Hathor’s Lust

I awoke with a start, gasping for air as I sat up on the cold, hard surface I was lying on. Looking at myself, I noticed that I was still wearing the same clothing that I picked out earlier: plain white sneakers, off-white socks, well-used jeans, and a plain black t-shirt. Standing up, I look around the room and get my bearings. From what I can tell, the room is made of almost entirely hardened sandstone in a near-perfect 9-foot cube. A sconce with a burning torch sits about two-thirds up the wall in each corner, with an additional two torches sitting above the doorway on the far wall.
“Hello?” I call out, and the only response I get back is my own echo from wherever the hallway leads to.
A soft breeze blows through the tunnel, causing the torches on the walls to flicker slightly before they fill the room I’m in with their warm, orange glow. Looking down the hallway, I notice a strange glimmer of light at what I assume to be the other end, and with nothing else to do I decide to find out what it was. As I get closer I start to see more and more of the other room at the opposite end of the tunnel, and from what I can tell it’s at least twice as big as the one I woke up in. There are more torches in this room, although they are recessed slightly in the wall and don’t go all the way up to the ceiling, leaving the roof in a perpetual state of semi-darkness. The biggest object in the room, however, is the dais in the middle of the room. It’s about a meter off the ground, a series of two smaller steps leading up to it. In the middle there’s a small slab of sandstone, almost like an executive’s desk in an office high-rise.
Sitting behind this “desk” is a rather monstrous looking woman. For one, her hands are more akin to the paws of a lion, the golden yellow fur going all the way up to her shoulders. Her hippopotamus-like legs are propped up on top of the sandstone slab as she leans back in a rather casual, relaxed manner, showing off her slightly wider than average hips and incredibly thick thighs barely hidden underneath a slate gray cloth that protects her modesty. Her fire red hair cascades down past her shoulders, two large, green elfin ears sticking out of her hair even as she looks at me with a predatory grin.
“Took you long enough.” the mysterious woman says, the fire from the torches on the walls reflecting off of her fair skin as she sits up properly on what I assume is a stool. “I’ve been waiting here for several minutes now.”
“Where exactly am I?” I ask, looking at the woman behind the desk.
“You’re in the afterlife.”
“Afterlife?” I repeat. “You mean, like, Heaven?”
“Well, not quite.” she responds, lazily dragging a claw across the desk before absentmindedly staring at it while resting her chin in her other paw. “More of an in-between. Not quite Heaven, not quite Hell. You might call it ‘purgatory’. Before you say anything, yes, you are dead. That’s the whole point of the afterlife: finding out where you’re supposed to go next. Oh, and before you ask, you got t-boned while crossing through an intersection.”
“So if I’m in purgatory, and waiting for someone to tell me where I’m supposed to go next, then why are you hear?” I ask the woman in front of me.
She chuckles a bit, smiling at me and showing me the dozens of razor sharp teeth inside her mouth. “That’s exactly why I’m here. My name is Ammit.”
“The Egyptian goddess of the underworld?” I ask. Ammit simply gives me a soft smile in response. “Does that mean the others are real then too?”
“Of course.” she says
“Will I ever see any of them?” I ask Ammit.
“Depends on your judgment. I’d stay away from Loki though. He’s kind of a dick.”
“The Norse trickster god? You mean it’s not just the Egyptian gods that are real, but the Norse ones too?”
“The Greeks and the Romans as well. But that’s not why we’re here though.” Ammit responds, reaching underneath the desk and pulling out a simple brass weighing scale and a single feather.
She then holds one of her lion paws out to me, palm up. A glowing orb appears in her paw after a few moments, and she puts the orb in one of the pans on the end of the balancing arm before taking the feather and placing it into the empty plate on the other end. Ammit stares intently at the scale, watching the arm rock back and forth on its pivot before it finally stops. Staring at the scale a bit more, Ammit frowns slightly before tapping the bar with one of her claws, causing it to rock slightly before coming to a stop right where it was before.
“I-is something wrong?” I ask, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of my face.
“You’re the very first one who’s managed to pass.” Ammit says as she sits back up.
She holds her hand over the orb on the scale for a few moments before it disappears, and I feel a strange warmth in my chest right where my heart would be. I rub the area with my hand for a moment before looking back up at Ammit. “What now?” I ask.
