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She left small pawprints through the snow as she worked her way up the hill, doubled over with a rather large bag on her back, huffing and puffing under the strain of the task. Each step seemed to be a Herculean effort for the tiny Ratatoskr, the typewriter that she delicately carried slowing down her journey home.

Even though it was a small town, one virtually devoid of crime beyond a few hooligan teenagers occasionally getting into trouble, she insisted on bringing her heavy, near-ancient typewriter home from work each day. ‘What if someone breaks in during the night and steals it?’ she would always reply to any inquisitors, herself knowing that she was being possibly a little overprotective.

Old habits died hard, though, and she did particularly enjoy getting to write some more at home each night, even after a busy day working on stories at her job for the town newspaper.

Stopping momentarily to adjust the bag, the small Ratatoskr continued her march, onwards towards home. She was close now, just coming around the final bend on the hill, and she couldn’t help but sport a smile and let her fluffy tail twitch when someone came into her view, standing at the mouth of where the rode broke off to lead up to where she lived.

He was wearing a light jacket, unperturbed by the snow falling around him, and he visibly perked up when he caught sight of her as well. Striding out to meet her, the squirrel-like woman carefully took off her bag and waited for him with open arms, the obvious couple embracing for the first time since she had left for work that morning.

“Need a hand?” He asked in his usual gruff tone, squeezing her tightly and standing back up as they hugged, the Ratatoskr’s feet now dangling in the air. She was tiny in every sense of the word, pushing four and a half feet at the most and coming up to just above the man’s hips.

“If you would be so kind, Runar!” She replied gleefully, nuzzling into her husband’s chest and refusing to let go as he stooped over to pick up her typewriter. He had no issues carrying the both of them at the same time, one in each arm, back up the slope towards their home nestled in the woods.

Neither one of them spoke up until they had almost reached the door, the Ratatoskr instead preoccupied with enjoying his body heat and playing with his beard. “So how was your day, Hal?” He asked, using the shortened form of her name instead of the full ‘Halldόra’.

She sighed into his chest as he carried her into the warm house, her bushy tail swaying slightly behind her. “Happy to be home.” Halldόra simply responded, her husband setting the typewriter down on the table by the front door and discarding his shoes at the same time.

Now able to carry his wife with both arms, he continued on into the living room, heading for the mantle in which a bright, warm fire burned. The furs laying in front of the fire had been placed there purposely, with the advent of winter the couple tended to spend more and more time in front of the fire. Halldόra always slowed down and become less energetic during the colder months of the year, and her husband of many years figured out over time that warm fires, warm food, and warm cuddles were all great ways to combat that trait of hers.

She refused to let go when he sat them down in front of the fire place, her small paws which had been so cold in the snow now finally warming up as he shrouded them in heavy furs. Kissing his cheek, Halldόra cuddled into her husband, the somewhat burly man hugging her right back.

“So,” he attempted to continue the conversation, smirking when he spotted her bushy tail sticking out from beneath their blankets. “Anything specific to talk about then? What did you work on?”

One thing Halldόra had always loved about him was that he always showed interest in her work. It was a modest job at the small-town newspaper; editing, formatting, writing, interviewing and so on, but no matter what she was working on, Runar was always content to listen to her speak of her work.

“Nothing too interesting today.” She replied, small hands clinging onto his chest. “Just more editing for the coming edition.”

Runar stroked her chestnut-coloured hair as she spoke, enjoying the feeling of having the woman he loved in his arms. “Good.”

“It is.”

He didn’t want to prod her any further, he knew just how tired she was whenever she came home. He wished he could meet her at her work when her day was over so that he could carry her typewriter, and probably her as well, home, but unfortunately his job as a forest ranger kept his shifts at odd hours, and most days he would either be working, or get home at the same time as her.

So instead the couple sat in silence, the crackling of the fire filling the living room with sound. He hadn’t noticed it up until then, but Halldόra had been shivering slightly from the cold walk home, though now thankfully warm and content.

“Runar?” She asked, peering up at from where she sat in his lap, essentially engulfed in the warm furs.


“I need you.”

She looked away as soon as she said that, a blush rising on the Ratatoskr’s cheeks as she fidgeted slightly.

This was another common happening the couple shared nearly everyday upon returning home. Even if in the mornings before work the two of them embraced each other passionately, Halldόra would end up being rather needy by the time she was home in her husband’s arms, which itself drove her even further into lust.

Kissing the top of her head, Runar murmured an “Of course” into one of her fluffy ears, causing it to flick and her to shudder. Her small hands had already begun to undo both of their coats as Halldόra impatiently started to undress them, eager to begin in their lovemaking.

“Here, let me help.” Runar spoke up, shimmying his own pants off and as well as his wife’s.

She gasped a little at the sensation of his cock springing free and slapping against her stomach, already hardening for her. Although she couldn’t see it beneath the furs, she could feel it and the impressive heat it gave off, causing her to heat up in embarrassment and lust as well.


Runar cut her off with a passionate kiss, recognizing that she was getting a small case of cold-feet like she tended to when they were about to make love.

“It’s alright, dear.” He said in the kindest voice he could muster, staring into her deep blue eyes. “I love you, and we’ll take it slow.”

