Heated Summer

The first days of summer were a magical time. A time when the days were warm without being hot and evenings were a cool breeze. When men and women alike shed bundles of clothing to wear… less. And, when, for certain species–canids especially–certain measures were undertaken by most female members to stave off that most disruptive of ailments, estrus. Convenient pills and even injections were available which would prevent one from being overcome by the summer heat. They just had to remember to take it.

And not lose it.

Lymel scrounged through her things yet again, hoping, just hoping, that maybe she’d overlooked the small pill case. Alas, no matter how many times she looked under her clothes or in the same few pouches in her bag, they never materialized.

The black-furred anubis plopped on her bed and sprawled out, staring at her duffel bag and all its strewn contents in dismay.

Should’ve taken it before I left! Stupid stupid stupid… Ah! But yesterday I didn’t… Feeeel this waaaay, ugh!

The poor girl thrashed and rolled over, desperate for something to take her mind off the intolerable, heated itch at her core. Like her medication. Lymel covered her head and ears and tried to shut out the world, like it’d make it all better. That she’d open her eyes and suddenly there the pill case would be.

Instead, all that was there, was the pillow. And Imith in the doorway, wearing a worried frown.

“Something wrong?” The hellhound asked, glancing at the strewn clothing.

Lymel squeaked and shifted, her caramel complexion washing over a shade of red. “N-nothing, just… I just forgot something at home, that’s all.”

The hellhound’s nose twitched. “Oh? Was it something important?”

Imith, ever the helpful one, came into the bedroom. Though Lymel had nothing to hide, because there wasn’t anything to hide, the adolescent anubis still surged from the bed to her feet, trying in desperation to collect everything into one neat ball. Or pile. Her sister would have a fit if she saw. Hells, it made her want to have a fit, too. That is, when her current fit was over.

Fortunately, Imith was far more relaxed about such things, in her own sense. But she still knew when something was amiss. Probably one of the reasons why Lymel’s sister had married the hellhound, despite her unkempt ways.

Like the clothing she wore, two sizes too big and dangling off her. Why, with just an errant tug on the collar of her loose crop top, Imith’s breasts would be exposed for all to see–and those excessively loose and baggy shorts were not at all flattering. With the right angle it’d be a simple matter to look up one of the legs. Probably didn’t even wear underwear.

“No, no, nothing important. At all. Really. Just kind of, uh, bummed I forgot it. That’s all. Ha ha ha.”

Lymel immediately regret forcing laughter; unconsciously, her pert ears laid against her head. Her nose twitched as Imith’s scent filled the room.

The young anubis’ booty-hugging jeans started feeling too tight, especially around her hips. Hands or paws needed to grasp them instead. Hold her in place.

The button-down blouse too constraining–to say nothing of the bra, hugging a developing bosom far too close. Her B cups needed to be free to bounce and sway from being taken from behind like a bitch.

The girl squirmed in place.

Whyyyy is another woman making me feel this waaay! Maybe I’m like Sholina…  Damn damn damn! Imith shouldn’t smell so good! Why’d I have to forget my pills at home? How am I going to make it a week when I’ve been here like two hours and I’m already so… Agh!

“Oh?” The hellhound quirked a fiery brow, head cocked, “You’re suuuure it’s not something important?”

“Yup, was just something small! Ha ha!”

“It’s only a little over an hour drive. We could stop and get dinner on the way back. I don’t think your sister would mind if we ate without her.”

“No, no,” Lymel held her paws up, “Don’t worry about it. Please?” She tried to force a toothy grin, but it came out all tooth, no grin.

Imith shifted her weight from one leg to the other, one brow still cocked. She blinked. “Well, if you change your mind let me or Sholina know. It’s not too much of a hassle, really.”

Pleeeease just leave!

That intolerable, heated itch flared, worming further through Lymel’s body… Starting between her legs.

“You got it! I mean, I don’t need anything! Just…” She dashed to some of her strewn clothing, picked up a shirt, folded it as neat as she could, and carefully placed it in one of the dresser drawers. “…Let me unpack, for now.”

