Family (chapters 17-18)

Chapter 17: Dance preparations

The next morning when Sakuya was preparing to make breakfast, Izumi entered the room.
“Oh, you are certainly up early. Is something the matter?”
Izumi put her hands behind her back and looked a little apologetic.
“It’s Rena, she is not feeling well again today”.
“Ah, I understand. Please take me to her right away”.

Izumi continued to hang her head down as she led the way. Sakuya had a pretty good idea of why, the girl didn’t like bothering other people while they were in the middle of something (and especially breakfast making since it meant everyone would have to wait longer), but she always worried about Rena’s whenever her symptoms manifested.
As it were, both the dhampir children of the house had displayed the same symptoms Sakuya had experienced as a child, and she had given them her blood whenever it happened.
Akane had overcome it since about a year ago and was now perfectly healthy, but Rena (who’s symptoms had always been more severe) was still not out of the woods.
Since the illness was most likely the body’s inability to properly adapt to it’s mixed heritage until it had matured a bit, it was no surprise that Rena, who was easily the most unique among the children, had more trouble with it.

When they got to the living room there were four people there. Rena was laying down on the couch, her head in her mother’s lap. She was taking short, labored breaths and sweating. Flandre had her hand on her daughter’s head and was carefully wiping sweat of her face with a wet towel.
Remilia and Akane were also there, trying their best to cheer Rena up (they all looked a little worried though).
When she heard Izumi return, Flandre looked up at Sakuya. She put her hands together in front of her face, bowed and said “I’m sorry to always ask this of you, but please help her”.
The maid walked up to the couch and put her hand on Flandre’s shoulder.
“It is no trouble at all, I am just happy that I can provide help”.
The vampire grabbed Sakuya’s hand with both her hands and held it tight.
“Thank you, so very much”.
She didn’t say anything else, her voice was a bit shaky.

Sakuya sat down next to Flandre and looked into Rena’s mismatched eyes. The young girl’s face lit up when she saw her.
“Hi auntie Sakuya, are you here to help me?”
“That is correct. Please stay still and we will do it like usual”.
Rena made a pained smile and replied “Ok, thank you”.
Sakuya produced a knife and made a small cut in one of her fingers. She pressed on it a little until a red drop was hanging from the fingertip, almost like a small cherry. She then put her finger in Rena’s mouth and the young dhampir started to slowly suck on it.
It did not take all that long before the color in her face improved and her breath and pulse stabilized, faster then last time.
Sakuya thought that it finally looked like her condition was improving. She had seen the signs lately that Rena was starting to stabilize.
While this was more then enough reason to rejoice, there was always a small, lingering thought in the back of her mind: ‘Exactly how much has my mistress figured out?
Remilia had obviously noticed that there was something her maid didn’t tell them, but she had never pressed the issue.
Sakuya was not sure if she preferred the silence or not, it made her feel uneasy trying to constantly guess what her mistress was thinking.
She carefully glanced in Remilia’s direction and their gazes met. The vampire looked like the was pondering something, like she was trying to find the words to say something, but she remained silent until Sakuya looked away.

Once Rena had finished drinking the blood her eyelids started to slowly drop lower and lower.
This was normal for her, she often fell asleep for a short while whenever they did this little ritual.
Before her eyes closed completely, Flandre sat her up in her lap and held her firmly. Rena’s face relaxed as she felt her mother’s warmth enfold her. She leaned her head against Flandre’s chest, closed her eyes and started to snooze. Her wings folded down along her back, the crystals giving of a light tone as they clattered a little.
Flandre sat there in silence for a couple of minutes, watching her daughter as she slept.
When she looked up there were small tears in her eyes.
“I didn’t know I could feel this way. Me, who specializes in destroying things, feel like I want to protect this life at all costs, yet it always seems like she is a puff of smoke that will disappear even if I try to hold on to her”.
She looked at Rena’s face again. “I love her so much, it kills me that I don’t know what to do when she is ill”.
Remilia put her hand on her sister’s shoulder. “It’s alright to feel that way Flan, it is only natural. After all, I feel the same way about Akane”.
She turned towards her own daughter. “I also worried a lot when you were ill”.
Akane’s beautiful eyes (that really stood out against her otherwise white and black appearance) met her mother’s gaze. “I know mom. I could tell how much you were hurting on the inside when it happened”.
She walked up to Flandre, patted her hand and continued “It was the same way you are hurting now mommy”.

