Family (chapters 8-9)

Chapter 8: The white life-capsule

About a month later everyone had more or less settled into their new lives in the time bubble.
The first food delivery/trash collection had gone by without a hitch. Ran and Chen had arrived through the door in the barrier (that resembled an airlock in it’s design) and brought the next months supplies with them, spent half a day at the shrine just checking up on everything and then collected the trash and left again.

Most of the shrine’s inhabitants were now sitting in the living room area and relaxing.
Reimu sat in one of the sofas with her left arm around Alice, who’s head was resting on the shrine maidens shoulder.
The two of them had made love the night before, Reimu holding Alice up against a wall as she was fingering her.
Reimu always loved the face the blonde girl made when she was cumming, she usually closed her eyes tight, blushed and tried (and failed) to suppress her ever so cute muffled moans.
Alice also loved to cuddle the day after so Reimu’s hand was at the moment slowly moving up and down the puppeteer’s arm as she held her.
Orin laid next to them on the sofa, curled up with her head resting in Reimu’s lap.
The shrine maiden’s right hand patted the cat’s head and scratched behind the ears, earning a satisfied purring.

Marisa sat in a stuffed armchair, tinkering with her mini-hakkero. Patchouli was sitting on the floor, her back resting against Marisa’s legs as she was reading a book.
Marisa looked up and said “I just realized, on our end we meet those on the outside once a month, but to them only a few seconds pass after they leave the barrier before they go back in again. It will probably feel weird to them in the long run, especially watching kids grow”.
“Hmm, I suppose you’re right” Patchouli replied.
“I know right? Well, they can at least spend some time with us in here whenever they do show up, but I can’t help but wonder how it would feel”.

In the armchair next to the sofa was Sakuya with Remilia sitting in her lap. The vampire had just finished sucking a little blood from the maid and they were now relaxing, Sakuya’s arms holding her master in a light embrace.
Sakuya looked up at Marisa’s words with an inquisitive look on her face.
“What’s your opinion milady? You have observed me doing work within a timestop on many occasions”.
“Hmm, I’m not so sure actually. I have never observed a full months worth of change so it’s hard to say what it would look like exactly”.
“I guess you have a point, even I am not so sure”.

Aya, who was sitting at a table writing in her journal, suddenly got eager.
“Oh, this is a good angle! I must remember to interview them whenever they come in here and record their feelings on the matter. This could make for a good scoop!”
Reimu resisted the urge to roll her eyes, Aya actually had an idea for a genuinely interesting article for a change, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.
Even Patchouli looked up from her book and said “You know, that might actually be some interesting reading. Assuming of course that you don’t exaggerate it for ‘news value’.
“Aw come on, I would never do that” Aya said happily.
Everyone in the room laughed at this.
They had all felt like they where becoming more and more like a family this past month, something that felt surprisingly nice at moments like these.

Suddenly the door opened and Okuu came into the room bearing a painful expression and her arms wrapped tight around her stomach.
Orin looked worried, jumped up and ran to her friend. Aya, who was sitting close to the door, also got up and went to check on the raven.
“What is it?” Reimu asked, a concerned look spreading on her face.
“She says that her tummy hurts” Orin answered.
By now everyone in the room was on their feet and moving to check on Okuu when suddenly Aya said “It’s labor pains, she is about to lay an egg”.
There was a short silence before everyone unanimously realized that she was a bird and they should have expected this.
Feeling rather stupid Reimu immediately took charge. “Ok, help her to her room, bring blankets and water and get the first aid kit just in case!”
She didn’t care if it was excessive or not, she wasn’t going to take and chances with a birth.

As Aya and Orin helped Okuu walk towards her room Reimu whispered to the tengu “I’ve read up on procedures with births but I stupidly forgot to check up on birds, do you know anything about it Aya?”
“Yes I do, Tengus also lay eggs. It’s pretty much like a human birth in how it progresses, it just happens after one month and then the egg usually hatches after eight more months”.
“Alright, then I think we can handle it, thanks for the help”.
“No problem”.
Once they got Okuu into bed Reimu asked that only Orin, Sakuya and Marisa remained in the room with her. She looked at Aya but the tengu just shook her head and said “I don’t know any specifics, I would just get in the way”.
When they had all left Reimu turned her attention to the raven (Orin was sitting next to the bed holding her hand).
She looked Okuu in the eye, grabbed her other hand and said “Don’t worry, you can do this. We are here for you”.
Okuu slowly nodded and looked a little less worried.

