Heated Retail (Greentext)

>be me, overnight cashier
>fucking around as usual
>working hard at not working, as they say
>living the dream
>customers show up
>a pair of monster girls, a tall yet pretty basic hellhound and a white-furred, three-tailed inari
>or was she a youko?
>can’t ever tell between them
>fuck you and your racist/specist comments, they literally have no differing physical characteristics
>all personality-based, apparently
>but whatever
>they both seem to be middle-aged
>body of a top-tier milf and the aura of maturity, all while lacking the negative attributes of age
>i.e. huge perky tits, mouthwatering child-bearing hips, plump sexy ass…
>basic monster girl flawless aging bullshit
>fuck it, i’m staring again
>they notice
>of course they do, because why wouldn’t they?
>fucking monsters and their 4D, omni-directional ogle-awareness
>they always know
>the kitsune—calling her that, cuz it’s 2018 and i don’t wanna misinterpret her species—proceeds to the checkout
>not mine, the self-scan ones
>since i’m the only cashier at the moment, i watch over those as well so she’s still in my field of view
>she chooses the one right in front of my register
>i can literally see the flirtatious grin on her face as she turns her back to me, pretending to casually ring up her shit
>she lifts her tails, all three of them
>skirt goes with it
>not my first time being flashed by a customer
>she’s pantyless
>again, nothing new to me when it comes to customers
>even human girls are doing it these days
>but damn
>this vixen looks like she’s never been touched, all while being specifically developed for the art of breeding
>was that a drop of liquid hanging from her—
>suddenly, black dog in my face
>“heyyy kiddo, wanna chat with me~?”
>fucking hellhound cockblocking my eyes
>she leans over my conveyer belt, expectant
>can’t ignore customers because bullshit policy
>“Did you need help with something, miss?”
>try to keep my annoyance out of my tone, but don’t try too hard
>“Yeah, you see… i wanted to try on this bra…”
>she lifts said bra for emphasis
>it’s one of our best-selling ones, a favorite for sexual activities (as advertised)
>i can already see where this is going, but i let her finish like the gentleman that i am
>“and since your changing room is so far away, i was thinking about trying it on in the restroom over there…”
>she then leans in a bit further, her voice growing husky
>“but your signs say we can’t bring merchandise into the restrooms, so… you think you could accompany me? Just so you can make sure i’m not stealing or anything~”
>i’m confident you just want to bring me into the restroom, not the bra
>but i don’t say that
>“i’m sorry, miss, but i’m not really allowed to leave the registers unattended”
>which is true
>unfortunately this doesn’t deter her
>“oh, but it’ll just be for a few seconds! I promise i’ll make it a quickie~”
>she tugs the collar of her shirt down a bit in emphasis
>with that wording and gesture, the damn mutt isn’t even trying to hide what she wants
>offer is most tempting, obviously, but i’m not gonna fall for this hound’s trickery
>soon as my dick’s in her, she’ll claim me as her husband
>being married to a monster has it’s benefits, but you inevitably sacrifice all your availability in the end, dedicating all your time to them
>kinda like the opposite to dicking a human chick these days
>they’ll sabotage your condom or whatever, making sure they get knocked up if only to bail on you and demand child support
>so yeah, either side of the female coin has its fucked up issues
>monsters trick you into a permanent relationship and drain you of your time
>humans trick you into a pregnancy and drain you of your income
>time or money, either way it’s a loss
>and some people wonder why i’m still single
>“i honestly couldn’t even if i wanted to”
>i could, but it really isn’t worth the scolding i’d get from the boss… or the long-term consequences
>she’s still persistent
>“oh come on! i’m just asking you to—”
>i cut her off, because i’ve had enough of her nonsense
>plus, i’m missing out on some good masterbation material for this shit
>“miss, i’m sorry but you’re wasting your time…”
>probably not the most professional phrase to use, but i don’t care, i’m getting pissed
>“oh, am i? am i really?”
>so is she, but again i don’t give a shit
>probably should have
>“i’m afraid so, m-”
>before i can react, she’s standing at full height and snarling down at me
>did i mention she’s almost seven feet tall?
>the hell?
>bitch be barking like the dog she is
>scared as shit though, because i have no clue why she’s suddenly so angry, looming over me and everything
>“i-… wha?”
>begins ranting some more, getting louder and closer with every uttered word
>intimidating as fuck, because giant angry hellhound with literal fire exploding from her eyes
>can’t let her know she’s scaring me shitless, though
>can’t let any monster girl know such a thing
>once they know you’re feeling scared and/or vulnerable, they act upon it
>that’s when you literally get fucked
>luckily i got me one hell of a poker face
>plus i’m just mad enough myself to keep my fear from showing… for the moment
>she seemed taken aback at my reaction, and shut up long enough for me to get a word in
>“if you are going to get all aggressive and in my face like that, i will get our security team involved”
>a bluff, because we only have one person as security and she only works the day shift
>but miss wolfy here don’t know that
>thankfully, she doesn’t call me out on it and backs away… slightly
>“i ain’t touching you, bitch!”
>at least she stopped barking… literal bitch
>“you were getting close enough…”
>she begins to snarl, opening her smoke-billowing mouth to say something
>“Hellen, what’s gotten into you!?”
>oh, looks like her pussy-flashing fox friend is coming to my rescue
>“why are you shouting at the poor boy!?”
>i’d rather “young man”, but i’m not about to correct my new ally
>in addition, seeing the hound recoil at her friend’s scolding made me quick to forgive and forget
>“But, HE WAS—”
>“I DON’T CARE! Come here, will you?!”
>firebutt grumpily shuffles over to her friend
>overhear the two going at it in hushed voices
>hound’s getting chewed the fuck out
>no, not the sexual kind… don’t be weird
>eventually, there’s a couple “sorry”s coming from firebutt
>extremely surprised at this point
>vixen’s actually talking down a fucking hellhound… to the point of tears
>nobody makes a hellhound apologize, let alone cry
>wtf am i seeing
>start to feel bad for firebutt, but not really
>she was a total bitch after all
>two soon get ready to leave, me feeling pretty confident in myself
>hellhound ain’t gonna do shit with her friend here
>decide to stoke the fire, because why not
>“Thank you for stopping in tonight, please come again~!”
>hound does a one-eighty and just stared daggers at my cheesy grin
>smoldering, burning daggers
>fire’s even coming out of her mouth, flickering out from between her bared fangs
>literally the face of hell itself
>it’s intense enough to make me visibly flinch, the grin wiped clean off my face in an instant
>i’m fairly certain i shat my pants too
>she takes note of my fear, and that’s when i realize i’ve fucked up
>she’s flashing a grin now
>kitsune calls her over and the hound complies, casting one last predatory smirk in my direction as she leaves the building
>i’m a fucking idiot…

