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Chapter 2 : After midnight

Anton kept his eyes shut as he tested his ability to move, he didn’t quite have full motion just yet but what he did have would be enough to work with. He moaned through his nose as he feigned coming to, and one of the dark elves immediately started to laugh close by.
“Well, well, well! Looks like “Mr. Handsome” has finally rejoined the living!” she cried.
Anton opened his eyes to a, thankfully, dimly lit area. He was currently laying on his back atop a king sized bed. Without giving away his range of motion he quickly scanned what he could of this new and very large room.
The two dark elves were leering down at him as they stood on either side of the bed. He ignored them both for the moment as he glanced around. There was little chance they were still in the hotel considering the intensity of the decor that now surrounded him.
Sadism was clearly the theme. Dark maroon colored walls were decorated with silhouette portraits of beings in different forms of torture and bondage. Many of the implements featured in the portraits had true life examples acting as furniture in this very room and Anton could only assume that they were just as capable of use as those in the portraits above them. This was clearly a “Dungeon” of sorts though in many ways he found the aesthetics a bit over the top, if not down right cliche.
The room was too large for him to discern if there were any windows and or where the entrance was located from his current vantage so he turned his attention back to his “Captors”.
The dark elves had clearly given in to their deviant nature in full force. Donning intricate black leather corsets, thigh length boots, long finger less opera gloves and leather garter belts, they had become the quintessential dominates that their kind were stereotypically known for. One of them was even wearing a black masquerade style mask over her eyes.
Anton gave a quick look over their choices in attire and did a double take as he noticed their garter belts. The garter belts that the two dark elves were wearing were fitted up around their waists. Not only were they being worn higher than they should normally be but they had also been put on above their corsets. They served no practical purpose as “Garter Belts” as they were not being used to hold up a pair of leggings as they should be, and the clips used to attach them to said leggings were hanging listlessly from their sides. Instead the dark elves had clipped an assortment of torture items to their belts. These items included a few sets of clamps connected by thin chains, several pairs of handcuffs, small cat-o-nine tails whips, small broad faced paddles and each of them carried a long coiled bullwhip attached just above their hips.
Anton raised an eyebrow at the sight of the whips, as he couldn’t understand why these dark elves would choose to use actual physical whips, rather than their own magically generated versions. Both of the dark elves were clearly proud of their little tool belts and brandished them brazenly.
Neither one of them were currently wearing any type of underwear, which left their hairless nether regions open and ready for their play.
Anton sighed at the shear lack of imagination. Obvious youth not withstanding, these dark elves were both clearly very inexperienced. The feigned confident smiles and predator-esque poses that they took on as they “Loomed” over him were heartrendingly ineffective in their attempt at being intimidating, and sadly came off as more annoying than anything else. Without the influence of their auras generating an actual effect, there was no sense of dread to the situation and the dark elves came off as nothing more than two women in costume.
It was certainly clear at this point that these two had pulled this entire room out of some poorly written erotic novel and had never truly dominated anyone. Kidnapped and bullied? Possibly. But enacted true dominance? No, he just couldn’t see it.
Anton looked back and forth between the smiling dark elves and sighed as he waited for them to make a move.
“…Well!?” he mumbled as the silence dragged for another moment “Are you going to get started!?”
Faltering at his attitude the dark elves recomposed themselves and both harrumphed at each other.
“Looks like somebodies ready to play!” said the one in the mask. She was the one with the somewhat shorter hair named Fiona. It seemed that she was the one to take the lead while Kianna acted in the assistant role. Whether this was how they naturally acted or if this was done at a case by case scenario couldn’t be discerned. It’s was possible that whoever wore the mask was the one who acted as the “Leader” but at the moment there was no way to be sure of this.
“I’m going to enjoy melting away that smugness!” boasted Fiona as she took hold of his shirt collar and pulled it apart, sending buttons flying everywhere in the process.
Anton grimaced at his damaged shirt while the grinning dark elf ran her fingertip down the center of his chest.
“Aw! Did you like that shirt?” she cooed teasingly “Well too bad!”
Anton gave her a tired look before turning to Kianna.
“Well?” he asked as he raised his eyebrows at her “What are you waiting for?”