Alice, Aya, Patchouli and Remilia waited outside the room. Suika (Who had been sitting at the main entrance to the shrine) had noticed the commotion and came to see what was happening.
“Hey guys, what’s going on?” she asked.
“Okuu is laying an egg” Alice answered. “The others are in there with her now”.
Suika became silent for a moment before she exclaimed “Oh, of course”.
Everyone smirked a little as they all saw a reflection of their own reaction to these news a few minutes ago, everyone had forgotten that birds lay eggs. Everyone except…
“Say Aya, do you think you will be laying an egg anytime soon?” Patchouli asked.
“Yep, probably. That’s why I realized what Okuu’s stomach pains where, I’ve been waiting for them myself”.
Alice looked up and said “I can’t believe we all forgot such an elementary fact. I’m sorry, we should have been more considerate towards you and Okuu”.
“It’s fine, really” Aya replied. “We birds don’t exactly get a large bulging stomach during our pregnancy because of the eggs oval shape and how it’s angled in our womb”.
She pointed to her own belly. It was a little larger then normal but if you didn’t look for it you could miss it.
Alice, Remilia and Suika all put their hands to their stomachs when they saw this.
They all grew small red flowers on their cheeks as they fell silent, waiting.

Reimu wiped sweat from her forehead with her sleeve, only now when it was over noticing how tense she had been.
Okuu was laying on the bed holding her egg in her arms, the expression on her face a mix of amazement and happiness.
Orin’s eyes were wide and shined with curiosity as she quickly moved her head around to look at the egg from all angles (It was a little smaller then a human newborn, but not much). Marisa was the first to speak.
“Well, looks like everything worked out just fine”.
“Indeed, miss Utsuho performed marvelously” Sakuya replied.
Reimu sat down on the bed and asked “How are you feeling?”
“Good, really good actually” Okuu said as she slowly caressed her egg with her fingers.
Reimu exhaled, finally feeling the tension let up.

Okuu looked up and said “Can I have a blanket please?”
Sakuya picked up a clean blanket and gave it to her. The raven tied it into a circle around her torso, from her right shoulder, down across her chest, then around her side and up across her back up to her shoulder again. She then placed her egg in the now hammock shaped part so that it was resting securely against her chest.
As she looked pleased with herself and gently stroked her egg everyone in the room could not help but smile. Reimu put her hand on the ravens head and patted it.
“You did really well” she said with a smile.
“So, do we count this as a birthday?” Marisa asked.
Okuu looked up and happily chirped “No, birds don’t have birthdays, they have hatching days”.
“I guess that’s a no then” Marisa replied as they all laughed a little.
Reimu hugged Okuu and said “I’m proud of you. Just make sure you don’t get any nuclear fire anywhere near that egg”.
“Of course, I would never try to warm my child with anything but my own body” Okuu answered.
Reimu smiled and thought to herself that Satori might have been right about parental responsibility making them become more mature.
She put her hand on top of Okuu’s hand that was caressing the egg and said “I can’t wait to see what she will look like”.
The raven smiled as she put her other arm around Reimu and rubbed her cheek against the shrine maiden’s chest.
Orin laid herself down on the bed next to her friend and put her arms around Okuu’s waist.

Everyone outside the room turned their heads expectantly as Marisa opened the door.
“Everything went well. She is fine now, just a little tired” she explained.
“That’s a relief” Remilia said. “Do you guys need any more help?”
“Nah, I think we’re fine. The best thing we can do is give them some space”.
Sakuya exited the room as well and closed the door.
“I agree with miss Marisa, we should retire for the day and let them be for now”.
They all agreed and the group split up, everyone heading of in different directions.