“All right,” Imith smirked and left with a little eye roll. As the hellhound left, Lymel could make out her big, bouncy butt even through those horrifically loose shorts. And the way her hips swayed.

The young anubis swallowed. Hard. Even dropped the pants she’d picked up.

Several long, awkward seconds scampered by. Not wanting to be too obvious about it, but realizing there was no way to make it not suspicious, Lyme snuck over to the door and closed it. The clack of the latch had her swearing and tense, but it was finally done. She threw open a window and turned the ceiling fan to max in an effort to disperse some of the hellhound’s scent.

Not that she wanted it gone. Just that it had to be gone so she could get a clear head, start thinking proper again.

Her estrus had never been this bad before. Maybe this is what her parents and sister had meant whenever they mentioned how Imith was unique.

Should I just ask…? No, no no no. I need to show them I’m responsible. I can get through this. See? Already it’s not so bad. Right.

Though as she set about the task of putting everything away nice and neat, a dawning, wet feeling spread through her pants and underwear. The unpleasant aftermath of cooling arousal. Swearing to herself again she tore off her pants–horrified at how the crotch was damp–and underwear, so soaked through she had to peel them off.

Can… I get through this?

She bit her lip and glanced at the door. It had a tab for a lock on the knob. Fortunately, she’d remembered to bring her favorite toy.

After a few scant minutes of fucking herself with a nice, thick, knotty dildo brought her to an orgasm that had her youthful pussy gushing and lip bit to smother her noises, she could think just fine. Sort of. Kept wandering back to Imith.

Round two had her face first in a pillow, ass up, fucking herself, spreading her bald, puffy, needy vulva, slipping her toy deep inside her pink folds–knotting herself to another muffled climax. The soft, dense black fur covering her legs all the way up to her butt soaked up much of her orgasm–even her hand-paws were drenched just from handling her toy.

She flopped forward into the pillow, still ass up, finding herself wishing it was a real cock buried in her to leave a nice, dripping creampie and maybe a few ropes across her ass for good measure.

Now things were better. Could actually get a decent thought through her mind; thoughts that weren’t Imith.

She could get through her week-long stay, show how responsible and capable she was. Just, she’d need to masturbate. A lot. Some vacation away from her parents this was going to be.




Day one had been an awakening of sorts. Day two was a trial of endurance. Lymel, her big sister Sholina, and Imith spent most of it together as they spent most of the day touring the shops and foods downtown. There was a moment when she was alone for a brilliant handful of minutes in front of a pharmacy. She darted in, managed to work up the nerve to ask the clerk about the drug to stop her awful, awful heat. It was cheap enough her allowance would more than cover it. Even had the prescription in their system. And, since it was such a common drug at this time of the year, they had a ready supply of boxes right there on a shelf behind the counter. So close.

But, it’d already been filled. They couldn’t do it again. No matter how much she pleaded that she’d lost it–after all, it’s not like someone could abuse the drug. Look at her! She was desperate. The clerk considered her plight for a long moment. Until the pharmacist proper came over to see if anything was the matter.

She’d need to contact her doctor and so on.

Shut down.

Well, she’d been smart enough to bring two extra pairs of panties. Would’ve been smarter to bring four. Had to make do. The train ride home was easily the worst as her sister napped in the seat across from them. Shoulder to shoulder with Imith in the slightly-too-narrow train seats. Had to keep her legs crossed with a bag resting across her lap in the hopes her arousal wouldn’t be noticed.

Not even that big wolf we were in line with had me feeling this way…

Lymel stole a glance at Imith. The hellhound was skimming her phone. Every facial feature etched into memory, from those ruby irises set in black sclera, those defined cheekbones and nose that was just so–plus that ashen skin with fur and hair almost as black as her own. Imith wasn’t a coquettish beauty nor a smoldering temptress. She was, in a sense, handsome. A woman who wore flannel shirts with the sleeves rolled and loose jeans and looked fantastic doing so. Though summer meant a t-shirt and shorts. Not unlike the first night of her stay so far.

