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Chapter 5 : Late Evening

“Look at me when you say it Kianna” demanded Anton in a soft tone as he tilted her head back and lifted her chin higher with both hands.
Kianna scrunched up her face and kept her eyes shut for a moment before slowly cracking them open and looking up at him.
“Who is your Master now?” implored Anton as he gazed into her eyes.
“…Y-you” she croaked softly, her voice broken and barely audible “…You!”
“Very good. I knew you could do it” whispered Anton as he gave her a soft smile and squeezed her cheeks with his thumbs “My brave little Dark Elf”
Kianna whimpered pitifully as she tightened her eyes and pressed her ears down even flatter.
“Now…” said Anton as he gently lowered her head and let her go to hang limp “Let’s get you a drink”
Kianna groaned and shivered involuntarily as the influence of his aura left her and she was struck by the chill from the lack of his warmth. She closed her eyes completely as she felt him rise and stand up in front of her.
Anton made it a point to only give Fiona a quick glance as he crossed over to the end table, picked up the glass of water and made his way back to Kianna. Kneeling back down, he reached beneath the dark elf’s hanging head and lifted her face up by the chin.
Kianna had a miserable looking grimace on her face as she was made to look at him. She made a tiny whining sound as she defiantly kept her eyes shut.
Shaking his head, Anton moved the glass of water closer to the dark elf’s nose and grinned as her nostrils flared ever so slightly.
Kianna’s eyes shot open immediately as her nose told her mind about the treasure that was so close now. Swallowing painfully, she bucked her hips against the sybian and leaned as far forward as she could as she tried to move herself closer to the water. Desperate and no longer caring for her pride she turned to Anton and whimpered pleadingly.
“What do you say my little Dark Elf?” he asked.
Mouth hanging open and pain rolling through her chest with each breath, Kianna tried to speak but all that came out was a broken hiss.
Anton shook his head.
“You have to say it right” he said in a soft and encouraging tone “I know you can do it”
Kianna groaned as she glared at him and pointed her ears straight back. Her whole body trembling now she took as deep a breath as she could.
“Eeese!” she cried through her teeth before she laid her ears back down submissively and pouted her lips.
“Very good!” chuckled Anton as he smiled and moved the glass to her mouth.
Kianna eagerly pulled herself forward to meet the glass with her lips. Moaning in pleasure, her eyes rolled to the back of her head in bliss as the cool water filled her parched mouth. Her pain began to subside almost instantly as the healing liquid flowed down her throat and quickly seeped into and then spread throughout her entire body.
Anton forced the dark elf to maintain a slow pace as she gulped down the whole glass of water. When it was gone she leaned forward again and tried to follow the glass as he pulled it away from her. At the last possible second she clamped her teeth down on the edge of the glass and with her ears pointed straight back behind her head, she held on as tightly as she could.
“…What? Really!?” exclaimed Anton as he gave the glass a soft tug “Kianna let go!”
“Mm mm!” moaned Kianna through her teeth as she looked over at him by moving only her eyes.
“…What, are you even trying to accomplish with this?” asked Anton as he smiled at the determined looking dark elf “I’m not going to let you eat this glass!”
Kianna blinked and then groaned in frustration as she let the glass go.
“Such a silly little Dark Elf!” laughed Anton as he gave her chin a squeeze and stood up.
Kianna hung her head and groaned in annoyance when he let her go. Tilting her head up a bit her eyes darted to the pitcher of water sitting on the table across from her. Seeing that Anton had yet to move she flattened her ears back down submissively and took a deep breath.
“Please!” she chirped quietly as she hunched in on herself and looked down at the floor “More!”
“Hm?” hummed Anton as he tilted his head in surprise that she already sounded so much clearer “What was that?”
“Please!” she asked a little louder this time “…One more!”
“Hm, well” chuckled Anton as he folded his arms over his chest “I appreciate that you asked politely but I’m afraid I’m going to need you to ask correctly as well”
Kianna peeked up at him before tightening her eyes in annoyance.
“Please” she mumbled quietly “…Master”
“Aw, you’re such a clever little Dark Elf Kianna!” exclaimed Anton “I didn’t even have to explain anything! You already knew what you needed to do!”
Kianna groaned in embarrassment before sheepishly looking away.
