Family (Final chapters)

Chapter 27: Dreams

As the days became weeks, Reimu showed no sign of change. She was still unresponsive to stimuli and her breathing and pulse always stayed at the same level. It was impossible to tell when any sort of change would happen.
However, Momoka’s unyielding persistence was starting to rub of onto the other family members. With Rena ‘recharging’ her every couple of days, she tirelessly nursed her mother every single day, and her refusal to express any form of sadness had begun to inspire her siblings.
They all still felt like they wanted to cry every time they saw Reimu lie motionless in bed, but they suppressed it and did their part, finding solace in their parent’s arms later.

When the monthly food delivery came about, Marisa was the one who let them in. Since it was Ran and Chen who were on delivery duty this time, Marisa had arranged for the other adults to help Chen with the logistics while she pulled Ran to the side for a private conversation behind the house.
After questioning her about Yukari’s behavior, Ran’s face showed a slightly strange expression.
“Oh, well that certainly was not the outcome I had expected”.
Marisa’s tone became darker as she responded.
“So, you knew about this did you?”
The shikigami nodded.
“Of course I did, it was something lady Yukari planned to do after all”.
Marisa grabbed Ran by her collar and slammed her against the wall.
“She PLANNED to do this?! And you just let it happen? Without even trying to warn us?!”
She noticed how hard she was breathing and her fist trembled with rage, but she maintained eye contact and continued.
“Was the threat to Gensokyo a lie as well? Did Yukari just make that up? What esle has she been interfering with?”
Ran shook her head. “No, the threat is very real and everything that has happened is necessary to defend against it. To answer your second question, Lady Yukari has only observed you up until this point. Showing herself to the children was the first and only time she interfered.”
At the mention of the children, Marisa’s anger flared once again. She tightened her grip on Ran’s collar. “Answer me! Why did she do all this?”
The shikigami dropped her gaze.
“Go ahead and hit me if you want, I totally deserve it. Afterwards I shall tell you everything”.
Marisa raised her hand and readied herself to strike. Ran made no effort whatsoever to defend or avoid the blow, she just stood there and waited for it to come.
Hesitating for just a second, the witch opened her fist and slapped her instead (she made sure to still hit hard though).
Still trembling slightly, Marisa released Ran’s collar and backed up a few feet.
“Now you WILL tell me everything I want to know!”
The shikigami sat down on the ground and crossed her legs, leaning against the wall behind her.
“Yes, I will”.

Marisa just stood there frozen on the spot. What Ran had told her would have sounded insane coming from anyone else.
She believed it though, she had studied Ran closely while she was talking and decided that she wasn’t lying. It was just hard to imagine how someone could have come up with such a plan.
To sort out her thoughts, she began to question the youkai.
“You seriously mean to tell me that Yukari’s plan was to help us by doing this?”
“I do. I realize how it must sound, but lady Yukari knew from the start that in order for the children to be successful in saving Gensokyo, she needed to do this”.
When Marisa was unable to give a reply, Ran continued.
“Think about it. You can train all you want, but you always know in the back of your mind that there is no actual danger involved. There is nothing that can substitute experiencing real danger. By becoming a villain who abducts them and tries to kill them, lady Yukari let them feel true fear as well as eliminating any lingering hubris and illusions they may have harbored, something you guys have also tried to teach them if I’m not mistaken”.
Marisa finally found her voice again.
“But how could she be sure they wouldn’t actually get seriously hurt?”
“She wasn’t, that was the whole point. She was sure of one thing though, that you guys would come and rescue them, thus deepening your bonds, and that they will grow more from this experience then they would from years of study. That’s why she brought them to the basement and set up the barrier so that you could see what was happening from outside, if she really wanted to kidnap them she would have brought them outside this time-bubble, or even outside Gensokyo”.
Marisa had to agree with that. Yukari could easily have brought them to the moon if she so pleased, placing them in the basement and allowing the parents to see it all had seemed a bit strange to her back when it happened.
She mumbled to herself, “Only Yukari could have thought of something like this”.

Ran sighed heavily.
“Of course, she didn’t expect Reimu to fight her alone in the way you say she did. You have my deepest apologies for what happened to her as a result”.
Marisa furrowed her brow.
“I’ve noticed something else, doesn’t this mean that Yukari more or less permanently ruins any chances of becoming friendly with the kids, as well as losing Reimu as a friend?”
Ran smirked slightly.
“I’m not sure miss Reimu would call lady Yukari a friend, but you’re right. When I asked her the same question, she said ‘I realize that this will turn me into a villain in her eyes, probably forever, but isn’t it a role that suits me better then anything else? A hero needs a villain to oppose her to become a hero, and those kids need a hero to follow’. I guess she felt it was worth the price”.
Marisa let out a small whistle.
“Wow, talk about some strong determination. I think I know another person like that”.
They both smiled in understanding.

My vision is hazy, my limbs are heavy, my mind feels like it’s on fire, pain is surging through every nerve in my body.
It burns.
Why is it so intense?
It burns.
Why does it hurt so much?
It burns.
They are all behind me, I’m the only one standing between them and this gap hag that’s threatening them.
It burns.
Just holding all these powers within me is more straining then I imagined, I’m not sure I can hold it together at this rate.
It burns.
No! I have to do it! They all depend on me, they are all scared, I have to protect them no matter what!
It burns.

Argh! The pain gets worse the longer we fight, every time I use their abilities with my own the pain intensifies.
My head, it burns so much.
Keep pushing through it, this pain is nothing compered to what your children must have felt up until now.
But it burns so very much.
Keep attacking her, it’s working. Keep finding new combinations to hit her with.
But it burns so much.
Not yet! She wont go down from just this. I need to keep at it until my trump card is ready.
Dammit it burns so much!

There! I finally have her pinned in my trap. Now I can deliver the finishing blow.
It burns so much!
Just a little longer, push through it just a little longer.
It burns so much!
Alright, I’ve collected all the ‘eyes’, now to crush them.