Imith’s nose wriggled and Lymel froze; the hellhound glanced over at her, down, then back up. She smiled. “Something the matter?”

She knows! She totally knows!

“N-nothing! Just, ah, looking… Around.” She tried a forced smile and promptly let it go when even she could sense how awkward it was.

This drew a short look of concern, along with two or three blinks, before Imith shrugged and went back to her phone, albeit with the screen turned away.

Or maybe she thinks I was trying to look at her phone? …What’s worse, I wonder…

The young anubis sighed that deep sigh of maidens everywhere and forced her attention towards the world outside the window. In the houses and apartments blurring and trickling by, in the cars waiting at lights and people ambling down sidewalks, she wondered. Wondered just how many of them were getting fucked. She noticed a couple walking hand-in-hand, a much smaller kitsune with a tiger. Did he have a cock to split her in two? What it must feel like to be so full, stretched out…

The sudden dampness at her crotch snapped her out of it.


It was going to be a long train ride…




“You two have fun,” Sholina smirked as she was about to leave, adjusting one of her paw-heels.

“Except I have some actual work I need to get done today,” said Imith with a yawn, scratching at a side.

Lymel shrugged, “I can keep myself occupied,” she said, attempting to remain indifferent but, as usual, had a hard time keeping her attention off the hellhound. Last night had been agony, but, in a way, she was getting used to it, in a sense. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Right, well, I should be home pretty early since I worked a bunch of extra hours last week. Maybe I’ll pick up a late lunch on the way home or something… Talk to you two later!”

Sholina shot a quick wave and left. They were alone together once more.

“Guess I should get to it, huh?” Imith grinned, covering another yawn with a paw.

“Yeah, sure, I’m gonna go back to sleep…”

Lymel meandered back to her room and closed the door with a clack. The hellhound had a nice work-from-home gig while her poor sister was stuck going to an office. Didn’t make as much as her sister, but their combined income meant they could have a nice place. After all, they had a guest bedroom. How many people had one of those these days?

She’d said she was going back to sleep, but there was no hope of that. Sex was on her mind. Flopping onto the bed, she closed her eyes, and sure enough, all sorts of lurid imagery filled her thoughts. May as well…

Fingers danced to her sodden cunt, dipping into her pussy for a bit of slickness before circling around her rapidly stiffening clit. The wet pads of her digits, the way they squished just so, had her biting a lip to stifle herself in no time. Her other paw came up, sliding two thick furred fingers inside to fuck herself while working her sensitive bud. Hips jerked up as she pumped herself, mind and heart racing to thoughts of Imith.

Not even a minute later and an orgasm rushed around her fingers, leaving yet another damp spot on her bed.

Fuck, going to have to wash these before I leave…

Worst part was, even though it felt so good, it did little to relieve that itch deep inside. 

Dragging her laptop out she browsed a few things, messaged a few friends–those who were awake, that is–and did this and that for a short while until she snapped the lid closed. Maybe a cool shower would help clear up her mind.

Or a nice soak in the jacuzzi in the master bath. Could even try to sneak her toy inside a bundle of clothes…

Gathering up her things, including said toy and said bundle, she made her way towards the other side of the house, tiptoeing in front of the closed door of Imith’s office. And then opened the door into the master bath.

Hadn’t occurred to her that the door was probably closed for a reason, such as the fact it was connected to both the hallway and the master bedroom. The door swung open, Lymel took two steps in and froze.

Imith was drying off her hair, head buried in a towel, but one eye noticed the teenage Anubis stand there, statue stiff. The ethereal flame of her eyebrow licked and poked out from underneath. The hellhound’s body laid bare, still damp from the chest down. Full, heavy breasts, each big enough to take up a whole paw. Barest hints of a belly. Wide hips and…

A great, big, knotty cock hanging at least a third of the way down her leg and balls so laden Lymel swore she could hear the seed within slosh as the weighty sac swung and nestled against plump thighs. The shower had washed away most of the scent, but there were just some things that couldn’t, or wouldn’t clean up so easily. Just… staring at it made her mouth water, her pussy flood.

