Guilty x Creatures : Dark Elf Arc : Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 : After Midnight

Kianna’s ears were pointed straight upwards in excitement as she looked back and forth between her sister and Anton. Seeing that neither of them were going to make a move she quickly began to get impatient.
“Mm!” she mumbled as she started to sway back and forth “Mmph!”
Kianna stopped her movements and went completely still as Anton shifted his gaze to her. Finding herself under his scrutiny, the dark elf stared back at him for a moment before nervously leaning herself back.
“Mm!” she whined as she looked from him to the pitcher of water and then at her sister “Hm!”
Fiona remained completely still as her sister continued to moan frantically beside her.
Twisting herself at the waist, Kianna turned to fully face Anton and mimicked her sister by laying her ears back submissively and hunching her head down on her shoulders.
“Hm!” she moaned as her eyes became pleading “Hmm!”
Anton looked back and forth between the two surrendered dark elves that had now become almost mirror images of each other. With a soft sigh he turned to the pitcher and began to fill the second glass with water.
Actually seeing the water being poured made all the difference in Fiona, and her eyes immediately began to quickly dart back and forth between the glass and Anton. Seeing him still unmoving she followed her sister’s lead and began to quietly whimper.
Kianna went silent and turned to look at her sister as she noticed that she was calling out herself.
“Finally!” mumbled Anton “I was starting to think you were going to make poor Kianna do all the work for you!”
Fiona ignored the remark as she stared at the glass of water and continued to whimper softly.
Anton made a show of cracking his knuckles as he stood up and walked towards the two dark elves.
Suddenly unsure, the dark elves both cringed away from him as he knelt down and sat at eye level with them.
“Hm, well isn’t this nice and convenient!” teased Anton as he looked from Fiona to Kianna “Tame one, and she goes off and tames the other one for you!”
Kianna blinked before looking down at the floor and mumbling sheepishly.
Fiona’s eyes became glaring as she made a low menacing sound in the back of her throat.
“Hm, isn’t that what this means?” asked Anton as he waved a finger back and forth between the dark elves and indicated their still flattened ears “Isn’t this your way of saying that you don’t want to fight anymore? And that you’re ready to behave yourselves?”
Both of the dark elves went quiet. After a moment of stillness Kianna shrugged by raising a single shoulder and then letting it fall.
“I’m going to take that as a “yes” then” said Anton as he shifted his gaze to Fiona.
Fiona’s glare intensified as they both stared into each others eyes.
“…You’re a stubborn one. And that’s the only reason you’ve suffered as much as you have” said Anton as he watched the dark elf’s eyes tightened “You know what you need to do next”
Fiona’s ears began to quiver slightly as she fought to keep them where they were. After a few more moments of glaring she gave in, cast her eyes downwards and nodded while groaning defiantly as she did so.
“Good” said Anton as he reached out and took hold of her sybian.
The startled dark elf bucked her hips and pulled away from him as Anton pushed her back and slid her across the floor before maneuvering her back to where she was originally. He then picked up the little wired control box and turned it over in his hand as he made a show of examining it. Out of the corner of his eye he watched as Kianna stared directly at the little box.
“No good deed will ever go unpunished Kianna” said Anton as he turned to the dark elf and gave her a soft grin “But you already know that… Don’t you?”
Kianna’s eyes went wide as she hunkered down and whimpered fearfully.
“We’ll get to that in a little while though…” said Anton as he shifted his gaze back to Fiona “First things first…”
Fiona’s rage was still clear on her face as she continued to glare angrily at him.
Without a word Anton reached out with his left hand and took hold of her head-harness before roughly pulling her head upwards until her whole body became taunt.
Fiona grunted in surprise as her body was suddenly stretched tight. She flinched but kept one of her eyes open as Anton moved his free hand to her face and began to unclasp her face plate. Once the plate was free of the leather straps, he peeled it away from her face while pulling the gag out of her mouth.
Anton did this in one quick motion as he felt this dark elf had not earned the gentler touch he had given her sister.
Setting the gag to the side, he took note that it had been just as badly ravaged as Kianna’s. Which of course meant that Fiona had teeth that were just as capable of causing damage as her sister did. Unlike her meeker sister however, this dark elf seemed far more likely to use her natural weapons, and as such she warranted a higher level of caution.