“We wait.”
“Wait? For wha-” I start before the goddess behind the sandstone counter suddenly holds a paw up to silence me. She looks up at the ceiling for a moment before nodding slightly, slowly lowering her hand afterwards.
“You best come with me.” Ammit says, getting off of her chair before walking towards the wall behind the altar. With a wave of her hand, a doorway large enough to fit two people side-by-side rather comfortably opens up, and she looks back at me with an expectant gaze. “I’d hurry if I were you. I wouldn’t want to keep her waiting.”
“Her?” I ask as I look through the opening in the wall, but only inky blackness stares back at me.
“Yes. She’s chosen you, so if I were you I wouldn’t stand around and dissatisfy her like you are now.” Ammit says again.
With an audible swallow, I step past the threshold of the “door” and almost immediately the stony wall materializes behind me, sealing me off from where I came. At first, I can see absolutely nothing, but candles start to flicker to life, filling the room with soft light. I find myself in yet another room about the same size as the one I started in, except this one has a four-poster bed up against the wall on the far side of the room.
Behind the curtains surrounding the bed I can see a rather feminine silhouette resting on the bed. The woman on the bed adjusts herself slightly, reaching over to what I assume is a nightstand to light a candle before she pauses.
“Well don’t just stand there dear,” the honeyed words of the bed’s occupant calls out to me, “come and join me.” Apprehensively I start to walk towards the comfortable looking bed when she calls out to me again. “Oh, and change into something a little more appropriate, would you? I don’t want to get sand in the sheets.”
Looking around, I don’t notice any sort of dresser for clothing or some sort of robe hanging off of a hook, so I simply strip down to my boxers and carry my clothing to the foot of the bed before neatly folding everything and placing it on top of my shoes. I draw the curtain back and immediately stop in my tracks, my mouth hanging open slightly as I finally get a good look at the person on the bed.
One of the first things I notice about her is the fact that her legs aren’t exactly humanoid. She has cloven hooves in place of toed feet, and dark reddish brown fur covering her oddly-jointed legs from her “ankle” all the way to her upper thigh, and the tuft of fur on the end of her bovine tail is a similar shade of red, if perhaps a touch darker. Looking elsewhere, I notice that her hips are almost impossibly wide, “motherly” in fact; the kind of hips a man would dream of his partner having. The second and third thing I noticed about the woman currently smiling at me is the fact that her breasts are easily bigger than either of our heads, and the dark brown nipples sitting proudly atop each perfect mound are plainly visible through the thin white silk garment she’s wearing. She continues to look up at me with her deep, shimmering emerald eyes, smiling a bit wider before she begins to chuckle.
“Well don’t just stand there, sit down and relax.” the woman says again, brushing a lock of auburn hair behind a cow-like ear as she smooths out the bedsheets next to her. I cautiously climb up onto the bed and sit down next to her, keeping a respectable distance between the two of us. My efforts were for naught however, as the fair-skinned cow woman scoots a little bit closer to me.
“No need to be shy.” she says softly as she gently touches my hand with hers. “I won’t bite.”
“S-sorry,” I stutter as I shift uncomfortably on the pillowy bed, “I’m just not-”
“Used to it?” the woman beside me quips. “Being dead, I mean.”
“N-no, not that.” I say. “I mean I’m not used to being in this situation. I-in the same bed with a girl.” I continue, coughing into my fist afterward to clear my throat. “A, uh, a pretty one.”
The woman next to me blushes ever so slightly, her cheeks glowing with the barest hint of cherry red before she giggles. “Oh, you’re too kind, dear. If it makes you feel any better, you’re the first one that’s been in this room besides me.”
“Uh, th-thank you.”
“Oh, gosh, how could I forget?” she says slightly exasperatedly. “My name’s Hathor. I’m sure Ammit’s already filled you in on everything else.” Hathor says.
“More or less.” I respond. “I’m apparently in purgatory, and all the Egyptian, Norse, Roman, and Greek gods and goddesses are actually real. Also I was apparently the first to pass Ammit’s ‘judgment’, whatever it was.”
“Oh don’t mind her, that’s probably just her husband rubbing off on her. She likes to mess with new arrivals a lot.”