Staring so much, in fact, she completely forgot herself.

The hellhound let the towel drop to hang from a paw to cover herself, much to Lymel’s horror. At least with it out of sight, if not out of mind, she could squeeze in a thought for something else.

“Uh,” Imith began, taking a step towards the bedroom, “Door’s closed for a reason, girl.”

A slow thought, but a thought nonetheless. “Er. Ah. Um. S-sorry…” Lymel mumbled out, her gaze locked upon Imith’s crotch.

So. Fucking. Big. Those balls, that knot… Gods I bet she could breed me over and over and–

“Normally people get out after apologizing.” 

Lymel forced her gaze upward. She was upset, yet… something in her tone. Again the hellhound’s nose twitched and snuffed. Imith scratched at it with a claw, as if it were a mere itch.

She knows. She can smell me… For how long?

Neither were in a hurry to leave. “I, I was going… To use the bath,” Lymel said, pointing towards the tub.

“Well you can use it when I’m done.”

“Right,” Lymel nodded once, her big, pointy ears flopping forward before returning to their pert state, homed in on the woman before her.

“…That means get out,” sighed Imith. Her ears were… much the same. Zeroed on. Her nose wouldn’t cease, no matter how much she scratched or rubbed at it.

Rather than turn around and dart out, the anubis backed up in half-steps, sort of swaying as she went. Bumped into the counter, then the door, before managing to slip into the hall. All the while with eyes locked upon her desire until Imith closed the door.

All but running to her room, she tore her silicon toy from its hiding place and had it halfway in her cunt by the time her underwear had reached her knees. She pumped the thing furiously; drenched to the point she could pop the knot in and out of her quivering hole with ease. Somehow, for some reason, the once satisfying toy was no longer so. Not compared to that monster. A real monster, just waiting to get hard and ravage her, reaching all the way to her womb, tying her with that amazing knot. Pumping her full of spunk from those balls, over and over…

Even burying her face in the pillow couldn’t silence her orgasmic cry, nor the two that followed right after.

Shame and guilt burned on her cheeks. Or maybe it was unbridled desire. Made more sense that it’d be the latter, especially seeing as how it wasn’t restricted to just her cheeks–her entire body flushed warm, but especially her pussy. And womb. How it yearned to be filled with a litter of pups. Made her legs cross, knees knocking. Fuck, she was never going to make it without going insane.

Maybe I should just… Have her drive me to get my pills. So much for being responsible…

She slid her dress back on, albeit without panties, since they were drenched anyways and she didn’t want to dirty another pair and have to do laundry, and meandered out, towards the guest bath on the first floor.

“Hey. C’mere.”

She stopped in her tracks. Imith was sitting on the couch in the living room, wearing her usual “at home” attire.

“Uh, yes?” Lymel asked, shuffling towards the hellhound, head and tail hung low.

“…Why are you looking like that? I’m not going to yell at you. Sit down or something,” said Imith, sporting a disarming smile.

Without thinking about it, Lymel sat down next to Imith. “Um, I’m sorry about…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Imith waved a dismissing paw, “What I want to know is how come you haven’t taken your meds for that little problem of yours.”

Lymel sunk, defeated. “Of course you knew… Wait! Does that mean–”

“Nah, your sister doesn’t. Far as I know, women can’t really sniff it out.”

“…Oh. I mean, aren’t you… But you’re…” Lymel burned red, even if it didn’t show so well on her tanned complexion, “N-n-nevermind!”

“Yeeeah. I am and not,” Imith shifted in her spot.

Lymel couldn’t help but notice Imith’s legs were splayed, stretching her shorts across her crotch… and her bulge. She swallowed.

“Back to you… You forgot them or something, didn’t you?”

Lymel nodded.

“I figured as much, back when you first showed up. How come you never said anything then?”

“I, uh… Didn’t want to be a bother…”

Imith rolled her eyes, “This must’ve been brutal on you. It’s fine. Let’s… Just go get ‘em for you, all right?”

