force of overflowing ardor, Laius allowed his body to relax and melt into the hound-girl’s own; letting her envelope him in the warmth, security, and comfort of her larger frame, he closed his eyes and let slip a timid series of moans as the sensuous savage steadily began to piston her haunches in firm, passionate vertical strokes.

Finding himself awash in a sea of floccose fur, silken hair, and creamy skin, it quickly became difficult for the man to think properly; slowly, yet steadily, his hushful whimpers of pleasure grew louder as he was forced to inadvertently arch, writhe, and gasp at the harshening movements of the beast’s sex.

As he noisily speared into and out of the sopping-wet and torturously molten depths of the girl’s body, Laius locked his lips to the beast’s; though he would then attempt to maintain that embrace for as long as he could, the growing pressures in his chest would invariably force him to part from her and release the mounting groans, whimpers, and cries that the beast’s movements relentlessly elicited in him.

Coherent thoughts were inevitably snatched away from the man’s mind as he was tenderly, yet securely, gripped by the seductive hands of venery and cast into the fires of a delectable living hell.

Every one of the innumerable sensations that the hound-girl’s body inflicted upon him compelled the man’s own to squirm and writhe desperately in response, as if it were being lashed with pain.

In the throes of a constant maddening ecstasy he was unable to resist or escape from, the man soon began to voice desperate, rambling pleas: he asked for more, begged for less, and said anything and everything that blinked into mind – all while he was completely unsure of what he truly wanted; it felt as though his mind was beginning to break.

Being continuously and mercilessly bombarded by the hound’s flesh for such a length of time, it seemed to the man as though his torture was interminable, but, blessedly, there eventually came breaks in the obscene bliss.

With dull and absentminded relief, Laius found that the hail of hot, wet strokes along his manhood would intermittently, and abruptly, halt; then, moments later, the beast’s flesh would shudder and clench around him, squeezing and wringing his organ with a ludicrous strength whilst the girl squealed out amorous cries and howled in orgasmic bliss.

Wretchedly, even in those temporary abatements of physical stimulation, Laius still found himself engulfed in a kind of excruciation. With eyes newly opened to the inveterate honesty and raw purity of sensualism, he wanted nothing more than to share in the bliss the girl felt, but each time he neared the exigency of his own climax. . .the beast would relent.

Time and time again he would suffer the cruciation of the girl’s relentless bucking, grinding, scraping, and pounding. . . only to be stayed from his relief; then, torturously, he would promptly be rewarded with another session of tribulation.
After the twentieth occurrence, he could take no more. He needed release.

    Weeping openly in crazed desperation, the ragged and ravaged man used what precious little strength remained in his battered body to shamelessly beg the anathema to stop her torturous campaign against him.

“Truly? Can you not endure even one more bout of our game?” the she-beast teased, smiling harshly at him as she watched his eyes widen with horror at her words.

“No! P-please, anything!” he replied, nearly screaming,“ask of me anything and I’ll see it done! I swear it on my life, on my honor!”

Ensuingly, a devilish grin slowly cut across the girl’s face; leaning forward slightly, the bête noire playfully nuzzled the man’s nose as she cupped each side of his head with her sizable paws, holding it gently in place.

“Would such a simple act truly garner your gratitude?” she mused in a sleek, mockingly-thoughtful tone. Without a trace of hesitation, the man nodded.
“Your. . .eternal gratitude?” the girl elaborated, licking her lips with impish anticipation. Frantically, the man nodded again.

Rearing slightly back from her victim’s face, the girl sultrily lowered her eyes and hummed in mock consideration of their one-sided proposition. Drumming the tips of her claws along the sides of the man’s head, the creature cocked her own to the side and slowly creased her lips into a faint, pleased smile. “Very well. I shall allow you your release. . .on one condition,” the girl purred whilst she sportively batted the man’s head between her paws.

“. . .Y-yes?” Laius uttered in a timid squeak, freely allowing his head to continue to welter between the creature’s deadly appendages.
“In exchange for my kindness,” she swiveled her ears toward the man, “I want you to pledge your love to me.”