“Husband? Arrivals?” I ask.
“Ah, yes. ‘Arrivals’.” Hathor starts. “Dead people, spirits, souls, yadda yadda yadda.” she says, waving her hand about a little bit. “People who recently died, passed away, whatever. They arrive in a room much like the one you did, and Ammit ‘passes judgment’ on them. Really it’s just to figure out if the person’s affinity is with the Egyptian, Norse, Greek, or Roman pantheon.”
“And her ‘husband’?” I inquire, adjusting my position on the bed slightly, sitting up a bit more as my nerves start to calm down a little bit.
“Oh, don’t mind him. Kek’s been busy with a bunch of mortals lately. He’s actually quite happy about it too after being forgotten for so long.”
“What about your husband?” I ask Hathor.
“I don’t have one yet. I’ve been waiting for the right man.” Hathor breathes, looking at me with partially lidded eyes. “One who’s handsome, kind, and pure of heart.” she smiles, climbing onto my lap as her silk robe falls away, exposing the bare skin of her huge breasts. “And he’s finally arrived.” she whispers huskily before cupping my cheeks in her soft hands and kissing me deeply.
Her plump lips lock with mine, making my entire body go stiff as Hathor holds the embrace. She presses her curvaceous body against mine eagerly, her immense breasts compressing against my chest as my hands slowly start to explore her luscious form. Moaning in my mouth, Hathor starts to rock her hips, grinding her pelvis into my groin as my fingers find the smooth curves of her extensive rear end. Gasping for breath, Hathor pulls away for a moment before our mouths crash back together, our tongues becoming entangled as passion overtakes us. Rather reluctantly, Hathor breaks the kiss between us, looking deep into my eyes before smiling lewdly. Leaning forward, she kisses me again for a moment before pulling away, crawling off my lap as she kisses my skin all the way down my torso to my groin.
As she gets closer and closer to the tent I’ve erected in my boxers, her breathing gets heavier and heavier before she’s panting heavily as my bulge stares her in the face. Pressing her face against my crotch, she breathes in deeply before biting her lower lip and slowly pulls my boxers down. Free of its cotton prison, my stiff manhood springs up and hits Hathor on the nose, making her wince in surprise before grinning widely. With a wave of her hand, my underwear disappears completely along with the last remnants of her outfit before she shimmies a bit lower, resting her heavy bosom in my lap and trapping my cock in the valley of her cleavage.
With a lecherous wink, Hathor grabs a handful of her breasts in each hand, squeezing her chest together and lifting the heavy orbs off of my pelvis. With a quiet moan, she lets her breasts slide back down into my lap, smearing my precum all over the inner curves of her chest before grabbing her tits again and repeating the process. Glistening with sweat and my precum, Hathor’s breasts slap wetly in my lap as she drags them up and down my quivering length, moaning throatily whenever my member throbs in her warm cleavage. Unable to hold out any longer under her ministrations, I groan in ecstasy as my cock twitches, spurting my hot, sticky cum in between Hathor’s breasts. Gasping in delight, she squeezes out every single drop of my seed with her massive boobs, pumping my cock in and out as my seed puddles in the valley of her cleavage. Chuckling slightly, Hathor scoops up some of my cum with a dainty finger before sucking on it with her plump lips, making a wet pop as she pulls her digit out of her mouth.
“Mmm,” she hums as I start to go soft, my manhood disappearing into the dark crevasse in between her tits, “just the way I like it.” she says. “Shame you couldn’t last. I like my men being able to keep up with me.” Hathor whispers, even as her hand dances in the air over my crotch. “But no matter, I have just the thing to fix that.” she declares as a soft glow emanates from her fingertips.
Suddenly, a dull, aching warmth spreads from my groin, and I groan out as I feel myself rapidly hardening again. The tip of my member just barely peaks out above Hathor’s breasts, and I subconsciously moan as I feel my balls churning, brewing up an immense load thanks to the goddess’ magic. The blissful warmth continues for a few seconds before it slowly fads, leaving my rock-hard shaft throbbing in the valley of Hathor’s immense cleavage.
“Mmm, yes, that’s more like it.” Hathor coos, stroking my cock with one hand, making it twitch in her fingers and causing a slight moan to escape past my lips. “Oh, don’t worry dear,” Hathor says, teasing me even further as she gives my throbbing length a gentle squeeze, “I won’t keep you waiting for long.”
