[Greentext] The Chaste Dragon, Part 2

>You’re woken by a yelp. Immediately, you sit bolt upright. For a moment, it doesn’t come back to you. Then, you remember where you are.
>”A-Anon!” Saphira demands. “Why are you still here?”
>”You wouldn’t let me leave.” You respond. “Was I meant to go when you fell asleep?”
>”Yes?! I mean… oh god.” She mumbles through her hands. “I brough a boy over, and held hands with him… and let him…” A claw moves down to her crotch, and she looks at you tearfully. “You have my key,” She whispers.
>”Hey.” You say, taking one of her hands in yours. “It’s for a couple of weeks. If you don’t like it, we never have to do it again. I promise.”
>”Oh, come on.” She says haughtily. “We’re basically married already. Just let me out. Please.”
>You run a hand over her glazed abs, causing her to shudder a little. “No,” You tell her, brushing away a stray lock of red hair as she pouts at you angrily. “And I’ve read draconic law. There has to be penetration for a pact like that to be formed.”
>”Pervert,” She spits. “I bet you’re happy as pie now that you have the big bad dragon under your thumb. You can get whatever you want.”
>”I don’t really want anything at the moment.” You reply. “Are you going to get ready now, or are you just going to sit there pulling at that thing?”
>The gentle scratching stops as she reddens, looking down to find both her claws between her legs. You can’t help but laugh a little. Immediately, she backhands you.
>Dragons generally don’t slap people, primarily because the claws don’t sheath far enough to stop them from always taking at least a small chunk of your face with them. They backhand instead. You could have avoided a slap, but not a backhand. You yelp, tumbling off the bed and onto the ground. Quickly, she pounces on you.
>”Ok,” You say, “But what are you going to do now?”
>She blushes angrily and gets off you. “I’ll think of something.” She growls. “Are you going to watch me dress?”
>You shrug. “I don’t see why I shouldn’t.”
>”Pervert. Pervert! Perv-ert!”

>”Why don’t I give you some help?” You offer, rolling to your feet and adopting the closest you can manage to a butler like stance. “My lady. What were you planning on wearing today?”
>She narrows her eyes. “You want to dress me? I haven’t had someone dress me since I was 14…” Suddenly, she reddens again, her eyes widening as you open your mouth.
>”Shut up!” She yells. “We live differently, okay?! There’s only a few things I need help putting on now… Ceremonial dresses… But anyone would need help with them!”
>You smirk at her. “Wow.” You drawl, spreading your hands. “Dragon girls really are something. You wear a gilded chastity belt all the time, you’ve got video games everywhere, and now you can’t dress yourself?”
>”SHUT UP!” She barrels into you, lifting you against the wall by your throat. “Don’t you dare call me a dragon girl. I’m a DRAGON. You’re… you’re a monkey. You’re a monkey, person, monkey boy, and y-you can hardly talk. You smell like sweat and-“
>”Y-You didn’t let me change-” You croak. “AlsoICan’tBreathe…”
>She throws her hands in the air and immediately you collapse, the breif slideshow of your up until now boring life that was flashing before you shelved for the moment. “Alright.” She mutters. “I’m taking control of this situation now. Come with me, monkey boy.”
>She drapes you over her shoulder. Immediately, your hands move to the perfect, round ass held beneath the belt. For a little while, she tries to ignore you, carrying you from the room and down the hallway. “Stop that!” She inevitably demands, giving you a shake. You chuckle a little.
>You look around. Everything’s upside down, but you can see various workers in the house. One is standing just where the top of the stairs are. You realise you’re four floors up. How did she drag you up so many flights of stairs so quickly?
>”Good morning, dearie!” The maid at the top of the stairs calls. There’s something odd about her voice. Actually, there’s something plain odd about her. She looks sort of… attached to the floor, she has no feet. And her voice sounds like the combination of three different voices. As you get closer, you realise that it’s slime. Black slime with a tounge, a… vaccum cleaner, sticking out of this woman? But it’s made of flesh. And eyes. Too many to count. And all of them are now looking at you.
