[Greentext] The Chaste Dragon, Part 4 (Finale)

>Saphira probably could have waited that extra week. You couldn’t, however.
>News has spread around that you’re engaged. People you don’t know are patting you on the back. It’s great. Ankh and Jessie have really hit it off as well.
>Saphira’s decided to take some time out. Perhaps she’s got a lot on her mind. She certainly had a lot to say to her father, and your parents. It gave you a warm feeling to watch them. Shoggy’s teasing about what she’d seen you two doing, of course, brought the normal Saphira back very quickly, and you’d decided to walk home. That was three days ago.
>It’s time to pay her a visit. You’ve never had to walk before, but there’s a first time for everything, and you think you have a pretty good idea where the mansion is. This illusion, of course, is shattered by the time you arrive on Saphira’s doorstep, freezing and exhausted.
>Someone you’ve never seen before opens the door. It’s a dragon. A taller one. She looks down at you for a moment.
>”Anon?” She said. “Is that your name?”
>”Y-Yes, ma’am. I’ve come to see Saphira. She’s not been coming to school-“
>”She’s not been coming generally.” The dragon laughs at her own joke. “I took a look at your test scores. Tell me, what college are you thinking of applying for?”
>”Whichever one she does.” You shrug.
>”Pragmatic. I like you. Tell me, have you ever suffered a pelvic injury before?”
>”Pelvic- why?” You ask, nervously.
>”I’m just checking if you know the process, dear.” She said. “We both know what’s going to happen when that belt comes off. And it does need to come off. I have my own key for it, but I’m afraid I’ll be keeping that for myself, and myself out of her way. Consider that your punishment.”
>You gulp.
>You meet the shoggoth on your way up. You try to sneak by, but she immediately turns around.
>”You have something dangerous, Anon.” She snaps. “Show it to me.”
>You wordlessly show her the manticore spine you’d bought. She raises her eyebrows, then nods. “False alarm.” She says to herself.
>She’s turning a blind eye. Good. You are damn well going to need that spine.
>You find Saphira asleep. Absently, her claw rubs at the dripping plate between her legs. God, she’s beautiful. And she is only yours. No one else’s. She gave herself to you.
>You’ve never seen her asleep before. But you’ve heard dragons are heavy sleepers. In your mind you can see her on top of a pile of treasure. Of course, the only treasure she’ll actually be jumping on soon is the treasure in your pants.
>You should probably have done some nofap leading up to this, but your little adventures with her really leave you turned on. And the downside of keeping a beautiful girl in chastity is that you can’t really do anything about that.
>The curtains are closed. Behind you, the door swings shut on its own, making a loud noise and plunging you into darkness. Now you really feel like you’ve entered the dragon’s cave.
>You crouch down, holding your breath.
>”Anon I have dark vision I can see you.”
>Mission failed