Backing up on the bed a little bit further, Hathor lowers her face down towards my cock, giving the tip a quick kiss before slipping the head into her mouth. More and more of my length passes Hathor’s full lips before the head of my shaft presses against the back of her throat. With a short wink, Hathor relaxes her throat, allowing more of my cock to slip past until her nose is pressed up against my crotch. With a short gurgle, she pulls back, making obscene slurping noises as her head bobs up and down in my lap. She hums appreciatively when I gently place a hand on top of her unruly red hair, and redoubles her efforts as she blows me like a sex-starved succubus. She occasionally gags around my cock as it enters and exits her esophagus, and she giggles slightly when I grab the back of her head with both of my hands before gently forcing her deeper into my crotch.
Grasping my hips, Hathor looks up at me with a cock-filled smile before I feel her wide tongue wrap and curl around my rock hard shaft while her head bobs up and down. Wanting to take some control of the situation, I entangle my fingers in her fiery red hair and start bucking my hips slightly, pushing my cock into her throat a little bit further. I start to lose control, face fucking Hathor as she sucks on my cock as hard as she can, hollowing out her cheeks until I roughly shove her down to the base, my manhood erupting straight into her gullet as she hums throatily around my quivering length. I slowly lose the grip on her head, but Hathor simply picks up the slack and starts to bob up and down on my cock again even as I fill her mouth and throat with warm ropes of cum. Runnels of my seed escape past the seal of Hathor’s lips as I overflow her waiting maw, cumming for at least a minute while making her cough occasionally as thick ropes squirt out of her nose every now and then. Pulling off of my shaft, Hathor lets me cover her beautiful face and huge breasts with hot, sticky wads of alabaster spunk, gasping and moaning each time my member twitches in her hand while giving it an appreciative squeeze or pump every time I shoot another load onto her smooth skin. Eventually though, my body slows down and only a small trickle of cum dribbles out of my shaft before Hathor gives it a gentle suckle as she cleans off my manhood before moving to her face and chest.
“Oooh, yes, that was so much better.” Hathor moans as she climbs into my lap, grinding her hips against my still-hard rod. “Still though,” she says as she reaches down to grab my cock and align it with her needy slit, “you and I know we both want more.” she whispers hungrily into my ear before lowering herself onto my shaft.
With each passing inch, Hathor and I moan in each other’s ears until she finally bottoms out with a soft squelch. Hathor shudders hard when I grab her heavy breasts with my hands and plant my mouth on top of one of them, sucking on her stiff nipple. Almost immediately, sweet, warm milk trickles out from her breast to coat my tongue, causing me to instinctively pull harder on her breast. Hathor coos in my ear as I nurse from her heavenly bosom, and she gently holds the back of my head as I continue to suckle on her teat.
Grabbing onto my shoulder with her other hand, Hathor starts to raise herself up on my manhood, gasping in delight when I grab her huge ass in my hands and tug her back down onto my cock. With each ebb and flow of creamy milk from her breast, Hathor raises her hips up off of my pelvis before I pull her back down and fill her insides up with my twitching rod. Bucking my hips, I start to meet Hathor halfway, our groins clapping together wetly as we grunt with the effort, her expansive ass jiggling with each impact as her colossal bosom threatens to pop out of my mouth. With each successive thrust, Hathor’s pussy gets wetter and wetter as her voice gets higher and higher until she’s all but constantly moaning for me to fuck her harder.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god! Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! P-please, f-fuck me harder! I-I-I think I’m gonna cu-ah-ah-ah-ah!” Hathor screams before her pussy suddenly clamps down on my cock and her entire body shudders in unbridled ecstasy as I ride her through a mind-blowing orgasm.
Collapsing into my chest, Hathor weakly moans in my ear as she holds on for dear life as my prick saws in and out of her quivering pussy. Her entire body shudders with delight when my groin slaps against hers, her words of encouragement a barely coherent mess as I grunt with exertion when I get an idea. With a bit of effort, I lift her incredibly curvy body off of me and nudge her onto her hands and knees before shimmying up behind her and aligning myself with her soaked gash. Grabbing the base of my cock with one hand, I line the tip of my shaft up with her pussy before gently easing my entire length inside her, my pelvis meeting her wide hips and large ass with a quiet slap. Grabbing her slappable butt with both hands, I resume fucking Hathor, growling slightly whenever our bodies slap against each other.
