Harem Heroes: Heaven’s Gold Spear / chapters 22-24

Here we are with another late installment of Harem Heroes: the Heaven’s Gold Spear. David is now firmly in Delilah’s camp, but he’s having doubts about his shifting allegiances. He’s also not sure how to act around so many monsters, not used to feminine attention. How will he respond when Delilah springs her trap for him?

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Chapter 22: Bonfire Bonding and Shadowy Potions

Delilah laid naked in her bed with a smile of satisfaction so wide it began to hurt. Lying next to her was the once pure Ophelia, fur now black and horn now split. Her beauty was undeniable, and Delilah was quite proud to have seduced such a lovely creature. She gazed wistfully at Ophelia’s soft bosom and the slight sheen of sweat covering her. She seemed straight out of a painting she was so without flaw.

The demon got up out of her plush bed and stretched a bit, her wings flapped a few times to work out the kinks. David had brought a lot of trouble he was no doubt unaware of with his presence. Many of the girls wanted him, and Delilah had caught on that no matter what team he was put on, the one without him would suffer emotionally. She needed everyone in top shape, and so she had been working on combating this little problem. Part of that was leaving David be, and drawing his own conclusions.

She knew he’d be confused, and ultimately reject Ophelia’s advances. She also knew Ophelia would come to her for advice. And she knew that all unicorns had a “built in sharing mode” as Trixie called it. With Ophelia now a bicorn, she could put this matter to rest.

And, if she was honest, take David for her own too.

She hadn’t had the chance to really sit down and get to know him, but listening to the more in-depth reports by Yuura and Arsa, combined with her brief encounters showed a prudent and careful man with plenty of intelligence. The exact kind of man she wanted. She liked how cute he was too of course. With how well she was getting along with Ophelia, she was sure they would all be living happily ever after very soon.

She hugged herself tightly, praising how very devious and clever she was. A happily ever after harem with sexy girls and one hot wizard were the things of her dreams! Monogamy was nice too, of course, but she had always secretly wondered how her friends would be in bed. Now, she wouldn’t just wonder.

She put on her clothes, and got ready for the next step. Trixie would be back soon, and Delilah was eager to get started. She gave the slumbering Ophelia a kiss on the forehead and covered her up as she left her tent with a satchel. Trixie seemed to be waiting at the entrance, a big wicked grin on her face.

“So… sharing mode activated eh? Nice. Was it hot?”

“How long have you been out here?”

“…not long.”

Delilah shared her adoptive sister’s grin and rustled her hair.

“You’re incorrigible. So is Ivanka done with what I asked?”

Trixie batted away Delilah’s hand and tried to fix her hair with a pout on her face.

“Yeah, she’s done. Said she only could make one potion though. There weren’t but one doppelganger in the whole camp ‘n she was mighty hard t’find. Least, that’s what she said.”

“Only one? I find that hard to believe. Oh well, so long as we have one potion.”

“Yeah… about that. I don’t think she knows what cha want to do with it.”

“Oh? And you do?”

“Well,” Trixie looked past Delilah and towards her tent, a lecherous grin on her face. “I think I might have an idea.”

Delilah stayed silent as she began to head towards Ivanka’s tent. But after a few steps, she noticed Trixie hiding something behind her diminutive form in the corner of her eye. Thinking it was a prank, Delilah deftly stole it with a flick of her tail.

Trixie, in a flurry of panic flew forward in a frenzy. She was held at bay with a single lazy hand on her head.

“So, li’l sis, what do we have here?”

Delilah found a basket, with a pink cover on top. Removing it, she found a dozen cupcakes with purple icing and small prisoner fruits, like little pink hearts, adorning it. They were quite cute.

“Aw. Trixie, who are these for I wonder?”

Trixie didn’t say a word, instead she flipped over Delilah’s hold and grabbed hold of the basket, flying away in a huff. Delilah just shook her head. The little darling was too cute sometimes, always trying to be tough when she was just a sweet little devil. Delilah batted her own wings, and took off, eager to get her plans underway.

Ivanka’s tent was plain, unadorned, and overall unimpressive. She had not decorated it or modified it at all since the standard model was given to her. Delilah gave a shrug as she landed amongst a whirlwind of snow. Ivanka was a taciturn creature who didn’t like adornment or decoration. She didn’t even like to wear anything except her ragged cloak. But she was still a very helpful and considerate being. Otherwise Delilah would not have made her a general.

As Delilah slipped inside, she took notice that the lich had made ample opportunity to improve the functionality of her tent. Long tables filled with beakers, glass bottles and strange bubbling liquids. Brass scientific and magical instruments littered the interior to such an extent that Delilah couldn’t see but a few feet in front of her. It was much like a maze. She called out for the lich, but received no response.

As she rounded a table with a glass container dripping an orange fizzing liquid into a large brass basin, she found the lich relaxing on her bed with a book in hand.

“I was calling out to you, dear. Did you hear?”

“Yes. But I knew you’d find me.”

“How? You’ve cluttered this place so much it seems a labyrinth.”

“And yet here you are.”

Delilah could have continued the conversation, but knew from experience it would be useless.

“Trixie told me you finished the potion?”

Ivanka nodded and pointed to a phial on a table near Delilah. Inside was a fizzing black potion. Delilah took it up with unhidden glee.

“Amazing! You have no idea how much this is going to help.”

“Oh I think I know. Trixie mentioned you were up to some scheme of yours. I told her I found it unsurprising. You’ve been scheming ever since I met you. Id be concerned if you weren’t up to something.”

“I only ever scheme for the advancement of our cause dear, you know that.”

“And seducing the wizard advances our cause how?”

“Its more complicated than that.”

“I suppose it always is. But you were the one telling Alexandra to calm down. I think you ought to take your own advice. From what I hear, he fancies the unicorn anyway.”

Delilah laughed at that. Ivanka, face blank, put down her book and positioned herself towards Delilah, small naked body spread languidly under her ragged cloak.

“What’s so amusing my Lady?”

“You are very intelligent, Ivanka, but you don’t know everything. I’ve been working to get the wizard to marry not just me. But the unicorn too.”

Ivanka’s normal passive face shifted just the slightest amount in understanding.

“…a bicorn… interesting. You know it won’t stop with just you two? A bicorn’s power can create a harem of up to six. If you seduced her yourself, rather than let it happen the old-fashioned way… her power would be undiluted. Much more women than six. Very dangerous. Explains why you wanted the potion at any rate.”

“Clever little Ivanka, always able to read between the lines. Changing the subject, would you be interested in sharing the little guy? He’s quite smart. Something I know you’d appreciate.”

“No. I’m not really interested in sharing. I’ll leave him to you. Very soon I’ll have my own anyway. Speaking of which, have you given my proposal any thought?”

“Of turning the whole city into a duchy of the undead? No, I don’t think that will be necessary. We’re quite well equipped. Just make sure your soldiers are ready. Camp will be taken down tomorrow and moved in front of the city walls the day after the teams go after the artifacts. You and Naruko will head the charge. Alexandra and Calypso will be with me.”

Ivanka nodded and picked her book back up, apparently done talking. Delilah thanked her once more before leaving with the potion. She was quite eager for tomorrow. Soon, things would be finally coming together.


David and John laughed as the last of the bottle was emptied.

“So you never knew his name? He just called himself by titles?”

“Pretty much. Silver Crown of the east, Uh… Viridian Flame… I can’t remember what else. Anyway, we couldn’t touch the guy. Tried everything we had. He’s the guy that petrified us.”

“Well then, can’t top that. I got a black eye once when my quartermaster caught me playing with the swords unsupervised. Father didn’t punish him. Said I deserved it.”

“That’s harsh for a boy, but I suppose its wise not to play with swords.”

“That was most of my life. Good lessons, but harsh punishments.”

It was then that David noticed the bottle was empty. John was none too happy about it either. Persephone took the bottle as David placed it aside and began to play with it. Nona soon joined her.

“Those two look more like proper monsters every day.” Said John.

“If by ‘proper monster’ you mean buxom women, then yes. I’m actually pretty worried about what happens when they fully change. From my point of view they’re like pets, I wouldn’t want that to change too much.”

