Family (Chapters 15-16)

Chapter 15: The completion of a family

Over the next few days several things happened.
Remilia’s labor started. True to her word, Reimu had come up with an idea for helping her when it did.
She had asked Suika to help and the two of them came up with a combination magic that used the oni’s density manipulation and Reimu’s barrier spells to ease the burden and facilitate the birth process.
The result was a somewhat lengthy, but ultimately successful birth and once everyone had relaxed a little, they all welcomed Hakurei Akane to the family (Remilia had decided on her name a long time ago).

Akane was a girl with a very friendly personality. She was quick to laugh, always seemed happy to see new faces (she had grown especially fond of her sisters) and generally made those who looked at her face feel a bit happier, even after a tiresome day.
Her hair was white and soft as snow and her amethyst eyes always seemed to sparkle when she laughed (a pleasant sound to listen to).

Not long after that, Aya’s egg had hatched as well. The process was basically the same as when Okuu’s egg hatched.
Aya’s daughter was given the name Kazehana and she was a calm girl with brown hair and onyx eyes who seemed very attached to her mother.
Whenever she wasn’t being carried by Aya she wanted her mother to remain within her field of vision (quickly becoming sad if she could not see her). She only remained calm if Reimu held her while Aya was not in the room.
Everyone had cracked jokes about how the tengu would need to change her job title from reporter to personal idol soon, jokes that seemed to strangely please Aya whenever she heard them.

Unfortunately, a few days after Kazehana’s hatching, Suika and Flandre both went into labor at the same time (meaning Suika could not help like she did with Remilia), and the result was a difficult birth for Flandre.
Suika insisted that she could manage with minimal help, so Aya stayed with her while everyone else helped out with the vampire’s birth.
It was an arduous process, and when the child was finally born her breath was ragged and uneven.
Remilia stayed with her exhausted sister together with Marisa while Reimu and Sakuya tended to the baby.
Reimu put her hand on the maid’s shoulder and nodded at her. Sakuya returned the nod and froze time for the two of them.
The shrine maiden’s voice was frail, almost like a violin string that was stretched to far, but still sounded collected and rational when she spoke.
“Do you think her dhampir nature has caused complications of some kind?”
“Indeed, that is a possibility. Milady’s child looked healthy at birth, but there were vague signs of an underlying problem. Signs I recognized because, I’ve experienced them myself. It is quite possible the same thing is happening here of a more severe degree”.
Reimu did her best to not let her worry show, but it was hard.
“Do you know of any solutions?”
Sakuya looked at the baby and replied “According to my mother, when it happened to me she solved it by giving me blood that was not hers. She did it several times up until I was about three years old, but my symptoms never got this bad. She would most likely need more then I did”.
She paused for a second, then continued “It is quite likely that my blood would be the best to give her, a dhampir can feed on both human and vampire blood and since mine is a mix of both, it should have the best chance of helping her”.

Reimu hesitated for a second, not sure what to say. If Sakuya did indeed give the newborn her blood, there was a high chance that people would wonder why she knew that her blood specifically would help, and even if they came up with an explanation or called it dumb luck, the question was likely to linger in some people’s minds, particularly Remilia’s.
Knowing this, Sakuya was still willing to do it for the sake of this child. The realization made Reimu feel like there was a lump in her throat.
She embraced her friend and whispered to her with closed eyes “Thank you, I don’t know what to say”.
Several seconds of silence passed, then Sakuya gently touched Reimu’s head and quietly said “It’s fine, my secret is bound to get revealed at some point, might as well be now”.
She paused, then continued “I am glad I got the chance to tell you and Marisa about it before it came to this”.
Reimu looked her friend straight in the eye. “Thank you, I will never forget this as long as I live”.
Sakuya smiled and canceled the timestop.