“…Um!” stumbled Kianna as her sudden confusion became obvious “…I’m, um!?”
“Hey! I’m the one in charge here!” cried Fiona as she poked her finger in his face “I think you need to start taking this a little more seriously!”
“I could say the same to you” quipped Anton as he gave her a condescending grin.
Fuming, Fiona stood back up and pointed her ears straight back behind her head as she glared down at him.
“Fine!” she muttered before looking over at Kianna “Help me lock this bastard up!”
The sisters both huffed quietly as they each took hold of one of Anton’s arms and hoisted him up to a sitting position.
Grinning as he stayed limp, Anton let them do all the work as they roughly dragged him to the head of the bed and leaned him against the wooden headboard.
Fiona eagerly crawled up onto the bed and straddled his legs. Biting her lower lip she reached into her cleavage and pulled out the small white bottle of drugs she had used on him at the bar.
Anton couldn’t help but shake his head as he stared at it. The bottle was a cheap white plastic thing that was clearly a used bottle of contact-lens solution with the label peeled off of it.
The dark elf held the bottle up in front of him as she leaned in close to the side of his head.
“With this I could make it so you can’t move again!” she whispered as she leaned in even closer to his ear “But if I did that you wouldn’t feel what’s coming next!”
“Is that right?” mumbled Anton as he looked past her and locked eyes with Kianna.
Kianna’s eyes never left his as she lifted his right wrist up to the corner post of the bed. Taking a pair of metal hand cuffs from her garter belt she made a show of clasping one end to an eyelet in the wooden post using only her left hand.
Anton grinned at the little show and the dark elf smiled back as she went to clasp the other cuff to his wrist by bringing it downward and locking it in a single motion. Her smile suddenly disappeared as the cuff was locked around her own wrist instead.
Anton’s grin grew into a full smile as the dark elf’s eyes went wide in surprise.
Breaking away from their eye contact, Kianna looked down in complete confusion at her trapped wrist.
Moving to quick for her to fully register in time, Anton had both shifted his arm out of the way and brought her wrist upwards and into the path of the cuff at the last second. With one motion he had trapped the dark elf while leaving his own arm free and still up against the bedpost.
“Uh, uh!” stammered Kianna as she tried to make sense of what had just happened to her “…Wait, how!?”
“What the Hell did you do!?” exclaimed Fiona as she looked over at her sister.
Kianna looked panicked as she pulled on the cuff and turned to her sister with her mouth hanging open.
Neither one of them had time to respond as Anton shot forward with his arm near the bedpost and grabbed Kianna by the face. Raising his other “Limp” hand he grabbed Fiona by the back of the head and pushed her forward. With one mighty attack he cracked their heads together by bashing Fiona’s forehead into the back of Kianna’s skull, dazing them both instantly.
Losing her mask in the process, Fiona collapsed onto the bed with a groan while Kianna, with her right arm still chained to the bedpost, fell into a sitting position on the bedside before collapsing sideways against the headboard.
Anton rolled his head along his shoulders to crack his neck before running his tongue over his teeth. The tinfoil taste was still there but he’d manage around it. He pulled his legs out from under Fiona and kicked her away as he slid to the edge of the bed. He twisted back and forth at the waist as he stretched out the stiffness in his body. He noted that his shoes were missing but other than that he was still fully clothed. Pressing his feet against the floor to test his legs yielded good results so he risked standing up completely and wobbled only slightly as he found his balance. Whatever cheap drug these dark elves had decided to use apparently didn’t last very long at all. A fact which had now turned out to be very unfortunate for them.
Anton gave his ruined shirt another hard look before turning back to the downed dark elves. Neither one of them had moved but both were still breathing. He made his way around the bed and knelt down in front of Kianna. Her eyes were half closed and a trail of drool ran down her chin but otherwise she would be fine. Fiona was in about the same condition as she laid in a heap on the bed.
Anton picked up the bottle Fiona had so graciously informed him about and tucked it into his pocket. His empty pocket. Apparently he’d have to convince these dark elves to tell him where his phone and wallet were. Grinning at the idea of an interrogation, he took all the toys from the dark elves belts, lest they get the very bad idea to try and use them as weapons, and set them in a pile on a small table next to a pair of high-backed chairs.
