Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 17: Surprise Sensations

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The following morning, I found myself in our bed. Unable to move or even speak. Nica had wrapped herself tightly around me, pressing my face into her chest and making it impossible for me to wake her. I felt a deep sense of comfort from my predicament, but I knew that I had things to do. I began softly kissing Nica onto her gentle curves to see if I could get her to stir. She giggled a couple of times in her sleep, tightening her embrace and humming softly. Her slowly warming skin felt wonderful against mine, almost lulling me back into a blissful sleep until she began to weakly stretch herself.
“Good morning, my princess~ Had a good sleep?”
Her bleary, shining eyes slowly opened, meeting mine with a soft smile. She loosened her grip on me, allowing me to speak up to her.
“Morning, Nica. It was really relaxing. I have to go to school soon, though. Could you let me go?”
“I really don’t want to, Sammy. When do you have to get going?”, she asked with a sleepy smile.
“About 7.”, I replied with a yawn, causing Nica to lock up.
She shook awake, quickly uncoiling around me.
“Oh, by Eros! I’m so sorry, dear. Even though I said that I didn’t want to pull you away from your studies!”
I rubbed my shoulders, already missing her tight embrace before looking at the clock.
Half an hour? That’s cutting it a little close. I gave Nica a quick kiss and vaulted out of the bed. Slipping into my new clothes, I decided to still make some simple breakfast. I couldn’t leave Nica with an empty stomach after all. I prepared a nice platter for her and headed for the door.
“See you later, Nica! I’m heading out!”, I shouted while fiddling with my boots.
“D-Dear… I-I have something for you before you go.”
Nica slithered up behind me, giving me a quick hug with a flushed face. Her right hand was clenched tightly as I inspected her gorgeous body.
“Y-You are welcome at any time, Sammy. H-Here, take this…”, she stuttered, stretching out her arm.
Confused, I moved to receive her gift. With a quiet click, she dropped something into my hand. A key.
“See you later, Sammy. I love you.”, Nica smiled as she engulfed me in a tight hug. Her bare breasts rubbing into my face and filling my nose with her sweet, intoxicating scent.
“I love you too, Nica. I’ll be back soon.”
She retreated from the door, vanishing back into the living room. Stunned, I looked at the house key she had handed me. The key to her… our home. With a wide grin I opened the door, ready to greet the new day.