Whoa, my barrier cracked a little more then I would have liked, but it withstood the blast. She must be knocked out after something like that.
It burns so much, just let go and faint already so it can end!
Not yet! I still have to make sure she is actually down, I can’t afford to rest until I know.
It burns!
Ok, she appears to be dealt with. I succeeded. Now, there is just one final thing I need to confirm.
It burns!
Turn around, and check on my family. Are they alright?
It burns!
Oh thank the heavens, they are ok! Now I can finally let go, and faint.
The burning, it is easing up a little.
My vision is going dark, I am vaguely aware of myself falling backwards. It doesn’t matter, nothing can be worse then this burning pain. Hitting a cold hard floor might even be preferable.
The burning is ceasing.
Oh, it seems like I didn’t hit the floor, someone caught me. It must have been Sakuya, she could have moved that fast without me feeling it. She seems to be carrying me.
It’s still burning a bit.
Now I feel more hands on me, everyone’s hands. I can feel them draining their powers from me.
The burning, it’s disappearing.
Ah, at last the pain is gone. Let me rest for a little while, just a little while…

“Mama, I love you”.
Who’s voice is that? It feels like I should know, but I just can’t seem to remember.
“Mama, please be alright”.
There’s another one, this one also feels familiar.
“Mama, thank you”.
A third one, dammit I should know who this is as well.
“Mama, I want to be able to talk with you again…”
Wait, all these familiar voices, they have something in common don’t they?
“Mama, please return to us”.
That’s right, the more of them I hear, the more familiar they seem. It must be because they are all related.
“Mother, I-I’ll do better, I’ll get stronger, I’ll get so strong that next time, I can help you and you wont need to fight alone. So please, please come back!”
Wait, that’s the key word, ‘related’. They are not just related to each other, they are also related to…
“Don’t worry mama, I wont give up. No matter how long it takes, I will take care of you until you get better”.
That’s it! They are all related to me! They are my children! I, I want to see their faces, I want to embrace them and feel their warmth, I want to hear their voices, I want to feel their familiar smell.
I want to see them again!!

Reimu’s eyes flew wide open. She was breathing heavily, her pulse was racing and she was sweating all over.
Her body felt like it was made of lead, so instead of trying to move she blinked several times to try to focus and see where she was.
When her vision stopped being blurry, she could see a familiar ceiling. She moved her eyes to the right and saw the furniture in her own room, so that’s where she was then.
When she moved her gaze over to the left, another familiar object came into sight. A large, pointed black hat with a huge brim. The owner of the hat showed her trademark grin.
“How are ya feeling?”
Reimu blinked again, to make sure her eyes were not playing tricks on her. Once she confirmed that it was indeed Marisa sitting by her bed, she sighed deeply.
“I feel like crap. I’m sweaty and smelly, I don’t feel like moving and I’ve got a headache”.
Marisa chuckled.
“How honest of you, but I think that part of you is kinda cute actually”.
They both laughed at their mutual silliness.

Once they started talking Marisa explained that she had given Reimu a special medicine that she had been brewing for a while.
She had left specially made crystals under the sheets of the bed that absorbed the love her children directed at her whenever they where in the room, then poured it all into a potion that she had fed down the feeding tube (she had also removed the tube afterwards, because it wouldn’t have felt very pleasant to wake up with that thing down your throat).
“Oh, that must have been the source of my dream, the later part of it anyway”.
Marisa tilted her head.
So it made it’s way into your dreams did it? Well I was kinda hoping it would do that, so I would go so far as to call this experiment a success”.
“Don’t call it an experiment, it makes it sound like I’m some sort of labrat or something”.
“Hihi, I think you already turned yourself into a labrat back when you did your crazy power-mix thing”.
Reimu’s face contorted.
“Ugh, don’t remind me. Even just remembering that makes it feel like the burning will come back”.
“Huh, the burning? What burning?”
“Let’s leave that discussion for another time, I can’t really talk about it yet without re-living it to vividly”.
“Got ya, lets change the subject then”.

Marisa moved a little closer and touched Reimu’s cheek.
“I want to ask a small favor of you. Can you pretend to still be asleep until morning?”
Reimu raised an eyebrow questioningly.
“It’s the middle of the night actually, I thought it would be best if you were alone when you woke up, just in case you acted strange due to any lingering confusion or something similar”.
Reimu smiled and put her hand on top of Marisa’s.
“I’m never alone when you’re around. Can I just ask why you want me to pretend to sleep?”
“Because, that kid Momoka has been tirelessly taking care of you every single day from dawn till dusk. She gets up so early that Sakuya has to prepare her breakfast on the evenings for it to be ready in time the next day”.
Marisa smiled at Reimu’s stunned look.
“I think it’s only fair if she gets to be the first one to see you ‘wake up’, as it were”.
Reimu pondered the meaning of those words for a minute. She was extremely moved by Momoka’s actions and dedication, and Marisa’s reasoning seemed to make perfect sense.
She looked at her friend and gave her reply.
“Alright, I can do that for her. She deserves it”.

Neither Reimu or Marisa slept that night, they had so much to talk about. Marisa told her everything that had happened (although she left out the part about Yukari’s plan, as per Ran’s request), and Reimu had so many questions about her family and how they were holding up.
They talked for so long that eventually, light started to trickle in through the window.
Marisa sprang to her feet and quickly moved towards her own bed.
“Oh crap, I lost track of time. Hurry, pretend that you are asleep, Momoka will be here any moment now”.
As Reimu obeyed and closed her eyes, she could hear light footsteps in the hallway outside her door.
A few seconds later, she heard the door open.
“Good morning auntie Marisa”.
The witch stirred in her bed and pretended to be sleepy.
“Oh, good morning Momoka, what time is it?”
The girl laughed, the sound felt like a warm, flower scented spring wind to Reimu.
“You always ask me that auntie, I’m not late today either”.
Marisa pretended to groan as she turned around in her bed.
“I’ll join you in a little while, let me rest for a bit longer”.
“Ok then, no problem”.
Reimu heard her daughter approach the bed and put something down on the chair next to it.
“Hmm, it seems like you’ve been sweating a lot tonight mama. Don’t worry though, I’ve got a wet towel right here. I’ll clean it up”.
Reimu felt the towel wiping her forehead, face and neck. It was a very gentle touch, full of affection, and the sensation nearly made her cry.
When Momoka was done, she moved on to brushing her mother’s hair. She was humming as she did, a noise that sounded like purring, and Reimu felt like she could not wait any longer, she had to see her daughter’s face.