Lymel about nodded again when something… Stuck out. It confused her, at first. It was the way Imith had been talking. Something about the way she sat. Looking over Imith again, her legs were still splayed. Arms were up along the top of the couch.

Something deep in her instinctual mind sung to her.

Carefully, testing unknown waters, guided by that singing voice, she spread her own legs and turned herself just so. The hem of her dress stopped mid-thigh, meaning…

The musk hit Imith first and nose directed eyes. Something flickered, there. She shifted; life pulsed in the bulge. The hellhound was… closer now.

“What the f– Cover yourself! Go take your damn shower. Nice and cold, at that! And I’ll drive you over. No buts, got it?” She grumbled, but… But she didn’t look away. Not at first, anyways, and she had to tear herself from the sight of Lymel’s bald, wet pussy.

That instinctual voice sung louder. Lymel drew the fabric up and spread herself further, one leg hoisted up onto the couch with the other paw still on the floor. The lips of her tight, tucked-in cunt spread, revealing a hint of the pink flesh within. Fresh arousal, desire, trickled forth, making Imith’s nose wriggle all the more.

Those red eyes narrowed and the flames of her brows burned brighter. Shorts tightened and that fucking bulge grew even more. There was no attempt to hide it. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Lust and desire battled with reason. Aching need fought temperance.She knew she had to stop it, to cover back up and take a shower and get her fucking pills and just end this, but she wanted, no, needed

Her dress came up even further, all the way to her waist, exposing the full of her hips, revealing her pussy for all to see.

“Look what you do to me,” Lymel pleaded, paw sliding between her legs, forcefully spreading her lips apart with twinned digits, “Look how wet I am! Since, since I saw your… cock, I’ve already fucked myself three times and still! Look!”

And look Imith did, fucking the teenage anubis with her gaze. A hungry, predatory gaze that made her tremble. More life surged into that knotty prick, pitching a tent that looked a foot tall. A dark spot appeared right where the tip was.

“Just, just get your ass into the shower, or in your room so you can fuck yourself some more or whatever, just get… Away…”

An even more vicious war waged on Imith’s face. Hunger. Guilt. Desire. Loyalty. Lymel. Sholina.

Lymel licked her lips. Her chest heaved with breath, heartbeat hammered in her ears. Leaning back to present herself further, still holding her cunt open, her vulva swollen and puffy to guide the tip of any knotty cock straight into her welcoming hole, she moaned: “Breed me.”

If that cock grew anymore it’d tear straight through the flimsy material of Imith’s shorts. Something seemed to snap in the hellhound, eyes fixated on Lymel’s breeding hole. The lick of flames that made her brows grew and snarled.

“You slut. You fucking slut,” she breathed, voice a low growl, “I bet you did this shit on purpose, didn’t you? Just to get a piece of my cock.”

“I-I didn’t even know you had one…”

“Bullshit! Whatever. On your knees, slut. You wanted it, now you’re going to get it.”

Lymel wanted to protest, to deny that accusation, but… But she couldn’t. No. Not when it gave her a dark thrill, made her even needier. Swallowing, she rolled to her knees, face resting on a cheek atop her paws with her ass facing Imith. Liquid ardor ran from her in rivulets, covering her inner thighs. Her big bushy tail obscured the view for a brief second before it raised of its own accord, arching up and over her back to touch the back of her head.

“Aren’t you a proper bitch, presenting to me so easily…” 

Imith slipped off the couch and slid off her clothing. Her top went first, tossed aside to reveal her generous tits as they lifted along the hem of the shirt before falling free, swaying and sagging under gravity’s grip. Shorts came after, though the tent meant she had to push herself down to slip the band over herself.

When she did, Lymel gasped.

What had to be a foot of thick, crimson, knotty rod stood proud, throbbing naked in the air. A bead of precum formed at the tip and trailed off, forming a thin, sticky tendril that snapped. Lymel’s ass swayed and her pussy quivered in anticipation of that monster shoving itself in her… And those balls, so big and heavy, each orb seemingly as big as a tangerine filled out a swaying sac.