>the very next night
>because this shit couldn’t wait another week or two
>i was still trying to sort out my will for fuck’s sake
>a bit busier than usual, so that was nice
>helped me stay distracted from my inevitable doom
>but all good things must come to an end
>she showed up as expected
>later than last time, so i was getting hopeful
>no kistune with her this time
>double fuck
>she get’s in my line, despite transactions going slow and other available registers at self-scan area
>triple fuck
>go slower
>we catch each other’s eye
>she smirks
>go fucking slower
>Anne from the day shift would beat my current pace
>Anne is an 82 year old giant slug lady with one arm
>it’s why she only works as a greeter
>apparently the poor woman lost the limb in a factory machine she once ran at another job
>couldn’t pull out fast enough
>neither could her husband, which is how their eldest daughter came to be
>fucking bless them
>suddenly realize the hound is next in line
>fuck fuck fuck fuck
>“did you find everything you were looking for, today?”
>be casual, she can’t smell your fear
>or can she?
>mother of a fucking—
>“hello again, Anon
>she knows my goddamn name
>of course she does, i’m wearing a fucking name badge
>you devious bitch…
>“and yes, i think i did find what i was looking for…”
>leash and dog collar suddenly slammed on my conveyer belt
>not the kinky variety that we sell
>she’s buying the actual pet items
>she’s a wolf-type monster… a dog
>is it normal for hellhounds to have dogs?
>“…okay then”
>ring them up, starting with the leash
>“i do hope my new pet likes these… even if they were an afterthought”
>decide to humor the hound, seeing as she’s in a rather pleasant mood
>thought she’d be here for revenge
>“what’d you get, if i may ask?”
>she smiles, the expression unexpectedly genuine
>“oh, i have yet to pick him up… he’s a small little thing, has a bit more bark than bite if you get my meaning…”
>after bagging the leash i move on to the collar, letting her continue
>“i met him just the other day, but as soon as we interacted, i knew i just had to have him”
>i might be slow at times, but i’m not that slow
>i stop short of bagging the collar and glance up
>the most evil and mischievous, shit-eating grin ever seen was adorning her features, complete with smoking, bared fangs and eyes filled with utter maliciousness as flickering embers rolled from them
>she was talking about me
>“i’m certain you can understand, about how i just can’t wait to get him home and spoil the little guy~”
>audible gulp
>she isn’t serious, is she?
>“i… i would hope he’s compatible with you?”
>i couldn’t let her get under my skin… surely she’s bluffing, if only to scare me
>she lifts a claw to her chin, giving it a thoughtful tap as she pretends to think
>suddenly notice just how large her paws are, and how sharp those claws look
>she grins again
>“to be honest, we aren’t currently on the best of terms… we got off on a bad start, you see…”
>she leans slightly forward
>i lean slightly backward in turn
>“but it’s nothing a little training won’t fix… oh, and don’t worry, i plan to put plenty of love and affection into each lesson~”
>i’m done for…

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2 thoughts on “Heated Retail (Greentext)

  1. I’m impressed that you made a story entertaining with just dialogue as your main selling point. I really loved the humor, humor is really some of the hardest stories to write and you showed you have a good wit about it.

    I liked how Anon was despite being harassed was able to stay in control of the situation but also voicing his complaints, it made him feel more fleshed out. Hellen was also a thrill to read showing off her explosive temper really was the climax of the story, she really excited me.

    I have to say though that the formatting is jarring “>” does make my eyes hurt after a while. A little more description could have been nice especially concerning Hellen outfit

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