Sakuya decided to break her silence at that point. “I think your feelings are a beautiful thing. Because you know how easily something is destroyed, you also now understand how valuable a life is. I think Rena is lucky to have you as her mother”.
Flandre looked at Sakuya, surprise written all over her face. After a moment her expression softened as more tears started to flow down her cheeks and she held Rena closer.
“Thank you Sakuya. I’ve never thought of it like that before”.
She cried quietly for a little bit. Akane looked a little happier as she patted Flandre’s knee. “I am glad to see that you are feeling better mommy”.
Flandre let out a short but genuine laugh through her sobs. “You really are good at reading people’s emotions Akane”.
She reached out and patted the girl’s head. “Thank you for worrying about me, I feel a lot better now”.
Akane smiled her warm smile, then lifted her hand and patted her younger sister’s head. Rena stirred a bit, but remained sleeping.

After both Remilia and Flandre bowed and thanked Sakuya, she headed back towards the kitchen followed by Izumi.
The maid guessed that the little girl wanted to apologize for interrupting her work earlier, an assumption that turned out to be correct once they reached their destination.
There were a number of people in the kitchen, both children and adults, and as soon as they walked through the door Izumi bowed and loudly exclaimed “I’m sorry, it’s my fault that Sakuya got delayed, so please don’t be mad”.
Reimu caught her daughter’s gaze when she raised her head. “Was it something important that couldn’t wait?”
Izumi nodded. “Yes mama, Rena was feeling ill”.
Reimu folded her arms and smiled. “Then there is no reason for anyone of us to be mad. You did the right thing”.
Izumi looked a little happier as Reimu chuckled and continued “Of course, if you want to be a good girl you can help her out now, you might even be able to make up for lost time if the two of you work together”.
As Izumi ran ahead of Sakuya to the stove, Suika smirked and bumped against Reimu with her elbow. “Nice going there, miss mama”.
Reimu returned the smirk. “I wouldn’t be a very good head of the family if I couldn’t handle something like this now would I?”
The oni laughed. “It’s strange when you think about it, but somehow it feels like it’s a bigger challenge to be a good parent then it is to face a high-level danmaku. And this is coming from someone who has fought your danmaku Reimu”.
“You’re just flattering me, aren’t you?”
“Maybe I have a good reason to. Care to discuss the matter over a bottle of sake later? Privately”.
Reimu smiled. “I might have to take you up on that offer, miss mom”.
They both shared a loud laugh, drawing several gazes in the room.

After they were done eating their own breakfast Reimu, Sakuya and Izumi all grabbed a couple of trays and brought some food for those who had not joined them at the table.
When they reached the living room Rena was awake again and sleepily greeted them where she sat in Flandre’s lap.
Izumi put down her trays and quickly ran to her sister.
“Are you feeling better? Can you breathe ok now?”
Rena gave a weak smile.
“I feel fine now, thanks. Auntie Sakuya always fixes me when I feel bad”.
Izumi’s lower lip trembled a little, then she climbed up onto the sofa and put her arms around her sister. Rena returned the hug and kept saying that she was alright.
After observing this moving scene with a smile on her face, Flandre embraced them both.