School was just as boring as I thought it would be. Especially since I hadn’t seen anyone to talk to. Saskia was preoccupied with her rowdy group of mamono girls while Jackie and Rena were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they didn’t come to school today? I hope Rena is alright. Mindlessly slogging through the necessary materials, I couldn’t wait for the bell to ring until it finally chimed throughout the building. The entire day, my thoughts kept returning to the mall… To that shop. Leaving the courtyard, I headed towards the mall with an unconsciously quickened pace, not knowing if it was out of anxiety or excitement. Not too far away from the store, I looked around to make sure no one was looking. I tried to pull my hood over my head, just to get it stuck on my horns. Cursing quietly, I did my best to still slink inside unseen.
I trudged through endless rows of toys, equipment, and lingerie, each more outlandish then the last. My face was burning with embarrassment, hiding behind the high shelves so nobody saw. All these things… What do they even do? The towering dildos were rather obvious, but most of them were smaller than Nica’s. The rest was truly intimidating, making me question the tendencies of the more… eccentric mamono. I wouldn’t, and definitely couldn’t, buy any of these. After a while, I found myself next to a fitting room. Thinking on what to choose, I slipped inside and pulled out my phone. I guess there was only one person I could ask, right? With shaky hands, I dialed up Jackie’s number. She was way more familiar with this kind of stuff after all. I let the phone ring a couple of times, thinking she wouldn’t pick up until someone finally answered.
“Hello. Rena here… Jackie’s a little tied up with somethin’ right now. Should… I tell ‘er you called?”
Her voice was hoarse, stopping in between to take deep breaths…
“H-Hey, Rena. It’s Sam. I wanted to ask J-Jackie if she would help me with something.”
She giggled, muffled sounds echoing through the speakers.
“Oooh! Are ya at ‘Sin-Sations’, right now?”, she stated bluntly, making me swallow heavily.
Jackie must have mentioned our little discussion yesterday. I fought with my words, trying to find the right ones between my boundless embarrassment. A loud plop through the phone tore me out of my thinking, followed by a loud gasp for air.
“Give me the phone, Rena. That’s not helping.”
Slight static distorted the phone call until I heard Jackie, loud and clear albeit somewhat out of breath too.
“Hello, Sweetie! Sorry, but Rena can be a little… eager.”, she said, beginning to whimper quietly.
“S-Should I call later, Jackie? Y-You seem to be… o-occupied.”, I stuttered with a flushed face.
The soft and wet noises forcing their way into my ears made her predicament rather easy to understand.
“N-No. It’s fine, sweetie. I can multitaaaa-”
A loud moan interrupted her answer, and I quickly turned down my phone’s volume.
“W-What can I help you with?”, she reiterated while panting heavily.
“I-I’m at that store right now, and I want to find something for me and Nica to enjoy…”
“Already, huh? Just like my girlfriend! What are ya looking for, Sammy? Something for ya or her~?”, Rena interrupted with a sultry tone.
“Ummm… For me. I-I don’t know how Nica would feel about that yet.”, I stuttered absentmindedly.
How could they remain so… composed, doing that?
“A toy for a newly turned succubus? How far are you willing to go, sweetie? What are you comfortable with?”
Jackie’s questions were really personal, but she knew what she was talking about.
“I-I haven’t gone a-all the way yet. I’d rather start… slow.”
“Not too deep!”, she screamed, making me recoil from my phone.
“Sorry… Not too deep, slow and steady, right? How about…”
“How about a vibe?”, Rena chimed in again.
I hadn’t really dealt with women’s toys before, so I was rather perplexed.
“A v-vibe?”, I questioned them quietly, causing Jackie to chuckle.
“A vibrator, sweetie. H-Head to the far left of the store. Behind the lingerie. Take them into your hand. Turn them on~ As long as they are not bigger than what you are comfortable with, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you find something you… like, feel free to tell the clerk I sent you… She’ll give you a discount.”
“T-Thanks, Jackie. I really appreciate the help… Have fun, you two.”
“That gives me an idea, Jackie~”, Rena interjected.
“Trust me. We will~ Have fun with your treasure as well.”, she whispered before breaking out into a loud scream.
I pulled the phone away from my ear and ended the call. I think I took up enough of their time…

