> You work with a group that imports materials, food, and other supplies between the Monster Realm and the Mortal Realm.

> On a trip into the Monster Realm your crew docks in the port near the capital.

> You unload your supplies to the dealer before the captain wants to crash in a nearby hotel for the night since the trip back will be a bit.

> You all rejoice to be able to not have to crash in the lower decks of the ship for a night.

> You and the crew grab your rooms at the closest and cheapest hotel.

> The rest of the crew want to head down the closest bar to grab drinks and possibly score.

> You decide to follow along and join them in making fools of themselves.

> You head into the bar with them, it was decently full mostly regulars it seemed.

> You sit at the counter and order your drink, while your crew sat at a table trying to put the moves on a few monsters.

> You slowly sip your drink while watching one of your mates spill his drink accidentally on an unusual busty elf.

> You roll your eyes and laugh before being joined by someone who just entered the bar.

> A woman sits next to you and orders her drink.

> Quite the beauty, pale skin, flaming red hair, black sclera, yellow iris, roughly a D or bigger bust from what you could tell in her dress, bat-like wings protruding from her lower back, shapely round ass.

> “You must be with them.” she said with a slight chuckle motioning to your mates in the back.

> You tell her “Yeah, those are my crew mates.”

> She chuckles again and tells the bartender to refill your drink.

> You thank her for her kind gesture.

> You and this woman chat for hours while watching your mates flirt, drink, and make fools of themselves in some cases.

> End of the night comes and some not all of your crew mates have snagged a date and drunkenly stumble out the bar with whomever they picked up.

> You decently buzzed yourself decide to call it a night as well.

> The lady offers to walk you to your room.

> You politely accept after paying for your drinks.

> As both of you approach the hotel she stops you. “This is where you are staying, no cannot do you can do better than this, I have a place,” she says.

> You try to decline her offer but she isn’t having it.

> She insists and you tell her that the ship leaves in the morning and she ensures you that she will make it.

> You begrudgingly accept her offer.

> She takes you to her place, lavish and luxurious.

> Instead of offering you the spare room she leads you to the master bedroom.

> You already see where this is going.

> She calls herself Fyre.

> You two go at it as long as possible.

> You noticed you seemed to have more energy than normal but took it as just a lucky break.

> Next day you wake up with Fyre completely nude, you look over at the clock it was well past noon.

> You cannot risk missing your ride back if it hadn’t already left.

> You quietly get out of bed trying not to wake up your date from last night.

> You get dressed and sneak out of the house and make your way to the dock.

> The ship was gone.

> You panic and run to the hotel and ask what time your crew had left.

> They were gone nearly at the crack of dawn.

> You decide to hit up a small coffee shop that you passed on the way to the dock to try to figure out what you were going to do in this situation.

> You wait in the small line to order.

> “It is quite rude to leave a lady alone in bed you know,” a voice said behind you.

> You turn to see Fyre standing behind you.

> You begin to apologize and explain the situation.

> “We overslept sure but you could have woken me up to figure out something.” she replied to you.

> You sigh in agreement.

> “Now, since you are stuck here in the Monster Realm I can at least give you a place to stay until your crew comes back.” she says.

> You explain that they won’t be back for another week or more depending on shipments.

> She tells you that it will not be an issue.

> You both approach the counter.

> The waitress behind the counter seemed to have just lost all train of thought when you two walked up.

> “Don’t just stare, we are customers.” Fyre said with a sigh.

> The waitress nervously took your orders.

> You start to wonder what was all that about, she was all happy to serve before she saw Fyre.

> As you both grab your orders the manager approached you both and gave a slight bow before saying “E-Enjoy the coffee, your highness.”

> Fyre sighed again before saying “Thank you, we both will.”

> You, on the other hand, are now completely at a loss for words.

> “N-Not every day that we get a daughter of the Demon Lord in our shop.” he adds.

> Fyre gave a slight chuckle before replying with “Well if the coffee is good, expect us both in here often.”

> A daughter of the Demon Lord what on earth did you get yourself into.

> You both leave the shop drinks in hand.

> You are stunned in silence watching her sip her drink.

> She notices you being a complete standoff after leaving the shop.

> “Don’t act so quiet now, believe me, you were anything but quiet last night.” she said nudging your arm playfully.

> “W-Well just a bit struck is all you know the whole daughter of the Demon Lord thing.” you reply to her.

> She gives a hardy chuckle and says “I assume you hear all the rumor about Lilim being all high and mighty, not all of us are.”

> You have heard that rumor very powerful monsters Lilim are being the spawn of the Lord.

> “W-Well yeah.” you respond to her.

> “I live a relatively normal life and try to tell people not to overreact when I am in public, like last night when I entered the bar I hushed the bartender immediately before they could announce anything.” she said.

> You still walk with her nervously, as normal as she may seem, a Lilim is not one to just play lightly with.

> You both get back to her place.

> She takes you back upstairs to her bedroom.

> She tells you that she likes you and would like to start seeing you whenever you are in the Monster Realm.

> You are honestly surprised that such a woman who could theoretically have any man they wanted would just want a common working man, but you accept her offer.

> “Well since you are stuck here for a week or longer may as well enjoy ourselves.” she said playfully shoving you to the bed and reaching for your belt.

> This week was going to be an interesting and life-changing one.

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