Very slowly, painfully so, she opened her eyes. She was greeted by the sight of her read-haired daughter, cat ears wiggling happily, humming as she was focused on her mother’s hair.
Reimu opened her mouth.
“Momoka, is that you?”
The girl froze, becoming as stiff as a statue (the shrine maiden seemed to vaguely remember Orin reacting in a similar fashion once).
She slowly turned her head, and her golden yes met Reimu’s gaze. They stared at each other for a long time, neither one moving or saying anything, until Reimu finally broke the silence, a gentle smile on her lips as she did.
“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me sweety, you made me better again”.
At this, Momoka’s lower lip began to tremble. It quickly spread to the rest of her face and even her ears and tail. She dropped the hairbrush she was holding, and the sound it made when it hit the floor seemed to jump start her.
She threw her arms around Reimu’s neck and back and held her tightly. She buried her face into her mother’s shoulder and cried loudly, repeating a single word over and over.
“Mama! Mama! Mama!”
Reimu embraced her daughter and responded in kind.
“I love you. I love you”.
Marisa sat up in her bed and observed them for a while. This was probably one of the most heartwarming scenes she had ever witnessed. She was really glad that she had suggested to Reimu that she should pretend to sleep until now.
She got up from her bed and moved towards the door.
“Well then, time to go tell the rest of the household the good news”.

Chapter 28: Healing

Once Marisa had spread the news the shrine maiden’s room quickly filled up with people, tears and laughter.
She took her time and gave each and everyone a long, tight hug, and many words of love and affection were spoken during that morning.
The rest of the day was basically spent holding a ‘Welcome Home’ party for Reimu. She was a bit unsteady on her legs so Sakuya volunteered to be her assistant and help her move around.
All the kids were eagerly chatting away, telling Reimu about everything that she had missed while she was asleep.
Reimu was perfectly happy with just letting them talk. It was therapeutic for them to relieve themselves of all their pent up emotions, and listening to their voices filled her heart with warmth.

They moved to the living room where Reimu sat down heavily in the largest sofa. All her children flocked around her as they continued talk, and Reimu was as happy as can be to let them.
After a while, Akane became quiet, stood up and placed herself in front of her mother.
Reimu gave her a puzzled look.
“Is something the matter honey?”
Akane’s gaze was slightly lowered, yet she didn’t really look unhappy. Her siblings quieted down a bit to see what she would say.
When she raised her head to meet Reimu’s gaze, she was smiling.
“I want to show you something mama, please don’t be alarmed”.
The girl then raised her hand and conjured up her elaborate, pink glowing spear.
As the room fell into complete silence, she gently dragged the fingers of her free hand along the length of the weapon.
“We all told you about this earlier, and what that hag said about it when she saw me use it”.
Reimu nodded.
“That it could affect the emotional state of those it stabs”.
Akane shook her head.
“She only got it half right mama. What it really does, is make it’s target feel what I feel”.
The surprise in her sister’s eyes told Reimu that this was news to them as well.
“So, that means…”
Akane smiled.
“Yes, it means that beast felt all of my fear, anxiety, hatred and helplessness when I stabbed it”.
Sachi spoke up.
“But you looked so calm and focused when you fought it, you did not look scared at all”.
“Oh, but I was scared sis. I was terrified when I challenged it”.
“Then how were you able to stay so calm?”
“Because I realized something. They were my own emotions, and I could choose how I wanted them to affect me. I chose to have them focus and motivate me”.
She smiled at her sister’s stunned faces and continued.
“My target did not have that luxury. Since the emotions it felt was not it’s own, it had no control over them. That’s why it was so traumatic for it”.
She lowered the tip of her spear until it was pointing at Reimu.
“I’m telling you all this mama, so that you will understand what I’m doing now”.
Reimu nodded in understanding.
“You want to give me the chance to feel what you feel right now, because you can’t find the right words to say it”.
“Precisely, I want you to know just how much we all love you mama”.
She winked at her sisters.
“Since I can tell everyone feels the same way I do, what you will feel will speak for all of us”.
Reimu gave her daughter a warm smile and raised her hand, putting her index finger against the tip of the beautiful spear.
“I am honored that you would allow me to glimpse into your heart. I happily accept”.
Akane smiled and gently pushed her spear forward, piercing the skin and drawing a small amount of blood.

Reimu felt as if a stream of warm water was being poured into her body through her fingertip. It quickly spread throughout her whole body and made her feel warm and comfortable.
A feeling of bliss came over her, she felt loved, looked after, appreciated, safe and protected.
Then Akane withdrew her spear and made it dissipate into mist. Reimu could feel herself returning to her own state of mind, but the memory of her daughter’s feelings for her remained, like a lingering summer evening when the sun doesn’t quite set.
She reached out with both arms and pulled Akane into a tight hug. The girl responded in kind, no words needed to be spoken.
Reimu repeated the same process with all her children, thinking to herself that nothing could be better then this feeling.
She loved her children so very, very much.

Over the course of the weeks that followed, Reimu slowly regained her strength. Through the loving care of her family, she could feel her stamina and alertness return.
Marisa said that it would probably have taken a lot longer if Momoka hadn’t taken such good care of her body while she was comatose, making Reimu feel an immense gratitude towards the cat eared girl as well as everyone else who had cared for her.
She hated the feeling of being weak so she tried her hardest to return to top shape as soon as possible (although her friends reminded her to not overdo it more then once).

One afternoon when Reimu had put all the kids to bed (singing to them all again at bedtime had been one of her most treasured moments over the past week), Marisa was waiting for her when she left the room and closed the door.
“How are ya coming along?”
“Well enough. I still don’t really feel like trying to use any magic, but apart from that I feel great”.
Marisa leaned closer and hooked her arm around Reimu’s shoulders.
“You know, while you were taking your sweet time napping, something fun actually happened, believe it or not. I just haven’t found the right time to tell you yet”.
Reimu raised an eyebrow.
“And what would that be, seeing as you figured that this would be the right time to bring it up?”
Marisa grinned deviously.
“Oh, why don’t I just show you instead? It will be a lot easier then saying it”.
Her curiosity awakened, Reimu twirled her hand in an ‘after you’ gesture.
“Then lead the way, this sounds intriguing”.