After producing one of her silver knives, the maid quickly made a small cut in her own index finger. A thin string of red slowly expanded until it became hanging drop.
Remilia, Flandre and Marisa all looked at her questioningly, but Reimu gave them a look that said ‘just let her do this’.
Sakuya held her finger over the newborn girl’s mouth and let the drop build in size until it fell from it’s own weight, landing in the small mouth.
The tiny tongue moved and she slowly swallowed the drop of blood. Everyone noticed that they where holding their breath as they watched.
Sakuya held her finger in place, letting drop after drop build and fall into the small mouth, and every single one was swallowed. After doing this for a while (nobody was sure of exactly how long), the tiny girl’s breathing became more stable and the color in her face improved.
Once her pulse and breath were even Sakuya wrapped her in a blanket and walked up to Flandre.
“Here, it’s about time you get to say hello to your mother”.
Flandre’s face was sweaty and she looked tired, but her gaze became focused again as soon as she saw her daughter. Her hands trembled a little as she slowly extended her arms. Remilia helped Sakuya place the tiny girl in Flandre’s arms.

The vampire was dumbfounded, looking at her daughter filled her with a strange mix of confusing feelings.
For as long as she could remember, destroying things had been her thing. It was just something she did as naturally as breathing, and it was so easy.
Creating this life that she now held in her arms had been an arduous, exhausting task, and it looked so very fragile, like a flickering candle in a strong wind.
The extreme contrast of her experiences created an emotional turmoil, on top of the pain from the difficult birth.
But there was one emotion that stood out, that cut a straight line through the massive torrent of confusion and pain and made itself known. That emotion was a mother’s love when she looked into her daughter’s eyes as they opened for the first time.

Flandre’s red eyes started to sparkle as they became moist. They were met by the gaze of a pair of unevenly colored eyes, one red and one green.
The two looked at each other in silence for a long time, then the tears slowly started to roll down the vampire’s cheeks as she held her daughter close to her chest.
Reimu, Sakuya and Remilia quietly backed out of the room, then closed the door behind them (but remaining outside so that they could be close if their help was needed).
Once the door was shut, Reimu turned to Sakuya and thanked her again for saving her daughter. Remilia looked at her maid for a while, then said “I too wish to thank you Sakuya, I honestly don’t know what I would have done if something had happened to that child”.
Sakuya turned to her mistress and bowed. “You honor me with your words milady, I merely did what I could”.
“Then we were indeed very fortunate that you could do what you did”.
Reimu and Sakuya threw a glance at each other, uncertain of how much Remilia had figured out.
As it where, the vampire did not push the subject further.

Reimu excused herself and quickly went towards Suika’s room. When she reached it she found everyone else in there laughing, it sounded like the oni was telling them a funny joke. She entered the room and saw her sitting in her bed with her newborn in her arms.
Suika’s face lit up when she saw her friend and beckoned her to come closer.
“Here, come and say hello to Hakurei Izumi”.
Reimu approached the bed and sat down on it’s side. Her eyes met Izumi’s (both her eyes and her hair were ginger like Suika’s) and, as had been the case with all her daughters, she became speechless.
Suika smiled and said “Look Izumi, it’s your mama Reimu”.
The small girl smiled and extended her tiny hand. Reimu moved her own hand closer and let Izumi grab her index finger.
“Hehe, even though she is so small, I can already feel the strength in her grip. I’m guessing she got that from you Suika”.
The oni smiled, then asked “How did things go with Flan? You were gone so long I was starting to get worried”.
Reimu’s smile dropped for a second, then she said “It was hard for her. It took a long time and when the baby was finally born she was not doing so well”.
Almost everyone in the room gasped, then quickly started to ask questions. Reimu held up her hand to ask for silence, then answered “She is fine now. Sakuya was able to help her, so even though it looked bad for a while everything is fine now”.
There was a collective sigh of relief throughout the room. Reimu had decided to tell them because it was going to become public knowledge very soon anyway, so it might as well be revealed as good news.
Everyone asked for more details and Reimu spent several minutes answering questions. When that was done they all started to move towards Flandre’s room to check on her.
Suika grabbed Izumi and got out of bed. “I’m going to, can’t be the only one who didn’t show”.
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
“O yea, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me”.
Reimu looked slightly worried, but she knew the little oni was strong and she looked pretty much like her normal self (just with a cute baby in her arms).
“Alright then, but promise to tell me as soon as you feel tired or anything else”.
“Fine, I promise. Now lets get going already”.
They left the room and quickly went back to the vampire’s room.