Suika put her tray down on the table and looked at the three of them.
“I really do think that Rena and Izumi have a special kind of bond whenever I see them together. Maybe it’s because they got the same birthday or something, but they act more like you would expect twins to act, even though they aren’t”.
Reimu put a fingertip against her chin and thought it over.
“Hmm, there might be some truth in your words. What do you two think?”
Remilia raised the corner of her mouth a little.
“I can’t say I would know anything about such a thing, maybe you should ask someone else”.
As she spoke she looked in her own daughter’s direction. Reimu played along.
“Alright then. Akane, what do you think?”
The young dhampir smiled.
“They definitively share a very close bond, though I can’t say if they are like twins or not since I have never met any twins”.
Suika shrugged.
“Well, that’s a good enough answer for me. Now, who’s hungry?”
Everyone sat down at the table. The vampires and their children got started on their breakfast and they all talked about what kind of dance Orin and Suika was going to perform later that day, since it was a Thursday.

Once everyone was done eating Izumi and Rena started playing while Reimu and Suika took the trays back to the kitchen.
After they had put them down Suika placed her hand on Reimu’s arm.
“Would you like to take me up on that offer I made earlier?”
The shrine maiden turned towards her friend.
“I wouldn’t mind, but instead of a bottle of sake, I have a different bottle in mind”.
“I was hoping you would say that actually”.
They both smiled sheepish smiles and headed in the direction of the soundproof bedroom.
Reimu had expected Suika to bring this up, it was usually the same every time she had a dance show planned for the day.
The oni said that if she had sex before she danced it gave her more energy and allowed her to be more expressive. Reimu was more then happy to provide this little service.

Once they had closed and locked the door behind then Suika quickly threw of all her clothes and jumped up onto the bed (she said that she didn’t want her clothes to become dirty). Reimu opened the drawer, took and drank a bottle, then brought Suika the other kind.
As the oni gulped it down Reimu removed all her own clothes and sat down on the bed.
She extended her index finger and gently poked Suika’s nipple, then started massaging both her breasts.
The oni grabbed her hands with her own and pressed the fingers harder into her soft breasts. It wasn’t long before they grew slightly in size and the tips of the nipples grew a little whiter.

As it were, Suika had breastfed her daughter for a bit longer then the other mothers, and even though she had long since stopped her breasts retained their ability to produce milk. She said that it only happened when Reimu touched her and that it was something she was happy about being able to do.
Reimu leaned closer and put her lips around the nipple. She flicked it back and forth with strokes of her tongue and continued to massage the breast.
She soon felt the sweet taste of milk in her mouth and slowly started sucking.
Suika moaned as she felt her breast milk starting to flow. She held her arms around Reimu’s head and took long breaths through her mouth.
She had always loved the feeling of breastfeeding Izumi when she was little, but this was something entirely different.
When Reimu drank her milk it was an act of intimacy and love, something that made them both feel incredibly close.

Reimu raised her head, swallowed and licked her lips. She put a finger in her mouth and sucked on it.
“Mmm, delicious”.
Suika threw her arms around her friend’s neck and kissed her a little roughly. Reimu grabbed her and answered the kiss.
They rolled around on the bed, back and forth, while kissing each other as deeply as they could.
When they broke apart, gasping, the oni smiled.
“Can you let me drink your milk as well?”
She then got up on all fours and opened her mouth. Reimu stood up on her knees and let her erect dick swing in front of her.
Suika crawled up to her and closed her lips around the head of the dick, then took it deeper into her mouth and started coiling her tongue around it.
Reimu grabbed the oni’s horns and pushed into her throat. She held it there for several seconds while feeling a large amount of saliva drool all over her crotch.

She pulled it all out and Suika took a few deep breaths. She then opened her mouth again and said “Go ahead, fuck my mouth like a pussy”.
This meant that she had filled her lunges with an extra supply of air (just like she had done for Aya once), so there was now no danger of her choking.
Reimu grabbed her horns again and plunged her dick deep into the oni’s throat. She began by thrusting slowly, letting herself feel every inch, then slowly picked up the pace. Large amounts of drool covered her penis and dripped down Suika’s chin as the oni happily accepted it and moved her tongue around.
When Reimu felt like she was going to cum she moved faster. She moaned hard as she thrusted deep into he friends throat. When she felt the semen stat moving through her dick she grabbed Suika’s head with both hands and pressed it down. The oni responded by putting her arms around Reimu’s waist and pulling herself closer as well.
They remained in that position for about a minute, Reimu pumping a large amount of semen down Suika’s throat.
As she swallowed it down, more milk started to leak from the oni’s breasts. When she finally pulled her penis out Reimu quickly moved her head down and started to lick up everything that had leaked.