Marisa lead her friend towards the back of the house, straight in the direction of the soundproof bedroom. When they got close to the slightly ajar door, Reimu could hear the faint sound of voices slipping out into the hallway.
When she gave Marisa a questioning gaze, the witch just grinned and gestured for her to look inside the room.
Her eyes were met by the sight of a nervous Sakuya squirming a little as she was standing in front of her mistress (who was sitting on the bed).
“Ah, milady, I’m not sure I can do this”.
“It’s easy enough Sakuya, just prick me a little with your knife, then drink just like I always do it”.
“But, but I can’t aim my knife at you”.
“It’s fine, I want you to do it. Will it be easier if I said it was an order?”
“M-maybe, probably”.
“Then it’s an order from your master. I want you to be the first one to ever taste my blood”.
Reimu noticed that she was holding her breath. She turned her astonished face towards Marisa, who smiled and whispered in her ear.
“Our little resident maid finally worked up the courage to tell her mistress everything, and it turns out that Remilia was very moved by her decision to do so. She now wants Sakuya to feel more comfortable with her vampire half, so she is trying to get her to feed like a vampire does”.
Turning her gaze back towards the interior of the bedroom, Reimu saw that Sakuya was now holding a silver knife in her hand, but hesitated to move it closer.
The vampire smiled and put her hands around Sakuya’s.
“Here, I’ll help you hold it steady”.
She pulled it closer, until the tip touched the skin on her neck. She then gently pressed it a little bit further, until a drop of crimson began to travel down her neck, leaving a thin, red line in it’s wake.

Sakuya’s eyes widened a little. She withdrew her hand and threw the knife away. It made a surprisingly beautiful sound as it clattered across the floor, it’s tip colored red.
She extended two shaking hands, got down on one knee and embraced her mistress.
With her head at neck height, the maid opened her mouth and extended her tongue. Ever so slowly, she traced the red line along the neck with her tongue, before covering the small wound with her mouth and starting to feed.
Remilia let out a pleasurable sigh as she wrapped her arms around Sakuya’s head.
“Yes, just like that, move you tongue as you slowly suck on it”.
Reimu could feel her pulse picking up speed as she was watching.
She was very happy for Sakuya’s sake. She had often wished that Remilia would find out somehow since she was sure there would be no problem once she did, but she would never have broken her promise to Sakuya to keep quiet.
The scene before her now brought her much joy to witness, but she could also feel her own body starting to ache, as if longing for something.

When she turned towards Marisa again, the witch smiled knowingly.
“I know you’ve been hurtin’ for it real bad these past few days, you’ve just been to polite to mention it”.
As Reimu’s face became redder, the witch giggled and continued.
“Me and Remilia though up a little plan to get you back in the swing of things, this is part one. Oh and by the way, Sakuya doesn’t know anything about it yet”.
Feeling that there was more to it, particularly that ‘yet’ at the end, Reimu grinned.
“I should have figured it out sooner, of course this is your doing. It’s got your style written all over it”.
The witch flashed a smile in return.
“Well then, are you ready for part two?”

As if on cue, Reimu could feel another presence approach from the other end of the hallway. As she turned around, her eyes fell on a stunning visage.
Flandre was standing in the middle of the hallway, a slightly embarrassed yet eager look on her face.
She was wearing a short sleeved red top that barely reached below her breasts, exposing her belly. Her legs were covered in black thigh-high socks that left just a little bit of skin visible between themselves and the short black skirt she was wearing.
She had black, lace-shaped, high heeled shoes on her feet and red ribbons tied into bows around her ankles, and her blonde hair was tied into twintails with two more red ribbons.
She held her arms behind her back as she squirmed a little, lightly tapping one of her feet against the floor.

Reimu was at a complete loss for words, all she was capable of doing was stare in awe. She could not believe how sexy and cute Flandre looked right now.
She opened her mouth and barely managed to squeeze out a few words.
“I, I never knew you could be so bold Flan”.
The vampire smiled shyly.
“Shall I take that to mean you like what you see?”
As Reimu nodded vigorously, Flandre started moving her hands towards her face and belly, revealing that she was wearing black velvet gloves that reached above her elbows. Her right hand started rubbing her stomach in circles around the navel, her left hand stroked her cheeks and throat in a sensual, erotic fashion. The face she was making completed the picture, in Reimu’s eyes she was now a sex goddess (even the movements of her wings seemed seductive).
The vampire let out quiet moans as she spoke.
“Ah, I’ve been longing for you Reimu. I’ve felt lonely, and I’m sure you did as well when you were sleeping. Come, take me into your arms so we can both cure each others loneliness, and let me heal your heart with my own”.
After she spoke, she moved her right hand down and lifted the edge of her skirt up a little, revealing a glimpse of her red and white striped panties. This gesture finally pushed Reimu over the edge.
Unable to stop herself any longer, she quickly covered the distance between them in a few long strides, got down on one knee and pulled Flandre into a tight hug, kissing her greedily.
The vampire responded by folding her arms around Reimu’s head and parting her lips, letting the shrine maiden’s tongue invade her mouth while sucking strongly on it.
Reimu wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that, nor did she care. All that mattered to her at the moment was the feelings of intimacy between her and Flandre.

When their lips finally parted they struggled to catch their breath, but with very satisfied smiles on their faces.
Reimu finally noticed that someone else other then Marisa was watching her.
“Well well, you sure do bring out a special side of my sister don’t you Reimu?”
She turned her head and saw a smirking Marisa, a happy Remilia and a blushing Sakuya observing them.
She grinned at them.
“What can I say? I seem to be popular”.
Everyone laughed, then Remilia gestured towards the bedroom.
“Well then, shall we?”

Reimu was sitting on the bed with Flandre in her lap. The vampire had both her arms and legs wrapped around her and their tongues were engaged in a wrestling match.
Reimu used one of her hands to caress the base of her partner’s wings, drawing cute muffled squeals from her.
On the couch that stood along the wall, Sakuya was sandwiched between Remilia and Marisa (all three of them were naked). The vampire was licking her maid’s breasts, navel and neck while Marisa licked her back and shoulders. Both of them used their hands to caress her everywhere they could reach.
Sakuya covered her mouth with one hand, making a lot of very cute noises, while her eyes observed Reimu and the young mistress going at it.
Flandre had already taken a bottle of Marisa’s potion into her mouth and fed it to Reimu during their kissing, and there was now a rather large bulge visible at the shrine maiden’s crotch.