Oh… Fuck. I bet they’re so… Full. I bet she can fucking cum so much, fill me up until my belly swells and that fucking knot…!

Lymel’s head swam in desperate, raw, feral need.

“Get ready, slut,” Imith growled, grabbing the young anubis and turning her to face the girl’s ass out. 

Lymel moaned at the rough treatment, of Imith’s paws clamping around her hips–and obediently complied, resting her paws and head on the back of the couch.

“Fuck you’re wet, you needy little bitch,” Imith wasted no time in lining the tip of her cock to the sodden entrance, pressing the first half inch inside just enough to part those swollen, ready lips, “How many times have the boys at school fucked you?”

The teasing penetration had Lymel rocking her hips back to try and get more inside her, but the hellhound rolled back just as much.

“Answer,” she demanded, delivering a sharp swat to Lymel’s ass that had her caramel flesh rippling, drew a yip from her throat and had her lurching forward.


“No fucking way. No fucking way with how slutty you’re acting now,” Imith smacked the other cheek with a full, closed paw–again making the girl squeak, and again made her pussy flood, practically drooling like the end of that knotty shaft.

“I-It’s true! Just, I’ve just used toys on myself… But they’re so small compared to you…”

Lymel looked over her shoulder, ears flattened in submission. Eyes were on her coveted prize, rather than Imith’s own.

The hellhound smirked, “Is that so? Hahaha, poor thing. After my cock, you’ll never go back to those limp-dick boys… Mmm. Fresh, tight, pussy!”

At those words, Imith pulled back on Lymel’s hips at the same time as she thrust forward, spearing the girl across inches of cock all the way to her uninflated knot in a single go, heedless of Lymel’s… Inexperience.

Lymel cried out in shock and pain and bliss as her ravenous pussy gobbled it all down smooth and eager, as the point of Imith’s cock didn’t just kiss her womb, but slid partially through her cervix.

“Fuck. Yes. You are so fucking tight!” Imith practically drooled, trembling in pleasure while holding herself inside the girl, “Squeezing all around me…”

“F-fuuuuuck,” Lymel drawled, mashing her face into her paws, into the back of the couch to muffle her screams and moans, her cries of pain at being so stretched.

“Say it, tell me how bad you want me to fuck you!” Imith rolled her hips in a circle, stretching the poor anubis out even further, mashing her knot at the already-strained entrance. She lowered herself, tits pressed to Lymel’s back, dropped her voice to a whisper right into a fluffy ear: “How bad you want me to breed you…”

Body, mind on autopilot, she replied instantly: “I neeeeeed it so bad, your cock, your cum! I, I’m your little breeding bitch!”

A sharp smack on the ass was her reward, along with a shout of “That’s what I like to hear!”

Imith reared back withdrawing so much cock in such a short time with such a tight seal around her it felt as if it created a vacuum in the girl’s body, leaving her achingly empty, only for another brutal thrust impaled her on the massive thing.

Lymel groaned and cried out again, the hellhound’s hips clapping her ass, heavy balls slapping into her clit. She grit her teeth and dropped her head as it was pushed into the couch with another long thrust that still tore a moan from her lips no matter how hard she tried… And for a moment, she looked under herself.

Her belly bulged with the huge insertion as the hellhound set to rutting her like a feral animal, slamming without any regard.

“You wanted it, slut, so fucking take it!”

Over and over the hellhound brutalized her, feeding her a foot of cock, sawing through her like a toy, a sleeve to be used. It hurt, twisting her body around it, her poor pussy clamping and writhing and squeezing as if to expel the huge thing, but it only served to encourage the hound, to quicken her pace.

She loved every second of it, every agonizing, amazing thrust pushed her closer and closer, forced countless moans and cries from her throat and lips… Lightning charged in her body, and then, with one more sway of heavy balls against her, it fired off. Electricity shot through her body, up and down her spine, forcing her back into a taut arch and teeth to clench as every muscle felt like it contracted at once; drool seeped from a corner of her lips.

“H-holy fuck! You just fucking came, didn’t you, bitch? That’s a gooood little slut, come around my cock! MMmf! Fuuuuck! S-soooo fucking tight! J-just about… Gonna…!”