When they got there everyone had gathered at the door. Sakuya was standing in front of it and said “Milady and the young mistress has requested a little space for now. They would like Reimu to join them, I will inform the rest of you when they are ready to receive visitors”.
Reimu nodded and entered the room.
Remilia was sitting on the bed next to her sister with Akane in her arms. Flandre’s daughter was currently engaged in what looked like a baby version of thumb war with her sister and they were both laughing.
As Reimu moved closer to them they turned their heads towards her and Akane’s beautiful amethyst eyes lit up.
The shrine maiden sat down next to Remilia and patted her daughter’s head. She received a warm laughter in return.
Reimu then turned her gaze to her newborn child and asked “Do you have a name for her Flan? Or do you want me to suggest one?”
Flandre looked up, her red eyes still glitterering a bit.
“I, I don’t know. I thought about it a little during my pregnancy, but I can’t seem to recall them at the moment”.
Reimu smiled and kissed the vampire’s forehead.
“In that case, I got the perfect name for her”.
She carefully moved her hand over the tiny head with it’s very short hair and looked into the mismatched eyes, first the red, then the green.
She quietly thought to herself “One vampire eye, one human eye”.
When she looked at Flandre again she said “Rena, that’s her name”.
She made a short pause before adding “It means ‘reborn’”.
Flandre looked like she was going to cry again, then quickly threw her free arm around Reimu’s neck and pulled her close.
Reimu returned the embrace, letting Flandre quietly sob on her shoulder.
Remilia looked at her, smiled and said “I could not have given her a better name myself, I think it’s wonderful”.
The shrine maiden smiled back and replied “Thanks Remi”.
The three of them hugged each other, then started call Rena by her new name.

After a short while, Reimu went and opened the door. “You can come in now, but keep the noise down please. They are both very tired right now”.
Everyone slowly entered the room in an orderly fashion to greet the newest family member and check on Flandre.
Reimu observed it all from a short distance, smiling to herself.
“What are ya thinking?”
Reimu turned her head towards Marisa, who had snuck up beside her, and replied “Oh, nothing special. Just that I am probably the happiest person in Gensokyo right about now”.
“He, can’t say I blame ya, these little buggers are so cute I keep expecting them to give me a squeal attack”.
“Is that even a thing?”
“Dunno, but if it happens I’ll let you know”.
The two friends laughed, then embraced each other.
When they looked at Flandre, they saw that Izumi and Rena both showed great enthusiasm towards each other. They both looked like they were trying to communicate, but their poor motor control made their attempts fail in ways that were to cute to describe. Everyone in the room was trying (and failing) to suppress their d’awws.
“See, I knew squeal attacks was a real thing, everyone looks like they are having them right now”.
“I suppose you are right, because I’m going to have one soon as well”.
They both laughed again, then joined the crowd.

Chapter 16: A very special night

Over the next few years that followed life changed drastically for the Hakurei shrine residents. They now had seven new family members, so the daily routine had to be adapted accordingly.
Marisa had come up with a plan to prevent the parents from getting sleep deprivation during the initial time. She had made a rotating ‘night watch’ schedule, this meant that every night two new people sat awake in the nursery and took care of anyone who woke up, cried or needed a diaper change.
Those on night duty were then given the morning of so they could sleep while those who got their beauty sleep were fresh and rested and could give the kids their full attention.

The meals had also become more interesting. Since all mothers carried their children wrapped in cloth tied around their torsos, and the little ones had yet to learn proper table etiquette, it had sometimes lead to breastfeeding at the table (once one kid started, all the others usually wanted some food as well).
Whenever this happened it was almost always followed by laughter and jokes. Aya in particular seemed to enjoy whenever it happened (she said she loved the way Kazehana looked at her whenever she was feeding).
Aya had been taking loads of pictures of the kids and their mothers. She was getting started on a family photo album that, by the looks of things, was going to become very thick as time went on. She was also writing in her journal often (she could not write all the time though, a certain someone began to pout when her mother didn’t pay enough attention to her).