Following Jackie’s instructions, I found the vibrators. The toys lined a large shelf, for sale in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Taking one in my hand and turning it on made me shiver with perverted glee. It was way too big for me, but the deep vibrations massaging my fingers made me bite my lip in anticipation. Returning it to its rightful place, I inspected the other options. Some were shaped like tentacles, thrashing and coiling once I turned them on. They were… interesting, but not something I would choose. Others were quite phallic, reaching dangerous lengths and widths. A smaller, egg-shaped one caught my eye though. It was a little over an inch tall and half as wide. The size wasn’t what drew me in however. It was the color. A deep and dark purple, not unlike Nica’s proud members. The surface was smooth and cool to the touch, reminding me of her very fingers, albeit much less sensual. A smile crept up my face as I picked up the package below it. This one would do, for now at least. I really hoped Nica would like it. My face held low, I approached the counter. Buying something like this was incredibly humiliating, but knowing it was for her made me feel much better. The dark elf behind the counter either didn’t really seem to care about my discomfort or just didn’t notice.
“Excellent choice, miss. Is it for personal use or would you like it gift wrapped?”
“No… It’s fine. I…I-Its for me. Jaqueline suggested this place to me.”
The elf showed an almost malicious grin, pulling a bag from behind the counter.
“Jackie is a regular patron here, and gets us quite a few new customers with her recommendations~ Consider it a promotional gift.”
“R-Really? I mean…”
“Just enjoy it, miss. If you are satisfied with your purchase, you’re likely to come back for more. They always do~.”
She put the box in a discreet, black bag and handed it over to me.
“Thank you.”
“Come back any time, miss. We have many more items to choose from.”
She took a glance at a mannequin behind me, prompting me to turn around. Black lingerie was displayed on it, nothing more than thin, black strings like a spider’s web. The ensemble left very little, if anything at all, to the imagination. I noticed the threads on the lower piece left a conveniently placed opening at the wearer’s crotch. They looked incredible, making me wonder how I would look in them. More importantly, how would Nica think I’d look in them? However, my common sense still buckled against my lust, making me sigh in defeat at the lost opportunity.
“Those are from a brand new line, handcrafted by a close associate. I could reserve a pair for you, if you are interested~”
“T-That would be nice… Please, do that…”
“Sure thing! I would just need your sizes first.”
I gave her slightly larger sizes than I actually was, since I was sure I wouldn’t retain my size for too long. Leaving the mall, the familiar ringing of my phone tore me out of my lewd daydreaming. I pulled it out, seeing that Nica was calling. I quickly accepted the call, bringing it to my ear.
“Sammy? Did something happen? I was getting worried.”
I felt really bad for forgetting as Nica’s concerned voice echoed through the speakers.
“Sorry, Nica. I forgot to tell you this morning. I needed to pick something up before heading home. I’ll be back soon.”
“Alright, dear. Please, don’t make me worry like that. What did you get anyway?”
“It’s a surprise! Love you, Nica. I’ll see you soon.”
“I love you too, dear.”

Standing in front of our apartment, I began fishing for the key she gave me this morning. The shining metal trinket reminded me of how much she must trust me. I gave it a quick kiss and unlocked the door with it. Subtle warmth welled through the door, hitting me with a wave of comforting heat. Leaving my boots and jacket in the hallway, I peeked into the living room. Nica sat there, working on a laptop, like I had left her this morning… completely naked.
“I’m back, Nica!”, I chimed, throwing my bag into a corner.
“O-Oh! Hello, dear. Welcome back! Let me just finish this application really quick. We have a new member for the support group tomorrow.”
“Really? Who is it?”, I inquired as I headed for the bathroom.
“Miss Tennille. She apparently turned yesterday.”
Tennille? I was certain I heard that name before, but I couldn’t quite place it.
“I’m going to freshen up a little, Nica. I’ll be right back.”
“Okay, my princess. I’ll be waiting for you~”
I quickly walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I wanted to surprise her. Led by my rising arousal, I stripped myself of my clothes until I stood naked in front of the mirror. Unpacking the vibe, I found the remote inside the package and weighed it in my hand. It had dozens of different settings, each more tantalizing than the last. Unsealing the toy, I opened it to insert the battery. I could feel myself becoming wet already, wiping the egg-shaped toy along my folds to lubricate it. Biting my lip, I slowly inserted it into me until it just barely vanished inside my womanhood. It felt… strange, foreign. It was nice, but it didn’t have the same appeal that Nica and her tail had. Shaking my head, I grabbed the remote tightly and returned to my girlfriend’s side. 