>”Who’s this?” The maid-thing asks, tilting her head a little too far to look at you. You still have no idea what she is. Or if it even is a she.
>”A guest,” Saphira gestures. “We have a lot of guests, don’t we?”
>”We generally don’t carry our guests through the halls in their underwear, do we?” The woman responds. You wonder if her voice is the same you heard yesterday. No, it’s similar. It certainly didn’t sound like… that.
>”He’s lost.” Saphira snaps, walking straight past her.
>The maid just giggles. “Well, you’d better make sure they don’t find him then!” She calls, producing a broom from precisely nowhere and beginning to sweep her way out of view.


>She takes you to a walk in wardrome somewhere on the third floor. “These are dad’s,” She says quickly, gesturing towards a row of pressed, folded suits. You’re stunned.
>”They are?” You ask. “They’re all my size.”
>She shrugs. “These ones are from when he and mom, um, mother, first met. They’re… not as nice as the newer ones. They’re made to look like the old set that he used to wear when he first started his businesses. He was really busy, so it wore out eventually. Why am I explaining this? Just take one and have it back by tonight.”
>”You want me to sleep over again?” You chuckle. “I’m flattered. Really.”
>She looks angry for a moment. Then… “Really?”
>”Really. That someone like you wanted to do this with me?” You take her hands. Claws or hands? You’re going to have to settle something to call them, but right now, they feel so soft against yours. “If anything,” You begin to add, quite tentatively, “I… wish I could do more to make myself worth the trouble-“
>”I-T-Told you it’s not like-” She stammers. “I just wanted you to hold the key for a while… I wasn’t going to tell you until, that I wasn’t, I mean… Oh, be quiet!”
>”What are you trying to say?” You press her.
>She looks at you for a while, then lets go of your hands, her eyes pensive. “This isn’t how I planned it.” She mutters. “I’m going to go down to the baths. When I’m ready, you’d better be in the lobby. I WILL leave without you.”
>Hmm. Maybe you’ve ruined a more carefully laid plan than you thought.
>You’ve always known the lengths monsters will go to get men to fall in love with them. The schemes they’ll set up. It’s been that way ever since the anti-rape laws were first put into place, at least for those that are inclined to follow the law. And without fail; the more powerful the monster, the more extravagant her scheme would be.
>Really, though, she made it easy. She could have demanded the key back at school and you WOULD have given it to her, no questions asked, because when The Princess asks you to do something, you damn well do it.
>That’s when you remember something. The time she got in trouble. The one time.
>It had been last year, back when it was just humans at your school. It was the first time you’d ever seen her. She’d been there with her father for the end of year celebrations and the announcement that the academy would soon be opened to extraspecies students. You remember that this was pretty tough to hear for quite a few of the boys you knew and had grown up with in the segregated, high level schools you had worked so hard to get into – and that your parents worked so hard to pay for. Rumors of rape. Personally, you weren’t fussed. That stuff only happens in the big city, you’d said. It won’t happen here. Of course it had, and two people got in big trouble, but no arrests were made. Apparently the school helped sort things out. How nice for them. How nice for their record. Slight digression.
>Saphira had been there. She’d been wearing what was probably a bespoke ceremonial dress, and she was honestly the focus of everyone’s attention from the moment they saw her. She was the only mamono there. She was the only girl there. Of course, her father was there too, so although everyone was talking about her, nobody dared go near her. That, and she was probably wearing the belt as well.
>The belt. She just walks around this place wearing it, sometimes ONLY wearing it, and none of her maids or family find it strange. What a life. You and her almost live in different worlds.
>She spent most of the evening standing around awkwardly, occasionally trying to talk to her mother. Then she started doing something with the bonfires. She moved her hand, and the fires moved with it. Only you noticed. The idiots dancing around near the fire didn’t suspect a thing.