Izumi was similar to Suika in her demeanor, but did show a little more constraint. One time she had accidentally broken her doll that Alice made for her, and after a few tears she had gotten it back fully repaired. Since then she had been a lot more cautious, not just with her doll, but with things in general (she was already pretty strong).
Izumi had become particularly good friends with Rena. The two always enjoyed and sought each others company.
Watching their attempts at communication when they still couldn’t speak had always been heartwarming to see.
Rena had grown wings that looked like miniatures of Flandre’s. They were almost exactly the same, the one big difference was that the crystals hanging from the wings were colorless and transparent.
They did have a tendency to fracture light and create rather beautiful color patterns, so Okuu often placed herself behind her and made a miniature sun that shone through all the crystals, then moved it around to create a rather spectacular light show.
Rena always squealed with laughter as her hands tried to catch the colored dots that was dancing around every surface around her.
Her hair had also grown, it was currently about shoulder length, revealing a rather unusual trait. It seemed that all the color that was missing from her wings had moved to her hair, as it was made up of streaks of all seven colors (multiple streaks of each, randomly mixed).
This particular trait seemed to interest her sisters greatly. As they also appeared to enjoy the light shows Okuu put on, the parents had started calling Rena by the nickname ‘Rainbow’.

Sachi had become good friends with Momoka, but also really close to Noriko. She was often trying to help her older sister, whether it was something like trying to assemble a puzzle, examining something, or learning how to communicate.
Sachi’s sharp, intelligent eyes always kept track of everything that happened around her and she had been the first of the children to stand up straight and walk, as well as the first one to speak full sentences. Her midnight black hair now also had feathers of the same hue mixed with the hair. Whenever light fell on them at the right angle they gave of a beautiful shine.
Momoka was a little more docile. It was rather pleasant, and strangely calming, to look into her golden eyes.
She enjoyed cuddling a lot, both with her parents and her sisters. Kazehana seemed to sometimes think that she was being a little clingy, something Aya always laughed at.

Akane continued to be a spreader of joy. She always seemed able to find the fun in her current situation, and since her laugh was like the sound of crystal bells, this was something that everyone around her appreciated.
She was often the one to take the initiative when she wanted to play, and she usually got all of her sisters in on it.
She also had a rather good empathic ability, as she quickly noticed if someone was sad or feeling a bit down. Whenever she did, she usually tried to comfort that person, whether it be one of her siblings or an adult. There was not a single person who didn’t appreciate her efforts.

Noriko always enjoyed watching Alice’s work. She typically sat in her mother’s lap and observed the doll making process with great interest.
Whenever she wasn’t with Alice or her sisters, she always wanted to be close to Reimu. Of all the siblings, Noriko was the one who spent the most time with the shrine maiden.
She seemed to be trying to emulate Reimu’s demeanor and always wanted to help out with any chores. She had also let her hair grow and styled it like Reimu’s, with hairtubes on her side locks and a bow behind her head, except they where blue and white instead (Reimu had told her that blue suited her blonde hair better).
Reimu had said to Marisa at one point that Noriko really seemed to take her role as the oldest sister seriously, and it looked like she was right.
Noriko often assumed a leading role whenever they played, and she was rather adamant about keeping everything fair between the siblings.

Alice had made clothes for them all and they had become a colorful bunch. Noriko preferred blue and white, Sachi liked red (which matched her hair well) and also green, Momoka liked orange and blue, Akane liked black with white details on it (together with her waist length, flowing white hair it created quite the image, two contrasts joined in harmony).
Kazehana loved pink and silver, a rather unusual mix perhaps, but she was the sibling that stood out the most and was prone to act on her own. She loved her sisters, but she also loved her alone time.
Izumi and Rena both liked blue with gold patterns on it, they even wore matching clothes quite often.

The kids had created their own way of addressing the adults. Each one called her own mother ‘mom’, her sister’s mothers ‘mommy’, and Reimu ‘mama’. The other adults were usually called ‘auntie’.
The one exception was Noriko who addressed Reimu as ‘Mother’.

Reimu had made an effort to be around her kids as much as she could. She loved sitting in the sofa with all of them cuddled around her, singing the song she had sung to them when they were still in their mother’s stomachs.
They all seemed to relax rather quickly whenever they heard this song, and it was not unusual for two or more to fall asleep while listening to it while surrounded by their sisters like this.
Reimu also joined in on their games (when it was appropriate), read them bedtime stories and just generally spent time with them whenever she could.
Marisa always smiled when she watched her friend with the kids, confirming to herself that she had been more right then perhaps even she herself realized.

