Heated Retail (Greentext) Part 2

>shift ends

>hound’s been on my mind for hours

>decide to head to the restroom before i get the urge to piss myself again

>still scared shitless

>at least she’s not here anymo—

>suddenly feel a heavy, furry paw on my shoulder

>“say a word and you’ll regret it…”

>that was right next to my ear

>why the fuck is she still here!?

>i’m half paralyzed as she coaxes me onward, towards the family restroom

>a private one where nobody would interfere

>despite the warning, i suck in a lung-full for a scream

>fuzzy black paw’s over my mouth before i can even let it out

>“i don’t think so, lil’ boy”

>try to flail and kick instead

>she tightens her grip, the claws digging into my shoulder and face quite effective at getting me under control

>get shoved into the restroom, paw still gripping my face as the door is shut behind us

>she makes me look at her

>i try to glare, but tears are already rolling down my cheeks

>“that’s a nice look for you”

>she licks her lips at me, teeth bared in a Cheshire grin

>“but we can always do better”

>suddenly feel the points of sharp claws graze my skin as they slash downward

>went straight from my collarbone to my crotch

>two more slashes follow and my work uniform is now falling to the floor in ribbons

>i’m no longer glaring

>i’m struggling for my life

>a punch to the gut later and i’m barely able to keep myself standing

>hound helps with this by pushing me onto the toilet seat

>can’t cry out for help because i’m utterly winded from the punch

>she let’s go of my face at least

>before i know it, there’s something tightly strapped around my neck

>mind flashes back to that damn collar she bought earlier

>try in vain to fight back, but both arms get pinned behind my back and tied up by what i assume is the leash

>my assumption proves correct when a distinct “click” is heard, indicating the leash was clipped to the collar

>hound backs off for some reason, perhaps to admire her work

>don’t care why, i just try to stand back up and make a break for it

>except i can’t

>the leash was looped around the piping connecting the toilet and wall

>damn monster had me strapped and leashed to the fucking toilet!

>i’m still on the verge of getting the air back in my lungs, so can’t call for help yet

>i jerk and flail fruitlessly

>“i should really take you home after all, lil boy… but i wont go that far”

>i try to gasp for my life, but she only grins

>“how pitiful… you should be thankful that this hellhound is ‘wasting her time’ with a kid like you… just be happy i’m only gonna make this a one-night stand”

>she gets in my face

>i literally feel the heat of arousal she’s giving off at this distance

>“you can only blame your own sorry ass for all this… so just shut up while i graduate you from a lil’ boy to a lil’ man~”

>i then find myself mounted

>at least the toilet seat was up when she put me on it, so when i piss and shit myself it’ll all end up where it belongs…


>… i don’t want to talk about how i was found after all that, let alone the state i was in

>all i know is that several hours had passed since first being trapped inside that restroom

>most of it was spent being raped to oblivion

>i was told to have been discovered less than an hour after the hellhound left me

>the restroom was an utter mess

>most of said mess was all over me

>i was also horribly bruised up, but no lasting injuries… thankfully

>except mentally

>scarred and scared for life and all that

>holed myself up in my parent’s basement for almost two weeks

>employers still welcomed me back when I finally returned, despite never calling in

>seemed likely that they understood and sympathized

>it was instead just me having a perfect track record before the incident that actually helped my case

>whatever, still employed

>hellhound was banned from setting foot on the store’s property in my absence, supposedly

>won’t have to dip upon her showing up again

>still paranoid

>slightest noise makes me jump and the canine customers make me extra skittish

>some take advantage of this and try to get me even more uncomfortable

>told they think it’s cute


>anyway, life is back to normal for the most part

>only now, i’m no longer a virgin and dog girls scare me

>such is life

>anyway, i spy a familiar white-furred customer one day

>it’s the hellhound’s three-tailed kitsune friend

>the one who flashed me that delicious-looking pussy

>instantly on edge

>especially when she spots me and makes an approach

>no items to buy or anything, just outright cuts the people in my lane all while making a beeline for me

>i’m running

>she calls out to me, but i’m gone

>boss notices and calls out to me, but I’m already out of the building

>straight for my car

>if kitsune’s here, hound is probably around too

>i literally jump into my car and start the engine

>except it won’t start

>why the fuck will it not start!?

>sure, it’s an older model, but i’ve never had problems with it before, so why—

>there’s a knock on my window

>it’s the kitsune

>a pleading look in her eyes

>don’t care, the doors get instantly locked and i’m already in the passengers seat

>she’s saying something, but i’m too panicked to listen

>at least until i realize she’s not trying to get in

>i calm down a bit

>that’s a lie

>i don’t calm down at all, but i at least try to listen

>“i only want to apologize!”


>was that it?

>i start to hear her out, visibly regaining enough composure to prompt her into knowing i’m at least listening

>“i heard what my friend did, and i’m so, so sorry! if i had known what she was up to back then, i swear i would have stepped in or something!”

>to be fair, she did stick up for me on that first encounter…

>“i get it if you are scared and upset, really! i even understand if you hate what happened, but please don’t hate us! it was totally uncalled for, yes, but please don’t hold it against us!”

>don’t hold it against her, when she literally tied me up and raped me for a good few hours for no real reason?


> “i… i know i’m probably asking a lot, but please!”

>yes, you are asking a lot…

>“i’ll do anything!”