“Better watch the fingers…” mumbled Anton to himself as he turned back to the dark elf.
Fiona immediately began to take several deep breaths through her parched mouth. She tried flexing her jaw but just like her sister it was too painful of a process for her to accomplish. Her tongue was so dry that it was literally stuck to the floor of her mouth and she let out a tiny yelp as she painfully peeled it up. Moving her newly freed tongue back and forth in her mouth, she glanced at the glass of water sitting on the table across from her and then looked at Anton with expectation in her eyes.
Anton’s face became stoic as he stared back at her.
“Who is your Master now Fiona?” he asked calmly.
Fiona clamped her eyes shut and tried to clench her jaw as her face became marred with her agitation.
“Y-you!” she croaked angrily though her opened mouth.
Anton closed his eyes with a sigh and shook his head.
“Look at me when you say it” he said as he looked back at the dark elf and bobbed her head up and down by her head-harness.
Fiona scrunched up her closed eyes in irritation before blinking them open and shifting her gaze to him.
“Who is your Master now?” asked Anton as he took note that the dark elf’s ruby colored irises now had a faint red glow to them.
“You!” hissed Fiona as she curled her lip up to bare her teeth and pointed her ears straight back behind her head.
“Good girl!” praised Anton with a smile as the dark elf hissed angrily through her open mouth and began to tremble in fury “Such a very good girl!”
“Hhhate!” hissed Fiona as she struggled to clench her jaw.
Anton couldn’t help but to chuckle as he watched the enraged dark elf continue to tremble.
“Now you’re just becoming more and more entertaining by the minute!” exclaimed Anton “I knew I was going to enjoy this!”
“Kill you!” ragged Fiona as she finally brought her jaws together and rattled her teeth.
“Hm, good luck with that!” teased Anton as he gave her a knowing smile and let go of her head-harness.
The dark elf tumbled back a bit at the sudden free falling sensation. She quickly readjusted herself and turned back to glare at Anton as he stood up in front of her.
With a small smile still on his face, Anton crossed over to the little table and picked up the waiting glass of water. Turning back to Fiona he was surprised to find that the dark elf had dropped her head to hang forward and was taking one labored breath after another as she stared down at the floor. Kneeling back down in front of her, he lifted her head back up by retaking hold of her head-harness and frowned when he found that she was already on the verge of falling asleep.
Teetering on the brink of unconsciousness, Fiona’s ears were hanging limp from the sides of her head as she absently opened and closed her mouth. Her large eyes would only open halfway as she began to blink drearily.
Anton shook his head and moved the glass of water under the dark elf’s nose a few times to both bring her fully back to her senses, and to torment her a little.
Fiona became alert again almost immediately as she registered the closeness of the water. Lurching forward in an attempt to reach the glass, she was jerked back by both Anton’s hold on her head-harness and the chain attached to her shoulder harness. She groaned in frustration as she tried and failed to pull herself free of Anton’s grip. Her tongue hanging limply out of her mouth she twisted her head as much as she could to glare at him.
“What do you say?” asked Anton as he gave her a condescending smirk.
Fiona clenched her teeth and swallowed painfully before taking a deep breath through her nose.
“P-please!” she groaned through her teeth as her eyes went wide with desperation.
“Good girl!” whispered Anton as he immediately moved the glass to her lips.
Fiona whimpered happily through her nose and shivered uncontrollably as the cool water filled her parched mouth and soaked her dried tongue. She pulled against her chain and raised her body up off the sybian as much as she could as she frantically gulped down the rejuvenating water.
When the glass was emptied, she let out a long and labored sigh and started to tremble so violently that it almost seemed as though she had gone into convulsions.
Anton held her steady until she finally went still and sighed again.
Breathing hard but feeling relieved nonetheless, Fiona looked at Anton expectantly. When he merely stared back at her, she scrunched up her face in irritation before flattening her ears back submissively.
“You know what you have to say” said Anton as he grinned at her.
Fiona went still for a moment before she suddenly bit her lower lip and pouted while giving him her best version of sad little puppy dog eyes.
Amused by her unexpected tactics, Anton began to laugh before shaking his head.
