Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 1: Alp-Traum

“3, 2, 1, Go!”
The loud bang of the starting pistol rang in my ears, as I pushed myself off the cracked concrete. I kept my balance with trained ease, as I flew over the 100 m track towards the goal. I loved running, and it was the best thing I could do to keep my mind off what was to come. Running helped me relax, and the cold wind brushing past my arms and legs felt incredible. The heavy footsteps of George echoed through my head, as he tried his best to keep up. The teacher, holding her rusty stopwatch, counted our times and quickly scrawled them down.
“First place: Sam Dylan. 11.3 seconds! Second place: George Marrow. 11.7 seconds! Third place…”
I took a deep breath, as the teacher read the list. I was the fastest once again, but George kept getting closer. The muscular Jock flashed me the usual, malicious grin.
“Not bad, Sammy! What are you running from, eh? Scared of who is going to visit you tonight?”
I scowled at him for reminding me. It had been years since the Mamono came, and they quickly integrated themselves into our world. Their rather aggressive and forward way of husband-hunting forced us all into a compromise. In order to avoid getting grabbed prematurely, Mamono priests put a charm on newborn humans to keep them safe from the hands of overeager Mamono and the effects of Demonic Mana. This charm was the best way to keep human tradition and laws, but allow the Mamono to do what they were best at. A charm that would hold for exactly 18 years. I started to sweat in fear, thinking of all the gazes I caught on the street today. They knew, and if a Manticore wanted to have me tonight, there was nothing stopping her from doing so. My 18th birthday drew closer and closer, and I hoped that I would at least get a nice girlfriend out of it. 

“Are you bullying Sam again, dear?”
A big, black paw slapped the Jock over the head, almost making him lose his balance.
“Hey, babe! I was just…. Congratulating him on his win! Yea, that!”
“Mornin’ Saskia. Yes he did.”
I hated lying to the towering hellhound, but I knew that I would find myself suspended by my shorts in the locker-rooms again, if I ratted him out.
“Well… If that’s the case….”
She turned over to the intimidated Jock, before patting him on the head.
“Good boy! Sorry if I hurt you, sweetie.”
George turned red like a tomato, and I could hear giggles all around us. I kept silent for my safety, but it took all of my willpower to not mock him for her treatment. Saskia smiled at me.
“It’s your 18th birthday tomorrow ain’t it? The girls are squabbling over you already. I wonder who gets to you first.”
Her eyes began to burn a crimson red, and I knew that I had a problem. Saskia was the leader of the local delinquents, and if they took an interest in me, I would be in for a rough time. I shook my head, to free my mind of all the possibilities that could unfold tonight.
“Thanks for the warning Sas.”
Her wicked grin told me everything I needed to know. I was figuratively, and literally, fucked. And there was nothing I could do about it. 

Sighing in defeat, I dragged my ass up into the classroom. The rest of the school-day was kinda boring, apart from the various, longing stares, I got from the girls. Even a flock of harpies from a nearby school had decided to land on the trees outside the window to watch me. I shuddered on my way home, the piercing gazes of the flock following me all the way. In a flight of paranoia, I began to block the door and windows until I was drenched head to toe, breathing heavily. Satisfied with my work, I took a shower and made myself some dinner.
All of a sudden, it struck me. Maybe they wouldn’t go after me, if I had nothing for them to get? With a grin, I went up to my bedroom before turning on my PC. I would just have to get the excess energy out of my system right? I worked heavily in preparation of the inevitable, peaking at least 8 times in one hour until my hand began to go numb. Something felt off, wasn’t I bigger before? Or was I overcompensating? Drained, I staggered over to the bed, slumping into the warm and soft sheets. Strange… Wasn’t it smaller last night? My head was ringing with a searing migraine, and I couldn’t think straight anymore. 

What was happening to..? My head felt like it had a meeting with a jackhammer as I rolled my tired ass out of the bed. I felt incredibly light, but my head weighed heavy on my shoulders. Confused, I checked every corner of the room for a waiting Mamono. Had none come? Did they leave me alone? I wasn’t sure what happened, but I couldn’t complain. I stretched myself, letting out a drawn out yawn, that wasn’t my own. Groggily, I stomped over to the bathroom to get myself ready for school. Reaching for the handle, I stopped and stared in silence. My hand had atrophied overnight, and turned skinny and petite. Even the door looked larger than before. My mind combed through everything I learned at school, trying to find a reason for all of this. Then, my jaw dropped. 