Nica had already put aside her laptop, reclining into the couch on her massive coils with her eyes closed. I slunk up to her, sitting down on her tail just below her lap.
“Are you finished with your work, Nica~?”, I asked with a sultry tone as I looked over my shoulder.
Her eyes wide, she stared at my backside and swallowed heavily.
“Y-Yeah. How was your day? Anything new in school?”
“No… Not really. I-I have a p-present for you though…”
She looked confused, her head cocking to the side. With a shaky smile, I handed her the remote.
“W-What’s this?”, she inquired meekly, looking at the different settings.
“J-Just… try it.”
I gritted my teeth, waiting for her to start. Hesitantly, she turned the dial up by one notch, and we immediately gasped in unison. My crotch began to vibrate softly, massaging my inner walls and her beautiful tail. An expression of shock on her face, Nica immediately turned the toy back off, leaving me shivering in her lap.
“S-Sammy! Are you serious? W-What about your-”
“It’s… fine, Nica.”, I panted, grasping for her arm.
I pulled her arm over my shoulder, hugging it tightly.
“Please… continue, Nica. I… I’m still afraid. Still hesitant, but I want you to enjoy this as much as possible.”
“A-Are you sure, S-Sammy? What about you? It’s your b-body after all. I don’t want to do anything you don’t like…”
“Nica… My love. If I didn’t want this, I wouldn’t have bought it. Now please, turn it back on.”
I pleaded at her, my utter need for her shimmering in my eyes.
“If… If you really want that, then I won’t say no. I h-hope you’re ready.”
I leaned myself into her, ready to give myself into her care, but her towering members soon pressed into my back.
“So you like this too?~ Did I make the right choice?”
“D-Definitely! You are so… sexy, darling. I can’t get enough of you sometimes.”
She wrapped both her arms around me, pressing her stiff shafts against my back before turning the toy back on. I gasped at the sudden sensation, the vibrations coursing through my body and into Nica’s powerful tail. We moaned together, her rods pulsing against me every time she changed the vibe’s settings. Breathing heavily, I rolled around to face her, my chest tightening as the powerful musk of her members tickled my nose. All I had given her so far was my pleasure, but maybe I could return the favor.
“Are you ready, Nica? I think I have another present for you~”
I grabbed her trembling shafts with both hands as I stared into her lust filled eyes.
“W-What do you have in m-mind?”, she stuttered, her erections poking my stomach.
Without a further word, I slipped down her tail, cradled by the rest of her powerful body.
Her towering rods slowly slid into my vision, making my mouth water.
Enjoying the wonderful view, I gave her a kiss on one of her eager tips, causing it to twitch and tremble in anticipation. I opened my mouth wide and took her in. I rolled my tongue around her head, sucking on it passionately until I had properly adjusted. I pushed it as far in as I could, but there was still about half of it left. I looked up into her golden eyes, but saw no haziness like yesterday. Instead, I saw the longing gaze of a lover that had so much more in mind, so much more to give… I nodded meekly, giving her the okay to do whatever she had planned. Her slitted pupils narrowed as she placed her right hand on my head. Her hesitation had vanished, a seductive giggle escaping her lips as she teased me with a playful wink.
“Do you want everything I have, sweetie?”
My eyes widened in a hint of fear, but I knew I would be alright. She would keep me safe like she always did. I nodded again, suckling eagerly on her shaft.
“Good. But if you want something… you have to work for it!”

She turned up the settings, causing my entire body to convulse in excess when her hand pressed down on my head. Inch by inch, her massive member slid down my throat, her gorgeous body drawing ever closer. She throbbed eagerly as her shaft bulged my throat. Throwing caution to the wind, I put my hands on her hips and pulled myself towards her. Mind numbing seconds of perverted lust passed as tears formed in my eyes, testing my limits. Her shaft bumped the back of my throat, knocking the air out of me. Panic overcame me and I slapped a hand on her hip, pleading with her to relinquish my mouth so I could breathe.
“Are you alright, honey? I… I’m sorry. We can stop anytime if you want to.”
Her eyes were full of fear and concern when I took deep breaths to regain my composure, the taste of her delicious nectar dancing on my tongue.
“It’s… alright. Trust me. I can take it.”, I replied with a strained grin before continuing my work.
Nica’s fingers combed through my hair as I engulfed her member once again. It was a slow process, gagging multiple times as I took inch by inch of her. I could feel her swell and spasm in my throat when I finally succeeded, resting my nose against her groin. Drool escaped my mouth, covering her rod as I pulled my head up until the very tip rested on my tongue. I then dove slowly back down to the point that my lips met her slit. Nica continued to slip her fingers over the remote, leaving me moaning onto her member in bliss. She was so big, but knowing that she belonged to me alone made me feel like I was obligated to do this. Her essence stored in these gargantuan shafts was mine to take, and I wanted all of it. I asked myself how much this thing might hold and my womb contracted in anticipation. I really didn’t want to waste anymore of her sweet love.