Marisa accompanied Alice to her room. When they got there the witch sat down on the bed with her back against the wall at the head end and Alice laid down on her back with her head in her friends lap.
Marisa slowly ran her fingers through Alice’s hair as she asked “Did this little happening get you thinking about something?”
Alice hesitated for a moment, then nodded as she put a hand on her belly.
“I confirmed about a week ago that I was pregnant. Remilia told me”.
“Ah, if I remember correctly Reimu said something about asking Remilia to check up on all of you regularly, something about her being able to tell by the smell of your blood”.
“Yes, Sakuya took a small blood sample from me and let the vampire smell it, and she said that she could tell from my hormones as well as the faint scent of a new person’s blood”.
“That would be your daughters then. Ah! I’m so exited” Marisa exclaimed in an upbeat voice.

Alice blushed a little as she recalled last night. She had waited almost a week before telling Reimu the news, and when she finally did the shrine maiden had looked happier then Alice had ever seen her before.
Alice had become very happy herself from Reimu’s reaction and the two of them had ended up making love.
Her hand slowly circled her navel as a warm, fuzzy feeling grew in her chest.
“Yea, I’m exited too”.
She looked up at Marisa and said “I just realized that I will finally get a chance to make dolls for someone other then myself. I wonder what kind of designs she will like”.
Marisa grinned and touched Alice’s cheek.
“I’m sure all the kids will love your designs, you are rather skilled you know”.
Alice grinned in return and they both shared a soft laugh.

As Remilia, Sakuya and Patchouli walked back to their rooms, the magician asked “So Remi, how many are pregnant now?”
“Well, other then Okuu and Aya, both Alice and Orin are pregnant, though there is no way to tell who will give birth first”.
She then touched her own stomach and said “Also, I believe I’m pregnant as well. My thirst for blood has increased slightly, but not by a lot. I’m guessing it’s because my child is only half-vampire”.
Sakuya closed her eyes as the corners of her mouth moved slightly up, she looked like she was remembering something.
Patchouli noticed and asked “Hmm, what are you thinking about Sakuya?”
The maid opened her eyes and said “Oh it’s nothing special, it’s just that in the outside world there was a name for half-vampires, one that I haven’t heard in a long time”.
“What word was it?”
Patchouli looked like she was thinking about something, then she said “Well, it’s not a bad sounding name, but I guess the best thing to do would be to let Remi’s daughter decide what she wants to call herself”.
Remilia nodded. “You’re right, and the same could be said about all our future kids”.
The magician nodded and said “Agreed, I’ll make a note of it”.

Patchouli was the designated teacher for the kids. She had brought a lot of books and other supplies for that purpose and asked Keine for advice and learning plans.
Whenever she heard someone say something that sounded like advice that kids should hear she wrote it down in a notebook.
Sakuya suddenly flashed a big smile and said “Oh, I can’t wait to see what your daughter will look like milady. Offering my services to her will be my utmost pleasure”.
It’s not often I see her get exited over something like this” Remilia thought.
She then looked down towards her stomach and thought “I guess we will all change from this experience, not just those who bear children”.
She felt her heart get lighter at the thought of her daughter.
“Yea, I want to see what she looks like too” she said as she turned to her friends.
As Sakuya suddenly pulled her into a hug she thought “And maybe those changes will prove to be very positive for all of us”.

Chapter 9: The confession

Reimu was sitting in the three with the almost chair-shaped branch with Suika in her lap.
The oni took sips of sake from her bottle and poured it into Reimu’s mouth via kisses.
It had been about one week since Okuu laid her egg (and two days since Aya laid hers) and Suika was the only mother candidate who had not confirmed a pregnancy yet, but she said that she had a good feeling after yesterdays love making and she didn’t want to drink in case she was pregnant.

Because of this, Reimu had come up with the idea of being Suika’s substitute.
As she licked the inside of the oni’s mouth clean and withdrew from the kiss, she looked at her friend and said “Well? Is this working for you my sweet little oni?” in an endearing voice.
Suika laughed and said “Better then you think. I get to feel the taste and see it get swallowed like this, it feels different from drinking it myself, but I like it”.
She paused and slowly rubbed her stomach with her hand.
“I could have gone without it for the duration of a pregnancy you know, even if it would have been a bit hard. Thanks for going the extra mile for me Reimu”.
The shrine maiden patted her friend’s head and said “It is my duty to take care of the mothers of my children. Besides, I love you and I want to make you happy in any way I can”.
A very small blush was briefly visible on Suika’s cheeks before she showed a warm smile and embraced Reimu.
The two of them sat there for some time, just enjoying each others warmth.