>”S-Saphira.” You say to her. “…Where are you?”
>”This way, Anon. How did you get lost already…?” You feel claws grab you and pull you into a hug. “Where’ve you been?”
>”Where’ve I been? Where’ve you been?” You demand. “I haven’t seen you in days.”
>”Oh, don’t worry.” She mutters quickly. “I needed to take some time. It’s not like I’ve been tossing and turning and trying to shake an orgasm out of this thing. For three days. I was going to come find you tommorow. It’s easier not having to see you.” She reddens. “For my sex, I mean! I love you, Anon!” She reddens even more. “I mean, I… I like being around you but the teasing, I was going up the wall, Anon. I’m only starting to calm down. Five days. I can do it. I can wait that long… I can wait…” She starts to mutter to herself, her claws moving quite slowly over your body, then her own. She begins to pant. “Oh god, I’m thinking about it. I shouldn’t have thought about it. Ah…nnnn!”
>You can, at this point, clearly tell she’s going to have her chastity fetish for a very long time. But it’s time. You didn’t plan for it to be time, you didn’t think this was going to be the time, but this IS time. You can feel it. She’s desperate for you. “Anon…” She whispers. “If I beg you to unlock my chastity belt, are you going to start stroking and licking my body?”
>”Please unlock me!” She whimpers, pushing her body against yours. “Or… do something. I’m so sensitive all over, it feels like anything might be enough…”
>Wordlessly, you take her hands and lock them to the bed, like before. You lock her feet in position too. Carefully, you remove her belt, being careful not to let anything rub against her. Confused, she tugs against the chains. “Anon?” She whispers.
>”Shh.” You whisper. You don’t know why, but you want to edge her first. Make her think it’s another tease. But you have no tools.
>Your mouth is dry. You gently press your tounge to its roof, trying to re-moisten your palette as you think of what to do next. That’s when it occurs to you.
>You gently lower your face into her mound and begin to eat her out, oh so gently flicking at her clitoris with your tounge. The effect is electifiying. The dragon begins to struggle, harder than ever before. Once again, you wait her pulse to rise, then slow to a stop. And repeat. And repeat. She gasps and moans, but can’t make her mouth form words as she twitches wildly, tugging at the chains and desperately trying to follow you out with her body when you withdraw. You run your hands up and down her tail, grabbing at her thighs and ass. You make sure she’s climbing the walls with frustration before you put it inside.
>It doesn’t go in easily. There’s a little squeak of pain and confusion as her desperate mind tries to work out what’s going on, and you realise you’ve drawn blood. Of course, you realise, as Saphira tries to hide her rapidly reddening face with her elbows. Meanwhile, you stab yourself with the manticore spine. “Anon!” She yelps, then. “You didn’t need to-“
>”I’m going to stay right here,” You declare, “Until you’re satisfied, Saphira.”
>”A-Anon. These chains-” She tries to say something, but it just ends with a moan as you thrust into her as hard as you can, faster and faster. Your bodies begin to move with one another as she grips the chains, gasping and moaning as you try your hardest to fill her. Finally, the two of you reach a desperate peak, each one desperately trying to hold onto the other. You orgasm, together, and Saphira lets out a scream that is probably heard all across the house as you fill her with your seed. Then, as you’re recovering, something snaps. Just as suddenly, there’s another snap. Then, you feel two claws grip you tightly enough to draw blood.
>”You thought if you railed me while I was chained up,” Saphira whispered, in a husky voice you’ve never heard before, “That you’d be safe?”
>”S-Saphira?” You stammer.
>”My turn.” She growls, slamming you into the matress and restraining your arms. “And don’t even think about- Ow!”
>Something is sticking out of her thigh.
>It’s the manticore spine.

>Wordlessly, she begins to ride you. Hard. Her body moves faster than you’ve seen any woman move, pounding you repeatedly into the matress as her tight passage as its ribbed walls of dripping flesh rub you raw. It feels like your dick is on fire. You’re in so much pain and so much extacy at the same time. You cum. She comes. Neither one of you stops – in fact, you just go faster. The two of you begin to move around, her tail wrapping tightly around you as you fondle every and rub every inch of one anothers’ bodies, fighting for dominance.
>Saphira wins. She’s far too strong for you to even begin to control. You desperately try to wrench yourself out from underneath her, to force her onto her back again, but she won’t budge. Her wings wrap tightly around you, pining your arms. “Now I have you.” She whispers, beginning to pound you again. Harder and harder. It’s beginning to hurt more and more all over your hips, but you don’t give up. This is your problem. You kept her locked. Now you have to handle this.
>It’s only when you notice you can’t feel or move your left leg that you start realise your pelvis might have broken at some point. Not that that thought, or any other signal your brain is trying to sends you, lasts long against the hurricaine that is Saphira. You’re still hard. But your mind has weakened. You can’t handle this. A dragon can, but you can’t. The amount of pleasure you’re experiencing is not possible to commit to memory. You can only enjoy it while it lasts, and hope to god you remember at least something in the morning.