“I think you ought to just embrace it, personally. I’ve had a much nicer time of things not worrying about what’s proper. I spent most of my life doing that, and its freeing to just embrace love.”

“Sounds like you’re going native.”

“Maaaaybe.” John gave a chuckle. “Ah. We’re out of beer. Damn.”

“Make room for four more?”

David and John were surprised to find Lakshmi, Annabelle, Calypso, and Alexandra standing in the snow each with a basket of some kind. David was weary, as these four had been following him for the past two days. Lakshmi and Alexandra were lively talkers. Though, Alexandra was rough and course, and Lakshmi was sweet and mild-mannered. Calypso and Annabelle were rather quiet. Annabelle so much so he had only ever heard her say one word at a time.

“Actually, I think it best for me to go. We’re leaving tomorrow… so I better get some sleep in right?” He made to leave, but was stopped when Lakshmi stepped into his stride, pressing her scantily-clad form against his body as she hooked both arms around his neck.

“Oh Mr. David, don’t be like that. We just wanted to share in some quality time before our mission. Besides-” She began circling her finger on his chest, a sweet smile on her lips. “You’ve been avoiding us ever so much. We thought we might ease your mind with some gifts.”

It was then that each of them revealed what was in their baskets. In Lakshmi’s were crystal bottles with a milky liquid, similar to what flowed over her legs and wrists. In Alexandra’s was a bottle of some wine, a wedge of cheese, and loaf of bread. In Calypso’s were new boots, of very fine make, and in Annabelle’s was a single golden arrow.

Suddenly David felt very guilty. He’d done nothing to garner their affections, and he could tell that they were expensive gifts all. For the cupid to give up one of it’s arrows seemed especially harrowing. He was not worth all the trouble. He tried to return the smile, but it came across as a grimace. Lakshmi’s face fell at his response.

“You don’t like them?” She asked softly, her eye’s already filling with tears.

“No! No. Not- I mean. I do. I do. They’re very fine gifts. Very fine. Aren’t they John?”

John nodded, a smile on his face.

“Oh assuredly. In fact, I say we celebrate your gifts right now and open that bottle of wine the chimera’s got.”

That caused Alexandra to smile her toothy grin.

“Hey yeah! No need to break up the party just cuz of us! C’mon Davy, let’s have some fun before we all split up!”

“Please don’t call me Davy, and I appreciate it, but-”

He was cut off when Alexandra pulled him and Lakshmi into a side hug.

“Aw c’mon! it’s a big bottle! And you and me never get a chance to talk! Did I tell you the time a wrestled a dragon into submission? It was awesome!”

David didn’t have the chance to say no. Alexandra was massively powerful, and forced him and Lakshmi to sit back down. Persephone and Nona seemed to enjoy this, and immediately began playing with the apsara and chimera’s hair. David tried to get them to stop, but Lakshmi and Alexandra assured him it was fine. David was not blind to the basilisk that coiled near him and the cupid who sheepishly squatted near his end of the log. The result was a lopsided arrangement with John alone on the other end.

However, he didn’t seem to mind so much. Instead he joined in the girls’ ribbing and teasing. He encouraged Alexandra to go in detail with her story, and deftly took the bottle from her. In no time at all, the bottle was passing around the fire. David found it tantalizingly sweet, and it induced a pleasant intoxication that seemed to still leave him in control of facilities. Calypso and Lakshmi shared stories too, and David slowly but surely started to get comfortable.

Calypso had been an only child, and left her parents at thirteen. She’d wandered the continent alone for some time. She had been even more introverted then. She’d wanted companionship badly, but could never bear to be near anyone. It was Delilah that found her, and then brought her in to what had been the startings of her army. If Calypso was to be believed, this camp of thousands had once been a band of only twenty.

Alexandra was also an only child, which David found curious. He voiced his concern and found that apparently not all the kinks were worked out of succubizing monsterkind. It was actually rather difficult for them to conceive, which was why despite their randiness, they did not overcome humans in population. Alexandra went through her many adventures, including the aforementioned wrestling of a dragon. Apparently, she had also raced a harpy, arm-wrestled an ogre, and went toe to toe with an Ice Queen.

“You still lost.” Annabelle whispered, breaking her silence.

David turned to her, curious.

“Then how did you all get away?”

Alexandra huffed, “Well I mean, eventually she got me sure, but without me the plan would never have worked! And I gave pretty good.”

“But without me it never would have worked. We could have replaced you with any other powerful monster.”

It was then that the two began arguing in earnest. More so Alexandra than Annabelle. David found this situation much more comfortable than the flirting. It actually reminded him a bit of Danny and Kris. It caused him to smile, seeing them just act like normal people. They seemed far less strange and alien. He knew they weren’t normal of course. Besides their inhuman features, they were also inhumanly beautiful. It had unnerved him at first, and made him feel inadequate with how average he was. Especially with all the attention lavished on him.

But with them all just… hanging out, it felt okay. Felt good. When Lakshmi nestled up next to him, he didn’t even think as he placed a hand around her. The night rolled on and David felt as if he should, much like John, go native.

Chapter 23: Preparations Complete

The next day was the day they’d been waiting for. David awoke in his tent with a slight headache. He didn’t remember making his way back, though if that was due to drunkenness, or because someone carried him home he wasn’t sure. He found everyone’s baskets near his bed, the bottle of wine empty, but the other gifts intact. He still felt the slightest bit guilty accepting them, but he knew they’d be offended if he didn’t.

He decided to use the cheese and bread from Alexandra’s basket as his breakfast, which he found quite delicious. He hadn’t had cheese like it before. He had assumed it was cheddar from the yellow color, but it was a sweet tangy sensation wholly unlike anything he’d ever tasted. He’d later find out that it came from the milk of a holstaur, a cow-like monster related to the minotaur. He found another basket in his tent, that he didn’t recognize. This one was filled with cupcakes. They had purple icing and small fruits on them like the one he had fed to Nona and Persephone, pink, translucent, and heart-shaped.

There was a note pinned to the side, which he promptly took and read.

“I’m sorry for calling you short.


          P.S. I like short guys”

He let out a bit of a chuckle. Did she realize how ridiculous she was? He gave a shrug and took a bite out of a cupcake. It was beyond what he expected. He’d never had the opportunity to indulge in pastries and sweets, but this seemed leaps and bounds above them all. The fruit in particular was so succulent, he felt at once it had to be magic in some sense. He paid closer attention to it, noticing the more nuanced details. The skin was transparent, and the inner flesh was a soft, fluffy, milk white. The sweet, sticky juice made him hunger for more, and before he knew it, he ended up eating the fruits off the other cupcakes.

With his stomach full, he took Calypso’s boots and put them on. He took Lakshmi’s bottle, and Annabelle’s arrow and placed them in the pocket of his trousers and the loop of his belt respectively. With a flourish, he placed Ophelia’s white cloak on over his clothes.

He felt guilty putting on that cloak. He hadn’t seen Ophelia after he had run away from her. God, what kind of man was he? Running away from a kiss? He had to make it right. He left his tent in search of Ophelia, to make things right. Maybe he couldn’t return her affections right this moment, but she didn’t deserve to be humiliated like that. She deserved a clear answer.

As David began walking the camp he noticed that Persephone and Nona were missing. He thought that exceedingly strange considering they had been on him like young pups since he had let them out of their bottles. He also noticed other odd things. The camp was being taken down.

Everywhere he turned tents were pulled down, stored in mundane bundles, arcane scrolls, and everything in between. Centaurs clad in full plate marched in rows directing everyone while headless knights marched behind with their heads under their arms. It was completely unlike anything he’d seen in the camp before. It was organized, very well organized. He had begun thinking that there was no order at all to the monster legions.

Walking along the path behind the dullahan and centaurs were Delilah, Calypso, Alexandra, and two others he hadn’t seen before. A diminutive girl with pale blue skin and white hair wearing nothing but a ragged cloak, and a busty woman with a bushy tail and animal ears wearing a kimono.

