[Greentext] The Chaste Dragon, Part 3


>It’s been four days.
>Up until now, your requests for Saphira haven’t been unreasonable. Spending time with you. Letting you stroke her sensitive thighs – or at least, trying to. You stop running your hands over a chaste woman’s body when she starts digging holes in the mattress and sucking air through her teeth. You’re probably playing with a powder keg, but she’s so adorable. And there’s literally nothing she can do about your teasing.
>Today, you get there bright and early. “A-Anon!” She yelps as she opens the door to you. “You, um… I like your outfit.”
>”Thanks.” You say. “I like yours.”
>”So we’re done now?” She whimpers, her claws gently adjusting the maid outfit. Oh lord, it’s perfect. She’s perfect. The outfit has been made so tight around her waist that it almost shows the belt. Almost. And the dress is so long, it flows around her body right to the floor. You were worried she would just request some standard “sexy maid costume” for you, but no. Either Saphira or the people her family pay know how to do a job properly. “A-Anon?” She adds quietly. “I need to get ready for school. I can put it back on when we get home. There’s… I’ve, um, been in chastity now for a week, at least. Three times as long as before. Will you please listen to me?”
>”What is it?” You ask, sitting down next to her on the lobby couch. “Is there something you need to tell me?”
>”Um.” She clears her throat. “Anon… I really need to cum.”
>”You’re a third of the way there,” You assure her. She growls.
>”No, Anon!” She snaps. “I’m, I’m throbbing down there, really badly! I can’t concentrate. For goodness sake, you’re all I can think about!” She makes herself redden, but continues nonetheless, her claw grinding itself against her crotch. “I made a list.” She says. “Look-“
>”A list?”
>”Of all the reasons you need to let me cum. Right now. Ankh helped.”
>”I’m sure she was happy to.”
>”Why do you both find this so funny?” She whines. “Look, there’s pages and pages of reasons. What if our parents find out? What if you get hurt? I can’t stop shaking! What if-“
>”What if,” you say, cupping her chin, “You just left all the worrying to me and enjoyed that feeling between your legs?”
>She’s silent, just staring at you angrily. You gently snake your hand under her dress, pulling her into your lap.
>”Anon!” She whispers. “What if the maids see?”
>”Then they’ll know I’ve fallen for you. Very, very much.”
>Her quivering thighs are perfect. Her tense ass is perfect. Her musculature is hard, moist, and oh so sensitive. “A-Ah!” She moans, grabbing at the couch as you trace your hands around her body, and around her belt. “H…H-” You lift the heavy lock, holding it up for a moment, then let it fall. That sets off the resonator. “AHN… ON!” She yells, squirming as you play with her body.
>Her hands join yours. “No,” you say, “It’s a punishment. I told you I’d do this if you asked me to unlock you again.”
>She whimpers under you skillful hands, but doesn’t interfere. “Ah-Ah!” She cries, her powerful body shivering desperately under your light little touches. “You’re so cr-cruel… Pervert.”
>”Says the girl who stayed up all night making a list of reasons I should let her cum.” You whisper back, unable to hide your pure excitement, lifting the dress around the two of you and exposing her firmly belted ass. All your dragon anatomy research is paying off. And probably keeping you on a watchlist somewhere, but let’s not sweat the details.
>You tease her for a while longer, then, gently, you whisper – “I’m finished. Let’s get going.”
>”I-” Saphira whispered, panting – “Need to change… My cloooothes…”
>Her claws clamp over the chastity belt and tug and shake at it, her legs kicking and her body twisting, but it’s no use. You notice that her technique is more resigned than desperate today, and you suspect she’s getting better at keeping her temper with the belt. She runs her hands over her hips a little, clawing at one of her breasts, but she just can’t tease herself the way you can. She leans back against you, panting. You’re very much looking forward to seeing her snap again. “Stop doing that to me.” She whimpers.
>”You look beautiful, Saphira.” You reply. “You make a wonderful maid. The horns go really well with the headdress.”
>”Do you think so?” She asks, blushing furiously as her claws cautiously smooth the fabric back over her legs, her eyes carefully checking for any sign of the belt as she adjusts the fit. You notice they’ve thickened the material around her waist. They know too, then.
>”Of course I do.” You tell her. “And so will everyone at school.”