Moaning, Suika pushed Reimu down on her back and mounted her. She grabbed her penis and inserted it into her pussy, then started riding her.
Reimu let her fingertips play over her friend’s legs, stomach and back and soon more milk was leaking from her breasts.
Suika put both her hands on Reimu’s chest and rode her faster, drops of milk spilling all over the shrine maiden as her breasts swung back and forth.
When Reimu could feel another orgasm coming she sat up so that they were now in the lotus position and began to suck on the nipples again.
The intense pleasure of having her friend drink her milk while filling her belly with semen made Suika cum really hard. She threw her arms and legs around Reimu, leaned her head back and screamed of delight.

Afterward they both licked each other clean and laid down in a pile, Suika on top of Reimu.
They shared a mutual embrace and just let the aftermath of their intense orgasms wash over them in waves.
Suika smiled as she rolled a fingertip around Reimu’s breast.
“Thanks, that really got me going. I think you will be pleased with my performance later today”.
The shrine maiden smiled back.
“Glad I could be of service. After all, the show is for everyone. I’m happy I can help improving it”.
They both laughed before pressing their chests together again.

Chapter 18: The leash

The dance show that Suika and Orin put on later that day really was spectacular. The two of them had practiced in the danmaku cellar a lot because they didn’t want anyone seeing them during training, and the fruits of their efforts was showing.
Suika was doing cartwheels and some impressive footwork while swinging her chains around in elegant circles and arches while Orin jumped between all four corners of the stage and did a different style of dance at each one.
Eventually they locked hands and Suika started to swing Orin around while the cat twisted herself into different poses in the air. As they did this they were surrounded by circles of floating mini-suikas and zombie fairies that creates small sparkles (a toned down form of danmaku bullets), also in patterns.

All of the kids were cheering, laughing and clapping as they witnessed this amazing performance.
Kazehana sat in her mother’s lap and had a camera in her hands, trying her best to get good pictures.
Aya gave her advice and made sure the flash was of (blinding the dancers would have been very rude as she put it).
Izumi sat on Reimu’s left side with Rena leaning on her shoulder. The two of them were eagerly pointing out and talking about the things they liked most.
Momoka was sitting in Reimu’s lap, cheering her mother on. At times like these she became a lot more lively then she normally was, so much so that it was a bit strange to think that she was usually so docile.
Reimu didn’t mind the occasional change though, seeing Momoka like this made her just as happy as cuddling her in her normal state.

When the two performers finished their dance Orin landed on her feet and Suika jumped into the air. She rotated until she was upside down and grabbed Orin’s outstretched hands. The cat then lowered her until she was balancing on her head, on top of Orin’s head.
The room was filled with thunderous clapping and children’s laughter, Akane’s in particular.
Once the they all settled down a bit Suika jumped down and the two of them bowed. More applause followed.

Noriko, who was sitting on Reimu’s right, turned towards Alice.
“Mom, can you make dolls move and make sparkles like in that dance?”
Alice smiled and put a hand on her daughter’s shoulder.
“I can, there are all sorts of things I can make them do”.
“Will I be able to do that too? I really want to get better at it”.
Alice chuckled.
“No need to be in such a rush. It takes a lot of practice to just make more then one doll move and do different things. Creating sparkly patterns like that is still a bit far of I think”.
Noriko looked a little dejected, but at that moment Sachi decided to speak her mind.
“Don’t worry big sis, everyone needs to practice to get good at something. I know mommy Orin and mommy Suika have been practicing a lot to get this good”.
The raven girl then pointed towards herself.
“I’m no exception. The only reason I learned how to do certain things before you is because I started practicing earlier. You can get just as good as your mom if you spend enough time training”.
Noriko’s eyes lit up as she grabbed Sachi’s hands.
“Let’s practice together and show everyone how good we can get. If we can do it, then even Rena will feel like she can get stronger”.