He observed them quietly as they gave out orders, many of which he couldn’t understand. As they approached, Delilah caught his eye and smiled at him. She waved with a smile on her face and he returned the gesture. She turned to the two girls he didn’t recognize and seemed to give them final orders before walking over. She had a new outfit on, this one far more modest, yet not the least bit less beautiful. Black and white, furred collar. It actually was covering her stomach, arms, and legs, though it did of course have a deep neckline, going down near to her naval. The juxtaposition seemed to make it even more alluring than her usual revealing attire. Leather gloves and boots with silver buckles completed the look

Alexandra wore ornamental plate armor, that was the best way to describe what she was wearing. It was plate armor that seemed to hug her womanly figure, including her ample bosom and flared waist. It still covered her head to toe, of course, and was gilded with gold. She had no shield or sword, and her breast plate had no back, allowing her large draconic wings to breath free. Her viper tail also had steel plates along it. Around her neck was a fur mantle that matched her blonde hair, almost like a lion’s mane.

Calypso wore the same loose-fitting plum shirt David had always seen her in. He greeted them all courteously.

“Hello Delilah, Alexandra, I like your new clothes, they look very fetching on you. Calypso, you’re looking beautiful as always.”

Calypso, despite her mask, looked away blushing regardless. Alexandra smiled wide.

“Thank ye, for your courtesy David! I appreciate it mightily!”

David gave Alexandra a confused look.

“Er, your welcome?”

“Be not confused, my liege. I am Alex. We have not yet formally been introduced. But I have admired you behind mine eyes from afar. You are a most noble man, and I am glad to share in this body.”

Delilah saw David yet still confused and decided to put him out of his misery.

“Alexandra, as a chimera, has four personalities. They all answer to Alexandra, but only the dragon aspect of her actually has that name. The lion aspect has the name Alex, the snake, Alexis, and the goat Alexa. They’re all very sweet, though. Alexandra takes the lead most of the time, save when clearer heads need to prevail. Like today. Which is why Alex is at the forefront.”

“It is as Lady Delilah says, my lord.” Said Alex.

“Ah. Well, I’m not a lord, but thank you. So, Delilah, where are the others?”

“They’re waiting for us at my tent. It’ll be here waiting for us when we get back. I was just giving final orders to Ivanka and Naruko. They’re taking on extra duties since Calypso and Alex will be with us.”

“They’ll need to start the siege without us, sadly” Calypso said wistfully.

“Were you looking forward to it?” asked David.

“Yes, a little bit. I find fighting rather fun. Not as much as Alex does, but I enjoy it.”

“Hmm. Maybe it’s a little less bloody in this era, but from my experience fighting is not the most pleasant of activities.”

“You two can discuss battle later. Right now, we need to get a move on. We don’t know how long we have until Silas goes for the artifacts.”

“If that were the case shouldn’t we have headed out two days ago?”

Delilah ignored the comment and instead lead the three past the working army and back toward the lone tent among the snow and mud. Delilah’s was the only one left as all the other hundreds of tents were packed and stored away. Standing in front of the tent were Nona and Persephone, smiling. That confused David quite a bit, since when did they have so much autonomy?

They also seemed… more defined. Persephone seemed a crystal statue of a young goddess, her ‘hair’ trailing behind her undulating with life. Her eyes were a sparkling blue the color of the ocean. Nona, seemed more defined as well, her earthen body solid and black with nutrients. On top of her head was growing that same strange pink fruit, peaking out of waist-length leaf growth that resembled hair. Her breasts were as big as Delilah’s, though her hands retained the overly-large claw-like look. Her eyes were a shimmering green the color of emerald.

“Persephone? Nona? What are you doing here?”

“We wanted to observe the others before they left, master.” Said Nona.

“Also, we wanted more of that fruit. It’s very good.” Said Persephone.

David hadn’t expected an answer. He’d never heard them talk before, and hadn’t expected it now. He realized at once that their transformation was complete. That they had become infused with the new Overlord’s influence same as the demon, basilisk, and chimera at his side. He didn’t know how he felt about that. He had liked them as they were, just vague shapes smiling at him and pretending to listen. Delilah on the other hand seemed far more enthused, and began to study them, tracing their arms, necks, and chests with a trailing finger.

“You two dears are so pretty! Persephone, was it? You’re like a fine aristocrat, small but lovely. Nona? Like a radiant queen, luscious and bountiful in all the right ways~”

“Delilah, could you stop ogling my elementals? I’d like to get this going.” David was in no mood for her shenanigans today.

However, his undine and gnome seemed to like the attention and smiled at the demon as she complimented their forms. When she acquiesced to David’ request, they immediately headed over to David to stand on either side of him, taking an arm and wrapping their arms around each. His ears burned red at the contact. He had grown used to the sight of beautiful woman, less so their touch. He did notice that both girls were about his height, as opposed to the other monsters, who towered over him by about a head.

Delilah ushered them all in quickly, apparently eager to get started. He imagined she had some sort of magical means to get both teams to their destinations quickly. Inside, Lakshmi, Annabelle, Yuurazha, Arsanggha, and Trixie were present. But there was no sign of Ophelia. David felt guilt overwhelm him at her absence. He should have made to speak to her before. He had meant to… but it had been easy to ignore yesterday around that fire.

“Where’s Ophelia?”

Delilah looked at him with a coy knowing smile. He knew instantly that she knew about the kiss yesterday, and his ears flushed red again.

“She’ll be here momentarily. In the mean time, I’ve given it some thought, and I know how to break up the teams. Those going after the Chalice are Alexandra, Yuurazha, Persephone, Annabelle, and Trixie. Those going after the Sands are Calypso, Arsanggha, Ophelia, myself, Nona, and Lakshmi.”

“Wait, what about me?” David wrangled out of the grip of his gnome and undine, confused at his omission.

“You’ll be going with both teams to keep up morale.” Delilah said with a smirk.

Before David could even ask what she meant by that, she produced a crystal phial with a bubbling black potion inside. He took it tentatively; not sure he should really comply.

“What is this?”

“It’s called a Potion of Shadows. It allows for a man to be in two places at once. Or more, depending on dosage.”

“Lady Delilah… Is that wise?” Yuura squirmed, not liking to interrupt. “That potion has a, um, side effect. And I don’t want poor sir to be um…”

Delilah waved her hand in a dismissal gesture.

“Don’t worry about that. This potion was made by our own Ivanka, not the Sabbath. She was able to remove that particular addition very well.”

David took the phial, though he still felt a bit nonplussed.

“Why wouldn’t you use this on your armies? To give you more soldiers?”

“You’ll find out after you drink it” said Delilah.

Normally he would have grumbled and asked more questions, but he was still feeling rather good from those cupcakes of Trixie’s. He gave a shrug and uncorked the phial. As he threw back his head and swallowed the potion, he was surprised at the pleasant taste and warm feeling flowing through his gullet. Almost instantly he began to shake, and the empty phial fell from his grasp.

Black smoke seemed to rise from David’s pores as sweat graced his brow. He fell short of breath, and his headache returned in full force. He dropped to the ground clutching his head, vision swimming. Then, all at once, as the black smoke covered him fully, he felt a snapping sensation. As if he had been going a great speed and stopped suddenly. As the smoke cleared he found himself staring into storm blue eyes set in a fair face. As he stood, so did the face. Brown hair, slight stubble… he realized all at once he was staring at himself.

When he pulled away, to look back on the monsters, his vision was assaulted by both the sight of the girls and him looking off at the side. As he closed his eyes, he found only one vision had vanished. He was still looking at the girls.

“What is-” he stopped, and glanced over at his double, who was also speaking. “Going on? It’s like I’ve got two bodies.”

“That’s because that’s what you have. A clone of a man wouldn’t mean much to a monster girl you know. They want their husband and their husband only. But sometimes they like to do things that require… extra appendages~” Delilah chuckled.

The other girls in attendance all blushed quite heavily. Save Trixie, who gave him a wink.

“So this is why you don’t give it to your soldiers.” David said, turning to his other self, or his original self… he couldn’t remember which was which. “I can feel everything. From both of me. I can see and hear, and I assume feel everything too.”

He opened his eyes and stared at himself again. He had never had a mirror, it was too expensive in his time, and he’d been rather busy ever since awakening in this era. It was an odd experience, controlling both bodies, feeling what both bodies felt. He touched and prodded both faces. This was going to take a lot of getting used to.