>You wake up with a start. God, you’re in so much pain. You wriggle your legs. Ok, ow. Don’t do that. But they work. They weren’t working before.
>”Don’t,” Saphira whispers from next to you. “Be more careful. It’s all broken in there. Shoggy was nice enough to bite you. Your pelvis is made of jelly at the moment.”
>”It hurts,” You whimper.
>”Well I’m very fucking sorry,” She growls. “But I was very hungry.”
>”Not funny.” You reply. “Pelvic injuries are life threatening. Never do that to me again. Never.”
>Her face falls. “I’m sorry, Anon,” She mutters. “I just snapped out of it and looked at you, and… I thought you died. It scared me.”
>”So you’re taking your anger out on me now?” You ask.
>She wrings her hands.
>You sigh, turning towards her – “It doesn’t matter. How are-“
>She’s wearing the chastity belt. Tightened to full, and, for a change, completely dry.
>”Please remember to feed me properly in the future.” She whispers in your ear, prodding the spot on your chest where the key rests. “I don’t want to do that to you again.”
>”Don’t worry,” You assure her. “I won’t.”
>She giggles. “See what I mean about you?” She says softly. “You just don’t learn.”
>”And I don’t plan on it.” In all honestly, you plan on letting her out at least once every two nights. At least until you’re sure it’s safe.
>Saphira nudges you. “I wanted to talk to you.” She says softly. “About our, um. Our wedding. Actually, now that you’re as good as a member of the family, maybe you can help me and mother with something? There’s an aquisition happening today, very big company– Anon, are you listening?”
>”Saphira.” You sigh. “I am in a lot of pain.”
>”I’ll get shoggy.” She mutters.

>Your jelly-pelvis isn’t that great to walk on. You find you have to walk gently for a while, or the constant dipping of your torso between your legs makes you feel sick; and you need a lot of painkillers. Saphira says it’s like a cast that goes inside you, sewing your pelvic fragments back together while serving the purpose of the original bone. Mamono medicine is a miracle, let’s be honest.
>The end of year festival comes and goes, and you’re there – barely. You watch other people dance while the four of you – Ankh, Jessie, Saphira and yourself – nest in the corner. You still have a year left of high school to do. Nobody offers to let you skip, and you don’t ask. Saphira is waiting for you. Someone like her has no end of things to do for a year.
>It’s worth it just for the running commentary from those two, honestly. They’re not officially together, but since that day you and Saphira accidentally ran them into one another, they’ve played well off one another for quite some time.
>Ankh’s family going to be in Paris for a while – there’s an architecture job going that her father just had to take. And she’s decided to take Jessie with her. They’ll be back after the summer, but it’s going to be tough to get by without them. That would be, were it not for Saphira.
>You’re over at hers, or she’s over at yours, more often than not. For a few weeks, you’re inseperable. The two of you just connect. You’re her muse, she’s your maid. You keep one another in line. You keep one another occupied.
>You’re at home. Alone. Saphira has gone with her mother to the board meeting for that magitech company. Apparently, they’re considering opening up a department just for all the adult sex toys the incredibly rich clientelle are ordering. It’s something Saphira and her mother are pretty devided on. Which leaves you either shifting around, flustered, next to Saphira, while she argues with, let’s be honest, other dragons – or at home, finally getting some damn peace.
>Saphira’s key is still with you. You suppose it’ll be with you for a long time. You go to get a drink, shifting yourself awkwardly down the stairs. Just then, the door opens, and in come two men – your father, and Saphira’s.
>”Anon!” Saphira’s father beams. “Nice to see you again.”
>He really is the same size as you are. You remember the first time you realised it. You remember the first time you realised that the man you had taken to calling “Set-upon Barry” was Saphira’s father. He’d come over a lot, generally to talk shop with your dad, but almost always also to talk about his life at home – a home he shared with multiple overbearing dragons.
>”Anon.” Your father nods. “How’s the old biking injury?”
>You shake your head and snort. That’s an old joke from Saphira’s father. He’d come in with jelly pelvis, the same as you, and he’d always call it a “biking injury”. Your dad tends to just shake his head, and bemoan that he never really gets time to get these “biking injuries”. It’s not like Saphira’s family businesses exclusively pays your salary – your father is a consultant. He just very much prefers their way of doing things.
>”You want something stronger than those painkillers, Anon?” Barry asks you. You still think of him as Barry. Saphira calls him “father”. Is this what it’s like to straddle two worlds? Oh, well. Two worlds aren’t the only thing you get to straddle.
>”What’s going?” You ask. He shows you. Isle of Harris Gin. These things go for sixty a bottle, and that’s not even including how far you have to go to find one. “Sold.” You say.
>They pour you a glass, then two for themselves.
>”So-” Saphira’s father says, but your phone interrupts him. It rings, and you see it’s Saphira. You flip it open.
>”Saphie?” You say.
>”Anon.” She answers. “Hi, I… I was wondering about something. It looks like things are going through here, but I’ve been thinking and I was wondering, once we’re back together– Would you be up for a little, um…”
>You hear a fist knock against metal twice. Immediately, you roll your eyes. “Where are you?” You ask. “You’d better be in a bathroom.”
>”I am!” She assures you. “I am.”
>”You’ve taken off your dress?” You ask. “Couldn’t take the need, huh? Had to-“
>”S-Shut up! Look, Shoggy says you’re fully functional so I’m coming down there to have some special time with you tonight whether you and your dad like it or not! You said you’d do this! It’s been THREE days, Anon! And you know, I’m a patient woman-“
>”Reeeal patient.” You smirk. “Okay, Saphira. I’ll be waiting. My place.”
>”Um, I’m not going to be able to get the car to yours until-“
>”My place.” You repeat. “And you’re going to be gentle as well. The most important part of my body has the texture and vitality of an air mattress.”
>”F-Fine, idiot.” She growls. “I’ll be over as soon as I can. I might be a bit late.”
>You say your goodbyes and put the phone away. Barry smirks. “So, as I was saying – aren’t you glad you didn’t keep her in for the full 15 days?”
>Your father bursts out laughing. You just shake your head.
>You’re alone in your room when she arrives. “Anon?” She asks. “Are you asleep? I brought some of those video games you’re always making fun of. Look, this thing plugs into your TV. You’ll love it.”
>She’s wearing the maid outfit. Oh, goodness, you always forget how good it looks.
>”Hey.” You sigh, as she smiles and comes to sit with you. You don’t grope at her for the moment. You just hug her, and take in her scent. She has a very particular scent, like strawberries on a rainy day. You love it. You just love all of her, so much.
>”How did it go?” You ask, wrapping your arms around her and lifting your face breifly from hers. “Was it ok? What did they think of… us?”
>”I didn’t end up telling them.” She replied. “Not directly. I might have brought up a client that ordered some guided dwarven steel handcuffs, though. Isn’t it just a highly unnessecary thing to do, getting bespoke handcuffs made because nobody else can make them strong enough? Imagine all the powerful mamono that are missing out on relationships like this. Imagine how much a bit of mass production and less of that gold plating nonsense could lower the price!”
>”I’m positive that this is not the hole in their lives to them that it is to you.” You assure her.
>”Whatever.” She stammers. “It’s worth dealing with it. All of it. It’s all enough if I get to come back home to you, Anon.”