Flandre pulled back from the kiss and caressed Reimu’s cheek. The soft velvet glove made it feel even more arousing then normal.
“Let me see your hard dick Reimu, let me service you”.
She slid down onto the floor and lifted the shrine maiden’s skirt. She was greeted by a rock hard penis pointing straight at her face.
“How wonderful, I’d almost forgotten how magnificent you get at times like these”.
She moved her head closer and stroked her cheeks against the hard member, making Reimu’s breath more labored. She then grabbed it’s base with her gloved hand and put the tip in her mouth.
She made her tongue run circles around the head while doing her best to salivate as much as she could, then lowered her head until the tip of the penis poked against her throat.
Reimu moaned and moved her hands to Flandre’s head, letting her fingers play with the blonde twintails.
She threw a glance at Sakuya and saw the maid moan and squirm as Remilia was now licking and fingering her pussy, while Marisa held her from behind and stuck a finger into the maid’s mouth while licking her ear.

As they both got aroused by the treatment they were given and the spectacle they were watching, their eyes met.
There was a short moment of understanding and happiness being communicated between them, before their respective partners stole their attention back.
Flandre pulled her head back and smiled.
“I love it when you play with my hair like that, it makes me all giddy”.
“I’m glad you like it, you are just so cute I can’t stop myself”.
The vampire grinned.
“I like how that sounds. Why don’t you show me what being unable to hold back truly means”.
As she spoke, she gently pushed Reimu down on her back and mounted her. She lifted her skirt, pulled her soaking wet panties to the side and grabbed the dick.
Placing the tip against her entrance, she slowly lowered herself. Reimu could feel the soft, tight warmth wrap itself around her as Flandre went lower and lower.

When the tip of the penis reached the entrance to her womb, she grabbed Reimu’s hands and put them on her hips.
“Push it all the way in so that it reaches the back of my womb”.
Reimu did as she was told and her partner shuddered as her most precious place welcomed the invader.
The vampire smiled and moved Reimu’s hand to her belly.
“Can you feel your hard rod inside me? Filling me all the way up?”
The shrine maiden rose to a sitting position again so that their faces came really close.
“I can feel it, I can also feel you coiling lewdly around me you little minx”.
Flandre let out a small laugh and wrapped her legs around Reimu’s back.
“Then put it to good use. Pound this naughty little minx hard and fill me up. Let me feel you dominating me and mark my most precious spot with your smell”.
Embracing each other, they both started to move at a matching pace while kissing greedily.

Sakuya could feel something build up inside her. The sight of the young mistress having sex while dressed the way she was caused her to feel her mistress’ and Marisa’s touch a lot more then usual. She let her eyes wander over the spectacle in front of her.
Flandre’s sock covered legs twitched a little every time Reimu thrust into her. The ribbons around her ankles and her high heel shoes drew Sakuya’s gaze whenever they vibrated. She saw their tongues wrap around each other and was gripped by an urge to feel a kiss herself.
“Ah, mistress, please kiss me, I beg you”.
Remilia smiled and drew a line with her tongue across her maid’s stomach, chest and neck on her way up before sealing her mouth with a deep kiss.
As Sakuya eagerly answered it, Marisa’s fingers found their way into her pussy and continued where Remilia’s tongue had left of.
Feeling the witch lick the back of her neck, it didn’t take long for Sakuya to go over the edge. She moaned loudly as her body convulsed from her orgasm. In the corner of her eye she could see Reimu and Flandre pick up their pace when they heard her.
The next thing she knew, Marisa was naked and laying on her back beneath her. Remilia (who was also naked) pushed Sakuya’s face down towards Marisa’s crotch so that they ended up in a 69 position.
Sakuya could feel the witch’s tongue entering her pussy and move around. She eagerly started licking her in return, only to feel her mistress stick her tongue into her butthole.
The overwhelming pleasure of having both her holes licked made her eager again, and she increased her own licking pace while wetting her index finger so she could stick it in Marisa’s butt.
She could feel the witch tremble a little when she inserted her finger before they all continued.
Glancing at the duo on the bed, she just managed to catch them in the moment of climax.
Flandre’s head was leaning back and she was screaming as Reimu pumped her belly full of cum.

Reimu leaned her head forward and licked the vampire’s neck while she was spurting. She could feel her partner’s whole body tremble and tighten it’s grip on her. The soft fabric of her gloves and socks made it a very pleasurable experience.
After the convulsions subsided they stayed connected while hugging. Reimu could feel her cum flow around her shaft inside Flandre’s pussy.
After a few minutes the vampire spoke.
“You know, there was a time when I would never have believed you if you had told me loss of muscle control could feel this good”.
Reimu smiled in response.
“Are you saying I make you feel all weak?”
Flandre leaned closer and licked her partner’s neck.
“Yes, and I want you to do it some more”.
She then lowered her voice and whispered into Reimu’s ear.
“Show our audience just how lewd you make me, and how hard you can dominate me”.
Reimu put Flandre down onto her back on the bed, then grabbed her legs and lifted them until her heels pointed straight up into the air.
Her dick still inside, she wrapped one arm around the vampire’s legs and pressed them together, then started to caress her partner’s clit with the thumb on her other hand.
Flandre quickly started to moan again and ran her hands over her breasts, neck and face, caressing all her own weak points with her fingers covered in soft cloth.
With her wings (and twintails) spread out on either side of her, their multi-colored crystals shimmering slightly, Reimu thought she looked even more like a sex goddess now then before.
She moved her head slightly and started to stroke her cheek against the bows tied around the vampire’s ankles.

“Ah, ah, ah, Reimu, please, fuck me! I want you to fuck me so bad right now!”
The shrine maiden complied and began to move her hips. Fucking this soft, tight pussy while it was filled to the brim with her own cum felt so good that she quickly lost control of herself and began to thrust at full force.
She was vaguely aware of her own moans while she was watching Flandre’s cute reactions. She moaned and gasped while tossing her head around, making her twintails flail all over. Her hands moved faster over her body and small tears formed at the corners of her eyes.
“Yes! Fuck me hard! Oh don’t stop, keep going!”
Eventually, Flandre extended both her arms towards Reimu’s face and pleaded in a small voice.
“Hold me, please”.
Feeling her heart jump a little, Reimu parted the vampire’s legs (they quickly wrapped themselves around her waist when she did) and bent down, embraced Flandre and pressed their chests together. She continued to fuck her at a furious pace.
Flandre was not even trying to restrain herself any longer, screaming as loudly as her lounges allowed her while doing her best to squeeze down on her partner’s dick.
Reimu could hear herself moaning and gasping as her orgasm hit, spurting a large amount of semen while not slowing down her thrusts for a second. She was not sure how long she kept going but it felt like a small eternity. When she finally stopped moving she collapsed on top of Flandre, feeling immensely satisfied.
She gasped for breath but managed to spurt out a few words.
“Ha, ha, s-sorry Flan, I just c-cant seem to move yet”.
The vampire, who was also gasping for breath, gently touched her cheek.
“Ha, ha, i-it’s ok, you don’t, feel heavy, to me. I actually, like the feeling, of your weight, on me”
They both giggled at each other, then shared a gentle kiss.