“Well, when you’re ready, David, we can get going. Trixie, bring out my Teleporter. Yuura, Arsa, if you could help her?”

The shoggoth, mindflayer, and devil all went to work going after an assortment of items in the corner of Delilah’s tent. Long metal rods, circles, glass orbs and crystals, instruments of every shape and size. David practiced looking in two locations at once, keeping up with the frantic fetching of parts. They began to assemble it all in the middle of the tent, all the girls moving and making room for them. Yuura was especially useful as she sprouted multiple tentacles and formed into various tools for construction. In a few minutes, a large circular metal contraption was built on the ground in the middle of the tent. Every few feet sprouted a glass bulb attached to a metal pole. At one end was a stand, with a map of the western continent, and a sliding magnifying glass attached on top with a red X and concentric circles engraved on it.

“I’ve never seen anything like this.” David said in stereo, still not used to choosing which body to speak with.

“It’s a magical instrument we monsters invented. It can’t transport much more than ten people at a time, and the apparatus itself is rather expensive, so we’re still stuck marching armies. But for scouts, or extractions, it’s ideal. Well, to an extent. Humans have managed to create barriers against magic like this. Which is why Yuura and Arsa are so prized for their abilities.”

David nodded one of his heads. Seeing them in action, he agreed that they were apt infiltrators.

Delilah directed everyone to stand back as she entered the metal circle laying on the ground. She fiddled with the magnifying glass, and moved it through the map, past Lorcaine, Azerath, and Norwind, into the Desert region some 1300 miles away.

“I’m giving it my best guess as to where the tomb is. It’s been a long time since I was told of all the sleeping pharaohs, and Zipporah was a bit of a footnote. Let’s see… yes, there.”

With a spark of dark red energy, the contraption came alive. The bulbs all began to emit lights of a deep blue, swirling and dancing and shifting as if they were underwater. A shimmer rose in the air all along the ring, and all at once Delilah seemed to become incorporeal, partly transparent and her form flickering as if it were a flame. There was a huge noise, like a raging storm coming from the machine.

She turned to all in the room and beckoned with a finger.

“It’s working! All those coming with me to Zipporah’s tomb, get in!”

David was still confused. What about Ophelia? No one else seemed concerned by her absence. Lakshmi, Calypso, and Arsanggha stepped forward into the middle of the metal circle. Nona stayed close by David’s side, awaiting his movements. David stayed where he was, not willing to leave without the unicorn. Delilah seemed rather calm about it, even smug. He thought she might ask him why he wasn’t getting in, but he could tell just from her eyes that she knew.

Only a few seconds passed when a centaur clad head to toe in black plate armor, grasping a black staff with a red crystal head, stepped into the tent. Confused, David asked the centaur what was wrong. He was surprised when the centaur opened it’s helm.

Ophelia gave him a wink and a flirty hello.

He noticed then that the helm she wore had three ornamental horns on top of it’s crown, the middle one holding her unicorn horn most likely.

“I-I’m glad you’re here.” It was all he could manage to say.

“We’ll talk later ok?” She smiled at him, and shared a look between both of his bodies. She had a confused look about her, but it soon vanished as she stepped inside the metal circle. The others seemed rather weary of her, as if her new armored appearance belayed a greater internal transformation.

With everything in place, David willed one of his bodies to walk inside the circle, and Nona followed after. As he did so, he became amazed at what he saw. Passing through the shimmering barrier, it seemed he was instantly transported to the middle of the desert region over a thousand miles away. He could still see Delilah’s tent and the others, though now they seemed phantom flames, flickering at the edge of the barrier much like Delilah and the others had.

In contrast, Delilah and those in the ring were solid and no longer flickering. With a smirk, Delilah spat out a spark of pink magical energy into the machine, and it vanished from view. David felt strange as he saw, from his other body’s eyes, Delilah, Nona, Ophelia, himself, Lakshmi, and Calypso vanish from view. He clutched his head as he felt a splitting headache overwhelm him. All at once the sensations from his other body vanished, leaving him feeling disoriented.

Chapter 24: David Succumbs

“Ugh. My head…”

Ophelia trotted over and placed a hand on David’s shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think so. I can’t feel my other self. I think that might be the distance.”

Delilah nodded. “I was afraid of that. But I don’t think the potion was really made with so much distance in mind. Too bad, too. It would have been useful to communicate with the other team.”

David’s pain faded as quickly as it had come on, and he gave a more concentrated look at where he was. The desert region was a place he had never traveled in his previous life. It had always been too far west and too far south. He had heard about it of course, home to countless ruins of an ancient people long forgotten. He could see in the distance, towering mountain peaks, but everywhere else was flat land bare of any sort of vegetation. Nothing but dust and sand, everywhere he looked. He also realized that it was very very hot.

At once he realized his white fur coat was going to do him no good here. He took it off and rolled up his sleeves. The relief was almost immediate.

“It’s pretty hot, maybe we ought to have brought Persephone? Finding water is going to be difficult.”

Calypso shook her head.

“No, elementals weaken in environments deficit of their respective element. Persephone is best going to the Winter Palace.”

David nodded, wiping the sweat already forming on his brow.

“Yeah, I think I did read about something like that once. Damn. It’s hot here. How far to the ruins Delilah?”

Delilah gave a gesture to wait as she fumbled through her clothes, looking for something. It was quite amusing to David as she used her tail to slip through her clothes looking for the mystery item too. In a few seconds, her tail retreated holding a small compass shaped object. It was brass, with what looked like a large diamond set where the glass should be. David couldn’t make out any arrows or directions under the diamond. As he came closer, he noticed small lights inside the glittering jewel. There were five of them clumped together. Out away from the cluster, however, was a dozen other lights, with one very strong light in the middle.

“So what’s this?” David asked.

“It’s a magic detecting device. Able to detect sources of magic up to 5 miles.”

Calypso leaned over, curious.

“How long have you had this Lady Delilah?”

“A while. Now, we’re the five here,” she pointed at the five lights clustered together. “I imagine its me, Ophelia, David, Nona, and Arsanggha. Calypso and Lakshmi aren’t magic users, so they wouldn’t show up. This stronger light here… that’s got to be the Chalice. Or, well… Zipporah.”

Lakshmi gave a little pout at that.

“Why would her light be so much stronger than everyone else’s?”

“Pharaohs are near god-like in power. Far beyond even a demon such as I. Let’s hope she’s still sleeping. Now, Arsanggha, can you hear anyone’s mind?”

The mindflayer screwed her face up in concentration, her tentacle-hair squirming with effort.

“That’s… strange. All I can hear is static.”

David didn’t like the sound of that.

“What does that mean?”

“It means someone, or something, is blocking my power. Otherwise I’d just hear silence.”

The group fell silent, not liking the implication. David wondered what the other group was doing right now, he hadn’t expected the teleportation to be so quick, so final.

“Alright, so, we’re 5 miles away right? If that’s the case, we best get moving. I’m like to have a stroke otherwise.”

Delilah looked like she had just remembered something and snapped her fingers.

“That’s right, everyone stay still.”

She approached David with a spring in her step, despite the heat, and chanted a spell unfamiliar to David. When she laid a hand on the back of his neck he jumped at how cold it was. But an instant later he discovered what the spell was for. The heat seemed to be blown away, and the temperature became very pleasant. Testing the limits of the spell, he put on Ophelia’s white cloak one more time.

“Damn. Thanks Delilah.”

“You’re quite welcome, Love.”

She continued to chant the same spell among everyone, the relief was immediate. Soon everyone was renewed in their vigor. They all agreed that there was no time to waste, and followed as Delilah took to wing and flew off in the direction of what they all assumed was the Sands of Plenty. David found himself outpaced by everyone, including Lakshmi, who seemed to dance along the desert sands at a surprising break-neck speed that betrayed her supernatural origins. Ophelia was only trotting along, obviously unburdened by what was for her, a nonstrenuous pace.

“David, why don’t you ride me? It’ll be easier on you.”

David was surprised at Ophelia’s offer, not that it was made, but that she didn’t stutter when she made it. He still wanted to talk to her, and apologize for yesterday. He figured this might be a good chance and so nodded. She yanked him on top of her with one mighty heave, surprising him with her strength.