The gentle, kind Imith was fucking her like a piece of meat, a hole to be filled with cock. Lymel couldn’t get enough as that huge red prick pounded her relentlessly through her climax, never letting her taper off until the shocks were painful. And then… Imith thrust hard and staggered, grunting and groaning in bliss, spearing deep into the anubis’ womb.

Lymel felt that cock in her surge and swell, yet… Yet the knot still wasn’t inside her.

“Take my fucking load you slut!”

Boiling hot hellhound spunk flooded the girl in thick, sticky ropes, painting her insides in a pearly sheen. Again and again she shivered and contracted, filling her up.

Bred! I’m being bred, Imith is breeding me with her big cock, filling me up with those balls! Fuck, fuckfuckyesssss!

“B-breeeed me,” she cried out, “Pump my pussy full, I neeed it so baaaad…”

Imith shivered. The paws and claws latched onto the girl’s hips digging in further, pulling her down to stretch her pussy around her inflated breeder’s bulb, but never slipped it inside.

The girl’s belly swelled with shot after shot, rounding out the bulge of the girthy shaft buried inside her. Spurts of gelatinous, virile seed shot from between her tight lips and the throbbing cock, dripping across the couch and carpet.

“Pleeease knot meeee!”

“Oh, you’ll get it, slut. I’m just getting warmed up… Soon as your little cunt finishes milking out my first load…”


Words were cut short as the hellhound’s rod, still stiff as a rod of steel, withdrew and, as before, slammed long and hard into her snatch.

“Isn’t that cute, you think I’d be done so soon? This is how a real breeder fucks,” Imith’s teeth coming together accentuated the last syllable of her words behind a hungry grin.

The hellhound’s paws shifted from Lymel’s hips to grab her wrists and yanked back, pulling the anubis upright as she was stuffed full of belly-bulging cock. Shifting her grip to take both of Lymel’s wrists into a single paw, her other slid to the girl’s stomach, gliding across the rounded swell, relishing the sensation of feeling herself through the girl’s body–until she pulled out completely and pressed down, squeezing cum from her slightly-gaped pussy.

“N-no…” Lymel mewled as so much sticky mirth poured down her thighs.

“Poor thing, need it all in you, I know… Don’t worry…” Imith pressed in once more, cock sliding through the girl’s stretched hole as if it’d been shaped, molded specifically for her. Another moan spilled from the anubis as hips met ass in a mighty crack. “…I’ll give you plenty more.”

Needy, pitiful noises tumbled from Lymel as Imith set into another rutting pace, burying herself time and again. Wet, lurid sounds soon joined the cresendo of clapping flesh as all the cum still in her pussy was churned up by the rampaging cock, to pour out in a mixture of heady sex and coat her ass and Imith’s hips and balls.

Imith speared through in an even greater frenzy, leaving Lymel to writhe atop the cock, back arching, drooling, chest heaving… 

Fuck fuck fuck fuck I’mgonnabreak I wanna breeeeak–


“Please what?” Imith grinned, holding Lymel close with a paw wrapped around her stomach, pulling her against her tits.

“Kn, knot…”

“Knot? Speak up, slut.”


“What about it? I can’t hear you,” Imith said in a sing-song tone.

“Give it to me!”

The hellhound snickered after a quick gasp as Lymel’s pussy bore down tighter around her shaft, seemed to suck and milk all the more. “Give you what?”

Eheheheh, f-fuuuuck it!

And, like that, the last of her resistance was shattered under the weight of lusty, instinctual need.


“Mmmf, that’s what I love to hear… You asked for it, so–” Imith pulled on Lymel’s wrists, squeezed at her waist, and slammed into the girl so hard her knees came off the cushions, leaving her to dangle–and seated upon her knot.

“FFFUUUCK!” Lymel cried, most of her weight focused on that one union. Her pussy stretched and stretched as more and more of Imith’s inflated bulb sunk into her.

I’m breeeeaking, breakingbreaking!!