Sakuya exited the shed that contained the bathroom. There was also a laundry room in there and she had just picked up some sheets to hang out to dry.
She hummed to herself as she walked over to the clotheslines when she saw Orin and Okuu sitting next to them, the cat holding her ear against the egg Okuu always carried tied to her chest, seemingly listening with great concentration.
Sakuya could not help but let a small laugh escape her. As the two pets noticed her and looked up she said “I don’t think you will be able to hear anything just yet, give it a few months first”.
Orin looked eager as she said “But Okuu says she can feel her child inside the egg, I wanna try to feel it too!”
“In that case, may I offer a suggestion? Milady confirmed that you are pregnant as well, maybe miss Okuu can listen to your stomach while you listen to her egg? That way you both might be able to feel each others children”.
They both stared at the maid as their faces lit up. “Yay, that’s a great idea!” Orin exclaimed.
“I agree!” Okuu followed. Sakuya smiled to herself as she got started with the sheets, their eagerness was heartwarming to witness.

When she was done she headed towards the greenhouse to pick up some tea herbs. As she got closer she saw that someone else was in it, crouched down with her back turned.
When she opened the greenhouse door I became immediately apparent who it was.
“I thought that was your pointy black hat Marisa”.
The witch turned around, a few mushrooms in her hands.
“Oh, hey Sakuya. I was just harvesting some ripe shrooms”.
“Are those not the ones you use for your special concoction?”
“They are indeed”
“Beg pardon, but won’t that be unnecessary soon? Miss Suika is the only mother candidate who is not yet pregnant, but I doubt she will remain that way for long”.
Marisa laughed, the sound ringing between the glass walls.
“I think I can come up with a new way to use them, I re-purpose stuff all the time” she said while flashing her huge grin.
She then walked up to Sakuya, extended her free hand and traced her fingers along the maid’s arm with a slow and gentle movement.
“I assume Reimu has already told you this, but both me and her would like to spend some quality time with you once in a while. You are just as important to us as everyone else here”.
Sakuya’s face lit up a bit as she made a small bow.
“Thank you for your kind words. I will make sure to take some free time soon then”.
Marisa nodded, then put her hand on Sakuya’s cheek and kissed her.
“Now then, these mushrooms need to be used right after harvest for the best result, I’d better be on my way”.
As she left the greenhouse, Sakuya stood there for a minute pondering.
A certain thought had been slowly growing in her mind over the past month, and the fact that she no longer dismissed it surprised her.
After all, she was for probably the first time ever seriously considering telling her secret to someone in Gensokyo, something she had not even told Remilia.
She mulled it over in her head as she picked the herbs she wanted, then left the greenhouse and headed towards the kitchen.

Later that evening, after dinner, everyone headed of to their rooms or the living room area.
As Reimu entered her own room she noticed something, and it didn’t take long for her to figure out what it was.
She closed the door behind her and said “I know you’re here, you might as well come out”.
The door to a cupboard opened and a thin, black wing with crystals of different colors hanging along it’s length emerged. It was swiftly followed by a head with blonde hair.
“How did you know?” Remilia’s younger sister asked.
“Your aura is rather powerful, I don’t think it is possible for me to not notice it when you are this close”.
Flandre giggled as she jumped out of the closet she had been hiding in, extended her arms and spun around on the spot like a dancer.
“You are still amazing Reimu, just like you where the first time you played with me!”
Thinking that she would rather avoid a play-session in her own room, Reimu quickly asked “You aren’t mad about something are you? I thought you looked quite happy when I last visited you”.
Flandre stopped spinning rather abruptly and dropped her smile.
Feeling like she had somehow stepped on an invisible landmine Reimu decided to to not say anything more until Flan told her why she was there.
The vampire slowly closed the distance before she suddenly said “Not here, can we talk in a place where we can’t be overheard?”
Slightly surprised Reimu said “Lets go to the bedroom then, it’s the closest of the two soundproof rooms”.
Flandre nodded and followed closely behind the shrine maiden as they left the room and headed for the bedroom.