As Sachi nodded, Reimu smiled to herself. This was so typical of her two oldest daughters.
Sachi didn’t just start practicing walking, talking and reading earlier then her siblings, she mastered it faster as well. Yet she didn’t gloat about it and always found ways to inspire her older sister in a way that didn’t make her feel inferior.
As for Noriko, she was always keen on being a role model for her sisters and since Rena had been sickly so often she was trying to find ways to encourage her and build her confidence.
Alice had recently told Reimu that Noriko wanted to be a good leader for her siblings ‘just like Mother is a good leader who makes all mommies and aunties happy’, something Reimu had taken as one of the best compliments she had ever received.

As Reimu looked a little further to her right, she saw Okuu watching Sachi and Noriko move in the direction of their rooms.
The raven’s face was shining with a radiance that matched her miniature suns as she walked up to Reimu and put her arms around the shrine maiden’s neck from behind, placing her chin on Reimu’s shoulder.
“I’m so proud of Sachi, she is so smart! I’m glad you gave me a child like her”.
Reimu smiled at Okuu’s enthusiasm, then lifted her hand and gently patted her friend’s head.
“Yes, that girl is clever indeed. I’ve always felt like she could understand what I said to her, even when she was still a baby”.
Reimu rubbed her cheek against Okuu’s, then moved her head so she could look into her eyes.
“But she isn’t just my doing, you deserve an equal amount of credit for how she turned out”.
As she Raven’s chest visibly swelled with pride, Momoka jumped down from Reimu’s lap and ran towards her mother, who was coming closer.
Reimu ceased the chance and gently pulled Okuu down into her lap, then wrapped her arms around the slightly surprised raven.
“Do you remember that night? When we made Sachi together?”
Okuu’s face quickly changed color to that of a red dwarf star.
“O-of c-course I r-remember, h-how could I f-forget such a n-night?”
Reimu smiled and traced a fingertip along Okuu’s chin.
“I remember you being exceptionally cute that night. I wouldn’t mind seeing that face again”.
The raven swallowed hard as small drops of sweat became visible on her forehead. Her hands gripped the cloth of her skirt and her legs slowly started to squirm.
Reimu leaned close to her ear and whispered “There is still some time before dinner and everyone else is busy talking or playing right now. Go on ahead, meet me in the bedroom in a few minutes”.
Okuu hesitated a little.
“But, what about Orin?”
“She is tired right now from her performance, but don’t worry. I’ll be sure to take care of her later”.
This seemed to make Okuu happy, as she regained her smile and stood up.
“I-I’ll be going ahead then”.

As the raven walked out of the room, with a slight stiffness in her gait, Akane approached Reimu.
“Mama, both you and mommy Okuu seemed very happy just now”.
Reimu smiled.
“We were just talking about you kids. Thinking about you always makes us happy”.
Akane looked down briefly, as if trying to find the words she was searching for, then carefully asked “I can sense something else in you right now mama. It’s almost like what I sense from you when we are together, but it’s a little different”.
Reimu took a moment to silently reprimand herself. It was pointless to try to hide her feelings from Akane, she didn’t know why she had even tried.
“Do you want to ask about this emotion that you feel in me?”
Akane slowly nodded.
Reimu picked up her daughter and put her in her lap.
“Akane, you know that what you are normally sensing from me is my love for you right?”
The girl nodded.
“And you sensed a love between me and Okuu just now, but it’s not quite the same”.
Another nod.
“Let me just say it like this. The love you felt between me and Okuu is what created Sachi. Same as how the love between me and Remilia created you”.
As Akane’s beautiful amethyst eyes widened, Reimu continued.
“You and all of your sisters were created by love, it’s important that you know that. It is a different sort of love then the one I have for you, but just as strong”.
“So, do you mean that there are different kinds of the same emotion mama?”
“Yes sweety, there is. Many different kinds actually. I know you are good at sensing people’s emotions, but it is also important that you understand what it is you’re sensing”.
Akane eagerly nodded.
“Please teach me mama, I want to know more”.
Reimu carefully put her down on the floor and got down on one knee so that their eyes became level.
“I’ll teach you anything you want. Whenever you want to know something you can come to me and ask about it, always”.
The mother and child embraced each other, then Reimu said “Right now I’ve got to take care of Okuu, but I promise we will continue this a little later, deal?”
“Ok mama, it’s a promise”.
Smiling, Reimu gave Akane’s long, soft hair a gentle rub before she stood up and left the room.