>It’s getting harder for her to pass this off as normal behavior.
>She’s stomping through the halls, clinging to your side. Her face is red as a traffic light.
>You need to escape her attention for a moment, though. There’s someone you need to talk to. When Ankh walks around the corner and bursts out laughing, your waifu breaks into a run, chasing her out of view. You seize your chance.
>”What the hell was that?” Jessie remarks as you step into the science club’s room and shut the door.
>”My beautiful, devoted girlfriend.” You state. “To her heart, I hold the only key.”
>”You were serious.” He realises, his eyes widening. “I thought you were making shit up when you told me. I thought you two had just made friends or something.”
>”You think i’d be the boy she made friends with?” You ask.
>”Well, you’re both very weird.” He shrugs. “About your little experiment – I like it, but can she take it?”
>”She can.” You reply, without any pause.
>”Let’s assume she can’t.” Jessie insists. “How are you going to keep her from putting you through the wall and taking care of business as soon as you take the belt off?”
>You wordlessly gesture to your project cupboard, showing him something that makes his eyes widen. “I asked her to let me commission something from that company. She wouldn’t let me at first, but I promised her it’d be nothing big. She told me I was paying half. It was a bit hefty, but I can set more aside eventually.”
>”You paid a grand and a half for handcuffs?” He asked.
>”Unbreakable handcuffs.” You correct. “And ankle cuffs as well.”
>”So you chain her down with these gold chains and… then what?”
>”Then, I give her a little surprise.” I promise.
>”You sure you know what you’re doing?” he asks, nervously. “That girl might be head over heels for you, but she’s still The Princess. Her family own this town. They own almost half of this country. She could fly off the handle very quickly. And you know if you keep bullying her like this, she’ll go to her mother. And her mother’ll make you dissapear. They’ll be fishing you out of the lake, Anon.”
>Your mouth goes dry. “I… Suppose I could just theorise… about how this might work. Do you think, um. Do you think I’m good enough for her, Jessie?”
>”No, I mean- You’re what she chose. I’m just reminding you, because from what I’m seeing, you need to be reminded – she’s a dragon. Look, her family have a long history of marrying in exceptional men. She has amazing judgement, and you’ve got a good thing going. Why push it?”
>You’re quiet for a long time. “I guess I can’t help myse-“
>”When did you come in here?!” Saphira yells from the door as Jessie becomes very interested in the empty petri dish you keep on the table. “Get out here and tell Ankh what you made me do!”


>Saphira brought you home again. You’re not sure why – she said something about homework to Ankh and Jessie, but you both know the last thing the two of you are going to spend time on is math problems.
>She’s taken to wearing the maid outfit around you in private. She hasn’t worn it to school again, but it’s still quite confusing to you that she’s doing this, considering you only actually asked her to wear it for a day. You excuse yourself. You’ve learned a bit of the mansion’s layout – enough of a working knowledge to find the essential rooms, like the bathroom and upstairs kitchen. But you still feel very small here.
>”Hello again.” A voice sings, a hand clamping down on your shoulder as you leave the bathroom. “Your name is Anon, isn’t it?”
>You nervously turn to face the shoggoth. Her experession is… hard to describe. It’s like a kind, searching look with a bit of hunger to it. “Hello.” You say. “I, uh, can’t stay-“
>”What are your intentions with the young mistress, Anon?” She asks. “Only, as the head maid and family doctor,” – She gestures with the box cutter in her hand towards a family portrait nearby, in which, sure enough, she appears – “-I’m getting a little concerned.”
>”I-Is she alright?”
>The shoggoth rolls her eyes. “She’s in no danger. I just want to know what the… constraints are, here. I know that this is all consentual, and I’m told this is a limited time thing. And that is true, isn’t it?”
>Your breath catches in your throat. “Y-Yes.” You gulp.
>She smiles. “I’m glad. I’m glad that’s true. Because in truth, Anon, Saphira definitely can’t take 30 days in her belt. She can barely control herself after one. I don’t know whether I approve of the little experiment you’re doing. It’s having an effect on the mistress that I can’t decide whether to call healthy or… undesirable. I’m fairly sure that at least two of the residents of this household would not approve of the embarrasing stunt yesterday. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps the mother knows, and allows. Perhaps she too has a private, submissive side. I certainly wouldn’t want to find out.” She bends down. “Because there’s not a lot that even I could do to you,” she leers, “That might be worse.”
>You crack then. “No more public stuff.” You say quickly. “I promise.”
>”Good. And are there any plans I need to know about?”
>You pause.