>She cups your cheek, her nervous excitement a reminder of the the true nature of your relationship. Today, you will only tease her a little.
>But as soon as you get better, you have a proposal for Saphira. You have a few proposals. And all of them involve her not cumming for quite a while.
>”I’m tired, Saphira.” You say quietly, running your hand up and down her thigh. “I feel like I’ve lived two weeks in a day.”
>”That’ll pass with time.” She assures you, as you gently ease off her belt. “If it makes you feel any better, Ankh and Jessie hit things off even faster, and that was WITHOUT some kinky fetish keeping the two of them from walking away.”
>You chuckle, and kiss her. “Are you ready for me to slay you, dragon?” You whisper.
>”Silly Anon. You’ll never be able to best me.” She replies. “Not today, not tommorow, not in a thousand years, monkey boy.”
>”Oh, Saphira.” You retort, touching a brush to her thigh. “Look at the cuffs on your wrists. I already have.”
>Not for the last time, she yelps, first tugging, then scooting as fast as she can away from the brush. You just drag her back. “Here’s to a long relationship.” You murmur to her, touching it to the spot between her legs. She lets out a moan. It’s music to your ears.

The end

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  1. >And she’s decided to take Jessie with her.

    I like that bit of phrasing. You probably didn’t mean it to sound so imperative– given how Ankh’s personality is portrayed– but it’s still such an anubis thing to do.

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