Once she was able to move again, Reimu sat up on the side of the bed with her arm around Flandre (who was sitting beside her and hugging her while making a lovely face).
The shrine maiden scratched her cheek uneasily with her finger tip.
“Sorry Flan, I think I got a little carried away there”.
The vampire just smiled in response.
“No problem, I actually wanted to make you lose control the same way you make me. It feels good doesn’t it?”
Reimu blushed.
“I, can’t deny that”.
Truth be told, making Flandre lose control by fucking her had felt amazing, but to be made to lose it herself had felt even better. Just remembering it made her feel a little hotter again.
“Hihi, and look, bis sis had fun as well”.
After Sakuya had come again, while making Marisa come, both of them had gone to work on Remilia. Sakuya had licked her butthole, Marisa her pussy, and the vampire had been made to come really hard shortly after Reimu and Flandre.
All three of them were currently snuggling in the couch.
Reimu turned her gaze back towards Flandre.
“There’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now. Where exactly did you get those clothes?”
Flandre laughed.
“Hihi, these? I asked Alice to make them for me. She seemed to enjoy working on them, because I caught a glimpse of another design she had on her desk under some other papers”.
Her face changed into a somewhat smug look as she continued.
“It was probably a design for herself, I didn’t see it to well but lets just say that it appeared to be a blue dress with white lace, and several gold colored ribbons. I think she means to show it to you soon, you should look forward to it”.
Reimu swallowed a little before embracing Flandre again.
“Thank you for today. I didn’t even realize how much I needed this”.
The vampire giggled and returned the hug.
“Just like Marisa thought. You’re welcome”.

Chapter 29: Family practice

In the weeks that followed, Reimu started to recovering faster then before. She told Flandre (who spent several nights with her during this time) that she now understood where Rena’s ability came from, something that made the vampire blush unexpectedly deep and whisper a quiet ‘thank you’.

Once she was fully restored, everyone arranged a party for the re-formation of the family.
In Reimu’s eyes it was absolutely perfect. Everyone of her children had made contributions to the food (she had seen them practice in the kitchen under Sakuya’s guidance several times, silently giggling to herself when they made mistakes like putting salt instead of sugar in muffins), and the result was a colorful buffet that was a lot of fun eating.

Suika and Orin performed on stage while bathed in the sparkling light from Okuu’s sun being filtered through Rena’s wings, drawing loud cheers from the whole room as they displayed their trademark daredevil stunts while illuminated by rainbow colored light.
Their act was followed by a doll theater performed by Alice and Noriko. The girl had trained herself harder then ever before during the past months, and it showed. She was skilled enough to move all three of her dolls as if they were actually alive with their own separate personalities, the magic she could wield through them was quite impressive and she could even make them talk (all in different voices).

As Reimu was watching the show with Momoka sitting in her lap (purring happily as her head was patted), she thought about all her children and how hard they had been training themselves lately.
There was a clear difference in their attitude and approach to their training now compared to before Yukari abducted them, and their skills had increased considerably.
Reimu preferred to think of it as the silver lining to an otherwise horrible event. She still wondered at times why Yukari had chosen that particular time to do it, but it was hardly the first time the gap youkai had done something that didn’t make any sense, so there was no real point in lingering on it.
She turned her attention back towards the play, slowly scratching Momoka’s ears.

Marisa was watching Reimu out of the corner of her eye where she sat a few seats away from her. She had been worried for a while, but it finally seemed like her friend was back to her normal self.
The witch smirked to herself as her attention turned towards all the kids. Despite her initial reaction when Ran had told her about Yukari’s plan, there was no denying the fact that it had indeed helped them grow.
The effect it had on them and their resulting change was somewhat similar to the changes the adults had underwent when they became parents and aunts, something Marisa found oddly amusing.
She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. “At least now we don’t have to worry so much about them getting strong enough”, she thought to herself.

The evening proceeded with charades, drawing roaring laughter from everyone present (especially when Okuu tried to do the word ‘timestop’. Everyone kept getting it wrong until Sachi helped her mother out).
Other highlights included Kazehana and Momoka doing the word ‘snuggle’, Patchouli doing the word ‘ecstatic’, and Aya doing the word ‘subtle’.
It got pretty late before anyone even realized it, and the sleepy but happy kids were all tucked into their beds by their parents.
Once everyone had gone to bed, Reimu went to the front door and sat down on the porch, looking at the artificial night sky that surrounded her. She was happy of course, but she also felt something else that was hard to define.
She heard soft footsteps behind her and smiled. “I figured you would find me”.
Marisa let out a short laugh. “It wasn’t even hard”.
The witch sat down next to Reimu and the two friends embraced each other while looking at the stars.
“Hmm, ya seem awfully peaceful right now, did perhaps something good happen today?”
Reimu smiled. “Marisa, I just love you, do you know that?”
“I know. Because I love you too”.
As they continued to sit there, basking in each others warmth, Reimu thought to herself that the word ‘peaceful’ was what she had been looking for before. This was the first time in forever that she truly felt peaceful, and she intended to enjoy the moment to it’s fullest.

-Seven years later-

This was the day, the day that the Hakurei shrine would re-join the rest of Gensokyo. Everyone was gathered on the front lawn while Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya prepared to disperse the time bubble that surrounded them.

All the kids were nervous, their parents had told them about Gensokyo and the reason why they had secluded themselves in the time bubble for seventeen years, but this was the first time they would actually get to see it with their own eyes. They all fidgeted as they stood with their mothers, waiting.
Noriko felt Sachi’s hand touch her own and grabbed it. She turned her gaze towards her sister, who smiled in response. “Don’t worry big sis, this is what we have trained for. We will manage”.
Smiling back, feeling her resolve return, Noriko straightened her back and exclaimed “Alright everyone, this is what we have been training for. It’s going to be hard, but we can do it. Together we can do anything!”