A wooden pillory had been mounted to the floor in front of these chairs and was clearly intended for entertainment purposes. With only one though it was useless to him, unless he attempted to cram both of the dark elves into the same pillory. Which was an idea that could be fun to at least try at some point.
Looking around, Anton got the impression by the lack of windows that this room might be underground. The large heavy door, that couldn’t be more obvious as the entrance, was set in an alcove directly across from the bed. He had taken one look at how it was set up before chuckling and going off to check the rest of the room.
Along with the different forms of torture “Furniture” that dotted the rooms floor-plan were a selection of metal cages that came in a variety of sizes and shapes. These ranged from standing dome topped forms that were just wide enough inside for a person to stand in but left little to no room for any other movement, to hanging bird-cage styles that could just barely fit a person inside, to finally a whole row of large kennel type cages that lined an entire wall of the dungeon.
These cages were actually set up to house occupants, though they were clearly not meant to be too comfortable as they were only three feet by three feet in size. Laid out across the bottoms of these cages were large pillow style dog-beds and stacked along the edges of these were piles of smaller pillows that gave the cages an almost nest-like look.
After looking over the selection of cages, Anton spent the next few minutes rummaging through the chests, wardrobes, and cabinet hutches that dotted the dungeon. These were mostly filled with random bondage gear. Which included whole collections and styles of gags, cuffs, armbinders, legbinders, yokes, spreader-bars, harnesses, gimp hoods and masks. Most of these items were fortunately unisex in their designs and so could be sized down to fit his current captives. Some of them though such as a few of the harnesses were tailored with the male body in mind and so were useless to him.
One rather large china cabinet, complete with glass doors, was filled as a display for dozens of whips, some of which looked quite vicious. Next to this along the same wall were other displays of plugs and dildos, clamps and chains, and rather ominously, one with knives, daggers and what looked like medical instruments. Anton stared at this one for a bit and chuckled as he shook his head.
Next he tried an inconspicuous looking door that led to a very large walk-in closet.
“Now we’re talking!” he mused to himself as he flicked on the overhead lights.
The closet was filled with the dark elves “Costumes” and was obviously were they got ready for their play times. A thin doorway on the left wall led to a half-bathroom that was set up with a double sink and vanity. Although the dominatrix garb took up the majority of the hanging space, the closet was also home to more bondage gear that was actually meant for female bodies. Harnesses, masks and hoods as well as corsets, chastity belts, and torture bras not only did exist but were in a surprisingly high supply, albeit seemingly hidden away. There was also a row of sybian machines and a whole collection of strap-on belts taking up one wall.
Making a mental list of what he would need in the future, Anton perused the whole closet before flicking the lights back off and pulling the door shut as he went to check in on the dark elves.
“Well hello there!” he said in greeting as he made his way back to the bed.
Fiona had apparently regained consciousness and was semi-sitting up on the bed by holding herself up with her arms. She had been staring at her sister when Anton had first seen her but had quickly turned to him when he spoke. She blinked as she tried to place who he was and what was happening, her confusion was still obvious in her eyes.
Smiling, Anton took the bottle of drugs from his pocket as he approached her.
Seeing the bottle in his hand, Fiona’s eyes went wide in recognition as she seemed to come to her senses.
“You!” she cried and wobbling with each move, she quickly scrambled her way off the bed and started frantically shaking her sister.
As Anton came closer she turned to him and screaming furiously, lunged at his throat.
Dodging her outstretched arms, Anton caught her by the neck and turning pulled her into a headlock.
Fiona kicked and struggled ferociously as Anton lifted and dragged her back towards the bed while walking backwards. With one hand he untwisted the cap on the little bottle.
“No!” croaked Fiona as she noticed what he was doing “Stop!”
Anton tossed her down against the side of the bed and pressed his knee against her back, effectively pinning her in place. As the enraged dark elf struggled and screamed he squirted a small puddle of the drug into his hand. Taking his drug free hand he grabbed Fiona by the hair and lifted her up to her feet. She screamed again as he did this and taking the opportunity, Anton clamped his drug filled hand over her open mouth and pulled her in against his body. He held her against him as she frantically tried to claw his hand off her face, and within only a few seconds he could already feel her strength giving way.