“No. No! No! NO!” I started to scream in frustration, my voice pitched way higher than it’s supposed to. I slammed open the door, and stormed over to the large mirror over the sink. The first thing I saw were two curved horns framing my face…. My face, way too soft and feminine to be that of a boy. I screamed in terror, as I dropped to the floor. Anxiety and fear wrecked my brain, as I realized what had happened. Of all the things that could have happened to me last night, I had to turn into an Alp.

I knew that Demonic Energy had effects on a human’s physique, making men more durable, strong and enduring, while turning women into Mamono. I couldn’t have imagined for myself to turn into an Alp… I never had any interest in men, and I don’t think I ever could or will. Changes like this were permanent though. I knew that, but I wished for it to be just a bad dream. Luckily, I was not expected to go back to school for 3 days, so I had some time to come to terms with my new condition. I laid like this for what felt like hours, as my tantrum slowly ebbed out. 

If this is going to be me now, I have to make the best of it, I guess. Fearing what I would find, but inclined to explore my new body, I slowly snaked my hand down into my pants. A soft moan escaped my lips as my hand brushed against what my member used to be. The newfound sensations of pleasure I felt, caused me to gasp as I slipped my hand out again. I noticed that I had lost all the musculature that night, replaced by smooth skin. My chest had become slightly bigger, as my newly formed breasts puffed up slightly. I blushed when I realized my nipples now pressed through the fabric of my shirt. Not big enough to be considered an A-cup, but they were obvious with a closer look. At least, I don’t think I’ll need a bra. An exploratory squeeze made a small shiver run down my spine. I could always have been considered slender, so my new feminine charms changed little, besides the demonic ones anyway. To my dismay, I noticed my new, spade-tipped tail wrapping around my left leg. I could move it freely, but it felt so natural that I hadn’t even noticed it before. Carefully, I took the tip of the tail into my hand. As I made contact, electricity coursed through my body and I moaned in ecstasy. Unable to control these foreign feelings, I quickly dropped it again. My breath labored and my mind muddled, I wouldn’t forget these pleasures any time soon. Following the lithe tail up to my tailbone, I checked on my rear. It had turned fuller and more pronounced, but only barely. As I felt the soft flesh, I stopped in embarrassment when I realized my shorts had a wet spot on it. I slowly slipped them off, revealing a clean shaven, virgin womanhood beneath it. I would have thought it to be an incredibly hot sight, if it wasn’t my own. Pushing these lewd thoughts aside, I quickly put on a new pair.

Sighing heavily, I trudged back into my bedroom to see what I could wear now. Many of my outfits wouldn’t work well with my new condition except maybe the dozens of hoodies lining my closet. If I pulled it down far enough and pulled the hood over, I could hide my new form, at least for a time. I picked a simple, black one and a white shirt from the rack and quickly put them on. The hoodie now reached almost to my knees, and the sleeves hid my hands entirely. Turning around, I checked if my tail and rear were completely covered. I smiled a little. If somebody wasn’t looking too hard, they wouldn’t be able to tell. I slipped into a pair of Jeans, just to blush involuntarily at the side effects of my transformation. My pants were now hugging my features like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. I would have to get some new clothes soon, but this had to work for now. The transformation had left me famished, leading me to the kitchen. Preparing to make myself a bowl of cereal, I reached for the box. I let out a sigh when I found it just out of reach. “Just perfect, isn’t it?”, I groaned. If I had to climb on a chair just to get breakfast, I would have to renovate eventually. 

My mind raced with all of the horrible scenarios that I may have to deal with in the future. What would George say? I had to clear my head, and a nice morning jog would be just what I needed. I grabbed my phone and went to head outside only to be faced with my dresser that I had pushed against the door. It took me almost half an hour to push it aside, pouring every ounce of energy I had into the stubborn furniture. My breath was more labored than when I had put it in place the night before, and I was now certain that my body had weakened considerably . Yesterday, it took me less than 10 minutes to move. Not wanting to dwell on it for too long, I slowly left my apartment. I peeked under the cover of my hoodie, hoping I wouldn’t meet anyone. 