Reimu glanced at them and smiled to herself. These were all her precious children, who she had spent seventeen wonderful years with. Together with everyone else, she had raised them, protected them and taught them, and now it was her turn to rely on them.

She let her eyes wonder over the motley group, compering her children to their mothers.
Noriko, Momoka, Kazehana and Izumi were all quite similar to their mothers in terms of size and physique, while Sachi, Akane and Rena differed from theirs to a greater degree.
Rena and Akane in particular, as they were both taller then Flandre and Remilia (although still shorter then their siblings).

She let her gaze rest on each of her children in turn, thinking about what she loved about them as she did.
Noriko, ever stoic, caring and fair. Serious about her role as the oldest sibling, always striving to improve herself.
Sachi, the smartest member of her family. Highly intelligent but not boastful, always helping her older sister and trying to find the best solution to problems.
Momoka, a hard, eager worker. Never quits once she has taken on a task, no matter how hard, and loves to snuggle.
Akane, a kind soul. Gifted with the ability to accurately sense other people’s emotions, doing her best to make them happy when she feels their sadness.
Kazehana, a very honest person. Always seeking the truth, always urging people to speak the truth.
Izumi, strong but gentle. Desires to use her strength to help others, has been an invaluable support to her younger sister.
Rena, the giver. Has always been grateful for everything she has been given, wants to give even more back.
Looking at them, Reimu felt a strong sense of pride in her chest. “These are my children, they are my pride and joy”.
Turning back to the task at hand, Marisa and Sakuya both glanced at her and smiled. They knew what she was thinking, because they were thinking something similar.

Taking down the field was not really that hard for them to do, but they made a big show out of it to make it more dramatic and memorable for their audience.
Sakuya began by striking a pose with one hand over her chest and the other extended into the air and spoke in a slightly overbearing voice. “Let the small piece of land that has been cut of from the world return to the normal flow of time!”
Then Marisa made a similar pose and continued. “Let us once again return to the wonderful land that is our home!”
Reimu extended both her arms towards the sky and finished. “Welcome, my children, to Gensokyo!”
Just as she spoke her final word, the barrier around them shattered like a crystal ball. As the glimmering pieces of it drifted through the air and vanished, the kids laid eyes on the surrounding land for the first time.

Their parents grabbed them and lifted them high into the air to let them see it all from a birds eye perspective.
As Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya joined them, they were met with awestruck faces and a complete silence, none of the kids finding any words to fit the situation.
Reimu smiled and waved to them. “Lets go for a little tour shall we?”
They spent the rest of the day flying all over Gensokyo, showing them everything that they all loved.
The youkai mountain, the human village, the bamboo forest, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the great lake, and much, much more.
Once they found their voices again the kids let out an endless stream of questions about absolutely everything, and the adults were all to happy to provide them with answers.
It became a day to remember, Reimu thought that only the births of her daughters could compare to it.

They didn’t get back to the shrine until long after the sun had set, everyone having had to much fun to want to quit, but sleepiness eventually demanded their attention to a degree that became impossible to ignore.
When they landed on the familiar lawn, Rena suddenly became a bit more eager. “Hey everyone, can we all sleep in the same room tonight? I want us all to be together”.
Raising an eyebrow slightly, Reimu thought it over. “Hmm well, we would probably need to move all the mattresses into the living room for that, or we wont have enough space. Are you all ok with that?”
Her gaze passed over every member of her family, no one protested. So they ended up making a sort of pillow and mattress fort in the middle of the large living room.
All the kids shared their beds with their mothers while Sakuya and Patchouli slept next to each other and Reimu shared her bed with Marisa.
The two friends embraced each other and laid there in silence, listening to everyone’s breath slowing until they fell asleep.
Reimu giggled a little. “To think that I once thought this scenario was an absurd fantasy that could never become real, it feels almost like I was a different person back then”.
Marisa moved closer and looked deep into her friends eyes. “In one way, you are the same person you where, and in another way, you are a completely new one. One might say that you have simply grown up”.
Reimu smiled back. “Are you saying you think I’m a mature woman now?”
“Good heavens no, I would never claim something as outrageous like that. I’m just saying that you have learned to love, in the true sense of the word”.
Reimu could not help but laugh quietly, and Marisa joined in. Once they had calmed down, she reached out and caressed the witch’s face. “And what about you? Have you learned anything new?”
Marisa grinned. “A thing or two. Would you care to discuss them with me once we sort this little incident out?”
Reimu leaned forward and kissed her friend gently. “Gladly, it should make for a very interesting discussion”.
They both embraced each other and slowly let themselves drift of to sleep, listening to the sleeping family around them.

Everyone spent the next few days doing two things. Familiarizing the kids with Gensokyo and it’s residents, and preparing for the barrier reinforcement ritual that would defend their borders.
Ran had provided instructions on how it should all be set up (and brought the still unconscious Yukari back to her home), and everyone had practiced their roles until they knew them like they knew the Hakurei shrine.
Now they were all just waiting for the outsiders to begin their attack. According to Ran, if their attempt to bring down the barrier failed, they would be considered con artists in the outside world as they had apparently invested a lot of resources into their project, resources that they had to borrow from several influential people.
Their reputation was on the line, and a failure would mean they would never get another chance (and most likely earn them a few powerful enemies).

One such afternoon, when they were all sitting in the garden of the scarlet devil mansion and enjoying the flowers with some tea, it finally happened.
Aya and Kazehana, who had agreed to act as messengers, came zooming through the sky at top speed and came to a screeching halt in the air right above the tea party, knocking a few cups over with the gust of wind they created.
Remilia’s annoyed glare quickly vanished once she heard what they had to say.
“It’s starting, they have activated their machines”.
Reimu quickly rose to her feet. “Alright, you all know what to do. This is what we have prepared for!”
The kids paired up with their mothers and readied themselves for take of. Reimu moved to the center of the group and gave them a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, we will all do this together. No one will fight alone”.
She gave Noriko a wink, and the girl responded with a small nod. She turned to her sisters. “Lets go! We are saving Gensokyo today!”
Loud cheers followed as they all took to the sky, each mother and child pair setting of in different directions.