“Get off her!” screamed Kianna as she came back to life behind Anton and started to pull on his shirt with her unchained hand.
Anton sighed in frustration and moving backwards while pulling Fiona along with him, he pinned Kianna to the wall with his own body.
Kianna kicked and struggled and in her desperation she even bit into the meaty part of Anton’s shoulder which caused him to wince at the unexpected level of pain but not let either of them go.
Fiona had finally gone limp enough in his arms that Anton knew she was harmless now so he tossed her haphazardly onto the bed.
“Fiona!” cried Kianna as she pushed against Anton “Get up!”
Fiona hoisted herself up on her hands and turned to her sister. Tears were streaming down her face as she wobbled and fell over on her side.
“No!” she cried as she gripped the bed sheets and went still “I, can’t!”
Seeing her sister fall, Kianna screamed and redoubled her attack against Anton’s back. Snarling in anger she started biting him again while trying to claw at his face.
“Mmmm!” breathed Anton as he resisted the urge to headbutt her as she gnawed on his shoulder “…You little, Dark Elf!”
Puddling another squirt of the drugs into his hand, he smiled viciously as he decided to try another route with it.
Kianna went completely still and let go of Anton’s shoulder as she suddenly felt a hand clamp down over her slit. She chirped out a surprised squeak and tried to clamp her thighs together as she felt several fingers roughly slip up inside her.
“W-aha-what are you doing!” she cried as she tried to pull her hips up and away from the intruder.
Anton turned his head to the side and looked back at her.
“Not every poison has to go in orally!” he explained as he gave her a broad playful smile “Let’s find out if this one does!”
Kianna’s face twisted in horror as she felt the fingers inside her begin to wiggle. She pointed her ears straight back and pressed her forehead against his back as she desperately tried to push him away.
After a few moments, Anton could feel the strength in her legs failing and so he slowly moved away from the wall.
Still pushing against his back, Kianna followed him forward until her legs buckled out from beneath her. She kept her head down as Anton did a quick turnaround and caught her from falling. Her ears had gone from pointed back to now hanging limp and angry tears were dripping from her face as Anton picked her up by the arms and plopped her down on the bed. Twisting away from him in frustration, Kianna stretched her arm out towards her sister but couldn’t quite reach her since her wrist was still chained to the bedpost.
“You two are not very good at this whole kidnapping thing…” muttered Anton as he rubbed at the bite wounds on his shoulder “At all!”
Kianna turned to him with raw hatred in her tear filled but still bright, ruby colored eyes.
“You!” she hissed as she glared at him and pointed her ears straight back in anger “I wouldn’t be so smug right now if I were you!”
“…Okay” mumbled Anton as he twisted the cap back onto the bottle of drugs “Why not?”
“Why not indeed!” said Kianna as she smiled devilishly “Why are you assuming you’ve won this already!?”
Anton cocked an eyebrow and waved his hand as if he were presenting them.
Kianna shrugged and gave him a coy, sideways smile.
“Encase you haven’t noticed there’s only one way out of here!” she cooed “So unless you decide to be a good boy! You aren’t going anywhere big guy!”
Anton threw his head back and laughed.
“Is that really what your calling an ace!” he laughed as he wiped a tear away from his eye “Oh, you poor little thing!”
The dark elf blinked in surprise and began to literally pout as she glared at him.
“You can’t open that door without the code!” she declared as she looked from him to the door and back “You’re trapped in here without it!”
“Okay, you have two major issues with this idea of me being “Trapped” in here!” said Anton as he folded his arms across his chest “The first and most obvious issue is that I could easily just beat whatever information I may need out of you… out of you!”
Kianna’s eyes widened as she leaned back against the headboard.
“And the second, embarrassingly glaring problem! Is that I don’t need anything from you” said Anton as he slowly shook his head “At all”
“What! N-no! Yes you do! You’re trapped in here!” cried Kianna as she again turned to the door “That door really won’t open without a code! You’re seriously trapped in here!”