Awestruck, the man’s benumbed and expurgated mind churned to process the words, faltered, and collapsed. “W-wait,” he furrowed his brows and blinked in confused disbelief, “earlier, when we first kissed, I thought I –”

“Do you agree to my terms, or do you not?” the hound rumbled in forceful impatience, wearing a nigh-imperceptible blush on her face.

“Y-yes! I do!” he blurted in a nervous panic.
“Good. . .” she replied in a contented purr. “Now, say it. Pledge yourself to me.”

Trying to gulp down the dryness that suddenly overtook his throat, the man noted with a considerable degree of interest as his heart began to rapidly pound in his chest – not in fear, but in a peculiarly nervous excitement.

Steeling himself against the fluttering sensation growing in the pit of his stomach, Laius cleared his throat, leveled his eyes with those of the beast’s, and spoke his vow, “I. . .solemnly. . .swear my love to you.”

A wave of incredulity washed over the man as he heard himself speak the words, but oddly, he noted how that same disbelief was also colored by a cool sense of relief. . .it felt almost as though a weight, one he had never known was there, was suddenly lifted from him.

    “Aw! How romantic!” the beast-girl chirped. “Now, there’s just the matter of assuring you mean it. . .” she lowered her tone devilishly, then, clutching the man’s head in her paws again, she began to pour a flurry of hot kisses onto her captive’s face and lips.

While the moonstruck creature busied her upper half with frenzied osculation, her lower body speared itself on the man’s shimmering erection with rapidly mounting speed and force.

Before long, the girl was pounding down on Laius with such frightful speed and unrelenting force that it felt as though his pelvis beginning to splinter; such a thing was inconsequential though, as every nerve in his body was bathed in splendid, overwhelming, delectation.

Though it had endured the beast’s onslaught for far longer than either had imagined it capable, the man’s virginal body was soon beginning to crumble, like a weakened dam, under the rapturous pleasure of the beast’s molestation; each fracture in the faltering concrete structure of his endurance was quick to be exploited, and every exploited fracture inexorably brought him closer to both his own violent dissolution, and with that, so too would come the subsequent release of the inconceivable force he was barely keeping restrained.

As if sensing the man’s weakening constitution, the hound-girl steadily increased the speed of their maniacal humping to rates achievable only by her inhuman form; with lightning quick strokes of her groin, she took the man’s entire length in one instant and was completely gone from it in another.

Though most of the man’s pleasure-inebriated mind had melted away under the force of the girl’s unrelenting sexual aggression, enough remained for him to know it had come time to draw away from her. However, all of his attempts to slow, to warn, or push the beast off of him were for naught – short of matching her strength with his own, she was nigh unstoppable.

As the amorous-abomination slipped deeper into her carnal frenzy, she came to not only deprive her victim of his escape, but to actively make it entirely impossible.

Pushing down on him with all her weight, the maniacal-maiden squeezed their bodies together as tightly as their flesh would allow.

Trapped in the embrace of his captor, Laius felt as the last traces of his sensible mind drained away and relinquished him to the beckonings of animal instinct; boundaries between love and lust, once seemingly so clear to the man, blurred away from his comprehension as the she-beast carried him to his threshold with a final series of quick, rough pumps of her pelvis.

Uttering a strangled yelp as he reached his peak, Laius clutched his violator in a death-grip as he convulsed and poured all his yearning, affection, and desire into her; squeezing the girl like a vice, the man’s body unconsciously tightened their embrace as he sought to keep from being thrown off into the rampaging whirlwinds of his climax.

Wave after thrumming wave of deliquescent euphoria battered the man’s crumbling mind, hammering him like a typhoon of delirious ecstasy, whilst a parade of chill shivers and icy pinpricks slithered up his spine and danced to a discordant rhythm along his skin.

Within the roiling seascape of the man’s turbulent mind, an innumerable series of thoughts blinked into being, drifted, and disappeared. . .all whilst his various emotions remained steadfastly present. The most immutable among those abiding emotions, was love. . .a pure and unadulterated love. . .for the girl.

Laius felt it wash over him like a sweltering tide, basking in the comfort and peace it brought, he made no attempts to refuse or resist it; to fight against it, was to fight against the truth.

Then, to his dismay, the psychical world of orgasmic comfort he was so deeply lost within began to recede. . . and, despite all his efforts at retaining it, left as swiftly as it had come.

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