Ghost busting

Commissioned by: Vada
Length: ~2k words

The cold, dark woods were home for none. The branches hardly had a leaf, stripped bare for the moonlit sky to seep through. It felt like the place was haunted to him. Was it the season that left the trees looking dead, or the place itself? He couldn’t tell. All the trees were the same. Hundreds upon hundreds, a forest he had found himself lost in, walking straight just for the faint hope of finding some manner of place out of this labyrinth.
“Hello!” Greeted a voice far too close for comfort, a head popping out of a tree next to him. The fright left him to scream and jump back, only to fall on his back.
He saw it clearly now. An incorporeal entity phasing through the tree. A ghost in the shape of a girl smiling cheerfully at him in curiosity and wonder, holding a violet lantern glowing its spectral light. She moved forward and fully came out of the tree, but he saw that she had no legs. Rather, her lower body trailed away to dissipate into nothing, as if it was a robe. Looked like a tail, much like those of a lamia.
“Are you lost?” She asked.
He didn’t respond at first. He was too busy being in shock by the greeting itself, but in due time he forced himself to nod.
“I can help you out. Just follow me.”
She turned around and floated away, leaving him in stupefaction. She had not even waited for an answer. Was he meant to trust her? Although, all things, considered, it was his only chance. If she wanted to try anything on him, she already wasted the opportunity. Seeing her already getting distant, he stood up and rushed to her.

He followed a little behind her, still deep in the forest. It was only his footsteps making any noise at all, warding off the silence that’d drive him insane. At least he now had some semblance of company, and friendly one at that. Had it been something else to pop up, maybe he’d have ended up a ghost as well.
She had some fancy looks for a ghost, though. She wasn’t what he’s have expected of one. She had robes on her, a mixture of shades of green just like her skin, assuming that could be considered skin at all. Even her hair was green, that sickly shade reminiscent of ectoplasm, though most curiously over her head was a red ribbon. For a ghost, an undead, she seemed awfully cheerful.
But there he came to notice as she lightly swayed her hips in her equivalent of a walk. Her robes didn’t cover past her waist. Where her butt would have been, there was nothing but the ghostly lower body. Though he couldn’t call it one, it did have the general shape of a butt, looking like tight clothing over a real one. His mind began to wonder.
“You’re a ghost, right?” He asked. “That means… you can go through things?”
“Yes.” She answered, cheerful in tone much like her demeanor.
“What if you wanted to grab something? Would you just phase through it?”
“I can touch things if I wanted to.”
“Can I… Can I touch?”
Rather than answer, she stopped in place and turned her head to him. Didn’t look judgemental, if her ever present smile was still there.
“Sure!” She said, to then move her cheek towards him.
No surprise there, if her robes covered the parts of her body he’d think it least suspicious to try on. He extended a finger towards her, getting slower as he was about to touch, to then move it to make contact. The sensation turned out to be more than he had imagined, hard to describe, the feeling of skin that soon gave way for his finger to enter. It wasn’t pushing anything aside, but rather, it’s as if that which he pressed simply phased onto his finger with just a little pressure.
Then, it turned almost solid. He panicked, pulling away only for her cheek to almost try to pull it back inside. Sticky, unwilling to budge too much, like an extremely dense slime which did not leave much residue on him. When he pulled his finger off her, she popped a smug smile before laughing to herself.
“Scared you?” She asked, to then turn and depart.
But it didn’t scare him. Shock him? Yes. Petrify him? Sure. But scare him? All he could do was picture that sensation in her butt, and it did not help that turning that way only left him to watch her hips swaying about. That alone had made his dick awfully hard, enough to pop a tent. How she didn’t notice, he knew not.
It was the opportunity of his lifetime. Now or never. He rushed and caught up with her, though as well pulling his dick out. She was none the wiser, not turning around despite his plans, and when he caught up with her, he grabbed her by the hips and rammed his cock into her would-be butt. The sensation was immediate, that sticky feeling of a mixture between slime and flesh, turning even tougher and tighter as he drove inside her to the hilt.
She let out a yelp mixed in with a moan, immediately putting her hands over his. Looking down, she could see through herself now what really had happened, his dick having penetrated her and standing at full mast.
“What are you doing–” She tried to ask, only for him to buck his hips and force another moan out of her. She held onto his hands for dear life as he thrust again, then again, and again, each one followed by a clear slap of his hips against her butt. What transparency she had allowed both to see clearly what transpired inside her, dick forced in and out relentlessly without break.
She extended her hand, placing it onto a tree to rest on as her breathing grew rougher and hastier. Letting her indulge in her idea, he took a few steps towards the tree until she put both her hands against it, to then rest of body as well leaning against the trunk. As if holding for dear life, she held onto the tree as every thrust pummeled her against it. Had the tree had leaves, some would have no doubt fallen by the ruckus.
The ghost, on the other hand, no longer showed even a hint of resistance. Rather, she opened her eyes already weighing heavily by ecstasy, to peek at the dick driving into her like a piston. She saw it in all its detail with nothing to be hidden, but her curiosity and wonder started getting the best of her. She wanted to touch it, even if it seemed terribly busy.
He was none the wiser about it. His hands still held a firm grip on her hips, but a second later, a strange sensation overtook his dick enough to stop him. It had almost sent him over the edge. Looking down, he saw what it was; the ghost had phased through herself just to take hold of his shaft, gripping it tight to then start stroking. He could find no words to describe it, the sensation of both the equivalent of a vagina on top of that of her hand. It was only then in the brief pause that he noticed her latern on the ground, its light changing from violet to a warm orange.
He couldn’t pause for too long. Almost by pure instinct and primal urge he began bucking his hips again, though now both her butt and her hand turned out to be too much for it to handle. A feeling of almost mind-numbing pleasure coursed his mind as he crossed the point of no return, thrusting against her like a battering ram as fast as he could. Gasps and moans turned into a continuous yelp from her, until at the last movement, he embraced her from behind almost tight enough to dig himself into her, finishing inside. Each spasm released that thick white fluid inside her, and with her transparancy, the two could see well as it slowly spread, even smearing her hand.
With his dick still up to the hilt inside her, she nuzzled her head against his.
“Are you in a hurry to get out?” She asked, soft in tone both alluring and exhausting. “We could go to my place, for a bit~”

The shambling steps of a zombie led to the wall of the cemetery’s little building, almost too early in the morning. Though certainly dead-looking, one would imagine only a hangover would make someone look that bad. Once she arrived to the wall, she hit it a few times, then waited as she rubbed her eyes.
Through the wall, the ghost’s upper body appeared.
“Yes?” She asked, though quick and blunt in tone. Though it’d have been suspicious to any, the zombie was in no mental capacity to notice.
“Strays got Emily’s leg again.” Answered the zombie. A tragic event of another zombie’s stolen limb, though usual enough nowadays. “Sara and I are gonna go look for it, we’ll be back in a few hours.”
“Ok yes the gate should be open.” She sped the answer.
Unnoticing or uncaring, the zombie walked off. The ghost follower her with her eyes, but once the zombie walked past hearing distance, she gasped out loud as she held onto the wall. Her blushing intensified hundredfold, turning her skin almost to red as her lantern had been that night, all the while getting pushed back and forth by a force coming from behind.

“Slow down– Ahhhh~!” She moaned, only for the force to pull her back into the building.

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