“Th-that was impressive!”

“Thanks. Keep a good hold on me, now. Don’t want you falling off~!”

Ophelia’s armored form wasn’t the most comfortable ride David had ever had. But they weren’t going too awfully fast, and there was a place along her back that seemed made for riding. He did as she asked and kept a good hold along her waist, thinking up ways to bring up the kiss from yesterday. Finally, he decided to just broach the subject.

“Listen, Ophelia, about the other day…”

“Don’t worry about it.”

There was no malice in her voice, but David felt stung all the same.

“I want to apologize. I’ve been having trouble adjusting, things are so… different, from my time, and the changes are sometimes too overwhelming. Half the time I feel like I’m in a dream, and the other half I snap violently awake.”

“I’m not mad, David. And I understand. But you don’t need to apologize. I really mean it, don’t worry about it. We’ll make it up soon~.”

“…What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means-”

Ophelia was cut off when the troop stopped. Laying before them was a deep ravine, nearly fifty feet across. Delilah stayed in place, before gently landing before the chasm. While the others were discussing what to do, David was getting off Ophelia and approaching Nona. Nona had travelled alongside them all by a curious means, melding into the earth, and sort of “swimming” along with them as if carried along by a current. She was still only shoulders, neck, and head when David approached and knelt before her.

“Hey Nona.”

“Hello Master.”

“What are the chances you could create a bridge across that ravine?”

Nona looked up at him with sparkling green eyes and a half-lidded expression. She looked away for a moment as if in thought, considering it. After a few seconds she turned to David, a calm expression on her face.

“I’m sorry master, our covenant isn’t strong enough. I don’t have enough mana.”

David cursed. He had been afraid of that.

“They’ve been saying that. That our covenant isn’t ‘proper’. What can I do to make it proper? To give you more mana?”

Nona perked up at the question, and the prisoner fruit on her head seemed to twitch.

“W-well, Master, we would have to exchange energies, embrace each other… like lovers.”

David gave a sigh and rubbed his forehead; he had expected that. Was that what this new world focused on? He supposed so, with a Succubus for an Overlord. Nona was beautiful, of course, but as he looked over his shoulder to the smiling black-armored Ophelia, he remembered the pain he’d caused the gentle unicorn, and he didn’t want to do that again at the first bit of inconvenience.

“Let’s leave that right now. I’m sure Delilah has an idea.”

“Alright everyone, get ready for camp. It looks like we’re going to be here a while.”

David whipped his head toward the demon with utter confusion. What was she doing?

“We just got here! We can’t stop now! What about Silas? He’s sent someone here, they’re probably already at the tomb!”

“Relax, If he was here I would be able to tell on my compass. None of the magic signatures match his.”

“Did you stop to think he may have sent others? It might be that he’s at the Winter Palace.”

“Trust me, he’ll be coming here. Silas has been to the desert region before, so he can teleport here. It’s the only way they can get here in a reasonable amount of time. They’ll probably march a few soldiers up the mountain. I don’t see them having many other options.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because, Dear, I’m always a step ahead! We’ll set up camp here while Nona scouts things out for us, and we make plans.”

David was frustrated. They had already made plans! Now was the time of action! But the crimson basilisk woman and apsara had already started agreeing with Delilah, and Ophelia was being passive. He let it go as he strained his eyes looking for anything out in the distance that might be a tomb. He felt a hand on his shoulder as he turned his scowl to Arsanggha.

“She means well, you know.”

David nodded absently.

“I know that. But we just got here! We should at least look around the Ravine, look for a way to climb down.”

“Then how about you and me do that? Delilah is the only one here with the spells to set up a camp anyway.”

David thought for a moment before nodding his head. He could only manipulate the earth right now, his normal spells still lost to him. He made a note to bring that up to Delilah again. He should have pressed her harder.

“Alright, let’s go.”

As David turned to leave, Ophelia seemed to appear out of nowhere from the corner of his eye, surprisingly silent for her bulk.

“Hey you two, I couldn’t help but overhear. Do you think I could join you?”

Before David could tell her she could, Delilah swept in from above, landing daintily amidst them.

“Where are you all going? We need to set up camp.”

“Arsa and I are going scouting, seeing if there’s a path down the ravine we could take.”

“Oh? Why don’t I go? Arsa,” Delilah rummaged through a small handbag, and pulled out a parchment, rolled up and sealed, and tossed it to Arsa who caught it deftly with one of her tentacles. “Go ahead and start setting up camp. David, Ophelia, and I will scout.”

Arsa didn’t look pleased at the command. In fact, David thought she was about to refuse, but after a few moments she bowed and left to join Calypso, Lakshmi, and Nona. David didn’t bother trying to guess at the demon’s motives.

“Alright fine, c’mon you two, let’s find a way down.”

David didn’t notice, but Delilah and Ophelia shared a smile between them, an unspoken agreement being made.

David trod along with an eye towards any sort of ledge, or natural path down. Nothing came to sight as he found the ravine naught but a sheer drop off. How did such a thing come to pass? He had no idea. He briefly wondered if Delilah couldn’t just teleport them across, but then remembered you couldn’t bring others along, not if you didn’t want to die very painfully or were a magic-user of tremendous strength. Ophelia trot up next to him, a smile on her face.

“Don’t worry, David. We’ll get there.”

“I’m not worried about getting there, I’m worried about getting there last. Silas isn’t going to be stopped by this, I’m certain.”

Delilah was dismissive.

“I told you, he’s not here. If he was, I’d know. We have time. It’s better to act when you have a plan. Right now we’re just getting to the tomb. We haven’t even stopped to think what to do if Zipporah is awake, or if she has Anubises and Sphinxes guarding her. Or if she has a legion of Mummies or Khepri.”

David shot her a look as they passed by some dried shrubbery and the land began to give way to dried cracked earth instead of just sand.

“And if we did, what was your plan? The way I see it, we fight them. Pretty simple. You don’t need a convoluted plan for everything. Sometimes you just have to forge ahead.”

Ophelia and Delilah chuckled as if he’d just said something funny.

“Oh I agree, dear. I wholeheartedly agree.” Said Delilah, a smirk on her face.

“Then why are we stopping?” David said, not so amused.

Delilah declined to answer, and David didn’t press her. They walked for some minutes, finding ledges and some false paths, but nothing they could safely travel. David finally tired and sat down on a rather large boulder.

“This is ridiculous. We’re being stopped by a lousy ditch. We just crossed over 1000 miles like it was nothing!”

With a grunt he kicked a pebble into the desert, sinking his face into his hands.

His two companions let him be for but a moment, before Ophelia embraced him from behind, pressing him close.

“You worry too much. Things will be alright.”

David didn’t respond, but he did let himself be held. It felt good, even if he still felt awkward with the close contact.

Delilah let a wicked smirk grow on her lips.

“You two are just too cute! Like out of a painting!”

David, embarrassed, attempted to struggle free of the unicorn’s embrace. But she was far stronger than he supposed and easily held him firm. In fact, she tightened her hold, pressing herself into his back. His face burned red, and he struggled even further. Delilah let out a squeal at the sight, finding it even cuter than before.

“Ophelia… let me go.”

“Mmmm, no~.”

David knew it was harmless teasing, but he still didn’t feel right. His head was just under her breasts, and he could feel them slightly resting on top of him. His member stirred at the contact, not used to another warm body embracing him.

“Ok, I’ll stop moping. Can you please let go now?”

“You know David, for as long as we’ve known each other, you’ve been in a bad mood you know? Like you’re constantly worried about what’s gonna happen next. Your face looks cute when you pout, but you need to learn to enjoy yourself too. You’ve been through a lot, slow down a bit.”

“I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but now’s not the time to relax. We need that-”

Delilah moved in then, placing herself neatly in front of David, squishing him in between her and Ophelia. David stopped speaking and reddened swiftly, choking on his words. Delilah was taller than him, and when she wrapped her arms around him and Ophelia, her breasts were directly in front of his face. Even though her outfit was modest, her face was anything but.

“You need to let her speak, David. Ophelia’s been horribly infatuated with you, and you keep pushing her away.”