They spread out in a circle, each one keeping the same distance to the one on their right and left respectively, until they reached the inner wall of the great barrier. Reimu moved to the center of
Gensokyo and began the ritual.
She was hovering in mid air, about halfway between the earth and the sky, and expanded her magic circle while Marisa and Sakuya provided assistance.
She knew all her children were doing the same thing at their locations near the barrier wall, assisted by their mothers.
When the circle was complete, Patchouli (who was on the ground below her) cast her spell to connect them all into one giant magic circle.
Reimu thought that it was a special and unique sensation. She was directly connected to all her children, and they to her, via the ritual. Their minds could share thoughts, although not in the form of words, but rather images.
It was like she was seeing moving pictures of their thoughts and memories through a thick glass window.

Reimu spared a few moments to marvel at this amazing experience before calling herself back to the here and now.
Steadying herself, she began to look for signs of the barrier crackling. She didn’t have to wait long.
The area between Izumi’s and Kazehana’s locations was the first to start falling apart, it seemed like the outsider’s machines were quite well made for the effect to show this fast.
She directed her thoughts to the two girls. “Alright you two, time to start”.
She ‘saw’ them respond and get ready, then began channeling her spell through them.

The way the ritual worked was that it allowed the kids to act as projection nodes for Reimu’s power, as well as supplement it with their own. Since Reimu had three helpers that were focused on feeding her more mana, and the kid’s mothers were doing the same for them, they could do it in a very efficient manner.
The fact that they only needed to repair the barrier, rather then create a new one, was also something that made it easier to manage (creating the thing had been one hell of a job).

As soon as the crack was repaired, a new one formed over at Sachi’s position. It was dealt with in short order just like the first, then another one where Noriko was, then one between Izumi and Rena, and it kept going as such.
Reimu was glad that they could detect the cracks as soon as they began to form thanks to the ritual, if they repaired them fast enough they could take a breather before the next one showed up.
During these moments she took the time to observe her children’s thoughts.
All of them were a bit anxious at first, but the longer they kept at it the more confident they got.
Noriko in particular seemed worried, and Reimu soon realized why. The girl was scared that the same thing would happen to her mother again as the last time she used multiple people’s powers.
Reimu smiled to herself and tried to project her thoughts to her daughter.
It’s alright, I am not alone this time. Working together with all of you feels a lot better then doing it alone”.
It was a little weird to communicate with images of thoughts, but it seemed like Noriko understood her message, because she soon saw a number of pleasant images coming from her direction. Reimu smiled again as what she saw somehow reminded her of the day Noriko was born, and the memory brought with it a torrent of warm, pleasant feelings.
She allowed herself to indulge for a few extra moments, then turned towards the newest crack that was forming near Momoka. “Here comes the next one, lets go”.

It continued throughout the whole day. The outsiders were probably desperate to produce some kind of results because Chen, who scouted the outside of the barrier together with Ran, reported that their machines were making all sorts of screeching noises and leaking dark smoke.
Marisa grinned, beads of sweat visible on her forehead. “Sounds like they are pushing their equipment to far at this point, it shouldn’t take much longer now”.
Patchouli, who was breathing hard, choose to respond only with a nod, unwilling to spare any breath to idle banter.
Reimu was tired as well, as was everyone, but it was not at the point of exhaustion. Hearing the news that they were winning, they all felt as if new energy surged through them, the ‘home stretch’ spurt was finally here.

They didn’t have to wait long. The last crack was sealed, and no new ones formed. Within minutes Chen showed up again and reported that most of the machines had exploded, and the few that didn’t looked like pieces of them had melted.
Reimu let out a long, deep sigh, then spread the news.
It’s over. We won!
The cheers and happy emotions that flooded her from all directions were so pleasant she didn’t want to cut the connection, but she did eventually as she knew she would be seeing them in person soon anyway.
She ended the ritual and dropped down to the ground, surrounded by her friends.
All of them were panting, feeling as if they had been running a marathon, but it was a good sort of tired feeling, the kind that made you feel like you truly achieved something.

It took a little while for everyone to meet up, since they were all moving rather slowly, but when they finally did they all collapsed in a big group hug, laughing and cheering together.
Ran and Chen, who was hovering in the sky, observed the scene below.
“Are you sure this is alright lady Yukari?” the shikigami asked.
The youkai’s head emerged from a gap in the air next to Ran’s head. “Yes, I’m sure. Reimu would never find this sort of happiness together with me anyway, but she will together with those kids”.
Ran smiled a little. “I knew you liked her a lot, but I didn’t expect you to use a plan to deal with an outside threat as a reason for her to start a family. What would have happened if they didn’t succeed in protecting the barrier?”
Yukari grinned. “Then I would just break their machines myself before it came to that. That would not have been an ideal solution however”.
She closed her eyes as she spoke her next words. “Besides, that girl is stubborn. It was necessary to give her a little push to make her admit she actually wanted children of her own”.
As Chen was giggling, Ran mused to herself. “You are actually surprisingly selfless and good-hearted my lady”
Yukari frowned ever so slightly. “Just make sure you never mention that side of me to anyone”.
Ran laughed. “Don’t worry, I wont”.
The Youkai stretched her arms above her head and yawned. “Well then, I’m beat. I’m heading home to get some rest”.
As she disappeared back into her gap, Ran threw one last glance at the big, happy family below her, then turned around. “Come on Chen, time to head home”.
As she drifted away in the evening sky, she wondered what was going to happen next and how Gensokyo would change with it’s seven new inhabitants.
She giggled at the thought. “If I know that shrine maiden, things will get interesting around here”.

Author’s words

First of all, if you read this far, thank you. This is an old work of mine that holds a bit of a special place in my memory, because writing it is what made me realize the true scope of what I can do.
I am fully aware that it’s a flawed work, but it’s still special to me.
I decided to re-visit it here because I am currently in the process of getting my writing mojo back after a long series of mood dampening IRL events. I am working on several story ideas at the moment and you will start seeing them soon.

I have posted this story pretty much as I originally wrote it, just fixed up a few glaring issues that I somehow missed the first time around (including italicizeing sentences that really should have been written in that font from the start).
If you want, share your thoughts. I would welcome any form of criticism since it will help me improve.

Sincerely, Astrumratio

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