Of course, Reimu didn’t want to neglect the other family members either, but her schedule was a little cramped at the moment.
Nobody blamed her for this though, they all understood what kind of thoughts was currently going through the shrine maiden’s head.
Namely, that there was a risk that their plan could fail. And if it did and the great Hakurei barrier was destroyed, there was no telling what was going to happen next.
This meant that the years they had ahead in the time bubble was the only time Reimu could be sure she would get to be with her children like this and see them laugh and smile, as such she was making the most out of the time she knew she had before the uncertain future was upon them.

One Sunday evening when Reimu sat in the living room couch, surrounded by her daughters and singing to them, everyone except Noriko fell asleep.
When the song stopped, Marisa (who had been sitting in the room reading) closed her book, walked over to the couch and whispered “Looks like ya need some help getting em all to their rooms, mind if I offer my assistance?”
Reimu slowly patted Momoka’s head in her lap with her left hand, looked up and said “Not at all, I’ll happily accept it”.
As Marisa smiled, Reimu turned to Noriko (who was sitting to her right), kissed her on the forehead and said “Do you want to help us move your sisters sweety?”
The young girl got to her feet and replied “Of course Mother, I’ll gladly help”.

Reimu smiled, then slowly wormed her arms in under Momoka’s warm body and lifted her up. Her cat ears twitched a little, but she continued to sleep soundly.
Marisa helped Noriko hoist Sachi up into a piggyback hold, then picked up Kazehana.
The group set of towards the kid’s rooms, walking slowly so as to not wake the sleepers up.
Once there, they carefully placed them in their beds and tucked them in (everyone was already in their pajamas, since Reimu had foreseen this possible outcome).
They then went back and repeated the process with Akane, Izumi and Rena.
Akane stirred a bit as Reimu tucked her in and her beautiful eyes drowsily opened.
“Mama, what’s wrong? It looks like you are crying”.
As usual, Reimu was amazed at her daughter’s ability to notice other people’s emotions before they themselves did.
She quickly wiped her tears with her sleeve and said “It’s nothing honey, it’s just a small tear of happiness. It happens sometimes when I look at your sleeping face”.
Akane closed her eyes again and said “That’s good, I thought you were sad”.
Reimu put her hand on her child’s head and gently stroked her soft hair.
“You don’t need to worry, I am very happy right now”.

Once Akane had fallen asleep again, Reimu tucked Noriko into her own bed, kissed her goodnight and left the room.
When the door was shut, she turned to Marisa and slowly put her arms around her. Marisa returned the hug and the two of them stood there for a minute in silence in the dark hallway.
Eventually they started to move while holding the mutual embrace, slowly walking until they reached the soundproof bedroom, entered it and locked the door.
Still not speaking even one word, they both lay down on the bed and continued to hold each other. Or, to be more precise, Marisa was holding Reimu.
She held one arm around the shrine maiden and patter her head from behind with the other. Reimu’s soft sobs were barely audible, but easy to notice in the compact silence of the room.

After staying like this for a long time, Marisa quietly whispered “Do you want to talk about it?”
Reimu let another soft sob escape her throat, then whispered back “Akane was right, like she always is. I am a little sad”.
Marisa waited until her friend was ready to continue.
“I love my children, more then I ever thought possible. They fill my heart with joy just by being close to me, and things like seeing their smile and hearing their laughter makes me warm inside”.
Marisa shifted her head so that she could see her friend’s eyes.
Reimu returned the gaze.
“But I can’t help myself. I feel like I don’t deserve such happiness. They deserve my love, but do I deserve theirs?”
Marisa smiled and wiped her friend’s tears with the back of a finger.
“Have you forgotten that there are a lot of people who loves you enough to bare those children for you? Who all made a choice to do so?”
She hugged Reimu tight and continued “You do deserve love, of that there can be no doubt. The proof are the very smiles and laughs you don’t think you deserve”.
Reimu looked up at her friend, slightly confused.
Marisa grinned and continued “Kids don’t just smile and laugh over nothing you know. It is you who are the source of their happiness. When they are around you, they feel loved and safe, so safe that they are comfortable sleeping in your lap, because they trust you to protect them in their defenseless state. It is the greatest proof of trust you can give another person”.
As Reimu’s eyes started to fill up with tears again, Marisa finished her reasoning.
“You earned that trust, both from your kids, and from us as well”.