“It’s true, David. I-I really like you. And you always… run away.”

“Um, do you really want to talk about this with Delilah?”

David tried to be calm. But he was losing his composure. He was usually rather calm in front of beautiful women. He’d fought succubae back in the old days, rescued noble women, followed Devon into the whorehouse, etc… But when they were touching him…

Ophelia snaked her arms over his stomach and began gently rubbing, while Delilah looked upon him with a look he’d never seen directed at him before. It made him sweat, even with her charm keeping him cool under the desert sun. His throat became dry, and his mind became muddled. What was happening right now?

Ophelia didn’t stop her ministrations as she spoke softly in his ear.

“I know you went through a lot because of me, David. But I want you to know that I love you. I love you so much!”

She squeezed him tighter to herself, her breathing picking up. His breathing became labored too, and Delilah stepped in even closer, melding her crotch with David’s. Ophelia nuzzled the top of his head.

“I love you, and I- I hope you love me too.”

“I-I uh…” David’s mind was turning to mush, unable to think with the voluptuous forms sandwiching him. The demon and unicorn were pushing him beyond what he had ever experienced, and he didn’t know how to respond.

Delilah moved her face in close, pressing so close to him, he began to stiffen in his lower regions. His head was fogging over and all thoughts of where he was and what he had been doing faded from his mind.

“David, I know I’m not the one you suffered for, but I am the reason it happened. I hadn’t gotten a chance to properly apologize… and tell you how I admire how clever and resilient you are. You’re a very handsome man, and if you’d let me, I have a proposition for you.”

David could barely choke out the words.


Delilah placed a finger on his lips, seemingly satisfied with David’s reaction. With a flick of her wrist, a blue flame enveloped her hand. As the flame died, in it’s place was a piece of parchment.

“I will, ‘till the end of the world, help you find your friends, put your soul back together, and… love you, and grace you with all the carnal pleasure I can possibly give. Which is quite a lot, by the way. And in exchange, I get your heart, body, and soul.”

David was barely paying attention, she was grinding softly into him, and he could feel her pressing into him, with her soft breasts pressing into his face, and one leg wrapped around him. Ophelia’s arms were rubbing his chest and stomach, he couldn’t think straight at all. He noted, briefly, that they were seducing him, which he expected from Ophelia, but certainly not like this. And definitely not from Delilah! But she was amazingly beautiful, with a figure so perfect it seemed like the picture of carnality and seduction.

She had just asked something. What was it? She’d help him find his friends? That was good. She was a powerful demon with a lot of friends, so that would be welcome. But he had to give her his body? As his cock grew so hard as to be painful, he didn’t really think that sounded like such a bad idea. No, in fact that sounded great. As if God himself had finally answered David’s silent prayers for a companion, prayers he’d long ago ceased.

He choked on his words at first, his composure lost. But after clearing his throat, he nodded.

“Alright then. I-I accept.”

With large toothy grin, Delilah brought David’s hand up to the parchment, and as soon as the hand touched it, David’s name appeared in silver ink. In a flash, it went up in the same blue flame.

Ophelia reached around him then, turning his body into hers. She looked down to him with a flushed face, heavy with desire. He remembered the last time they kissed, and he nearly said an apology. But instead, he met her lips with his, wrapping his hand around her helmeted head, and relishing in the feeling of her, the enveloping sensation of love and lust she gave him. He’d ignored it all easily enough before. Not used to being the target of affections, he didn’t know how to respond.

Now, though, with his tongue dancing in revelry, he felt he did.

He removed her helmet and ran his hand through her silvery hair, its silken strands as soft as butterfly kisses. Her hands were hardly idle, pressing him close to her body, and roaming all along his back. She still wore that strange black armor, and soon enough David’s excitement turned awkward as he tried to fondle her through the black metal.

“Delilah,” Ophelia said, “I think it’s time to let this disguise drop.”

“Too true dear. Too true.”

With a snap of Delilah’s fingers, Ophelia’s black armor and staff turned to smoky mist, and drifted away. As it did so, David noticed a most peculiar sight. Ophelia’s backside, once a radiant white, was now an inky black. He looked up at her in confusion, and then noticed that where once she had one horn, she had two.

“What on earth?”

Delilah wrapped her arms around David while leaning in to his ear.

“Do you like it, love? I’ve been thinking about this day ever since I spotted you two galivanting around in the forest. You two were a perfect match. But I was already smitten with you. Luckily Ophelia is a generous soul.”

David levied an accusatory look at Delilah, as she hung over him.

“What did you do?”

“I helped her is all. You too, really. She came to me in tears after that first kiss. She wanted me to give her a helping hand, so I did.”

Delilah ran a finger under David’s chin.

“I didn’t do anything she didn’t want to do, love. She’s still the same girl, she’s just a little different.”

“Same, but different. Right.” David was already coming back to his senses. This felt like a trap.

Suddenly, his head was turned toward Delilah’s face by her daintily clawed hand, and she kissed him full on the mouth. He was completely unprepared for her assault, and she used it to her advantage. While he was stunned, she deepened the kiss, playing with his tongue and running her hands under his shirt, feeling his bare skin. In no time at all, his cloak and tunic were on the desert floor. He made to push her away, but found his body disobedient. Instead, he returned her kiss with fervor, though clumsily.

Delilah broke the kiss, a small trail of saliva connecting their lips.

“You’re so eager! I love it. But… I can’t help but notice, you’re not too experienced with kissing are you?”

David stammered, not particularly fond of this train of conversation.

“Well… no.”

Delilah stopped him from going further by putting a finger to his lips.

“Then we’ll just have to practice won’t we, Love?”

Before he could stop her, she kissed him again, nibbling at his bottom lip before snatching his tongue and giving a little suck. She was experienced beyond all doubt as she masterfully switched from one technique to the next. David wanted to move, to ask questions, but his body just stood dumbly, too in awe of these new sensations. It was like every touch sent sparks of fire through his body, yet it chilled him like a cool night wind. Her hands and body weren’t idle, and she pressed her soft warm bosom into his as she pressed him close in a tight embrace.

But Ophelia didn’t stay idle either. She came in from behind and nibbled at David’s ear, running her hands through his hair, and pressing her breasts against the back of his head. She grabbed his waist from behind and snuck a hand over his trousers, and began fondling his now half-erect member through his clothes.

David’s face reddened, but he didn’t resist. Something deep within him just wouldn’t allow it. He remembered then that the contract he had signed was magical. And of course, that it was written by a demon.

The kiss was broken briefly as Delilah looked deep into his stormy blue eyes. Her eyes shone like gold in the sunlight, and David’s mind cleared away at the striking beauty of those golden orbs. David’s last bit of resistance was fading fast.

“W-why can’t my body obey me?”

Delilah looked at him curiously with a cocked head.

“Love, you signed your body over to me remember? It obeys me, your soul and mind too. Now, Before we continue-”

Ophelia paid Delilah no mind, continuing to play with David’s cock as it began to swell under his trousers. David made to shoo her hands away, but only ended up entwining his fingers through hers.

“Let’s make this more comfortable.” Delilah said as she stood back, biting her bottom lip.

In a flourish, her clothes vanished into black smoke, leaving her taut well-developed body naked before David. David’s thoughts came to a halt despite his best efforts. She was beautiful beyond measure, with not just an ample bosom and wide hips, but long luscious legs and a tight well-formed stomach. Even her shoulders and arms seemed entrancing, lightly muscled with gleaming blue skin. With a smirk, she waved her hands and began dancing, an undulating show that served to mesmerize David and even Ophelia, her own face red with desire same as David’s.

Every step and flourish let a sparkling black and red energy loose from her palms, and slowly a structure began to form. The magic appeared liquid, flying out and striking an invisible surface before spreading out and covering it. She twirled past the two in her dancing, and began to more aggressively let loose the strange liquid energy. As the structure enclosed over them, David noted that it looked very much like a noblewoman’s bedroom.

A black bedframe with a large red heart-shaped bed lay at one end of a glossy black room with a gold and ruby chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Velvet red curtains hung along the walls, and from the ceiling were several glittering red, pink, and blue heart-shaped gems, each giving off a bright light bathing the area in an odd, yet hypnotizing plethora of color.