>A dragon starts to grow into her power around the age of 17. She’s 18 now, in the year above you. So what happened next makes perfect sense.
>There was a loud, sort of a FOOM sound from the fires. That’s what you heard. Her father looked over. By the look on his face, all he heard was the word “LAWSUIT,” screeched at him in the voices of a hundred angry parents. A few of my friends were on fire. The speed that man moved at was insane. He had these water bombs, just on him, and he was floating 10 feet in the air. He put it all out, brought it all to a stop, and knew exactly who was responsible.
>He didn’t ask. He just landed himself right in front of her and glared. Before he could even say anything, she’d started yelling at him. Between all the “I hate you” and “I want to go home”, he quickly figured out what she’d done. People started laughing. She got angry. So they left. Eventually, the bomfires were back up, and the arrangements were made for the affected students to have new clothes. But one thing stuck with you.
>She tells the truth. Always. Nothing she says is ever really untrue. Is that a dragon thing too?
>You eventually find your way downstairs. So does she. “I would have bathed for longer,” She pouts, as you get into the car. “But I don’t have my key.”
>She looks so perfect.
>”I’ve been thinking.” You respond as you corner her in the rearmost seat – “This deal of ours. I want to make it a little more interesting.”
>”Y-You think you can j-“
>”Hush.” You just can’t help yourself. It seems like the further you push her, the further she lets you go. “How about this? You serve your scentence, but every day, you have to do one thing for me.”
>”Absolotely not, you little b-brat.” She growls, her face heating up. “I have my pride.”
>”Oh, you don’t need to agree. You’re entitled to your pride. I have the key, don’t I?” You gently squeeze her ass, making her pant a little. “We can still do the full 30 days you asked for-“
>”N-No!” She yelps. “I’ll… fine! But I’m not doing anything else! I’d… I’d rather stay like this forever!”
>”Would you?” You ask.
>She’s quiet.
>”What’s the plan for today?” You ask her, knowing the answer.
>”We meet after school. Don’t come near me, don’t tell anyone.”
>”Change of plan.” You whisper. “You stay with me. All day. When we’re free, I mean. Obviously we have seperate classes.”
>She turns white. “Anon, we can’t-“
>”Or,” you say, running a hand down her thigh, “I add a day.”
>She bites her lip.

>She actually does it. You madman.
>The Princess spends all her free time that day clinging to you. Aggressively. People were stunned initially, but have recently learned to avert their eyes. Saphira, of course, is behaving as she normally does.
>”What the hell are you looking at?!”
>”Why the hell are you talking in a doorway?! Move your asses before I move them for you.”
>”What the fuck did you just say? Would you like to repeat that?”
>”Stop holding hands! You’re disgusting! Grab him by the shoulder and TAKE him where you want him, you floozy!”
>This is fantastic. Your friends are staring. You’re slow to get lunch, but Saphira marches right past the queue. You come to a table in the corner. It’s normally quiet, isolated. Today, five hellhounds are sitting there. “Get lost.” Saphira growls.
>They glance at one another, perhaps wondering if between them, they might be able to take her. One sneers. Then, they scatter.
>”There’s another one. Hey. Hey!” Saphira shouts at an Anubis down the other end of the table. The Anubis doesn’t notice. Oh no.
>”Saphira,” I say, but she’s on the warpath. She stomps right over to the Anubis girl and yanks her earphone right out.
>”Get fucked!”
>I actually gasp. This is the person who stands up to Saphira. This girl is going to do someone proud one day. I almost want to cheer her on.
>”Ankh.” Saphira says gently. “Did I not say that if you gave me trouble again, I’d put you in the hospital?!”
>”Did I not tell you that if you tried, they would need two ambulances?” The Anubis glowers, rising to her feet.
>The two girls begin to growl at one another. Saphira grabs Ankh by the throat. Ankh stares her down.
>”S-Saphira, don’t-“
>Oh, god, she’s going to put that poor anubis through the wall.