The short walk was rather tense. Flandre kept looking around as if she didn’t want to be seen and Reimu’s head was full of various speculations on what was about to happen.
She hoped this wasn’t the scenario she and Remilia had been fearing for a while now, the house was not destruction proof after all.
As soon as they reached the door Flandre quickly opened it and slipped through.
Reimu entered after her and closed the door.
“Alright, what did you want to talk about?”
The vampire looked at her with a strange expression. It was difficult to determine if it was anger or sadness that showed on her face.
Readying herself for anything, Reimu carefully tried asking what was wrong.
Before she could finish her sentence though, Flandre threw a punch at her.

Reimu instinctively dodged to the side, but the distance between them was so short that Flandre’s fist grazed her arm.
Suppressing a gasp of pain, Reimu tried to gain some distance. She thought that getting grazed by that fist hurt more then any bullet that had grazed her before.
As she turned around in the air she saw that the vampire had already launched herself forward and was rapidly closing the distance.
Damn, she moves to fast” Reimu thought as she quickly conjured up a barrier between them. It was of little use though as Flandre tore through it like it was made of paper.
The crystals on her wings gave of a quick shine of light and she accelerated fast.
Reimu was not prepared for this and didn’t have enough time to twist herself out of the collision course.
The vampire’s head slammed into her chest and they both crash landed on the floor.
As Reimu tried to get back up, the first thing she noticed was the arms that were tightly wrapped around her chest. The second thing she noticed was the sobs.

As she looked down she saw that Flandre had buried her face in her chest and was crying loudly.
Slightly perplexed by this sudden turn of events, Reimu tried to make sense of the situation.
She had not expected Flandre to start a fight when she did, but this was an even bigger surprise.
She waited a little while, but since Flandre continued to cry without saying anything Reimu tried to say something.
“Um, why did you try to attack me Flan?”
The vampire looked up, tears in her eyes. “Because you’re a big dummy, you and big sis!”
Confused, the only thing Reimu could think to say was “Why? What did we do?”
“You know what you did!” Flandre shouted. “You tried to leave me out of this, and even after I got big sis to let me stay with you here you both still try to keep me out of it!”
Feeling like she didn’t want to risk pushing any more buttons, Reimu took a breath and said “I’m sorry Flan. Sorry I haven’t let you spend more time with the rest of us. I have been quite busy, but that’s no excuse”.
The vampire looked at her with her lips pressed together, then said “I don’t care so much about that. Like you said, you have been very busy. What I don’t like is the fact that you never considered my feelings about this, you never asked me if I wanted to volunteer or not”.

As the realization slowly dawned on Reimu she hesitantly asked “Wait, are you saying that the reason you insisted so strongly on coming here is…”
“Because I want to be with you, because I also want to have a child with you” Flandre finished the sentence.
Astonished, all Reimu could do was stare at the vampire as they laid there on the floor.
After a long silence she finally managed to say “Are you sure that’s what you really want? It’s not just because Remilia is doing it right?”
Flandre pouted a little but then seeming decided to elaborate further.
“Remember when you and I first met? You where the first person from outside the mansion that I had seen in a very long time.
Not only that but you were able to win against me in a fight, something that surprised me more then anything ever had”.
She paused for a second before continuing. “I became interested in you after that. I snuck out of the house several times to follow big sis when she went to visit you, then spied on you from a distance. That way Sis’s presence would disguise mine in case you could feel me.”