“No, I’m not” said Anton as he turned away from her and walked towards the large door “Let me show you why”
The dungeon’s door was a big metal monster with a keypad mounted above it’s bar-shaped knob. As Anton came up to it he veered to the left away from the door itself and punched the wall it was mounted to. His hand disappeared into the drywall and as he pulled it out, he ripped a chuck of the wall out with it. He did this a few more times until a sizable hole existed that was big enough for him to step though.
“And that’s without even using any magic…” he mumbled as he turned back into the room and began to brush away the drywall dust from his arms “I honestly just did it this way because I wanted to be dramatic…”
Kianna’s mouth hung slack as she sat staring dumbfounded at the hole in the wall next to their unmovable door.
“Not that I think your going to actually get the opportunity” said Anton as he made his way back to the bed and looked down at her “But the next time you two decide to build a dungeon you should really consult with a professional designer”
Kianna was still for another moment before she slowly looked away from the door and met his eyes.
“We have money!” she said quietly as she looked up at him “Lots of money!”
“Hm, no, you don’t have enough” said Anton as he shook his head “No amount could save you now”
Kianna stared at him for a moment before looking back down at Fiona.
“This!” she whispered as her eyes went wide in panic “This is bad!”
“Yes, it is” agreed Anton as he slowly nodded his head “Very bad”
They were both silent for several moments until Kianna’s ears drooped low and she suddenly sobbed quietly.
“If… if I promise to do everything you say!” she whispered as she hung her head and clamped her eyes shut “Will you let Fiona go!? Please!?”
“…What?” questioned Anton as brow creased in confusion “What was that?”
“Please! Please, don’t hurt my sister!” whispered the dark elf “I’ll do anything! Anything you want! Just please! Please let her go! Please!”
Anton had become completely flabbergasted as he stared at the dark elf.
“…Excuse me!?” he exclaimed as he searched for some kind of trickery “…Are you being serious?”
Kianna looked up at him before quickly looking back down at the bed.
“Yes, I promise! I’ll do anything you say!” she said as she hunched in on herself and lowered her ears even further “Please just promise me you won’t hurt her! I swear I’ll do anything if you just let her go!”
Genuinely confused by what he was seeing and hearing, Anton looked from Kianna to Fiona and back before moving closer to the bed and looking down at the unconscious Fiona.
“…You’re willing to sacrifice yourself to save her?” questioned Anton as he shifted his eyes to Kianna “And you’re actually being serious about this!?”
Kianna swallowed back the lump in her throat and nodded as she kept her head hung low.
“…Really?” mused Anton as he looked back down at Fiona “Hm!”
As Kianna raised her head to watch, Anton bent over Fiona and lifted her up to a sitting position with her head hanging forward. Holding her in place he turned to Kianna and gave her a cold look.
“And what would you do if I just killed her right now?” he asked as he cocked an eyebrow “Hm!?”
Kianna’s eyes went wide as her whole body seemed to tighten up on itself.
Tilting his head in mock curiosity, Anton reached down and raised Fiona’s head by taking hold of her chin.
“You know I could just snap her neck right here in front of you” he said in a calm, dry tone “It would be the easiest thing in the world. She’ll be gone in an instant”
Kianna looked him in the eyes as she set her jaw and bared her teeth. Her ears were pointed straight back in anger as her whole body began to tremble.
“Don’t! You!” she hissed through her teeth as she gripped the handcuff chain and began to pull on it “I swear!”
Anton straightened his head out of the tilt as he watched the dark elf tremble in anger.
“If you hurt her!” declared Kianna as her irises began to glow with a murderous red light “I swear I will kill you!”
“…Well now! You actually do care about her!” exclaimed Anton as the dark elf continued to glare at him and bare her teeth “…How about that!”
Smiling, he hoisted Fiona upwards and tossed her closer to Kianna.
Surprise melting away almost immediately, Kianna grabbed hold of her sister and frantically began to pull her away from Anton.
Anton couldn’t help but to grin as he watched the still fuming Kianna “Save” her unconscious sister.
He had taken note during her threatening that the dark elf’s canine teeth were actually longer than a humans. Though they were nowhere near the length of a vampires fangs, that did still explain why her little love bites on his shoulder hurt so much.