I closed my eyes, taking in the strange sensations. My jaw hurt, my throat utterly filled with her fierce member as she let go of my head. I pulled back just enough to draw another hasty breath around her girth and pushed my head back into her crotch. I had trouble looking at her face, being cross-eyed and love-drunk, swallowing her twitching rod over and over. Nica was everything I had on my mind. Her love, her strength, her embrace… her… two, throbbing members. Remembering her neglected second shaft, I pulled myself off her, gasping for air. In my haze, I stared up at Nica, half my face obscured by her other rod as I slowly traced my tongue from the base to the tip.
“I haven’t forgotten you~”, I cooed with a lascivious grin.
Not waiting another second, I quickly engulfed it, making her moan and thrash. Her tail coiled around my chest, pulling my entire body towards her as she thrust up. She adjusted the settings of the vibe to a gentle massage, her tail gently caressing my sensitive clit. She lost all sense of reason, violently jamming her massive girth down my throat, becoming just lucid enough once in a while for me to alter between her shafts. Feeling her bulging in my throat made me ask myself… What would happen if she-?
I couldn’t finish the thought as she bottomed out with a final, massive thrust. She spasmed and moaned, accidentally setting the vibe to max. The violent and powerful shaking of the toy drove me over the edge as well. Just moments later, I could feel her member swell. Bit by bit, from the back to the front, it filled with her essence before bursting down my throat like a hose. My eyes rolled back into their sockets as her second shaft thoroughly covered my chest. Completely intoxicated from her delicious semen, I delighted in the mind shattering feeling of her load flowing straight down into my stomach. I felt an overwhelming sense of fulfillment and peace as her erections subsided, slipping from my mouth and leaving my throat empty once again. Breathing heavily, I slumped forward in her lap, bathing in this blissful moment. I felt Nica slowly sliding to the side, pulling me along with her until I rested on her stomach.
“T-That was unbelievable! You really didn’t need to try so hard though, my dear. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”, Nica panted, resting her hands on my shoulders.
“I did that because I wanted to, Nica. If it means I can enjoy our time together more, I’ll do it over and over again.”, I replied while sliding my hand down to my belly.
It was slightly stretched out to make place for Nica’s generous gift.
“Wow… I look like I’m…”
Nica rested her head on my shoulder, following my gaze downwards.
She whispered into my ear with a sensual and somewhat proud tone, making me shudder. Would she even be able to…
“You look wonderful, darling, but I advise you against moving too much. If you need something, just ask me.”
“But… I still need to make you dinner-”
“S-Sammy, I believe you have eaten more than enough. We still have the leftovers from our last meal in the fridge. I’m no chef, but I believe I can deal with the microwave.”
I giggled at her remark. Of course she could.
“Here, let me get that thing out of you.”
Her slender fingers caressed my bulging stomach, her creamy essence sloshing within me, as she traveled down towards my utterly soaked slit. With two fingers, she pulled the vibe out of my trembling entrance, dripping with juices.
“I think I have enough to satiate myself with for now.”, Nica cooed as she sensually licked the toy clean, sucking every single drop into her mouth.
“That must have been exhausting, dear. T-Thank you for all of that. You really didn’t need to.”
“Nonsense, Nica! I turned into an alp for a reason, and I would be damned if I didn’t make the best of it.”, I replied snarkily.
“Oh, my cute, little princess~ Let me carry you to bed. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need anything.”
Gently, she lifted me off my comfortable resting place, carrying me into the bathroom and wiping her second load off my chest with a warm towel. Lowering me onto our bed, she sat down next to me, slowly stroking my hair with her fingers as she began to whisper a sweet lullaby. My eyelids became more heavy with every tone of her beautiful voice, and I quickly grew drowsy.
“I love you, Nica…”
“I love you too, my dear. Let us relax and see what the rest of the day has to offer~”