“Now, since you’ve done what you were asked, you’ll get another drink” teased Anton as he turned to the table holding the pitcher “But this will be the last one for now! Too much, too quick and you’ll get a stomachache!”
Kianna’s ears rose back up and pointed themselves straight upwards in excitement as she watched him cross back over to the table and refill the glass.
Turning back around, Anton chuckled at the sight of the eager looking dark elf. Her over-the-top glee at getting a second helping was clear across her face as she literally bounced up and down on the sybian.
“Settle down Kianna!” he admonished softly as he knelt back down in front of her and took hold of her chin “You’re going to choke yourself if you don’t calm down”
Kianna made an obvious effort to still herself as her eyes stayed locked to the glass of water being held out of her reach. Once it was clear that she was in control of herself, Anton moved the glass to her lips and chuckled again at her ecstatic sounding whimpers.
Moaning happily through her nose with each swallow, Kianna had a bit more gusto to her as she clamped her eyes shut and greedily gulped down the soothing water. With the second glass now gone even faster than the first one, Anton set it down at his feet and examined the effect it was already having on the dark elf.
Kianna’s eyes were closed as she rested her chin in his hand and sighed blissfully. Already her breathing wasn’t nearly as labored as before, and a slight flush had given her skin a healthier color. Her closed eyes tightened a bit as she tilted her head to the side and nuzzled her cheek into Anton’s palm. Sighing deeply again, she let her ears hang limply as she immediately started dozing.
“Hm, how cute!” whispered Anton as he took hold of her face with both hands.
Startled, Kianna blinked open her eyes and looked up at him as he began to rub her cheeks with his thumbs.
“Well, you’re already looking much better…” mused Anton as he smiled back at the large, bright eyes that had already been cleared of the webs of bloodshot veins “How are you feeling?”
Kianna stared at him for a moment before her eyes suddenly went wide. Pulling herself back and away from his touch, she stopped short and looked at his hands before focusing her eyes back on his face and leaning herself even further away from him. Once again her ears pointed themselves straight upwards as her eyes became probing. Unlike before however she was now staring at Anton with a look on her face that was not only marred with confusion but gave the impression that she had never seen him before and was now trying to figure out what she was looking at.
Anton tilted his head in curiosity as he watched the dark elf.
“…Hey there” he said as he playfully arched an eyebrow “You starting to feel a little more alive?”
Kianna said nothing as her eyes followed every little movement he made and her ears twitched and shifted back and forth as she focused on each word he said.
“…You?” she whispered after a long moment of silent scrutiny “…Are you not?”
“Hm?” hummed Anton as he tilted his head slightly to the side and leaned in closer in an effort to hear her better “What was that?”
“You?” said Kianna as she leaned her head even further back from him “You aren’t, scared?”
“…No?” questioned Anton as he creased his brow in suspicion “Why? What should I be scared of?”
“…I, don’t know?” whispered Kianna as she shifted her ears back and tilted her head in a questioning manner while a worried expression came over her face.
“…Alright?” said Anton as a slight grin spread across his face “What exactly are you talking about?”
Kianna’s worried look deepened as she lowered her ears and hunched in on herself. She went still as she continued to simply stare in silence.
As he watched her, Anton noticed that a thin strip of her bangs had curled in just enough to irritate her left eye and he couldn’t help but to chuckle softly as she kept trying to covertly blink it away.
“Hm, you know what Kianna…” he mumbled as she winked her eye in annoyance “You’re actually a pretty cute little Dark Elf”
“Huh?” questioned Kianna as her eyes darted to his “What?”
“I said you’re cute” grinned Anton as he reached out and moved the lock of hair out of her face before tucking it into a strap of her head harness “My little Dark Elf is cute”
Kianna froze completely as his hand moved back and forth around her face. Blinking in surprise her ears pointed themselves straight upwards as a look of confusion reappeared on her face.
“Who is!?” she questioned quietly as she tilted her head and cocked one of her ears in a curious manner “…Do you mean me!?”
Anton couldn’t help but to smile at the flustered look on her face.
“Yes, I’m talking about you” he said in a hushed tone “You are very cute, my little Dark Elf”
Kianna remained completely still for several moments as she stared back at him.
“…You, think I’m!? …W-wait! No! I’m not yours! I’m not your little nothing!” she mumbled as she looked away with her eyes “I don’t belong to you!”
Anton smirked as he took note of the light blush that was quickly forming across her cheeks.