The huge bitchbreaker, larger than most apples, yawned her cunt wide.

“Gods damned you tight little bitch! Get. It. In. There!”

Imith bucked her hips, bouncing Lymel on her knot, pulling her wide–At the halfway point, the thickest part, Lymel’s lips formed a silent O, the words dying as breath was pushed out of her–until it slipped in with an audible, wet, pop.

The anubis came instantly, toes curling, legs pulling up against herself as her whole body went taut in feral orgasm. Her cunt spasmed and wrung, milked and sucked, at Imith, coaxing forth another load straight to her womb.

Unable to manage her long thrusts with the tie in place, Imith resorted to dropping Lymel to the couch, and, lifting one foot up onto the cushion alongside her, hammered her in short, frenzies strokes. The huge bitchbreaker left Lymel insensate, eyes rolled back in her head, tongue lolled out.

Only seconds later she twitched again as orgasm rocked her small body once more, strained to the bursting point by the knot buried within her, the foot of cock pressing out her body that had several inches hitched into her womb. Her womanhood thirsted for another hot load, to be given a litter of pups by such a virile, powerful beast.

“F-fuck, milking me like such a little bitch! Gonna.. C-cuuum!”

Imith roared and her knot swelled with the first load of seed, ensuring the tie would lock them in place. Boiling hot hellhound cum flooded into Lymel’s womb, filling it to capacity on the first long, heavy shot. She fired thick rope after rope, swelling the girl’s belly as her poor womb stretched out to accept all the seed, the knot forming a tight seal to ensure every potent drop remained inside, all but guaranteeing she’d get good and knocked up.

By the time Imith’s eruptions into the girl’s cunt tapered off, she looked two or three months pregnant, a little cum belly to round off the bulge of the knotty cock lodged deep inside. She collapsed atop Lymel, dropping them both atop the couch in a sweaty, panting pile.

Minutes raced by with nary a word from the two.

Imith stirred first, testing the tie. The jolt of sensation roused Lymel, who blinked wearily. For a moment she was lost as to why someone was lying atop her, but in the next flash the warmth in her belly and the fullness of her stretched cunt kindled the memories.

“Oh, oh my gods…” She whispered, shivering, “…I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner…”

“What? You fucking slut,” Imith half-growled, half-mumbled in a post-orgasmic stupor.

“I, ohh… Mmm…”

“H-hey, stop that,” Imith hissed as Lymel started rolling her hips, working the stuck cock in and out an inch at a time.

“…I neeeeed more… Breeeeed me again and again!”

“Gods damn… Fine. You want it–” Imith hauled herself up and sucked in a steeling, chest-swelling breath that had her tits rising and falling and delivered another harsh smack to Lymel’s ass that had her pussy squeezing down in a yip, “–I’ll give you as many fucking loads as you can handle.”

In a move that had both of them howling out, Imith forced her tie out of the anubis. A rush of cum poured from her gaped hole, and once properly drained, Imith slammed her cock back inside the girl–the penetration made all the easier by the thick cum clinging to her walls and the simple fact she’d already been stretched out.

Imith rut her like a beast again and again, dumping another two loads into the twitching, trembling girl. Once more on the couch then on the floor when the cushions were absolutely drenched in cum.

“Get you good and fucking pregnant, bitch,” Imith growled just as she slipped her knot home into Lymel’s pussy a fourth time, her gaped hole readilly accepting the crimson-hued bitchbreaker and shot another heavy, breeding load, though not nearly as much as the first.

All Lymel could manage was to babble and yip, an utterly bred and dominated bitch subservient to her role as a cumdump. 

Imith’s triumph over the girl dangling on her cock was short-lived, however.

“What. The. FUCK?!”

The hellhound whirled, knot popping free from Lymel’s cunt, just in time to fire one more rope of spunk at the feet of Sholina, standing there, mouth hanging open as she dropped a bag of take-out food.

Another wave of jizz spilled from her younger sister and the girl collapsed, boneless, upon the floor.

“…Fuck,” is all Imith could manage to say, ears held flat…


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