Halldόra’s bottom lip quivered a bit at his promise, her anxiousness sated and her mind re-focused on him. The throbbing cock pressed against her tummy still made her squirm and blush a bit, but now more-so in excitement, her dainty hands reaching to grab at it as she leaned up to kiss him.

The couple embraced just as she began to stroke him with both hands, which struggled to fully grasp around him. Halldόra’s cheeks were practically beet red at the point, and her large, fluffy tail wriggled excitedly behind her.

This fact didn’t go unnoticed by Runar, and he reached out to gently stroke and play with her tail, the Ratatoskr squealing into his mouth when he gave it a particularly good squeeze.

The two continued to make-out where they sat in front of the fireplace, the warmth beneath the furs becoming somewhat stifling as their bodies heated up as well, Halldόra pressing as mush as herself into him as possible. She used her tummy to help tease him, her small but perky breasts pressing into his chest and she writhed in his lap from the tail teasing.

Slowly, and despite her smaller size, she began to push Runar backwards onto the floor, the furs falling away and making her shudder at the colder air, but her hands not straying away from the large cock that she was playing with. “H-Halldόra…” He whispered out, taking a moment to stop molesting her tail and instead pull the furs back over them.

She feverishly stroked him and kissed along his jawline, the small woman straddling the larger man. “Halldόra.” He said more sternly, the Ratatoskr not listening and instead lost in the heat of the moment of tending to her husband.

In an instant, Runar had pushed her off him and onto her back, tail tucked underneath her to provide a sort of bedding for them and the coming acts. She had yelped a little when he had done that, but she was silent as she stared up towards him, her eyes gazing into his.

Her arms reached out towards him and wrapped around his neck, pulling him in for yet another deep kiss for them to share. Her legs too, covered in soft and carefully cared for brown fur, wrapped around his hips, pulling his lower body in closer and causing her to moan as his manhood came to press against her entrance, slick and hot just from the kissing and tail fondling alone.

He broke away for a brief moment and supported himself above her with one arm, reaching out with the other to scratch behind one of her ears. Halldόra smiled and nuzzled slightly into his hand, her chest rising and falling rapidly in anticipation. “Runar,” she said, his cheeks held between her hands. “Please.”

That was all she had to say, Runar already knew what his wife wanted. Pushing his hips forward, he felt the petite woman beneath him tense up as he entered her, Runar making sure to hold onto her just as tightly as she was onto him.

The temperature beneath the furs had already been hot, but the heat of his wife’s pussy was even more so. It was somewhat difficult for him to fit, even with as wet as she was, but she managed to accommodate his whole length, the Ratatoskr moaning girlishly as the last of him entered her. Her nails dug into his back as she shuddered at the sensation of being filled up, and Runar shuddered as well from the heat and tightness clinging onto his cock.

“M-More!” She demanded. Halldόra was never much one for words when making love, instead usually giving one word requests or responses, her husband having learned over time just how to treat her, and her him.

Runar began to thrust, sliding out and then back in her in one fluid motion, making the small woman cry out again. At the same time, he couldn’t help but let one of his hands grab onto her fluffy tail beneath her, playing with the soft fur as the two began to make love.

She shuddered and he grunted with each thrust, the couple soon falling into a steady rhythm together. Halldόra attempted to move her hips in tandem with his, but she found it difficult thanks to both the angle and to the pleasure wracking her body, so instead she did her best to simply stay close to her husband, clinging to him tightly as if she would drift away if she let go.

The sounds of flesh smacking flesh, pleasured moans, and crackling fire filled the room, the two lovers enthralled with one another beneath the furs.

Halldόra kissed him feverishly as a hot sensation began bubbling up deep within her, Runar at the same time feeling a certain gripping sensation in his loans. Together, the couple approached climax and gradually reached it, the Ratatoskr’s walls clamping down as he drove as deep as he could one final time, Runar muffling his orgasmic cries by burying his face into her tail, Halldόra’s own cries unmasked and ringing out.

With her furry legs wrapped securely around his hips, Runar came deep inside his wife without even entertaining the thought of pulling out, a deep need instilled in both of them to share their love. His cock throbbed as he came, Halldόra’s petite body tensing as her husband filled her up, some cum spilling out of her thanks to the rather limited amount the small Ratatoskr could hold.

She kissed him deeply as both of their orgasms began to fizzle out, Halldόra’s breath catching just a few more times as she felt his cock twitch and the last of his load trickle into her.

The two refused to let go of one another afterwards, Runar only moving to finally pull out and then bring her closer to his chest, fixing the furs around them as well. “I love you.” Was all he said as he cradled her in his arms, Halldόra’s breath still ragged, cheeks still flushed, and eyes still glazed over with love.

“I love you too…” She managed to whisper out, collapsing against his chest and bringing her large tail around from behind her, placing it behind her husband’s back for both warmth and support.

He smiled and the sensation, kissing her forehead. “We should maybe go get cleaned up now.” The Ratatoskr frowned at the suggestion, glad that she had moved her tail behind him to keep him trapped.

“Cuddles first.” She demanded somewhat uncharacteristically, but Runar understood. Halldόra loved cuddling, whether it be in the morning, when he visited her at work, or in post-sex bliss.

“Of course, Hal.”

She nuzzled into her husband, smiling happily and enjoying being held in his warm, strong arms, her womb full of his love, and her heart full of love for him.

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