“…Are you sure about that?” he asked as his smirk grew into a light smile “Because all things considered… at this moment I’d say you do!”
Kianna’s eyes tightened into a glare as her ears pointed themselves straight back.
“Listen you! Just because-!” she started.
“And by the look in your eyes… I’m not so sure you even dislike that idea!” interrupted Anton as he leaned in close and stared her down “…Do you!?”
Kianna’s eyes became guarded as she went to speak.
“Whatever you do Kianna!” interrupted Anton as he let his aura flare outwards and surround her “Do not, lie to me…”
Kianna was stopped short by the sudden heaviness in the air around her. Blinking in surprise she opened and closed her mouth without saying a word. The worried expression returned to her face as she lowered her ears and cringed back.
Anton went still as he continued to stare her down. After a moment his face softened as he eased back himself.
“I know you’re afraid Kianna” he said as he released his aura and gazed into her eyes “And that’s fair. You have no idea what’s going to happen to you or your sister. You have every reason to be afraid”
Kianna grimaced miserably as she hunched herself down onto her shoulders. Breaking their eye contact, she looked down at the floor in front of herself and began to tremble softly.
“Please! Please don’t hurt us!” she whispered quietly around a sob “I’ll really do anything you want! Anything!”
“…Anything?” questioned Anton as he narrowed his eyes “Are you sure about that?”
The dark elf sobbed again as she flattened her ears back submissively and nodded her head.
“Yes!” she whimpered as she raised her eyes and looked up at him.
“…Alright then” said Anton as he nodded softly “This may be a difficult thing for you to do, or to even understand. But I’d like you to try your best regardless”
Kianna swallowed a lump in her throat as she waited for him to speak.
“…There’s only one thing I want you to do Kianna” said Anton as he reached his right hand out towards her “I want you to try your very best, to trust me”
Kianna leaned back and went rigid in surprise as his hand moved towards her face. With her back as straight as her bondage would allow, she went completely still as her eyes darted from his face to his hand and back.
“What!?” she questioned.
“I said I want you to trust me” repeated Anton as he hesitated and let his hand rest in the air just shy of touching her.
For several moments Kianna merely stared at him without making a sound.
“…What?” she whispered “…Wha, why!?”
Anton took a breath in through his nose and let his eyes drift close as he gathered his thoughts together.
“I know that this isn’t going to make any sense to you, and that is actually one of the reasons as to why I think it’s so important” he explained “I know that you’re going to be suspicious of-”
Anton was cut short by the sensation of something being pressed softly into his hand. Looking back up he found that the dark elf had bridged the small gap herself and had laid her cheek into his palm.
Kianna was lightly trembling as she took small, quick breaths through her nose. With her eyes focused on the floor and her ears still laid back submissively, her nervousness was clear on both her face as well as through her rigid stance.
“It, it doesn’t matter why!” she mumbled as her eyes came up and met his “Like this! R-right!”
Anton tilted his head thoughtfully as he watched the dark elf make a conscious effort to relax as she let her head roll slightly to the side and come to a complete rest in his hand.
“…What are you doing?” asked Anton as he surprised Kianna by sliding his hand down lower and cupping her chin in his palm.
“I, I’m doing what you asked!” she exclaimed as she was made to look up at him.
“Why?” asked Anton as he looked her in the eyes.
“…This, this is what you wanted!” exclaimed Kianna as she tightened her ears together behind her head “What you asked for!”
Anton merely stared at her as if waiting for her to continue.
Kianna swallowed another lump in her throat as she was pulled in closer to him.
“I, I have to!” she stammered nervously “Fiona, we! …I have to save her!”
“Your sister is just as capable of helping herself as you are” stated Anton “You aren’t solely responsible for her fate anymore than she is yours. Why are you so ready to sacrifice yourself?”
“…Because I can’t not do anything! I have to do something!” exclaimed Kianna as her eyes filled with desperation “And this… This is all I can do!”
Anton was silent and still as he watched the dark elf grow more and more anxious.
“…Are you mad?” whispered Kianna as her eyes darted from his eyes to his ears and back “…Isn’t this what you wanted me to do? …I, I’m sorry! I’m trying, I’m really trying! I-”
Kianna stopped mid speech as Anton raised his free hand and laid it on top of her head. Frozen in uncertainty, she did nothing as he stared down at her for several long moments.