Reimu tried to remember if she had felt anything odd on the occasions Remilia had come to visit, and indeed there were a few times she had thought something was a little off.
She had always discarded the thought in the end though, the idea of Flandre hiding in the bushes spying on her had simply not been a plausible scenario.
The vampire smiled and said “It looks like you just remembered something. Anyway, my point is that the longer I observed you, the more I came to like you.
And when I saw you and Sis kiss, I realized that I also wanted to be with you”.
Reimu’s eyes widened a little in surprise.
“Are you sure it’s not just a crush you have on me? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike you or anything, I just want you to be sure about the way you feel before you make a decision you can’t take back”.
Flandre looked a little happier as she said “That right there is one of the reasons I like you Reimu, you honestly care about other people, even if you rarely admit it”.
Reimu looked away, feeling slightly embarrassed by the compliment.
“Actually, I have been spying on everyone in this house since the day we all moved in” Flandre continued.
“I have seen how happy everyone who spends time with you are, it’s more then enough proof that you are a good person”.
She moved her face closer to Reimu’s, then almost whispered in a suddenly frail voice “I want that too, I want what my big sis and all the others have together with you”.

Reimu looked into the vampire’s red, tear stained eyes, then slowly lifted her hand and wiped the tears with her finger.
“Let me apologize again Flan, properly this time. I am truly, honestly sorry that I haven’t payed more attention to you. If I had, I might have noticed your feelings sooner”.
She sat up, embraced Flandre and continued “I want you to be happy, if there is anything I can do for you don’t hesitate to tell me”.
After a few moments of silence Flandre quietly pleaded “Kiss me, please”.

Reimu pulled back a bit and looked at the vampire, who had closed her eyes and tried to shape her lips into an awkward ‘kiss shape’.
She smiled to herself and quietly said “Open your mouth a little”.
As Flandre complied Reimu moved in and covered the small mouth with her lips. She slowly wriggled her own tongue into the vampire’s mouth and began stroking it across the roof of her mouth and her tongue.
She put one hand behind Flandre’s head and gently pushed it towards herself. She could feel the arms wrapped around her tightening their grip slightly as she tasted the sweet saliva.

They stayed joined for a long time, Reimu could feel all of Flandre’s pent up emotions flowing through the kiss. It was easy to tell just how much the smaller girl craved this kind of intimacy.
When they finally separated their mouths they both drew deep breaths.
Reimu smiled and let her fingers play with Flandre’s blonde hair.
The vampire blushed a little (something that was very uncharacteristic for her) and hesitantly asked “W-was I any good at it? I wouldn’t know”.
“You were just fine. The important part is not the technique, it’s the intent behind the action”.

She patted the vampire’s head and then took of her top.
As Flandre stared at her breasts she said “Go on, try licking them”.
The smaller girl slowly extended her tongue and flicked it across Reimu’s nipple. The shrine maiden grabbed her head and gently pushed it towards her.
“Put your lips around it and try sucking on it. Be careful with your teeth”.
Flandre did as she was told and earned a small moan from her efforts. She continued to suck on the nipple and moved her tongue back and forth over it as she grabbed the other breast and clumsily tried to caress it.
“Don’t grab it quite so hard, slow and easy does it”.
The vampire adjusted the strength of her grip and soon she was massaging one breast while eagerly sucking on the other.

Moaning, Reimu’s hands stroked Flandre’s neck and back. She grabbed the smaller girls clothes and pulled them up over her head, revealing a modest chest.
Flandre covered her small breasts with her hands and blushed again but didn’t say anything.
Giggling slightly, Reimu grabbed her, lifted her up and put her down on the edge of the bed.
She then lowered her head and gently licked the small, pale breasts.
Flandre let out a gasp, quickly covering her mouth with her hand. Reimu wrapped both arms around her and started to lick her at a slightly faster pace, alternating between her breasts and her navel.
Flandre’s muffled moans got louder as Reimu continued her treatment, until her fingers parted and her cute voice rang out unhindered.
When this happened Reimu quickly grabbed her shoulders, pushed her down onto the mattress and kissed her deeply.