“You know what! I’m not gonna lie to you Fiona!” smiled Anton as he continued to shake his head “That almost worked!”
Fiona groaned miserably as her eyes tightened in frustration.
“Please!” she exclaimed as she shook her head as much as she could while still in his grip “I can’t!”
“Don’t be ridiculous” said Anton in a calm tone “You can, and you will”
“Ugh!” groaned Fiona as she clenched her teeth “Why are you doing this!”
“Because I think you deserve it” answered Anton as a condescending smirk returned to his face “And because I think it’s fun!”
Fiona blinked as a surprised expression took form on her face.
“And I think you understand that too. Don’t you?” smiled Anton as he narrowed his eyes in question “If our positions were reversed right now. You’d be enjoying yourself just as much as I am. And we both know this!”
Fiona stared at him for a moment before sighing and slumping her shoulders in defeat.
“…Please, Master!” she mumbled under her breath “One more!”
“Now see, was that really so hard?” asked Anton as he gently loosened his grip on her head-harness “I knew you could do it!”
“I hate you!” growled Fiona as she let her head hang limp.
“I know” said Anton as he stood up.
Crossing back over to the table, he quickly refilled the glass before turning back to Fiona.
The waiting dark elf had remained alert this time and was watching him expectantly with eyes that were now bright and cleared of their redness.
Kneeling back down in front of her, Anton had to take hold of the head-harness again to keep the excited dark elf from knocking the glass from his hand. Holding her in place he forced her to drink this glass at an even slower pace than the first one.
Kianna was smiling with her eyes as she watched the liveliness quickly return to her sister. Her ears had pointed themselves straight upwards which gave her a very “happy” look and her blatant relief was down right joyful. Though she didn’t seem to be aware that she was even doing it, Anton had noticed that she was ever-so-slightly grinding herself against the sybian and this put a knowing smile on his face.
Setting the now empty glass down next to her gag, Anton let go of the head-harness and crossed his arms over his chest as he faced Fiona and looked her over.
Tense with mistrust in her eyes, the dark elf pointed her ears straight back and stared at him as she waited for him to speak. Her brow creased in annoyance when he smiled at her.
“You know Fiona I really hope you understand just how lucky you are to have a sister like Kianna! She clearly loves you very much!” nodded Anton as surprise spread across Fiona’s face “She’s worked so hard to make sure you were going to be okay! She really is a very, very good girl that apparently cares a lot about you! She did a lot for you today, and I hope you do plan on thanking her!”
Fiona blinked and quickly looked over at the other dark elf.
“…Y-yeah! I, she’s the best!” she exclaimed as she lowered her eyes and ears “Thank you, Kianna!”
Kianna chirped out a series of happy sounds as she playfully rocked her head back and forth.
“Yes, I really do hope you appreciate what she’s done for you…” said Anton as his voice took on a darker tone “Because she is going to have to suffer for it…”
“…W-wha!?” stammered Fiona as turned back to him “Why!?”
“Why?” repeated Anton as he tilted his head in mock question “Why do you think?”
Fiona had a confused look on her face as she went to speak. Looking back and forth between her sister and Anton she stayed silent out of uncertainty.
“…Fiona” soothed Anton as a grin spread across his face “Do you really think that your Sybian just turned itself off?”
Fiona’s eyes went wide as realization spread across her face.
“Because it didn’t…” said Anton as he turned to Kianna.
Kianna made a loud gulping sound as she swallowed a lump in her throat and laid her ears down submissively.
“My poor, poor little dark elf…” soothed Anton as he sadly shook his head and got to his feet “She disobeyed her Master. And now she’s going to have to face the consequences of that very poor decision…”
Kianna’s eyes widened to their fullest as Anton stood above her and gave her a soft smile.
“Wait!” cried Fiona.
“Wait? For what!?” snapped Anton as he turned back to her “Oh!? Did you want to take her place Fiona? Hm? Maybe sacrifice yourself for her the way she’s been so willing to sacrifice herself for you!? …Or are you just looking to glare at her again? Answering her compassion with your ungrateful anger!? Go ahead and answer me Fiona. Tell me that you want to trade places with her. Or at least share in her punishment! Maybe even take half of it on yourself!? That seems fair enough to me, and at this point I’m more than willing to entertain that idea!”