“…You really are something else, aren’t you?” mumbled Anton as he softly cupped her head between his hands and tilted her chin upwards “…So very, very different”
Kianna’s breath got caught in her throat as she felt the warmth of his aura seep back into her body through his palms.
Being careful to avoid her sensitive ears, Anton slowly slid his left hand down the back of the dark elf’s head as he gently ran his fingers through her hair.
“You’ve got such a fearlessness Kianna…” said Anton as he watched her eyes widen in surprise “It’s very impressive”
“…Huh!?” chirped the dark elf.
Anton gave her a toothless smile as he brought his hand back up to the top of her head and ran it back down again.
“…Even with everything you’ve already faced you’re still so determined. …All the hardship and pain that you’ve gone through and are being threatened with even now. …And yet you’re still ready to keep going” he whispered as he continued to stroke her hair “You’re still so willing to give it everything you have to save someone else… You have real compassion. It’s impressive, very impressive… I think you’re very brave Kianna… And strong too, very strong…”
Kianna remained completely still and stared into Anton’s eyes as he spoke softly to her. While listening to his words she began to feel both a tightness and an unfamiliar heat begin to wash through her chest as she absorbed his praise. Unsure of what to do or how to react to this situation, she began to blink rapidly as her eyes suddenly started to well with actual tears.
“W-wait, wha!?” she questioned as her voice began to crack “W-why are you saying these things!?”
“…What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I say these things?” soothed Anton as he leaned in closer and smiled into her eyes “They’re all true… Aren’t they?”
“…What, wha! N-no! No I’m not!” whispered Kianna as her eyes tightened in suspicion and her confusion began to mar her voice “I’m not, strong!? R-really I’m not!”
Anton chuckled softly as he watched the nervous dark elf’s anxiety grow and spread across her face.
“Yes, you are Kianna” he confirmed as he nodded slowly “Trust me, I can see it”
“…N-no!? Y-you!?” exclaimed Kianna as her body began to be racked with sobs “W-w-why are you lying!?”
“I’m not lying to you Kianna” reassured Anton as he smiled and shook his head softly “I really think you’re stronger than you realize… You’re a very impressive little Dark Elf…”
Kianna’s face became twisted as she took on a look of pained disbelief. Confused by the emotions that were now raging in her chest, she struggled to make any sense out of what was happening and why she was suddenly feeling the way she was.
“…B-but! N-n-no!” she stammered in a sudden panic “I-I’m not! I’m weak! I-I’m not!”
“Stop, that’s enough” soothed Anton as he held her by the chin and planted his hand at the back of her head “Listen to me Kianna. You are far stronger than you think you are. And I’m not just saying this for no reason. I know it’s true. I can see it in your eyes… You are strong”
“…But I gave up!?” whispered Kianna as her eyes went wide and went distant “I-I’m weak! I gave up, and I let you win!”
“…People who have given up don’t argue like this Kianna” said Anton around a smile “You don’t sound like someone who has given up at all”
Kianna’s breath froze completely as the warmth of both his aura and presence began to resonate with a subliminal calming effect. Barely breathing now, she blinked as the power flowing throughout her being became a soothing balm.
“You’re tough Kianna, and I like that. But you still need to learn how to listen to your Master” whispered Anton “Now, stop being so stubborn, do what you said you would, and trust me! Alright!?”
With thin tears slowly spilling from her eyes, Kianna began to groan as she grimaced miserably. She shut her eyes tight as she tilted her head to the side and frantically nuzzled her cheek into the warmth of his palm as she knew that this was the source of her comfort.
“Why are you doing this!? …I don’t get it!” she whimpered in a barely audible whisper “And you’re not my… ugh! Fine! Whatever! …You’re just stupid!”
Anton couldn’t help but to continue smiling as he held the softly sobbing dark elf. After a few minutes she finally went quiet and he cupped both his hands around her face and made her look back up at him.
“…You really are such a cute little thing!” he teased as he lightly pressed his thumbs against her cheeks and gently squeezed her face.
Kianna still had a miserable looking grimace on her face as she kept her ears flattened behind her head.
“…Are you serious!?” she whimpered as her eyes became pleading and one of her ears twitched upwards in a questioning manner “Do you really, think that!?”
Anton chuckled at the sight and tightened his hold on her.
