Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 19: My Life Part 1

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The gentle buzz of the toy inside me was just as pleasurable as it was earlier, but the sheer embarrassment of struggling through the sensations on the open streets made it a torture. Nica’s glowing smile made it all so worth it, however. Her tail kept gently massaging my lower back as if to apologize for the stimulation. I wasn’t mad at her, and the feeling was so… liberating. I almost didn’t want to wait anymore. I honestly wished we could do even more, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask her to dial up the toy, not here. For now, I really needed a breather, or I would start moaning. As much as I liked her watching me squirm in pleasure, I couldn’t hold out much longer. I forced myself into a smug grin, passionately rubbing her shoulder.
“N-Nica?”, I panted softly into her ear.
“C-Can you t-turn it off? I… I don’t want to ruin my p-pants.”
I shuffled nervously, pressing my thighs together to stifle my rising libido.
“Oh! I’m sorry dear! I didn’t know I overdid it!”, she exclaimed, turning off the toy with a tweak of her fingers.
“No… It was fine. I just want to… have some fun later, instead~”
I bit my lip, my large green eyes reflecting in her wonderful golden ones.
“Ohh… Of course dear. I’ll take that as a promise.”, she giggled with barely contained excitement.
“S-Sure, Nica. I’ll make sure to keep it.”
We continued our long trip back to her home when a familiar sound rang in my ears. The even clapping of hooves approached from behind, and I immediately froze. No. Not now. Not her. I looked over to Nica, fearing the worst. My stomach twisted as I saw slender fingers reaching out to her from behind.
“Hello cutie! Would you be- *hic* be up for some fun?~”
We turned around, a questioning expression on Nica’s face. Before us stood a large woman wearing a sleek, black dress. Her silver hair shimmered in the moonlight, accentuated by the dark red horns adorning her head. Four hooved feet held her swaying form upright, and she was clearly drunk. My jaw started to hurt as I grinded my teeth together in utter anxiety. Why her? Why now? Did she come to take the only family I had left?
The voluptuous bicorn stood there, a lecherous expression on her face that made me sick.
“Excuse me?”, Nica inquired with a raised eyebrow.
“You look so sweet, and I thought maybe you would like to have some fun *hic* with me and my friends.”
“What do you-”, I started to shout, before she cut me off with one finger.
“Girly, can’t you see that *hic* adults are talking? Why don’t you go play with *hic* your dolls or something.”, she slurred with an annoyed expression.
Of course she wouldn’t recognize me.
“Back to you, sweetheart~ What do you think?”
I was seething with rage as she tried to grasp her hand. She tried to get closer, but I swatted her hand away from Nica. I won’t let her touch her. Not in a million years.
“Hands off MY woman!”, I shouted loudly.
“Now listen here you little bi-”, she stumbled backwards as Nica’s snakes emerged from her hair.
Their jaws were wide open, the fangs dripping with a clear fluid.
“Don’t you even dare finish that sentence.”, she hissed, towering over the bicorn.
“S-Sorry, darling. Didn’t know you *hic* had a daughter… In case you two change your mind, you’ll find me *hic* here.”
She held out a piece of paper that one of her snakes snapped out of her fingers. My body was stiff and unresponsive until she finally disappeared out of our sight.
“What was that? Daughter? Was she even listening to you?”
I sighed heavily, letting my shoulder droop down.
“She never did… Nica? Could we take a detour before we head home?”
“S-Sure… What’s the problem?”
I pointed at the piece of paper in the jaws of one of her intimidating friends. She took a look at the address, and her eyes widened.
“My parents are home.”