I quickly fell into the rhythm, jogging through town at the highest speed I had ever reached. My strength may have lessened, but my stamina and speed had increased considerably. The air flowing past my petite form helped me calm down, as I desperately tried to find a way to make all of this work. Falling into a familiar routine, I was on autopilot while trying to come to terms with my new life. I turned at the next corner, consumed in my thoughts. What will the others say? SLAM

“Ughh! Watch out where you are going! Are you alright..? Wait… Sam?”
The irony was not lost on me as I recognized who I ran into. My eyes widened as my anxiety and fear caught up to me. Thinking about what my transformation will bring, I managed to run headfirst into George and the rest of the football team, as they followed their morning routine. I quickly jumped to my feet, dusting myself off. I nodded at him and was just about to continue walking as he grabbed me by the shoulder.
“Stop right there, little guy. How are you up already? Saskia kept me locked down for almost a week! Nobody came for you, huh?”
The entire group began to chuckle until I batted his hand away.
“Feisty again, aren’t we? Saskia isn’t here to save you this time. Now tell me. How was it? All alone at home?”
I glared up at him, just enough for him to see the outline of my horns in the shadow. My nails dug deeply into his arm, longer and sharper than before.
“Fuck off.”
Without another word I bolted, trying to get as much distance between him and me as possible. 

“Oho! A sissy are we? Boys! Look at the poor fucker! He got alped! Should I introduce you to the quarterbacks? Maybe one of em’ catches your eye! Come here.” I booked it as hard as I could, leaving George and his entourage behind. He would catch up, I knew that, but it was the only thing I could think of.
“Oh boy! She’s fast!”
I was gaining ground, surprised at the inhuman speed I maintained. I was good at sprints, but I wouldn’t be able to keep this up forever.
“Why are you runnin’? Are you scared, girly?”
The laughs behind me grew closer, and I pushed as hard as I could.
The telltale roaring of an angry Hellhound echoed through the streets, and I knew that I was safe for now.
“If you don’t leave that poor girl alone, maybe I’ll start introducing CBT to the bedroom. As for the rest of you, if I see that sort of shit again, I will make sure you will drink through a straw! Have I made myself clear!?”
George gulped so heavily, that I could hear it from here and I loved it. Saskia kept scolding the group, seriously doubting their own manliness for stooping that low. I ran around the next corner, before leaning against the wall and listening to her stern speech. It was really reassuring that someone was on my side at least. I kept myself hidden until the commotion died down. I just wanted to go back home now. Carefully, I peeked around the corner.

“Are you alright, Sammy?”
I jumped back in shock, as I stood face to face with Saskia.
“I am so sorry about him, really. He’s still got a long way to go. I need to train him more.”
I couldn’t help but stutter.
“Th-thanks Sas! You w-were a lifesaver! Well… As you c-can see, I had a little m-mishap.”
She smiled at me, not nearly as malicious as yesterday. There was a hint of remorse shown on her face.
“It is how it is, I guess. Not much we can do about it. You are going to need some time to get adjusted, right? I don’t know if she can help you, but it’s worth giving it a shot!”
With her charcoal paw, she pulled a slip of paper out of her bag. It was a business card.
It read, “Veronica Halloway, Psychiatrist and Mamono support.”
“She runs a support group for Mamono downtown. She helped me a lot in the past, so maybe she can help you too.”
I took the card, thankful for all the help I could get.
“Um… Thanks, Sas. I’ll try and visit her soon. Maybe tomorrow?”
She smiled at me once again. It was warmer than any I’ve ever seen from her before. She put a paw on my shoulder and looked at me. “You don’t need to rush, alright? This must be a lot to handle right now. I’ll keep George off your back for now. He needs some harsher treatment anyway. I hope everything works out okay. I really do.” I gave her a hug, stunning her a little bit, before running past her, back home. These next months are going to be rough, but I had some hope things were gonna work out okay.

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  1. That slice of life feel always gets me hungering for more of these stories, and what a bold move making the main protagonist go Alp like that, suffice to say I’m looking forward to the rest of this!

  2. A short, but informative start to a series that I’m sure is to be a delight to read.

    You did a good job at making it relatable to readers that have that kind of mindset.

    Also like the whole big sister vibe Saskai gave off, really sweet.

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