Feeling the vampire’s body shudder, Reimu pushed her tongue in deep and tried to suck out as much saliva as she could.
When she pulled back from the kiss she swallowed it and licked her lips. Flandre looked happy to see this.
Reimu sat down next to her and said “Now it’s your turn, try biting me on my neck here and sucking some blood like I just sucked your saliva”.
Flandre hesitated and said “But, I’ve never been able to properly suck blood from a human”.
“You’re going to do just fine, I’ll walk you through it”.
Still hesitant, Flandre extended her vampire teeth, put her hands on Reimu’s shoulders and slowly moved closer to the spot she had pointed to on her neck.
When she was nearly there the shrine maiden said “Good, now carefully sink those two teeth into my skin until you pierce it”.
The vampire did as she was told and soon she felt the taste of blood in her mouth as her long teeth easily pushed through the soft resistance.
It felt a bit strange to taste raw blood for the first time, she was used to eating Sakuya’s food that you could not even tell contained blood unless you tasted it.
“Well done, I could barely feel that. Now just carefully suck a mouthful and swallow it”.

Flandre imitated what Reimu did earlier, and when she swallowed the first gulp of blood she had ever sucked from a human she felt a new feeling surge through her.
“I, I’ve never been able to do it right before”.
As her eyes opened wide in surprise Reimu laughed and said “Do you feel better now?”
Flandre blinked and looked at her, then said “Now I understand what you meant about the intent being what’s important”.
Smiling, Reimu pulled out a bottle of Marisa’s special brew and drank it, then took of all her remaining clothes.
As she sat back down again next to Flandre on the bed she said “Then show me your intent, If you caress me down here I will get hard, and if you make me hard I will pierce you and shoot my semen into your womb. Last chance before you cross the point of no return”.

Very slowly, Flandre extended her trembling hand and lightly poked at Reimu’s entrance.
The shrine maiden moved her own hand down to the vampire’s crotch, lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties to the side.
“Here, just do to me what I’m doing to you”.
She then inserted her finger into Flandre’s honey pot (that was more then enough wet) and slowly twisted it around as she pulled it in and out.
The vampire moaned and gasped, then tried doing the same thing, albeit a bit clumsy.
“You can use three fingers if you want Flan, your hand is smaller then mine”.
Flandre put two more fingers in and looked up at Reimu’s face.
They embraced each other with their free arms and kissed as they both continued to finger the other one’s pussy.
Flandre soon felt something growing in size and tried to feel what it was. It felt long and hard, with a rounded tip.
Reimu pulled back from the kiss and said “Now I will put this into you, prepare yourself”.
She pushed Flandre down onto her back and lifted her legs up, thinking that the smaller girl looked incredibly cute and sexy wearing nothing but a skirt, socks and panties pulled to the side.
She pressed the head of her dick against her flower and earned another moan.
After grabbing Flandre’s legs she slowly pushed her penis in, both of them breathing heavily at this point.

Once she reached the entrance to the womb she paused and let them both catch their breath.
She then lifted the smaller girl up, turned around and sat down on the bed, then laid down on her back so that Flandre now straddled her.
“Ok, now move your hips up and down. Go at a pace you feel comfortable with at first and then just do what comes naturally”.
Flandre put her hands on Reimu’s chest, just under her breasts, and slowly started to move her hips. She gasped every time she lowered herself and felt the penis penetrate her, but kept going at a steady pace.
Reimu thought that she made a beautiful sight with her red skirt, bare chest, blonde hair and multicolored wings spread wide. The face she was making just completed the picture and made her super cute.

After a while Flandre arced her back and increased her pace. Her moans got louder and less restrained as she rode the dick.
Reimu held the vampire’s hip with one hand and gently massaged the area around her navel with the other, making Flandre’s voice increase in volume.
It wasn’t long before they pressed their chests together, embraced each other and began to both thrust like mad, Reimu’s dick reaching into Flandre’s womb now.
They both screamed in unison as Flandre’s tight pussy clamped down hard and Reimu felt her orgasm coming. She held the smaller girl tight and continued to fuck her as she started to fill her up with semen.
Once she had emptied it all straight into her womb they stayed that way for a while, just holding each other and listening to their breath slowly calming down.

Neither of them spoke, there was no need to.
Flandre just smiled as she let her fingers trace a circle around the bite mark on the shrine maiden’s neck.
Reimu smiled back and patted the vampire’s head.
They both wanted to stay in here until morning and neither one had anywhere else to be right now, so they pulled the covers over themselves and just laid there, relishing the feeling of intimacy and warmth.

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