>When you enter Saphira’s room, the first thing you hear is panting. She’s lying in her bed, her dress up around her, tossing and turning as her claws knock and scrape against the sopping wet plate between her legs. The golden fortress on her hips is unmoving, uncaring, and hot. She pushes her face into her pillow, her moans of frustration covering the gentle creaking of the untarnished layers of steel under her claws as her legs kick at the matress and she furiously shakes and pounds at the lock.
>The shoggoth approves of your plan. She agrees with your thinking. But is that good?
>You lift her into your lap. “A-Anon!” She yelps, looking up at you. “I-I can explain, I was, I-“
>”Shhhh.” You whisper. “Don’t say another word.”
>You pull her into a kiss. It’s gentle, at first, but quickly becomes furious, and passionate. She starts grinding against you, dry humping you gently as she pushes you down underneath her. “Anon.” She whispers, her brow against yours, her body burning up next to yours. “I want you. Unlock it. Please.”
>Wordlessly, you begin to massage her, rubbing and stroking at her thighs and tail. “I’ll think about it, Saphira.” you whisper, as she gasps and shudders beneath your careful hands. “I’ll think about it.”

>The plan starts when you get to her house. You are sitting on the bed again, Saphira next to you. You ask her if she’ll obey your instructions for a little while. Without any coaxing, she agrees.
>The shoggoth has already prepared the bed. She is somewhere in the room, watching, monitoring. Keeping a very close eye on things.
>You have Saphira strip. Gently, you lie her down on the bed, propping her up with two pillows. At the top, you chain her two hands – at the bottom, you chain her ankles. There is just enough slack. And everything has been reinforced.
>”A-Anon?” She asks, shaking the chains a little.
>”It’s time for your reward, Saphira.” You whisper. She beams at you.
>”Really? You’re going to let me cum?”
>”I’m going to remove the belt.” You tell her, taking the key from around your neck. “It looks complicated. You’ll have to talk me through it…”
>”Alright.” She mutters. “Just get on with it.”
>You carefully insert the key into the lock and turn it. It takes some force, but eventually a loud click fills the room. The lock assembly comes away from the front of the belt, exposing what look like hooks and gears. Saphira’s breathing quickens.
>You hold the belt by the waistband and give it a tug. It doesn’t move.
>”You need to r-rotate the outer waistband until it opens at the front.” Saphira stammers. “Then, um… yeah, that. Twist it until it all jumps apart.”
>The belt is open. A thick, womanly scent fills the air as Saphira gasps, feeling the cold against her crotch for the first time in ten days. Immediately, her claws move towards it; until, of course, the chain stops them.
>”Not today,” You whisper.