Fiona’s eyes became panicked as she cringed back. Glancing at her sister she quickly looked away and lowered her ears as she set her jaw.
“…Well!?” asked Anton as he cocked an eyebrow at the dark elf “Do you have anything else to say? Or not!?”
“…No” whispered Fiona as she hunched her shoulders and looked down at the floor “…I don’t”
“Mmeeph!?” whined Kianna as tears of hurt started to form in the corners of her eyes.
“Hm, I didn’t think so…” mumbled Anton as he cradled his chin in his hand and turned back to loom menacingly over a now quivering Kianna “Well then, what should I do with you?”
Kianna cringed down as low as she could as she subconsciously tried to make herself look as small as possible.
“Plenty of options to choose from… Especially considering we’re in a “Dungeon” that’s just full of fun and painful toys…” mused Anton as Kianna began to whimper fearfully “But then again, this is a first offense, so I don’t think I need to be too rough with you… And besides, I always feel the lessons hit home the best whenever the punishment fits the crime”
Kianna started to frantically shake her head as Anton knelt down in front of her and picked up the control box for her sybian.
“I’d like to leave this going for a few hours but I don’t think you’ve got that in you right now. And it’s just too difficult to fully reflect on your mistakes once you’ve passed out…” mused Anton as he turned the controller over in his hands and held it right side up “So I guess just one hour will have to do…”
“HMMPH! MM MM! MM MM!” cried Kianna through her gag as she stared wide eyed at the controller and bucked her hips wildly in a desperate attempt to escape the coming onslaught.
Anton said nothing as he turned the little dial and upped the intensity of the sybian to max.
Kianna jolted as if she had just been electrified. She curled in on herself and began to tremble horribly as she desperately tried to maintain control of her body. Unfortunately, spending the last two days in a constant state of sexual arousal had left her both highly sensitive, and susceptible to being easily stimulated further, and she could only hold back for a moment before the sybian, which when set to max was powerful enough to vibrate her entire being, began to send her still aching body crashing over the edge.
Arching her spine and throwing her head as far back as she could left her in a coiled shape for a moment before she lost all sense of herself and began to convulse wildly. Screaming through her gag she twisted back in on herself and went still with tension before a short but intense climax was violently ripped from her body and was quickly followed by the build up of another.
Anton retook his seat and leaned back with his legs crossed at the ankles as he watched the struggling dark elf squirm and contort herself into one twisted shape after another. About midway through the assigned time period he glanced over at Fiona and cocked an eyebrow at the sight of her.
The second dark elf appeared to be completely mesmerized by the sight of her sister’s pleasured torture. But rather than be horrified by what she was seeing it was quite clear by the expression on her face that she was instead fully enthralled by the spectacle.
A sadistic glint shone brightly in her eyes as she bit her lower lip and slowly shifted herself back and forth atop her own sybian. With her ears pointed straight upwards and the corners of her mouth curled up into a thin smile there was little question left as to whether or not she approved of her sister’s treatment.
“Are you enjoying yourself over there?” asked Anton as a broad smile spread across his face.
Fiona turned to him as he spoke and immediately looked away as an annoyed frown marred her features.
Anton shook his head in amusement as he turned his attention back to the chaotically bouncing Kianna.
When the hours worth of time finally came to an end, Anton knelt back down in front of the quivering dark elf and shut the sybian off with a quick twist of the knob.
Staring straight up at the ceiling with her back curled into a painful arch, Kianna hung motionless for a moment before slumping off to the side of the sybian. She was held in place and kept from fully falling over by the chain attached to her shoulder harness. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, which left nothing but the whites visible between her half closed eyelids. The constant garbled moan and her sporadically twitching ears made it clear that she was completely incoherent and just barely swimming on the edge of consciousness. Viscus fluids ran from her tormented sex and pooled down on either side of the sybian, coating both the machine and her legs as it went.
“Aw, my poor little dark elf!” soothed Anton as he took hold of Kianna’s shoulders and lifted her back upright “It looks like her little brain might have gotten vibrated a little too roughly!”