Once Fiona was tucked safely against the headboard of the bed, Kianna planted herself in front of her sister and faced Anton.
“…Thank you!” she mumbled quietly as she kept her ears pointed straight back “…I don’t know why you did that! …But thank you!”
“…You actually care about her” said Anton as he tilted his head again “…That’s, really interesting!”
“Why do you keep saying it like that!” cried Kianna as her brow creased in frustration “She’s my sister! I love her! Of course I’m going to care about her!”
“…What are you Kianna?” asked Anton as he looked her up and down “…You look like a Dark Elf?”
“…What!?” questioned Kianna as she blinked in confusion “I, I am a Dark Elf!”
“Are you really a Dark Elf?” asked Anton as he met her eyes “As in a real one?”
“I, wha!? Yes!” declared Kianna as she stared back at him “I’m really a Dark Elf!”
“…Are you sure?” asked Anton as he narrowed his eyes at her “…You do look like one?”
“Yes! Yes I’m sure!” declared Kianna as she quickly looked down at herself and looked back up at him “Look at me! What else would I be!?”
Anton cradled his chin in his hand as he gazed down at what was apparently a selfless, caring and protective dark elf.
“…This is different” he mused as he took a step back “This is very different!”
Though Kianna was visually calmer now that she had her sister with her, she was still staring at Anton with unabashed apprehension on her face.
“Let’s try something…” whispered Anton to himself as he let his aura flex outward towards the sisters.
Kianna’s eyes widened as she was blanketed by the unseen aura. Watching intently, Anton laced his aura with malice in an attempt to frighten the dark elf. Almost immediately Kianna tensed and pressed her shoulders against the headboard as her ears pointed themselves straight upwards and began to twitch back and forth in what was obviously a nervous manner.
“W-What’s happening!” she whimpered as her eyes darted around the room “Is something in here!”
Anton tilted his head again as he watched the dark elf frantically search for the source of her unease.
“…You can feel it! …But you really don’t have any idea what’s happening right now!” he declared as the dark elf looked up at him with a mix of both confusion and nervousness in her eyes “Do you?”
“…No!” whimpered Kianna as she shook her head “Why, do you!?”
“…Your sister didn’t recognize anything either” continued Anton as he narrowed his eyes while his face become thoughtful looking “This, this is something else…”
Kianna couldn’t help but to swallow nervously as she watched Anton’s eyes begin to deepen with thought while he continued to intently stare at her.
“…This is just too good to be true, too good of an opportunity to waste! …I can’t pass this up! …I shouldn’t pass this up!” declared Anton as he began to think out loud “…Do I really want to do this though? It’s a big decision… Very big… Wait!? What am I thinking! It can’t even be done! Not with their kind! I couldn’t even do this if I wanted to! …If I wanted to. …Do I want to? …Because if I did, I’d have get around their… Wait!”
Kianna eased herself back a bit and lowered her ears as Anton suddenly went still and silent. She breathed out of her nose in a nervous manner as she watched his eyes go wide in apparent excitement.
“Elkins gems! …That, that might just work!” he whispered as his thoughts began to dance wildly in his eyes “That really might work! …All I need is just a little bit of their blood! And I can try it!”
“What!? Blood!? W-what are you talking about!?” cried Kianna as she spread her free arm out at her side in an attempt to block her sister “What’s going on!? What are you trying!? What! What is this!?”
Anton smiled viciously as he released his aura.
“This? This is very interesting!” he exclaimed as he stepped closer “This is very, very interesting!”
“What is!?” cried Kianna as she cringed away from him “What’s interesting!?”
“You are…” said Anton as tilted his head and looked her over “I think I might keep you! Or at least try and see if I can!”
“…Huh!?” chirped Kianna as he stepped even closer and loomed over her.
“I think I’ll break you down a little bit first though…” mused Anton “Should make things easier…”
“W-wait!?” cried Kianna as her ears pointed themselves straight up in panic “What does that mean!?”
“Well, my little Dark Elf! I’m afraid to say, that unfortunately for you it means…” smiled Anton as he pulled the little white bottle back out from his pocket and gave it a shake “That it’s past your bedtime!”

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