>Beside her you set down the box the shoggoth had given you. The first thing you remove from the box is a pair of gloves.
>Experimentally, you wiggle your fingers. It’s a latex surgical glove, with one small difference – each of your fingertips is now adorned by an enchanted feather.
>Your hand moves to her thighs. As she tests her bonds, tugging, prying, and then straining at them, you begin to stroke her body, very gently.
>”Anon!” She screaches. “W-What are you d-doing? Stop it! Hurry up and make me cum!”
>You ignore her. There’s no rush, after all – and you want to make sure her whole body gets the attention it deserves.
>Gently, you tickle and caress your way down her thighs, ignoring her panting, struggling and yelping as you work your way closer and closer to her dripping pussy. As you reach it, her breathing quickens. She stiffens up, her body tensing up gently as you find each and every vunerable spot under her skin – all except the one she desperately needs you to touch. Then, all at once, you stop. Both of you stop.
>”Saphira,” You say gently. “Nobody said you were going to cum today.”
>”Wha, Wh-Ha… What are you doing, Anon? Ah!”
>The second thing you remove from the box is a small brush. “You’ve been very naughty recently, Saphira.” You tell her. She stammers for a moment, watching the hand that holds the brush very carefully as it begins to move up and down her chest. “You’ve been pulling and prying at your belt. You keep asking me to reconsider. Did we not have an agreement?”
>”Yes, but… I just want to feel it,” She pants. “Please.”
>”You will.” You tell her. “I’m going to be very nice to you. I’m going to comprimise.”
>”A-Anon, thank y-“
>”I’ll edge you almost to orgasm…” You whisper, “And if you can get there, you can cum. I’ll stop whenever you want. But when I stop, the belt goes back on. Deal?”
>”F-Fine. Deal.” She snaps, giving you a determined look. “You think you’re so clever. I’ll show you the power of the dragon race, A-Anon.” She shudders as you dust her chest with the brush, lazily moving it up and down. “I’ll make sure you don’t- Ahnn!”
>”Are you sure?” You whisper, lingering on her breast. “Because if I were to–” – Without warning, you touch the brush to her pussy. She yelps, rattling the chains hard as you run it up and down a little, before taking the brush away, leaving her gasping as, for a breif moment, a string of moisture keeps her body and the brush connected. You feel her pulse. You’re amazed at how close that actually took her. “You’re incredibly sensitive.” You whisper.
>Saphira says nothing. She scowls at you, refusing to make a sound. Trying to throw you off. It doesn’t work.

>The brush traces over her chest and back, lingering upon her neck, her shoulders, and each of her ribs. It traces over her body, and with each soft, lengthened stroke, her composure becomes harder to maintain. Beneath these long, endurant strokes, and the short, sudden, jabs of ticklish silk on her weakest points, Saphira’s strong body and mind begin to crack – her athletic form shrinking and sweating under the teasing and taunting of the brushes. Minutes pass, and you shows no sign of stopping. Instead, your “probing” becomes more invasive, moving slowly towards her stiffening nipples as she writhes uncontrollably. “Please, Saphira.” You whisper, a malicious smile dominating your face for the moment it takes you to register Saphira’s tightly shut eyes opening up again. “I can’t very well edge you if you keep moving. It will only take perhaps a little longer. Perhaps… a lot longer, if you cannot control yourself. You told me you were a powerful dragon.” You carefully lift her hips onto your lap, facing her away from you as you continue to probe her resolve – “Is that not the case?”
>”D-Don’t insult me-“
>”I’m not insulting you, Saphira. I’m trying to get you to be honest with me. Tell me why you picked me.” You urge. “Tell me why you like this. Tell me what you enjoy doing in your free time. Let me in on something. You can’t just solve everything by acting tough and expecting everyone to work it out for themselves.”
>”Shuddup.” She snaps. “You might have me ch-chained down, but you’re not going to get me to yield that, th-that easily.” She gasps. “S-Stop. Move back. Please move back! Don’t stop. No. Yes. YES!”
>The brush has moved back between her legs, and now it’s going to stay there. As Saphira writhes and whimpers, you gently tickle the different parts of her labia and her clitoris curious and surgical precision, slowing down when her heartbeat quickens, speeding up when she seems to calm down. You stroke, tickle and touch her rosebud as if it is your sole purpose, the two of you locked in a desperate struggle in which neither one will yield – Saphira’s resolve weakens more and more, rattling and straining harder and harder at the chains that hold her in place as she realises she can do nothing but watch and slowly become more and more frustrated as what started as a whisper slowly turns into a desperate scream. An hour has passed.
>”It hurts now, doesn’t it?” You ask her. She pants and wriggles in your lap, her face a mask of predatory lust and nothing more as she violently struggles against the restraints. “If it hurts, we can stop.” You tell her gently.
>”N-No-Not a cha… Chance…”
>”Oh, my. It must be so… frustrating? Is that the right word? Look at you. I can get you so close, like this…”
>”Look at it drip.” You whisper. “Do you think we’re nearly there? We’re going to need a bigger towel.”
>”P-please… please!”
>”And yet… there’s nothing you can do if I just… stop…”
>”P-please. Let me ouAHHHHH!”
>”Is this the power of the draconic race?” You say to her. “You appear to be drooling. And was that… a moan? That’s not very- Oh, dear. Your little bud is so upset that it doesn’t get to come that it appears to be throwing a fit and crying.”
>”Please let me come, Anon.” She hisses, clawing at her chains.
>”While we’re in bed,” You reply, “Call me master.”
>She gives you puppy eyes for a moment. “Please let me come, master.” She whimpers.
>”No.” You say, giving her ass a little slap. “You have another week left to go. How are you still not getting this?”
>You’re starting to realise you’re a bit of a sadist.