When she got to the bedroom door it was slightly ajar. She guessed it was because Okuu wanted to hear her coming.
She slowly entered the room and locked the door behind her, then looked towards the bed.
Her eyes were met by a slightly unexpected scene. Okuu was standing on all fours on the bed, completely naked with her black wings partially covering her body.
Together with the slightly flushed face she was making and her half turned away head she looked so cute that Reimu felt her own face rapidly growing hot.
“W-welcome master, p-please use t-this today”.
As she stuttered out her words the raven picked up a leash with a matching collar attached to it (both made out of blue cloth) and grabbed it with her teeth. She then slowly crawled forward and presented it for the shrine maiden to take, her eyes tightly shut as she did.
Reimu felt her heart skip a beat, then pick up the pace as if to compensate. She struggled to get out of her clothes as fast as she could, emptied the bottle of mushroom elixir that was placed at the foot of the bed (next to an empty bottle of the second kind of elixir), then took the leash with slightly trembling hands.

After a brief silence, Okuu opened her eyes and smiled.
“P-put it around my neck p-please”.
Reimu complied and very slowly placed the collar around the raven’s slender neck, then carefully tightened it a little so that there was no slack.
“How’s that? It’s not to t-tight is it?”
Okuu shook her head.
“No, this is just f-fine”.
She looked at Reimu’s face and pleaded with her eyes. The shrine maiden grabbed the leash and pulled her into a kiss.
It was a hot, wet kiss. They both felt it very strongly and eagerly sought their partner’s lips and tongue.
Apart from their mouths, there was no physical contact. Only Reimu maintaining a slight pull on the leash to prevent Okuu from withdrawing her head.

As she pushed her tongue deeper into her friend’s mouth, Reimu could feel her dick becoming hard as a flagpole rather quickly and her whole body shaking and sweating. It was amazing how much this seemingly simple kiss turned her on.
When she withdrew from the kiss to catch her breath, she saw that Okuu was in a similar state. Her arms and legs were trembling and covered in sweat and her tongue was hanging from her mouth as she took deep breaths.
Reimu decided to test the waters a little bit. She assumed a slightly stern facial expression and started speaking in a commanding voice.
“Go on, take care of my breasts”.
Okuu’s eyes gleamed with happiness.
“Yes master, I’ll do my best”.
She moved closer and started licking one of Reimu’s nipples. Reimu pulled on the leash and barked an order.
“Use your whole mouth, and take care of both my breasts”.
Okuu opened her mouth wide and slobbered over the breast as she began massaging the other one with her hand.
Reimu kept a firm grip on the leash and ruffled her friend’s black hair with her free hand.
“Ah, that’s more like it. Keep going like that”.
Okuu kept going, eventually switching her mouth to the other breast, as Reimu moaned pleasurably.
When she felt a tingling sensation in her nipples, Reimu placed her rock hard cock in front of the raven’s face.
“Use that mouth of yours, make me come”.
Okuu happily took the head of the penis into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. As the smell of her beloved master’s dick filled her mouth and nostrils she could feel herself getting wetter every second.
Serving her master on command made her incredibly horny and she grabbed the leash between her thumb and index finger, then tugged on it.
Reimu understood the gesture and pulled harder on the leash so that her dick was forced down the raven’s throat. She held it for a few seconds then released her grip.
Okuu pulled her head back and took a deep breath, then quickly went back to licking the tip.
They alternated between Reimu force fucking Okuu’s throat and Okuu rolling her tongue around the tip of the dick. Soon the shrine maiden could feel the pressure building in her crotch.
“Catch it all in your mouth, make sure you swallow it all without spilling a drop”.
Okuu grabbed the base of the penis with one hand and continued sucking it. When the semen started pouring out she eagerly gulped it down as she continued to roll her tongue around, something that felt heavenly to Reimu.