After a couple of hours of restful sleep, I awoke in Nica’s tight embrace, still just as full.
“How do you feel, darling?”
“I’m still a little… stuffed I think.”, motioning to my still somewhat round belly.
“I’m alright though. You’re here, so things can’t ever be that bad~. How long was I out for?”, I asked while rubbing my eyes.
“About 2 hours. I heated up some food for myself, but I really didn’t want to leave your side~”
She rested next to me, lifting my chin lightly and piercing me with her golden eyes.
“Should we watch some TV? I don’t think we could go anywhere today.”
“Yeah. That sounds nice.”, I replied, shakily standing up.
I felt… rather content despite the extra weight on me. Nica quickly stood up and hooked her arms under mine to support me. She was way too tall for it to work and quickly resorted to carrying me instead. She sat down on the couch, laying me on her lap. Resting my head onto her chest, I almost fell back asleep to the melodic beat of her heart until some more troubling thoughts came to mind.
She lightly tickled my nose with her finger and giggled
“Yes, dear? What can I do for you?”
“You know… I really love you, right? And that I want to make you as happy as you can be. What is it that you want?”
She looked at me with a confused expression. It was hard to look at her with the questions at the tip of my tongue.
“You, of course. You’re everything I’ll ever-”
“N-No, Nica. That is not what I mean. You have me already, now and forever. I’m asking what you wish for. What do you want our relationship to be? We’re sitting here together, having fun and loving each other. I don’t want it to ever end, really. It’s nice, and I love it. I love you, but… you know.”
I was missing the right words to say, stumbling over myself.
“What… What do you want us to be?”, I said while turning my head to look into her eyes.
Nica was silent, a forlorn expression on her face.
“…A family. I’m an echidna, Sammy. One of my wishes, ever since I was old enough, was to become a mother like my kin so often are…. My condition makes it… rather impossible in a sense. If only…”
A single tear escaped her golden eyes, making my heart twinge. She was caring, loving, and strong in her own right like a good mother should, but her inability to be one was heartbreaking. My gaze travelled down to my stomach, still slightly bulging with Nica’s essence. What if she… What if I…
“Nica?”, I asked, wiping away her singular tear with my finger.
“Yes, dear?”
“How should I say this… Are you… f-fertile?”
I couldn’t believe that I was asking this and Nica couldn’t either, her eyes widening a little.
“I-I mean… The curse is irreversible. I will never be able to bear a child, but my semen is pretty much the real deal… In theory, I could-”
“Good. That’s all I needed to hear.”
“Huh?”, she stared into my emerald eyes with an incredulous expression.
“Well… If you can’t be a mother a-anymore, then maybe… in the f-future… I could…”
My embarrassment swallowed my words, leaving me to hope she would understand. Tears were streaming down her face, not of sadness or loss, but of joy.
“I-If you would… I mean… We could…I-”
“It’s fine, Nica… We have time, right? No need to rush~”
I smiled up at her, softly placing her hands on my swollen belly. I wasn’t sure of it, but for her…
“You are an angel, Sammy. Thank you. What did I ever do to deserve you?”
“You love me. I think that’s enough.”
She buried her face in my hair, causing me to lean back and close my eyes. With a little time, maybe we could make this work.

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  1. In addition to Sammy having babies, there are an awful lot of kids–human and mamono–who need a good home. Thinking specifically of another Echidna who runs a rather large orphanage… 😉

  2. This was something I pondered for a bit. But i realized on my won before getting to this part that it’d be possible since it does fill the role of fuffiling Sammy’s thirst.

    The only thing that held it back was Sammy and her understandable inhibitions. It seems like she passed that though for as long as she has Nica which is really sweet.

    Though i didnt forgot Sammy seemingly knowing the person that’ll be joining her therapy group. Who this person is, only time will tell.

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