So this is another rambling of the sweet life that is mine, not saying I got it good, but eh, who really cares.

So we last left off with two wives and me not explaining my origins mainly because I’m kinda lazy and Henrietta was yelling at me to wash her.

So I’m free for the most part to talk. I’ll start with being born and how I got here kinda, I’m really just gonna try and quickly explain the boring parts so nobody gets confused.

I, Myself, am a human male born to human parents. That’s pretty simple enough but since then I am actually adopted into a Cheshire family. It’s kinda how able to live here now but I’ll explain that with the two wives.

So we have had about 100 years of there being mg, paladins and the like so this can get confusing but, there are about 4-5 portals from each world. Wonderland, A desert one where there’re lots of snakes, A forest one where I live, the place where paladins came from. And last I think some kind of void where ‘The Demon Lord’ lives.

So it’s been a long time since MG’s fought the holy ones, and that’s nice since its modern, I’d say maybe when we first opened the ‘tunnel of fun’ 20 years ahead of us, ’bout that. It’s almost the same since the utilities and cars and the like designed for all body types #who cares.

So I live in the wonderful city of Kiljarack (Kill-Ja-rack) This isn’t how you pronounce it, it’s how I say it because I’m lazy, too to learn how MG talked.

It’s clean and stuff, lota’ cops, walk around here. Also there a lot of coffee shops, They really like human coffee and catnip.

When Nat was visiting me as I was getting ready to move I got her some, it was hot really lewd and hot. I was so sore after because when a 500-pound Jinko is slamming into your bed, you still feel it. Ya, I know, AND you’d think a 500 dollar box spring would hold up but no.

Either way, my parents were quite scared of her.

So My parents kinda hate MG, and by that, I mean by me saying I’m getting married to one, it’s like a kid from Westboro saying he’s gay, so basically a paladin saying he’s gay.

Either way, they disowned me, but lucky for me I lived in their second home, so I was a single male that was into MG. And since I was recovering from surgery and accidently signed up for a hospitality thing I was sent girls who would take care of me.

It was nice, I got a Kiki maid who for the life of her could not be lewd, always demanding to be spanked because she was a bad maid. Most of my friends claimed I drank her love nectar, but they said that about all the girls.

Felix, my adopted Cheshire sister… It got weird after I was adopted, but not blood so I guess it’s fine. She was the purest shitter, actually taunting me and saying the worst jokes, but I threw it back. we basically cuddled and just giggled for hours. Also gave me my foot fetish, so there’s that.

Then there was Lilly, Christ. A Suck Butt so bad it was comical. I basically had to do all the work while she could move. She’s chubby, thicc as the kids would say. But what she lacked in world domination she made up in sexual spells and tentacles. The spells were super cool, basically could do anything, sex wise, like grow another dick, get a vagina, turn into a Cheshire, be identical ‘raped’. Looking back, I’m happy I was put on drugs because shits weird

Then My wonderful loving spider, Henrietta I think I already talked about her, but we met while I lay in bed and she standing over me, those long legs as she looked down, that low cut sweater…she was 35, Milfy with no kids, and her hands caressing my….. I’m totally gonna need to fap after this. The things we did…. Anyway, she’s does science at one of the university’s, learning and researching stuff on government grants.

Then, Nat, she’s ex-military from a small Slavic type of town, who fought in a civil war, I’ll talk about that later because it’s a hell of a system. But she’s like a soft tree with tiger paws and yan like loyalty. It’s nice but she always licked me clean, Then Id needs to shower. It’s a lot dirtier than I’m describing.

They brought their friends over from time to time, but it was mostly them. Well there were more but then I got evicted, canceling the program for me but I live with My wives.

And to explain that before I’m done here.

Paladins don’t put out to MG. At all. Fallen paladins do, but there kicked out of the holy church after doing something to anger someone higher up. One guy licked some priests wife’s shoe, next thing he knows he’s tossed in a back alley filled with liamas (big ass snake lady’s).

So Paladins also keep their females close at hand, them basically doing the same thing as I’m doing with two wives, but I’m not a girl, and they don’t have dicks, though there are things to make that happen as I think I said when I was on about Lilly.

Just gang bangs all day. But the mg lawmakers made something so they don’t die out, and don’t anger paladins.

“We’re basically fodder for the sex that is their collective hole, and humanity is the dick that is going to impregnate it.”

That’s the line from a speech made by a demon, Side note.

Lilly’s mom is a demand and christ, forget about it till later, but she’s kinda important.

But there…not bills, christ, what’s the word for the things that pass that are laws. it’s a fancy word. LEGISLATION. Yes, so they have that so it makes us humans, male, and female, to have polygamy, or as they say, multiple family housing.

Anyway, will write more later.

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  1. “One guy licked some priests wife’s shoe, next thing he knows he’s tossed in a back alley filled with liamas (big ass snake lady’s).”

    Look I like internal monologues as much as you but can you not write like a 10 year old on speed? And I’m not even EyePoi.

    This story, I admit im not the best writer but made me cringe.

    1. there-there, this is just a fun thing I put up, you don’t need to read the rest. As for the comments about how it’s worded, it is fixed. Though the unproductive comments could be said the same for your stories :^)

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