Delilah’s vigorous dancing stopped as she ended by plopping onto the plush heart-shaped bed, a wide smile on her face, breathing hard, her long navy-blue hair askew and messily out of place as it covered a single eye and breast from view. She laid languidly on her side, despite her heavy breathing

Ophelia let go of David’s hand and removed her own clothes with the same odd spell Delilah had used, letting it fade away like a fine mist. David turned to her, curious.

She too stopped all resemblance of coherent thought. He’d seen naked women before… but there is something infinitely more erotic when you know they are naked specifically for you.

Her skin was pale and flush with desire, soft and supple. Her pink nipples were small and perky, despite her voluptuous breasts. Her hair was let loose, long silver strands that framed a heavenly countenance, and small pursed lips. Her crystal blue eyes stared deeply into him, enflaming his desire beyond anything he’d ever felt. Her backside, though that of a horse, was still beautiful. Trim and muscular, with short glossy black hair, tail swaying and glittering the same silver as the hair on her head. As she cantered over and placed her delicate hands on David’s shoulders, he didn’t resist as she pushed him onto the bed, next to the panting demon.

The bicorn knelt on the floor in front of the bed and placed her head in front of his groin, a look of anticipation on her face as she licked her lips. David was fully erect now, and had ceased wanting to stop. This was too much, too enticing. He had to have her, that beautiful face, flawless and angelic, to have that… pleasure him. He wanted it. He needed it.

With a tug, David’s trousers came off, and his slippers too. All three of them were naked now, David’s erect cock in the air, twitching with anticipation.

He swallowed, watching Ophelia edge closer, her hands resting on either side of his thighs. He’d never been in this situation before and didn’t quite know what to do. But he felt an urge inside his chest, that… if it were anyone else, he’d suppress.

“Ophelia” he moaned.

She looked up at him with those sparkling eyes. Her face flushed.

And she kissed his member, tenderly.

He moaned, the first time anyone other than himself had ever pleasured him. She seemed pleased with his reaction, and continued to play with him. A small lick there, a small kiss there, a gentle pressure from one hand as she massaged his balls with her other. David had never felt anything like it; he was enraptured. From behind, Delilah’s naked breasts pressed into his back as she embraced him, and kissed his neck. Soft sensual motions became frequent as her soft demonic hands played with his stomach, her hard nipples erotically pressing into him all the while.

David wasn’t quite sure what to do. It felt wonderful, but at the same time, he wasn’t quite sure what he should be doing with his hands, he wanted to return the favors. He placed a hand over Delilah’s and gave it a squeeze. She seemed to love it a little more than he expected and gave a groan. She nestled her face over his shoulder, biting her lip and giving him a look of such lust and love it made his heart skip a beat. Ophelia engulfed his member at the same time and he gave a moan of his own.

He didn’t last long, and came. Ophelia didn’t let a single drop of cum go to waste, keeping her lips wrapped around his cock as he spurted over and over into her throat. A single bead of cum escaped her lips, but as it did, Delilah thrust herself forward, nearly bowling over David as she lapped up the semen with surprising gusto.

Ophelia let David’s cock pop out of her mouth with a wet plop, and beckoned Delilah to have a taste. David wanted to apologize for coming so soon, but it didn’t seem to matter as Delilah situated herself over David, putting both legs over his shoulders as she grabbed hold of each of his thighs and joined Ophelia. David came face to face with Delilah’s dripping wet pussy, and got an idea. They were making him feel good with their mouths, why shouldn’t he return the favor?

He tentatively gave her cunt a lick, which caused her to shiver. Liking the response, he did it again.

“Oh Love, that feels sooo good! Try making shapes with your tongue, it’ll help”

David, not knowing what he was doing, obliged. He tried circles, triangles, squares, and when he was done with that, moved on to the alphabet, from her constant coos and moans, it sounded like Delilah was enjoying it. Her tail swished wildly from her behind as he continued his ministrations. She tasted slightly salty, slightly sweet, it was strange and he had the distinct impression it was not the normal taste of a woman

But she wasn’t idle. Delilah and Ophelia kept his member busy, licking and sucking and kissing at it. He didn’t stay flaccid long, fully erect in only a matter of seconds. Ophelia, not wanting to be forgotten, picked up her impressive bosom, and nestled his cock in between her soft flesh. David took in a breath, she was so warm and soft, he’d imagined what this might feel like, but the actual sensation just didn’t do his fantasies justice.

“Do you like that, David?”


Delilah climbed down off David and joined Ophelia at the foot of the bed, kneeling. David was confused until she hefted her own bosom and joined in on the fun. David’s storm blue eyes went wide at the sight of the two buxom women giving him a double tit-job, their horned heads turned towards him with lascivious smiles. His face turned red, and he swallowed despite his dry throat. A hot feeling spread throughout his body as he looked upon their beautiful faces.

His cock twitched and throbbed, and as they pumped away with their soft warm breasts, he grabbed hold of one of their horns with each hand, gently rubbing them at the base. He didn’t think it did anything, but he had always wanted to touch their lustrous horns, though before it had always seemed too intimate a thing to do. Though now, well, they were as intimate as one could get.

He sucked in a breath as he bucked his hips and came again, this time it shot forth in thick ropes, between both pairs of breasts and caught them both on their faces and chins. David flushed red, both embarrassed and aroused at the sight of his spunk delicately dribbling off such perfection.

They looked up at him with shining eyes of gold and blue, and then turned towards each other with a glint in their eyes. They embraced each other, melding blue skin with pearlescent white, kissing and caressing, with rubbing breasts keeping David’s member safely pinned in their cushiony heaven. Their cum-covered faces met and swapped David’s seed with rapturous abandon, the white spunk dripping and stringing with each movement.

David was once again amazed at the short refractory period he experienced, as the sight brought him to full mast devilishly quickly.

He was surprised when they both opened an eye and gave him a wink. Delilah made a “come hither” motion with her finger, and David obliged, curious. As he scooted to the edge of the bed in the blue and red light, the two shot forward, semen still drenching their faces, and kissed him on both cheeks.

David made a face and wiped his face. They giggled a bit and Delilah teased him.

“Aw, David! You don’t like our kisses?”

“I like your kisses just fine. It’s the gunk I’m not found of.”

Ophelia wiped her face free of David’s gift and scooped it into her mouth, sucking it off her fingers in a sensual way.

“Well I love it. Your essence is strong and full of love. And I can even taste a bit of Delilah’s essence already beginning to mix into it!”

David briefly noted he had questions about that, but when Ophelia pressed into him, kissing him with a sincere need that poured over him like a cool rain on a hot day, he let it pass and allowed himself to be swept up in her passion. Ophelia was stronger than she appeared, and picked him up briefly before placing him back onto the bed. Her lustrous black fur and perfect white skin glistened in the red and blue light, making her countenance look all the more elegant.

David lay on his back, as Ophelia stood on all four legs, looking down at him, breathing heavy. David flit his eyes to her nether region, curious. He did love her, he could admit that now, but he was also apprehensive about the actual act of intercourse with the centaur-like woman. But actually looking, despite her horse-like back half, her cunt was rather human-like, small and petite. It was dripping with anticipation, and his cock was ready to meet her. Delilah was off to the side, hand on her hips, a look of smug satisfaction on her face.

“I’m not standing on the sidelines long, Dears.”

Ophelia smiled down at David and laughed a bit.

“Well, I guess we ought to, uh, get to th-the main event.”

“You sound nervous.”


She lowered herself down as David reached up and pulled her in, her soft fur and warm skin filling his hands as he guided her down. He briefly worried about her weight, but remembered that she didn’t weigh nearly as much as a horse. Though as his cockhead brushed against her folds, he had a moment of fear.

But as she gently pushed him inside her, his fears melted away. It was a feeling he had been imagining his entire life, and it lived up to his every expectation. It was tight, incredibly so, and hot enough to cause him to suck in a breath at the pleasant sensation. As she filled herself with his member, he felt a slight resistance, before she pushed herself down past that. She sucked in a gasp of air as David filled her completely. David tightened his grip around her waist, holding her close.

It felt amazing.