We stood in front of the apartment, my heart beating out of my chest. How do I do this? What would they say? What would they do? I shivered slightly, earning me a pat on the back from Nica.
“Don’t worry, Sammy. I’ll be here for you. You got this! Don’t be afraid to lean on me.”
Smiling at her, I gave her a kiss. She knew exactly what to say, and I loved her even more for it. I unlocked the door, carefully heading inside. I heard their voices from the hallway, and I was incredibly tense because of it. Nica towered protectively over me, shielding me with her powerful body. Swallowing heavily, I pointed towards the doorway that led into the living room. She led the way, slowly pushing open the door. The bicorn sat down on her legs, a tray of drinks resting on her back. Sitting next to her was my father. A tall and broad man with shoulder-long brown hair. My mom had turned into a succubus long ago, her low-cut dress struggling to keep her massive ‘assets’ inside their confines. They were laughing and drinking like always. The tall echidna in the door quickly drew their attention. Yipping excitedly, the bicorn jumped on her feet, smashing a couple of glasses in the process.
“Sweetheart! I knew you would *hic* come! How did you get in here though?”
She trotted over to her, immediately going in for a hug. Nica’s tail pushed her away with force, making her stumble back.
“I’m not here for you, Annalise. I’m not some cheap whore like you.”, Nica snorted in contempt.
“Wait… How do you know *hic* my name?”
I emerged from behind my imposing girlfriend, my hand resting on her muscular tail.
“That would be because of me, Annalise. Now, back off.”
The three looked at me in confusion until my mother gasped in shock.
“Samuel? Hon? …Is that you?”
My father shot her a questioning glare before turning back to us.
“It’s Samantha now, mother.”, I stated dryly.
I had given up on calling her mom a long while ago, and she never noticed.
“What? Who?”, Annalise scratched her head.
“Don’t tell me you don’t remember the person you tore his family from!”, I shouted with unbridled fury, startling even Nica with my outburst. I could feel one of her hands on my shoulder.
My father was speechless, taking a couple of moments to collect himself.
“Samuel is dead, father.”, I interjected
“What the fuck, son? I raised you to be a man of the house! Not some questionable harlot!”
“Man of the house?! I’m not a slut like… your wife. You raised me to be your FUCKING MAID! I could have turned into a roomba, and you wouldn’t care as long as I kept your house clean and you can get your dick wet! I’m sick and tired of this shit. I’m my own person now and I finally got the chance to live my own life.”
“Son, I-”
“I’m not your son anymore, not since you stopped being my parents!”, I yelled out of the top of my lungs, barely able to keep myself from screaming.
“You never cared about me. I was convenient for you. Do you know how often I had to clean up after your little ‘parties’ here? You know what? Why don’t you go hire a proper maid? I won’t be staying here, anyway. I found myself a new home, a better life.”
“Are you even listening to the nonsense you are spouting?”, my father retorted with a pained expression.
“We’re your family, the only thing you have! Where would you even live? Don’t tell me you’re selling you-”
“How could family accuse somebody of something despicable like that?”, Nica interjected with a frown.
“You must be the girl that Annalise was talking about. This has nothing to do with you. We can talk later in the bed-”
“You accuse me of being a prostitute and try to get into the pants of my girlfriend?! Wow, father. You stooped even lower than I thought you would. Grow up, for fucks sake! I feel like I was the only one who did.”
My parents were utterly speechless. Mother was looking like she could break out in tears at any moment. Annalise smiled at me with that wicked grin that I hated oh so much while pointing at the mess on the ground.
“Why don’t you clean this up, so I can have a word with that ‘girlfriend’ of yours? You’re so gung-ho, Sammy. I think you need some dick. Should I call in some fav-”
I didn’t let her finish, giving her a quick backhand slap.
“Neither Nica nor I are anything like you, Annalise. Why don’t you go fuck yourself for once?”
She sat down, clutching her face in stunned silence. My own hand hurts now, but hopefully that would get the message across.
“I hope you had fun ruining my family. Congratulations, you succeeded. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I want to get back to spending my time with someone who actually cares about and loves me.”
I pulled the stunned Nica by her arm, leading her out of the apartment. I felt miserable. I never had blown up like that before, but it was oddly freeing. Tears welling up in my eyes, I firmly wrapped my hands around my wonderful girlfriend. My port in the heaviest of storms, my lover.

I cried into her chest for minutes as she carried me through the deserted streets of the now silent city. Slowly but surely, my mind became clear once more, and I kissed her over and over again.
“Thank you, Nica. Thank you so much for being with me. You are my everything, and nothing will ever change that.”
She gently stroked my hair, raising me up until we were face to face.
“Dear, I love you with all of my heart, and I will be here as long as you need me, whenever you need me.”
“I love you too, Nica.”, I replied, going for a passionate kiss.
Locking our lips in a passionate dance, Nica stopped in her tracks. The city, the street, my worries, and my fears were all drowned out by her unwavering love. My body tingled all over, floating in a sea of warmth and tenderness. She was everything I would ever need. After what felt like hours, our lips finally parted, faces flushed with a mixture of desire and affection. With a wide grin, she pulled me up into a princess carry and continued on.

“Let’s head home, dear. You need some rest.”, she cooed softly into my ear, making me shudder.
“N-No, Nica. I don’t need rest.”
“Really? Something else then? I’ll do whatever is necessary to make you happy.”
My mind raced, fighting with that lingering gut-feeling of aversion. I loved her, and she loved me. I wanted to be together with her, forever. Wanted to be close to her. Wanted to be…
Could I? Could I take that final step? To embrace everything she was? Should I throw caution to the wind, drowning both of us in sweet bliss? She wanted me. I saw it in her eyes whenever we were together. She held herself back out of consideration. Out of fear she would push me too far. I knew that. I don’t want her to feel that way anymore. I want her to be as free as she made me. Love is a two-way street, a give and take. She had given me her love over and over again while I gratefully took it in. But now, after I left behind everything that had been weighing me down, I felt courageous. She was everything I could ever need, and she deserved this. Now it was her time to take… and my turn to give. I wanted to give her my everything, my very being, my love and my body. In turn, she would soon take from me, what I wanted to give her all along. I was afraid. I was hesitant, but I was sure that it would be alright.
“Yes, dear?”, she answered with a warm smile.
“I know what I need, and I want it as soon as we get home.”
“What is it, my sweet princess?”
I struggled for a moment, lost in her deep, golden eyes, before I strengthened my resolve.

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  1. I believe that was the shortest chapter in this series i’ve read so far. But for as short as it was, it was tense and even heartbreaking to read.

    To think that her family thought so little of the severity of the situation on hand shows the lack of care they tries to put up front. Annalise made the situation so much worse with the lack of respect she had. Honestly I doubt she’ be any different if she were sober.

    It’s kind of unexpected that this is how Sammy muster a the courage to give her all to Nica, but they both need this more than anything right now.

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