Kianna’s head lolled to the side as she blinked away her incoherency. Drearily, she lifted her head up and looked at Anton with half closed eyes before moaning softly and slumping forward to rest her head against the very center of his chest.
“Kianna…” called Anton as he held the dark elf upright and began to stroke the back of her head “Can you hear me?”
“Hm…” moaned Kianna as she nodded her head against him.
“Did you learn your lesson?” asked Anton in a soothing tone.
“Mm!” whined the dark elf as she nodded again.
“Are you going to disobey your Master again?” asked Anton
“Mm mm!” whimpered Kianna as she shook her head and shivered against him.
“Good, that’s very good! I’m so happy to hear that you learned your lesson!” praised Anton as he tightened his hold on her “You’re a good girl Kianna, a very good girl!”
The dark elf went quiet as she rested against him.
As Anton continued to stroke her, he noticed that Kianna was beginning to take in deeper and deeper breaths through her nose. A faint hissing sound could be heard each time she pulled the air, and his scent, through the little holes along the top of her plate-mask and into her system. This continued until the dark elf took in a long, massive breath and shuddered as she let it out.
“Kianna?” questioned Anton when she went still against him.
The dark elf shifted her head and pulled herself back until she was able to look up at him. Her eyes were still dreary looking and she blinked them slowly several times as she worked to focus them on his.
“Hi” greeted Anton as he smiled at her.
Kianna stared back at him for a moment before her eyes scrunched up as though she were smiling beneath her plate-mask.
“Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm!” she giggled as she folded her ears back and away from her head and leaned in to nuzzle her face against his.
Anton went stiff in surprise as the dark elf began to nudge her plate covered mouth against his in an obvious attempt to give him a kiss.
“Um! Well! Somebodies feeling pretty friendly all of a sudden!” teased Anton as he playfully let the dark elf push his face back and forth.
“Mm!” moaned Kianna as her efforts quickly began to become to more frantic. She pulled herself upwards to not only better reach his face but to also press her bosom against his chest.
“Make that very friendly!” laughed Anton as he tilted his head and gazed down at the soft mounds that were now being pressed against him “Very, very friendly!”
Kianna began to whimper in frustration as she continued to try and reach his lips through her gag. In another bid to get his attention she began to lightly bounce herself up and down in order to rub her breasts against his chest.
“Kianna!” exclaimed Fiona as a look of exasperation marred her face “What the fuck are you doing!?”
“Mm?” grumbled Kianna as her ears pointed themselves straight upwards. Although her ears had become alert to the sound of her sisters voice, the dark elf kept her attention on Anton and continued her efforts without pause.
“Is this even normal?” joked Anton as he turned to Fiona.
“Huh!?” exclaimed Fiona as she shifted her eyes to him “What!?”
“This!” said Anton as he indicated Kianna “Not that I’m complaining! It’s just that cuddling isn’t exactly something I’d expect from a dark elf!”
Fiona narrowed her eyes and looked away from him with an angry sigh.
“…Wait, is it not?” asked Anton as he cocked an eyebrow at the irritated but questioning look on Fiona’s face “…Huh, well, anyways!”
Taking hold of Kianna’s shoulders, Anton gently but firmly eased her back as she began to moan in disappointment. A odd slopping sound caught his attention and glancing downwards he noticed that Kianna had once again begun to grind herself against the sybian.
“Oh, now look at you Kianna!” he teased as a broad smile spread back across his face “You’re such a bad girl!”
“Mm! Mm mm!” Kianna whimpered pitifully as she pressed her forehead back against his chest and shook her head in protest.
“Oh yes you are!” continued Anton as his smile grew wider “Just look at this mess you’ve made on the Sybian!”
“Humph!?” groaned Kianna as she pulled away from him and looked down at her soaked slit. The dark elf went still for a moment as she stared at herself.
“See!?” laughed Anton as Kianna’s ears flattened themselves back behind her head “You’re still so thirsty and yet look at all this water you just wasted! Such a bad girl!”
“…Humph!” groaned Kianna with a sudden urgency as she turned to her sister. Bobbing her chin towards her groin and swaying her hips back and forth, she began to call to Fiona in a seemingly inviting manner.
Anton cocked an eyebrow as he looked from Fiona to Kianna and back.