Before any other words could be spoken, the two engaged in a hot, heavy and passionate kiss. They both held each other tight and just let the emotions flow freely, completely letting go of all inhibitions.
Reimu’s tears flowed down her cheeks as they kissed, and she noticed a few drops at the corners of Marisa’s eyes as well (her fingertips nudged them when she was stroking her face).
After what seemed like an eternity, they finally separated. They where both panting and gasping for air, but neither one let go of the mutual embrace.
They pressed their chests together and stayed that way while their breathing slowly normalized, eventually synchronizing almost completely.

Several minutes passed, then Reimu got up from the bed and went over to the locked bureau in the room. She unlocked a drawer and pulled two small bottles out, one each of Marisa’s two mushroom elixirs.
She walked back to the bed, then uncorked the bottle with the one that made you grow a penis, put it to her lips and drained the bottle.
She then slowly put it down, but didn’t swallow. Instead, she gently grabbed Marisa’s face and tilted it upwards, kissed her again, and slowly poured the potion into her mouth.
Marisa drank it all down but looked a little surprised. Reimu just smiled as she uncorked the bottle with the contraceptive medicine and drank it all down.
She then removed all of her clothes and hair accessories, laid down on the bed and let the tips of her fingers slowly trace lines across her body.
She caressed her breast and the entrance to her pussy, then slowly inserted a finger and moved it around.
She maintained eye contact with Marisa (who already had a visible bulge rising on her skirt) as she pulled out a wet finger and sucked on it. Marisa’s hands were shaking slightly.
Reimu smiled and whispered “I have done something stupid. I have thought dumb thoughts and carried a sadness around. You need to set me straight Marisa, knock some sense back into me so that I don’t needlessly burden my children with my own stupidity”.

At this point Marisa could not take it any longer. She hastily threw all of her clothes of (exposing her now fully erect dick), grabbed Reimu’s head and kissed her again, inserted two fingers into her friend’s pussy and started to stir it up. It did not take long for her whole hand to become soaked.
She pulled her fingers out and placed the tip of her dick against the entrance. Reimu wrapped her arms and legs around her and pulled her closer.
Marisa pushed forward hard and buried her whole cock’s length into her friend’s honey pot. A muffled moan was heard as they still had their tongues in each others mouths.
They stopped briefly and separated their lips, gazing deep into each others eyes.
Then they both smiled and Marisa started moving.

Reimu thought that it was different to get penetrated yourself rather then being the one doing it to her partner, but she liked it. The fact that Marisa was the one doing it made her heart race with happiness and she wholeheartedly gave herself to her dearest friend.
She could feel the shape of the dick and how it scraped against her walls. She tried to clamp down on it harder while also tightening her grip with both her legs and arms around Marisa.
As she reached up and kissed her again, they both increased the pace until the witch was pumping in and out of her at a very fast speed.
It was not long before Reimu could feel something warm starting to fill the lower part of her belly, and the sensation combined with the hot kiss and the pounding she was receiving made bells start ringing in her ears. She closed her eyes and saw what looked like white flashes of lightning dart across a black sky. Her body was shaking and sweating.
Marisa stopped moving and lifted her head up, they were breathing heavily again.
Her dick was still inside, and Reimu put a hand on her stomach and made small circular movements.
She looked up at her friend and affectionately said “Do it again, as many times as you like”.

Neither one knew how long they kept going after that. They fucked each other like mad in all kinds of positions.
Reimu on her side with Marisa straddling one of her legs and lifting the other into the air, Reimu on top riding Marisa, Reimu held up with her back against a wall, Reimu on her stomach with Marisa on top, Reimu taking it into her throat, and finally in the lotus position, both of them coming multiple times (always kissing when they did).

When they were finally exhausted they just wrapped their arms around each other and laid there under the covers, each feeling the others heartbeat matching her own after a while.
They stayed like that until they fell asleep, both whispering “I love you” as they did.

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