When she pulled her dick out she quickly dropped her head down to Okuu’s level and greedily kissed her. She could still taste some semen in her friend’s mouth, but she didn’t care.
They both devoured each other for a while before separating, then panted as the caught their breath.
As soon as she could talk normally again, Reimu continued giving commands.
“Get down on your back and spread your legs”.
Okuu did as she was told and exposed her eager, wet pussy. Reimu moved in and straddled one of Okuu’s legs while putting the calf of the other leg against her shoulder. She then pushed her penis into the sopping wet honey pot before her and paused for a moment.
In their current position, Reimu sitting on one leg and holding the other firmly with her left arm, she had Okuu pinned down. There was no way for the raven to get away.
This seemed to turn her on as she looked at Reimu with anticipation as she uttered her next words.
“Master, please fuck me as hard as you can. I beg you”.
Reimu was more then happy to fulfill such a request and began moving her hips back and forth.
Her dick easily slid into the wet pussy and soon she was going at a steady pace. She grabbed the collar with her free hand and pulled on it every time she plunged her penis into her friend’s honey pot. Each time she did Okuu’s pussy contracted hard around her and sweat moans escaped the raven’s mouth.

As her wings started to tremble Reimu stopped moving. Okuu quickly looked up at her with a face that looked close to tears.
Suppressing her urge to instantly embrace her friend right then and there, Reimu smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed, her toes touching the floor.
She patted her legs and gave her final order.
“Come, sit on my dick”.
Okuu hurriedly complied and put the penis back into her pussy, then threw her arms, legs and wings around Reimu and held on tight.
She blushed a little as she spoke. “I’m not letting go, and you can’t make me”.
Reimu smiled, put her arms around her friend’s back and stood up. Since the raven was surprisingly light for her size it was easy to fuck her while standing up and carrying her weight.
The highlight of having sex with Okuu was the feeling of being embraced by her soft, fluffy wings while they were both climbing towards their climaxes, and today was no different.
They were both panting and moaning as they moved to match each others pace. Reimu could feel the arms and legs tighten their grip around her as her cock was squeezed harder with every thrust.
She leaned a little closer and licked Okuu’s neck. The raven leaned her head back and let out a scream of pleasure as she rubbed her wings against Reimu’s back.
When they came their minds were wrapped up in a white haze that only had room for the two of them and nothing else.
Reimu’s dick was gushing so much that Okuu’s pussy overflowed. As it slowly dripped down their legs their breathing steadily returned to normal.

Afterward Reimu laid down on her back with Okuu on top, kissing her again.
She gently stroked the bases of the raven’s wings, making her whimper slightly.
“I apologize for stopping like that earlier Okuu, I just love your wings and I wanted you to wrap them around me, so I tried to push you a little. I don’t think I should have gone about it like that though, that was dumb of me. Sorry”.
The raven put her hand on her friend’s cheek.
“Apology accepted. I’m just glad you let me use the leash”.
Reimu felt the tips of her ears grow a little hotter.
“Where did you get that idea exactly?”
“Oh, it was something Orin said she wanted to try, so I asked Alice to make this for her”.
“Ah, now I understand why you were asking about Orin before”.
“Yes, I wanted to see if she liked it, but since it was just the two of us I thought that I could, you know, test it for her first”.
Reimu smiled at the way her friend’s gaze moved further down the more she spoke about it.
She patted her head and said “So what’s the verdict then? Do you think she will like it?”
Okuu looked up again and said “If she feels the way I did, she will probably love it”.
Reimu smiled as she put her arms around the raven and pulled her into a kiss.

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