She gripped his cock like a vice, the warm wet folds a welcoming haven. He looked up at her with a dazed look. From the look of her, she was in a similar daze. As they locked eyes, David blushed, not sure what he should do next. He tentatively began rocking his hips, thrusting in and out with a steady rhythm. Ophelia matched him, thrust to thrust, rocking her large black-furred hips. She bent down and clutched David tightly to her bosom as they continued rutting.

They lost themselves in the tactile experience. Rubbing, grabbing, kissing and caressing each other wherever they happened to feel like it. David especially liked Ophelia’s large shapely breasts while she particularly liked the feel of David’s hard shoulders. They tossed to the side, David pulling Ophelia close to himself, as she did the same, their chins in the crooks of each other’s necks as they humped frantically without finesse or skill, only a bestial lust and desire to fulfill it. Small butterfly kisses were exchanged between them as David wrapped his legs around his lover and Ophelia did the same with all four hooved feet. With a squeal Ophelia broke her kiss and pushed David’s head between her heavenly orbs as she came.

It was as if the floodgates had opened, as she seemed to go into yet another orgasm spasm after her first, and quivered with pleasure still unending as David continued his thrusts in desperate need for release. Her smile was larger than she could ever remember it being as she matched him thrust for thrust, all modesty gone as her only goal was to see her lover cum. She clutched his hair and played with it, taking in his musk as she kept his face buried between her breasts, holding him as close as she could as he did the same.

David gave one final thrust as he climaxed, pumping harder than he could ever remember. He thought to pull out briefly, but she was holding him far too tightly for that. His seed burst forth inside her in great thick ropes. Far more potent than it should have after coming twice.

She clutched him tightly, breathing hard as his seed filled her womb, her face flushed. David broke free of her embrace to watch her as she seemed enraptured with the sensations of union.

“Now that was a show!”

David shifted his head lazily to the side, spotting Delilah clapping enthusiastically with a smile on her face that seemed so sincere it was suspicious. David’s member stirred at the sight of her taut naked body and voluptuous form. How on earth was he able to even get it up? The slight fog of lust that had overwhelmed him subsided somewhat, and he was able to better process what he had just been doing.

“W-what did you do to me?”

“Nothing, Love. Not yet~”

Ophelia scooted closer to David, gripping him tight in a warm embrace as she smiled through the afterglow. David felt as if a cold bucket of water had been dumped on his head as his senses slowly came back. He carefully placed a hand around his lover, confused, but happy. As his eyes flit over the… was she still a unicorn? His eyes trailed over her naked body, he saw a dark stain of red on the bedsheets. His throat tightened.

“Ophelia, I didn’t… I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“Wha? No, not at all! The exact opposite!”

Delilah sauntered over, a chuckle in her throat.

“Oh, Love. Relax. That’s what happens with a woman’s first time. It doesn’t hurt us monsters much, so don’t worry yourself.”

As she stood over them, she waved her hand and the blood vanished from the bed, and his thighs. He was surprised he hadn’t noticed. But it did bring his attention to his still raging cock. He still had his wits about him, but he’d be damned if he still didn’t feel horny as hell. As he caught Delilah’s golden eyes lusting after him and Ophelia, he swallowed, slightly nervous.

“What, what did you really do to Ophelia? To me? Please, I won’t leave, but I need to know.”

She shook her head in a pitying fashion before crawling on top of the bed. She curled up on the opposite side of Ophelia, who was still clutching David with a rapturous smile on her face.

“Unicorns are attracted to pure men. Who have never known a woman. Do you know why?”

“Well… Back in my day, it was theorized that-”

Delilah placed a clawed finger on his lips.

“No, Love, I’m talking about the present.”

“Well, then, no. I don’t.”

Delilah moved closer, and wrapped her arms around David in a tight hug. He returned it, no longer skittish around the strange woman. He wondered if it had to do with that contract she had made him sign.

“Unicorns have a powerful magical energy contained in their horn. Because of it, they can use healing spells greater than any other. This healing power grows more potent the purer their energy is. However, if another magical energy gets mixed in, it loses that power and gains… another. When a man makes love to a monster, he becomes saturated in that monster’s energy, even as he gives his essence to her.”

“But I never… And I just took her… but- what?”

“You didn’t let me finish, Love. If a unicorn’s energy, which had been kept pure, becomes mixed with another woman’s demonic energy and gets corrupted, it changes into the demonic energy of a bicorn. This changes the unicorn into a bicorn.”

“A bicorn? I’ve never heard of it. You mean to tell me that you injected her with your energy, somehow?”

“I’m amazed you’re still asking questions when your rod is so hot and hard against me, Love.”

True to her word, David’s cock was pressed against her stomach as she embraced him, her hard nipples pressing into his chest.

“I guess I’m just naturally curious.”

Delilah snaked a hand behind his head and pushed towards her, and locked her lips with his. It was a chaste kiss, and she broke it after a few moments, but it felt intoxicatingly sweet to David.

“and that’s what I love about you.”

Ophelia, who David had thought asleep, pressed her naked form against his back, nibbling at his ear. Delilah continued to kiss his mouth, and wrapped her legs and tail around his waist as she beat her wings. His cock furiously thrust forward, rubbing against her silken stomach. It was so smooth and soft, yet firm. He almost laughed at the thought that her stomach would make him cum like this. But as her tail snaked up and gently grabbed hold of his balls, laughter turned to moans. She gently kneaded his sack as her tail wrapped the shaft, and her heart-like spade rubbed the head.

David gasped at the pleasant sensations, staring headlong into Delilah’s flushed visage, her gleaming golden eyes enjoying every expression that adorned his face. Slight strokes, squeezes, and gentle kneading, mixed with his furious humping hardened his erection and got his cock throbbing with a need for release. His balls swung with every thrust, and the tail lightly squeezed them with every swing. David held his lover tightly as he jerked once more, orgasm overcoming him.

It came suddenly, ropes and ropes of semen, coating Delilah’s belly and breasts in sticky white fluid. Delilah groaned as spurt after spurt of cum, drenched her body. David could hardly believe he could cum this hard this often. How was this possible?

“This is what I wanted! Yes! Oh, David, Thank you! It feels so good!”

Delilah, legs still wrapped around David, let go and began playing with the semen now coating her front. She seemed to adore trailing a finger along the curves of her hips, a slimy trail of semen following her. David felt his heart skip a beat at the lewd display.

“You look beautiful.”

Without warning, David leaned forward and embraced the demon, too enraptured with her beauty to really care about his semen coating her. She returned his affections, clawed hands lightly scratching his back as Ophelia kept her breasts pressed close. Not forgetting her, David turning his head and gave her a kiss.

“This makes no sense at all, but it’s the happiest moment of my life.”

With both lovers now embracing him, sticky and soft, his cock went flaccid for the first time since the encounter.

But It seemed Delilah had other plans. She grabbed his ball sack gently with her hand, and caressed it with soft and gentle ministrations.

“Oh, but love, we aren’t done yet! What about my virginity? I want you to take it too.”

You’re a virgin?!”

“Oh yes~ I’ve never had a man. Not once.”

“I-I find that hard to believe.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“I didn’t mean it like… as an insult I mean. I just- you seem very skilled. You have an attitude about you.”

“All monsters know how to pleasure a man, Love. Our games in childhood prepare us for it. Our mothers teach us. The demon who turned me instructed me thoroughly. But we keep ourselves for our partner. Many of us anyway. But it’s more common than you think. I may have turned a woman or two, but I’ve always restrained myself when it came to men.”

“Turned women? Monsterized them?”

Delilah smiled, mirth in her eyes.

“You and your questions. Never ending hmm? Well alright then, I suppose we can just cuddle for a bit while you recover. You did well for not being an incubus yet. Right, Ophelia?”

The bicorn nodded, pulling David closer to her.

David noticed that Delilah was still playing with his genitals, but it wasn’t quite so frantic as their sex previous. It was more like she was fondling them out of amusement. He decided he liked it, and didn’t mention anything.

“Well, Delilah, it seems you’ve caught me. Your master plan worked.”

“Oh this is only the beginning, Love. Demon’s are natural schemers you know? But yes,” she smiled, “I caught you~.”

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