“…Oh! Now that’s a fun idea!” laughed Anton as he smiled evilly at the viciously glaring dark elf “Fiona, would you like a sip of your sister!?”
“You bastard!” hissed Fiona as her ears pointed themselves straight back and began to quiver in anger.
“…So is that a yes then!?” teased Anton as he nodded to her.
Fiona growled angrily as her irises began to faintly glow with a dim red light.
“Kianna!” called Anton as he turned back to her “Your sister is still really thirsty! Do you want to give her a drink before it dries away!?”
“Mm hm!” moaned Kianna as she fell back against him and slowly nodded her head against his shoulder.
“Aw Kianna! You’re still so worried about your sister aren’t you!?” asked Anton as the dark elf whimpered and nodded her head again “Well, it’s not going to give her much in the way of hydration… it is something though… So why not!? Here! Let me help you!”
Fiona watched intently as Anton unclasped the metal ratchets that held the straps wrapped around Kianna’s bent legs and kept her trapped on the sybian. He then detached the chain from her shoulder harness before gently lifting her up and off of the machine.
Kianna shuddered as the dildo attached to the sybian was slid out of her but didn’t make any noise as Anton set her down in front of himself and began to unbuckle the belts that were wrapped around her legs. Taking advantage of her semi-freedom the dark elf quickly scooted herself forward and bent down to nuzzle her face into his crotch.
“Whoa! Hey there!” cried Anton as a surprised smile spread across his face “What has gotten into you!?”
Kianna began to murmur softly as she flopped down onto her side and let her head rest limply in his lap.
“Aw, you poor little thing!” soothed Anton as he slid his hand under her chin and lifted her head up and away from his groin “My poor little dark elf is so sleepy! Isn’t she!?”
Kianna whimpered pitifully through her gag as she looked up at him with pleading eyes and let her ears lay back submissively behind her head.
“Kianna, your sister is still thirsty!” exclaimed Anton in a soft tone “Don’t you remember!?”
“…Mm!” whined Kianna as she sat herself upright and nodded absently. She let her shoulders slump but otherwise stayed still and sitting up as Anton resumed unbuckling and removing the belts from around her legs.
Once finished, Anton stood up and stepped behind her before wrapping his arms around her waist.
Kianna leaned back into him as he slowly and gently lifted her up from behind. She groaned softly through her nose as her cramped legs unfolded themselves beneath her, and gave out a frustrated whine as she tried her best to stand on her own. Unfortunately, she was still far too weak and couldn’t even manage to keep her knees locked in place.
Grinning to himself, Anton lifted her completely up off the ground and carried her over to her sister, where he then held her up so that her sex was level with Fiona’s head.
“Kianna!” whispered Anton as he moved her in close to Fiona’s face “You need to spread your legs so that your sister can reach you!”
Kianna made a small sound as she opened her legs as much as she could.
Fiona gave Anton a venomous look but without a word she plunged her face into her sisters still dripping folds. Her thirst clearly having gotten the better of her pride.
“What a good girl you are Kianna!” praised Anton as he watched Fiona’s head bob up and down between her legs “Giving your poor, thirsty sister a drink! Such a good girl!”
Kianna whimpered happily through her gag as she took joy in both helping her sister and getting herself licked out. With her head leaned back against Anton’s shoulder, she stared up at nothing with half closed eyes as she began to drift along the edge of consciousness. Her body would occasionally shift between tensing up and trembling as her sister’s tongue lapped away at her tender sex.
Fiona was both aggressive and meticulous with her task. She completely ignored the aches in her jaw as she left no crevice unchecked and greedily licked away every last drop of liquid she could find.
After a few moments Anton felt the dark elf in his arms go completely limp as she finally slipped into unconsciousness.
“Well that’s it” mumbled Anton as Kianna’s head lolled to the side under it’s own weight “She’s done”
Fiona gave out a small, irritated huff as he pulled Kianna away.
Lifting the dozing dark elf up in his arms, Anton carried her across the expanse of the dungeon to one of the metal cages that were lined up in a row along the far wall.
These cages were made of heavily welded metal and had been bolted down to the floor. They had clearly been designed to hold very strong beings, and there was little doubt that they would be able to keep a pair of exhausted, magic-less dark elves in one place.