>”Please stop.” Saphira says gently. “I give up. You win.”
>You drop the brush, and quietly begin to put the belt back. You’re not sure if this plan of yours has worked, until she speaks again.
>”A-Anon,” She whispers, finally. “Do you really want to know why I chose you?”
>You lie down with her, gently hugging her from behind. “Why, Saphira?” You ask her.
>”You named me.” She whispered. “You were the first person to call me ‘The Princess’. You were the first person to ever make fun of me. I’ve gone through life thinking that I’ve got this, this suit of armour around me that protects me from consequences and other people. Everyone was always afraid of me, so I just, just changed to adapt to that. But you… didn’t care. And I watched you do that for years, and I realised you’re like that with everyone. I can toss you into a wall and you just run back and do the same shit again. You’re an social misfit, anon. You’re retarded.”
>”Laying it on a bit thick there-” You quickly try to cut in, but she doesn’t stop.
>”Do you look at the school’s league tables, Anon?” She asks. “I do. And I try so hard, and put so much work in, and I always come second. To you. You are the one person that can touch me. You’re the one person that makes me feel like a person. You don’t have any scales, or wings, but you’re like me. You’re a dragon.” Her eyes well up with tears. “You’re a better dragon.” She whispers.
>”That’s not true. That’s not true!” You yell, cupping her face with your hands. You reach up and release her restraints. “Come on. Listen to me.”
>”Listen to you?” She asks, wrapping an arm around you. “I’ve only just b-begun to figure y-y-you out. I don’t know if I can take much more of this.”
>”Really?” You ask.
>”YES, ANON.” She half screams. “Really!”
>”Here’s the key, then.” You say.
>She stares at you for a second as you hold out the golden key in front of her. Then, she grabs it from your hand. “AHA!” She yells. “I WIN. I WIN, ANON! I WIN, ANKH! I WIN-“
>”You do.” You tell her. “You win. I don’t want to keep you in a lifestyle you can’t stand. If you don’t want this, then you can take that thing off now and we can go our seperate ways.”
>She stares at you. “Wh-What? But, anon… If I’m taking it off, we’re enjoying what’s inside together.”
>”Only if you can wait one more week.” You reply, pulling something else from your pocket. “And if you can,” You say, showing her the golden engagement ring, “I’ll trade you.”
>”Where did you get that?” She demands.
>”Your dad, and my dad… they’re friends. He comes over to my house. He was there the night you dropped me off and took the suit back. He wanted to know why he’d just heard his daughter in the hall. I told him everything, Saphira.” You whisper. “And he told me I had a grip, a grip he’d never been able to get, on a lonely little girl he thought was long gone. And he told me never to let go, Saphira.”
>”This cost all the money I’ve set aside, but I don’t care. My life was like a grey vortex. Same old shit, every day. You coloured it in, Saphira. You turned it gold. So what comes first? Love, or need?”
>”Will you marry me?”
>There’s a pause. Then, without warning, she backhands you.
>”I hate you!” She screams, as the room flips over itself. “I hate you. I hate you so much.” She jumps on you forces the key over your head, and snatches the ring. “So much, Anon.” She whispers, pushing her face into the pillow. “You ruined everything. I had… I had something. I can’t even remember what my plan was, though, Anon, because that’s how much you’ve RUINED IT!”
>”There there,” You tell her. “There’s always next week.”

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