“P-please, m-more. I – ah – I need more.” Hathor whispers tiredly, her breath catching in her throat as I squeeze her voluptuous behind with my hands while fucking her ever so slightly harder.
Grunting even harder, I start to pound Hathor from behind, rutting with her like a wild animal as I piston my massive cock in and out of her sodden box. Crude, wet slaps ring out in the room as I fuck the woman in front of me as hard as I can, my grunts of effort getting louder and louder until I finally find release. With a heavy groan, I bury my cock up to the hilt inside Hathor’s pussy, unloading a torrent of seed directly into her darkest depths while madly humping the cow-woman. Going on autopilot, my body works as hard as it can to breed the female I’m currently coupled with, my hips rocking back and forth with a blur as the head of my shaft kisses Hathor’s cervix over and over again. With each successive thrust, I shoot another massive load of cum directly into her womb, filling it up to the brim after only a few short bursts.
“Yes! Yes! Give me more! I want more! Fill me with your seed!” Hathor screams before I reach forward and grab her hair, roughly pulling her up and kissing her hard while groping her humongous chest.
Even as the two of us lose ourselves to the throes of passion, my body goes into overdrive as I shoot more and more of my cum into Hathor’s greedy snatch. With each sticky glob of semen, Hathor moans into my mouth as she pushes her ass into me harder, heavy rivulets of jizz squirting out around my cock as I thrust against her over and over again. Letting go of her shivering body, I shove Hathor forward before pressing my chest up against her back, my mind sinking into a deep, deep rut as I pack her full of my spunk.
As her ass continually jiggles under the onslaught and her massive breasts swing pendulously underneath her, Hathor weakly calls out. “Please…” she moans as I continue to hump her madly. “C-claim me fully. I-I want you to mark me as yours…” Hathor whispers.
Grabbing her ass in both hands, I spread Hathor’s cheeks apart, pulling out of her abused snatch before plunging my cock balls deep inside her dark pucker. Her eyes go wide and her breath catches in her throat as my crotch slaps wetly against her rear end, and she groans in bliss as I pull out before slamming back home again.
“Yessss!” Hathor hisses through her teeth as I resume fucking her from behind. “Don’t – ungh – don’t stop, stud. Please, do-oh-oh-on’t stop fucking me…” she grunts as my manhood plunges in and out of her huge ass.
Groping her slappable cheeks, I squeeze the doughy flesh in my fingers and rut against Hathor, working to impregnate her unsullied hole with my cum. With an animalistic growl, I lean forward and bite down on Hathor’s cow-like ear, filling her previously unclaimed hole with my seed. Finally, my body finally slows down and I pull out of Hathor’s body, a cascade of jizz oozing out of both of her holes as I give her a few more blasts across her back before covering her ass with the last dregs of my intense, nerve-wracking climax.
Not caring about the state she’s in, or the fact that my cock is still as stiff as a steel girder, I pull Hathor up to me as I fall onto the bed. Her wide, sticky hips press against my crotch, and I shuffle myself around a bit before my cock slips in between her thick, juicy thighs as I wrap my arms around her torso and hug her lovingly.
“Hathor?” I say after waiting to catch my breath for a few minutes.
“Y-yes?” she responds, twisting around to look at me.
“Why did you pick me?” I ask her apprehensively.
“To tell you the truth, I’m not entirely sure.” Hathor responds as she looks over her shoulder at me. “I just had a good feeling about you I suppose. From what Ammit told me, you never did anything truly bad, and whenever you wronged someone you were quick to apologize and admit your mistake. I appreciate that in a man. In anyone really; the ability to know when you are wrong and realize when you hurt someone, emotionally or physically.”
“Thank you. That actually means a lot to me.” I say, giving Hathor a quick squeeze.
“Plus, from what just happened, you’re really good in bed too.” she grins, giggling lightly as my face starts to flush red. “Hold me?” she whispers as she rolls over, and I wrap my arms around her in a loving hug as we fall asleep in each other’s arms.


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