>but fuck me and my stupid, good-natured conscience

>it wasn’t fair to see a pretty woman who’s only ever stuck up for me on the verge of tears in wanting my forgiveness

>i ultimately cave in to her pleading like the spineless, weak-willed virgin that i am

>oh wait, i’m not a virgin

>keep forgetting that despite the recent traumatization

>i stall a bit more before i finally nod my head, grudgingly, in answer

>the kitsune’s mood instantly lightens up, followed my countless “thank you”s

>“is there anything i can do to make it up to you? anything at all??”

>nothing that could remedy the situation, to be quite honest

>but i don’t say that

>i merely shake my head in response

>“it’s… fine” i say

>it’s really not

>“b-but i insist! if there’s anything at all, just say it!”

>she really wants to help

>it’s actually quite touching

>but still i assure her otherwise, to which she dejectedly complies

>a minute later she’s wishing me a good day and leaving

>what a fucking event

>still decide to head home after all

>no point in heading back inside and get lectured from the boss

>pretty exhausted at this point

>only one problem, the fucking car still won’t start

>what the hell is wrong with this fucking—

>“e-excuse me?”

>holy shit kitsune’s back

>that was a scare and a half

>hit my head on the roof from that jump… now i got a nice headache developing to accompany my exhaustion

>“sorry! i j-just came back to check on you… um, it looked like you were having trouble with your car. Did… you need help?”

>such a sweetheart

>“it just wont start…” i admit

>her ears droop at this

>her fucking ears are sad about my misfortune… my god, she’s such a pure soul

>maybe it wouldn’t hurt to let her help out after all…

>we tried jump-starting it

>we both checked the engine for any abnormalities

>we tested the battery to see if it was damaged or anything

>we nearly picked apart the entire car in our search to find out why the thing refused to start

>not a single explanation came up

>i would have to either walk or find a cab

>nobody from work or home was gonna drive me at this time

>“…want me to take you home?”

>once again the kitsune goes above and beyond expectations

>an angel, a wonderful angel with a pair of fuzzy fox ears and three fluffy tails

>and one sweet, sweet vagina according to memory

>still, i was hesitant

>she insisted of course, and before i knew it i was stepping inside her unexpectedly luxurious ride

>a red Acura NSX

>call me intimidated, but i was scared to even get near the machine and mar its beauty with my poor-ass existence

>but the kitsune still insisted

>fucking hell did i feel unworthy

>the Alcantara-clad seat—complete with leather trimmings—was far more comfortable than i anticipated

>so fucking unworthy

>“so where do you live, Anon? which direction are we headed?”

>reasonably overwhelmed and feeling incredibly self-conscious, i nervously tell her the destination and soon enough we were on the road

>time passed as i silently listened to the kitsune ramble about with brief small-talk here and there, and like a good passenger i kept my mouth shut until necessary

>except when i noticed we had missed a turn, which i voiced in concern to my driver

>“oh, i know… we’re just taking a small detour is all”

>instant red flag

>i politely say that i just want to go home

>she smiles

>“I’m sure you do”

>another red flag

>i pause before daring to ask where she’s taking me

>“just to my place… there was a little something a friend wanted me to pick up while i was out. I hope you don’t mind?”

>not that i had much of a choice…

>“oh… so long as it’s just that…”

>one of her ears flicked at that, and a smirk formed on her face

>“ara~? whatever else were you expecting, Anon~?”

>she gave a tug of her collar and cast a knowing, sideways glance

>i turned away with a heated blush, much to her amusement

>she let out a laugh

>“oh, you are just too precious… my apologies for teasing you, but you’re so cute! …in fact~…”

>her hand was suddenly on my thigh

>i froze

>“i’d even go so far as to say you’re quite the looker~… if you’re up for a little mischief, we could always ‘get to know each other’ once we’re at my place…”

>my fucking heart i swear

>her hand gave a little squeeze above the knee… then slipped away

>“but i wouldn’t force something like that upon you… that would simply be too cruel”

>she gave me a sweet smile, and i tried to respond

>i started to babble wordlessly instead

>in the end i simply shut my mouth and looked away

>“hmm… perhaps i was getting ahead of myself”

>she let out a sigh

>“after all, an older woman like me probably wouldn’t suit you… i’ve long lost the appeal which comes with one’s youth…”

>she’d be a fucking MILF and a half if she had kids

>it was obvious she was fishing a compliment out of me, she was more than aware of her sex appeal

>she was quite confident about it too, else she wouldn’t have flashed me back when we first caught each others’ eye

>still, i took the bait

>“that’s… not true…”

>she giggled

>“ara~? What’s not true, Anon~? That i’ve not lost my appeal, or… that i wouldn’t suit you~?”

>i dug myself a fucking hole, a hole with slippery mud for walls

>no climbing out of this shit

>might as well enjoy my stay then

>“i… b-bo…th?”

>my face when

>her face when

>what the motherliving fucknuggets am i even doing!?

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  1. welp the kitsune is one thing, but I will be extremely disappointed if even after all this, anon somehow still let’s that traumatizing event from that damn hellhound fly. :/

  2. Poor guy, bad enough he has to work at minimum wage as a convenience store clerk. Yet I can’t help, but laugh at his misfortune the delivery of these jokes always hit home!

    Nicely done!

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