“What did I just tell you about trusting your Master Kianna!?” he said as he gave her another smile “Now stop being so stubborn! And listen to me!”
Kianna stared at him for a moment before her eyes tightened and took on a troubled look. She started groaning softly and looked away with her eyes as a bright blush started to spread out across her cheeks.
“I don’t, why!?” she whined as her eyes began to dart back and forth as she looked at everything but his face “Why are you doing this to me!? What do you want!?”
“What I want is for you to stop acting like I’m tormenting you Kianna!” teased Anton as he gave her face another gentle squeeze “So far all I’ve done is tell you what I think about you. And I’ve been serious with everything I’ve said. It has been the truth. All of it”
Kianna was still for a moment before she began to groan in frustration.
“…Is something wrong?” asked Anton as he noticed the dark elf was shifting back and forth in obvious discomfort “Are you alright!?”
Kianna’s eyes darted to his before looking down at the floor between them.
“…No! Obviously I’m not!” she whined through her clenched teeth.
“You’re not!?” asked Anton as he leaned back and looked her up and down “What’s wrong!? …Kianna, tell me what’s wrong!”
Surprised by the concerned tone in his voice, Kianna glanced back up at Anton before quickly looking back down at the floor.
“…I’m, naked!” she mumbled miserably as she squeezed her thighs together around the sybian “…And you’re really embarrassing me right now!”
Anton laughed loudly as Kianna’s ears went as flat as they possibly could.
“Yes, you are!” exclaimed Anton as he wore a broad smile across his face “But I like it when you’re naked! And when you’re embarrassed! I think it’s very cute!”
Kianna groaned again as her ears pointed themselves straight back in annoyance.
“…You ass!” she grumbled as she continued to stare at the floor “…You’re mean!”
“Yes, I am!” chuckled Anton as he began to rub away the tear lines on her cheeks with his thumbs “Though I do think that you’ve earned this embarrassment Kianna. Let’s not forget that you and your sister have made some pretty evil choices lately! And you do deserve to be punished for those choices!”
Kianna’s ears laid back down submissively as her face scrunched up in worry.
“What are you going to do with us?” she asked quietly as her eyes lifted upwards and met his.
“…There will be plenty of time to discus that later” said Anton as he carefully let her go and picked up her gag “For now though, I thinks it’s time to continue with your punishment”
Clamping her mouth shut, Kianna’s eyes tightened with fear as Anton raised the gag to her face.
“Hey now!” chastised Anton as he lowered the gag and used a single finger to lift her chin back up and make her look at him “It’s time to be brave again Kianna!”
The dark elf swallowed a lump in her throat as she kept her mouth shut and stared up at him with pleading eyes. Groaning softly, she shook her head as she tried to ease herself away from where she knew the gag was.
“Aw, you really don’t like this gag at all” said Anton as his voice took on a soothing tone “Do you?”
“No!” declared Kianna through her clenched teeth as her ears rose up and then slowly fell back into place behind her head “…I hate that thing!”
“Hm, well that is regrettable. But I’m afraid it’s not going to change the fact that you’re guilty Kianna. You’ve made some very poor choices, and unfortunately this is going to be part of your punishment” explained Anton as he watched her eyes become misty again “You do understand that? Don’t you?”
“Oh c’mon! Seriously!?” exclaimed Kianna as she kept her teeth clenched together “But I’ve done everything you’ve asked though! Right!? …Please! Please don’t make me wear that thing anymore!”
“…Kianna” sighed Anton as he shook his head “Now it’s true that so far you have been a good girl tonight. But this is part of your original punishment, and unfortunately that punishment is not over… yet…?”
Anton blinked in surprise as the dark elf suddenly went stiff and her large eyes widened to their fullest.
“Wait, what!?” whispered Kianna softly as her eyes became locked to his “What did you say!?”
“…I said that your punishment isn’t over yet?” repeated Anton as he cocked an eyebrow at the dark elf.
“No! Not…” exclaimed Kianna as she blinked and seemed to come to her senses. Shaking her head, her eyes quickly darted to the side as she did her best to look away while another faint blush spread across her cheeks.
His eyebrow still cocked, Anton tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes at the dark elf.
“Kianna” he called softly.
The dark elf stayed still for only a moment before she slowly shifted her eyes back over to him.