The doorway of the cage that Anton had chosen was large enough that he could easily duck down and lean inside. He set the sleeping dark elf down with her back to the left wall of the cage, and as soon as she was laying against the pillows Kianna nestled in and didn’t move beyond the rise and fall of her breathing. Anton left her legs unbound but didn’t bother to loosen or remove any of her other gear as none of it posed any risk to her circulation.
Fiona wouldn’t look at him as Anton strolled back from the cages. She continued to stare at the floor as he bent down mid-stride and picked up the glass before setting it next to the pitcher on the small table. She then tightened her eyes and clenched her teeth as he knelt down next to her and picked up her gag.
“Are you going to kill us!?” she exclaimed through her teeth as Anton lifted the gag to her face.
With an annoyed crease to his brow Anton lowered the gag as he spoke.
“Do you really think it’s fair to ask questions when you both can’t hear the answers?” he asked in a condescending tone “Or do you actually think you deserve to know more than Kianna does!?”
Turning her head just enough to see his face, Fiona glared at him and then down at the gag in his hand.
“You won’t get away with this!” she hissed venomously.
“Why not?” asked Anton.
Fiona continued to glare at the gag as she spoke.
“Because when our Mother finds out what you’ve done!” she threatened as her eyes rose up to meet his “You’ll be a dead man!”
“…I see” nodded Anton “Is that so?”
“Oh yes!” hissed Fiona as a vicious glint appeared in her eyes “That is very so!”
“Well, I guess I’ll just have to deal with that when the time comes then won’t I?” said Anton as he held up the gag “Now, are you going to make this simple? Or would you rather try to sleep where you are right now?”
Fiona grimaced as she looked back at the gag. Sighing heavily through her nose she clamped her eyes shut and opened her mouth.
Anton showed her no courtesy as he shoved the gag into place and re-clasped the face-plate to the harness that was still wrapped tightly around her head. He then released the ratchets that held her legs strapped to the sybian before unclipping the chain attached to her shoulder harness.
Now free from both the sybian and the wall, Fiona found herself being lifted straight up into the air by her shoulder harness. She let out a meek whine as the dildo left her body and she was able to close her legs for the first time in days. To her dismay Anton made no move to unbuckle the belts wrapped around her legs and instead he kept hold of her shoulder harness with his left hand and held her up as he reached down to take hold of the thick belt that was wrapped around her waist with his right.
Fiona lightly kicked her still bent but now hanging legs as she found herself being carried as if she were a piece of luggage.
“…I wonder how far I could toss you?” mused Anton as he hefted the lightweight and grumbling dark elf in a testing manner before making his way across the dungeon.
Fiona blinked in surprise as Anton set her down in the doorway of the same cage that her sister was already sleeping in. Wasting no time, she quickly hobbled into the cage on her knees and turned to face him as he closed and locked the cage door behind her. Hunched over with her ears pointed straight back, she watched as Anton stood back up and took a step back and away from the cage. They both stared at each other for a moment before Fiona turned away from him and looked over her sister.
Kianna hadn’t responded at all to her sister joining her and was still sleeping peacefully after having snuggled herself into the pile of small pillows.
Fiona watched her sister sleep for a few moments before slowly turning and giving Anton one last glare. Her message sent, she dropped down onto her side and shifting herself back and forth she shimmied herself in place and curled up against Kianna as closely as she could before laying her head down among the pillows and resting with her forehead pressed against her sister’s.
Kianna still hadn’t moved or even responded in any way to her sister settling in next to her, and Fiona was now resting with as much of her body touching her sister’s as she could manage.
Anton stepped forward and gazed down at the two dark elves. Fiona’s eyes were already halfway closed but she still glanced up at him as he moved closer. After staring at him for only a moment she turned back to her sister. As he watched, her breathing began to slow and despite her attitude a moment ago her exhaustion got the better of her and she quickly drifted off to sleep.
With their heads resting together, Anton couldn’t help but to think that the peaceful looking dark elves made a cute sight, even in their bound state. With a half smile on his face, he quietly stepped away from them and turning out the few remaining lights still on in the room, left them to their dreams.

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