>Ankh begins to laugh. Then, slowly, Saphira does too.
>”HA! Did we have you going, Anon?” Ankh remarks a little too suddenly, slapping you on the shoulder a little too hard for your liking. “I see she’s pulling you around now. I assume you have something of hers?”
>You take a moment to process what’s happening. “Y-Yes.” You say, very quietly.
>”I thought this might happen. I warned you, Saphira. I told you he’s the type. You should think things through more.”
>”I think things through!” Saphira protests. “I think things through enough.”
>”Naturally.” Ankh turns to you. “And I see she’s already following behind you. Do you have her calling you ‘Master’ in public yet, or is that strictly private for now? I think you should. You’ve made it clear that the two of you are an item.”
>It’s your turn to blush. You hadn’t thought of that. And judging by the look on Saphira’s face, neither had she.
>”N-No,” you say quickly, “That’s alright.” Then, “She knows who she belongs to.”
>”Hey yourself.” You growl. “Are you trying to show off?”
>”N-No, I mean, a bit-“
>She’s trying to lie, but she can’t.
>”Leave me alone.” She mutters.
>”We’ll be having words about this when we get back to mine.” You tell her.
>”Well, yes. You think I’m doing the dissapearing act for two days going?” You demand. “I got lucky last night. Dad and mum were out. Not so much tonight. I want them to meet you.”
>”What?!” She yelps. “That’s not fair! You’re supposed to meet my parents, and- and then-“
>”No plan survives contact with the enemy, Saphira.” Ankh remarks. “Do you know she always talks about you, Anon?”
>The dragon goes pale. “N-No stop-“
>”She likes to watch you most. She got your pictures from photo day. She got one of you during phys ed. Look, here’s some gum you were chewing.”
>”Nooo! No no NO!”
>”She commissioned me, actually, had me paint a picture of you-“
>”YOU should be embarrased about that one-“
>”I’m an artist, you see. Great, artist. With a capital G, I specialise in realism and several styles inspired by traditional and modern japanese animation. She picked the latter, by the way. Wanted an emphasis on your mmpsm mmphomm.”
>”Are you going to be quiet?” Saphira glowers, her hand clamped over Ankh’s mouth. Ankh just laughs. Then she bites her.
>”Anyway, nice finally putting a face to the name, Anon.”
>You’re not sure what to say.

>That night.
>You come home to your house, and, predictably, Saphira refuses to follow you inside. “Nobody’s here yet.” You assure her. “If you come into the hallway, you can have your suit back.”
>You enter your hallway and begin to undress. It’s a spectacle, or it would be were there anyone to see it. As it is, it’s just you and Saphira.
>”Nice place you have here.” She comments. “It’s, um, small. Compact.”
>”Small.” You agree. “We don’t need much space. Here.”
>”Oh,” She comments as you hand the bundle over. “Um, okay.” She mutters. “Keep the key safe, Anon.”
>”You already know I’m going to.” You answer. “Hey, can you get a maid outfit?”
>”In my size?” She says quickly. “We might be able to have one made- Wait, why?!”
>”Guess.” You grin.
>”Anonnnn!” She whines. “I can’t just get one made for tommorow! It takes time, it needs full body measurements to make sure-“
>”Okay, how long?”
>She pauses, considering something. “Four days.” She says, finally.
>”Then in four days, I have another task for you.” You tell her.
>”Anon…” She groans, her claws grinding against the plating covering her crotch. “Please.”
>”Shh.” You whisper. “I’m sure you can find something to take your frustration out on. Have you a punchbag, perhaps?”
>”It, won’t help.” She stammers. “I n-need this thing off so much…”
>”I know.” You say, bringing her close to you. “That’s what the lock is for.”
>You kiss her then, pushing your lips to hers. She yelps, shuddering a little, but quickly kisses back, taking your whole tounge into her mouth. She’s hot, her breathing laboured, her claws holding you close. It seems like an eternity before she lets you go. But let you go she does. And then she’s gone.

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