“…Your punishment isn’t over yet Kianna” said Anton in a soft, soothing tone “So you’ll have to wear this gag for awhile longer”
“But, argh! What if I’m sorry!?” exclaimed Kianna as her ears rose straight upwards “And I am! I mean it! This was all a huge, stupid mistake! And I’m really, really sorry about it! I really am!”
“…Well, if you do mean that, and you really are sorry” said Anton in the same soothing tone “Then you’ll be brave and you’ll accept your punishment, …like a good girl”
Kianna blinked and pointed her ears straight back as she moved her eyes back to the side and looked away in defiance.
“…Kianna!” drawled Anton as he bobbed his finger, and her chin, up and down until he drew the dark elf’s attention back to his eyes “You do want to be a good girl? Don’t you?”
Kianna stared at him for a moment before her face scrunched up in misery and she began to whine softly through her nose.
“…Dammit!” she grumbled as she slumped her shoulders in frustration and glared angrily at him.
“That’s what I thought. Now, be a good girl Kianna” soothed Anton with a smile as he moved the gag back up to her face “And open your mouth for me”
“Argh!” sighed the dark elf as she lowered her ears back down “…Alright, fine!”
Anton chuckled as he moved the gag in front of her mouth and waited.
Kianna grimaced as she swallowed another lump in her throat and tentatively opened her mouth to let him shove the gag back inside. She whimpered but didn’t fight him as he re-clasped the straps of the head-harness to the face plate and tightened it all back up.
“Now see? Was that so bad?” teased Anton as he lifted her head up higher and made her look at him in the eyes “Look at you! Accepting your punishment like a good girl! My super brave little Dark Elf!”
Kianna grumbled in annoyance through her gag and pointed her ears straight back as she glared up at him. Anton chuckled again as she defiantly pulled her chin away from his hand and hung her head as she turned her glare to the floor below her.
The frustrated dark elf made a show of her displeasure by making faint growling sounds in the back of her throat as she began to bite at and chew on the gag that had been wedged back into place between her teeth. She froze in surprise when Anton placed his hand on the side of her head above her ear and began to run his fingers in between the straps of her head-harness in an effort the smooth out her hair.
“…You really are a good girl Kianna” praised Anton as he let his gaze wonder across the top of her head “…And I do mean that”
The dark elf blinked up at him as she watched his face soften.
“…You’ve worked so very hard, and done your best to keep yourself and your sister safe. …You did everything that I asked you to. …Even when it was something you hated!” smiled Anton “You still did it though… You really are such a very good girl, my little Dark Elf…”
Breathing slowly around the tightness that had seized her chest, Kianna stayed silent as she both stared at and listened to Anton speak. Though she was completely unaware that she was doing it, she slowly began to tilt her head and lean into his fingers.
Noticing this, Anton chuckled softly and shifted his motions into more of a gentle petting-like rub that the dark elf clearly appreciated.
This continued for several moments until Kianna seemed to come to her senses and realized what she was doing. She pulled her head back before looking away and grumbling through her gag as another warm blush spread across her cheeks.
Anton chuckled again as he gave the flustered dark elf a soft pat on her head and turned away from her.
Kianna glanced back and watched him out of the corner of her eye as he picked up the empty glass and stood up before walking back to his chair. She quickly looked down and away from him as he retook his seat and sat facing her.
Sighing through her nose, Kianna started to go back over the different emotions she had been feeling throughout the night when a sudden movement at her side caught her attention and she turned to find her sister glaring venomously at her.
“Hm!?” she hummed through her gag as she blinked in surprise.
Fiona’s ears pointed themselves straight back as she made a low growl like noise through her gag.
Kianna lowered her own ears and cringed in on herself as she felt the heat of her sister’s hatred wash over her. Quietly mumbling in an apologetic manner she let her eyes become pleading as she wordlessly asked her sister for forgiveness.
Sighing angrily through her covered nose, Fiona turned away in frustration and stared at the floor in front of herself as her murderously glaring eyes remained completely unchanged.
Kianna slumped and looked down at her own patch of floor. Too afraid and ashamed now to even look back at her sister, the scolded dark elf’s eyes tightened in worry as she grumbled miserably.
“…Hm” mused Anton to himself as he looked back and forth between the two sisters “That was… interesting…”
Cradling his chin in his hand he narrowed his eyes at Fiona as he watched the dark elf tremble in anger.
“Interesting…” he mumbled in annoyance “And very uncalled for!”

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